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    rilR I IKK: OMAHA. NKDNKSIUY. .lAMAliV 1:?. 1!H.
Story Orrmwn Will Send Eleven
Corps Into Serri Regarded as
Transparent Rose.
TETROGKAD. Jan. 13 (Via London
News rearhlns; here of a trorord ex
pedition ia force hjr the Uimtvsus and
Austrlana against Sorvla. Is botne; said
that the Teutonic allies are contemplat
tiiK the dispatch of eleven army qprps to
that country to avenge tho rrcnt Aus
trlan rereraea. Is looked- uKn In Itusslan
military circles a a transparent ruse on
the part of the Germans to dlstrai-t llus
s'a's attention from tho roll si) campaign
'and to divert this government frofn fur
ther reinforcing the Ruwltn, armlea In
Th Russian ifncral staff. It Is said, is
not balng Influenced by t!i reports en'l
lontlnulnaf Ita campstsn already Initiated.
Meanwhile the numW of German troops
in Russian Poland ha'n .not, diminished,
but Is continually Wing InpreaseU on
the Bsura and Nteman Hvers. on the
latter waterway as far as Tilsit.
Raswet Adraaoe la Kaat Proud.
The Russian aeneral ataff has ascer
tained, army officers say, that the Ger
mans are preparing for an offensive
rampatgn from the extreme northern
frontier down to the river Plllca, where
the Austrlans likewise have not dimin
ished their force.
The supposition that the tSerfjians are
making use of dilatory tactics Employed
In the western war theater where there
virtually has been no advance on either
side, ia not shared by military authori
ties as they maintain the Germans must
advanc or foil before the spring months
render the roads impassable.
ffMa raptured prisoners and other
sources the Russian are said to have
received reliable' information that the
Hermans Intend to begin an offensive in
the future. The Russians are preparing
effectively Jo meet this offensive.
Tlw new recruitment in 1916. within
sixty days, as officially announced, will
jive to Russia nearly sno.COO men.
The German advance on the communi
t es south of the village of Moghely and
southeast of Scoacsew, several times re
pulsed with great losses in the last few
ilsys, according to Russian advices, ia
reported to .have been undertaken again,
likewise an Austrian advance towards
Ktolce, and in the region of the Plllca
river ia said to have been effectively re
pulsed. 1
These "battles are chiefly Important as
hhowine the continued German and Aus
trian offensives in spite of constant
I oases.
As offsetting th recently acquired
Kusian positions on the Hungarian and
Uoumanlah border, the Austrians have
i:ttflcd themselves as a messure, Rus
s'an officials assert, to prevent Roumanla,
should it espouse the cause of the allies,
rr.m crossing Into Trantylvanlo.
Dosplte the ban placed by ttM Petrograd
authorities on publications In the Ger
man language, two newspapers printed
Ii; German continued to be circulated
in the capital today when tholr offices
wore cloeed by government order. The
explanation given was that such publica
tions were offensive to the Russians.
Blcasc Says Wilson Administration
is Stealing Away Rights of States
COLl'MMA, S. C . Jan. 13-In his fare,
welt message today to the South Carolina
legislature Governor Please commented
upon what he described as the encroach
ment by the federal (rovernmcnt upon
states rights, many of which, he asserted,
had bem "stolen."
"Can It be possible.'' he said, "that un
der the leader of a man, sometimes called
a southerner, the democratic party Is to
become the party that is 'stealing th
power from the states' and giving It to
the federal government, and that the re
publlcun party, under the lead of a
Hughes or a Whitman. Is to become the
states rlRhts party arid stop this 'stealing
of power? " -
In closing Ms messnfe he declared:
. "I have bowed my Knee to no man or
set of men; If 1 create a favorable Im
prrsslon. all well and good; If 1 create aq
unfavorable Impression. I, and I alone,
am responsible. My life's work so far as
my personal Interest Is concerned has
been completed."
The governor recommended smaller ap
propriations for state Institutions of
higher learning and the abolishment of
all free scholarships, t'rging the legisla
ture to provide for Immigration, Governor
Please declared he did "not agree with
the policy that rtien should be highly ed
ucated In order to be Immigrants. We
want ji laboring eltiscn," he said.
National Senators Promise Nonpar
tisan Reforms to Quicken Jus
' tice and Reduce Cot.
Russian Soldiers
On the March Are
An Informal Body
.(Correspondence of the Associated Press.)
M3NDON, Dec. 10 A letter from War
saw says that in marching Russian sol
diers present an odd picture.
"The Russian regiments on tUit march
are the most' informal organisations In
the world," It Bays. "Ahead ride a few
officers, and then, In no particular for
mation, come 'the troops, some on one
"in or uie row ana some on me otner.
Toward the rear they straggle off In
dwindling1 streams, wandering- about the
Held, and nloddlnc here antt thsro lni
as though each was off on an Ir.dlvldual
"For miles alter a regiment has passed
one sees little groups trudging along, ap
parently perfectly contented and without
a worry in the world. Yet at night they
ri appear for rations, and In the morn
ing start off again In a solid formation.
"I am told that this method of march
in has proved a great puszle to the Ger
man airmen in trying to estimate the
numbers of troops that are moving. When
the columns are so strung out. It Is
almost Impossible from any height to tell
whether what one sees is a battalion in
clese formation or a company strung out
Most armlea march In aolld masses which
can be seen and estimated accurately
from a great distance.
"The more one sees of the Individual
of the Russian army the more one comes
to like the common soldier here. He Is
the meet good-natured, child-like, play
ful persoa la the world, and In the month
I have been with the army I have not
seen any disorder. On the road and n
the camp, all seem contented and happy
aa Ions; as the weather is fine. It must
be admitted they took a little dismal In
the rata."
Washington. jUn, u Nonpartisai
Judicial reforms to speed up Justice and
reduce tho cost bills is promised by sen
ators before congress adjourned. The
house has alteady agreed to the reform
measures and they have bceif favorably
reported to tho senate by the Judiciary
committee. Flare rrel3ent Wilson's
siwecb at Indianapolis referring to Judi
cial procedure in the United States as
being behind ev-.-ry. other civilised coun
try, democratic senators predict the bills
will pan the senate without debate.
The reforms aim to restrict the number
of cases which nisy reach the supreme
court with a view of enabling that court
to keep abreast with current business and
to simplify procedure in the federal dls
trlct courts and the circuit courts of ap
peals. All these were initiated by the
American liar association.
Chief Justice White entertains an ambi
tion to have the supreme court clear up
its docket each year before adjourning
for the summer. Tho court has volun
tarily lengthened Ita session, but cases
have been piling up on the court faster
tha-i it . could deride them. The bills
Would further the chief Justice's plan by
restricting the avenues of getting to the
lUaay Porto Hlraa t ears.
Probably more cases have come to the
supreme court each year from Porto
Klco then front all New England com
bined. The bills would substitute for the
right of appeal to tho supreme court from
tho federal dlstilet in Porto Rico the
right of appeal to tho circuit court of
appeals in New England.
The bills would also restrict the Porto
Rlcan cases before the court by provid
ing that cases of local or federal law
decided by t'ia Porto Rlcan supreme
court cannot he brought to the supreme
court unless the latter first gives per
mission. At present all such cases, as
well as those involving federal questions,
may be appealed to the t'nlted States
supreme court. The iamo limitation would
be placed on cases from the Hawaiian
supreme court. Members of the Honelulvi
bar have asked time to forward an objec
tion to this reform.
Decisions of circuit court of appeals in
all trade mark and bankruptcy cases
would be final, exoept where the supreme
court grants permission for such 'cases
to be brought, to It for review. Railroad
cori 'orations' with a federal charter would
not be able to appeal-to the court merely
because it was a federal corporation.
Plfforeiit ' rights now exist In all these
cases. .
Some 9egaested Reforms.
Among reforms in the lower federal
courts would be these:
( torreciions permuted in nuns suits in
l law cr In equity at any stare of pro
ceedings. i
Defects and at any stage In original
allegations as to diversity of citizenship,
where jurisdiction is based' upon that
tart atcne. f '
Prohibition in setting aside Judgments
or decrees on unsubstantial errors.
Ku'iitablc defenses permitted 'in law
suits without necessity of bringing new
proceedings on the 'equity side of the
tout ts.
t'olnael UlaUmand Mllkowell.
GKNBVA (via Tarlsl. Jan. 12.-1:12 p.
m. Colonel 81glsmund Mltkowski, tho
Tollsh patriot, died yesterday at Lau
sanne at the age. of S2. .Colonel Milkowakl
fought on many battlefields of F.nrope
and was famous among his countrymen
as a writer of Polish history. He vis
Ited America on several occasions.
Harry Alefork.
YORK. Neb.. Jan. 12. tSpeclal.l Harry
Aleeock died at the family residence, six
miles south of this city, Monday morn
ing. He was 67 years old. He had been
a resident of thts county more than forty
years. A widow and three children sur
vive. Aaae.t Dreler.
M'COOU, JUNCTION. -Neb.. Jan. 12.
(Special.) August Dreler died Sunday at
tho family residence In this village. He
was "fi-ears oil and had been a resident
of the county for many years. A widow
and nfe, children survive him.
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Japs Keep Warehlps, Ifomr.
TOKIO, Jan. 12.-Owlng to. the war.
Japan has decided not to send any war
ships to the Panama-Pacific exposition.
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sesnt. nml the V'rrm h
advance of half a mile.
Advance Ordered Between Meuse
and Moselle Rivers Results in
Distinct Oaini.
NANCY. Jsn. 12 Via I'ariO-The
French troops were ordered to take the
offensive between the Meuse and tho
Moselle on January $ and the fighting
that followed resulted In a distinct
French gain.
While on the winas the Infantry at
tacked I.o Pretrie W-od and tho forest
of Apremont. the artillery massed behind
Kllrey. awaiting the rlsht moment to open
fire. The batteries had been deftly con
cealed during the night, but nevertheless
as soon ns the morning mist floated
away. German shells began to fall among
fht yunne's. Twice the positions were
changed, but Still the shells feM thickly.
Manale from Windmill.
It was then noticed that the sails of a
dilapidated windmill moved In an un
accountable way, since there was not a
breath of wind and five men were sent
to investigate. As soon ss they reached
the building a man Jumped from the
window and fled towards the German
lines, but he was soon brought down by
a French bullet.
At noon the French guns opened and
at the same time an aviator announced
that tho German center had been weak
ened because the Germans were obliged
to rend help to the left wing, which was
hard pressed In the LePretrle wood.
After hours of shelling the German
guns were put out of action and the
French Infantrymen dashed forward.
The enemy unmasked quick flrers. but
their assailants were well Into their stride
and did not heed the fir.
llanit-to-Haad Straarsle.
A fierce hand-to-hand struggle followed
a'long tho edge of the wood and the Oer
mans were forced back on V the mussles
of the own quick flrers. which pumped
lo:id into them for ten minutes, an error
which enabled the French engineers to
reach the principal work and blow It up,
as well as the treacherous windmill.
By tho end , of the day the Germans
had been driven well Into the wood Of
Body of Garibaldi
Escorted to Tomb
By Old Veterans
ROMS, Jan. 11. -A great crowd assem
bled In a severe storm here today to
meet the railway van bearing the body
of Constantlne Garibaldi, grandson of
the famous Italian soldier, who was killed
while serving In the French army. In
the crowd were veterans of the Oerl
haldlan campaigns, wearing their red
shirts, and representatives of various po
litical parties.
The arrival of the body was made the
occasion of a patriotic demonstration of
remarkable fervor. In which the whole
city participated. Flags everywhere were
n'. half-mast. The emotions of the crowd
were most tense when General Rlcclotl
Garibaldi.', the father, his wife and chil
dren. Including the sons who a few days
ago brought back from France the body
of Pruno Garibaldi, threw themselves,
weeping, upon the coffin. Italian and
French flags were then wrarped around
the birr. .
The French ambassador, Camllle Ur
rere. was present in his official rapacity
and the French armv was represented
by two colonels sent by the minister of
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Soldiers Need New
Outfits Every Month
(Correspondence of The Associated Tress.)
IjONDON. IVc. IS. Bo great Is the wear
and tear of werfare that a soldier In the
fighting line needs a new outfit every
m.mth. Well over a million men have
already been clothed, and another million
a HI have to be provided for Immediately.
The khaki industry, therefore. Is flour
ishing. Millions and millions of yards of cloth
are needed for uniforms and overcoats.
Though mills are working overtime, new
mills have been opened, and everything
has been done to speed up the supply
has not kept up with the demand.
English Recruits j Rowland Takes'
Wearing Overalls Charge of White Sox
(Correspondence Of The Associated Press )
IaNLHJN, Jsn. 4. Thousands of re
cruits In the North of England Terri
torial association will sonn be wearing
suits of cotton khaki as overalls over ths
ordinary clothing tint 11 equipped with
woolen uniforms for service.
This Is an experiment sanctioned by the
war office, and, if successful, will be Im
portant to the Lancashire cotton Industry.
CHICAGO. Jan. 12. -Clarence R..-i Isn.l.
new mansaer of the Clilrsgo Ameil an.
reached thei city today and at One as
sumed his duties at leader. He annciin-!
that the squad would leave on Its train
In c trip to Cailf.imla February 1! or Ir.
and that It would Include probably thirty
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Kansas City Feds
Increase Capital
KANSAS CITY. Mo., Jan. li-The
stockholders of the Kansas City Federal
league base ball club voted today to In
crease the stock of the organisation from
$5o.000 to 1150,000. ,
AURORA. Neb., Jan. Jl.(8pecal.)-Af-tr
sis hours' deliberation the Jury re
turated the following verdict concerning
the death of M. J. McDougal. killed In
tho Chicago. Burlington Qulncy yards
here Saturday morning: "That M. J. Mc
Dougal was run down and killed by en
gine 19M while In the act of crossing the
Chicago. Burlington ai Quin. y railroad
track at Twelfth street, in the city of
Aurora, at or about 2:30 a. m. January .
Itlt. We say further that we believe tbe
said accident would not have occurred
had there been an electric goog at said
crossing or a light xn the tender of said
enlne illuminating the railroad track
whlU said engine was being used for
switching purposes at the time.
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