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Put Yourself
in Clover
"Buy all the rich. fertil lend you' ran
fford to own In our sunny level upland
t Central Arkansas; lon growing .
in; ample rainfall; excellent drain;
(lindane ef pure water: good hea.-.h
indllton; alfalfa yields S cuttings freer.
verg tun to the cutting and brings Hi
I l- ton; potatoeM, both Irish and twt:
so corn and cotton mske rnormoilt
the conditions are llcal for dairy
a; avlao (or stork and hog raising, hav
.it free rang all year around; chickens
r biff money makers a well aa truck
irdeaing; three bin market close bv.
ies landa are 30 miles aouth of Utile
ock. a city of SO.ooO; few mile north of
line Bluff, city of 2i,u00. and 60 miles east
I Hot "prinss, the noted health resort,
rlth 100,0u0 vUita annually. The railroad
Una through our land; we ran ell you
row oloe to town and shipping station;
lien a a government agricultural, demon
trator atationed in our county; he will
idvis you free of charre how and when
n plant, cultivate and market your crops:
ha land Is selling In 40-acra traoti and
IP. on the terms of SIM an acre down,
loaaeaslon any time, balance 20 years;
erme lees than rent: btr land selling
lYUUralon dally; low rate; free trlpa to
iuyera who answer this advertisement,
i lite or call for fro Photograph and full
i formation. Open dindsys and evenlnc.
E. T. TnTEB CO.,
v 4 Time Bid.. (t. Louis, Mo.
MFROVED farms, $25 per acre. Al
falfa, corn, cotton. Illinois Central ex
irrimental farms show land very pro
luctlve. Splendid climate. Q. P. Steb
in. IMP Chicago.
Upper Wisconsin
Best dairy and general crop state In the
ir.ton; settlers wanted; lands for sale at
v prices on easy term. Ask for book-
et (4 on Wisconsin Central Land Grant,
ttate acres wanted. Writ about our
tracing lands. If Interested In fruit lands,
isk for booklet on Apple Orchards In
IVlsconsln. Address Land Dept., Boo Line
iy., Minneapolis, Minn.
M leltaau.
rAHM for sale) must sell my Fellsmer
farm, 30 acres, muck prairie land.
I rhoff. 4v Times Bid.. St. Louis, Mo.
iil'Y and frm loans. 6, 5',-j, 8 per cent.
J. II. Duu&nt Co.,M0S Farnam. Omaha
iS ANTED City loaus. .Peter. Trust .Co.
t ANTKJD City loans and warrants. W,
, I'amam Pmlth & Co., 1M0 Farnam.
JMAKA homes. East Nebraska farms.
Bill Omaha Natl. Douglas 718.
V to H0.iS0 made promptly. F. V. Weed,
Wend E!d., 18th and Farnam 8ta,
i VKV IN KKOS Loans, w and up.
j.MVVIiX CttUO Omaha Nat. Bank.
it.,' i.iTT LOANS, C. Q. Carlberg Co.,
" am-31? Brandels Theater Blag.
1 1'V property. Large loans a specialty.
W. H. Thomas, m State Bank Bldg.
HONEY on hand for city and farm loans.
H. W. Binder, City Natl. Bank Bldg.
KE Us first If you want a farm loan,
United States Trust-Co,,- Omaha; Neb;.
tk. ACRttS of land, rich, deep black loam
soil, perfectly level, without a foot of
saste; summer fallowed last sun.imer ajid
M perfect condition for seeding; located
mile from Drayton, N. U., a live town
f l,oi Inhabitants In the most fertile sec
. (Ion of Bed river valley pf the north. Crop
llln.-A In 1. 4 MDHl I. . , J
, ... ..... .... n, au ,
oiarKst aciimea unesceuea. - Thlg land I
will pay for Itself la one or two ci-odb.
to trade for a clean, up-to-date stock of
!n rm .implement tn some good torn n in
insteni Nebraska, -western lowa orsouth
. hstern Bouth Dakota, or will 'trade for
modern residence property In Omaha at a
I rice of 2f0 per acre. Address F 427, B?e. rleen Mlr lc of Imnlkmnul .
-' mrnlture,-- EasVern Nebraeke, - to'.ex
rhange for western land or income prop
rty. ' J. 4, Be.
I'HRKE-TON Avery farm truck, ncsily
ilcw, for sale or exchange for western
jhnd. K Bee.
Highly Improved farm of if-6 acres,
.and all lay fin and Is excellent soil.
l 111 exchange for good Omana, residence.
R;3 Brandel Theater, Omaha. Kb.
DouhMas 2916. -
l ACRKS Tripp county, 8. D., for sal
. or Uade. Will trade for city property,
r.Kt tv nan r.iriilHhl.iv iii.rh.r
1'ui tieular aJdr B 40, Bee. 1
Special Reason
For Selling
We have a apactal reason for selling
th above house at a vtr low price.
5 rooms.
lasy term.
Neur car.
3 blocks to School.
Phon and ask our reason.
iunencan ecunty ux
Douglae. Snn. Evenings. Wal. tf, H. !.'
Bath. gaa. ststern. -Well built house,
in food order- East-front lot 60k li; nice
location, close to Konntre rark. Only
lijoo. ' V -
t7 Omaha Nat l Bank Bldg. l. 14.
Nine-reons house, modern except heat,
paved street. V-
312 Brandels Theater Bldg.
Reduced From
$6,500' to $5,000
"West Farnam and Cathedral
For quick, sale, owner will saerlflca
this fine, practically new, 7-rooin house
near 41t bt and liaveniKirt 81s.; has liv
ing room with fireplace, sleeping porch,
tiled bath, oak fintnli and rocms decor
ated all through house: full cemented
basement, with stationary tubs iiu wash
room; everything in best condition: ce
mented driveway and garage; can give
terme en part.
HANSEN. IM Brandels Thea. TV VT.
Your Own Price
. and Terms
rooms, all ' modern, mtr 3nth and
1-eavrnworth. between West Farnam
and Field Club. Kat front, corner,
slibtly locstion. Asking H.o-co. Want
n. offer. Hou now vacant.
Glover & Spain
Tsy' V:': U'V:-:
; f-
Farnam Street
New Home
On top of the hill between
41th and th, we have a sne
rial ens p in a beautiful i
roe in, entirely modem house,
situated on en of the most
sightly tots In Dundee, with
beautiful view In all dlrec
Farnam Street
Is helng orn? through to
Elm wood park, which will
add greatly to the val ie of
thi property, two blocks
from car line and only. . .
v thfrty blocks from the Omaoa
, city hall. This lot It 80x159
feet, and the house Is up-to-date
In every reepe't; has
. big living room.' with fire
place and beamed colli ni;s,
paneled dining Mom, dtn
and kitchen tn first floor.
Three large bedrooms with
extra large closets en sec
ond floor.- iiais room, with
tile floor and( 'In pluuibln-:
fixtures, beautiful llfhtinu .
fixtures and ixpnrlvj deco
ration. Scrvsns for all win
dows and doora and s r.ic l
porch, sodded yard and c
ment walks.
This propeHy )f worth
taw. There Is i mortga-i
of $3,000, payable a', SJ1 i'J
per month. The owner 1
asking K.B1 e-tgh for l,l
emtj'. This t real bar-.
Rain; the s.rchtUcturc, ar
rangement ani iinlth CI
speak for Itself. Com-i out
today and took 't over.
Charles W. Martin' & Co.,
HI Omaha National Han BU1.T. Tyler IfT.
Lot Bargain
Near Field Club
A heautiful sightly lot, xlf'4. over
looking Central Boulevard, and on paved
street. Over 10 large trees on this lot.
Owner needs money hss cut price from
11,600 to above figure. Half cash needed.
The Byron Reed Co
Phone Doug. 297.
212 Bo. 17th.
Your Money
Shoul Earn Frpm
7 to 10
Wa hava teveral different plan where-
h- , ... . , , ....
' - --
your money and M ' aosoiuteiy ai in
your investment. A everyone know.
teal estate 1 pn of t,he beat gnd safest
investments on earth. We can arrange it
so you can luvtst In individual properties
or take an Interest with others. We have
one plaa whereby you can Invest In
amount, a a -email a 100, It will pay
you to aee or writ us about 1L
Hastings & Heyden
1S14 Harney St.
Start 1915
In a Home
Of Your Own.
Pay $30 Cash
And Move In
fl'hla heuse is located aouth' of Hane
ctmi park, on block from the West Mid
car line U Is a brand new, all modern
t-room bungalow, mail built and very
conveniently arranged.
I Also Have a Pretty
6-Room Bungalow
in a, beautiful North Ride location, which
you can move Into after making a C4Vtl
payment of SXl.On.
This hous front east and la modern
throughout, with principal room fla-.-hed
in oak.
The monthly payment on either of
these houses are low enough to plac
them witnin the reafn ot any man wno
mould like to make 111 rent money do
more than pty for the mere privilege of
living In the house of a landlord.
it you warn to wspeci inese nouses,
telephone in today and I will arrange to
eeitd a car for vou.
Call Dpugla 2K,
Evening: After 6:J p. m. Thone Wal
nut tat.
Two-story brick building and lot. vx!S2,
trackage available; very easily converted
(or wholesale purposes or for downtown
garsge. Price, only li.00t. A small pay
ment will handle it.
SI I Brsndels Thenter Bldg.
FOR BALK Vacant Ms, located In 8aua
dr aV Hlmebaugh addition to Wal
nut Hill, .and also la OVahome addition,
both In Omaha. Theaa are desirable lot
and will be sold for much less than their
value, a the owner I a nonresldeat.
Will sell separately or together aa de
sired. For further particular addra.
J. O. Harris & Hon,
Ottawa. 1IL o
Rt.ED Abatraet Co , oiasst abstract of
fka In Nebiask, tut P -ndl Theater.
KERB Title Uuareule a4 Absuwet Cos,
a ntodera abetiei offlca. a. Ills gfc
Phon Douglas Mi.
Bargains in
practically new
articles in 4For
Sale column: rcid
Some Uneiifle Orr lamediate
Source ef Grain Supply 4 Felt
by the Bipfer Milleri.
OMAHA. Jsn. 115.
From the manner In which the larger
millers have beeen purormslna' wheat In
the Chicago market several days they are
necoming uneasy as to immediate sup
plies of that grain. According to reports
received yesterday Minneapolis millers
have begun to take spring wheat out of
store and already have received most of
the winter wheat purvliaavd In the south
west. There was a little Incressa in the
offerings of red winter wheat from the
Interior yesterday, but the. total quan
tity available for Immediate shipment
was quite small. The sales et Buffalo
of cash wheat were two round lots from
cargoes afloat there which were held
for winter storage. The seaboard reported
a good business late In the dsy on for
eign account.
According to a special cable from
Brooinhall the estimated world's ship
ments of whest since August have been
40,000.000 less than requirements, as com
pared with M.Onu.OOO bushels over the esti
mated requirements a year ago.
Corn and oata were lower and the
volume of trade light. Both markets
were heavy and under mora or less sell-
Mna? pressure.
t-rovisions were active oui lower. .
Wheat was Stlc hlnher.
Cora was c lower to c higher.
Oata m-ere ti'S'so higher.
Clearances of wheat and flour were
quiU to l.iTI.OiO bushels; corn, 154.000
bushel; oats. t.OOO buehels.
At Liverpool corn closed M-tiH lower.
I'runary wheat receipts were tXi.vO
bushels and shipments i.OUO buslfele.
against receipts of 74.000 bushels and
shipments of X46.OOO bushels last year.
l'rlmary torn receipts were l.ttt.or
bushels and shipments 1 2.000 buaSiels,
against receipts of i,0S.0no bushels and
shipments of Ttf.000 bushels last year.
Brlmarv oats receipts were b.1.000 bush
els and shipments l!T.W bushels, agslnst
receipts of 710,00 bushels and shipments
of 692,000 bushels last year.
Wheat, corn, oata
Chicago 10H
148 !
Utrn-apolls ., tl
Duluth 34
ft. Loul s
Kan sss City 14
Winnipeg 24 ... ...
These sales were reported today-
Wheat: No. 2 hard winter: 1 car. 21.2. W
No. t hard winter: 2 cars, 2.ti: t cars,
r-o. s
S a
t mtge
No. 4 hard winter: 1 car, 11 ze.
spring: 1 ear, 21.H; 1 ?r, 21.28. No.
ed: H car, Sl.StiH. No. 2 durum: 11
ears, $1.44. Sample durum: car. ti.n.
Corn: No. 2 white: 1 car, S7Hc; S car.
7c; 1 car. Strtic No. 4 white, I car, wtHo.
No. 6 white: I car, fto. No. 2 yellow:
S cars, S7c No. S yellow: 29 cars. 6Vo;
1 oar, c. No. 4 yellow, S car. tiSo: X
car, 65Hc. No. 6 yellow, 1 car. 66Hc No.
2 mixed: 1 car fnear white), Strtjc; 1 car.
HHc. No. 2 mixed. 1 car (near white),
o; S crm (near white), WHe; S car,
n; S car. 65Hc No. 4 mixed: 1 car
inear while), efic; 4 cars, 65'ic; 4 car,
Cc. No. 8 mixed: I ear, tc; 1 car. fift1;
1 car, 66o; 1 car, tic. No. mixed: 1
car, 05Hc. Oats: Standard: 1 car, (04c.
ro. 2 white: cars, 40Hc. No. 4 white:
oar, 49V4c, Sample: S cars, 4IHc. Bye:
No. 2. 11 cars, 21.07.
Omaha Cash Prices Whest: No. 2 hard,
V.t7m.u No- 2 hard tl.avtH.S; No. 4
hard. 21.154J1.2SS4: No." 2 spring, 21.24
1.27H: No. 2 durum, II. 40 VS 1.44; No. 3
durum, SI. 42H&1.43. Corn: No. 1 whit,
t7Sc; No. 2 white, 6S7c; No. 2
white, 9fwrV4e: No. 4 white, e.4BMe:
No. S white,. WtiWVie: No. 4 white, to
Na 1 yellow, 674?7He: No. S yellow.
t0ft67c: No. 2 yellow, M366'Ao; No. 4
yellow, 4fiM,e: No. t yellow, tsuigiSrtVio;
No. yellow,-fiQsHc;-No. 1 mixed, W6
en4c.: No. 2 mixed. 66-STWic: No. S mixed.
tBH-ao: No. 4 mixed, 64iflHc; No. t
mixed, 4th35Hc; No. 6 mixed, 64HmltO.
Oats: No. 2 white. 6HieHy-; standard.
KVftoH4c: No. S white, 4W9'e ! No. 4
white, 484l4e. Barley: Malting. 4fl'72e;
No. 1 feed, MfTtOc. Bye: No. , Sl.OCVVSl W;
No. 8, Il.0e4gl.0tm.
Fctlarti af the Tradlasr sit Closing
PHeee an Board of Trade.
CHICAOO, Jan. 7. Wheat advanced ex
citedly in the last hour today. European
buy ins; that had again become rampant,
was the fore under the market. There
was a strong doe st 1QtHc above last
night. Corn rose S?Hc to He net and
out s im,f. to lfli4c. In provision the
finish varied from 6c decline to an up
turn of 2Hijc.
Unconfirmed rumors of an expected
spread of the war, son accompanied th
swift ascent of wheat. Attention, how
ever, cslefly centered on th efact that
export aale had suddenly expanded,
reaching a total of nearly 2.000.WM bush
els since yesterday. This circumstance
lone was said to justify tha flurry which
efow being checked tossed quotation
to II. for May. figure surpassing by a
lull rent a bushel the crest attained on
the astonishing upward whirl.
Italy and Boumanta were the countrle
mentioned as likely soon to be included
In th- war and It could not be. denied
that much of the wheat bought todsy
was scheduled for shipment to Italy.
Duluth reported a aale ot durum wheat
to- Italy at 11. delivered across the
sea. Domestic millers were said to be
eagerly af ter cash wheat In all direction.
Kxport demand lifted corn and oata as
well a wheat. Foreign sales here In
cluded 100.000 bushels of corn and l.tno.OOD
hiu.hla nf oata. Th European buying.
however, did not manifest itself until corn
had been depressed a result of tho hi
stork and liberal receipts here and until
oat had dropped In ympathy.
Provisions averaged oer unaeer pres
sure of selling, led by a Milwaukee
packar. His effort wore interfered with
by the grfin bulge.
Oraln prlcea furnished by Logan
Bryan, SIS Houth Sixteenth atreet:
Artiolel Open. I lilgh.l Low. Close. t Ye y
May.ll 23
t 3S
1 Ut
. 76S
.1 21
1 8M,
1 St
I 2i
- July. 11
44 644 561Ti
It 00 I IS 00 1 00 I 11 00
IS 60 (l 26-27! 1 47H19 44S
19 47-35
J an. J
It 68
10 M
10 n
10 6
10 tz
10 B7V4I
10 07!
10 2H
10 074l
10 07H
10 iw
10 60-471 10 60
iu eu
110 47-60! 10 60
Chicago Cash Price Wheat: No. 2 fed.
Sl.83Strt.-WH: No. 2 hard, SLMSOI-8SS.
Corn: No 2 yellow. OSVaTOc; No. S yel
low, SGW-ie. Oats: No. 8 whit. 6m
62c; tandrd. 8'ffS3c. By: No. ij, II .U.
Barley: 601JT7O. Keed: Timothy, S4ftfl'7.60;
clover. H2.Mcfls.60. provisions) yorg, l(.uu;
Iiak-'u.' rths. t.7f)O10.2e.
BLTTt-R Ijower; vreamery. w 4ts
'poTATOF.S-Hlghei1: reoelpts. 14 ears;
Jllchliian and Wleeoneln red, 46tj-4c;
White. 4elOC. ...
liGGE-t?tly: receipts. 4 44S case; t
mark: csne Included: 2MTA4c; ordinary
first. SltiMc; first. 84foac.
Kansaa 4'Hy firstla aa Provision.
I hard. S -Wit 2tW: No. red. Sl; May,
Sl.!"4: July, .
cuBN-No. S mixed. 7"c: No. S whit,
VPrWVi May. 74c; July, 7f,c.
tATB-No. 2 white, WMlW. No- 5
mixed. 4o',Ji4SVrC. '
i.-iirs-rlriii 32c: second. 32c.
OATS-No- 2 wbtt, &iff62c; No. J mixed.
pociS'BT-Hon. liVic; rootr. lOHa
Mtaaeagolla Grain Market.
closed at ll.itt bid; juiv. i wv.
asked; No. ' hard. 8137; to. 1 northern,
SlOl8:: No- 2 northern, S1-2S4J1.S6.
KliCB Unchanged.
COBN Now S yellow, Mt4Vc.
OATS-No. S whlu. SoroXfc.
!w Tok Coaoral Market.
NEW TORK, Jan. 7.-HI GAR Haw,
firm; raolas, centrifugal. 4.04c.
Beflnad. steady. Hugar future, steady
and 1 to i points higher at noon, dale,
1.4" tens.
BUTTER Dull; rocolpt. 7.S14 tub;
oreamary, extra. (S3 scoring), S4o; ereaan
ery. (higher scoring I, 82V0-t6c: creamery,
finsU. 81&33Hci awoads. SstfSuc; ladle,
cunoat coaaav lust, VHuoi goooatU,
Ctfi'-jV: parking stock, current make,
No. i. ;in;iv.
CHKIWK lrresular; receipts, y: boxes;
State, whole milk held average fsnry,
lMil&4c; stste, fresh specUls. llttlSc;
stste, averaae fancy. HSnHW
n tiled, receipts, .t4 esses;
fresh gsthered, extra fine. 4oft4K-; extra
flrsis, ,T!wiV; flrsta, Miexe. seconds.
XtK(7c: state, Pennnylvanla and nearby
hnnery, white, fine to fancy, eMMV-;
same, gathered, whites, S-r-ew: sme,
hennery, btowns, 4e; ssme, gstherel,
browns and mrxed colors. .Mlc.
fOl I.TUY Live, weak; western chick
ens. HVffUv: fowls. U'ytfl.V; turkeys. 11
sr. Iressei. dull; western roasting
ehlckena. ln7Vtc; fresh foka. 13vt17c;
turkeys, l.wi
BUTTER N. 1, l-l. cartons, Slci No. 1
t, v-lh. tubs, SSc.
CHF.KSK Imported, Swiss. Sc; Amee- I
H-fta Pwlss, M, b'.ook 8wlss, Co: twins,
Itf-; daisies, lie; triplets, 17c; Young;
Americas. IdVsc: blue label brick, 17c; llm
burger. f-lb.. We; 1-16. n: New York
white, ISc; Imported Fiench KoquelorU
FISH -Trout, lki; large crapplea. Uo:
snlmoii, IK ;- halibut, chsnnel' cat
tish, lie; pike. He; pickerel. 10j.
JOVl-TRT-Brollera. 14e; spring thick,
ens, lie; hens. Kjllc; cocks, c, ducks,
loo; geeee. s-, turkeys, lc pigeons, ler
do., Wo; ducks, full feathentd, 10c; geese,
Iull feathered. So; aquaba. No. L tLM; No.
'lieef Cut lYIces: No. 1 ribs. 18ic; No.
1 ribs. lttc; No. ribs, llc;, No. 1 loins,
mc; No. s loins. 17c; No. I loins. 12c.
No. 1 chucks. lOVkc; No. a chucks. PVc;
No. t chucks, tc; No. I rounds, IS'io: No.
2 rounds. Ue: No. 2 rounds, lie. No. 1
pistes, e; No. t plates, (Ho; No. 2
plates. Sc.
Market quotation furnished by Glllnskl
Fru.t companyi
FRUITS Oranges, per hog. Extra, fancy
wastiinsUin isavela. wis, ss. pus ana
tJ0, tl.ti; ltVM.
fi M; i.hs, juos, Xios,
li'.TS. Lemons, pet box, fnncy gunklst. WW.
tSfte, 24,60; choice Bed Balls. S4.U0. Urspe
frulta, per box, Itia. Ms. 4s and 80s, H.bO.
Apples, per box, extra fenny Washington
Whit River Pearmalnee. Si.PO; fancy.
2V76; extra fancy Washington Wlnessps,
1.7n; HptlxmbcrK. Sl-8; Oregon bpils
enbergs, 11 t'olorsdo unwrapped Jona
thans, 1.S; Washington extra fancy
Hoovers, 1.4f: email Jonathana, ll.lo;
fnncy Colorado Wealthy, i 10: fancy
Colorado MeMahons, St. 10: fancy Colo
rado Cttera 11.10; Idaho fancy Grime t1 M r-hr.IrM XI fm Wuh.
Ington 'Orliiie Oolden. 1160; fancy' Colo
rado Ms den Hlusn: 11. la: tiincy laano
Jonathan, 13ft; Fultons. II. i; Slraw-
berry, 1 25; Wolf Blver, 1125; New
York, Russets. S3 00, Black Twigs.
SS.S0. Orapes, California Emperora per
bbl., S3.W); lr crate, $1.7?: extra, fancy
Malax us, per bbl., i.0O. Bears, per box.
Antous, 22.K: Jerseys, 1.3; hfldons.
12.26; Lwrenoe, llliu; Bocco, i.2t; Kaater,
li . Bananas, per bunch, H.7bfi3.ft.
Cranlierrles, per bbl., Jerseys, WOO;
cheaner Jerseys, t".on; late Howes, ?.00.
Lime, per box. I1.7S.
VBClETABLErt Cauliflower, per crsts,
23 01; cucumber, per box, $1.80; celery,
per do.. Jumbo, 7 Jet Michigan, S&o; let
tuce, per uos., iei. w, neitu, ti.w,
onion, per lb., yollow and red, Sc; white,
2Vc: cabbsge, per lb., lHc: pepper, per
basket. Mr: tomatoes per crate, 84.00;
onions, shallots, per dos., 60c; Italian gar
lie. per lb., 20c; squash, per lb., lHe;
pumpkins, per lb., lHci Potatoes, per bu
Idahos, 70c.; Bed River Ohloa. tbv; Minne
sota Whites, Wc. Sweet potatoes, per
bbl.. Kansas, tl.W.
MISCKIANEOUS Nuts, per lb., No.
! California walnuts, lc; filbert, lic;
pecan. 12o: Braxils, 1'lic; almond. 2V;
cocoanut. per sack, 13. in; per do.. Tor.
KIrs, per box. 12 13-oX., 86c; o0 4-os., I'J.OO.
Date, augarswalnut, per box, 11.40; lial
lowl, per lb.. So. Shelled popcorn, per lb.,
4o; crackerjack, per case, 13.50; Vk ase,
21.76; checkei a. per case, 12 60, ease. 11.76.
Honey, per case. 3.7k. Cider, Is. Y., per
keg, S.1.&0; per tint., ttt.iw. caaaua uems,
por crate, Sl.7ajH.0Q.
. lt Orala Market.
BT. LOUI3, Jan.' 7. WllKAT-No. 2
rod. Sl.S2Hr1.33: No. 2 hard. Sll-Vb1.33;
May, lljtt July, tl.a.
CORN No. 2. 70c No. 2, White. 71c;
May. 7ic: July, TB'tc.
OAT8 No. 2, u2'u62Hc ' No. 2 whlto.
Liverpool fi ratal Market.
Manitoba, lis 41: No. 2. 11; No. S hard
winter. Us. r"itures. nominal.
CORN Failures firm; January, lid;
February,- 6s llVfcd.
' Coffee Market.
NEW YORK, Jan. 7.-Tha coffee mar
ket nliowed continued flrmnesa today
on Well Street and trade buying, part
of which was believed to be for foreign
account through house with cotton ex
change connection. Yesterday s bulllsn
visible supply statement, and the con
tinued steadiness In Brasll seenved the
factor on the advance. In connection with
talk of an Improved demand from domes
tic: roasters sfter theVrecent Period of lit'
srtlvltv. Futures owned at -an advance
of 4 to 8 points and cloned at a net ad
vance of 7 to 11 po4nla- ale. 21,760 bags.
January, 6.26i r'eiruary, 4XVc; Msm-Ji.
e' ,A.prUA Mc;. 'i'.X' o . JLt.' Ji?:
iu.T 4c4 h" T MT: rember; 7 Uc;
ber, 7.8I0. Bpot corfee steady; Kio 10.
7. 7HCJ Hanto No. 4, 8T4c
Umaha Hay Market.
Chalce upland, (none here), 111. 60(812.00;
No. 1. (none here). tH.OOfULtO; No. 2,
Slt.00 11.00; No. 2. SS.OfWilOOO. Choice mid
land, (none here), su.ouami.6o; iso. 1, io.M
110: No. I. StOim 10.60; No. 8, S7.0(Vfi.00.
Choice lowland, 110.00; No. 1, .004r9.60;
No. 2. St.00tit.00; NO. 3, H.00iffs.(;
fcTRAW Cholco wheat, -i S0.6O1OT.OO;
choice oat or rve, S6.00ft-C.60. '
ALFALFA Cholco pea green, fin stem
and leafy, third and fourth cutting.
quotable at Ha.WirH.OO; No. 1. 8l2.OOdtia.60;
NO. 2, IU. Vrtl 13.00; NO. 3, ll0.0IMfU.0Q.
Metal Market.
quiet: IVTC'ftS W: Ixindon, 9. Spelter,
steady; (3.sotre.90)- txmdon, cuia d.
Tin eay at iwabo. copper rirm:
electrolytic. 112.60; casting, I1X2W3.37.
Iron quiet and unchanged.
At London: Suot copper. r.h 16s: fu
tures. i.b. Tin, spot, C14S 10; future.
143 10s.
steady; 23.SOtl3.66. Spelter, S0.o6.80.
rtoa Market.
NEW TORK. Jan. 7.-COTTON Spot,
quiet; middling uplands, sc. Bales, 700
be lea.
Tho cotton market nosed barely steady
at a net decltno of 0 to 10 point for
the dav.
ket (teady; good middling, 6.044; mid
dling, 4 744; low middling. 4.314; sale,
1,000 bales.
, Dry Goods. Market.
NEW TORK. Jan. 7. An advanoe to
4Hc was announced In ataple print. Cot
ton good were in better aeniand. Mack
inaw were being bought freely for fall.
some advance on tnem reaching l7So,
Raw silk was lto higher.
Evareratea Asl ss4 Dried Pratt
I) HI t'.D FBUITS-Prun. firm. Apri
cot and peaches, quiet, but steady. Bal-
ilns, flrtn.
iocal Btecks aad Beads.
Qutistloss furalaha BT Bsnis, grtsksr A Co
44t iimalM niuwu dsss
Bl. Askai
Don At Cc. r
ytlrwont t'rramary f MI st M...
FlrmBt ("rssissrr V ir..
Mnusisls iis T. T-.f
r.m.r, a 11. B. R. B...
Omb C. B. St. Ht. I4 ,
Vnlo Slock Tsras. Omsk
twi, Wr . Watsr Is, 1404
(Ukr fsekoe V- Is. l-4 ...
CHcea . IH7..--
ArsMins Htpuklls , 118
LmiuiIm t sr ont rrul. ,
Kla IV. Wsk.. . !
Uucoln Tel. Co. . lU
lx, AnsolM nr. Is. v
tlty Mostrl M. WW
(M.Iko. Ha. gthool 4S. Ii4 ......
Oir.lM 4 C 8. st Hit. is, 1W4.,..,
On lis tx-koet 4m. IM1
f li. Obm4 sUr 4ls, U41
kss llUCOot. Cl , . 1SW-1H...,
pwirt a y- s. it
tcrtSsw. Hs., wttar Is. 1M
tuM"r. N . wsur Is. ls4
Wisklta Vatos Stscs Tare Is. 1M4.,
t4 M
i if
M Id
1S Mg
4 M
H ka
1M 1M
M.T6 M
M 14
w-4 1'
St P 101
4 M M.ll
M 1W
Is It
HI, iut
Baak Cleartags.
OMAHA. Jan. 7. Bank clearing for
Omaha today were 37.74a.76 end for
th corresponding day last year, 81.04o,-
MA.06. .
McCarthy Scoot Cba.
Thomas MoCarthy. th Boston Red OK
recruit, will go to Cuba ooon to look over
the tiatlv talent aad cvui back by way
I JTUrldav .
- 1
r.l. TJV...1 ,.J TK-),..
Cattle Receipts Liberal and Frlces
Steady to Some Easier Fit
Sheep in Demand.
OMAHA, Jsn. 7. 1016.
Receipts were: Cattle. Hogs. Sheep,
Official Monday !.r K.iM
Official Tuesday S.0
(ogflcul Wfctnnmlay.. .'3
Estimate Thursday... 3.rM
Four days this week. .sails
Ham days last week..r4
fumt I weeka aao.... S.7T1
Kme S weeks tmo. ...2S M
Same 4 weeks Rgo....l7,70
Same day last year..lS,.VS
The following table shew the receipts
of csttle, hose and sheep at the Fmitli
Omaha live stock market for the year to
dale, aa compared wlMi' last yer:
1!M5. 1!14. Inc.
Cattle 2U.7M lT.rVK S.r
Hogs tt.M KVtB U4.H
heep 1 Is 41.KN4 lft.MH
The following table rhows the Berage
price for hugs at the Lvuth Omaha, live
stock market for the last few days, with
I'm... H1J4. lU.) (mlii.lH4).ii
lec. St.
4I I 121 4 061 7 M, SOT. 6 S4
T tKlV, 7 ao I w T S S 4is I S4
7 01 1 f 60 T ll 6 t 7 6 S 0 6 S
WVI 7 4J t 1J 17 f7 S Ul 47
lec as.
4C. .
Dee. 24.
Lec. iV (Holiday.
pee. 2.
7 WH
7 14S
7 1ST,
7 It
7 6SI t 231 S m 7 "3 I S SO
IV c.
ii t 7 '.i) S 20j
7 071
7 7o;
S I 64
S 21 8 68
7 6S
7 64
s H
5 w
S 2t 6 W
8 2l 8 tki
S --'4 6
7 tKi
7 1H
t 08
7 1J
7 81
7 Oil
t 00
7 S6
8 78
7 Sol
7 U t 801 I c-i s S0
7 14 8 i 7 W t 8, S 70
7 04i
7 (T.'S
1 n 1
7 131 S 17 7
7 111 1 7
I t OH) 7 74 S 47 S 5
7 Ml
4 i
Ml 5 HI
1 w-
7 Kil
Hecelpu and disposition of live stock
st th Union stock yards, Pouth Omaha,
Neb,, for twenty-four hours ending at 2
o cluck yesterday
U.svj S.l.v, 1
llv-Shl I.V
ii I
f.1.412 R7.H07
3s,W4 :r.!tt7
41. X !.!
;i;.i irx.s4
17,07 .4.
45.4l 4J.1T5
C, 11. A. St. P 4 S i
Wabash 2 .
Missouri Pacific I 3
Union BacUlo U Ju :tl
C. ft N. W enst T, 6
C. A N. W., west Id ." I
C, 8t. P., M. 0 17 ;Si
C, 11. A Q , east a t
C, B. 4k Q west 17 1 ;
C, K, 1. P., east 12 u 7
C B. 1. & P.. wct 1 1 ..
Illinois Central
Chluugo Ureal Western.... 4 2 1
Total receipts 1 161 W
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
Morris c Co
Hwlft ft Co
, 2u4
2, l
. . ..
3, ;wi
Cudahy Packing Co....
Armour at ii
(x-hwarta 4k Co
Armour, Ho. Ht. Paul.,
ttenton, vaneant i 1...
Hill & Bon...,
F. B. Lewis
Huston A Co
, 4,t ,
. 2 .
Su .
102 '
405 '
J. B. Boot Sc. Co ..,
j H. Bulla
McCrearv t Kellogg...
Werthelmer Degcn...
It. F. Hamilton
Sullivan Bro
Mo. Kan Calf Co...,
Chrlwd -
baker, Jones A Smith.
Tanner , Bro ,
John Harvey ...
l. & F
Other buyer.
Total 8.0M 10.7WI 12,811
Quotation on Cattle Prime yearling
SH.fiO 00; good to cholco cornf! heave,
tannM: fir to auod oornfed beeves,
x7!(i0r-irti.00:common to fair cornfed beeve.
S4.ri041.60: 1 good to cholc rang
beeva. 67.767JH 26; fair to good cornfed
kumi li.i'i ih . common to fair com-
t-A kv., is Tm.'.'6: 1 aood to choice
heifer. 8S7.26; good to'clioh'e oow,l6.7S
,,!! fair to rood cow. I.VOKJvi. 00 ; com
mon to fair cowl, 44 0Ofl(.(W; good to
choice stiKkers and feeder, f7.SfrS.tO;
fair to good stocker and feeder. So. 764
7.86: common to fair ttockera and feed
er. So.76w.T3; stix-k hsirers,;
stock cows, 84. 764(6 76; stocit calves, Se OOUP
8.00; veal caiva, ii.eun.iu; duiis, siags,
etc.. 6.004rt.fi0.
Representative sales:
Av. rr.
Na At. rr.
, :.ii 1 1
V w l.iihi t n
.... WW 64
tut 4
.... ua t oa
..'..1044 1 U
,.,.1174 T 40
,...1W 7 44
.... I7 e
14.. ....IUI
f 40
I I 10
I It
I 26
. 14
14 ,
Ml 1 e
. Tt 4 4
.i:m 7 M
, 774 7 !
..into 1 n
4 n
..ion M
..10 174
,.1U"I I 71 .
.. M I 44
11 .
1 a
I 60
10. .
1(M 4 0 I J" M
KT IK 7 414 II
170 4 71 4
t it. S 1
S toas
1 m
i m
iv.-:::: : iThm v:::.
t.Ju, tM lit 1
I.,m 741 4 K
I T 40
1044 . 7 N
... ZS M A
2 ii 4 4 1
I 114 14 t
4' 4 0 1.....
1M ft
t-'e to
110 1
111 I 4
M ton T
1 4 4 W it 741 IK)
. 1 1 1 IS
I ti 44... 7 7 14
I M IS 47 M 1(1
1 64 4 17 Ml T 44
... 4.4 4 I
... 64 I 4
,.. 4,4 4 4U
Jl 4,4 4U 21, Ukl I 10
a mi 1 7i
HOQt Receipt were fairly gentrou
kvaln In3ftv. Katlmates called for 17
car, or U.uOO head, with thirty oar di
rect to a packer from another point. Tha
week supply total ti.4X, trie neavieat
for aom time, being almost 16,000 larger
than lust week and 6.O0O more than were
here on in corresnonaing any isi year.
Tho market opened out the dullest of
any day this week. All polnui were woll
siiDDlied. and whlla shlPuersA houaht
few hog early, tnat might be quoted
lead v. packers mad their first bids
on a 6c lower basis. A salesmen were
asking a be advance, and boih sellers and
buvars refused to mans any concessions
tho trade was deadlocked for tho greater
urt of the forenoon.
It aa after 11 o'clock before anything
much was done, but in too end the cell
era hsd to srlve In. and th big bulk o
th offering moved at price that were
fully a nickel lower. Even at this tlm
the movement wss -very dull, and It was
late before any sort of a clearance waa
mtulo. Bulk of the offerings moved
14 BtdT.OO, with a scattering; at 87.06 and
a too ot IY.10. inia is in iirsi time tin
vear that any flur of th bulk h
landed below S7. although light and aom
of tho big rough packer have sold-under
tills insrk nearly everv day.
CATTL.H-Becelpts this morning wer
lll.r.1 maklna til totsl for 111 fOU
dsys 20.278 head, tha largest since three
week ago and larger than a year ago
bv almost 2.000 head.
Beef teer were very low, the mar
ket ranging all th wy from steady to
lOo lower than yesterdsy. The quality
of th beef on an average was not very
good, but thre were cattle her good
enough to bring IS 1
Co and heifer did not (how much
change, being generally steady with -terduy.
Oood feeder having weight end qual
ity were strong as compared with yes
terday. -with other grades steady.
Bcpreaentatve sal:
Ho. A. SB. Tr. No. At. gh. Pr.
41. 4 ... 114 7 KIT ... 7 0
7 U 44 Ti 77 '.Si 4 T 04
fl MA 40 7 W 74 Ill ... T 10
II Ill .-. 7 4U-4 11 II 7 1
12 11 ... 4M
SHEEP Th liberal receipt of tody
amounting to 12.t0 head Increased, the
week supply thus far to 67.1K7 head, as
compared with JB.I67 for th first four
days of last week and 42,176 for th cor
responding time a year ago.
Notwithstanding tha fact that th pack
era have been generously supplied this
week buyer were on hand at an early
hour thla morning, and not much lima
slspsed before most of th aheap and
lauib had bD disposed Of at prke
nerelly strong to fullv a dime higher,
h es shoeing ihe mnil Improve-
I W illi. Ihe miAlilv af thf. iMtnbS
as much the same as of lale the vondl-
,,on offerings was a little better
.,,, i,Hys. the nwn bema dry.
The bulk or the fed western iambs moven
st SS.ioiifl.Hc, with a bunch of Mexican
Ismbs fed in Colorado, tho same as those
st It on- Wednesday, bringing W 7i
this morning, tlenerally the ewe supply
wss better todsv both aa to slse end
quality, there being some very choice
kinds selllna up to U. with the bulk ro
Ins; st U.iii.0. The top price. tor
ewes todsv. Is not only top fur the month
to date, but the highest January prke
ever paid on this market.
cjuoietlons on sheep and lambs: ;,amb.
good to choice, M.MMti ..;&; lambs, fair to
good, S7.ktrg.M; yearlings, good to choice.
; .'.. 7. 90; yearlings, fair to good, $7.0iW
7.S&; wethers, good to choice, H.3."KlA.;
wether, fair to good, Ss.tx!i 26; ewes,
good to choice, ewes, fair t.
.fvt feeder lambs
40 culls
240 fed Inmbs
117 fed lambs
IIS fed lambs
6.1 7 SO
45 hW
M 8 l ."
m 8 ir.
63 7 76
4 70
4 4 70
W 4 70
1 8,10
ft 8 66
81 S 66
84 8 60
S, S 60
101 6
74 7 4
2 Montana, feeder ewes...
174 Montana feeder ewes...
Iia Montana feeder ewes...
1! Montsna ewea
4 fed lamb
I fed lambs ...
- fed lambs ...
fed smb ...
2 fed lamb ...
Ill (horn lamb
(tie Firm Hoaa Weak ineep
Flraa. .
CHICAOO. Jan. 7. OA TTL.K Receipts,
0O1 heed; market flttn; nUv steers
Sr..Vr.7l; western, S4.1j7.f": row ana
heifers. !.BO&e0O; calves, 7.7M,10.60.
UOOS Ilecelpts, 60,W neaa; merRev
weak, be to lOo lower; bulk, i7.1Mr?...;
llsht. SM7.26: mixed, .n!T.ia: nesvy,
insimirr.; rough,'? SR; pin- i-6wi''-iJ?.
head: market firm; sheep. niu9u,
earlings. S4.tOia'; lamos. .nji.w.
St. I.oals l.lT gteek Market.
T. LOt'IS. Mo Jan. 7. CATTI.IS Re
ceipts, S.W0 had; market steaiviy; nsuve
btrf steer, 87 hHflO.OO; cow and heifers.
OVffS.JR; stocker no leeoerm
7.25; southern teer, cow ana
helfoia, M-Wtiw; nativo cyt., nf
',7na am head: market
leady'; pig and 'lights, St.2fta2 '; n,,,V.
nd butuiiers, i.iwu.i goou ni
HERP AND IAMBSReeeHpts, 2,800
h..d: market ha her: nativo millions,
Kfl nipnri , ' " -
lamb, S,2tttjJt,96; yearling,
gtoax City M wol; Market.
BIOl'X CITY. la.. Jan. 7.-CATTt.R-
B IUVI UmA- mst-Het st esxi T i nsuve
steer, srf.8otW.sH: butcher. S5.SMrf.00; cow
and heifers. H.s09lw: """-Ta1.
.00; stocKer ann leeuere. -'-'
slves, .0i;ii.S0; bulls, stag, etc., 66.
W-OO. . iia
head; market 10i: higher; we, S5-60.
la mini. S-O0tj 8.60.
Kaaaao City it Market.
a a a rlTV Ma . Jan. 7. 4T1ATTI-1B
Receipt', 2,000 head; market trong; prim
fid steer? S8.76frt.74; Areaaed boe? fJ.
I7 40H1S.60; wastern 87.8MM.TS.
stocksrs and feeder. SB fcXSff.TS; bull,
.. . -r . ... I,,.. k; iivti i n
Uiii.ri amii I.AMBH Reoelrd". 4.T00
head; market, higher; lambs, 70;
yearling. ' iWi."; weiueis.
ewes. (o,w?i9.w. - .
at. Joaea-k Lire Stock Mark!.
st Tnstr.pir. Jan. 7. OATTUS R-
em aai4 market steady: steer.
V r.0Mf.76: cow and heifers, 4.26OS-60;
HOtiR Reoelpts, 12.000 lid; market
teady; top. ST.27H; bulk ot al. S7.10
k.AlwBAS WS1 IBS771H Ml
ulxxmrrt A VT TAMBS-BaoeiPtA 8,008
head; markat higher; lamb. Sl.7otjiS.7t,
Refugee 'Belgian Niud9
Taken Into Engnsn
Home a German Spy
r3AN rRANCTSOD," Jan. 7 -Th TaU of
a fJarman spy dlsgulsd aa a Belgian nun
)n rnsland wag told In a letter received
In Ban Francisco toaay oy miss jwic
Robinson from her cousin. Ml Ada
Grant of Boston, Linoolnshlr county,
Th latter said In part:
"Did I tell you that w had takejt In m
Belgian nun a a companion though w
were taken In ma wellT On night w
heard a noise in "her" room and going
up quietly wo looked through tha tran
som, and, what wo aw l haii nvr
"There waa th elsUr" In s German
uniform, shaving.
"My sister phoned for tho polio and,
after a struggle, th man wag arrested',
"A little later a shot wag heard that
announood tho last of him.. Our feeling
are better imagined than described for
w had really got to liko the 'sister.'
All Is evdterrnmt hrv The town I In
darkness each night by S o'clock."
Austria Of fers
Peace to Servia,
Report in Eome
(Copyright, 1216, by Press 2ubllshlni Co.)
HOME,. Jan. 7. (Hpeoiel Cablegriun to
New York "World and Omaha Be.) It Is
reported her on excellent authority that
Austria has offered peace to Servia on
th bad of "status quo" t th begin
ning ot hostilities and In addition giving
ffervla northsrn Albania, Including DUr
raso and th coaat Una up to tho Monte
negrin border. 1
In other words. Austria completely re
verses it ultimatum of 1812 whoa It said
that tho autonomy of th lands now of
fered Bervla waa antlal to ' Auatiian
Russ Take Village,
- Bayonet Defenders
PKTROORAD. Jan. 7. Th official
statement from th general staff In th
Mlawa region (Poland), Issued tonight,
follows: y
"Our, troops on January S mad a sud
den attack against the vlllag ef Roa
rows, to th wtst th road from
Frtasnyss to Mlawa, near Groudousk.
Th enemy who oooupOd tkl vlllag
wr almost entirely bayontsd. W also
took sotn prisoner. 1
"On th left bank of th Vistula th
usual cannonading and ririe fire ar
continuing. Fighting of secondary 1m-
portanc I proceeding In tho region of
Borpimow and' near th Moghely farm.
OOPENHAOEK, Jan. 7. tVIa London.)
A special dispatch to tho National
Tldondo from Constantlnopl says tha
former Oerroan cruiser Ooeben, which
now files tho Turkish flag, struck two
Russian mines' in the neighborhood ef th
Bosphorus and wss seriously damaged.
It ha two big hoi on It water lln
and It will tak two or three month to
rapalr it. '
Thla fact, the, dispatch adds, has been
kept secrat from th people of Coaitan-tlaepl.
Times on
Shown at
the Ex-
NEW YORK, .tan, 7.-.uih anlmstli.n
a manifested at odd times by to
dav'a aim k mnrket aa malnlv In the
pecisl class of secnrlties. This emhiaccd
Bethlehem Ktrel, which rose to a ne
hlah prloe to the accompaniment of ftl '
deml rumors; American Can, whose
esrninss are snld to he very lara; West
liikhouse Klectrlc, Intcrnstkinsl Har
vester istihough there wss an abrupt
decllnn to its by the stock o,
the foreign corporal Ion) and severs! o.
Ihe newly listed automobllo shares.
Favorite ral'wav stocks were under
Irenure for the greater imrt of the ses
sion, likewise United Htatrs Bteel. whl"h
was acsln offered for forrlan lirteresti.
according to board room gossip,- In tho
final hour, honevcr. and to the acenmpa .
nlinent or more activity than has recently
been shown, the whole list broadened and
advanced, with numvrous net gains nf I
to over I points. The short Interest in
some of the more inoculative issues hur
rlndly cored their rommltmenn. l-i
many Instances . considerahl loss,
By far the most Interesting develop
ment of the day was anolh.-r decline In
exchanse on Ixmdnn, brlnaina the quota
tion down to M-SS's, the lowest price sine:
October, l07, at which time a stoc.
market pmilo was ire vailing and New
ork banka bad decided to Issue loan
certificates. Desrlte thla abnormal Bit no
tion, Ixuikers today expressed doubt thst
any of the gold recently hlprd to Ot
tawa would o returned In the lmmedi-'
ate future. Apart from technic! consid
eration, it waa agreed that the chu-:
cauam rt lh' elln lm- In the vest Ini-
rrovement thown by this country for
eign trade.
binall dealings continued 111 tn uonnon
market, but hlxll grade Issue weie
teady. Payment of a large Installment
of th new war man waa mane wttnoui
monetary strain. Th Bank of Knglann
lost sllahtlv more than S3.O00.00O gold
during tha week and Its liability reserve
showed some reduction. -
Tha local market for nonaa was irreg
ular, with wide fluctuatione in many
Issues. Total sales, par value, wer
U.MW.OOft. United. State iwtrnmint bonds
were unchanged on can.
Numiwr or aale ana leading quotation
on stock today were: '
. . r-sis. n:n. ii vnw.
Altrt oeid ' "i4
AmsirtmaUMl omr ... ll,: 4 f
AimrUan Suser..... I B1
Amsrlcn OA 2,I' It
AsxHosn " 4 R 200 17
Am, g. a U srd... .
Am. guser Reusing
103 i
. M(
IT '4
v 7S
Amtiinsn T. T wo in
Aaisrtosa TVibenea ,.........-
heoid Mlnlag ....... 0 I
AlenlMtn ... i, ' "-
ltlmor Ohl. ...... Kn 4 k
Brooklrs llsW Tr...... SO H
CVUrnrnla Frlusi
rsmaiu PsnKle i f lt4 1M4
rtntrsl LMttwr 1.40 tt U
4TMUIBllS a Ohl .-...' ,...
Chlusso . w...., .v
rhlnse. K. Si, P.... SO 1744
Chlieao K. W... m
Chine Ooepsr .........
vlrses rosi a jraa..,, sue sna is
CmoraAs nosxhsrs..., scvaM . .'
InT 4V Rio OranSe.., , ..-.
tiesvsr It. O. Bf4 40 4
rxstlllsrs' gMarltiaa
Kris J.. 22i4 HH
(lensral K)erio .,...." -....
(Imt Nortbara f i.ins n4 Jl
(irul No. Or etis. ...... iwt MS I?
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bonds Cooper IM 15, . IIV.
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Total sslos for the 4sr, 14,W shsras,
Now York Money Market.
loan, easy; 60 days, 8V4 per cent;
days, SVrtj'' per cent; aig months, S5t
r4 per cent. Call money, steady; hlch,
Z'i per cent; low, per cent; ruling
rata, 24 per cent; Jaat loan, SV per cent:
closing bid, J1- per cent; offered at J'4j psr
cent. ,
MERCANTILE PAPEn-4tT!4 per cent.
lifter early decline; 0-day bills. - 4.9ldO;
for Cahl". S4.to26; for demahd. Si".
IILVKR Bar, 48T4C; Mexican dollars,
37 'tc. . '
HOND8 Oorernment, steady; railroad.
IjONDON. Jan. 7. MONET 1 nr eent
l)lsount rates, short bills, 2V per. cent;
three montns, ilk psr cent. , ( .
Closing quotations on nonds today were
a follows:
U. g. rt. Is, rsg.
4 eouBo"
V. g Is. reg
4o esusea ...
V. S. 4s. rag
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Crls sen. 4. 47 to tr. 4m mi,
na. KlBetrla la... .14 V. fl. Rubber ls....ltiv
m. No. 1st 4a IMS H4MI l Iu0k
III. Osa. ft. 4s..,, k.i'W.Us, 1st ....,. ;
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L N. nl. 4s 4 WH. Klsc. ev. is.. Mw'
K K. T. Ut 4.. TT
. 'Bis.
1PORTEH.VILLE. CW.. . Jan., T,-Bcau
of the almost ualvarsal use -of automo
bile in thlr town, school officials at Ex
eter. Tular eounty, California, completed
today tho draft of) a UntaUv plan look
ing to tho Inauguration In th - public
school ef a course of Instruction, 'n th
operation of motor car. ,. . .
Washington Affairs
A 8H0.0n0.0C0 balance of trad In favor
of th United Htate on December's for
eign business was the preliminary esti
mate of tho Department ot Commerce.
- No action waa taken by th senate for
eign relatione committee on the pending
treaty to pay Colombia Ii6.000.000 for the
Panama canal sons and aom members
declared the convention probably would
not be considered at. thla session.
Until th northern state have cleaned
up their barrooms, vio dens and -Sunday
theaters they have no right to .complain
that children under 12 years are per
mitted to work in the cotton mills-of the
soath. This view waa set-forth by- David
Clark, a Charlotte. N. C, editor, before
the eleventh annual -conference on child
petsrmlnsd efforts whl t mad today
by administration leader of the senaie
to get the government ship purchase bill
actually before th senate for general
debate. Tbat every parliamentary ex
pedient la delay consideration of the
measure will be used was demonstrated
yesterday by republican opponent ot tn
Regulation to govern th placing of
tamps on conveyances of real property
In payment of th war tax wer Issued
by Commissioner of Internal Revenue Os
bonv Th tax is 60 cents on deeds thst
amount to over llU) and lea than Ss.o.
with 60 oenta additional for each loOO or
fraction over I-juu. The regnlsttons make
it plain that where, th consideration la
nominal or 11 the tax nluil he votnputod
upon th actual- valu of the property
eonveywd. lien deducted, ind the ex
ecutor become liable for tho penalty if
the proper amouat. of siamfw k net a1-fl