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Defeated Candidate for Senator Re
qneiti Public Statement of the
Rome Dinner Tarty Secret.
"All the funny thine tt not In sunny,
funny Spain," quoth Frank A. Kennedy,
editor of ye Western I-nlorrr and tmong
tho late r-antlidste for stste senator on
the republican tlfket.
Colon1! Kennedy has In mind that dis-
jottlon of that unexpended balance of
wliat little, tiny, woeny campaign fund
collected for the aid and assistance of
candidates on the republican ticket fax
Colonel Kennedy:
"New that Clialrrpsn A mo Thomaa ha
explained whst hapnd at the meetlna;
of republican cnncHilntcs held lx weeks
ago, unbeknown to lihn. when he waa out
of the city, how would It do for aome
body who attended the meeting to tell
who railed It, who was there and wlwt
waa done?
"It waa five week after the meetlna:
waa held that 1 heard of It. though I wa
one of the candidate. My Information
wa that tho rmctlno; wa called by Sena
tor Ssunders; that there were fifteen
winners and "loser pre-nt;. that two
bills for men who watched Election Coni
mlaaloner Moor head' offlm after elec
tion were ordered paid; that a motion waa
adopted In favor of paying the chairman
and secretary two each for their eervlcea
during the campaign: that another motion
prevailed In favor of dividing; the money
left among the defeated candidate, and
that the dinner at which all thla hap
pened), ba paid out of the commute
"As neither Chairman Thomaa nor my
aeif waa at the meeting, won't some man
who waa there plesae tell If euch a meet
ing' waa held; who railed It who at
tended It and what waa doner
"Would It ba asking too much to bur
aest to tha secretary of the Roma hotel
meeting that a report of that meeting be
mailed to all tha candidates who paid'
their assessments, or, better attll, that an
exact report of tha meeting be furnlahed
tha dans' papers?"
Winter Wheat is
in Perfect Shape
While It U too early' to aver guess as
to ' what the harvest will ba next sum
mer, all advices received by the railroad
freight men ara to the effect that every
thins; points to winter wheat being In
perfect condition and an abundant yield.'
All : through Nebraska tha fields of
winter wheat ara covered with snow, as
they have been for tha last month. The
result of this, according to tha railroad
men, has bean that tho soil over tha
roota of the plant .have been held In place
and tha roots have not been Injured by
wind or frost ; It . Is asserted that tha
ground Is unusually moist and that when
spring cornea tha cereal will be ready to
at once begin a rapid growth.
Wheat on Omaha
Wheat on the Omaha market wa
irons; and in good dorrtand, sales being
made at tl.Ii to 11.28. tha prices being
11 to 1 rents higher thanWcdnesday.
Cotn was up H of a cent and sold at M
to 671, cents per bushel. Durum wheat
failed to make Its dally gsln of 1 rent
per bushel. It sold around tl.44.
Omaha receipt were: Wheat 3S cars;
corn, 15 cara. and oata, 14 care.
Harry Pearce, the only new county of
ficial chosen by the voters at the Lis
election.- assumed office Immediately
wir rmi ..anuin, w no ni'l been Ics.s--ter
of deeds for nine year, moved out.
Four old employe were retained,' includ
ing O." C Fleming, chief deputy; C. A.
Tracy and 8teva Hansen, Opinio, and
M. Monaky, copyist He appointed the
following new copyists: F. O, Mower,
W4 North Eighteenth street South
Omaha; Paul II. Oney. 4)7 North Twenty-fourth
atreet. Omaha; John J. M il.
helm, ST44 Meredith avenue, and Frank
ellrkalek, HZ outh FourteenUeetrcct.
Eleven mall clerk and five int. r car
riers In the Omaha I.oMof.'U rerelyed
advance) In salaries the first of till
year of 1100 eerh. according to tha quar
terly announcement Just leaned. The
mall clerka are: Nlelaoh Nyguard, rat
'rl lt Oogan. Mlsa Louise A. Orant, John
e. KreJIeek. Edgar IX Llndley. U'Unn
MoOuire. Edward F. Morrarty, Jr.; David
Oieon. Herbert O. Richmond, Harry H.
Fulllvan, Iramanue) Voucn.
Tha. letter carrier are: Juliua Adrian.
Clarence A. Hclln, Hvck K. HendereuM;
tleorga F. Madison,' Frank J. PmiiowIcs.
Anthony M. Kati;rlBg.
tnree-years askoclated with
signed t mualiipal ai'fmr.
to accept a poUiun in tiic
jartment of the local bti
for tl last
Tha Ute, as
has rrtlguvJ
editoral de
ii if the As-
aoclated Fr-
Mr. Easterlies tamo l.ue
mey. Neb., where be wa c
the Pally Hub, and in the
fro;n Kcur
Ity tilltor of
time that he
Je thvmand
aatuuird bis
rie been In Omaha !i nui
of frtendd. II ha already
sew tanks.
ajult for t-D.Ono da .us Res brought by
it a rie Rnjsorshrk acilm-t Dr. Eliaer R.
Torter has gune to trl.i'. In Judge Troup's
district court he allofte su operation
o her waa improperly performed. Dr.
Porter la pitsding the atauue of limits
Hi-ry NeLvon. !l uti) Thli ty-thlrd
treet w fined i und ruats in police
court oo a charge of rueity to anlinlc.
Tke (bum- of KkrMtlH.
I.'a ttloan'a iJnititent and you won't
cmf what eeuaee it. Tli first appicaw
tics hll. ;xd for siatlra, neuralgia.
A3 ArngWU-AdvrliemeBt..
f ' . i: . J
Jacob Cheherr of South Omaha Now
Suei Steamihip Co. for Return
of Honey for Passage.
A story of brotherly affection on the
part of Jacob rheherr. Thirty-fourth and
V atreet, South Omaha packing house
employe, which prompted him to end a
steamship tl''kt to his brother In Russia
lat February before the' latter was eligi
ble to military service In the cxar's
army, hut which failed to save klm from
death, was revealed by the filing of a
ault against the Cunard Pteamshlp com
pany In district court.
Cheherr' brother. Oclfe Fieodorowskl
Cheherr, lived In I,lbau, a port on tha
rtaltlc aea bombared by the German fleet
early 1at fall. Ha never received tha
ateamahlp ticket, It la alleged, and, hav
ing become of age to Join the army, be
came a part of General Rennenkampffs
Invasion of Germany which waa resisted
by General Von Hlnderberg. '
Dles la Hospital.
Orlfa Cheherr became a target for Ger
man bullets, received a fragment of
shrapnel In his body and died In a hoa
tltal. , "
Jacob Chsherr now mourn, the death
of his brother. Although he blamea tha
Steamship company for falling, to de
liver the ticket almost a year ago, ha
re ret that he did not aooner make an
effort to bring his brother to America.
Cheherr Is suing, tha steamship com
pany and A. J. Miller, local agent, for
$.. the price of tha ticket intended for
his. brother, which, he alleges, ha paid.
Siren to Announce '
Navigation Meeting
on Friday Evening
Commissioner Robert H. Manley ha
ai ranged to. have the Commercial club's
siren attached to the street railway
power house plsnt and blown at 7 o'clock
thin ,eenlng to remind Omahans of
the niiieiiiijr to organise a freight service
ty, boat on ' tha Missouri river.
Ut Joseph business men, aa well a
delegations from Nebraaka City, Council
Muff. ioiix. City and all tlio Improve
ment club and other local civic' bodies,
ar to bo at the assembly.- .
Htereoptlcon views of features of the
river navigation service now be(ng en
joyed by Kansas City bulnes firms will
b shown. .Three prominent officers of
the Kansaa City company will make ad
dieisea. Including Genrrsl Manager A. W.
Moose Senator in
Indiana Attends tho
Republican Caucus
I.N'DI ANArot.18, Ind., Jan. T.-Tha
memliers of tlie progressiva party In tha
legislature split on the question of Join
ing the republicans In raucuss. .
The one progressive In the wenat. Wsl-
t r H. 'McConaha of Richmond, accepted
the Invitation of the republican to at
tend their caucus, while the only pro
gressive in tha "house. J. w. Jimklns of
Carahrldite City, declined. Both ara from
Wayn county.
A law leuutring a lobbyist to register
with tho secretary of slate, setting forth
the character of his employment snd
name of his employer, waa recommended
by Governor ha mud M. Kalston in hia
addreea to the lrgilature.. lie would ex
clude all lot.byif.ts from the floors of tha
two branches of the assembly.
Prjnchots to Help in
.War Hospital Work
l'lllUDELmiA, Pa . Jan. 7.Glfford
Plnrhol, former chief fqrrstcr of, tha
t'niu-d fatates. and hla ife will sail
from New York next Patuiday to assist
Mr. Plnrhofs Inter. l.ady Allan-John-stnne,
in her work of . establishing a hos
pitsl In the ar sone.
Uady Johnstone, who Is the wife of Blr
Alien Johnstone, Britten minister to The
Hague, -.has . been .preparing for several
wka to opn a hotpltel m noithrrn
France, for refugees and wounded told-
lers. iMr. Plnchot, who is in this city,
yesterday aaid he had obirlnt! promises
of aasistanca from lite Ameii.-sn Kid
Cross. , . .
A signal honor has coma to ona of
Omaha's boys. Kenntn Baker, of ttd
bQixth Twenty-eighth atreet, haa baea
PKjinted expert salesman in tha Ieague
of Curtis halesmen. v
Tbts leagu U a national ot ganla&Uon.
Our 40,100 boys who sell tha CurUe pun
llcstions are ccmpeting for membership.
At present oii'y M at thla army have
qualified and only twenty of the UA mem.
bare have eovemed to tha degree of, ax
part aaJeaman.
Be Wat Ada jVroduo Km alt
Ask the legislature for Right to In
crease Resources, Adrocate
Some to Efface Deficit.
About this mo.noo ftoard of' Education
deficit there In quite a feeling among
some members that Instead of attempting
to vote bonds, tho better way would be
to go to the legislature and ask for an
Increaeed aource of Income. That is, get
a higher mill rate levy. The maximum la
now 20 mills, although the average levied
ha been about 17 mills. For the first
time In the hletory of the present law, ac
cording to official bonrd statements, tho
maximum will be reached in the budget
for lir.; that Is, the board asks for 20
mills ttys year. '
Tlia desire of those seeking larger re
sources I for at least a new maximum
of 25 mills.
'That." ssys a member, (who aks that
"would enable us to meet our demand
for the present his name be withheld),
without Incurring so much deficit. I take
It that the people quite appreclute the
fart that thla deficit Is due, not to bnd
management or iirivBBnm.
simply Inadequate resources from which
vu umw. uiir stnoois are growing, ex
panding, developing constantly; this
process will continue. The only possible
way to keen uo with It in to Imti.uu n.n-
resources wherever possible
And I Uke It that if the matter were
fairly presented to the legislature It
would not hesitate to accedo to the rc
quest, for It could not but see the reason
ableness of It. It would ba a piece of
legislation affecting Omaha, so that tha
rest of the state could feel no direct con
cern in it, except of course, to do what
waa right and beat"
It cannot be denied that fnryiy mem
bers of the board are chary about this
bond proposition, ' and as to the ex
pediency of lopping off the upkeep to
meet the deficit that Is hardly given a
serious thought.
Arizona Anti-Alien
Labor Law 'Invalid.
Asserts High -Court
sona anti-alien employment act ndopted
by the people of tha state at tha No
vember election as an Inlatlve meaaure
waa declared unconstitutional, null and
void here today by a special court of
three federal Judges.
In brief, tha court held that the statute
violated the guarantee of life, liberty
and tha possession of property made to
all alike, whether aliens or not, under
the fourteantn amendment to the United
States cooiUtuUon; that If the state of
Arlaona could forbid any employer to
hire mora tnan SO per cent of. alien, It
could with equal Justice forbid him to
hire 1 per cent, or aven an individual
Thla struck at tha vitals of the act.
which onlored that any employer with a
payroll of five or more names must see
that at least SO per cent of those names
were of duly qualified electors. Greet
Britain and itaiy prottutteti to i!,e L-tiU
department that the conditions ot em
ployment violated the treaty ; rights of
their cltlsens.
. WASHINGTON,-Jsn. 7.-News that the
Arlxona antl-allen employment bill had
been declared unconstitutional and void
by a federal district court at an Fran
cisco was received with deep Interest
amotig dirlomatlsts here today, especi
ally at the British, Italian and Japaneae
Car of Durum Wheat
Sold for Nearly Two
Dollars a Bushel
CHICAGO. Jan. 7.-Two dollars a bushel
for wheat the dream thUt only enthusi
asts' ever expected to com true, was
within H cent of being a reality today
on one grade of wheat. If the cost, of
delivery to Europe might be counted a
part of the price. A carload ot durum
wheat waa aold to go to Italy on a besla
that figured delivered at destination
ilOVfc a bushel.
Such a price breaka all record for
Durum wheat Tha supply of that va
riety in the United State la aald to be
virtually exhausted for thla season.
Rapid upturns were witnessed In the
speculative market. Newa that France
and Italy had purchased 1.600,000 bushels
or more todsy at tha seaboard made
the prices of option here leap higher
than at' any time aince tha beginning of
the European war and reach levels that
before had not been equalled sine the
celebrsted attempt at a worldwide
squeese by Joseph Lclter.
May wheat, the chief speculative de
Ihcry. went to Sl.ttH. as against $1.36
at the finish last night Among tho pur
chasers of the May option was the Rock-
eleller Foundation, which wanted to make
sure of charity supp.les for Belgium and
had been unable to get aatisfactory terms
or. wheat for spot cash.
Three Killed by
Storm in Florida
JACKSONVILLE. Ft,., J,n. T. -Three
persons were known to be desd; several
(there were bsdly Injured, and property
damage aggregating many thousands of
dollars waa reported early today aa the
result of a violent windstorm which,
swept northern Florida and southern
Oeorgia lat nlKht. Wire communica
tion Into the affected territory was sus
pended until after mlunlfcht anj only
meager dcUila havt been received.
The greatest damagt. arparenll), was
in Oeorg'a, and all tho fatalities reported
were in that state. R.aldencei, farni'
buildings, trees, fences snd telegraph
poles were blown down, and in aome
places trees were uprooted. Falling tim
bers injured live stock on many I arm.
Report were that much damage waa
done along the Florida eaat coaat. but
Its extent haa not yet been determined.
asswaajsssis.rsaiisiiiiiajeiiasaw':ieiajs'ti ,. sawn sm n sunjgnlsnimiiiiitamiiii.i isii m .wiiji si mmm w ' umm mw mm , mimmmmwm
v.m-. Zl JJ(o) Yi.v.r.t-
' v 'Ml) h. ( . - .'-I'f-' ' '
J "
Charity Campaign
by Business Men
Nets Over $2,100
Over S2.ini) In cash and several hundred
dollars additional In pledges haa already
been raised by the three groupa of promi
nent business men In their campaign Jto
meet the year's budget of the Associated
Chnrltk-a. .
Thla was stated yesterday by Charles F.
lunod, chairman of the finance commit
tee, after tha soliciting committees had
met for luncheon at the University club
and had made their reports for the first
day and a half.
"We are finding a ready response ev
erywhere," he declared. "The campaign
is coming along nicely, and wa expeet
to raise the necessary total of $10,009
Young Churchmen
Organize New Club
A Toting Men s i-iub has been organized
at the Ht. John's Episcopal church, Twenty-fifth
and IJrowne streets, by the young!
men of 'the congregation. A basket bail
team has aleo been picked, and It will
be openijor games to be played In tha
basement of the church. Leslie Noel,
Webster or Kobert Carruthars, Web
ster 19 will accept challenges from
team weighing around 136 pounds.
The officers of the new club are: Presi
dent, Ix-slle Noel; vce president, Robert
'arruthers; secretary, Berlins Schultiej
treasurer, Jax Cameron; aergeant-at-arm.
llarley Davis.
Old-Time Cold
Oct a small package of Hamburg; Breast
j Ten, or as the German folks call It
Hamburger Brust Thee," at any phar
macy. Tttke a tablespoonful of tha tea,
put a cup of boiling water upon It, pour
through a sieve and drink a teacup full
at any time. It is tha moat effective way
Id break a cold and cure grip, as It opens
the pores, relieving congestion. Also
loosens the bowels, thus breaking a cold
at once. .
It is inexpensive and entirely vegetable,
therefore hyTplee. Advertisement
makes itching
eczema vanish
f There Is immediate relief for tttns
hching, burning and disfigured by ec
lema, r'mgworm, or similar tormenting
skin disease, In a warm bath with Resinol
Soap, and a simple application of Resinol
, Ointment. The soothing, healing Res
inol balsams sink right into the ski, stop
itching instantly, and soon clear away
all trace of eruption, even in severe and
stubborn cases where other treatments
have had no effect.
Rtalnol Ointment sad Retlmol Sose ar oM by all
arvsrwts. Avoid wotibIm iautsueo,
The ORRINE treatment for the Drink
Habit can be used with absolute confi
dence. It .destroy ell deatre for whiskey,
beer or other alcohollo stimulant. Thous
ands have euoueaefully used it and have
been restored to lives of sobriety and use
fulness. Can be given secretly. Costa
only 11.00 per box. If you fall to get re
sults from ORRINE after a trial, your
money will be refunded. Ask for free
booklet telling all about ORRINE.
Sherman ft McConnell Drug Co.. 10th
and Dodge cits.; Owl .Drug Co., 16th and
Harney Hts., Omaha, tleo. B. Davla,
Council Bluffa, lows.
Woman's Hcallh
and spirits depend upon her digestion
and circulation. Sallow skin, pimples,
facial blemishes and depression die-'
appear after the) system haa been
cleansed and tha blood purified by
tfewt- a! SsecU Yak la Wcbm wa bWs las.
frae iMnrwkar. U asaa. ate, Sc
Krs. VinsIow's Scothlng STcp
mVI3)ll H FT
Wonderful Savings in Our January
Ladle,' Kid Glove,
Emil I'errin's Kid Gloves
Regular $1.60 valups, black
and whlta or tan. all perfect
and fitted to the hand, sale
pnea Friday
Wonderful Bareain Opportunities Here
January Clearance of Silks and
SILKS Worth up to 75c
to close, yard 18
. Over 2,000 yards in remnants of 1V2 to
10 yards -Messalines, Taffetas, Silk Pop
lins, Pongees, Jap Silks, Wash Silks, etc.
plain and fancies.
$1.00 Dress Silks at 48c a Yard
27 and 36-in. Dress Bilks, Including- plain and
fancy Messalines. Poplins, Taffetas, Novelty Suit
ings. Striped Tourist Silks. Pongees, etc., up to
$1.00 yard values, Friday, yard 48
$1.25 Silk Poplins at 78c a Yard
All the odd pieces of 40-in. Silk Poplins, good
line of colors, regular $1.25 Quality, yard 78
$1.00 Black Dress Silks at 55c a Yard
Yard wide Black Messaline and Chiffon Taffetas,
just 10 pieces.
81-inch Fruit of the Loom
Bleached Sheeting 2 V2 to
2 yd. lengths ; in . QQn
Domestic Room,' yd., t Oil
Child' n's Kid Gloves
Lined, to 75c values, in bear
skin, gauntlet, top and mitts
with fur tops, an immense lot.
all at one price
choice ,
Underwear and
Ladles' heavy fleeced Under
wear, vesta or pants, 50c val
ue, at ,
Men's Handkerchiefs, Turkey
Red, Indigo Blue and plain
.white, regular 10c values, at,
tor 25
Misses' and Boys' heavy fleeced
Union Suits all sizes 2 to 16
years, 60c values. at..-35
Ladies' heavy fleeced Union
Suits, all sizes, $l values
at 694
Men's heavy fleece Under
wear, shirts or drawers, 50c
values, at 25
LaVrlea' Outing Flannel Gowns,
worth to tl.60, at Sao, sso
Men's Blue - Chambray Work
Bhirta. all slses 14 to 17, 60o
valuea, at Met 8 for fi
Ladles' Heavy Cotton Ribbed Un
ion Suits, all hlzea, 60o values,
at 35o
Children's Wool Mittens and
Gloves, 25c values, at lOe
Bleached Muslins, the good
wide standards in 7 to 10
yd. lengths; in the rl
Domestic Boom, yd. . . 0U
The Veiled
take illustration; is a new innovation! in millinery styles
for jmmediate wear a small and very becoming Turban of silk
or satin. Very cleverly trimmed with : fruit, flowers or gros
grain ribbon Streamers; come in black, regimental blue, old
rose, cerise, putty, brown, purple, plum, 'dove green, red and
white. Some of the veils edged with satin,' silk or velvet.
Trimmed $4.98 Up. Untrimmed $1.98Up. Veils 98c Up.
12 Vc Pillow Oases Size
42x45-in. hemmed ; on sale
Friday in Domes- ,fl'n
tic Boom
January Linen Sale Bargains
You'll Not Find Surpassed in Any Store in the Land
Pattern Cloths, size 8x1 0, $4.00
values, each $2.00
Pattern Cloths, size 8x10 and ax
il, $6.00 values, each, 84.00
Pattern Cloths, full size, $7.50
values, each 84.05
Bleached Satin Damask, 39c val
ues, yard 23i
Bleached Satin Damask, 75c val
ues, yard 50
Bleached Satin Damask, $1.50
quality, yard 81.00
Bleached Satin Damaex. $1.98
quality, yard 81.50
Drug Wants
for Friday
lie Fro tills, for chapped hands. IS
60o Pompetan Maaeaa Cream . . 80
iOc Java ltic reader SSe
tl.SS Oriental Cream Sao
lie Oravsa' Tooth Powder ....las
lie jr Muaterol ....le
tic bottle Bay Rum X0
tSc bottle Wblte pine Cousa
Byrup IS
11 Hav's Hair Health .....eo
tl Hal HPtlca ...... ........ See
60c Mentholaturn SSe
He Bloan'a LJnlment ....IS
1 pint double strength household
Ammonia lOe
I -4 -lb. Rochalle Bait lOo
aponsea for bsth and rlranln. aj-
aurlinent worth up to lie. specUI.
t ....10e
1-lb. pk(. 10 Mule Tram Borax Se
c Anunonla Powder, t Pkaa. ..Se
lc Jsp Rose Hoan aa
a yard: Friday.
50 pieces of All
91-in. Wamsutta Bleached
Sheeting. GOc yd. value; in
2 yd. lengths; in . QQft
Domestic Boom, yd..uyj
. -
Marvelous Values in Women's Ready-to-Wear
Apparel Friday in Domestic koom
Ail the
at. . .
caie, ,
$1.25 Percale Wrappers . . 89(f)
On ting Flannel Pettiooata, . with
12-ln. flounce, a 5c values,
choice ......... 15
38-inch Underwear Nain
sooks, half bleached finish
on sale Friday in. rn
Domestic Boom, yd.. . .QJ
lipperary Hat
59c Hemmed BjBd Sheets
Bleached, 72x90-inch size,
slightly soiled ; Do- Q n
mestic Boom, Friday Q g(j
Dinner Napkins, slightly mussed,
worth $6 a doien; for 81.50
Dinner Napkins, slightly mussed.
worth $4 a doien. 6 for 81.00
Bath and Huck Towels, sold up
t to 8c , each .25e
Bath and Uuck Towels, sold np
to $5c, each..
Bath and Huck Towels, sold up
to 1 7c, each , , JO
All our high grade Bed Spreads,
sold up to $2.00, each, jjj5
All our High grade Bed Spreads.
sold up to $6 each. . , .$3.50
Hayden's Make the Prices for the People
, aomblasAioas te hold ap prtoea. Our mtm Is to save tha co
F.IrT " ?? M-.aoet of ilvia. QaaJUy ,ood" "00 motto
;S ,'r- i1 a'anulated aar . .l.o
10 lbs. beet white or yeUow oomnioAl
at 1
T lbs. rolled white breakfaet ' oet
nwl ajo
T lba. bulk laundry starch 8e
It bars JVhlt Kusslsn, Beat 'Bra All.
Lenox, Diamond C or Laundry
Queen Laundry Soap See
4 lba. beat hand picked navy beana
at tag
4S-lb. sacks beat bifh (Trade Diamond
H flour tl.60
The beat domeatle macaroni, verrat
cilli or apashKttl. pk tVo
I- lb. cans bnluer's tomato soup ..te
Gallon cans Uoldvn table syrup Sae
Ju-s- jars pur strained honey ..ts
II- oa. jara pure fruit preserves ..Sae
1-lb. cans fancy aweet auaax corn.
wax. areen, striae or llma beana.
per can TVke
-lb. cans pumpkin, noauay, eauar
kraut or bakftd baans
-lb. cans solid pauked
for .....Sl-ao
California I Crown Muscatel railns.
California aeadlcaa raisins, lb. llM
t'ulifurma prunes. Pr lb Tike
California Moor Park apricots, lb.,
at lti.o
Panry cleaned currants,' lb. . . ISVae
Clearance Friday
Ladie$ Kid Clovms
Values up to $2.50. all the
soiled gloves from our big
holiday trade, both long and
short, about 60 doien In the
lot, on aale, AQ n
choice " 1
Fridav in Oar
Wool Dress Goods
500 Wool Dress Goods Remnants Up to
$1.50 a yard values, in skirt, dress and
snit lengths, broad assortment of most
wanted weaves and colorings for selec
tion; on sale, yard. ...... . .25 and 48.
59c Diagonal Suitings at 38c a Yard
Wool Diagonal Saltings, In every "I
new color, full 36-ln. wide, on sale, yard 38
$1.50 Novelty Suitings 68c a Yard
15 pieces of 66-ln. Wool Novelties, In Navy. Tan,
Black, etc., a great snap for Friday shoppers.
Plain and Novelty Fabrics Up to to $2.50
a yard values, at 98
All Wool, 64-in. Dress and Suiting Fabrics, most
wanted weaves- and colorings. .
90-in. Rochdale Bleached
Sheeting From the bolt;
on sale Friday in lfn
Domestic Boom, yd. . . Qu
Tailored Suits that sold at
to $17.50: in three lots
.$5.00, $3.98 and $2.98
Dresses, made to sell at $7.50 and $10.00,
": 82.08
Mescalines. 811k Fopllns, Crepes, Serges,
good assortment of late styles and host
colors. i ,
Winter Coats, worth $3.00, at . .81.08
Winter Coats, worth $7.60 and $l0.aS,
at ; . . .53 jjg
An 912.50 to $17.50 Winter Coats,' in
cluding ' Plushes, Caraenles, 'Arabian
Lamb and Pomeries, en sale Friday, at
" lrtc SG.05
Dress Skirts, made to sell at $5 to $6.50,
An Immense assortment for yonr selection.
All the Children's Coats, to 7JSO values,
t ..82.03
To $4.80 valoM, at 81.98
Odd lots of Children's Winter CoaU. that
sold to $3.98T"choIce .81.00
Dress Skirt, made to sell to $i. ,1 98
Women's Flannelette Kimonos;, regular
50c and 76c values, heavy quality, choice
at . ... ...... .35
50o Bnniralow Aprons, gingham " or per-
pretuiy trimmed, at . . .... 29
Kimonos that sold at $1.25 .to
$1.98, Flannelettes, Crepes and
haUles, aome slightly soiled,
choice ...... ...60c
33-inch Cambric Special
weight for underwear
regular 9c quality," in Plft
Domestic Boom, yd. . . gj
Remnants Wash Fabrics
of all descriptions; several
large tables on sale In Domestic
Room Friday 1-8 to 1-2 Regu
lar Prices. .
January Clearance Items
Drapery Dept. nH
Remnants of Draperies, that
sold to 60c yard, all klndt
and colors, on sale, p
yard DC
Odd. Novelty Curtains, to $2.50
pair values, slightly soiled or
Imperfect, 1 fi
each llvC
17 He Plain Scrims, with
dainty colored 1 O 1
borders, yard .... lasC
Cable Net Curtains, regular
..$1.60 pair values, ecru or
white. 3 yards long. f o
pair VOC
oaf-slow Sfeta, that aeld to Ion
yd one -bis table, on sale, st,
yard goo
lOe Stripe Drapery Muslin, ' 8 .
in wide, one bis lot tYlrtay, at.
yard a.
The best condensed mince meat.
packace a 1.3-
yjcy California oooklna tin . h .
. . . l w Wlink ID. , , . BOO
llershey breakfaat cocoa, lb. . !so
The best tea atrtinsa, lb. He
MacLaran'a peanut butter, lb. . ltd,
xux' P . 34o
Fancy country creamery butter. 1W .
f ki'?t,ai,',,'bu"'' ib- : '
The best No. 1 etoraaa eirirs. rfea S5c
The best fresh ecas. dusen See
Full cream white, yellow or Youna
. Amenra rneese. per lb jrv,
Tu TsoaTaai,sj acaaasT rom
ni wsoruM or omajia
II lba beet Red River Larly Ohio
potatoee for SO
II lba. fancy oooklna appls"to the
peck for , gsJ
Demand your weta-ht; the law re-
enlree It. v.
Hubbard squash, per lb. to
Old beets, carrots, turnips or p r.
snips, per lb ao
Kanry Holland seed rabbac. vr
pound me
Fresh beets, carrots, turnlns. radish"
or shallots, bunch ,...c
larae eoup bunt-he 13e