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    r Omaha Da
Airsrtlsing Is tha Lira cf Traia
91 reran r Tfce See e ye-er
fiam. yens nmxuwfi esasera,
Fee yeeadbi wntmiti
VOL. XLIV NO. 175.
O Train nd at
T.otl "ws Btanda,
, , , 4"V '
Fair ' a i.
Democrats Executiye of Nebraska
Makes Becommendatiort m to
Conduct of State'i Business
During Biennium.
Joint Session Held to Witneis In
uguration and listen to Ad
rice from State Leader.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb.,' Jan. 7. Special Tele
gram.) New officer of the tat were
Inaugurated today at 1 o'clock before a
joint of ox ton of the two housed and Gov
ernor Morehead delivered his Inaugural
address.' The officers were sworn by the
chief Justice, Conrad Hollenbeck. who was
sworn In last night and sat for the first
lime In tho court session this morning.
The state officers, wltli Governor More
head, were also sWorw In as follows:
' Mew State Officers.
Governor John H.. Morehead, Lieu
tenant Governor James Pearson, Secre
tary of Mate Charles W. Pflol. Auditor
William It. Smith. Treasures George E.
IJall. Superintendent A. O. Thotnaa, At
torney Genera! Willi B( Reed, Land
Comnilralonerr Fred Beckman. Railway
Commissioner Thomas L. Hall.
' The house was well filled and the gal
lflies crowded when Lieutenant Governor
McKelvi stepped to the chair and called
the Joint sci-'Blon together, the last act of
the outgoli.y lieutenant governor. It
.took Govtu .v.irrhead about an hour
to read ilia i... stage, which was listened
to attentively. Many of hie recom
mendations seemed to meet with hearty
approval by the legislators. .
Adjourns Till Monday.
Members who had not far to go began
leaving this . evening for their homes.
Both house have agreed on adjournment
until 3 o'clock Monday.
Curing- the Intermission the members
of the committee on committees and the
committee on employes are expected to
endeavor to reach an agreement for sub
mission when the two houses meet on
Monday. '
Members of the committees, however,
say that vital differences will have to be
German Official
i Denies Arrest of
Cardinal Mercier
LONDON. Jgn. ,7. The German mili
tary government of Belgium has Issued
an official denial of the report that Car-
dlnal . Mercier, the Belgian member of
the sacred college.' beea arrested Dy
the German authorities. ...... v .
Money for Paving,
! ; ; thirtieth to Come
: (From a Staff "correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, Jan. 7. (Special Tele
gram.) Representative Lobeck, after a
conference . with Chairman Hay of the
military committee of the house, said to
day that the chairman would agree to
an amendment proposed by Mr. Lobeck
appropriating 16,000 to be need for-the
paving of Thirtieth street, leading to
rort Omaha. 'This amount to taken from
a flat appropriation of 1600,000 for the
use of the War department in looking
after Just such cases as the paving of
Thirtieth street, and will not Increase the
total carried by the bill one' cent. It
alms only to fix an amount for a given
project. ...
ChicagoBakers May
Raise Bread Price
CHICAGO. Jsn. T.-Bakers are eon
siderlng raising the price of bread to
cents' loaf, an increase of 1 tent, it be-
- canv known today, as the result of the
advance In wheat and flour. Wholesale
Ttour is quoted at K.50 to ".) a barrel,
an advance of 60 cents during the last
three weeks;
Several leading bakers said that either
the prices would be advanced or the size
of the loaf would be decreased. '
The Weather
Korecast till 7 p. m.' Fridsy:
For Omaha, Council' Bluffs ai)d Vicinity
Kair; no Important change In tempera
1 rjapera tar sit.
' Otnaba Yesterday
6 a. m.
a- m.
T a. m.
a. m.
.... S3
.... 21
- a. m... xl '
10 a. m S4 '
11 a. m 5
13 m 27
1 p. m 2H
t px m ZT
3 p. m 34
4 p. m 23
6 p. m 21
p. m 23
7 p. m 2t
. . . - S p. m .Si
taBrattv Laical Qrrsrd.
1U U)M I91t 1913
Highest yesterday : M t 1
lowest yesterday 21 iU 00 IS
Man temperature ..... 24 42 . 4 S
I'iclpiU.lton ,' 00 .00 ,ti T
Tsnineratur and precipitation depar
t .ics lfuin the normal.
.Nermal temimrsture
i:xrt for the day
Total excess since March 1.
Normal precipitation
rjefliieney for the day
Tut..! rainfall since March 1
Jcll-Iicy sine March l"
. . Inch
. . Inch
.53 W Inohes
3 37 Inches
Ieftrtency for cor. period U1S. iii Inches
Ieflciency for eor. period lu. IU Inches
Leswta freiaa Statlaae at T P. If.
Station and State Temp. Higtv- Rain
. ,of WsMther. 7 p. tu. est. fail.
neyanne, ciear n - jj as
Ivenport, cloudy 29 JO
i Waver, clear 22 JS
)-a VIolnea, cloudy .... 21 M '
Omaha, cloudy , 22 gs
llnput City. Hear u :
Moux City, snow Tii m
Valentine, clear .... is 28
HKKi'iitea bxlow aero. .
T liMlictiles trace of re ipilatlon.
L. A. WELSH. Local Forecaster.
What Governor Morehead
Recommends in a Nutshell
Counties instead of atate to pay for
conveying prisoners and return of
iugmvrs. . v , vov,
Rigid ins I V'J:,- V, a -
dealing In habit-forming drugs.
Consolidation of all state live
stock departments.
A bacteriological laboratory forth
State Board of Health.
No appropriations "except where
absolute necessity exists."
Consolidated blue book In place of
separata department reports.
' Vlf. v
A state printing plant conducted by
convict labor. .
More power to banking board, In
cluding discretion to deny bank
charters. "
V - - ' IX.
Four-year terms for state officers
and no re-election. .
X. .
Preliminary nomination by party
committees for candidates seeking
primary nominations.
XI.. .
A- supreme court commission.
Election of .supreme court judges
by districts.
Intermediate dourts of appeal.
State road building by convict
labor. - '
Game and fish laws to conform
Will Hold Convention in Omaha
Next Year Providing Auditorium
is Available for. Exhibiting.
The Midwest Implement Dealers' s-
aoclation will come back to Omaha for
the UK meeting, providing the Audi
torium ia till available for the purpose,
January II to a, 1318, which Is the date
eet far- le nest meeting. ' This was de
cided at't the meeting of the executive
beard of the association In the afternoon
of the last day's session. . They want a
suitable place to 'meet and also to hold
their big Implement show and feel that
the Auditorium is the only readily avail
able place for such a show In Omaha.
James Wallace of Council Bluffs was
re-elected secretary of the association at
the meeting of the executive oard In the
afternoon. .
The Implements on exhibit at the show
will be removed some time Friday.
Officers Are Elected.
Bd Lehmkuhl of Wahoo was re-elected
president, J.. B. Morrissey of Shenan
doah, la., was made vice president and
C. A. Wagner of Omaha was re-elected
treasurer. i
Oscar . Rystrem of Stromsburg and E.
E. Morse of Turin, Ia.,were elected
members of the board of directors. To
the directors It la left to choose a secre
tary for the ensuing year.
In order that the legislatures of Ne
braska and Iowa might be made familiar
with the Mid. West association and what
it stands for, K was decided copies of
the resolutions should te sent to all mem
bers of the legislatures of .the two states, J
although nothing definite waa asked for
In the way .of. state legislation.
t'rare Brew Federal L.btt.
The association endorsed the work of
cost education now being carried on; en
dorsed the I,uiebaugh bill, which seeks
to Impose a tax on interstate mail-order
business, and . decided to urge the 'sen
ators and representatives of Iowa and
Nebraska In congress to support the
measure. . Tbey taafflrmed their former
stand In favor of the ultimata standardi
sation of Implements, as they believe It
would . reduce the cost to the producer
and therefore reduce he cost of the
product, which ' would be of benefit to
the' manufacturer, dealer and consumer.
Tbey recommended to ail Implement men
that they become - members of the asso
clatiot) and their local clubs.
They recommended that all dealers as
far as - possible - make their purchases
from such manufacturers only as recog
nise the local dealer as the logical and
most economic dealer.
They recommended also to the dealers
the advisability of taking either cash or
cote settlement at tne time of delivery.
T. F. Sturgess, editor of the Twentieth
Century Farmer, was called upon for
discussion of some of the topics, and
urged a cash basis for business as far as
possible aa the soundest economic prin
ciple. He also explained the ' Buy It
Now" campaign which is being taken up
by some thirty farm papers In the coun
try and most of the leading dailies, seek
ing to put money Into circulation and re
vive business by urging persons to buy at
once what they are sure they miict buy
within a few months. The implement
men applauded the Idea.
HAVANA. Jan. T. The heavy, unsea
sonable rants of the last week, which
culminated In a torrential downpour last
Yilght, completed the destruction of the
tobacco crop In almost ail sections of the
Island. The sugar cane also was Injured
Seriously. In many location, It is yield
ing esily about half the nprmal propor
tion of saccharine. Many sugar mills
have suspended grinding.
I it . r
J 'v v
f i
with federal legislation.
AH school officers nominated and
elected on a nonpartisan ballot
A public warehouse law.
Enactment of appropriation bills
durlag first forty days of session.
Federal aid to state for water
rower survey and development.
No extra pay for legislative em
ployes on per dium wages.
(Condensed text of Governor More
head's message on Page Two.)
Marquis Announces Battleship De
stroyed by Two Torpedoes
. from Submarine,
LONDON, Jan. 7. The Marquis of
Crewe, announced In the House of Lords
today, that it was the definite opinion of
the British admiralty that the battleship
Formidable had been stink by two tor
pedoes discharged 'ty la sUbmarTh;" '
, The carl of Selbourne, former first lord
of the admiralty, in an address In the
House Of Lords,shad described the dispatch
of Sir Christopher Craddock's squad
ronto the Pacific as a blunder, as the
squadron, he said, was wholly inadequate
for the task assigned to it to destroy the
German warships there. Ho then asked
for more Information concerning the loss
of the battleships Formidable and Bul
wark and data about other naval opera
tions. .
, Can't Add Aatrtblas;.
The Marquis of Crewe said he could not
add anything to what Winston Bpencer
Churchill, first lord of the admiralty, had
said In the House of Commons. Before
adjournment, however, the marquis said
that In the opinion of the admlrafty the
Formidable had been struck by two tor-
pedoea-lred by a submarine. He added
that the captain of . the Formidable had
sent signals to the other ships not tb
stand by, which was taken to mean that
submarines were in the vicinity and that
(Continued on Page Two, Column Four.)
Live Stock Men to ,
Meet Next at 'Frisco
DENVER, Jan. .7 The eighteenth an
riual convention of the American Na
tional Live Stock association will meet
at Ban Francisco .March 24 and continue
three days, according to the official call
Issued today by Secretary t W. Tom
llnson. Officials of the Pan m a- Par If lc ex
position have designated March 26 . as
American National Llvo Stock associa
tion day.
Pillage, Rapine, Arson, Murder,
French Charges Against Foes
PARIS. Jan. .7. The eommlasion. sp-j
pointed on September 23 to Inquire Into
accusations that German officers had
acted "savagely and Inhumanly" against
French civilians and soldiers says in Its
report, made public today by the French
"We must conclude . that there never
ha beea a war. between civilised nation
of so aavage and ferocious a character
aa that waged upon our soli by our lrq
platfabln adversary. Pillage, ravishing,
burning, murder are ordinary practice
of' our enemies, and facts collected In
many cases prove that the German claim
that the killing of civilians was due to
firing of the population are unfounded.
"We ' found proof of - the existence in
the German army not only of a sys
tematic plan for burning villages, but
the possession of elaborate material for
this purpose. Including torches,' gren
ades, fuses, oil sprayers, sticks of in
flammable matter and sacks of tablet
composed of very inflammable eom
pressed powder."
The commission afflms that it was
distinguished carefully between fires
caused by bombardments and those said
to hare been net by hand when no fight
ing was In progress. It 1 stated that
the object was to intimidate the popula
tion, thus Spresdlng terror anJ panlo
ahead of the Invaders.
Alien Measure Sent to Conference
Minus Provision Waiving
ABC Rule in Refugee'
Lfttter Amendment it Overwhelm
ingrly Rejected by 252 to
75 Vote.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 7.-The Immigra
tion bill prescribes a test of literacy for
aliens coming Into this country was sent
to a conference committee of the house
and senate today by the houee after a
vigorous debate over the smendmente
written Into the measure by the senate.
Before sending the hill to conference,
the house registered Its disagreement to
the senate amendtrntw excluding "mem
bers of the African or black race," and
exempting from the literacy test and the.
contract Immigration provision of tls
law, Belirtan agriculture! Immigrant com
ing to this country because of conditions
caused by the European war.
Cease !( Debate.
Both of these amendments caused pro
tracted discussion, which kept the house
busy throughout the day's session. The,
negro exclusion amendment was
Kit to 76, and the Pelglan exemption with
out a division. Representative Cullop of
! Indiana sought pnsuccessfully to broaden
the exception' In order to admit not only
farmers but Industrial workers from Bel
gium, and Representative Gallagher of
Illinois proposed to extend the exemption
to farmers from Poland.,
The bouse concurred In one amendment,
that to exclude alt persona of "constitu
tional psychopathic inferiority, an per
sons with chronic alcoholism."
Sentiment 4aalat Test.
Much of the debate was against the
literacy test provision, dasplto the fact
that this already had been agreed upon
by both houses. Representative Oalllvan
of Massachusetts made an effmt to se
cure another vote on the proposition, but
was ruled out of order.
Wilson Leaves for .
Hoosier Capital to
Make Speech Tonight
WASHINGTON, Jan. 7. President Wil
son left at 7 o'clock tonight for Indian
apolla, where he will apeak tomorrow at
a Jackson day celebration under the aus
pices of the Indiana Democratic club.
He will be Introduced, by Governor Ral
ston of Indiana, and his speoch will be
entirely, of $r pollttoei reaaraetea, . - '
On reaching Indianapolis at l:4t o'clock
tomorrow afternoon, the president will go
Immediately to the home of Senator Kern
for a brief rest At 3 o'clock he will
make his address) In Tomllnson hall and
later will attend a reception In the In
diana Democ ratio club and take an au
tomobile ride. He will start ' back to
Washington at f:45 o'clock tomorrow
Accompanying the president In hts pri
vate oar are Secretary Tumulty, Dr.
Grayson ' and several members of the
White House staff. ' ,
Greeks Observe
' Orthodox Yuletide
"Chrlstyuna," the Christmas of the
Greek orthodox church, was observed in
Omaha yesterday at the HU John'a Greek
Catholic church, Sixteenth and Martha
streets. Special services were held, at
which the pastor, Rev. Gust Harvalln.
presided. There was a Christmas tree
for the youngsters and a program Was
given after the regular church ceremony.
The Grefek nollday always comes thirteen
days after the Christian festival.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 7. Secretary
Bryan received word from the British
ambassador today -that, arrangements
were being completed for the shipment
without molestation of naval stores from
the United States to the Netherlands and
Attacks of women and slri were so
frequent that the number of cases es
tablished was only a small part of those
which might Save been investigated,"
the commission say. "The vlotlma of!
these odious acta generally refused to
testify because It would compromise
their future."
The cabinet has been withholding the
report of the commission because It Is
said it did not desire further to excite
public feeling. It 'was only upon the
demand of Georges elemenceau, the for
mer prenpler, and other that the cabi
net decided to make public the report.
The conclusions of the commission form
about twenty newspaper columns. They
review In detail Instances which, the
commission says, were established under
oath from witnesses examined under the
usual form of Judicial procedure.
The commission supplies with . great
detail the testimony on which It con
clusion are based. These deposition wilt
be published later as a government doc
me, members of the commission are
Georges Payelle, president of the court
6f accounts, chairman; Kdmond Paillot.
councillor of the court of cassation; Ar
mand Mollard, ons of the minister at
tached to the Foreign office, and G.
Marrlnger, councillor of state.
Bukowinai, compelled by the operations of the armies on
the eastern border of the war to find new homes.
Berlin War Office Says Further Ad
tancei Have Been Made in the
- Fomt of Arponne. .
BKRL1N, Jan. 7-(By Wireless to Lon
don) The German official communica
tion ' on ; the progTCM of tits war given
out In Berlin tills afternoon reports that'
further advances have been marie by the
Germans In. the western part of the for
est of Argonne, ' and that desperate
fighting' la going on to the north 'of Ar
ras. ' Frenoh attacks in the eastern por
tion of the Argonne . forest and to the
west, of Sennheim (Cernay). In Alpaca,
the statement says, were repulsed. .
In their operations against the Russians
the Germans claim to. be making prog
ress In spite, of the unfavorable weather
conditions. The statement says: ,
Activity la Ike, West. . .
"In the western arena of the war the
English and French continue to-destroy
Belgian and French villages behind our
front; this they do. by bombardment. 1 -
"North of Arras severe fighting la still
going on for the possession of trenches
we took by storm yesterday. .. . ,
"In the western part of the forest of
Argonne we made further progress. The
attacks which we're delivered -January.!
In the eastern part ' of the Argonne,' not
far from Court e Chaussee, advanoed as
far aa our trenches,; but. the .enemy, was
driven back fronvour positions all along
the tine, with heavy, losses. Our casual
ties were comparatively slight.. r 1 '
"To the west of Bennhelm (Cerny) the
French again attempted last night, to
obtain possession of the - height called
Mill 456.' Their, attack broke down tin
der our, fire and the height remained Iq
our possession. . '
"In the eastern arena of the war there
have been no changes. , The continuation
of our operation . has been afteuted by
the most unfavorable weather, conditions.
Nevertheless our attacks are progressing
slowly." . . , i
Railroad Has Killed. .
' NORFOLK, Neb., Jsn. 7. (Special Tel
egram.) Charles Lyons, sgsd 21,' night
car checker of the .Northwestern irall
road, died today from the effects of being
run ever at midnight last' night. The
cause of the accident la a mystery.
The National . Capital
Thsjrsdayi Jasssry ' T, ' 1 l 8.
The Seaate. , ,
Slet at U a. m. , .
iK- lh .n,im hut .ri hum .
take testimony on tne military-Import
ance or tne isisnas.
1 he Treasury department order sus-
Ipendlng publication of manifests of ves
sels for thirty days was debated.
Hearings on the mineral land leasing
bill were begun before the lands com
mittee. '
began debate on government ship pur
chase bill.
Took up District of Columbia appropri
ation bill. . . -
Considered nominations In executive ses
sion. Adjourned at 3:34 p. m. to noon Friday.
. The lloaae.
Met at noon.
The senate's amendments to the immi
gration bill were discussed.
Rejected African exclusion and Belgian
exemption amendments to the immigra
tion bill and sent measure to oonferonoa.
Adjourned at 4.66 p. m. to U a. m.
Tll'K Motorist's decurlty Alliance of
fers lllerl contracts to producer.
Kvery car owner a roapct. No com
petition. Agent aanted for Omah:i
aud svry Nebraska town.
Tor farther information about
tbl opportunity. tke Want '
Ad section of today's Bee.
' V, '--V
ft- if)
toe- r , - -
1 1 V
: .
. J i ' .. r .;
).- j. ,
1 o
- i
The Day's
War News
Tbe French war olfice asserts
that the eastern end .of the Ger
man line la being; pushed backward
in varlus pVtoces. In the day's of
ficial statement mention Is made
of an Important advance in the
' Woevra district, resulting In the
.capture of a portion of the Ger;
, man. first line.
In tipper Alsace also fhe forward
. . movement ot the Trench Is said to
hsva continued. ; The German war
office,.. ; however, asserts that
French attacks in Alsace were re
pulsed. ( ' '
. Beyond the German statement
that the advance In Poland Is
being continued slowly; there
were' few details of the eastern
campaign. .
, The German military government
of Belgium . denied officially the
report of the arrest at Brussels ot
'Cardinal Mercier. , ,
. England's reply to Washington's
remonstrance against British In
terferencewlth American shipping
will be altogether conciliatory,
according to. London dispatches,
which says that apparently all dan
ger, of friction between, the two
'. nations has disappeared. - ,
' An official Turkish announce."
. ment ' makes no mention of the
: disastrous defeat Russia states was
Inflicted on the Turkish ' forces
: which invaded the Caucasus. ' The
; repprt .speaks .of minor victories
over the , Russians by . Turkish
' forces .which penetrated northern
Persia, and of an indecisive naval
' battle between Turkish ' and Rus
sian warships in the Black sea.'
Germans .lust Hot
Fraternize wil!i Too
' BERLIN, Jan. , 7.-tVia Lndon.)-Th
Oerman. army, authorities have issued a
general order prohibiting In future troop
in the field from fraternising with forces
ef the enemy, as they did at several points
in the western theater of the war at
- To such an extent was this fraternising
carried out that at one piece where the
Germmis and British played foot ball
Christinas day ' they agreed to suspend
hostilities for two day more.
Dawes Will Erect
'. More Shelter Hotels
.'CHICAGO. 'Jan. 7.-8tlinulated' by tha
success of the Rufus F. Dawes hotel In
Its first year a a shelter for men who
can pay only a nominal sum for bed and
lodging It was announced today that slnv
liar hotels are to be built in other Cities.
The hotel u, erectid by Charles Q
Iawes as a mouument to the memory of
his son. It stands In West Madison
street, a crowded ' district, and In It
first year housed 17S.OC0 men and served
SJ.iiOO meals. The regular hotel charge
for a bed Is cents a night. On its bill
of fare meat hash and beans can be
had for I cento, enffee for 1 eents, soup
and bread for t cents and pie for
Th annual report ahowed that the first
year net loss was only tta.M.
Turkish and German Official Re
ports Make No Mention of Dii- !
aster "Suffered by Army
in Mountain Panes. '
Runia Seemi to Be Concentrating
Its Main Efforts to Oalicia
and Bukowina.
BERLIN, Jan. 7. (By Wireless
to fmyvllle, L. I.) The Turkish offi
cial bulletin received here today re
ports that Ottoman troops have oc
rupled tlrumlah. wheh has been an
important baBal position ot the Run
slans. I'rumlah Is a town or Persian.
Armenia. In Aterbaljan,, with a pop
ulation of from 30,000 to 60.000.
LONDON, Jan. 7; Neither Tur
key nor Germany has conceded th
defeat of Turkish armies In the Cau
cbsus, as claimed officially In Petro
grad. As further details of thla
fighting are received In London, it
would appear that this report 1
Turkish dlwaster has been as com
plete ate that suffered by any forces
since the outbreak of the war. In
spite of this, however, the latest" of
ficial communication from Turkey;
altogether ignores the fighting In the.
Caucasus and dwells upon the strug
gle which has spread over the Pert
elan frontier to Urumlah, an lm-
portant town, where the Turka say
that, aided by Persians, they have
defeated the Russians.
; C.ermasm Na Wearer Warsaw.
' In Poland the Germans apparently are
no nearer Warsaw, and there la little al
teration In the battle front extending
from the Baltic to the Carpathians. The. .
Russians seem to be still concentrating
their' main effbrt in . the Carpathian
passes. At the same ' time they are
continuing a vigorous offensive In Buko
wina. The occupation of this Austrian
territory, populated, as it Is, largely by
RoumAnluhn. 'may soon .exert,' In the
opinion of British observers, a powerful
Influence throughout Europe In bringing
the Balkan situation to a head.
To the western arena of military mcttv
Hies. the allies have Varied -their flank:'
atlaoka, which recently brought them sue
cess In the sand dunos of Flanders and In 1
Alsace,, by intensifying the pressure -from
Rhelm to the Lorraine frontier,'
where some ground has been gained.
The Gormans, meanwhile, have sought'
to repair the damage done) to their wings. '
This ha resulted in the recovery of
some ground for them near Stetnbach, In1
Upper Alsace, but their attacks la Flan
ders were repulsed.
Tarklah Official Restart.'
LONDON, Jan. 7.-An official Turkish
statement received . In. London from Con
stantinople, by, way of Amsterdam, reads
as follows: , .
"Our troche advanced from Bamol and
Bajloni and occupied Ursa. an Important
Russian point ot support
" A .n InJ.At.l... k
After an Indecisive battle Tuesday be-.
tween Russian and Turkish fleets the .
Russlana sank; an Italian merchant ship,,
although it was flying the Italian flag.
"Four thousand Russians have been -completely,,
vanquished near Mlandcab,
losing 200 men killed, while the Turks,'
who were, aided ; by Persians, . lost six
"In fighting near Urumlah, AserbaUan
province,. Perils, two detachment of
Rukaian troop were taken prisoner and
too men were killed. As a result ot the
reverse of Urumlah the Russian morale I
has been broken.
(From a Staff Correspondent.) '
WASHINGTON. Jan. 7.-Speclal Tele-.
gram.) N. P. Fell, business manager of
The Bee,- la In Washington on several
matters In which hi paper la interested.
ile plan to leave for Omaha tomorrow.
Iloenis differ. Some are.
cheery and inviting and
"homey," and others are just.
rooms. J
To find the former ia simply
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