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muty nmfi co Pol. ms,
BTI Boot mm It Now FWon Prss.
Barra-Qream Co Lighting fix
ture. Z.T . Xaakall Moro Lov - lUskill
company and Ucrmui Fir Underwriter
have moved Into their nw location. 2
11 Woodmei f th World building.
"To ay- oplM' aXorVa stomas.
clasalf!d arotlon today, and arpesra is
ThaJB EXCL.USJVKL. rind out .what
' Ui vartcwa moving picture theater offer.
" A Happy aad rroaperona STw Tear la
the very leaat that anyone can wlm you.
but an office in The Bee building, "the
building that ii always new," make
wishes eotne true.
Taa Xawagea Back at Mia Da a. A.
Van Inwegen, atatstlclan, who ha own
Seriously 111, ha o ar recovered that
he la again at hla desk In the general
freight office at Burlington headquar
ter. Wo mid Wot Let Kim We Charlea Mar
tin, colored, living at 1213 Davenport
.street, took poison with aulcldal Intent
because of domestic difficulties but waa
aavad by Dr. J. A. Tamlsea, polk sur
geon. jrw Hntttlng Uons Arrive Hunt
ing license for 1S15 have arm-ed from
Lincoln In the office of County Clerk
Dewey. A large number of local sports--men
have, been awaiting thla news, ac
cording to Mr. Dewey.
' Officer ar -leta At the annual
meeting of the stockholders of the Skin
ner Manufacturing company the old of
ficer and board of directors were re
elected for the ensuing year, a follows:
Paul F. Skinner, president, treasurer and
manager; Robert Gllmore. vice president
and secretary. V
Wearing Chimttiirn' winter term, new
eiaaaea, opens Monday, January 4. Adult
beginners Monday and Thursday. 1p.m.
Aiserabliea Wednesdays, I p. m.J Ladles,
Tuesdays, I p. m. Children, Tuesdays, " p.
m. ; Saturdays, 1:30 p. m. High school, 1:30
- p. in.; Saturdays, 7 p. m. Private lessons
by appointment Up-to-the-mtnut dances
taught. Ust early. Phone D. 18T1.
Jepaa Worse ta War Sea The
Itinerary of tha thirty Japanese Red
Cross people who ar anroute to the war
con of Europe ha been changed, and
Instead of arriving here at midnight Fri
day they ara comlrur on an earlier train
on the) Union Pacific and will reach
Oiiie-ba at 1:30 o'clock that afternoon.
They will remain In Omaha, half an hour
before going east over the Northwestern.
More 'People Seeking for Farm
Than at Any Time Last Yer
Railroader! Expect Rash.
Railroad men who have to do with Im
migration, aaaert that during tha com
ing spring and summer the demand for
farm lands will be the greatest In yeara
and that the high price at which farm
product ar -selling will stimulate real
estate values.
Tha assertion Is based to some extent
upon tha movement of homeseekers
Tuesday, It having been the first day
this year when the rheap rate to those
seeking homea hss been applied. The
movement was greater than upon any
occasion last year.
Out. of Kansas City, according to
George A. McKutt, district passenger
agent for the Katv road, there were
three trains of hoirteseeker destined for
Texas, most of them going Into the Uulf
coast country.
Tha Omaha roads did what they con
sider a surprisingly good business In the
way of handling homeseeker. the Illinois
Central, the Rock. Island and the Mis
souri Pacific each starting a clarload
of land looker toward Florida.
Road running Into the west are receiv
ing many Inquiries ' reluttve to the low-
priced agricultural land along their
lines, and the men In charge of the Im
migration business are looking for a
heavy movement of people from the east
the Ust of-this month and from then
on until spring. At the Burlington lend
department score of letter , ar being
received dally asking for Information
relative to lands In the western part of
Nebraska and in Colorado and Wyom
While the high prices of all kinds of
farm products have stiffened the prices
for farm lands, there has at yet been no
material advance. An advance is looked
for, however, within the next ninety
days, and lands that now ar selling at
from o to ISO per nor are exneotcd to
go up W to 26 per ' cent and perhaps
mora. These lands as a rule are with
out any improvements and ar said to
be well adapted, to general farming and
stock raising. ; ,
Administration Now
Worried by Fight on
Ship Purchase Bill
WASHINGTON, Jan. . Continued bel
ligerency on tha part of republican en
ators toward the government ship pur
chase bill ha begun to worry adminis
tration leaders, who failed to day to get
the measure- before the senate 6 wing to
monopolization of all the time with
speeches and , appropriation affairs.
Inasmuch as but two months remain
In the life of the Sixty-third congress,
and the senate ha not yet passed any of
the big supply bills, the reiterated deter
mination of 'tha minority to fight the
ship bill o the last ditch and to pre
vent Its consideration whenever possible
has aroused the fear that the adminis
trative legislative program is In danger.
Following last night's conference of.
republicans In Senator Galllnger's office.
from which emanated the suggestion that
tha appropriation bills might be endan
gered before many more weeks passed,
Informal conferences of majority mem
ber were held .today .to ..consider meth
od of procedure. It 1 possible that
night sessions may be foroed in the near
future- By compelling the republicans
to be constantly on hand, the- democrats
think there will be an endurance contest
which would force aa agreement to al
low the ship measure to ba voted on.
Control of Sucker ,
State. Legislature
Hangs pn Two Seats
SPRINGFIELD, 111., Jan. "..-Republican
control of both house of the Illinois legis
lature), which convenes hare tomorrow
, for its forty-ninth biennial session, hinges
on tha results of contests for two scats
ii the state senate, Governor Dunne,
democrat, having refused certificates of
election to two members of his own party.
With the assistance of the two pro
gressive members, th democrats have a
majority of eighty to seventy In the lower
house. Th one progressiva In the senate
also 1 expected to align with th repub
lican giving- them a strength of twenty
four against twenty-five democrats. Th
senate, however, will convene with two
' member missing because of the refusal
of Governor Dunne to certify the election
of t democratic member from Chicago.
Ia both cases tha republican candidates
were certified elected by tha county au-
. thorltle. but tha atata canvassing board
rejected the - certification and declared
th democratic candidates returned.- Oov
enor Dunne decided thst the cases should
ba put up to the senate Itself far decision
and recommended a recount of the ballot.
Quiet Dundee Aroused by .
Unique Electrical Di&urbance
TH'JfDFF. Neb. Jan . One of the
most vivid electrical dim-lays witnessed
In this village In many moons tck place
last evening. Accompanying the heavy
rsin sheet aftr sheet of electricity flashl
across the sky. Intermingled with halls
of green electric fire. Although no dam
age was done the villagers were ex
tremely agitated, and many pent a Urge
portion of the early hours of th night
watching. the weird midwinter spectacle
from the windows of their dwelling.
No, dear reader, the staff correspond
ent from fair Dundee has not taken to
strong drink or hasheesh, bit la merely
stating a fact which many of his fellow
villagers, aa well as a number of cltlxens
of Omaha, can well confirm..
Klwtrlclty in gobs, bunches, streaks,
sheets, flashes and otherwise, lighted the
sky for a good many hours. At. first It
waa thought to be. lightning, then when
the ball of green fire became apparent,
several individuals who had read H. G.
Walls' "Daje of the Comet." started pre
dicting tha end of the world.
Remembering that Iur1e J. Qulnhy
had gone to manage tha legislature at
Lincoln, no expert data could be se
cured on the phenomenon, so several
cltlsena went forth Ma the wet to dls.
cover the source of the display.
Th adventurer found that th rain,
coupled with atmospheric conditions,
created the balla of moving fire, wher
the trolley of the street car touched the
wire overhead. The flashes were caused
by tha sputtering connection of th two.
On the West Leavenworth line the cars
experienced some difficulty In progress
ing up tha steep hill from Forty-eighth
street, west. Dundee oars, and many of
the lines In Omaha, met with the Sams'
trouble. Several of th oldest conductor
and motormn In th service atate that
they never before witnessed or experi
enced uch a spectacle In their railway
Dutch Army Still
Held Under Arms
(Cerreapondenc of Th Associated FreM )
THE HAOtK. lo. fc.-Th Dutch
army of over x,X0 men to still under
arm and the borders are guarded a
vigilantly a If a host He foe were ap
proaching. The rare of Belgian refugee
I a part of their duty. This capital I
full of the mor prosperous Belgian who
refuse to stay at home under tha German
flag. Th hotel were never so full at
this season. 8chevenlnga, whlrh had a
disastrous summer set son. Is sow overrun
with troops who ar quartered In th
hotel and kurhaus.
liar Regalsr Bowel Movement.
Tak Dr. King's New Life Tills and
hare a dally y movement of th bow
el. Cur constipation. Only e. All drug
glit.Adrtl semen t.
in i I
Wat Afraid to Hold Him Because
Revolver is Not Loaded Had
No 'Phone to Call Police.
While her husband was at work, Mrs.
Corlnn Allen, iSlO Sherman avenue, cap
tured a burglar, and' at the point of a
gun backed him' out of , the residence.
Kntering, while Mrs. Allen was at th
piano, hi presence was revealed in a lull
of the music when the sound of his foot
steps waa heard on the floor above. Mrs.
Allen secured the weapon from th
drawer of her writing desk and slipped
to the second floor, where she found a
big man in a slouch hat and long black
eoat opening one of the bedroom doors.
Not until she waa on the landing was he
aware of her presence.
"Don't shoot, lady, don't hoot." " lie
pleaded, drawing the hat over hi eyes
and shielding a side of his race with the
"You keep your hands up and get down
those atalra," commanded Mrs. Allen,
keeping the fellow covered with the
Salts Fine For
Aching Kidneys
We eat too much meat, which clog
Kidneys, then Back hull and
. Jlladder bothers yon.
Most folk forget that the kidneys. Ilk
th bowels, get sluggish and clogged and
need a flushing occasionally, els we have
backache and dull misery In the kidney
region, severe headaches, rheumatic
twinges, torpid liver, acid stomach, aleep.
Ueanes and all sorts of bladder dis
orders. Tou simply must keep your kidneys
aotiv Mid clean, and the moment you
iel aa ache or pain la the kidney region,
got about four ounces of Jad Bait from
any good drug at ore bere, take a table
spoonful In a glass of water before break
fast tor a few days and your kidneys
will then act;fine. This famoua salt U
mad from the acid of grape and lemon
Juic, combined with Uthl. and la harm
I to flush clogged kidney and atlm-
uiua tnem to normal activity. It also
neutralise the acid In th urtn o it
n longer irritates, thus ending bladder
Jad Salts is harmless; Inexpensive;
makes a delightful effervescent uthla-
watar drink which everybody tliould take
ow and then to keep their kidney clean.
.thug avoiding serious complications.
A well-known local Urusgltt says he
ells lots of Jad Salts to fulka who be
lle In overcoming kidney trouble while
U I ay treubJ.
Th recital concert given last evening
at the Temple Israel by Mrs. Lena Ells
worth Dale, Mr. Vernon C. Bennett. Mrs.
Louis ZabrKkle and Mr. Slgmund Lands
berg drew forth a fair attendance of
friends' and music lover In spite of th
Inclemency of th weather. Mrs. Dale
assisted by Mr. Bennett and Mr. Lands
berg ha been heard annually for sev
eral seasons, and each year one Is again
Impressed by the seriousness of her
musicianship. 'Her voice, of naturally
beautiful quality, 1 enriched by careful
atudy, and . her singing shows greater
breadth and maturity. .
Mrs. Dale's part of th program waa
made up of songs which require much
from th singer, and demand versatility
by their contrast and variety. She opened
th program with the aria "Farewell Y
Hill'' by Tschaikowskl, a dramatio num
ber o great range and technical, diffi
culty. Her singing of the 8trauss "Sere
nade'' Inviho-aecona group, waa especially
suited to her vbloe and waa very well
done. . Th Truellngsnacht" by - Schu
mann, which closed the German group,
waa so popular with the audience that It
waa repeated. "The Lord Is My Shep
herd" by Mr. Thomas J. Kelly of Omaha,
sung with the organ, proved a moat
musical setting of tho Twenty-third
Psalm, breathing fervent religious senti
ment through Its quiet meditative mood.
This was a great contrast to the brilliant
aria "I Will Extol Thee," by Sir Michael
Costa, which followed it, also with organ
accompaniment. In the group of English
songs the Pastorale by Carey and th
Irish melody, "When Love I Kind." wer
especially well received, and the encore
"For You." by Mr. Landsberg, met with
a cordial response. Th "Electa" by
Massenet, sung with violin obligate,
closed th program, and was sympathet
ically Interpreted.
Mr. Bennett played the "Praeludlum
Festlvum" from a Sonata by Rene L.
Becker, In a brilliant and mualclanly man
ner. The full organ at th tempi Would
be more effective if It were possessed
of a reed atop to give It that "bite'' which
is so adequate in a large building. Mr.
Bennett mad tha most of hi resources,
however, and later In the program pre
sented a group of shorter numbers with
varied registration and good tast. H
responded to an encor.
Mr. Landsberg's Sonata for violin and
piano, played by the composer and Mra.
ZabrUki. waa heard under the most
favorable circumstances, and confirmed
tha impression it had previously mad
of its mualclanly workmanship. Every
movement was Interesting, th first on
especially, and the Adagio In the, second,
followed by the dainty Schersando and
leading back to tempo on waa well
worth th attention. The third movement,
"In raodo Americano," abound in syn
copation, and leads to a brilliant climax.
Mr. Landsberg was given quit an ova
tion by the enthusiastic audience. Mra
Zabrtskl (deserve credit for her share
"e careful, lady, be careful. Don't
pull that trigger," begged th Intruder.
"Don't call th police. I'll go away."
By this time the pair had reached th
main floor, and the man was edging to
ward the front door. With a final flour
ish of the revolver that almost gave th
would-be thief heart failure, Mra. Allen
commanded him to "clear out." H did.
' Out why didn't you hold him and call
for -the police?" was th Inquiry put by
one of Mrs. Allen's friend.
"Well, I wa pretty shaky myself, and,
aa the gun wasn't loaded and w haven't
had our phone put in yet, I thought I
might a well let him go," she replied.
WASHINGTON. Jan., Conditions in
the devastated -ports of Beryl, ar a
distressing, and the tnlsery as great as
in Belgium, according to a letter received
at the Red Cross headquarters her to
day from Madame QrouUrh, wife of the
under secretary of foreign affairs of
Bervla. i
"Every available building near the front
has been converted into a hospital,"
Madame Qroultch wrote, ' "and the
wounded must sleep some times on floors,
in corridors or sheds. Often wounda can
only b dressed every third or fourth
day for want of bandage and gauie.
Surgeon are working eighteen hour a
day, nurse and local committees ar
exhausted from the strain."
She added - that there were 100,000
wounded Servian and Austrian In
Washington Affairs
Delegates attending the eleventh annual
conference on child labor were urged by
Pienator Kenyon of Iowa to reverse their
policy of plea fling with the captains of
Industry and Invoke a rigid application
of law to keep little children out of
"sweat shops."
Th National Association Opposed to
Woman Suffrage, at a confereu:e at New
Tork decided to wage active campaigns
In Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New
Jersey and New York, four states In
which, constitutional amendments provid
ing for equal suffrage may be submitted
to th voter during 10 IB. i
Protest asralnst the senate amendment
to the Immigration bill providing for th
exclusion of members of th African race
from toe I'nited unites have begun pour
ing In at the White Houa. Th president
will not Indicate hi position until th
nous act on th provision and the bill
la finally sent to him for hi algnatur
President Wilson todsy will reclv a deli
egatlon of nearly 100 democratic women,
many of then) votera. who will call at th
W hit House to ask him to support a con
stltuionul amendment for mttjon-wld
women suffrage. The amendment 1h to be
voted on In the house January 13. The del
egation will ride to the Whit House in a
Iouk parade of automobiles decorated with.
stiffraKe colors. The auffr&Klats will be
seen by th PreslaVnt in th Kast room of
the White Houxe. where he told another
General 0. H. . Durtnd Attends
Grand Army Installation of
With th addrea by General O. H.
Durand of Falrbury. commander of th
Department of Nebraska, and Aaalatant
Adjutant General A. M. Trimble of Un
coln. th annual Installation of officers
was held In Memorial hal of th court
house, last night, by U. 8. Grant Post
No. no. Grand Army of tn Republlo, and
Women Relief corp No. 104 of th pot.
Th new commander and other speak
ers made brief reminiscent addresses and
remarks appropriate to th occasion, and
a program of music and recitations com
pleted an enjoyable evening. The attend
ance waa large, many of tha old veteran
and their wive and famllle braving the
disagreeable weather to Join In tha sing
ing of patriotic air and witness th an
nual ceremony.
The new officer of Grant post ar a
R. P. Tuten, post commander; If. R.
iilbdon, eankir vi&a t'oioiuantlari J.
unnit, junior vio eommanuori dosopn
fc.oj.i.on, aajutanti O. M. jaavany, quar-
""', v. b, jsryeai, aurgeon; Is, K,
vmi Musen, Chaplain; ,u u, jiutatt, -firm?
of the day) jama Uoharty, otfloar
of th gurd V, M. Alton, rnt imuuri
U. M, . Ouiid, paUlutiu Instructor.
at Hi neiiac earn, these nw Of;ior
war installed;
Mra Balla A. i3iff&hi. .
Mrs. Adai A. Whitney, senior vim prt
aotiii Mrs. Alice trv, Junior vie
' " m a. Miner, cnapiatat
Mrs. Cora 'ialilai.rro. lraurr) .Mrs.
Lois hiuhardaon, guard;, Mr, Kat C,
liul.d, oonuuulor: Mrs, faeuiah Davla. aaa.
retary; Mra. Lillian kduy, pau-loilo In
rv.uuiur, mrm. LMcy ju. McMurray, pro
correspondent; Mrs. Helene Thlem, mu.
iciitn, rs. Anna Long, Jars. Maui
Uavis, Mrs. Joslu wy and Mrs. Hopnia
as ceitgaies to tuu next stat encamp
ment, the member war elected at th
last meeting and were announced last
for Grant' post of the Grand Arm
josepn Donerty, Kdward Upd
D. Hulett, delegatea; W. (J. Templeton,
like and
K. II. Randall and V. P. Morgan, alter
nates. For Grant Relief corps. Mrs. Anna
Long ana Mrs. Kate C. Guild, delegatea
The interspersed entertainment included
a reading by Mrs. John W. Evan and
piano selections by Mrs. Helena Thlem,
Keiier corp muBlclan, assisted by hr
husband, Charles Thlem, on th cello.
llo lima!
Uasli Day's
Easy, Hon
fast Soak Your Cloth, Add Three Tea
poona of aTXTCTJK, atoll M Klante.
Blu and Tout Toroajra.
. 4 . . . line vt niie iiouae. mnere ne iciia inuinrr
In th evetilng s enjoyment. She draw a J delegation several months ago that he bc-
flrra bow, and plays whh breadth and
musical ability. Mr. Landsberg and Mr.
Bennett furnished the accompaniments.
H. M. R,
. How to Caret a La ' UrSppe (sstk
"Coughs that hang on" demand treat
ment. Htop and think! Reason and com
mon senxe tell you that It la folly , to
"grin and bear it." Those racking la
grippe coughs that wrench the body and
eaus soreness and pains In the lungs
yield more quickly to Foley' Honey and
Tar than to any other treatment Forty
years' record, of successes proves this.
For coughs, colds, croup and other dis
tressing ailments of throat, chest, lungs,
larynx and bronchial tubes, you can find
nothing that will corapar with this re
liable remedy. Sold by all dealers. Advertisement.
Be Want Ad l rodue Result.
Culls , from the. Wire
Governor Bless of Sonth Carolina par
doned two stale convk-ts, paroled flva, in
cluding a negro aorving a life term for
assault, and commuted tha c lance of
two. . In four year the governor has ex
tended clemency to mora than pris
onous Approximately tl.000,000 worth of stock
In th National Batik of t'ommerc of
St. Louis was purchased by a syudlcat
or ins airecior oi in back Irora a Kan
sas etty syndicate which bad bought th
stock fi-orn tba astaU of William IL
Thompson, tori&er preatdatit of Ui bask.
lieved the suffrage i "cation should be de
termined by the dirtcrent states.
Members of the -senate Judiciary . sub
committee appointed to inquire into con
stitutional phaseu of the patronage dis
pute between the senate and president
discussed their task Informally. The
committee Is directed to ascertain the
constitutionality of the president making
recess appointments for vacancies which
occur when the senate Is In aesslnn, ss
wax the case In the appointment of lowing
C. Bland to be United states nisrahal for
th western district of Missouri, tthould
the committee report that the president
exceeded his constitutional authority, it Is
xaid the only remedy, in case any should
be sought, would be to submit the case
to the house with a view to Impeachment
Never a washing so big or so dirty
that It need tire you now) 8K1TC11
will handle the biggest, dirtiest wash
tiiat evervaa.
Voti JuSl usa three teaAPonnful of
NKITCH to a bollerful of clothes. Don't
rub, don't worry! HKlTCJi Just akltche
th dirt out better than you could rub
It out on a wasli board. Have enoush
soap on every wash to pay for th who)
pa KHKe.
bmh ir can t nurt in rtnest fabric
ever woven. It' ao harmless it wouldn't
nun your atoniacn u you ate It. (Jet a
10-cent pucka of BKITCH of your
grocer ana .tnrow washboards away.
AlinoHt all dealer have fetKlTCll If
your doean t, send ma hi name and
i ii ann you a aaiapi or em ITCH free,
liana Flchtenberg. 211 Grand Ava, Mil
waukee, Wis. ,
Office Furniture
Filing Systems
Our complete lino of offlc
furniture and business devices
will gaye you tlm la selection
and five you the best the mar
ket affords at reasonable cost.
We are sola Omaha agents
for tilolK-V erulcke Sfctlonai
lulling Cabinet s and Bookcases.
HI GH Specially suited for office at Kpei-ial rrlre.
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h Store Hours 8:30 A. M. to 6 P. M. Saturday till 9 P. M.i
'everybody's stork"
VtHlneaday, Jan. 6, lHlft.
ph.on Pouftlaa 187.
Just As We Predicted
A Comparisons Will Show, Are Establishing a New
Low Price Standard for Thu Entire Community
TIL1S statement can bo attested beet by the hundreds of thrift-wise shoppers, who
have been here the past few days and profited by the splendid savings.
It's Doubtful If You Will Be Able To Soon
Again Buy Table Linens at Such Low Prices
WE planned this nale Jons; before the advance In prices In the ISnen markets and we offer you the bene
fits of the saving. These few Items are examples of the spJendld buying opportunities,: -
New All Linen Pattern Cloths. $1.48
A special assortment we secured at a very low figure, two slses 70x70 and 72x72 Inches
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that you can barely detect it. Thursday, choice
Lunch Set at $1.25
Scalloped lunch sets, consist
ing qf six 6-ln. dollies, six 9-ln.
doilies and center piece 12 In,
square. .
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Lunch 8c t, 4.8H
Beautifully hand embroidered
Madeira lunch sets. 2 4-Inch cen
ter piece, six 6-lnch and six 12
Inch dollies. v
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ti . r. r a a: J I
i nai vyur r irsi ivtiu
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Stwrtu Next Monday, Jan. 11
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assortment and unparalleled
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Dwight, Anchor and Lockwood you will find to be the, lowest in the city and consider
ably lower than ever before. ,
Pepperell Sheets and Pillow Cases
HheeU. slxe 81x00, worth 80c, at.. Mc
ftheets, slxe 81x90, worth 75c, at. Bo
Sheets, slxe 72x00, worth 70c, at. . . . . B0
cik.m fU(. worth 0.1c. at osiO
Kmh'd Pillow Cases, 80c
Hemstitched, Initial and scallop
ed pillow cases, all are fancy em
broidered on Fruit of the Loom
casing. Specially priced OQ-,
at, each 071.
Berkley. Camhrlc, 7 Me
Berkley Nos. 60 and 100 cambric
In perfect desirable mill rem
nants, Mld-Wlnter, sale TjL.r
price, yard '. 2
Waimutta Muslins, lie
The heaviest weight of the soft
finished bleached muslin; desr
' able lengths on sale at, per f
,yard OC
New 10c Embroidery,
Edges, Insertions. 5c
P HETTY new cambric and nain
sook embroidery edges, Inser
tions and headings, excellent as
sortment of patterns, 10c f
values, yard J
15 to 23c Kmbrolderles, 10c
Fancy novelties, edges and flounc
ings In crepe, voile and nainsook;
also headings, edges and flounc
ing s In nainsook and Swiss.. lOo
SlCfe to 85c Embroidery, 15o
Beautiful new designs In corset
cover embroideries and flounclnga
in nainsook and Swiss, 18 inches
wide. reg. 2 Go to 36c values, 15e
Dainty New Embroideries,
Bftc, 80c and 50c
Irish batiste, point applique bands,
edges and floundngs, organdie
flounoings and allovers, 27 to 42-
inch wide Swiss and batiste naoy
flounclnga, 39c up to 12 values
.Z3C, c, owe
Sheets, slxe 6.1x00, worth 60c, at ... .
Cases, sis 45x8ft, Fruit of the Loom.
Case, slxe 45x84, worth 20c, at ... .
9-4 Lockwood and Dwight
Anchor Sheeting, 22c
Here are the, best known of
the medium weight sheet
ings. A trifle heavier than
Pepperell or Aurora to in
sure wearing quality;
lighter In weight than Utica, ao
they can be laundered with ease.
The 9-4 width bleached Lock
wood or Dwight Anchor, 30o
value. Mid-Winter sale on
price, yard sC
arsrs-Vaah Co. mt.
. . . . . .40c
Canes, slxe 42x;fl, worth 10c, at. Ho
Heavy Sheeting Munlln, 5c
38-in. extra heavy and fine qual
ity, two widths; will make full
size good wearing aheeta. Mid
Winter sale price, per
yard at ,.,,OC
ravcJflc White Crepes, T)ie
Fine India linen, wide Vlctored
lawns, desirable lengths, values
more th.n double the 7X
sale price at, yard .... I sC
all at
aarr-Vaaa Co. XCala Tloor.
Muslins at 8 1 o
Bleached and unbleached mus
lin, 8C and SS inches wide, soft
finish, free from filling o 1
at. yard 3C
We Feature for Home Seyirig Week
Who Will Cut, Fit and Pin Any Material
You May Buy Without Charge to You
THE MILLERS will be here but a limited time and wo
advise you to take advantage of this splendid service
at once and with our compliments.- The Millers are mas
ters In women'a garment construction. They have wide knowledge
of styles and of fabrics and of fixings in the widest sense. '
These $1.00 to $1.25 Fancy Silks Are Big Values at 85c
Beautiful new silks for dresses, waists and misses' dresses. The lot
Includes such splendid weaves aa fancy check Loulsenes, taffetas,
foulards, brocades, etc., in a large assortment of plaids, stripes and
neat figure. The color ranee Is very wide. The widths are 24 and
27 Injches.
Black Silk Specials) Thursday
42.uu.-h black allk poplin, double width ...... ........... . .98c.
42-lnch blavck crepe do china at, yard ...... . .$t.2t
42-inch black crepe d chine at, yard .$1.05
4 '4-inch black charmeuse, soft finish, at, yard ..
mrfs-irb ci. atata riees
Thursday, An Extraordinary Clearaway of
Women's $25 to $30 Fur Trimmed
At 12.50
HERE'S what we consider the biggest tailored suit value of
the season, and you will agree with us when you see the
suits offered. ' ,
They are all late short eoat models, with the new skirts
made of the much wanted materials, such as broadcloths and
poplins beautifully tailored and finished throughout.
Several styles for selection, all fur trimmed. The colors are the new
shades of brown, green, plum and navy.
Too much stress cannot be laid on the Imwrtanee of this clearaway
Thursday but tome and see for yourself. You'll thank us tor the
arc ass-ST ask Co. IwoU Xla.
ZZZZZZrzzzZj'a"9Ca" Wa,h Co. Everybody's Store l($th and Harney.';
Ay. ''