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Indication, that Co-Operation of Mi
nority Will Be Needed if Credit
ablo Legitlatioa it Enacted.
Lance Corporal Fuller, holding the ballet that put him out
of action. lie saved the life of his commanding officer,
Captain Hcggrd.
From a Stuff ('orrr"n1:it-
LINCOLN". Nb., Jan. ,-.e.p"ial T'lc
rrm. Altliouth the Nlnka
tura ha ten in rtnn m than half
day, hcr. la cvrv Indkatkn that If
Initiation rrwiith;r to ihlr r"ainn la
fleetd nmrh'of that rrrdlt a i;l I due
to the rrpiilHcan tiltrtfirlty.
Th Succattil rrr.rt of tl da-rntrratio
majority In the arnatc yartrrday to have
adopted rule a;vitt tf body cf only
thlrty-thr mrmtot ' fifty employe,
about two l each Miat.r, ot about three
ta each Mfictr of the maturity litoUata
a. taiKknry or. th rrt ot a maiorlty of
tha demrcrattc member to mora
to old lines to prodiipo than lo take
up tho now thing ahlrh tmd to bet
tor method of lirl!atinn and an 'ori
orrricat program.
Haea Rmiaaif
0r In tho other and of tho rapltol
thoro appear a lo bo a aet prnaram iiy
tho democratic majority to how to tho
Una c tho economical plan even to tlia
potnt that effVlency may h tacrlflccd
tn order to carry out tho economy plan.
Thla body of 100 nwmbcii hellevea It ran
at alone by rutting tho number of am.
ploy a to thirty-one, and anme even
advocate further retrenchment. Jtiat
what tho committee, on employe may do
wheat It meata today ia hard to toll. Tho
committee rommlttooo art i petted
to rot togothor olthor today or tomorrow
end boffin on tho work of flxlnt up that
branch of tho Arsenica MOn. Thoro la a
rraat demand for place and tho finance.
wya im moana committee In both
hraarfcee aeema to bo tho committee chelr-
matil whlrli la moat In demand.
Sfajorltr l,edera WarrtoO.
, It la ortdont that tho democrat ara
much worried ovor tho attitude of tho
majority tit tho aonata. Tho independent
attitude of naif a doaen members ot tho
majority ia alvlng tha loadora much, con
corn. It waa after mldnlcht laat nht
aororo tho hotol lobbies were ouiot.
Democrat dlaeuaatn tho alttiatlon worn
considerably tin In tho air. Tha old lino
fellows who bad counted on party fealty
to carry thorn throuth are beginning to
sao tholr majority of five may not bo
verr much of a majority after alt, If tho
luturo can be judged by what tranaplred
yoatorday, while over In tho houee tho
dfmor ratio loaders are conftlderably per
turbed because they too that tho demo,
crata a III aot bo able to claim all tha
Slory for any advanced loalalatlon which
may b enacted If the aonata democrat
tint to their present attitude throughout
the aoosloa.
Tho houso mat t 10 o'clock today and
tho senate at J:W o'clock thla afternoon
anJ it la ant probable that very much
will be gone before Friday.
Iloaao Kills Time.
Killing tlmo at K per minute waa tho
program of the house, this morning,
when, after tho uaual motion had boon
made to dlipen with tha reading of
tho mlnuteo, Hoffmtester of Chase In
sisted on tho reading of tho entire Jour
nal of the day before, taking up fifteen
minute of: tlm.
Tho resolution of rtelsohkk of Rlrh
ardsoa. whlrh ho failc-1 to get through
tho democratic caucus, providing that
no member reprinting. ,. a district
where there was a state Institution
' could bo a member of tho appropriations
committee, went ovor for another day.
An invitation 'of Jeiry Howard of
oug',as to the tnamheia lo attend the
anniversary at .Omaha of tho batfe of
New Orleans on January I wa placed
on (It. ,
lleaso Dialrlfcates Pie,
The bouse committee on employee hat
made tha following i additional appoint
ments: .
. L. Uet.alfe. Jr., Omah. messenger
snu niincoMrsiiher.
Arthur Howard, Lincoln, stenoerspher.
K. I Vogt. Ixiup i:ity, time and book J. P. McAtdle, Omaha, 'Joint msengor.
As too bouse abolished the office of
postmaster, tho mall Is la charge of a
ilrrk from tha Lincoln office.
's Candidate
Fails to Land Job
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Jan. e.-.Spcelan-Th.a first
sIU lit the Pouglaa county delegation la
the house a at made at tho democratic
itiucue. when Jerry Howard rust hit
Waterloo a lie tried lo get a etand-ia
with the poaera oa high by an uasuccea.
ftil attempt to name the house chaplain.
Jerry placed la nomination "Hatch Hatch
"Artnon." but Hunter launched the nnme
of Rev. rrank Will of College View.
, ltb a few aotd oC explanation that
Mia waa the deioabnl deiuorraUo candi
date for the . !et' autre, and Jerry loat
out by a ems U niajoruu.,
ri .... -
f - '"f :
. I ':,
.. . .. i .W',
' - ' . - ,- (.
air -4
4 .
- , i t ; -lJ-. :. ' ; .
j ' Vj .. 'f . ' '. - '"V, ''"'"'-'i ' .'
i . ' - '.' 14 uv' 5"
!.' - :(i:rr.-sl
1 -- ,,;.. . T ar' .
,V .'' '. " -v. . ".. ;- "'. .kr J
tM ' 'V:vi: ,, ,r -''' ,-i-.";;; -
i : . v.i. ,- . .. - ivi. 1 'vj
. IT . . -'I'm .,'-. J- v ,f 1 T"."vt
Chief tain Feara Meat Famine in
northern and Central Mexico
ii Impending. -
(Continued from Tage One.)
tho decision of the supremo court of a
rlmilar proposition road.
prlnae t'oaatltatlaa.
Robertaun of Holt read tho constltu
tlon and declared that the legislature
could not override tho constitution, which
declared that their must bo a majority
of all votes raot at tha election. Qulnby,
In an extended speech, declared that the
supremo court had no right to take on
tho duties of a legislative body and de
clare agslnst any proposition on which
the people had given a majority In favor.
Taylor Oppoeos.
Taylor of.Custsr waa against any pro
cedure which, would empower the speaker
t declare carried, any proposition which
flu rnnvsssing board of tho atato had
declared hot carried, and. ha did , not
favor any proposition -which would coll
for a recount of the ballots and the sad
dling uf expense upon tho letlslaturo.
t hane ot r haaae of Mind.
Qulnby corrected Taylor, declaring that 1
the resolution dll nut call for a recount.
and no recount aaa necessary. .. .
Mot lictt Of l.unrtor "thanked Clod thnt
uprmo courts cuu'd chanao their minds"
end ho believed this propualtlon should
be taken before the court, and ha be
lieved they would declare the amendments
Hunter, of Pouglus was against the
of Pouglas, Petersen of Lancaster and
Shunway of Thurston were against the
resolution when Barrett of Douglas,
whllo favoring the amendments, raised
tho point of order on which It waa de
clared out of order.
Qulnby then moved that the attorney
general bo Instructed to take the matter
before tho supreme court for, a decision.
A motion to lay on the table carried,
the vote being 64 for to M against. Both
branches voting to table the reaolutlon.
i l. I'ASO. TCV. Jan. . -Ufncral Villa
has Issued an order, effective today, pro
hlb'tlnx Jlie exportation of all cattlo from
tctrltory ccntrollcd hy the convention
forces. This-action was taken. It was
ssld, for fear of a meat famine, In north
ern and central Mexjco.
It Is believed that the .fJ Villa 'roops
on their way "to ('onora to assist In tho
Karo campaign have crossed from Chi
t.ualuut Ctty by way eof Madera. Chi
huahua, and thence overland, instead f
vl.t Juarca and C'aaas (Irsndes.
General Villa Is expected hero today to
rtnfcr with General Hmtt. Provisional
President Outlerres of tho convention has
repeated his order to Governor May
lorena to desist from further attacks on
border towns until completion of the
Kcott-VUla confereneo hero. Villa has
remained silent on the matter.
Villa's Army la Retreating:.
VERA CRl'Z, Jan. I.-While General
Alvaro Ohregon, commanding tho Car
r.".nsa forces, lo driving the troops of
Villa and Zapata from the city of Fu
ehla. a still larger force at Hlpolito In
the r.orth, under the personal command
of Generals Villa and Angeles, la being
pushed bsck by General Vasques, ac
cording to a statement given out today ,
at General Venustlano C arrsnea's head
Quarters here. Hlnollto la northwest of
Palttllon. on the railroad to Torreon. I
(eaeral Aaaelea taptored.
NACO. Aria.. Jan. . Oeneral Felipe
Angeles. Villa's chief subordinate and
said to bo his choice for1 provisional presi
dent of Mexico, was captured yeaterday
when General Alvaro Obregon drove the
Vllla-Zapatlata army out of Fuobla, ac
cording to messages from Vera Cms re
rolved today hy General Hill, command
ing the l arrama garrison of Naco, Ho
nors. The capture ot A-ngeloS caused
rejoicing among the Carranaa aoldlera.
Angelra was In command of the army
defeajed by Obregon. .
Job fnr Georgia Man.
WASHINGTON, Jan. .-Proaldent WH
aon today nominated:
Goortro Fort of Georgia to be assistant
treasurer of the Tnlted states.
Captains Dwwltt Voffnian and William
F. Ftillam, V. t. N., to be rear admirals.
The nomination of William Goodyear,
Pullman, Wash., to be receiver of public
moneys at WaOa Walla, was withdrawn.
Invitation Given to
Jackson Observance
(From a Staff Correspondent.) '
LINCOLN, Jan. t-apeclal.)-A resolu
tion wat offered In the house by Jerry
Howard of Douglas and went over ono
day under tho rules Inviting tha speaker
and members of the 'house to attend the
centennial anniversary celebration of the
battlement of New Orleans, gad the en
dorsement of Senator Hitchcock's peace
bill, at Omaha, January I, 1915.
Governor John H. Morehcad will be one
of tho speakera.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Jan. .-(SoclsJ.)-Bome of
the legislature were unable to get their
bearinga thla morning and Representative
Claybum of Platto county hunted- for haW
an hour over In the senate chamber try.
In n ttnA hi. ... I- .. k T, ,
Qulnby ..solution a. It sought to over- hynlr i., i.olt",",
ilc the constitution.
Norton of Polk favored the resolution,
saying that their was no reason why a
voter who weat to the pulls and did not
vote either, way should be counted against
a proposition any more than the voter
who. st a Id at homo should be counted
against it.
Hot fmalster of Chase, ' Lanlgan of
Greeley favored the proposition. Hunter
he could bo of any assistance to him. Mr.
Claybum ssld ho could not find his seat.
"It waa right In here somewhere yea.
tsrday," aald he, pointing at the aeat of
Gates of Farpy, "but somebody must have
taken It ,away." The senator finally In
formed him that ho waa In tho wrong end
of the capltnl.
Bee Want Ada Troduce Results.
One Day's Delay
in making your will
may make a great dif
ference in the way your
property is divided.
Jt is advisable for
people of age and sound
mind to make a will
and it is to the advan
tage of the estate to ap
point the. Peters Trust
Company as Executor.
'Its permanent charter
and responsibility give
assurance of faithful
fulfill Imcnt.
We-act as Executor,
Trustee, Administrator
or Guardian. .
- $200,000.00
. $275,000.00
(From a iMsff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Jail. .-i8tHK-lsl.) DUcua
sion of press dlspawlios announcing that
Jicdlll McCormlck had derei u-d Ihs b,ti!l
moose party and bad gone bsck to the
republic sns was dtsciid by the mem
bers donna a shori recess tii.a foicaoon
tn the bouse. Konis of th n-embers look
rtnirtrr.)e satufs.tlon i attee.
ttoo of i. Jay, itfl'or of tho P.-ogrs-le,
if. cfM. tl tull UkOae paier In Lin
coln, tc'.t ic l iinu h. Jay was ia the of the houe and pronounced the
Uipatch a. "darn lie" and he offered
t bot.liw that 'Mark" bad not gone
hack on tho mooaers.
Rail and Cash Reports1
1 1 -
irVr,m a S:ff Corresnoodont
l.iN'c'(H,.S. Jso. i iiiuial l-Vhii bi
erintiU rrort uf the Mie ltilsy cotn
rninsion. filvd itli Cio en.or Murrhesd.
v.dneedav sfternoen. shuvs tint tbe
oiiiimwiuii l.mild 3? iiifurrnai coin
.in,i ourtiiK xh, eBr lMurt, b.ldi-s ad
Ji.i:i.g and di)iug of a lr nuinWr
cf n.iuor MiffjcuUus and Ulfferencrs.
" i-r-irl gives the numlvr ef formal
i oitiaina pvitdcug kfom l he Uosid ua
.ovmTr K. lust. ( tmr'y-eix: tn)ornutl
c.nik.liri;. Uv; s; 11 'stiuas. fjrty.fiv.
T i.e rmfort, hi. h is goes
lote cbarernlbg tu work of the
iniitiiswiva Oonng n,e tiennlum. It
tas lrit!s of r legis.
l(o, ecooijing to the vpinicn of Hie
The state treasurer's biennial leport
t ons Hit lu.m iniu(y i-atd g4,' -7.14
in iaes and mat ln-..i.r cubot'y
1 1 ..-4,ia; lur the two eers.
I .i,tt iM.r e.Miniie paid laaee going
into six-o stt figures. 1 o rMrt is a
tt,e of lis irs 1 i,i.r Goe had
cf ie on nr,d IroiOr 1
j J. tf aJ.liti ,1 1 ne talair. now u
X i- W. l-'.l. a as e.2j U.
on't Abuoe a T-1an Sick UUith the
Liquor Discaoo
' ' ' i
ies! Cure him! In the last 32
years 400,000 men have been cured of
the disease of drink by the Keeley
i . ,
eaattfat Ceoattoa, Dellgatfal arroaailaga, '
. rtaes AocommogaUosa,
, How tbe Xeelsy Trsatmeat Cures.
TIi Keelsv rrtuedies are reconstructive tonic,
alilch rrti the nerte cells lo a h.-s.tliv couul
lloa. ' V hsn tins la dune, the "slaving uieai
leaig. bcCHuae. 4ifce a couti. It Is 'nitsi-etr a s T ut y
ion: uf a olreaae and not dlie tieelti
The treatment is atmolut'lv aud
ilui no sicknee. 'It. ere ta tio retKrl.tion t
cool tin .'.incut of pal len l. The general beailh I'"
proies troiii the urn, Osy.
BeettH of the Keeley Treatment.
Ik frees txttjeuie, oUitU, froot all iravlns.
st'Petlte anil iioceseuy fur alcoholic sliuiuUni.
'I lis ucan is aUo uUy improved ment.liy. poy
Icelly end inuiHily. His head is i mind vtlve.
KOf.ftlie id l ; giud, e re hi mm. Uis 4e
sire tor Ortak is gome, he Is niexuHted iin h.t
fomier II I e. and rulod allh amtiidoii lo "make a
freeu. clean, start."
Write fear OeaapletoXaforbaattea
Bookleta snd full Inform n Ion alH.ut the Ktteiey
Inailtule and lite Ki- Tie I men I emit oeie4.
unlr aueuloielv Uis cuvsr. All uuuimunicaiwna
sirtctiy tuufidoiitial. .
Drunkenness is a Disease
Tho man who drinks to axrevs Is to b
pltle1 evntl helped not abviBhed..
Abuse wilt not cure a man of typhoid
fever, or tauallpox or brain fever. Neither
i will H cure htm of the liquor habit, which
la a dlseatw! of the jierve celts requiring g pe
dal treatment.
t)r. KeoI' definition of drunkenneaa Is
now unHerxolly tefoevixed at absolutely
corrovt. 11 arg :
"It Is a coodltlon wberelii the nerve cells have become
so aucustoined to perform lis: tlielr duties and functlona
under tile Influence of aloriiiol that they will bo longer
pfrform tUose Outtsa and I'unctlona proferly and Pain
lessly sxcept under Its inf tuviice."
There Is little or no hope that, unaided., an inebriate
can or will atop drinking, df big own accord or by the
exercise of his own enfeebled alll power.
Information Coupon
Wl KBEXBT IBSTITtTTB. Oaialaa, Be a.
PlAaae send roe under plata. saalag etaraloue. full Informa
tion ulMmt tbe Krrley treatment . tjr alcohol lo diseaaoa,
inurpliine. opium and tobacco habit
Kaiue . , , J
t i
Town ue....
Name and addreaa ef person for whom treatment la de
sired May be im.u.d if linuiier duea nut "wieh Ut alate ib
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Vfith MTlit Perfect
Cemfisffw a4
Trie S5o. soa. fse, ai aad UM.
rrtdar aaa Saturday Jan. aad .
Xaa kuaaat Artiat as riayWrtaat,
- Ml. timtl B. CSS3SMAI
aaaiatad by acma. raU Koffermaa
aad AU Sta SUaua Ooaapaay,
ia atapariulr.
rriday r.niaf'i Tka X.tTlaa' Orpaaaa
at. Kva.1 Tae Olxl af tha (auldaa Waat
rrtcaai ase, SOe, Ta aad 91. -
BOYD Pop?'" nit
Toala-ht aad AU Weak.
Matin.. Saturday,
fames BAtvi.
Xata, Sbe J mi, IM and . wait iTaoiaamti
Toh Jam. IS, SooHxy klaut,
Aaaed Attraetioa,
Omaha atlrh School Olaa Oak.
Mr. Ma p.I(1'. aTrtll. Mart (ur.
e".ir u4 .MBataatMir waaM aroau.-.
' at tha Mian a. Vou (UW ndlluf a.
toalaht r0araaa4 Jacntevaaf-rar Tkaia. . Jaaa
Arthur Kaklwia orriclvtae.
Eminent Swiss Pianist
Y. VV. C. A. .::iTC2IC3J
Tlck.ta.ltc, II. 0 aad II. SO. ae!Uic a:
Harden Bros. Sheet Mualo tparUiia.-.t
I aTVWUlVV, Hits ! M
A Brown. Marttn Van Bora.n, . Xlttl..-rieo-
Gaaool ana, Travel Weeklv.
itlaaai M .... Oaltarr. lta; kaat aaau. in-
wai kataraa aa4 Bwaan, Sa BlaaU, Ua, t.
rW U Th,
I 21
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