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- ' -
wpy New Year to Everybody!
Kulpairick & Company
From Tt
"Things axe not the same as they used to be, when I was a lad of twenty-three, now I'll maintain
and I'm not far wrong'twas a different world when I was young." Some years ago this was a popular
Music Hall jingle and it's, just as appropriate today. It is in very truth a different world. For in the
days of our youth we went about from house to house singing carols and wishing everybody a happy New
Year. The refrain indeed of the song was "May the Lord send you a happy New Year, New Year
May the Lord send you a happy"New Year." From grateful hearts that is our wish for you, and we would ,
fain wish it to all the world.
Fate and Fortune have been kind to us in a Commercial way during the past year. We have enjoyed ,
a large and growing business and have added many to our list of friends and patrons.
Saturday , January 2nd Will Hold a Sort of 'Benefit Sale
After the rush incident to big Holiday business we find everywhere odds and ends and we desire to use these on Saturday as a double benefit a benefit for you in the way of great money saving and a
benefit for us in a clean sweep of all TAIL ENDS AND REMNANTS, Based upon the sacrifice which we make, this should be the Biggest Clearing Sale in our history. .
Start With Us at the Door Promptly at 8:30 A. M.
Six Marvelous Lots of Silks Priced So
Low That You Must Bay
NUMBER FOUR If a French,
woman of taste could see this' lot
you would hear her exclaim
"Tres Magnifique." Changeable
Failles a yard wide, brown, grey
and Hunter's double faced satin,
grey and navy satin and poplin
that is one side satin, other side
poplin, delicate brocaded satin,
pink, sand, reseda, grey, lemon,
Roman stripes and silk suiting.
Truly -a great lot. Silks sold pre
viously at $2.50, $2.75, $3, $3.50
and even $4.00. All fri (
at, yard V i
Velvets and Brocaded Silks 45
inches wide. Rich and elegant. -Sold
at $4.00 to $6.50. o AO
Saturday, yard ....... .y Vr.
NUMBER SIX Four patterns
pleated Crepes. Originally $17.50
the pattern, will sell An
at, each pDiJU
, We read once of a Yankee who visited Winchester Cathedral, be
ing so impressed with its grandeur that he exclaimed' ' This is too
beautiful; 1 feel as if I wanted to shake hands with somebody."
You '11 feel like shaking hands with yourself when you gaze at these
beautiful silks. ,
Wander to the Dress Goods Section Next
Three worthy , lots will be enough to make things hum Saturday.
NUMBER ONE Beautiful Ki
mono Silks, brocades, fancies,'
odd pjeces and short lengths, left
over from new silks sold at 69c,
85c and $1.00,
at ...................
NUMBER. TWO A wonderful
lot 20, 24, 27 and 33 inches wide.'
Fancies for waists, for suits, for
girdles, for trimming, brocades,
handsome plaids, dots, wide
Egyptian crepe, plain and print
ed liberty silks these latter are
exclusive but really too fine for
popular, trade. Former prices
were $1.25, $1.50', $1.75 and even
$2.25. All at one price,
per yard ......
Needless to urge quick action. :
quantity of fine Roman Stripes
and heavy printed Satin, former
ly $1.50 and $1.75 ,
Imported . ChaUies,:
The best goods sold at
69c up to 75o.
"and "Serges,
Were $1.25.
. 'A line of Cheviots and
other heavy winter" fab
rics, 98 yard. Sold
up to $2.00. -
Now We Have
Book and Stationery Section
V Reached the
I First let us clean up ail odd Sta tiouery. Some boxes slightly.soil-
ed, were 35c and 39cr at. . . . , .... . 19
A lot of fine Stationery," Corresp ondence' Cards and Letter Paper,
were 75c, Saturday ....... '..v: ..lf29
- Miscellaneous Books in. three lots 15d, 19 and 206
For children and grown-ups. Wide variety, poetry; fiction, gift books
mixed with a little history and philosophy, priced at a fraction of
their worth. ' ' ' " ,,
A Farewell Sale of Sets Just -ai-few left some the least bit muss
ed or soiled from handling. ; i ' . ' i ) 1
Robert Burns; cloth, O
vols, $3.75 cheap a
" Poe, 17 Tola., cloth,
$12.50 considered
cheup at $23.00.
, ;. Byron; Cloth, 15 Tola.,
'$12.50 published at
more than $23.00.
3 vols. Plutarch's lives
for Jl.OO. Utorarj
rompltrte without.
0 vol. Shakespeare r
$3.75 I of $7.70.
Kilkellr Curfona Ques
tions; S Tola., $3.50
was $0.00.
SUghily damaged set of
All Nations; 15 vols; for
8 vols. J oIxgsou pub
lished at $82.00; last set
tor $13.50.-
SmoUet; 6 vol., M
morocco, $3.75. ahould
be $7.50.
Dickens' dent e n a r y
Edition, 86 vols $15.
3 Emerson for 75
. . G 1 b b o n Home. 4
vols,' cloth, $3.75
stead of $5.50.
16 vols. HuffO, $10
a bargain at $20.
American Cyclopedia,
a Tola., 52.00 should
be $4.00.
.Henry George. 10 vols,
$8.50. Von should read.
Longfellow, 10 vols..
9(4.25 should be double.
Book Ends Wonderful Metallia Bronzes. Subjects; Buffalo, OwL
Goats, Captive, Frolic. $3.00, $5.00 and $6.00 the pair.
f Desk Sets Etched or Chased Metal effects, $8.50 full set.; And
countless other items which we nave no space to mention.
Now Take the Elevator 2d Floor, Petticoat Section
All Jersey Petticoats, some jersey tops only. Messaline flounces,
Crepe 'de Chines, and a few Messalines. These told up as high as $5.
Should hurry out at '..j...., .'. . $JL98 each.
Trimming Section
It is said that when Tom Ilyde was asked on the gallows if he had
anything to say, he called out: "Tell the tailors to knot the thread.'!
Now Tom showed that the ruling' passion was strong even at death;
his own particular business was in his mind. The head of our trim
ming department was at our desk. She said; "What about our trim
mings." She was interested in her own department at once, and
lirtrw'a tcliat cV crava via f nr sntiirf?V?- J
Odds and ends of Venice and
Net Bands and Edges. Some fill
ed insertions 4 inches wide, sold
up to 75c, at, yard 7
i VaL and Torchon Laces, at,
yard ., :. 3V
Medallions and Venice Bands,
broken sets, values up to $1.00,
at, each .....28V
The last of the Marabouts
Black and natural sets, $10.75
In the Children's Section
' 'bo you know any one who can use a Hat or perhaps a Bonnetf
Suited to all ages. Sold before at $1.00, $2.25, $3.50 and up to $10.00,
Saturday .'. -....$2.50, $1.G9, 98 and 39
What We Have Touched on Previously
is CAVIAR to the Real FEAST
Our Rendy-to-Wear stock now has the floor, and it's going to havo
the major portion of the main salesroom. No grudging sale thisj. Wo
think it was Scott who referred to a miller who grudged every drop
of water that passed his mill. We have no such feeling. Other at
tractions are presented to you in this very paper some good, some
indifferent, some" so, so All we ask is that you look look intelli
gently look with care. If you do, well, you cannot afford to pass the
next items, that's all. '
First the Coat Bale Ordinarily at this season Coat stock is small
That was the condition up to within n few days.' Let's go back a lit
tle, just when we were in the midst of the busy Christmas whirl a mak
er of reputation presented a proposition. Says he: "I have a lot of
choice fabrics things are dull I want to keep ray best help I am
anxious to sell the materials on hand. If the price is right can you
use 'a bunch of Coats f I am in touch with the latest as well as the
coming styles." Says we: "Sfliow your fabrics, quote your price."
He did. We considered the proposition, and the prico was so low
we did not have to sleep on it. The long and the short of it is: The
Coats are in and, considering quality of materials and styles, wo feel
sure we can present the BEST VALUES YOU HAVE SEEN IN
MANY MOONS. We had to readjust our entire stock to 'meet the
to keep it. Nowhero is this confidence exhibited more than in. our
Underwear section. Ample stocks, wide experience and the willing to
serve spirit upon which all good salesmanship is founded. Itedue-
tions here then mean much. Saiuiduy $1.00 Cotton fleeced Union
Suits 59. $1.25 outsizes, unusual value nt 79. Various num
bers sold to $2.50 at $1.39. Ves ts and Pants, all wool, silk and
wool, somo mercerizc-di sold to $1.50, at .79
Sterling Union Suits, also imported Swiss, sold up to $4, at $2.69
$9.98 I
Worth to $18.00.
Worth to $30.00.
Worth to $35.00.
WOMEN'S SUITS Long and short coat styles
Firstly Suits sold
$32.50, at '
Secondly Suits sold
to $40,00, at
Thirdlv Suits sold.
to $65.00, at
Dresses of Silk, Dresses of Wool Sold up to $35.00, at one swoop
down to
. Go West-Ihto the Younger Section
,.-."Here are Coats fitted to all ages 2 to 17 years colored many for.
grown girls or small women--
$8.75 for Coats sold to $13.50
$12.65 for Coats sold to $22.50
$15.75 for Coats sold to $30.00
Men, Let Us Talk to You Now
More men are visiting our store constantly Aye more than that,
more men are constant customers. Our store is different from most
stores. .'We select salesmen because of character and ability. Ours
are no fly-by night salesmen. Believing that ,he salesman is worthy
tf his hire, we pay fair wages. No feast and a famine business No
worry in the morning that the job will be lost by evening. No sell
ing on commission basis that gives fair salary, one day and a pittance
the next that method does not tend to oomfort or good feeling. Our
salesmen enjoy both. If you eet to know them you'll like them.
Phoenix Wool Mufflers, right
for the cold weather, 98 in
stead of $1.50.
High Class Shirt9 for those
who are . accustomed to custom
made. Were $2.00 and $2.50,
Saturday $1.59
t Men's Underwear at prices which are usually the last words at sea
son end. Methinks there will be much underwear weather ' yet.
$1.00 grades , . i .79. $1.50 grades . . $1.29 $2 grades $1.69
Grades of Union Suits worth up to $1.50, at ,i . 79
Some sold as high as $2.50 at $1. 65. Sold up to $3.50, at $2.65
Men's Bath or Lounging Robes, many of wool, sold to. $0, $4.98
Start the New Year right!
Heavy Satin full dress Protec
tors at $1.29 instead of $3.00.
All our boxed Suspenders, al
combinations, practical, staple,
useful, sold before up to $1.25,
at L.. .... 49
Underwear Section
Machiavelli believed that the end justified the means and he has
many followers, indeed quite a school nowadays who are splendidly
mendacious as Horace would say: We neverdeceived even for a
good purpose. - vye have won the people s confidence and we mean
And the little tots, how well it
is to have them know their trad
ing home early in life hundreds
who were the children of yester
day are among our best custom
ers today. x ,
Main Floor-rcat clean up of
$3.98 for Coats sold to $6.50
$6.95 for Coats sold to $12.00
$9.50 for Coats sold to $18.00
$4.75. for Coats sold to $8.50
Then we have what is known as Junior sizes in SUITS. Suited for
bigger girls and small women Two prices Saturday
$7.50 for Suits sold to $18.00 $12.50 for Suits sold to $32.50
PLY THEM Here is a notable of ferinsr of Dresses, made from
Chally, Serge, Panamas, most attractive styles for children. Sold be
fore' up to $10. Great picking at ........ . . .......... ....$3.85
And another lot for the big sisters. Made from Velvet and from
Silk, for party wear and other functions. Sold before up to $20.00,'
Saturday, each .$10.95
Vests and Pants, heavy fine
cotton, hard to match at 50c, Satr
urtlay , , .37
Union Suits, similar fabric,
at ........ ... ...s..87
Boys' fine natural wool shirU
and drawers, were $1, at . .59
high, grade imported materials,
most of them washable, 42 to 46 inches wide, sold up to $3.00 per yd..
will go at, yard ......50
Ribbons and Handkerchiefs
Here are a few shots on Ribbons which will mean some bainrinir of
i : - - ' ...
Moire Ribbon 5U inches wide,
all the desirable shades, in plain
colors, werp 29c, Saturday, 19
Fancy Ribbons, all sorts, plaids,
stripes and flowered effects in 3
divisions, 25, 37 and 59
Will close out the handsome
Velours which sold to $2.50, at,
yard .69
When Miss Doyle called our attention to the -big lot of Handker
chiefs left from the Christmas selling our first impulse was to hum:
"Here's a pretty how de. do here 's a pretty mess." But when they
wero folded and straightened out, we were amazed to find the great
bulk in good condition wrinkled a little, mussed, perhaps, and here
and there a few slightly soiled. Our Christmas Handkerchief busi
ness was very large, so wo feltwhat if we do lose a few simoleons
on the left overs, who cares t So now for a Handkerchief carnival.
1 5c Handkerchiefs 9q?
25c Handkerchiefs 15
Hoc Handkerchiefs V. .... . ... .... .23
50c Handkerchiefs .33
75o and $1.00 Handkerchiefs . . . . ,".49?
$1.25 and $1,50 Handkerchiefs . . . .79
s 'A few fine French
embroidered Handker
Qlussed and Soiled Neckwear
15 instead of 25c.
39d instead of 75c and $1.00.
79 instead of. $2.00 and $2.25.
25 instead of 50"c.
59 instead of $1.25 and $1.75.
$1.25 instead of $2.75 and $3.50.
HAND BAGS Here again big holiday business leaves some bags
a little scuffed. We are going to try and clean up Saturday, and this
is the way we 11 do it
A few very, choice Bags sold
in the regular way from $7.50 to
$15, will go at Vi former prices.
$2.95 for Bags worth to $5.00.
$1.38 for Bags worth to $3.00.
Of Real Seal, Pin Seal and
Morocco. . '
. UMBRELLAS On going through umbrella stock we . find some
that were overlooked and have been with us over long. A few tar
nished, and a very few soiled or slightly damaged. , We don't care
two cents what they cos "Raus Mit 'Em," is the edict. So $1.00
buys Umbrellas worth up to $3.95., So $2.00 buys Men's Umbrellas
worth up to $5. On these you, too, must take a chance no exchanges.
Hat Pins Worth up to 50c, at .15
Sterling Silver Flames, .sold at 75c, for 49
Bar Pins worth up to 50c, at each. ..... .25
An .odd lot of Jewelry sold from $1.50 to $3.00, at lz former prices.
' All these items are worthy of your attention.
Now once more we tender you the season's compliments and ask
for an early visit Saturday. The White Sale will start Monday.
Eleventh Hour Items
Just handed in by Wm. Sass, manager of our Domestic and Linen
Departments Saturday in the Basement
10c Outing Flannel, yard . .&-d
12V2C to 15p Outing Flannels,
yard, at .....Xtd
12lv5C Flannelettes, yard . ..10c
Comforters All those up to !r.".0.00 cut in "pric
15c and 18c Flannelettes, yard,
at ....... ........ ;:..12V
15c Eider cloth, yard 7V-:f
35c Beacon Robing, yard 22!!:
$2.00 Cotton Comforts, ea. S1.49
$2.50 and $2.75 Cotton Comforts,
each ..........$1.98
$3.00 Cotton Comforts, ea. $2.49
$(.() and $l.rjO Cotton Comforts, 1
each ......$5.00
Slightly soil
ed. $5.75 in
stead of $7.50.
$7.95 in-
stead of $10.
30o Crown Jewel Batt
11.25 3-lb. Batt for
$1.50 Cheese Cloth Covers
$3.50 Cotton Comforts, ea. $2.75
$3.00 plaid Beacon, pair $2.39
$-t;50 Wool mixed, pair . .$2.98
$6.00 Wool Blankets, pr. $4.25
$3.00 heavy Cotton, pair $2.19
All those up
to. $25 radical
ly reduced.
"' . : " 1 " ';- ,