Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 01, 1915, EDITORIAL, Page 20, Image 20

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Bringing Up Father
CorrdiM. 11. Internstlonal
. Kews KrWia
Drawn for The Bee by George McManus
" an W T 1 w mj 1 -i . . . 1
7 ' i I I , I I I Y" 1
V - J P v-7 ciSthK: LJ zbc rfHr 4 - OT i I Hoosn: jjl "U( . V kmt
TV Z- u y-P-r ft- IaW pA, . mil ' I " ) '
cururi ionrnament Between oi
, Einki of Scots for Keanetfy Cap'".''
Carded for. Miller1. Park,-; .
honors hy donating Yale today, three
jamM tu one.
Columbia han won trn chamionshlps;
Harvard, nlnn; Yale, twos and rlricnton,
one; Tale and Harvard tieln In
Koala and tVrwrttlasr Bunts
PrwaranH tWhlla Y" Maa List '
of Swlmprtnna Athltl ..
KreaU rkrdld.
,'".- : -t ,;,-!, . .
Omaha Bportemva arUl.ijna; in the New
Tear today with' a ipodiy lint of attrao
tlona for the PrV enthusiast, of thla
-lty. Three big events ..will occur today
an dtohlght. ... '..
At Wilier rrk. si . rftiha' of. Scottish
iirlii s will mrmpete for a cup presented
by John L. Kennedy. The doings trill
atari at 9 o'clock thla morning and It
will . probably ba afternoon before the
tourney la finally divided. Open nous
will e In vo-ua at th Young Men's
Christian association tonight,1 and a pro
gram of water events, boxing, gymnas
tics and the like has been arranged. An
athletic carnival U the word from the
Armory; where boilng. . and wrestling
bouts will be In order.
In addition skating Is good at tlansoom
parlf, Allllcr park and even on Cejrter lakn.
.At the, Omaha Gun club and the Carter
l.aki Cun club the trap shooters will b
out teatlng their skill breaking the blue
Carllaar Run, Fopalar.
The curling events at Miller park pronv-
)ne to be an lntereatlng attraction. ' Curl
ing Is an Ice game. While practically for
eign te many Omahans, ft finds popular
favor anions: the Scotsmen and la auffl.
cienuy fast and exciting even to arouse
cheer from good American.
The first rlnkt to battle at th Scotch
gamo are the ' Gordon and Caledonia
rinks. Following the Balmorals and the
Heather will combat and then the This
ties and Clue BU rinka. After this first
round, two rinks from the three aurvlvora
via play and one will draw a bye to
context the winner of the second round.
The final game -will be for the honor of
presenting the cup to the Clan Gordon
Athletic association.
Rootlac Draws frvftdi
Cui'llng nuticlvee have been played for
the pant two wrcWe at Miller park, and
the rail of "soup her up" and "nlie's on
the pat lid" and "that was a brw atane'
and '. a,hun laid doon yn" have attract
ed many.
The Competing Tlnk and their skips are;
H H. l"dU (skip) . Robert Melvm takip)
.i. w. .nuir. aim. Meivln.
Tom Leurhars. . Alec MoKee.
l-'harlrs Johnaon. Kerry Kennndri.'
ULCK HKUA llohert Gait (skip)
!eu. Anderson taklp)J. M;TaKKrU
Jl. tl. M'atson. W. H. CIhi.
Alec. -Pick, James aV taon.
J toward Heme
W. J. HtWov-i'kip,
l-lcr 1'Vdvn.
' V. J. liil.ip. Jr.
AriJi. w .JJirUip,
... Ariaory Card tio4 Oae.
1 5e athletic carnival at the armory
tills evening promises to be a corker.
J!n:mr i'rrrpl, an Omaha youth, who has
earned quite a reputation as a pugilist.
-VIII- box Tommy Garrison, an ambitious
yoth who has io concern for lreel
reputation, jsck Touiver win wreeni
with Young Ootrh and ed Whorton will
I attle Dutch ledor,
The latter xul. while a preliminary
In announced aa a tilfty card. Vhortou is
a Company' C man and Leel-r a Com.
Iny H man. The rivalry between the
to la very great as a result and
In eager to uptioid the reputation -of bU
vompanv. i
In addition to the above bouts, another
tHixtng exhiMtion or two la rarded, as
1s another wrestling m-tch. These latter
evrnte. the managemeni declares, will be
(.!! wortb wlille. The piogroin will start
Yeadell Wll Kela,
Imiriutur lrake at the Young Men's
hruti-in aSMKlaticm lias framed a aerie
i( athletlu events which should be In
tetrsliiLg. Ollroy P. Wendell, formerly
swimming Instructor at the Central
Young Men's Christian association in
'Iii.oko. is featured In the swlrumlng
vrnis. Wendell will, among other stunts,
1,1 e an exhibition of the pror method
ft life vit'g. He will give a pi actual
demonstration: a youth will bet hrown
Into tl.e tank and WnnUi'll will show Just
how eusy it Is to save a drowning rx-rson
In a sctmtlfic and vstemntic mttiinrr.
.VintV race In ths water wtU he on
the program and a number if gyiiKiaetlc
t vtiiii have been scheduled for tne g)'n-
Thos. M-Ulrum-BkU.
Jainr-S lijwie,
W.- H. Adams.
W. H. Uunu.
Auto Dealers
Organize for
; Mutual Help
TJnlfrm prk-ss and a smasnlng crusade
agalriKt tho,' "cut 'rate" automobile man
were 4wo; of 'the; pians of sixty automo
bile dealeta In a meeting at the Henshew
hotel lat' night, "following the forihatlon
of a' temporary organisation. i
The 'dcalirca will attempt to get to
gether' and MiahUaln a standard of prices
that will Insure, profits.
TVs' are on the road to bankruptcy If
we don t - stop reducing prices," said
Chairman. L. W. Prenlf of the nieetlug.
Several differed, as to this prediction, and
bo .told Mr. rronlca, 1ut almost unanl-
nously It wss agreed that prices ought
to be made standard.
Another meeting will be . held on the
evening of January 12. when a permanent
organisation will be effected, arrange
ments made to employ a salaried secre
tary, and .other routine matters dii
posed of.
Omaha, South Omaha and Council
Bluffs wecr represented at the meeting.
A banc ue t was served.
All tinea of Industry relating to the
automobile trafflo will oa represented la
the organisation. . '
Temporary off loera ' . were elected . as
President I. W. Prenloa.
Searetry Honry Nygaard.
Treaaurer II. O, MonlKomery.
Hoard of Dlrertora 11. B. Noyes. R. M.
Halnee, V. K. Kink. VV. C. Marsh, Ed
ward Douglas, Mr. Conn., Albert lilckler,
Colonel Jacob . Euppert and T. L
Huston Formally Buy New
York. American Club.
Transfer f Player front Other
Teams and Chalee f DesSTsa ,
; for Manager Part f the
the deal for the transfer of the slock was
It Is understood, however, that the
transfer of several players from other
clubs to the Nsw York Yankees Is In
volved. t ,
NEW YORK. Dee. tl President B. 8.
Johnson announced this afternoon that
Colonel Jacob Ztuppert and T, I Ifuston
had formally purchased the New York
American league as ball club. The
term were rot announced.
YVlld" Bill Donovan I to be the new
manager of the dub, .
The new officers-of the club will be
president, Jaoob Ruppnrf; secretary and
Neither the new owner nor Frank J.
FarreU, tha former executive, would an
nounce In detail the terms under which
Jess WestergaanT
to Wrestle Gonnors
. Here on Januay'8
Charlie Frank, manager of the Krug
theater, has announced that the 1915
wrestling season .In Omaha 'will be In
augurated the evening of January ,
when Jack Connor, the Irish giant from
Vancouver, wOl battle With Jess Wester
gtard of Deg Moines. The match will
take p!ao at the Krug- theater.
. Perritt hfirwasient.
VENTURA, CaL, Dee II. Walter r.
("Poll") Terrltt pltoh for the toe An
geles team of tbe Pacific Coast league of
base ball clubs, wit held blameless here
today by a coroner1 Jury for the killing
of Herbert Lar.hrop, a guide. Perritt shot
LAtbrop, thinking blm a mountain lion.
Brltem Win In Tnls.
NSW TORK. Dec. JL Walter Kndolln,
former squaah tennis champion of Eng
land, today won the profeaalonal title in
that sport by defeating Stephen J. Feron,
the American champion. In tbe third end
last match of their aerlee hers. The
smres m today s games, jieyel at the
Princeton club, were 10-lft. lfr-U, l-7, U-S.
Wichita President
. Son of a Minister
A. ' M, Ebriatit, newly elected president
of the Wichita club, Is en old-timer In
the Western league, and la welt refnenv
be red. by old Omaha fans. He played
n the Colorado Bprlng and Bt." Joseph
club In thl circuit around 189. Ebrlght
ha still another distinction worthy of
mention. He I the aon of a former min
ister of the Trinity Methodist church In
Wichita. But Ebrlght Is said to be a
typical minister's son, and should make
an active and snappy president for the
faltering Wichita club.
NEW YORK, Dee. 81. Madame Ger-
ville-Reach, formerly leading contralto
of the Manhattan opera house and the
wife of Dr. George O. Rarabaud, was re
ported today to be seriously flL It was
said that an operation of blood transfu
sion had been performed last night In
hopes of savins, her Ufa Madame Ger-Vllle-Reache,
since tbe cloee of the Man
hattan opera house, ha been active In
concert work In New. York and other
cities of the United State and Canada
General Blanco
is Made Prisoner "
. by Order of Villa
WASHINGTON. Dec. 31. General Luclo
Blanco, who remained In military com
mand of Mexico City for some tlmu after
the withdrawal of the Villa and Zapata
forces, ha been Imprisoned by1 Villa, ac
cording to a dtapatch today to the Car
ran a, agency, her from Vera Crux. The
message, dated yesterday, eays:
"Advice from Mexico City received by
the war department from secret service
men say General Luclo Blanco ha been
made prisoner hy Villa and that Blanco's
staff offloer have been scattered among
Villa regiment against their will. The
state of Vera Crua today became denuded
of rebel VlllsJata and JSapatlstfta. when
General Sauvlrran, operating under com
mand of Villa, with 600 soldiers, surren
dered hla fore end himself to General
Obregon tn Jaltlpan, and offered his
word to the first cptef.
Switzerland Puts
War Tax on Liquors,
Checks and Tickets
EKRNE, Switzerland. Dec. 3l Y"la "
Paris) The heavy military expense thrust
upon Switzerland, by it being obliged to
support an armed neutrality was almost
the sole subject considered today by thej
Swiss Parliament. At the eenclusion of
the sitting a recess was taken until
March next. The Swl treasury it wa
announced must provide for' a deficit ol
43,000,000 francs. Taxes were doubled
upon alcohol and were Increased upon
checks,, postal orders, telephones; state
railway tickets and' freight shipments.
Proposals to establish, a state tobacco
monopoly and direct tAxes upon property
for war purposes were deferred until '
March.' The government proposed an In
crease In the charge' for carrying news
papers by post, but owing to the united
opposition or tne press or tne country
the government withdrew the" bill.
Commercial depression exists "through
out Bwitxerland partly because the whole
system of hotel nd other com-enlcnces
for tourists is idle. There gre 'no wlntei
sports this year and no prospects of en
tertaining rich' travelers by the. hundred
thousand next season; ' "
If. PoHen and V.. K. Htirklor.
Membership Committee It, B. Ie.
Oounotl ilufft L W. Runhtng, South
Omeha: Jack True, J. C. llulley and G.
w. Beck with, Omaha.
Fairbury Willuy
Superior Franchise
In the State League
FATRBmY. Neb., Dec. tt. (pedal.)-.
Fairbury fan last night decided to enter
the Nebraska 8tat League in 1215. a iff
Crooks, president of the Cpmmerctal club,
presided at the meeting, and reports from
ITealdent a J. Miles of Hastings of the
State league were read. ; Fairbury ap
pointed a committee comprising John
Heasty, S. ,M. Bailey, D. E. Bone, Dr,
Potter and - W. Crawford to solicit the
necessary funds to buy the. franchise from
Superior. According to President Mile
of Hast Ins, th Superior franchise is
for sale, and the Fairbury far expect to
raise SQOO at one to gain a berth tn the
State league.
The Fairbury Base Ball aasoolatlon feel
that It will be a comparatively easy mat
tax to do this, aa Ihera are a tars num
ber of enthuslaatto fan here and Fair
bury ha Sunday base ball,
Fairbury, played Independent base ball
thl year gnd had one of the beat teams
In'' the southern part of the state, out
classing the fast team of Urunlng, Destv
ler and Narka. Kan:, and winning the
tournament her the last of 'August.
pgWyaeVaasaaj1 MW fommyfym M VW VV"tVf
V J I yUfTi v.''l rlt'fiX
I hut 'Ki rwn -HX-:-yi
'II' i V' V I'VU'-A'.'i' '
I hut ' '''i ;j-h'
It, .i .... .---tA :1A & s.llt
1 AX.'.-' -' .G'V".l:
A Hi'.' ' j ? 'A v - if.-, - 1
1 ' ' -
i !
r. xr. i p.t
fwanaon 6 4 1 0
Hiavfni , 6 4 1 ."
Hhrpard 4 1 I ,V
Owttiis 4 8 1 .?
llniath I.. & 8 t '.ei
Mooney T X I .M
l'ixon ..'..... T 2 .l
Miattor 7 ' 1 ,1U
Iast night' gam went to Hlevena lio
to U. as llarach was not playing hi
usual game while Stevens played steadily.
Stevens and Bwanson are now tied for
first place. Hcore by Innings:
Hlevcn . 3 33 14 14 S 1 IS 8 6 1! 4 M0
liarsch .11 1 0 ft 11 b 1 tV i H 64
' .--mlc'ic: Kteven: 4: Harech, 1. Drad
balle. i. I.rltnt! Jesse hevnold. 'lo-
Uignt hheard an Harsch Piny.
law gyarWViMrVV asa sfr s MtjWW
NW YORK!, Dei-. n.-Colnmbia wen IntenxlUtilate clj-t chaniplort-
i i,. today, ti.hVy difeulii.g it)-vrd
ti... gtiriirs to one. In the final found of
tne iwnt.v-tl.l"d annual tHirnaincut.
a. i . :i tnd.di (UH the sinU:ag.vf tl:
! a follow: Columbia, 1; X'rince
i i:, llirMrl, i: Vi.U (lt )r
pi. i;. 'riu et n gained second
CHICAOJi Dec Sl.-OhaiU WhIU of J I
Chicago and Freddie Welsh, lightweight i
champion, have beeu matched to fight
ten round In New York on January 1
according to word received here tonight
from White's manager. The message aald
ti fta'hter are to weigh In at 13 pound
at S o'clock on th day of the fight
5th Semi-Annual Glearance Sale
of IVIens Clothing and Furnishings
Starts Saturday Morning, Jan. 2
rplIRaale embraces our fine Kensington suits and overcoats in a great variety
J-. of styles, fabrics and patterns. In Furnishings we include alt shirts (except
Manhattans), heavy winter underwear in both union and two-piece suits,, winter
.caps, lined gloves and mittens, sweaters, neckwear, suit cases and bags and out
ing flannel night robes and pajamas. We offer all velour hats at practically half
price and all soft hats (except Stetsons) at a uniform discount of 20.-
Daring this tab we offer 2C0 dozen Rtdman (E. & IK.) CoUotm at ICc each
House Cleaning in Suits and Overcoats
17 OR to tt eonjplats cleans. c ot broken llaoa ol Men 'a Clothing w offer our regular
gtock Of Kensington 8uita and OTArooals at nricea that will anrteaJ to everr disc rn In a: buvar.
Ton vlll bo able to select blues, blacks and fancy patterns la suits and practically avery style ot
overcoats' In black and Oxford dress coats, long cist ere, short double-breasted Xonn fitting a-id
the popular loose back coats with or without velvet collars. The prices we make coupled with
the sterling qualities shown cannot halp but hold our own customers and draw many new ones.
169 Suits and Overcoats selling regularly at $20, now $13.50
237 Suits and Overcoats selling regularly at $25, now $16.50
189 Suits and Overcoats' selling regularly at $30, now $20.00
123 Suits and Overcoats selling regularly at $35, now $23.50
Remtmber thi$ taU lattt jatt 7 day; beginning Saturday, Jan. 2.
. . . J I ' ; . .; . , . '.A
Men's Furnishings and Hats Liberally Discounted
, L-imm 'i
I'll 1 1 1 . . . 1
TT is unusual for us to offer such liberal dis-
buuuw ii du many ui uut oiaiiuait uxivao
of men's furnishings. We -are doing it to clean our shelves of the broken
lots remaining from the season's business even, at a considerable loss.
Much of this merchandise has not been sold before at such low prices.
Heavy Winter Union Suits Coopers & Lewis discounted .
Men's Shawl Collars tad Shaker Knit Sweaters, Spaulding
and Bradley, discounted. . . . 33
Guards Athletic
Jlnmlt Crexel vs.Tcm3i!i CtirUct
J. ex TOtirm ra, TOuna
ci v sr.
wnajorrxoni aJkJsrrjrrrzoaT
!PIi t et-iiar laiMKanuuit a
n(nt( f(ttHlMi.
S ai4ig k-Tatlrarhwrlvs. X- WtaSV
o-bt?v a! c a-g v tnimT
5 w i i iicia do Hiadr.
I Z-O-Alll 111 17 r
i W$m4w
All wool and fur lined Gloves Mittens, discounted 33
Heavy 2-piece Underwear (Wilson Bros.) discounted 331
All Bath Robes and House Coats, discounted . . . 25 S
All the soft and stiff cuff ($1.50 Shirts $1.15
T'T Sp2rZ $2.00 Shirts: $1.38.
- J 1' -
tuck bosom prices are:
$2.50 Shirts $1.88
All car 50e cecLvear remain! Eg from tLr- bolkiij Mrliin,
35J each; 3 for $1.00.
We make the unusual offer during this sale of all our Red
mac collar stock in the new shapes at 10 each.
WE have a number of genuine imported.,
velour hats in blacks, browns and grays in
tne best shapes that we will .
sell at practically price.
They cannot ' be duplicated
aa no more importations are(v
beiner made on account ot the
' war and the domebtio Velour
is far inferior in appearance .
and wearing qualities.
.We offer all felt hats (ex
cept Stetsons) at a discount
. of 1-5. We do not reserve a
single hat. Your unrestrict
ed choice at this uniform discount.
$10.00 Genuine Austrian JE Q C
Velour H&U for pO.jD
$7.50 Genuine Austrian- Q OP
Velours Hats for ...... yOtOu
$5.00 Genuine Austrian
$5.00 Uenuine Austrian f0 ?Ef
Velour Hats. . . . pZ.OD
a tf rvi rr , r . .. . . .
jmi ru nan except orerson $) in
sfora reduced 20 percent..