Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 01, 1915, EDITORIAL, Image 19

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Fridays Afternoon r .. . .- '. ' -
B, ALBERT HUBBARD "A TOV Ride" ' "8 Copyright, 114, Intern! Newg Service, & By Nell Bfmklcy
Those were eplndia daya, tinged with J J Ja.JkVf'W H ' ,
no trare of blue, Whom I attended the V' ' . '
district school., wearing trousers but- V ' ' ' 1 11 . .
toned to a calico waist. I had ambitions . . -trvrv -
then-I was euro that some day I could -JAjTLvC? r' ' '
nell down the lv lACftA WTA hv. . V.ev.
ami play checkers I Si I I . J At? f-WX 7 C ' !fWV W Vli-i 'v iXK r .i &i'Jl?l. XWWsl' 1 . V V. tf-l
-Wt? A Friday Af- I .'' - t a,' H T . ,hT JKi 1 IWAW V.V TW
in my line, and my big sister wa lav- . fetjErr. ZZt ' WJ 77 !M CP? ' ' MAN '
axhool, propound a
Drhlrm In frao-"
tlons that would
puzzle the tracher,
and play checkers
In a way that
would cause my
name to be known
throughout the en
tire toTimhlp. .
In the inldft of
these pleasant emo
tion & cloud ap
peal. 1 upon the
1 oi lison of my hap
illness. What was
,'t? A Friday Af
ternoon that's all.
A new teacher
had been engaged
a woman, actually
a young woman. It was .prophesied that
she could , not keep order a single day,
for, the term before, the Uk boya had
once arisen and put out of the building
the man who taught them.
Then there was a boy who occasionally
brought a dog to school, and whtn the
bell rang the dog followed the boy Into
the room and lay under the desk, pound
ing his tall on the floor, and everybody
tittered and giggled until the boy had
been coaxed Into taking the dog home,
for If merely left In the entry h howled
and whined in a way that made atudy
But one day the boy was not to be
coaxed, . and the teacher grabbed the
dog by the scruff of the neck and flung
him through a window so forcibly that
he never came back. Anrf now a woman
waa to teach the school; she was only
a little woman and yet the boys' obeyed
her, and I had come to think that a
woman could teach school nearly as well
as a man, when the awful announce
ment was made . that thereafter every
week we were to have a Friday After
There were to be no lessons, everybody
was to speak a piece, and then there
was to 1 a spelling match and that,
.was all. But heavens! It waa enough.
Monday began very blue and gloomy.
and the density Increased aa the week
passed. My mother had drilled me well
in my lines and my big sister wai lav
ish invjjer praise, but the awful or
deal of standing up before the whole
school waa yet to come.
Thursday' night I slept but little, and
all Friday morning J waa in a turning
fever.- At noon-1 could not eat my lunch,
but 1 tried to, manfully,' and aa I
munched on the tasteless morsels, salt
tears rained on the johnny cake I held
In my hand. And even when the girls
brought la. big bunches of wild flowers
and corn stalks, and began to - decorate
the platform, things appeared no
brighter. " ' " '
Finally, the teacher went to the door
and rang th bell. Nobody seemed to
play, and aa the pupils took .their seats
some, yery Tale, " tried ' to amile, and
others whispered. "Have you got your
piece?" Still others kept their llp work
ing, repeating lines that struggled bard
lo flee ' '
Names were called, but I did not see
who went up; neither did I hear what
was said. At last my name was called.
It came like a clap of thunder as a-rreat
surprise, a shock. I clutched he Desk,
struggled to my feet, passed down the
aisle, the aound of my shoes - echoing
through the silence like the strokes of a
maul. The blood seemed ready to burst
from my eyes, ears and nose.
I reached the platform, missed my foot
ing,' stumbled and nearly fell. . I heard
tho glKKHnj thnt followed and knew thut
a red-haired boy. who had just spoken
and was therefore unnecessarily jubilant,
had laughed aloud.
I was augry. I shut my flats so that
the. ' nuils cut my fluxh, and glaring
straight at his red head, ahot out my
part; ' ' "
"I know not how othera may feel, but
sink or swim, live or die. aurvlve-or per
ish, I give my heart and my hand to
this vote. It la my living sentiment, and
by the blessing of Ood it shall be my dy
ing sentiment. Independence now, and
Independence forever."
That was all of the piece. ' I gave the
whole thing In a mouthful and started
for my aeat, rot half way there and re
membered I had forgotten to bow, turned,
went back to the platform, bowed with
a Jerk, started again for my seat and,
hearing someone laugh, ran.
Reaching the seat, I burst Into tears.
The teacher came ever, patted my head,
kissed my cheek and told me 'I bad
done first rate, and after hearing several
others speak I calmed down and quite
agreed with her. t
Nell, Brinkley Says:
' Scattered about this broad land of lake and muddy plains rivers
and clear, cold mountain ones that leap like, live Jade and lace, of
waving, fields and vasty-reaching prairies where the wind, rides In
.waves like the sea, of pine and hemlock and oak forests, villages and
smoky towns and riotous cities there. must be many a little woman
grown gray now who might nod her head and smile and say, "Sure
enough that was a Joy ride sure sure enough! Many's the time
I've gone through bottom-field runnln' with my bonnet on my back
and the red In my cheeks (for your father does say that I was the
prettiest girl in the v'llage and I never had to worry about a beau),
'takin' the short-cut to ride home on your father's sorrel (we called
her Maud) Irom the fields. And he'd h'lsl me up anil there'd be
laughln' at that, and then we'd come home In the twilight with the
birds callin' sleepy. And your father'd tuck a flower la his hatband
and his shirt front and give me one tn my hand and Maud would
step along slow and easy, and the harness a-Jlnglin' made the same
music as our laughln. Your father's hair waa yellowthen and wavy
and'he had the roadest shoulders and the nicest laugh of anyone
1 knew. It was a Joy ride not speedy dearie me, no! But Love
trailed along 1 reckon In the path behind us and filled his hands with
the flowers that lay there like snow. Seems to me the country was
prettier then!" NELL BRINKLEY,
Advice to Lovelorn
Tour Days After iBirth. Cried Day
and Night. Disfigured. Hair
Came Out. Used Cuticura Soap
and Cuticura Ointment. In Four
. Months Head Heated. Hair Grew.
' Flats. Neb. "My second-child, a boy;
bad what is called scrofula of the head.
The wbule. top of hie head and forehead
broke out In a thick rash the
fourth day after ha waa bora
and formed one whole crust
He criod a good deal both day
and aight. It seemed to hurt
him. It disfigured him aad
I lelt asharawd to have any
body see him. Hair came euC
"I used home remedies for
about six weeks and the crust
got dry and cracks formed, then eruptions
the alxe of a pea would come out la the
crarks. A kind old ladr told me about
Outicura Boap and Ointment so I begaa
uiong them. ' I bathed bis head with the
Boap and the used tbeOiatmentt Ba begaa
to Improve right along. In four months his
bead was healed up as nice as could be and
hir begsA to grow." (Signed) &lra
kammorer, June 17, 1014.
To Teok Te Mack, far Granted.
Dear Mlna Fairfax: At a party I met
a gentleman who had taken me out a few
timea before. I spent most of the evening
with him, but he did not aak me whether
he might escort me home. Thinking that
he would do so I told another friend that
I had an escort.
We all walked home together, I walk
ing with this particular friend, and when
we came to the corner of the street
where I live one girl said she was tn
a hurry to get home, aud since tho rest
of the crowd went the same way, they
left me on the corner. Don't you think
that this particular man should have
taken me to the house In which I live.
. . T. D. S.
You should lUve accepted the offer of
the young man who waa gallant enough
to wtah in take vnu home. However, that
does not alter the fart that no chivalrous ""' ". i
Aiuenoa. ,
Heavens in January
The year IMS Is probably . one of the
Vfry poorest In the line of eclipses. There
are no lunar eclipses at all visible any
where in the world, and there are only
two solar eclipses, the least possible
number that must , occur, and they are
both only annular and vlsiW, one might
almost say. over the least land surface.
The first of these occurs on February IS
In the Indian ocean, Australia' and the
weBfPacltto ocean. The second, on Au
gust 10, spreads over the whole Pacific
his h,
f. II.
Sample Each Free by Mail
vVub 32-p. Fktn Book oa request. Ad
Aiw rioatcard. utlcurm, l)epl. T, Boi
luo." i)lA thrjufc'lK.'Ut lliC ' '
or even decently courteous man ougnc
to let a girl go home unaccompanied.
Don't nsk for an explanation there id
none but drop the boy who treated
you ao. , .
v KlMlag Games."
Dear Mis Fairfax; Kissing game are
introduced at many - of the parties to
which 1 go. I have always stayed out
of them, considering such games Im
proper. Two weeka ago. at a party, one
of the boya Insisted on kissing roe, and
when I began to think the thing over,
during the fortnight following, I came
to the conclusion that thre waa no
particular harm in what he had done
and that my former viewpoint hud been
very priggish. S. K. 11.
Your former viewpoint wss dlnlfled
and exactly the way a refined and high
minded girl should feel. A kiss. Is a
symbol of real affection, and Its value
should not be lowered Neither love nor'
any of Ita tokena ought to be demeaned
by being used In a game or aa a mean i
to pass an evening.
'Aa a partlul a pessimist would call it
a grim compensation, we will have tn
Omaha, oil the 17th day of this month, a
close approach of the crescent moon to
the planet. Jupiter. The moon will be
only two days and a half old. The an
nexed figure tells ua what we may ex
pect, the little dot to the left of the
orescent being the planet. The time
when Cynthia and Jupiter are nearest
together will be 5:1 p. m., almost at the
very moment of sunset, so that, even If
the sky be clear, the planet may hardly
be glimpsed at alt without a telescope of
ome sort.
The daya are Increasing forty-eight
mlnutea In length during the month, be
ing' nine hours ten minutes on the 1st,
nine hours twenty-sl minutes on the
luth. and nine hours fifty-eight minutes
on the 3Ut- The sun rises on these dates
at 7 53, 1:a0. 7;3S, and sets at 1:03, alt,
t:37. The latost sunrise of th whole
year, 7:M, occurs on the td. The aun la
three mlnutea alow on the lat, nine min
utes on the IS'.h, and thirteen minutes oa
the 31st, according to a sun dial. On
standard time it Is twenty-seven, thirty
three and thirty-seven mlnutea alow. On
the 2lMt it entera Atiuarlus.
Venus la morning star and attains Its
greatest brilliancy qn the Id. It la some
times mistaken for' the Htar of Bethle
hem, which Is said to appear at long In
tervals, but which, however, la only a
popular myth. The original atar that led
the Wise Men aiicared only once.
Jupiter Is dlsapiearing from the even
ing sky." It ania on the l.Mh st 7.M and
on the tllxt at l:'i. VMurs U Invisible.
mulu-s snd breaks sn-itlirr r:issonicnt Saturn Is In excellent pos'.t'.on. It la on
have nmii!."i-' tn )o with h'm urti' he hsi jl1 l.K-rli ion st W:P;t p m on t!;e 10th.
bolu' apjlt zed and tplaUcd i "operly. ' Ti t- n on is full oa the lal at .'il a
( lose approach ( of Jupiter ' to the
crescent moon January 17 at 1:16 p. m.
m.. In last 'quarter on the 8th at 3:1.1 p.
m., new on the 45th at t-iZ a. m , In firnt
quarter on the 22d at 11:23 p.ra and full
again on the 30th at 10:41 p.'m. It Is in
conjunction with Venus on the 12th,
Jupiter on the 17th. and Saturn on
the 27th. '
On the 2J at noon the earth la nearest
the aun.
Do You Know That
The debris left from coral, after it) baa
been made Into article of Jewelry, eta,
la crushed, soentod and sold aa' tooth
powder at a high price by Indian per
fumers. The adjutant or marabout, a bird of
India of the stork apeoia, will a wallow
a hare or a cat whole. It standa five
feet high, and the espanae of Ha wlnga
la nearly fifteen feet.
A curious meana of communication ia
the' "drum language" of a tribe 'In the
Cuno. Theae people 'can by this meana
converse with each other at considerable
Nlrety-nlne per cent of the timber in
the Philippines la owned by the govern
ment and la worked through concessions
and licensee, aa no land more valuable for
timber than for agriculture can be bought,
When sugar first wag made from beeta
It took about twenty tons of beeta to
produce one ton of sugar; .now It requlrea
but six tons, the change being due to
sclent I flo breeding of beeta.
The government of Chile haa established
sn aviation school near Santiago, where
army and navy' officers are being trained
with good results. It Is proposed to fly
over the Andes to Argentina, which calls
for a sustained flight for an hour or
more at an altitude of about 15,000 feeU'
Taxicabs have proved a great success
not only tn Colombo but In Calcutta, and
timea are Indeed dull when a ear fails to
bring the owner a clear profit of tioa a
The total area under wheat tn Western
Australia this year amounted to LW.7W
acres, being an Increase for the year of
811,757 acrca.
Now York adds about 140,000 to. Its popu
lation each year. ' '
Sr. rrankUa Miles, the Great Bpeclallat,
leads a Mew and Bemarkabla Treat,
meat, Tree, as a Trial.
FergettlaaT Eaages.ts.
Pear Miss Fairfax: I am a young girl
of lv years and am keeping company witn
a young man one year my senior.
tie has a way that annoys 'me vety
much. He is very forgetful. He invites
ntm to places of amusejiiunt and whuu
the time comes he never speaks of It. .
What I want to know is if he really
cares for me or is Just passing the time
away with met '1. W. f
Do not permit any man to sHght you.
Simply tell blm quietly the next time that
he Invitee you anywhere that you will
make no engagement Jlth him unless
he Is quits sure that he intends to re-
spevl it. Asd keep your word. K lie ever
Heart disease is dangerous, hundreds
drop dead who t-nuld have been sivtd.
Many have esn cured after doctors fail
ed. To prove ttie rerparkahle eifliacy of
his new special Personal Treatment for
heart .disease, short breath, pain in a de,
shoulder or arm, oppression, irregular
pulse, palpitation, smothering, puffing of
ankles pr dropsy, also nerve, stomach
and rheumatic symptoms. Dr. Mi es will
send- to afflicted persona a $2 W free
Treatment. Had cases usually soon re
lieved. These treatments sre the result of 35
years' extsnslve research and remark
able success in treating various al.nunLs
of the heart, liver and stomach, whi:h
often complicate each case,
snd for jasinarkable Cures tar Year State,
o wonderful are the results that h
wtithea every sick person to test this
famous treatment at bis expense. Af
flicted persons should avail themselves
of this liberal offer, as they may never
have sui-h an opportunity agala. Delays
are dangerous. No death cornea iaor
suddenly than that from heart disease.
Bend at once for his new Hook and
Free Trial Treatment. iMsi-rloe your
disease. Address lr. Kr:inklln Miles.
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