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Tuesday, December 29, 1914.
OCIETY maidens demised Ingenious modes of acrordine; their respects
CT to the Cornell musical clubs at the concert last evening at the
-tj American Ueater.
Several of the young girls In the Dr. P. 11. Davis and J. J.
Ilaalfhen boiea wore three circlets of crimson ribbons about the left
wrist, while white costumes, with crimson girdles and crimson tulle but
terfly bows, wore much In evidence.
All members of the glee and mandolin clubs, as well a a number of
Cornell men in the audience, favored white carnations with tiny crimson
The ushers for the evening, who were local Cornell alumni, wore
broad crimson satin ribbons across their gleaming white ehlrt fronts, like
unto the manner In which the mock count In a musical comedy or stock
company production wears his roysl decoration.
For Cornell Men.
Mr. Gorf B. Thummrt entertained t
dinner Uat evening In honor of several
OdttmJI die club members. Those pres
ent were:
Ann Clifford.
Htewsrt Benedirt,
(Jeorgs b. Thummel.
Vary Burst?,
Iapnn I'eters.
Btella Thurcmel,
R. A. Doyle,
V. U. Bperry,
For Mr. and Mrs. Baum.
Mr. and Mrs. Clement Chaae will give
a dinner thla evening- In honor of Mr. and
Mrs. J. E. Baum of Philadelphia. A rod
color schema will t used aa tlia tab In
fieoo ration and covers will ba placed tor:
Meadamea Mndimfn-.
f. P. Klrkenlatl. G. W. Wattles.
Mlsa Carmellla Chase,
Mr. Charles Uaum of Denver,
Mr. and Mrs. J. K. liaum,
Mr. and Mrs. Iavid itaum.
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. W.lhelm.
Mr and Mra. Frederick II. Davis,
Mr. and Mra. A. U. Beeson,
Mr.aad Mrs- Clement Chase.
Tor Debutante and Yiiitor.
Mtaa Menla Davis entertained at lunch
ftoa today In honor of Miss Harriet Oil
latta of Sheridan. Wyo., the guest of
Mlaa Eleanor Mackay and tor Mlaa liar
fiat Smith, one of tha year's debutantes.
A mound of red roses decorated the table
end oovere ware placed for:
Misses Misses
Harriet Gillette of I.uclle Itaonn.
Bherldan. Wjro.; Harriet Mots.
Harriet rimlth. JUanche Demi,
Eugenia Patterson, Ann Ulfford,
Marion Kuhn, Helen Louise Crosby
Frances Horhstetler, of Topeka.
Ptelia Thummel, Genevieve Urooks
AUca Jaquitb, of Waahlnston.
Janet Hall. Eleanor Markay.
Treii Xadeika Dance.
The fourth annual dancing party of
the Treis Kadeika club of the Central
High school' was given at Chambers'
Monday night. Evergreen and the club
colors, brown and white, were used
throughout as decorations. Thoae pres
ent were:
Misses-- Misses
Charlotte Bed well, Helen I'earee,
second of a series of dancing pnrtles this
evening at the Metropolitan hall.
Tha Delta I'hl Hlirma frntcrnlty will en
tertain nt a dnnrlng party this evening
at Chambera aa lemjr.
To Honor Gneit.
XIIks Carol entertained at
luncheon, followed by an Orpheum party,
oclny, In honor of her g'jest. Miss Giadya
Kluke, of Lincoln, a student at the Uni
versity of Nebraska. The dec oration for
the lunthron table whs carried out In
the. holiday m heme, baskets of holly and
mistletoe being use. I. A corsage bouquet
of carnations and hyacinths marked each
place. Covers were laid for:
Misses Misses
Gladys Kloke. Margaret Ortman,
Martha Keller, Kthul I'lel.
Kffla Kllly, Carol Kuenne.
Future Affairs.
Miss Clara and Mr. Kdward Daugherty
will entertain at dinner Wednesday even
ing before the Bit a Theta Gamma so
rority dancing party at CI ambers
academy. The University club will hold open
house New Year s day. A tabht d hole
supper will be served at 1 o'clock and
will be followed by dancing at 8:30.
Entertains Fhilathea Class.
Mrs. J. If. Ellsberry and Miss KUiel
Kllnkor entertained at dinner Monday
evening for the Philathea class. The
hoime was beautifully rtecoratel with
dark red carnations and holly, a mound
of these forming the centerpiece for the
table. The evening was spent In music
and games. Mlsa Kllnker leaves to make
her home In Kedalla, Mo., after the first
of the year. Those present were:
Kva. Handera,
Kuth Morrta.
'ora Schwartx,
Kvelvn Vore will take part. Between (
and 7 o'clock refreshments will be served
and between T and S o'clock there will be
a volley ball game for the glrla la the
Bridg-e Party Fostponed.
The bridge party planned today by
Miss Tltith Hsrte for Miss Henrietta
Drexel of Is Angeles hss been post
poned until Friday, January S.
Engagement Announced.
Mr. and Mrs. M, Dolgoff announce the
engagement of their sister. Miss Eva
Solroff. and Mr. J. Leseron. The wedding
will be celebrated next month.
Adams-Prentiss Wedding.
The wedding of Miss Helen Marguerite
I'rentlss and Mr. Henry Knox Adams of
theridan. Wye., will be celebrated this
evening nt the home of the bride's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Trentlss, In Dun
d.. In and Out of the Bee Hive.
Miss Mildred Rubel left this morning to
spend New Year's In Bt. Joseph, Phe will
return Friday evening.
Lobeck Tells the
City Dads About
Nation's Capital
Congressman Charles O. Iolieck ad
dressed the city commission. Trior to Ills
address a vote wa being taken on the
granting of saloon licenses and Clerk Tom
riynn railed Ixjbeck'a name and asked
for a vote.
"How did the majority vote?" asked
tho congressman, before deciding to cast
his ballot.
Congressman Lobeck spoke nt length
of Washington and what It costs In dol
lars and cents to run that city.
Divorce Plaintiff
Weeps in Court as
Child is Mentioned
Mrs. Anna Glvens, plaintiff in a divorce
suit against John Glvens In Judge Sears'
district court, wept on the witness stand
as she told of the permissions of her llttlo
girl which Induced her at one time to
return to her husband.
Her husband In his defense baa In
troduced the name of a nephew of himself.
Mildred Todd.
j-oiiy rJnsign,
Mary Fieur,
Helen Kckiea of
Marsaret Oetten,
JtuUi Ulabaugh.
Marie Gould.
Virginia Utuppe,
Jlelrn Howe,
tladya Kobrrtson,
Marlon Waller.
Oretchen LiiDgdon, Kllsabnth Hturt.vanl
ttaraid Johnson. tlertrud. Porter,
euy Carr. Carolyn Hoinviulat.
Francis cleland. Marjorle Koarna,
Hits. Carpenter, ' Lovo Crawford.
Nina Oareln. Mary Norte.
Iorothy Hailjach, Frances Waterman
41 race II arte.
Helen hhepard,
Mildred Khoadea,
Floronco Heggblade,
Helen Pelsei,
Alice Kushlon,
lorothy t arns,
Annaoeil Mncialr,
Hutb McCoy,
Henrietta Drexel,
Kailierine Donovan,
Henrietta, uuer,
rsaret liofnutnn. Grace Drake.
Xtucuie urowi
loulse Hupp,
''lorence ui
Qieien Detwlier,
''lorence Mussel),
en De-iwiier,
tlnla Lewia.
M Hated Coillna,
Grace Blabaugli,
Kuth Leetier,
Margaret Lowe Of
Florence Robinson,
Kthel ItUey.
tmily Movket of
Margarelha urum-
Mliured Foots,
lie trice Dirks of
IVarl Laverty,
tlertruda Donovan,
Marjorle Menold,
I'ornthy tiavanaugh
Heatriie Johnson,
Winifred Wltbey,
Kvviyn Horton,
Jessie Gardiner,
Dorothy AUrton,
Jteien Van Duaaan, Ulella Robinson,
Aiaruta Htruuiey, iteien (.arrlur,
Aloha Field.
Mildred htaiford.
1II DavU,
Measra. .
Xeuh cavern,
W. Water.
K. B. Hmtth.
John Deuel.
Jeaaa Howes.
Jlarry Menold,
Hidney Cuiliughatn,
Vsrren Ege,
Kuaael Pniiiipa.
Jioward Granden,
JKred Eyler,
Wallai-e nnepard,
Bryoe Craw lord,
Krank Walker.
Haydn Myer,
Kuaael liest,
H. ii. Vmkere,
Guy Beckst.
"Wilbur Fuliaway,
liyron RuUi,
Ir. Moeer,
Merberl Drexel,
t-lilnev Coillna,
Vyman, -Donald
Jamea Gardiner.
Hiiuurd Baiiman,
l(rolhy Kljxinger,
Florence Hi ley,
Meesrs. .
Krnst Trimbi.-,
'J'erry Wimlee.
Fred Wells of
Howard Dunham,
Harry Claiborne.
W, H. Jones,
Fred Buchota,
Frank lliesenlwrg,
Robert wards,
Lyman Phillips,
Clayton Nichols.
Walter Chimberlln,
larltun fiwller,
Mark Havens,
1 eo MiHhane,
Raymond Bradley,
lionald Hall.
Warren Howard,
John Janklna,
G. B. Moril
Robert ritora.
' I.yman Phillips.
Donald Klplinger,
OeorKe Riley,
Theodora Palm.
Kdmund Uooth,
Irene Rnnd of
Kprlngfieid. Mo.;
Tura llyt'e.
Luclle fonke.
Lydla Ramer.
Myrtle liariling,
Gnelrtii Moran,
Lulu McCartney,
lean Mnttors,
Helen Morris.
Gertrude Wells
Ai-llne Abbott,
Ioln Hhooli,
Marie Shook,
Kuth Pardo.
Marie Peterson,
Lthel Kllnker,
Dr. and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. Parrin.
Mr. and Mrs. Kllsberry. f
Mrs. Joanph Cox.
Mra. A. A. Heath.
Mr. William Parker of Oary, Ind,
Rev. Charles Cobbey.
Afternoon Tea.
Mlaa Hybll Nelson gave an afternoon
tea today In honor of Mrs. Cheeter Nle-
msn and the Misses Ilsrrlet and Lillian
Chapln of Lincoln. The rooms were deco
rated with red roaes and evergreens sent
from Evergreen. Ala., for thla occasion.
Mrs. Wsrd's roses were used In the din
ing room. Assisting through the rooms
Charlea Harding,
Charlea Aahton,
Ida Darlow,
Kuth Flttgeralil.
C. H, Gould.
Ksmuel Reea, Jr.
Alice Duval,
Helen inwersen.
Nrw Year's Reception.
Open house will be kept at the Young
Women'a Christian association New
Year's day, between the hours of 4 and S
p. m. Mlsa Helen Laurence, Mlsa George
Trimble, and the social committee will
be In charge. From 4 to S o'clock there
will bo an entertainment In which Mra
D. J. Adams, Mlaa Grace Leldy and Mlaa
Make-Up of Yetters
Doubtful Prospect
Reconciliation In marital troubles Is al
ways possible, but that reconciliation will
be the outcome of the divorce proceedings
based on the talk between the Yetters In
the court room In Kansas City last week.
aa Intimated by the dispatches, la scouted
by friends of both parties. Hpeaklng
while here over Chrlatmaa Mra. Yetter
'That talk had nothing to do with our
divorce case at all. Neither Will nor I
mentioned ourselves, but we simply dis
cussed what ought to be done for our
boy. Barnettt I have always been ready
to make up with Will, but he has given
mo no encouragement."
Wedding Arranged by Rer. 0. W.
Saridge Does Not Have Happy
Ending as Expected.
Applies to (osrt for Ale-, Which Is
PrwTldee W Idow Xtw Lives la
Omaha, Having Been Dl
vareee" frasa Saaders.
Mrs. Mary Williamson. 2219 North
Thirtieth street, who married William
Raunders. Thomas county ranchman, No
vember S, 1913, e few minutes after she
was Introduced to him by Rev. C. W.
Riivldge, has returned to Omaha after
having been divorced, according to her
statement, and has applied for and re
ceived county aid.
The marriage, which was arranged by
Rev. Mr. Savldge, lasted until last spring,
Mrs. Williamson said, when she secured
a divorce. The license was secured st the
court house by Rev. Mr. Savlrlge, who,
Mrs. Williamson asserted, received $15 as
a fee from Saunders.
According to statements published at
the time of the marriage, Saunders called
on Rev. Mr. Savldge and asked the latter
to find him a wife. Rev. Mr. Savtdge
took him In his car to the horns of Mrs.
Mrs. Williamson is the widow of "Blind
Clisrley" Williamson, formerly a well
known character in Omaha-
Prof. Dabney Will ,
Address Mid-Term
Grads in January
Superintendent E. U. Graff of public,
schools has Invited Prof. Dabney of the
University of Cincinnati to deliver the
commencement address to the mid-term
graduates of the Omaha High School of
Commerce and the Omaha High school.
The commencement exercises will be
held some time In January.
Following are the applicants for gradu
ation from the High School of Commerce:
William Turner.
Daniel Gruenlg,
Horn Adelson,
Hess Ronllng,
F.lla Dcman,
Margaret Klder.
Laura Goehrlng,
Mildred Hansen,
Mildred Hartwell.
l.uella Jacobaen,
Mildred Jensen,
Ldlth Johnson.
Josephine Johnson,
Hannah Hooper.
Kitna B. Letofaky,
liasel McO'lure,
Margaret Mergen,
Ruby Norgard, .
Clara Olson,
Helen C. Peterson,
Ida Smith.
Leona tnyder,
Jennie Spegle,
Iteglna Fanchen,
Loriimar Bartos,
Glenn Childs.
AVUllam Coe.
Thomas Gurnett,
Gerald Harrington,
Jamea R. liealy,
Udeal Jackaon,
Julius KraKh,
Elmer Lupmshe,
Lennart Mlllberg,
Ben Novlteky,
Arthur W. Peterson,
Arthur J. Roaengren,
Irving Sorenaen,
Laura Goehrlng.
Court Lets Green
See Children Ere
Sentence Starts
Ice Harvest Now
Gives Employment
to Over 2,500 Men
Notwithstanding the fact that the
strong northwest wind sweeping over the
Ice fields makes the work of harvesting
le somewhat disagreeable, the gathering
goes on Just the same. On the fields In
close proximity to the city more than
J.Vo men ere at work.
Men and companies putting up Ice now
feel certain that they are going to gather
one of the most abundant crops In years
and that the quality is going to be superb.
Right now blocks from twelve to fifteen
Inches are being cut off still water and
the thickness Is constantly Increasing.
By the last of the week the Rock Island
will have completed Its supply of 130 care
off the fields In the vicinity of Meadow.
By Wednesday the Cudahy Packing com
pany will have cut Seymour Park lake
over once, practically filling the houses
there. The Armour company la said to
have Its big houses at Memphis about
hslf full, and the work on the Swift
fields at Ashland haa progressed to about
the same extent. Local companies cut
ting Ice on Carter lake and the reservoirs
will need sbout ten days to two weeks of
cold weather In order to gather enough
to fill their houses, but the managers of
the companies are no longer worrying
about the harvest and its prospects.
Ben Greet Players
to Give Shakespeare
Play New Year's Eve
"As You Like It," one of Shakespeare's
most enjoyable comedies, will be presented
at the Auditorium New Year's eve by
the Ben Greet players as one number of
the Redpath series. The Ben Greet play
ers have been here before and they are
recognized as among the lesdlng ex
ponents of the Shakespearean drama to
The Ben Greet players differ from their
fellows In thst they do not make use of
extensive decorations, but are content
to use the simple decorations which were
used In the time of fhakespeare. Much
attention Is taken in making the cos
tumes perfect so that the mind Is not en
tirely distracted from the stage picture.
The cast this year is very strong, in
cluding Perclval Vivian, a Shakesperean
comedian of worth, and Mr. Greet, him
self, recommends It.
In Thousands
of Homes
early and certain relief is fonnd
for the ailments to which all are
subject ailments due to defective
or irregular action of the stomach,
liver, kidneys or bowels in the
most famous family remedy,
the world has ever known.
Two new motorcycles nave been pur
chased by the city commission for ths
police department, the total expense be
ing MIS.
rollce Commissioner A. C. Kugel . Is
Intending to commission several new
motorcycle officers during January If his
funds will permit him to equip them with
A few new policemen and a few addi
tional firemen may be put on the city
payroll In January.
Stoaaaeh Treahlee Disappear
By using Electric Bitters. Rest remedy
for liver end kidney. Indigestion, dyspep
sia and all stomach troubles. 60c and SI.
All druggists. Advertisement.
Prank, Green, negro, convicted of the
murder of his wife by a Jury In district
court, before hearing sentence of life Im
prisonment pronounced upon him by
Judge English, made a request that he
be allowed to see his children before be
ing taken to the penitentiary. The re
quest was granted.
Manufacturers to,
Elect Their Officers
The annual meeting for the election of
directors of the Nebraska Manufacturers'
Casualty association is to be hifl at the
offk-e, 310 Bee building, Omaha, Thurs
day, January 2S, at 10 o'clock In the
morning. This Is the casualty company
organised by the manufacturers of the
state Just after tha meeting of the State
Manufacturers' association , In Omaha
about a month ago.
are justly famous because they lave
proved to be so reliable as correctives
or preventives of the sufferings, dull
feelings and danger due to indigestion
or biliousness. If you will try them
to cleanse your system, purify your
blood, tone your stomach, stimulate
your liver and regulate your
bowels, you will know why so
many rely on Bcecham's Pills to
Insure Health
and Happiness
LarawatSakaf Aay Medietas faa tfce Warid.
8U ssssf ahaie. la box as, 10b. 25c
Alexandur Crawford. Hubert Wllav.
Kunard Holtiuiuiat, Ka.pli Powell,
cmoui McuuiHig,. .j'aui , w itney.
Poencer Flint.
Wendell Moore.
For Porter,
Manns berry,
i'mk Davis.
Mauriee Loomla,
J'hJillp Glliiiore,
II. J. Loomis,
Arthur Smith,
Jack Sward.
Walter feuraon.
W alter O. Johnson,'
Kuaael Larmou,
K. J. Neville.
KUsworth Moser,'
t'aul Klothow,
Thompson Wakeley,
Morton Wakeley,
Robert McShane,
Krank Carpenter,
CJua Wlckstront,
Carter lake Clab. .
. The Carter Lake Swimming and Bowl
ing club was entertained at luncheon at
the Commercial club today. Tha high
Individual score was made by Mia W.
J. Cattla and the high team score was
made by Mra. J. A. fr'reeland's band. The
jrueets of the club were Mesdamea W. D.
Uck. Bert Underwood, Charlas .Maloney.
F. X Otaen. O. Turdy, L. f. t'lminkk
of Cambridge, III., - and Miss Myrtle
Fteedman of Chicago. The members are:
No Connection With Any Other Omaha Store
In planning ytrar 0ot journey, will you maki ft to a
tourist sleeper? The BurHngton's Personally Conducted Towirt
Sleeper Parties for Los Angele leara Omaha at 4:10 p. m.,
roii) through Draw, Scenic Colorado and Salt Lake City try
Or, win ytm go in a atantjard steeper? The Burlington
rtms these through to San Frandsoo errer the Southern Pa
cific and Western Pacific
On a tour of the Coast yon will probably go one root
and return another. Bvrlington main Uses form a prominent
and well operated portion of the whole aoheme of diverse
Is punctuality of train operation important to yon? Bur.
hngton trains through the year make "on time" records that
cause widespread comment.
In selecting' the railroad that's to carry yon, do yon thick
of these essentials in logh-grade rrk look-signal protec
tion, integrity of roadbed, uniform speed, ample power, pre
cision of operation, dynamo-e!MJtrio4ighting; high-clou dining
car service, civility of employee?
It Is Travel Education" to
ride from 500 to 1,000 miles In
a Burlington train. No tour of
the coast Is complete (hat does
not include the Darlington.
Lev sm ri.l. rH warh lisuiejttia Wat mm4 sail u m botv .
feetlvely Bsa-tlaea) tkuss am Mil ur he artUlaeel la ysaw trmimt paaaaa.
J. B. Beynolds, City Passenger Agent,
1502 rarnam Street. Tel. D. 1238 or D. 3580.
319 South 16th Street
The women of Omaha and vicinity have been watching and waiting for this one great event, as they have learned
from past experience that it means a bona fide clearance sale of high-class, exclusive wearing apparel a positive closing
out of every garment, no matter what the sacrifice may be.
This clearance will be even of greater importance than those of the past and will create more enthusiasm, as everyone
knows that this store was opened late last fall and our entire stock is absolutely new.
Thank You!
Mr. Jameson and Friends
TT is so kind of you all to be so lovely
.and kind to me in the troubles that
- arc before my father and mc
Mr. Jameson, I feel sort of instinctively
is going to help me, really, through his
friend, the detective. I dont know what
makes mc say this, but a woman's intui
tion is nearly always right.
So you w7 mcet mc with your rricndl
Well, tomorrow at eight in the evening,
I will be at the City HalL Will wear a
green suit with a rose in my corsage. I
will be with two men (my father qnd one
other). If by any chance we should miss
each other, I will have another announce
ment in the paper, the day after tomorrow.
Thank you again, I feel easier in my
mind already.
A. J. n.raon,
K. ii. Ulermao.
J. A. Mmltk,
Bol O. OvUstrom.
W. H. (lould. Jr.;
H. H Whltehouse,
W. N. Ltorraac.,
Cart Johnson,
S. l Uoldstrun.
2 A. Lwrmodr.
rntarlea M.yara.
W. J. CatUo.
M. L I'adorsrood.
E. r. Prall.y.
J. A. Kreelaad,
Alex. Jetea.
XL U. Basett,
J F. Rogers.
W. fcuoup.
T Honor Visitor.
Mrs. Joseph Barker entertained at
luncheon today at her home In honor of
Mrs. J. E. Baum of Philadelphia, who la
spending the holiday with Mra Klrken
dalL The table decoration were of Mrs.
Taft rcses and narcissus and covers were
Jlaoe4 tor:
3. K. Ball in,
K. P. KlrkendaU.
A. U Kw4.
John A. McKhane,
Warren HoKer.
Jevti Bsuuv
E. P. l ech.
A. O. Herson,
Campbell p,!r.
M. W ilhelm.
JuMih Iterker.
Baucis? Parties Tonight
The KulfUs of Columbus will sjre the
fadusive Tailored Suits
975.00 TAlLORKl) Kl'lTS 07 CO
Clearance l'ric 30i D
$03.00 TA1LOKKD KUTH Ann f-f
Clearance irtce POe.OU
$30.30 TAILORED S11T& C O O 7 C
tlcarauce lrice 3t. O
Clearance lrice p .OU
CWrence Irioe 3a'is O
$15.00 TAILORED bt ITS Ann r-i
Clearance !rir DU
$30.50 TAILORED ftl'lTS (in sjr
Clewranc Price) P 1 e7e D
$35.00 TAILORED SUTS 17 f-r.
Clearance lrlce 3 1 eOU
$29.7.1 TAILORED Kl'lTS C1 A 7C
Clearance 1'rlce PlsD
$35.00 TAILORED bl'lTH
Clearance Price . . t
$70-50 COAT (SOQ fys-
tVurance I Vice J5i.0
$&3.00 COATS . QO Cfl
Clearance I Vice ............ J0eOU
1trance Price ........... O
Clarance Price . S-T.0
Clearance Price 3ae.uU
$30.54) COATS MO TC
Clearance Price pl7e0
$35.00 CXIATS Cl7 CA
Clearance Irlce J 1 aOU
$20.50 COATS CI I 7C
Clearance IVIce 4lTe0
$25.00 COATS CIO en
Clearance Price ?la6.0U
$10.00 COATS Aft sf h
Clearance IVIce P7ed
$15.00 COATS
Clearance Price
$00.50 DRF.SSES
Clenrance" Price
$05.00 DRESES
Clemrance lrice
$50.50 DRESSES
Clearance l'rice .
$40.50 DRESSES-
........ $29.75
19.50 DRL.SSES Anj syg-
Clearanoe Price ............. ts14e0
$43soo prj:ssks COO CA
Clearance Price leCeCs3U
$30.50 DRESSES C1Q 7C
Clearance Price Jla7sfO
$35.00 DRF.SSES C 1 7 CA
Clearance l'rice .......... J 1 .DU
$20.50 DRESSES t 1 yl 7C
Clearance Price ...... . .. . I14e O
$23.00 I)Ri:sses CIO Cn
Clearance l'rice ......... . 31.UU
110.50 DRIiSES CQ 7C
Clearance Price Pa.d
$15.00 DRESSES am rn
Clearance Price j sOU
I am a young man, afraid
of nothing, and ready to do
anything yoo bid me to rid
you of your annoyers.
I am known for my rep
utation of always protecting
the feminine sex, and defy
tag wrongdoers.
Bid me and I will act.
Bos 120
!'" ) sa oaMsst, bat I'm ready I. pot
BTMU .a raenrd as jpur prottctor and d.
I ihtak I bsvs a clot as to wh. ywtr pari.
cnlort mn. 1 hav oom a Uttls careful watch
ing yesterday sad Um day beiura, sad I'm
ready to ull yna what I think. I think they
sr. pretty allck articles, that's awe I
Address A. B. I. Bex 1ST
Hm yoa all the Oa..UBkati. ysa fc,,,
raosi-sdr I aa as author and think that this
U. Well, sreth at thaa tcttoa,
UlM MISS. B.x tS
Beginning Monday and for One Week Only!
Will take place In the rear of Art
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of Left-Over Christmas Goods go at
See real estate columns for bargains