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    THH 11KE: OMAHA. TVKSDAV. PIXKMP.Ki: '2'. V.).
Objection to Their Registry Made
by Nebraska Oas and Elec
tric Company.
Ballots In Fartiaa t'osmty C'ostest
Are Receive r " rcretary
f Stair, and Placed In
Sate krrplai,
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, JDef. as. (Sporlal.) Objec
tion to registering bonds in the amount
of 136.000, voted by Blair for the estab
lishment of nn electric light plant by the
i Ity, was the cauxo of a hearing before
State Auditor Howard this afternoon.
Objection was made by the Nebraska
Cas and Klectrle company of Omaha,
which has several plants In the eastern
Part of the state. The company sets out
that the call for the election was not
advertised the. required twenty days, u
prescribed by the statutes, and that
therefore the election was Illegal.
State Auditor-elect AV. H. Smith was
Invited br Auditor Howard to sit with
hhn In the hearing; and accented the In
vitation. Ballots la Content Received.
Two big boxes containing the ballots
cast In Furnas county have been received
by the secretary of state and deposited
in the vault. They will be used In con
nection with the contest brought by .1.
W. Kelley, democrat, against the seating
of J. F. uta, republican, who was elected
by a majority of five votes over Kelley.
Gavel from ribs,
Govenor Morehoaa received today as a
Christmas present a gavel made of ebony,
with a rosewood handle, made from
' Cuban woods. It was sent by John K.
Karly, who now lives in Cuba and was
formerly a resident of Saline county,
having served aa postmaster under the
Cleveland administration.
New Hebron Bank.
The Hebron State bank has been
granted, a charter by the State Banking
board. The Institution has a capital
stock of $00,000, with R. A. Harvey, pres
ident: L. J. Dunn, vice president, and
W. H. Rhodes, cashier. Mr. Rhodes was
the democratic candidate for congress In
the Fourth district
Reed Villi tw In Lincoln.
K. W. Reed, formerly connected with
the Nebraska Railway commission, but
now connected with the Interstate Com
merce commission' as senior land ap
praiser. Is In the city for the holiday va
cation visiting his family. His head
quarters are n Kansas City, and he is
at present working on a valuation of the
Kansas City & Southern railroad.
Restrain Whims
Not the Will of
People of the'U. S.
. (From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Dee. 28. (Special Telegram.)
The address of President H. H. Wilson
of the, Nebraska State Bar association
marked the opening meeting of that or
ganization this afternoon at the Lincoln
"Tlie Courts and Constitutional Re
strictions" w-as th esubject of his ad
dress. Ho denied the courts had a right
to be criticized.
"But tliirty-five times In 133 years have
the courts decided that legislation waa un
constitutional." said Sir. Wilson. He be
Hovd ther should be constitutional re
straints upon the whims, but not the will
of the people.
At the Llndell hotel this evening the
Lancaster Bar association gave a com
plimentary dinner to the outgoing and
Incoming members of th eaupreme court
and to the vlsltlnii lawyers. Tomorrow
will be the big day and i nthe evening
Ihe annual banquet will be at the Lincoln
hotel. F. M. Hall will be toastmaster.
STELLA, Neb., .Deo. 28. (Special.)
Mr. Clyde O. Hasklns of the Stella Press
and Miss Maude Harbaugb were married
at 1 o'clock Saturday at the home, of the
bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Har
baugh, at Miles' ranch, (our and one
half miles southwest of Dawson, by Rev.
8. J, Wilton of the Stella Methodist
church Only the members of the two
families were present. After the service
a wedding dinner waa served. The bride
wore a traveling suit of bronze green
doth. Mr. and Mrs. Hasklns left Dawson
on the 4 o'clock train Saturday afternoon
to spend a few days In Kansas City.
Mp. Hasklns. aside from his duties as
a country editor, is a writer for several
larm -papers, and It was while inter
viewing Mr. Harbaugh for information
for a special cattle article that he met
and became acquainted with the latter'a
daughter, who la now his wife.
Notes front Beatrice.
BEATRICE, Neb. Dec. 28. (Special.)
Mrs. Bessie Zook died suddenly at
Barneston Saturday after an Illness of six
weeks, aged 23 years. She la survived by
her husband and two small children.
) Mrs. A. W. Davidson, mother of Mrs.
J. W. Murray of this city, died at Hamp
ton, la., Saturday, aged 65 years. The
body was brought here Sunday for lu
terment. Alphonso Falk, son of M. M. Falk,
editor of the Plymouth Newt, has Joined
Ihe United States navy and Is now a fire
man on the battleship Oregon.
Judge Alfred Iiazlett of this city, who
has for some months pat been Inter
ested In trying to secure the release of
Harry K. Thaw, and mho Is opposed to
his being taken back to Mattaewan asy
lum, received a box of cigars from Thaw
aa a Christmas present.
This ant Vtrt- CrBlt.
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III., writing your name and address
clearly. You will receive In return a free
trial package containing Foley's Honey
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croup; Foley Kidney Pills, for pain In
sides and bark, rheumatism, backache,
kidney and bladder ailments; and Foleys
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oughly cleansing cathartic, especially
comforting to stout persona For sale In
your town by all druggists. Advertisement.
Bee Want Ads Produce Results.
Will Ask for Bill
Recognizing Them
i f'rm a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Neb.. Dec. .(Special.)
Members of the Nebraska Chiropractors'
association met at the Llndell hotel today
to talk over matters pertaining to the ef
forts they will make this year to he
granted legislation favorable to their
profession, which so far has no recogni
tion, and which the doctors believe has
been unjustly discriminated against.
They wish not to be confused In any
manner with either osteopathy or the
medical profession. They say the general
public is rapidly demanding that which
has proven their contention, which Is,
that Its growth demands recognition.
The association discussed In detail the
bill to be presented to the legislature that
the chiropractors be recognized as well
as the osteopaths. "There are some 100
chiropractors In the state today. If there
was not n Oemand for them there would
not be so many, and It is for this reason
that we ask recognition," said Dr. Iee
Edwards of Omaha. A committee, rep
resenting the Nebraska Chiropractic as
sociation, will meet with a similar group
of osteopaths next woek to ask the lat
ter'a support in order to secure such rec
ognition. There are about fifty chiropractors In
attendance from the various portions of
Nebraska The officers of the associa
tion in attendance are: II. J. Foster of
H-VKtlnss. II. W. Kellogg of Harvard, J.
Tt. Campbell of Norfolk, L. R. Parks of, Dr. Joseph C. Lawrence of
Omaha. The legislative committee will
meet In Omaha soon.
Births in Nebraska for Year Exceed
Deaths by Sixteen Thousand.
Record "bows More Than Twelve
Than sixteen llnndred
Legal Reparation.
News Notes from Avora.
AVOCA, Neb., Dec. 2S.-(8peclal.)-Frank
Gress, a well known Otoe county
farmer, sustained a fractured arm Just
above the wrist cranking his automobile
on Christmas day.
Ed P. Carper of I'nadilla. who aerlously
Injured Leonard Nash lost August, was
found guilty of assault and battery and
was assessed a fine of $100 and costs by
Judge Begley In the district court of Otoe
Thre wolves were killed In a hunt east
of town laet week. About loo hunters participated.
Farmers' 1'nlon Bays Elevator.
(Special.) The Farmers' Equity union
laet week purchased the elevator at this
place formerly owned by the estate of
J. E. Oosnell. The business mill be run
under the name of the Republican City
Equity exchange. The farmers are well
organized and are now ready to handle
grain and coal.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Dec. 2S.-(Ppoctal.)-Thnl
the population of Nebraska Is Increasing
If the birth and death rate Is taken Into
consideration, la shown by the report of
Dr. W. H. Wilson, secretary of the State
Board of Health. The births in Ne
braska from a period extending from Ie
cember 1. 1M3, to December 1. 1914. were
Si.TM, while the deaths reported were but
In a fight with the divorce court Pvlnro
Cupid put It over on the court heavily,
the score being 8 to 1 In favor of Cupid.
There were 12,157 weddings In tlie state
during the year and I,.'i77 divorces granted.
There were 52 rases where the applicant
struck out with the bases full and fatk'd
to a get a decree. Cruelty and desertion
appeared to be the cause for most of the
divorces. r:o being given for the former
end 4M for the latter. Drunkenness whs
responsible for 221. while prohibition
scored none. Nonsupport was responsible
for 3S2 divorces, while 124 secured their
freeilom because the other one loved un
wisely and too well somebody else.
There were 772 people who took less
than two years to discover they had mado
a bad mesa of the matrimonial Job; five
years, 03: ten years, 4; twenty-fire
years, 207; forty yuarg, 25, and forty-five
years. 2. Sixty-four people did not know
how long they had been married. Of the
applicants for divorce 1,730 were women
and 429 were men.
Douglas county had 636 divorce cases
against 2,473 marriages. Lancaster county
stood second with 297 cases for divon
and 972 marriages.
In the state there were 14,oo2 boys born
and 12,779 girls, a total of 36.781. There
were 804 pair of twins, all of them white,
906 being boys and 004 girls. There were
two flocks of triplets, all of them coming
from foreign parent, five being boys and
one girl.
thinking It was kerosone. The young
woman's cloth,-s v. ere burned from her
body and she Inhaled much, of the flame.
She was taken to a local hospital, but
cannot live. She la a daughter of Mr
and Mrs. Pat Moran of Overton.
KEARNEY, Neb., Dec. 28. -(Special
Telegram.) Teresa Moran, 23 years old.
was fatally burned today when sho at
tempted to start a flro with gasoline.
Fairbury Youth
Severely Injured
While "Hooking On"
FAIRBt'RY, Neb.. Dec. .-(Ppeclal
Telegram.) Lewis, 10-year-ohl son of K.
J. Nelson, barely averted death at the
Rock Island depot when he was run over
by an automobile. In company with sev
eral other companions, he waa "hooking"
on nnd when turning a corner his sled
skidded and ho was struck by an auto
mobile. It passed over his neck and chest
His chest waa crushed, but no bones
were fractured and his physician enter
tains some hope of his recovery. His
companion barely escaped a similar acci
dent, but his sled was caught and was
(mashed to pieces.
FAirtHl-RT. Neb.. Dec. 28. (Special. -"No
horses for the European war." Is
the alogHn of Jefferson county farmers.
Tills was brought about Saturday, when
Tiud White ,a Topcka horse buyer, adver
tised extensively for horses and mares for
eavnlry and artillery purposes, to range
In ago from 6 to 10 years and weigh l.OMl
and pounds and be fat and sound.
The buyer announced he would be at
Ellsworth A Fmlth's livery barn, rain or
shine and would buy and not Invoice.
However, he did not have a chance to
do either, for no horses showed up at the
barn and he left Fairbury without mak
ing and purchase. He claimed he had
a couple of carloads at Roodland, Kan.,
already bought.
Many of the Jefferson county farmers
have expressed themselves decidedly op
posed to seeing their faithful horses off
the farms being shipped over to Europe
to he cut to pieces by cannon balls and
SUPERIOR, Neb., Dec. M.MSpeclal Tel
egram.) Miss Evelyn Brodstone arrived
thin week from Australia, where she so
journed for six months, being COO miles
from a railroad In the Interior. She was
the first white woman ever seen that far
Inland, the war having been declared
three weeks before It was known there.
Staff ' Offer of Contract Makes In
dim Team Management Chortle
a Little with Glee.
Iteds Have Take en Notre I Hi me
Mad I tope fa Amtt Cinme
V4lth Ike, l alveralty of
IAt RENCi:, Kan.. Dec. tS.-t.'peclal.)
Santa Claus arrived on scheduled time
at Ihe big government Indian school, with
Prof. Alonso A. Ktagg playing the rolo
of the good PL Nli hols. When Manager
A. M. Venne looked In the foot ball stock
ing In thn wee small hours of Christmas
morning he found there a contract for a
foot ball game between the. Haskell
Rraves and the representatives of the
University ot Chicago, said game to bo
played at Chicago on November 6,
Attention from All Hides.
A great many of the followers of fool
ball here. In this foot ball crasy town, be
lieve that the Haskell Indians are in a
class by themselves when It comes to a
demonstration of the great college spoil,
and It Is evident from the way the mem
bers of the "Rig Nino" -have been shower
Ing recognition upon the Kcdaklno, that
there are other people who believe that
at least. Haskell can furnish them a
practice game. Not that Haskell defeats
all comers, or could even boast of a
challenge against Harvard, aa did their
once big northern rival, the "Cornhusk
crs." Like to Pla Haskell.
Those In authority at Haskell know
very well why tlio members of the big
teams like to play Haskell. First, be
to use the Indians are, naturally and by
training, the best sportsmen In tho world.
The native American loves to a In, to be
sure, and puts forth every legitimate ef
fort to attain that enl. He la scrupulous
however, about his conduct to his oppo
nent, and he knows that the real victory
lies In putting forth bis best and hla all
Into the work before him. It has been
these characteristics which has won so
much honor for Haskell In the south,
where one would expect and dors find a
better attltudo toward athletics than In
the northern schools.
Indians fioort Plarhtem.
Haskell always fights to the finish,
even If It Is their finish. And It Is this
characteristic ot thn Indians that has
won them a place for the second time
on the Notre Dame schedule, a place
on Chicago's November schedule, and an
Invitation to meet both the universities
of Illinois and Indiana. Conflicting dates
compelled Manase- enn to drllne In
diana, but thn Illinois game is still a
possibility. It now s mis likely that
Haskell will add to this, one member
of thn Missouri conference.
Rasy Krama Ahead.
This with the southern games and a
Jew state contests will give lliuikeTl
a busy season. It stems likely that
only onn trip will be made t the south
this year. Tho distance is so great that
thn school authorities object to the day
or mine that the hoys would miss their
classes. Tho Texas A. M. game will
be played at tho Texas state fair at
I'allas. and this Is not a hnvd trip and
ncssltates but a half day's loss of school.
Oklahoma la still silent on another
game. Perhaps tho Sooner think thry
had better quit while their credit la good.
Haskell hope to finish the season with
Oklahoma, and It may be that the game
will be scheduled for either Itwrence or
Norninn, a step that will further mark
the return of the college, game to home
t, rounds.
Tho big southern trip to Austin and
New Orleans to meet the state universi
ties of Texaa and Louisiana will not be
l fclnemen Held.
.lKlt.HKY CITV. N. J., I- W-jJix
t'lwncnien were arrested early today in
a (.rand Trunk railway freight ear In
thn Ktln railroad yanls here and lo.ied
up on charges of violation of thn ex
clusion a t They will be arraigned be
fore I nlted Slates Commissioner Car
penter tomorrow. The police say iho
oar came through from Vancouver, B, i;
ASHLAND, Neb , Dec. 28. (Special Tel
egram. Coroner Edward I. Rlggerstaff
of Wahoo held an Inqueet this morniirt
over the body of Frank Myrtle, a Sarpy
county man who waa Instantly killed
shout 5:30 Saturday evening on the Omaha
main line track, half way between Salt
creek bridge and the Sioux City division
wye. a mile east of town, by Burlington
passenger No. JL A verdict of accidental
death was returned by the Jury.
Engineer Hutchinson of No. 3 testified
that .Myrtle crossed and recrossed thn
track of the rapidly onrushlng train, ap
parently unaware of Its near approach
He saw the man too tate to stop the train
in time.
Myrtle waa fid ye-srs of age and leaves
an aged mother at Bowen, III. He was
divorced from his wife, who resides on
the Sarpy county side of the Platte river.
Mate TDnfis
E(ssliiftiim for AM
JVheveClSy I have been living so closely to my occupation
in the paist that I have found it impossible
to find time to keep fully and reliably in
formed of the big, vital news of the world
of the constant changes, developments, and
advances in Politics, Science, Invention, Lit
erature, Art, Religion, Drama, and Sports
and the lack of a talking knowledge of which
has caused me embarrassment, and is liable
to stamp me as a " back-number " before
my time, be it. therefore
Resolved, that there being only one salvation for me
and all other busy men and women who
must keep abreast of the world's thought
and action with a very small expenditure of
money and time, I shall commence to-day
to spend 10 cents weekly and two hours'
spare time, reading
me lie
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E i
E 1
I can help you. Your letter in yes
terday's paper, made me feel for
you and want to rush right out and
help you.
I imagine you are pretty much
upset, from what you say and want
to hear without delay from anyone
who can help you and your father.
Now, I would not be of much
good myself, Miss Dodge, but I am
very close to a man, who I think, is
the greatest detective that ever lived.
I know I can persuade him to help
you, for he is the aid of the weak
and oppressed always. And I will!
Indicate how and when I can meet
you with my friend and we will be
there. To show you that I am sin
cere, and I mean you no harm, you
may have a policeman with you.
Respectfully yours,
Dear Miss
There is a very simple
help for you one that
never faila. You can help
What I mean to say, is
that by thinking deeply
and refusing to admit that
there is harm about you,
that all harm will dis
appear. We are peculiar beings,
we humans: as we think
we an. And wo can
frighten ourselves into im
agining we are in all sorts
of danger. Think you
are away from harm, and
you will have no harm.
E. A. B.
Elaine Dodge
My Idea la that someona Is playing a
great Joke on you. However, If you
will write Bid. Jenkins. City Hull,
where to reach you,- I will come ui
axiti protect you.
S. J.
Elaine Dodge
I am a detective, and will be
pleased to handle your case
for a reasonable fee. I believe
that I can be of real be! p to you.
P. O. Box TIS. Omaha.
To Mist
Elaine Dodge
Ws tl have ottr troubles waen yonag.
ao lust pick up courage ana lam sure
eerythin will be si rujht. II Ihe
help of ao old lady wUl ke aay goad.
let us know - -
HUttnia HUAi.dtet 10) Boi 130