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    T1IK 1U;K: OMAHA. FiflDAY, DKCKMHKIt 1!U4.
The Be Publishing Company, Proprietor.
Entr4 at Omaha poetofflce second-class matter.
Rjr csrrler Br mail
per month, ptr mt.
an. Sundev... ... I uo
rliy without Sunday....' e 4 W
FVsnlng and ftinriajr 4"n on
Evening without Sunday too .. 4.00
Sunday Bee y a 1 00
Pend notice of ehsng tf address or complaints of
Irregularity Is telftary to Omaha Dee. Circulation
Ftmlt hv draft, press or postal order. Only two
rent (tamps received In paynjant of small as
rountt I'moul checks, except on Omaha and eastern
exchange, not accepted.
Omaha -Tha Boa Building
-out h Omaha N street.
Council Bluffa 14 North Main Street.
Lincoln Lmla Bulldlnr.
Chicago 01 Hearst Bul'tllrg
New York Room lin, PI Firth evsnn,
St Lnuls M New Bank of Commeree.
Washington TS Fxnirteenth Bt., N. W.
Address pommanlratloaa relating to tiawa and edi
torial matter to Omaha Bee, Editorial Department.
State of Ntbrasks. County of Douglas, (a.
Dwlght William, circulation mmiaaer of The Bea
Publishing company, he I nit duly sworn, says that
the average dally circulation fur the month of No
vember, 114, waa I2.A31.
DWIOHT WIL1AMS, Clriulatlon Manager.
Subscribed In my presence and aworn to before
me, thli 7th day of December, 114.
ROBERT HUNTER. : -tary Public
Hutwwrlbers leaving the city temporarily
ahould have The Uce mailed to them. Ad
dress will be changed as often as requested.
Merry Christina to all.
In time of war prepare for peace.
Tbe bouse baa decided to continue taking Its
"morning's morning."
King Albert of Belgium Is not a bad news
paper reporter, at that.
Be sure and keep a "safety-ftrst" sign on
tbe tree until every danger spot la past.
Speaking of the law's delays, tardy Justice is
bad enought, but uncertain justice Is -worse.
Secretary Bryan and Senator Hitchcock are
for universal peace except between ourselves.
"Do you believe the boot will ever come
back?" someone asks. No, too much kicking as
it Is.
"Let the people think" ought to make
equally as good a popular slogan aa "Let the
people rule."
At least it is too late to do your Christmas
hopping early unless yoti start right away for
next Christinas.
Between floods and ttray bullets,, our sol
diers on the Artxona border most be hiving 'a
tough time of It.
The letter carriers and. the postofflce clerk
are entitled to special credit marks as Santa's
indispenslble right-hand man.
Still, the advent of Christmas r.liould not
mark the end of your efforts to help the tin
fortunate by practical charity.
Scrvla Rafuaea to Treat -wlthf Austria,-Headline
From all accounts, they seem to have been
treating with the Austrlans rather actively of
t t
Our Congressman Loberk Is coming home to
spend the holidays, having been away from
home for lo, these two weeks past. Great home
It would seem that the poetical. plti iu are
not for tbe Nebraska faithful -this .year at
least not for those In disfavor with the honor
able secretary of state.
A city ordinance requires property owners to
Veep thfr aidewalka cleaned of anow and the
police are expected to enforce the ordinances.
A word to the wise Is sufficient.
The Germans announce that they hold
French territory valued at two billions of dol
lars. Yes. but that la an asset rather difficult
to. market under present conditions.
Ex-Congressman Shallenberger is chautalk
lug In Pennsylvania. That's far'enough away
from home to find an occasional audience that
ha not heard those laush-provoklng stories of
ls. No charge for thla free ad-
After all, what a lot of rot and nonsense
creeps into a public debate of the liquor ques
tion from both sides, as wttnesa some of the
foolish utterances on the floor of the house whea
the Hobsoo resolution came up, and Mr. Under
wood contributed his share.
- 11
4k aaV
Christmas day was duly celehratad by tba various
churches. At BC Phlloraana'a Blehop O'Connor eel,
brated high maas aaalstad by Fathaaa McOj-Mh.
Murphy, and an elaborate musical program was
, rendered, under O. F. Meyer, organist; VlUa Fanma
Arnold, choir leader, and prof, llorrm-m ,r-h...,.
Trinity aJa bad aa extraordinary musical program
provided by J. IQdiauact Butler. organist, s.o4 Thomaa
J. Pennell, choirmaster.
Tba amusement bUl at Boyd's was n.nel Tom's
Cabin" by the Boatoa double company with twa "I'nola
Tom's" two "Eva a." two Mark s" and two donkeys.
Mrs. Bells Durtsux held tha lucky aumber which
' draw tha priio dressing case raffled off at O. W.
taxes drug store
Mrs. 6. P. Mora has arrived horn from Ns
York A-reatly Improved la health.
XV. O. Shrivar of Baal at Bhrlver U eating Christ
pas dinner with Dr. ahriver of Qlanwaod. Ia.
Emit Burmaistar, son of E. Burroetster. Is boma
jiora cotiege to spend Christmas with bis parents.
G. A. Brewer, the wU knows banking man of
1 aJthnure. has ate pled a poeltloo In tba Omaha Na-
ChrlMiiins with Its ppare on eiirth. Rood will
to men. rninlng amid tbe mogt terrible of wars,
deepens the contrast between Its own spirit and
conditions of the day and finds many men pro
claiming the breakdown of civilization Yet If we
witness more want and woe we see also more
philanthropy to relieve it and more service for
the spirit of Christmas than ever.
This Is not the only time Christmas has
caught the old world off Its guard. According to
secular and sacred history, the first Christmas
damned amid conditions unspeakably worse than
any existing today. Civilisation seated at Rome,
never more vaunting In Its achievements, was
corrupt to the core, rerklnr; in tbe vilest forms of
vice and crime.
Civilization may have halted, certainly has
cgreglously blundered, but has not broken down.
What student of history with faith in the future
denies that civilization will emerge from this Eu
ropean eclipse wiser If not ntrongc-r for Its chas
tening experience? We look back a half century
In the life of our own republic to a day when
clouds of doubt overshadowed the promise of
America. Then It was more than nation against
nation It wan state aRalnst state, brother
against brother, father against son. But the prin
ciple at stake was fought out, the war ended, the
union was saved and the nation came forth from
the crucible mightier and more compact.
Civilization has survived and will survive the
severest tests. World-wide sro the effects of
this war and universal the demand for mercy.
But mercy has caught the call and flunp back
the response. Never have men and notions more
eagerly and extensively taken up the work of
humanity. The world moves toward the Ideals
of Sinai and the sermon on the mount, despite
all setbacks and obstacles.
It recognizes the fundamental principles of
peace and brotherly love. Neutral nations de
plore and condemn the war, belligerents apolo
gize for It. The message of Christmas lives and
strives to overcome the baser influence. "I am
my brother's keeper," shout millions, who are
at this moment offering up their most cherished
sacrifices to the dictum that "pure religion and
nndefiled before Cod and the Father Is this, to
visit the fatherless and widows In therl afflic
tion." With the Christmas reminder, men may not
shut their eyes to all this altruism, even though
dazed by the awful spectacle of war.
Patronage Fight Just Getting Good.
To a man up a tree, the democratic patron
age deadlock in Nebraska looks as If It were
Just beginning to get good.
Nebraska democrats are fortunate, or un
fortunate, In having two distinguished and over
weenlngly ambitious leaders occupying high pub
lic office, and heading bitterly opposed fac
tional foliowlngs; As a consequence we have
senatorial courtey drawn up In battle array
against cabinet comity.
Through the president, the secretary can ap
point, but cannot confirm, while the senator
can reject, but cannot enforce his recommenda
tions. For positions usually conferred as special
rewards for party service, the senator has taken
particular pains' to urge only men known to be
personally distasteful to the secretary in fact,
It would take a microscopic search to find any
democrats In Nebraska mors odiously objection
able, or whose proferment would bo more hu
miliating, to the secretary. Instead of being In
vitations to compromise, the senatorial recom
mendations for the most part look more like
studied Insults to the secretary of state, and
there are no signs yet of surrender on either
side. , . (
If it is to be a fight to the finish, we speak
for front seats In the spectators' gallery.
' One Mark of Civilized Warfare.
Without n formal armistice, the opposing
hosts of Europe have planned, each to itself, to
obxerve Christmas day by resting arms, and re
fraining from battle, thus giving one mark at
least of civilized wurfare as contracted with the
conflicts of (savagery. By no means do all the
combatants called .Into the field profess a re
ligion which mokes Christmas their recognized
holiday, hut despite the divergent religious
creeds, they all seem to accord a generous tol
erence to the faith of their comrades. In what
other war, which history records, can be found
a similar voluntary truce respecting a religious
festival and its celebration? While so-called
civilised warfare may be as relentless as un
civilized warfare iu the destruction of life and
property, we have here one limit which It sets
for ltsulf to heed without overstepping.
Industrial Peace.
We want peace In American Industry, but we di
not want peace at any price. We want peace to rest
on thane primal rights that are the baMc reason fur
government. A settlement on any other than the
happiness and rights of the man I will always pro
test. Prank P. Walch, chairman of the fetferal com
mission on Industrial relations.
And every sober-thinking; man with fixed
opinions on the subject will agree with Mr.
Walsh. Industry and government are so co
related in human affairs that they must rest
upon the same principles of justice or they will
not rest at all. A basic principle of free gov
ernment implies a sense of mutual interest and
Inseparable welfare. This same rule must gov
ern relations In Industry where success and pros
perity rests entirely on the point of mutual In
terest. Two of the most notable obstacles to indus
trial peace today, aside from the abstract lack
of mutual confidences, are the absentee control of
big Interests on the one hand and the self-seeking
walking delegate, or paid agitator, on the other.
Fortunately the menace of both have been
brought forcibly to the attention of this com
mission and will be specifically dealt with In Its
report to congress.
Surely enough economic power and resources
have been wasted In this country on fool devices
that keep labor and capital constantly estranged
and make distrustful enemies Instead of mutual
friends of employer and employe, to be ready for
a sane rearrangement of tbe whole industrial
system. But let no one be so simple aa to sup
pose that the mtlleunlum Is to come in a day, or
a year, even after this commission completes Its
Investigation and ktibmits its findings to con
gress, but all the indications point to steady
progress in the right direction.
Old-Time Christmas Dinner
The Christmas Muse
A l east Won b W hile.
The following account, somewhat abridged, of th
banquet served by the squire In the old aneentrnl hall
Is taken from Washington Irving' "flketch Book:"
The dinner was served up In the great hall, where
' the pi til re. always held Ms Christmas banquet. A
1 hnrlnr, crackling fire of logs had been heaped on M
j warm the spacious apartment and the flame went
sparkling and wreathing tip the wide-mouthed chim
ney. The greet picture of the crusader and hie white
j horse had been profusely decorated with greens for
1 the occasion and holly and ivy had likewise been
wreathed round the helmet and weapons on the oppo
site wall, which I understood were the arms of the
same warrior. I must own, by the way, I had strong
doubts about the authenticity of the painting snj
armor as having belonged to the crusader, they cer
tainty having the stamp of more recent days: but I
wss told that the painting bad been so considered
time out of mind; and that as to the armor It had
been found In a lumber room and elevated to Its
present situation by the squire, who at once deter
mined It to be the armor of the family hero; and ns
he was absolute authority on all such subjects In his
own household the matter had passed Into current
(iergeeat Display of Plate.
A sideboard was set out Just under the chlvalrlc
trophy, on which was a display of plate that might
have vied st lesst In variety) with Belshaszar's
parade of the vessels of the temple; "flagons, cans,
cups, beskers, goblets., basins and ewers," the gorgeous
utensils nf good companionship that had gradually
accumulated through many generations of Jovlil
housekeepers, liefore these stood two Yule cand'es,
heninlng like two stars of the first magnitude; other
lights were distributed In branches like a firmament
of silver.
We were ushe red Into this banqueting scene with
the sound of minstrelsy, the Old harper being seated
on a stool beside the fireplace and twanging kls In
strument with a vast deal more power than melody.
Never did Christmas hoard display a more goodly
and gracious assemblage of countenance; those who
were not handnome were at least happy, and happi
ness Is a rare Improver of your hard favored visage.
I always consider an old English family as well
worth studying as a collection of Holbein's portraits
or Albert Durcr's prints. There Is much antiquarian
lore to bo acquired, much knowledge of the physi
ognomies of former times. Perhaps It may be from
having continually before their eyes those rows of
old family portraits, with which the mansions of this
country are stocked; certain It Is that the quaint fea
tures of antiquity are often most faithfully perpetu
ated In these lines, and I hsv traced an old family
nose through a whole picture gallery, legitimately
handed down from generation to generation, almost
from the time of the conquest. Something of the kind
was to bo observed In the worthy company around me.
The table wss literally loaded with good cheer,
and presented an epitome of country abundance tn
this season of overflowing larders. A distinguished
post was allotted to "ancient sirloin," as mine host
termed It, being, as he added, "the standard of old
English hospitality and a joint of goodly presence and
full of expectations." There were several dishes
quaintly decorated, and which had evidently some
thing traditional In their embellishments, but about
whch, as I did not like to appear over curious, I asked
no questions.
The Wassail IIaotI.
When the cloth was removed the butler brought
In a huge allver vessel of rare and curious workman
ship, which he plnced before the squire. Its appear
mice was hsiled with acclamation, being the wassail
bowl, so renowed In Christmas festivity. The content 3
had been prepared by the squire himself: for It was a
beverage In the skillful mixture of which he pc-'""-larly
prided himself, alleging that It was too abstruse
and complex for the comprehension of an ordinary
servant. It was a potation, Indeed, that might well
make the heart of a toper leap within him, being com
posed of the richest and raciest wines, highly spiced
and sweetened, with roasted apples bobbing about the
The old gentleman's countenance beamed with a
serene look of Indwelling delight as he stirred this
mighty howl. Having raised It to his lips, with a
hearty wish of a "Merry Christmas to all present, he
sent It brimming round the board, for every one to
follow his example, according to the primitive stylo,
pronouncing It "the ancient fountain of good feel'nn,
whero all hearts met together." 1 1
Thoughts of the Day
Safety first requires asbestos whiskers for amatour
Hants Chins.
Red Cross stickers stick Just as well tomorrow 11
yesterday, ami do good any old time.
If you can't pour out vocally rondos of happy sons,
pour out something or get a machine.
Neer look the price tag in the face. It is not in?
quality but tbe spirit of the gift that counts.
The true Christmas spirit is that which moves
men's hearts to higher resolves for better living.
Consider the weird shapes that rock unbidden in
the glow of the morning after, and be wise before.
Owing to clreumstsncei beyond their control th
promised Christmas visits of foreign royalty to Paris
and Berlin have been Indefinitely postponed.
Hearts attuned to sympathy might send a trob or
two to Nebraska's democratic faithful whose Christ
mas socks failed to connect with the political Santa
Do not repine because th day happens to be one
of the shortest In the year. There are twenty-four
hours In It just the same, and joy bubbles just as w:1
under the gleams of the Masda.
"Under the mistletoe!" How pleasant It sound:
What strings of rominc It conceals! But discretion
Is needed as well as chivalry to Imprint the message
Watch out for peeping eyes. Two Is jolly company;
three may be a mob.
Whit disposed to hid from th left hand what the
right hand does, ss a nation w may point with prllo
to th fact that $10,000,008 worth of food has been sent
from the United State to the Belgians. Your Uncle
Samuel Is the emperor f good fellows.
More Impressive than any Christmas message sent
to war-torn land waa th Christmas Ship and the
goods It carried to soldier' children. It waa the visi
ble embodiment of Uncle Sam In the role of Santa
Claus. He looked the part, acted the part and filled
the part In a way to make good old St. Nicholas
scream with Joy.
Above all other nationalities the American whose
heurt Is In the right spot has the best of reasons for
hearing and heeding the Christmas message this year.
Beyond the nation's boundaries neighbors are gripped
In deadly strife, countless homes are destroyed, their
occupants scattered, orphans multiplied, and millions
dependent on the world's charity. Her peace and
good will abide. Back of th hands extending succor
to the unfortunste are hearts throbbing with thank
fulness for the joy of living in Qod's country.
People and Events
Those electric lighted Christmas trees fur
nish another argument for lower lighting rates.
Cheer up! It is enly 11 day to the opening of
the base ball season.
Whin doctor disagree, who will decide what la
"a state of preparedness?"
lion't let your left hand know what your right
Is duinti lu behalf of the worthy poor
Christmas boxes know no law, not even th law
eu,ulrtng a statemtnt of the content oa the label.
A New Jersey bachelor, scoffing to his last hrmtli.
left a will In which he offered prise of $M to any
woman who could prove she was his widow,
to by the board.
'Chicago manufacturers are going to send 4S.000
pairs of trousers to the rreiuh army. No the insktrs
ar not members of a donation parly. It s business
on a cash basis. ,
Three Christmas riaa&li-s.
A eft as comes the ChrWmss time
I tisd su-iiln, in proee or rhyme.
Three 1 lulcs old of Christmas mirth OT
Of varied measase, apt, sublime,
One told In pro.-e snd two In chime
Of verse that, like the holly, crowns the
The flrt of these In time and place.
Most fit the ChrlMmas eve to ursce.
Is youthful Milton's wondrous Christmas
Wherein his genius dared to trace
The mysteries of time and spare.
And soared a on the wings of cherubim.
And then I srhKlly turn to scan
On m. kene' ps:?e the miser mnn,
Old fti-rooKc, with heart like London s
paving tone.
Till Msnv's ghost, that for a span
On Christmas eve escaped the ban
Of drcndful h 0111, had shown to Scrooge
Ms own.
But when the Christmas spirits three,
Th Past, the Present, the To He,
To Scrooge had shown their visions, made
them clear.
No longer miser Scrooge was he,
Hut went about most Joyfully
With Christmas in his heart throughout
the year.
And Inst I turn araln to rhyme.
By children loved at Christmas time.
Anil read "A Visit from St. Nicholas."
Agsln I hesr his reindeer climb
The snowy roof, with silvery chime
Of bells that soft upon the midnight pass.
O poet-sers! Fo may you lonir
In magic prose snl Christmas song
Still tell the stury of the world's great
And msv your visions fair prolong
Their charm till from the earth ill
is banished by the Christmns spirit
Christmas Carols.
(First line of nine carols Included.)
It came upon the midnight clear.
In the little town of Bethlehem.
While shepherds watched their flocks by
A star appeared to them.
Calm on the listening ear of night,
Mark, hear the angels sing;
Hark, what mean those holy voices?
Glory to the new-born king.
Angels from the realms of glory.
Sing, O sing, this blessed morn,
Once In royal David's city.
The Prince of Peace was bom.
Omaha. -"BEIA.VIEW."
A Boy at Christmas.
Edgar A. Guest. In Judge.
If I could have my wish tonight. It would
not be for wenlth or fame,
It would not be for some delight that men
who live In luxury cUim;
But it would be that I might rise at 3
or t a. m.. to see,
With eager, happy, boyish eyes, my pres
ents on the Christmas tree.
Throughout this world there U no Joy, I
know now I am growing gray,
So rich as being lust a boy, a little boy
Christmas day.
I'd like once morn to stand and gaxe en
raptured on a tinseled tree.
With eyes that know just how to blaze,
a heart still tuned to ecstacy;
I'd like to feel the old delight, the surg
ing thrills within me come;
To love a thin with all my might, to
grasp the pleasure of a drum;
To know the meaning of a toy a mean
ing lost to minds blase;
To be Just once again a boy, a little boy
on Christmas day.
I'd like to see a pair of skates the way
they looked to me back then.
Before I'd turned from boyhood's gates
and marched Into the world of men;
I'd like to see a jackknlfe, too. with those
same eager, dancing eyes
That couldn't fault or blemish view; Td
llko to feel the same surprise.
The pleasure, free from all alloy, that
has forever passed away.
When I was Just a little boy and had my
faith in Christmas day.
Oh. little, laughing, roguish Isd! the king
that rules across the sea
Would give his scepter If he had such joy
as now belongs to thee!
And beards of irrny would give their gold
and all the honors they possess
Once more within their grasp to hold thy
present fee of happiness.
Earth sends no greater, surer Joy, as, too
soon, thou, as I. shall say,
Than that of his who is a boy, a little boy
on Christmas day.
A Question ( Faith.
Ted Rohlnon In Cleveland Tlalri Dealer.
"lo you believe In Santa Onus?" Why,
yes of course I do;
Your question Isn't sensible and. fur
ther, isn't new,
My answer Isn't, either. Hut unless
you're more than dense ,
You know that bromides may contain a
lot of common sense.
As long as children long for him, as long
as artists draw him,
I do believe In Santa Claus, although I
never saw him.
I never aaw thla cruel wind that shivers
me and shakes me
I never saw a Tariff Law but see how
poor it make met
I never saw a purple cow-but I've a
friend that haa;
(Ho saw that and a snake, which put him
right on the Paszazs.)
I never nursed a young gasell I never
hope to nurse one
But this I know, that anyhow I'd rather
nurse than curse one.
I never saw the gentle Muse that dally
doth Inspire me;
I've never seen The Boss and yet he's
liable to fire me!
I've not aeen Prexle Wilson but that
Isn't any cause
That he ahould not believe lu me, nor I
In Santa Claus!
Pass It Oa.
If some trinket you've been given.
Pass It on:
Make some other's life worth llvln'
Pass It on;
To not keep It In the garret.
Take it from your trunk and air It
Maybe some poor soul would wear it.
Pas It on.
If a laundry list you're hoarding,
Pass it on;
To some kind soul where you're boarding.
Pass It on;
Brush from it the flecks of grime,
Mske It truly serve Its time,
It has cost some one a dime,
Pass It on.
Tho It's but a hair-receiver,
Pass It on:
She worked on It Ilk beaver.
Pasa It on;
Perhaps your hair' all been received.
Ami that fact your soul baa grieved.
Don't waste time In being peeved
Pass It on.
Christmas Message
Charles Pickens: Look on the merry
faces of your children Cf you have any)
aa they sit round the fir. One little seat
may be empty; one alight form that glad
dened th father's heart, and roused the
mother's pride to look upon, may not be
there. Dwell not upon the past: think
not that one short year ago, th fair
child now resolving into dust, sat before
you, with the bloom of health upon its
cheek, and the gayety of Infancy In Its
Joyous ey. Hedect upon your present
blessings of which every man has many
not on your past misfortunes, of which
all men have some. Kill your glass again,
with a merry face and contented heart.
Our lift on It. but your Christmas shall
be merry, and your new year happy
"Is Plifglns learning to dance?"
"No He says he a too young."
"Why, h s 4C."
"Ves Bu he says he won t be rh-h,
" """'i ' s' in mr iinririnq
for at least ten year." H:Itlmore Amer
ican. ,
tl'-e"'" Dr ri!"r" nJoy ' 'r l'rnc
"No. He has to work so hnrd he doesn't
rave time to enloy snvthlng. but Mrs.
Plllers enjoys it." Birmingham Age
Herald. "Teg," said Mr. Crowcher: "I like an
early winter. I'd like to crowd the cold
weather in so a.1 to get through with
most of It before Janusrv."
isn t that rushing things a little?"
"Perhaps Hut 1 enn't help noticing that
the lanltor seem more generous about
turning on the steam along about Christ
mas time." Washington Star.
"Don't you think your boy is getting
too old !' eniov a Christmas tree"
sskeil the w.nmiii who Is always looking
; l"r a (ha:c to tell hi t news.
"Well," r-M'Hed Mr. Wnrmliart, "maybe
be is. Bi;t I'm not." Washington Star.
, Mr. Mrthusal-h sighed wearily.
1 OBI S i"" Tl.HI' V n 'r mm i -
In the Inst venra. she protested.
"Tills servant question is getting on my
Whereu ion she read of Joseph In
bondage nnd grew envious Philadelphia,
"My bnsl-and ays he
IflRht than eat Proves It
km in lift'
i "lie alwavs spends the meal hnor
1 scrapping with the cook." Ixutsvllle
1 Couil r-Journal.
fine nid von see w here a Judge In New
-. . . . . . . . . 1 .... ,k. 1 ...
1 ora sa s trial ine nusiinim it mr
controls the fnmllv finances?
He Anv tlmetableg about the honoT
She What do vou want them for?
H, We're going right off to live there.
Baltimore American.
Rare Drugs and Chemicals
For Prescription, Hospital and Technical Use
The wonderful advancement that has been made within the last
decade or two In pharmacy and chemit-try has naturally placed upon
the market hundreds and thousands of new chemicals and pharma
ceutics Is and special foods Tor infants and InvalldB. Our system In
regard to stocking these articles has been and Is now an absolute
fixed one. We place in stock EVKKYTHI(i In our line for which
XY DEMAND exists even by Indirection. This policy enforced
for 25 years by the Fame management In tbe conduct of our busl
uens has been productive of the
which -e are quite sure is the most complete stock of Drugs, Medl
cine, P.annaceniticnl Preparations, Mineral Waters, Rubber Goods
and Sick lioom Accessories to be found In the entire west.
We especially solicit orders for ttare Drags and chemicals and
believe we shall in almost every case find the most difficult pre
scription an easy one for our prescription department.
Sherman & McConnell Drug Co.
Dealers in Rare Drugs and Chemicals.
Corner Ifltli and IKtdge Streets Prescription Room Down Stairs.
Corner 16th and Harney Street-1 Rescript ion Room In Rear,
loyal Pharmacy, 207-0 North 10th St.
Harvard Pharmacy, JMth and Farnam sts.
First cars on the various lines as follows:
FARXAM LIXF Leaves depot at 3:62 a. m. Dundee 4:20 a. m.
46th and Cuming Sts., 5:45 a. m.
HARVEY LIVF Leaves depot 4:20 a. m. 33d and Parker, 4:45 a. m.
6th and Center, 6:20 a m.
DODGE LIVE Leaves depot, 6:05 a. m. 80th and Spalding:, 6:35 a.m.
PARK LIVE Leaves 24th and Ames Ave.. 5:05 a. m.
Leaves 32d and Valley, 5:55 a. m.
leaves 29th and Dupont, 5:50 a. m.
Leaves Florence, 5:36 a.m.
Leaves Kansas Ave., 6:30 a. m.
SOUTH OMAnA LIXR Leaves 42d and Grand Ave., 6:20 a. m.
Leaves 43d and "Q" Sts., 6:37 a. m.
BEVSOX & ALBRIGHT LIVE Leaves Benson, 5:36 a. m.
Leaves Albright, 6:25 a. m.
WEST LEA VEX WORT II OXB Leaves School for Deaf, 6:32 a. m.
Leaves Elmwood Park, 6:49 a. m.
CROSSTOWX LIXE Leaves 24th and Cuming, 5:32 a. m.
Leaves West 6t32 a. m. . ' : . ..
Omaha & Council Bluffs
Street Railway Company
who are
to-be our pa
trons we extend
the genuine old-time
wish which carries the
fullest, truest meaning
A Merry Christmas!
Omaha Electric Light
and Power Co.