Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, December 25, 1914, Page 11, Image 11

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What a Modern
Young Woman
in a Hhgh Place
Thinks : : :
"Coming and Going!
By Nell Brinkley
OnprMfM, 14, Internet lonil Mews Ferrtce.
r f Y .1
The minds ami eyi-s of many nro turn
Ins; toward a slender, prareful, clear
yeI young woman who on Now Year's
day will ascend to a place of vicarious
donor. That her
nign place la one
secured merely by
sharing It with the
one who earned It
makes tt none the
I pet precloui to
She Is the wife of
h brave man and
an honest one,
whose state has re
warded him for hla
bravery and hon
esty and great abll
lty by electing him
governor of his
Mate. Because she
in the wife of the
man so honored, eyes and minds turn to
ward her, as I have snld, with kindly In
terest. As the world loves a lover, eo It
loves those who have well earned their
She Is young to share honors so great.
n New Year s day when the keys of the
executive mansion of her state are handed
to her she will be S3 years old. Those
keys, rusty perhaps and heavy and un
lovely, save In their significance, will bo
her husband's birthday gift to her. Need
1 tell you that they are more welcome to
her than a tiara of rubles?
Before two months have passed within
the quaint walls of the old gubernatorial
. mansion another life will have dawned
into being, and the 4-year-old daughter
of the honored pair will have a email
brother or sister.
Tho point of view is the Individual. The
outlook of this young woman, raised to
such place of honor and social power and
far-reaching Influence is of interest and
weight because of its influence. Every
one stands for some dominant principle,
ome ruling thought, that governs his or
her llfo. Mrs. Charles Whitman, wife of
the governor of New York, stands for
homo cheer and for the future as well us
tho present welfare of her children.
"My life haunt prepared me for the
cHreer of. the wife of a public man." she
told me, while this crowning honor was
nearly two years away. "But I doubt
whether any preparation is necessary
one, must take good of him, must
keep, him healthy and keep his house well.
Of course, I am frightened when I think
of- the danger h Is In In the discharge
of hla duties aa district attorney, prose-
utlng murderers and their vindictive
friends. Last summer wlicn I had to take
the baby sway from tho hot city to the
mountains and my, husband was - alone
here at ' business, I was petrified with
Tear. But I never told my husband that
I was afraid. His natur Is of the up and
ilown kind .and we are always gay and
liKht-hearted when he Is about It we
were not, his spirits would drop. I don't
want tJ Interfere, even by moods, with
what he Is doing."
"Which la worth your cogitating,
O wife In every station."
She is not a shouting woman. Hhe
makes little noise about her beliefs. But
she has the large view and peers far Into
the future with her singularly clear,
bright, far-seeing eyes. She worked with
organisations for making working condi
tions and living conditions better. She
Is not addicted to social rlubH, but she
,fs a "member of societies who work for
the betterment of life.
"As a mother, I natumlly look forward
to the future and give consideration to
what the future will bold for children
when they are men and women," she said.
"Women who do not give thought to In
terests outside the homo, Interests which
will later on affect them and the lives of
their children, are not doing their duty
by the future race."
The wife of the governor of New York
sets ail womankind tin example by her
own practice! she Is teaching those who
will heed to look over the ruin of their
bom world Into the wider world which,
too, is their home.
- SSSCL .. ...
Comin the bright-checked skating girl, with her
furs and toque, her gay sashes and woolly sweaters, her
knight at her rough-shod feet buckling on her flashing
runners to the time of her laughter, the crackling trees
with their muffling of snow, the sky clenr like the thrill
ing note that rings inside a wall, the pond-sheet stretch
ing like a blue-gray dulled mirror slashed and marred
with the winged skates and ringing with their grinding
song. Coming the summer girl of the sea riding the
jade breakers with their torn lace trimmings beaded
with the salt water on eyelashes and nose and ear tips
glistening and brown black-clad, with arms and throat
bare to the wind and the water and tho sun, like golden
buds emerging from an ebony sheath short-skirted,
comfy from head to foot, revelling in the warm heart of
summer-time and rioting in the last little stingy days
that are lefte. Going the sea girl and hot sami and soft
sweet winds, Ai! Nell Brinkley.
Marvels of the Starry
The Great Law of Inverse Squares and
the Wonderful Consequences that Re
. suit from It The Unthinkable Size of
Some Distant Stars,
that that tremendous number should rep
resent the distance In miles at which the
sun would appear of the brightness of a
candle seen one mile away. But the law
of Inverse squares shows ua that we must
take the square root of 1.900 septllllona,
which Is forty millions of millions, In
order to get the dlstanoe In miles at
which .the sun would appear no brighter
than a candle at one mile.
Thus we see that if the sun were only
about one-fifth as far away aa the star
Capella It would be a mere glimmering
point In the sky!
Th law of Inverse squares produces
many ' striking contrasts and deoeptions
In tho heavens. There Is, for Instance, a
well known and very beautiful pair of
stars called "The Twins," In . the con
stellation Gemini. Their names are
Castor and Pollux. To an Inexperienced
eye they seem about equal. But Pollux
Is three and third times farther away
In space than Castor, and applying the
law to that faot we find that Pollux Is,
In reality, eleven times more brilliant
than its twin!
Whenever we succeed In measuring the
distance of a star we can quickly cal
culate Its actual brightness If we begin
by comparing Its apparent brightness
with thatj of the sun. Thus the superb
tar fiUlus Is known to be about $W,
000,0(10.000,000 miles away. The dlstanco
of the sun Is about 90,000,000 miles. In
round numbers, then, Slrtus Is (40,000
times as far away aa the sun. Now, the
square of WO.000 (again using round num
bers) la about 300,000,000,000. From this It
Is evident that If the sun and Slrlus were
of the same actual brightness the former
should give us 900,000,000,000 times as much
light aa the latter. But careful meas
urements show that the sunlight exceeds
the light received from Slrlus only 10,
000,000,000 times, from whloh we Infer
that Slrtus exceeds the sun thirty times
In actual brightness.
The aama method of comparison shows
that the North Star la fifty times as
bright as the sun; Betalgeuae, In Orion.
M0 times as bright: Res-ulua, In Leo, 1,001
tlmea as bright, and Rlgel, In Orion,
Dnneb, In Cygnua, and Canopus, In Argo,
more than 10,000 tlmea as bright!
The sun Is one of tho small stars; the
earth Is ona of the smaller planets be
longing to Its small sun what, then, Is
man that tha Almighty should consider
hlmT Perhaps the answer could ba found
In tha fact that man. in spite of tha in
significance of hla Immediate "surround
ings, reaches boldly out with his Intel
lect and grasps tha universe I
Two readers of The Bee request me to
discuss the law by which the brightness
of a star Increases or diminishes In
versely with the square of Its distance.
I have only space
here to point out
the meaning and
some of tho cons
quences of tills law,
which is one of na
ture's edicts, af
fecting us In thou
sands of way a of
which we nlmost
never think.
It governs all
kinds ' of radiant
energy, light, heat,
etc., s well as
gravitation. If you
double the distance from tha source the
lntonelty of the energy diminishes to one-fourth;-
If you halve the distance tha In
tensity Increases four times, and so for
all fractions and multiples of tha original
distance, which In every calculation
should, for convenience, be counted as
unity, or 1.
The law can ' ba demonstrated geo
metrically by holding a square screen be
fore an elcctrlo light emanating from a
small point, and letting Its shadow fall
on a white wall. If the screen Is half
way between the wall and the light the
shadow will have four tlmea the area
of the screen. This shows that when the
light falls uninterrupted on the wall the
same quantity is there spread over four
times as much surface as It covers at
half the distance. Consequently tho in
tensity, or brightness, of the light la
diminished four times In traveling a
double distance from its source.
If this law did. not apply throughout
the universe the starry heavens at night
would blind us with their brilliance, and
tha heat of tha sun by day would be
unbearable. The law of Inverse squares
Is tha constitutional guarantee of tha
stability of tha universe. Among other j
things It affords a wonderful perspective ,
in tha oeptns or space, -j-ynaau ouna
that the light of an ordinary candle can,
on a dear night, be seen at the distance
of ona mile. Tha tight of the sun (at the
sun's surface) equals that of about 1.900
septlUloBS of eandlest (U followed by 26
seros). At first sight you might suppose
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