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Bringing Up Father
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.News (service.
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Drawn for The Bee by George McManus
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Proposition Coniidered to Transfer
. .. Newark Team to Brooklyn.
Kkkfli Owns wrk Prurkla anil
II Weald Sell II Before Hack
' ' lav T" Tmm em the
Mesne Field.
; AUBCRN, N. X, Dec. 4 The National
i Board of Arbitration of tho National As
sociation of Professional Bui Ball
'. leagues today .gave out the following de
t visions rctatinif to minor, lesuo in the
.'United State and Canada:
Tha Spr.nglleld ((III ) franchise In the
Tbie-1 lemcue liaa been transferred to
11k laiand. m. . ; , . , . .
Clalma allowed:
Rurllnaton, la., aaalnnt Kanoaa f'ltv, In
tho-cac of flayer McCoy, fur f-40.
Clalma dlaallowod:
' linker. Or., ugalnut Kdmotitnn, Can.,
.in lh raao of rlayer Hoiitherland, for .,
1.. Jordan aRalnnt Uadaden, Ala.; II. (i.
)re kKHlnHl Vamonver. B C. and J"'.
T. eMrrrk, aalnnt Chaaipaian, )ll. ;
Tim i followlnic players have been' re
' leaded by purchaaa:
Hy Chattanoosa. .Jewel Kna to Pnllaa,
Tex,; by Indlanapolla, Ind., John Klle
her to Ienvrr, and William t'olv
Memptila, Tenn ; by Ht. Joeoph, Mo. Ben
ftololf to HrtatlnRK. Neb.; by Roclieater,
N. Y., I-ank 1 Jlnmav to Roetnn fi
tlonal leatcue: by Cleveland asportation,
Klmer J. Smith to Cleveland; by Bton.
A tnerlran leaiN, Hiinh . Bedlent tQ
I'rowtderKie, R. I.;' by Portland, Ore.,
Oeorga Yanta to VrnU-e, Cal. ; by Venloe,
:al.. Clarence Pintthvto Portland, Ore j
bv Oahkonk, Wla lllchard Onturell to.
' Indlanapnlla. Ind.; by Ottawa. Can., Fred
Carrow to OalikOah.' Wl.; bf- Jarhaon,
Mk., Holie Weaver-to Nr Lundon,
-onn.: by Roanoke. Va., W F . Tolaon
and Ralph Mattln trt Htiffolk Va.; by
lenver, llolwrt Mamha!) to Mew York
National leaKim; bv l'lltebbrtth ' Nutlohul
)eaa-ue, TatrtrH Bohen to Readln. Va, I
Jby Montreal. Can , Iale to CtnolnnaU Na
tional leag.m. by DubuaiJ, laAyormm
laaaca to Ixtrolt. I
CarKsl6:Tooeavyi ':
' u fof AlabMa' Team
, Wit M J N O KAM- Ala. , De f.-CwlUI,
superior weight proved too much for the
ITnlveralty of Alabama foot ball eleven
thla afternoon and the Indiana eaally won
90-to-t rlctoty. Carlrt" ued
foot ball wlth'vaflenatad delayed paaaea,
wtilch were effective. Attertpta of the
Indiana at forward paaaea netteil but lew
. aaina. Alabama'a play waa open. In
ability to cope with the Indiana' defenae
made conalatent galna Impoaalble.
, Carllale acored one touchdown In each
o the flrat three quarter. Alabama'a one
core earn In the Jaat quarter, when
,Vandeerarfe aent tha ball over tor a field
coal from tho thlrty-yasd. line.
Mahan is Elected
m Captain.of Harvard
CAMBRnXJB, Maaa.,-Dec. t-7Sdward
William Mahan of Nattck. Maaa half
' back on the Harvard foot bell team for
. n latt two yeara, waa choeen captain
', bf the 191a team at a tneeUa of the 1U
aquad today. Mahan, who la In the Junior
' rlaaa, prepared for college at Phllllpa
. Andovef academy, where he waa a mem
' ber ef the foot ball, baae ball and track
teama. lie captained the Andover nine
and In Mi flrat year at Harvard waa
captain of the freahmen eleven. He la tl
years old.
, Buy a home on-the eay payment plan.
Pay rent to youraclf. Read the "Real
Eitate" ada.
Learh Will Oo.
' The appointment of Roa-er Breanahaa
aa Cub inaneer Xoreahadowa plainly the
iranafer, re.)eae or jump of iiirtieldr
Tommy lacli. avho waa a candidate for
the berth (Wen to BrennahaJi.
Newark Base Ball
' Team May Be Moved
. to Ebbets' Field
NEW YORK. Deo. 1 Plana te oontrnue
the flicht aaRlnit tha federal . league
among othera the proposal to transfer the
Jeraey City club to Brooklyn will be dla
cuased at the annual meeting here next
week of the National and International
leagues. Advance etatementa from club
owners of the two Ieagnea Indicate that
eare negotiations hare bean abandoned
and that the fight will be reaumed next
The only obstacle In the way of trans
ferring the Jersey City elub of the) In
ternational leajrue to Brooklyn Ilea In the
ownership by Charles Kb bets and the
McKerer brothers of the Brooklyn Na
tional league club of tho Newark fran
chise, which they wish to sell befdre con
senting to asnume the joint responsibility
of directing two teama on Ebbets- field
In a campaign against the Brooklyn Fed
erals Xor patronage.
it became known today that among- tho
blddera for the Newark " franchise la
Arthur IrKln, scout for the Now York
American league team. Irwin Is said to
have the backing of an organisation of
Newark business men, who seek control
of tha franchise to Insure baae ball In
Federal Reserves,
' Outplay Christians
A makeshift team terming themselves
the Federal Roaorvee and composod of
aoine ot the crack players of the city, de
feated the First Christians at the Young
aren a Christian aesoolaUim last evening.
47 to ?. At the -end ef the ft ret half
the aoore was 11 to 15 In favor of the
$lorves.'Hobean. 'the left forward for
tfce eh yroh men.-making tea of the points.
C. Welgel and Hobsoo of the church
team were - playing the game of their
lives for tho Chiiatlans.
The second half waa somewhat slower
than the-first.' the lighter church team
apparently tiring, while their opponents,
using their weight and' experience to
great ad vantage, slowly drew away from
the First Christiana , The resorves com
prised practically the complete lineup of
the Town sand Oun oompany toajii.
The scheduled game between the
Kountse Memorials and the Christians
waa forfeited to the latter, the KouaUe
team failing to appear.' Lineup: !
r. cimigTiANw. mi, . RrcsKnvfcs.
R. WslU. R.r.lR.K iiurkenroad
JJobaou- LvF. UF.. Hughes
Mile. .. ...CO '...McWhlnnoy
V. Welgle RO. R.O Wise
Bairowman ....UU.lUG Koran
Field aoala: R. W.lgle, 4; Hoheon. 7;
C. Wetgle. 1; Parrlah, 1; Biirkenroadl
Hughes. 4; McWhlnney. 5; Wise. 6;
,or'ii' h Foul thrown: C. Welrle.
l """TOraio. i. roMim eommiitnd:
Christian f; Federal Reeerves. 2. Ref-
Z ' "meKeeper: Taynter.
8i.rekeeper: Petersen. Rubetltutea:
Barrowman for C. Welgle. Parrlah f..r
fcyana Time of halves: Forty-five rain-
Omaha Aoto Club Will Establish
Such an Office for Tourists.
Macblse. Owstra Would Lloenae Cere
Accent In a; lie ee power ail
Make Theft PwnUhed Mere .
An Information bureau for automotnla
tourists la to be placed somewhere In the
cential part of Omaha on the IAnooln
highway by the Omaha. Kuto dub. Thla
waa decided at the meeting of the elub
yesterday. Weloome arches are to, be
placed possibly tt either side of the city
spanning the JUiroln highway. A few
words of welcome from the Omaha Auto
club are to adirn the arches.
President OoiiM Plots In Ms annual ad
dress revlcwnd some of the things accom
plished by the 'club during the year.
Beven hundred guide boards have been
placed on the various roods leading Into
Omaha by the club. Danger signs In
great numbers have been ported at the
sharp turns and cuts In the leading roads
coining Into Omaha. The olur took an
active part In the agitation which resulted
In the proseit traffic ordinance.
The club d elded to ask the state legis
lature this winter for a road law similar
to that In Iowa, whereby the automobiles
of the state will be taxed according to
norae power, the rervenue to be used In
the Improvement of the roads In different
sections of the state, according to the
amounta received In such revenue from
given sections of the state.
The clc.b will also seek a law In the
state that -will give automobile thieves
a pi-nlshmenr at least as severe as that
of horse thieves. They feel that the pres
ent law on this point Is not sufficiently
severe. The club was Instrumental 1n
sending two men to the penitentiary In
tne last year for auto theft.
. Buggcatlona of a city ordinance for auto
parking In the city were made, but no
definite action waa taken, although the
general membership of tha club la in favor
of some system that will get the autoa off
the streets. Thla will likely come up and
be developed later.
T. F. Btroud and Bert Murphy were
elected to, the board of directors to take
the placea of Rome Miller and W, L. Hoe
ford, who resigned. The new board Is
made up of Oould Wots. Harry Lawrle.
B. W. Jewell. T. F. Stroud and Bert
Murphy. These men will meet within a
fow weeks to elect officers for the ensu
ing year.
Tot Sale by taa jTollowtag Tlxmm
L ,iOXl ft Eli
The:.-llilpatrick & Co
1507 Douglas Street
Ben Edwards, crack three-cushion bil
liard expert of the city, entered Harry
Byrnes' billiard parlors yesterday to learn
that a gentleman who- desired . a little;
pastime at the taree-euehlon game waa,
among those present. The gentt(nan was'
Introduced aa Oeorge Wataon of Detroit. )
."Well, rn play you," declared Edward,
"aod I'll spot you two; that's the number
I erally have to spot these chaps
rv;nd here."
Mr. Watson proceeded to make his
twenty-five, counts while Kdwards was
making three.
Which gave Edwards an Inspiration, and
he rounded up Al Cahn, who Is about the
best bllllardlst In tha slsle t'.hn nuj I
to. Play Mr. Watson and In order to make
the game Interesting a little coin waa
wagered on the outcome.
Watson took the flrat game.
' A second game Waa proposed. Mr. Wat
son won that one. A third, a fourth and
a fifth, waa. proposed and Mr. . Watson
gladly accepted racb Invjtatlon. And each
time he took Cahn into camp.
Mr. Watson Is an unknown to Omaha
billiard fans, but he proved himself con
siderable, playsr, and It makes no differ
ence who he Is or what his name Is. cer
tain billiard players here will always ie
gard him with a proper amount of
respect. ' Also there are those who regard
Mr. Edwards as considerable ot a promoter.
The second game of the pocket billiard
tournament at the Capitol pool room, be
tween Swanson and Schaffer, was won by
the former, 100 to 9.
Hchaffer had the game welt In hand up
to, the ending of the tenth frame, when
flwanson gradually overcame hla oppon
ent's load, making some very difficult
Bchaffer his taken Butler's place) in the
tournament because the latter la soon to
leave the city,
Wednesday evening's game will be
played between Bhepard and Stevens.
Score by Innings:
flwanson I. T. It. . S. 0, 4, 13, J, 2. 14.
8. . . il 104. Total, 100.
ftrhaffer . 7, J, , ll. 14, 10. 1. 11, 15, .
. 11. 5. 0-103. Total. 98.
H4TaU'hea: Swanson, 4; Kchaffer. 7.
High run: Swanson, 14. Referee: Reynolds.
BOSTON. Dec. t-The passing of the
old Walpole street base ball grounds,
home of the Boston National league
teams for the last forty years, was offi
cially announced today. President James
K. Gaffney of the world's champions said
that they would play on new grounds
which would be ready la July. Until that
time the Braves will use Fenway park,
the Boston American league grounds
, At the annual meeting of the club held
today. President Oeffhey and other oftV
cera were re-elected.
The Went Ad Columns cr The Bee Are
Pu-sd Dally by People In Search of Ad
vertised Opportunities.
The First Methodist Episcopal team of
the Church Basket Ball league defeated
the South Omaha Baptists In a game on
the Young Men'a Christian aanaclaUon's
i'jurt last' night by a soore of SS to (.
Clevelt and Moore did good goal shooting
while South Omaha oould do nothing
agalnat the Baraca guarda The lineup
Johnson R.F.IR.F..
Roberts LK.IKF..
Hmlth CC
.tone H.(.ao..
Oroves LU.IUU..
HlllMltltUte CVi-ann
Field goal: Moore, 4: Clevett. (I; Kdel
man, ; FIUpatri k. 1: Kainmons. 1: John
ami, 1; Smith, l; Joos. L Foul goals
thrown: Baptists, t. Fouls committed:
Harare's, 7: Baptists. J, Referee: Hur
kenroad. Timtkceptjr: Johnson. Store
keeper llats. Time of halves: Forty
five minutes.
. ... Clevett
. . Edelman
, Gammons
Rourke Wants the
Pirates to Stop in
Omaha Next Spring
Fa Ronrke has applfcd to the Pitts
burgh National league club for a date
on the Itinerary of that club on Its train
ing trip thla eprtnc The Pittsburgh peo
ple hate declared ft will be Impoaalble.
bat Pa eay nothing is Impossible where
Omaha Is oonoerned. tavrt year the
Pirate played In Omaha with the ther
mometer below freezing. The attendaa
was good despite the cold, and Pa
thought Omaha fans would appreciate it
If he oould get the big leaguera here
Glick Princeton
Foot Ball Captain
PRINCETON, N. J.. Dec. 1 Frank
Ollck of Pittsburgh today waa elected
captain of the. Princeton foot ball team
for ltlS. He played on the freshman team
her and has for two yeara been a mem
ber of the varsity, piaylng at half back
and quarter back.
GUek was a leading figure In the Prince
ton rally In the foorth period of this
year's Tela game.
Players Dropped by Feds Knock at
Doors of Organized Ball.
Body Has Not Decided Whether to
Welcome Wanderers Back to
Fold er to Chastise Tkia
for Desertlngr.
CHICAGO, Deo. 1 The fate of the
surplus Federal league ball players left
Jobless by the decision of the league to
carry only . twenty men for each club
probably will be decided at a meeting of
the National Base Ball commission In
New York next Monday.
B. B. Johnson, president of the Ameri
can league, said tonight he had been
summoned to a meeting of the oommto
lon which will be held Just a day before
the annual National league meeting.
Several ball players who were on Fed
eral pay rolls last year, but who have
been notified that they will not be needed
In 1915 have applied to clubs In organised
base ball for Jobs. The commission It
was said tonight would consider whether
to welcome these players back to their
fold or whether to discipline them for
deserting a year ago.
Austria Has Army of
Half Million Men on
the Servian Frontier
LONDON, Dec 1 A dispatch to the
Times from Petrograd, describing Ser
bia's plight, says:
"Austria haa a half million men on
the Servian frontier, but the Servians
were Informed of this In time and were
enabled to retreat Into positions more
convenient for defense.
"The Servians are now hoping that the
Russians will soon appear under the
walla of Budapest."
Federal Deficit for
November is About
Sixteen Millions
WASHINGTON, Dec. 2. Customs and
Internal revenue received for November
show a marked decrease from the same
month last year. Custom receipt were
lift, KM, 403, compared with ta.17S.CS for
November, 1913. while Internal revenue
receipts at $24,&9.&6S, were nearly SS.000,000
less than In the same month last year.
For the month the excess of ordinary
disbursement over receipts waa SU80,nn.
compared with an excess of the same
aort laat year of 2, 711,7X1.
Income from the war tax will begin to
show thla month. Custom reoeipta, despite
the comparison with November, 1911. were
100,099 greater than In October,
Gold coin and bullion In the treasury
trust fund Increased during the month
nearly 139,000.000.
Columbia Holds
FootBall Rally
NEW YORK. Deo. 1. A maaa miwtlnn
of the undergraduate body, which It Is
nopea win iad to the restoration of
Tarsity foot ball at Columbia university,
was bold this afternoon. More than 2,0
students ' attended and were Invited to
subscribe toward a foot ball fund or re
port a candidate for a Columbia team
in Kix
INDIANAPOLIS, Deo. -1 Three new
players have been added to the Indian
apolis Federal league club, according to
announcement made today by J. Edward
Krause, president of the club. They are
Bert Padfleld, a left hand pitcher of Iup
ton, Colo., who wa with the Pacific coast
league two yeara ago, but did not play
laat season because of salary differences;
Fred Troutman, a right hand pitcher,
who won fifteen and lost eight games In
the Wisconsin-Illinois league last year,
and Joe Potter, a utility Inflelder. who
played In one of the smaller western
leagues last season.
Automobile bargains In Bee Want Ada.
West Point Farmer .
Killed in Runaway
WEST POINT. Neb., Dec l8peclat
Telegram.) Anton Druek, a young
farmer living west of the river, was In
stantly killed last night In a runaway.
HI head waa found severed from hla
body near the river bridge. 779 waa a
widower and leaves a family of young
children. His team was found some miles
from the body.
1.2S rine
in the 8!ood
Does Real Work in aeanm
Body of Impurities.
At the Beginning of Winter
Extra Quality Suits and
Overcoats Much Underpriced
worth up to $220, selling at PIO.0
worth up to $27.50, selling at $10. i O
worth up to $35, selling: atV&Oi O
These are the very newest and best styles and fabrics
yon hare seen this fall. They were prirchased during the
latter part of November from mannf acturers jr ho were will
ing to sell at a sacrifice. We rushed them out by express
and have them on sale at very attractive prices. ;
The Overcoat arw largely tho modified balmaeaan and Arable-breasted
form-fitting' models so popular this fall. These suits embrace the new eat Eng
lish as well as the mora conservative styles. Both Suits and Overcoat are such
as we can offer with confidence to our best trade. The selections ara the
choicest bow. See them at your earliest cowreulenc.
VstssMBfy I9sMfa A
424 SSVlet lea
leea BxZ.
Three Ways to Sell a House
Ask Funds to Buy
Idle Coal Miners'
Children Presents
BRlIXjrcPORT. O.. Dec t-Ijetten
were mailed from the headquarters of
the Tntled Mine Workers of Amwl
here today to every local union of the
mine workers In the United Statea and
Canada, numbering S.C0O, and to every
organised labor union In Ohio and West
Virginia, approximately P, asking for
donations ot money to make poestttea the
purchase of thrtstrnaa prasenta fear the
children of the U.ono etrtnklng mltsera tn
eastern Ohio. 1'nleas dor sllons are made
It is said that D.OuO children will receive
do visit from Santa C'laure. Isioh miner
haa recrlved only $44 btnefits from the
miners' orftinlsalion binoe the stiik
nas culled, eight months aicv
It Is te tha skin that blood Impurities
are drfrea by Nature. And It Is In lbs
Ikln that R. 8. Ii. the famous blood pur
ifier, bas It most pronounced Influence.
Kor It is here that- you 'see tba results.
B. tV a. la none tbe less elective la the
lolnta, glands and mucous surfaces la
driving out rheumatism, overcoming bulls
and ridding the system ef catarrh.
Ths purely vegetable Ingredients In
R. B. B. axe naturally assimilated bat
thsy enter the blood as an active medi
cine and are not destroyed or converted
null, at work, it is this peculiar feat
ure of 8. R. 8. that makes It so effective,
it stirs Into action all the- forces of the
body, arouse digestive secretions, stlmu-
I la tea tha blood circulation to destroy dis
ease breeding germs.
I' poa eoterlug the blood R. R. Si Is
. rarrisd throughout your body la about
three minutes. And la a brief tune It
' has any blood trouble so under control
that It so longer raa multiply. Oradu
ally new Sean la formed In all broken-
Sown tisanes and tbe skin takes oe the
ruddy glow ot health. Ra sure and get
la bottle ef S. 8.. 8. today ot say dru
I gist, but avoid all substitutes,
j Around tbe bottle Is aa Illustrated elr-
eular that tells you bow to obtain spe-
rial free advlee la qulrkly overeomlag
serious blood disorders, 8. 8. g. la pre
psred only by The Swift Soecjac 'Co.. (A
fcwlft Wdg. Atlanta, tia.
The Sign
When you put a sign
on your property it at
tracts more attention to
itself than to the house
. you .desire to selL
If the property is a
residence and your ob
ject is to convince a
prospective buyer of
the select character of
the neighborhood, a
sign certainly would not
be good taste.
On some kinds of prop
erty, such as a vacant lot or
a tumble-down empty house
near an abandoned coal
mine, a sign would not de
tract from the value of the
But It would not brlnjx a
buyer out to see It. Some
thing else Is required to let
the buyer know where your
property is located.
The Agent
Ore of the best ways
to sell a house
iB through an agent
An agent works hard
for his commission; he
must first find a buyer
who is interested in the
kind of property you
have; then he may
spend weeks trying to
convince the man that
he should buy.
Often he does not sell tbe
house, so all bis work Is
dons without pay. He haa
spent his time, but you have
spent nothing.
Tou should always em
ploy an sgenj.. however, be
cause his experience gives
him a degree of skill in clos
ing deals that is worth sll
that he earns la the way ot
Telephone TyUr 1000
The Bee Want Ad
' A sign is seen only by
those who chance to
pass the property. An
agent goes to men who
have never seen the
property and thus
brings it to the atten
tion of a greater num
ber of people.
But a want ad in The
Bee reaches the entire
. It supplements the
work of the agentit
does not replace him.
Where the sgent sees only
a doien men who are inter
ested in your property. The
Be want ad reaches hundred.
Bend in your ad without
delay someone may even
now be looking for the prop
erty you have for sale. The
sd will be almost sure to
reach him. Try It anyhow
-the cot is small.
Everybody RmaJ Dtf Want Ads