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    Tilt: Ut.K: OMAHA, WEDNESDAY. DKCKVIH-U: J. 1014.
Tuesday, December 1, 1914.
HE COLLEGE HERO" production, now going on at the Hrandels
theater, Is Interesting noclr-ty maid and matron alike. '
I ' One of the most enthusiastic workers is Mrs. tllonn C.
Wharton, who conceived her own plan to fill charity's money
This attractive matron made, a beautiful flower girl at the opening
performance last evening.
With her tray laden with flowers, she wended her way through the
boxes and the entire lower floor, dispensing flowers nnd smiles and gath
ering up clinking coins for the Child's Saving Institute.
lira. Wharton's tray was soon filled with silver wealth, which came In
so rapidly that Mr. W. J. Foye became the Impromptu financier of the
moment and assisted her in her quest. The sale brought In $20.
Mrs. Wharton was striking In a gown of black satin, ornamented with
fine large tulle butterfly.
To Honor Mils Porter.
Mlna MsbH Tnrtr. retlrlns hed of the
Asvortated Charities, was honor guest, at
a' large luncheon at the I'ntverslty club
thla noon. The affair was si von by the
advisory board of the local association.
Atnons; thou present ' were:
bringing with thrni refreshments. A
larse lilrthilny rak- (Ji-orate-l with
candle, mailo by Mrs Ptryker, Mrs.
Virtue's sister, a j:io of the features
of the party. Th gue'ts rre:
Mslams: Mesilames:
F. A. ( rif of Henry J. Itskar,
of rVmth Omaha, "lmrl'S 14 slip,
Jiss Kamtall.
Irssl KoscnrUV'k,
I. Illnn Stuff.
M. I. Cameron.
I'. A. Kollarmfore.
Frank Mailer.
K. t'. Tym.
John Haarmann,
A. A. MrOraw,
K.dwarii Johnson,
Fred Thomaa,
lraur Hmith,
Ttablil K. Cohn.
tr. 1. W. Porter,
Ttibrt nurna.
Knelsn Kline,
K. V.- Denleon,
Postal Service Asks AH to Co-Op-erate
in Relieving Christmas
Smb. This Year.
Mabel Porter.
tVwhla Adam.
Alien Buchanan,
Ioiilae Mr.Prierson,
Js'ellle Ma see,
P. P. Fell.
V If. Aull.
JTitllp Potter,
J. Ilobblna.
w. F. Klncham,
norae Doana,
Jamea C. Tahlman,
Thomas Brown,
r. H. Cole.
MJr V. A. Me-
rr. Andersen.
ther Htansnn.
rr. Palmer Flndlev.
WcCauley, .
At the Orpheum Theater.
Senator and Mrs. Ollbert M. HUchcook
K a box party Monday evening at tha
Orpheom. Whan their eueeta wera:
Mr. and Mrs. Harry poorly.
Mr. and Mra. R. Ueeoher Howell.
Mrs. Chan. . , ,
Others attending- the Orpheum last
evening ware:
Mr. and Mrs. R. I. Huntley.
Mr .and Mra. Clark Powell.
Mr. and Mra. W. F. Onrley.
.ludg and Mra J. J. Sullivan.
Mr. and Mra. W. J. Connell.
Mr. and Mra. D. J. O Brlen.
Ir. and Mra. R C. Henry.
Mra. Herman Kountso.
Ir. PrtdKu 1 '
Mr. w. Karnam Bmltn.
lr. Plum.
Mr. Ben Cotton.
At the Brandeis Theater.
Box parties are popular this evenlne; for
tha performance of 'Tha College Hero."
With Mr. and Mrs. A. U Heed in their
box will ba:
Mr. and Mrs. K. W. rltn.
Mr and Mra. JO. M. Morimis, Jr.
Mr. and Mra: Koreat Klehaidson.
Mrs. Oeorg PiUmer.
Mr. Charles Saunders.
In Mr. L.uhr Drake'a box will ba:
Mr. and Mra. Frank Hamilton. ,
Mr. and Mm A. J. 1.0,
Mra.. Uftita Bradford, i
Mr. Drake.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mets will give a box
party at each performance and will have
aa" their guests this evenings
A. tfirvser nf
of South oimitvi.
Olhel Parker,
l.urlle Cornish,
HllKhea of
if ro'ith
Aluls VlrMe.
Mary Virtue,
Sorority Affair.
Miss Jean flerncr, n :uturiluy aftr
noon. rntertulnrrt Xr.c t'lgma Chi Omlcrnn
j-ororlty of the I'nlvrrslty of Oinaha. at
a theater party. Theme piesent were:
Ml men Mlssep
Mahel Nelson, Rlla l'arentr,
Kffle nelfind, May h.
Mildred Jonea, Minn In Johriaon,
Marlon Pcaraall, Helen Jnhnaton,
h:ilaabeth XMrninaii, Ml Cliurlra,
Klta Harentarn, Jean -Hr-rg'-r.
Pleasures Past.
The girls of tha I a Ii o club enter
tained at a theater nurty at lh4 Hoyd
Haturdar afternoon. Thana present were!
(Mih ilfta At. lie In a; Forwarded
frfim 4mnha w at the Rate
f Over Of lltjadred
Vrr T.
Mull your Clitltni panels early'1
i.i th advice U Iiik g rn n' ,hp V1
offlce and railway mil m;rvt.-e. Th-y
ara making ttn-at prepa atlona to handl
the runii or Chrltmaa r.atll. but devl.tru
that unless the nn.bllc elp them by
mailing litters am packatVS early mu l
uf the CbrlHtrnas mall rai.ot be deliv
erer! on time.
Allowance of 1 daya' ' extra tlma
and alao eight extra men for in month
In the terminals have een KiVld from
Vashlngton for the Fourt-entl dlvUl.ili
of the railway mall service, wftkh haa
headquarters In Dmaha. Thl. laiaa
amount of extra labo,- will 1 nieHary
to haudle the ChrlHtmaa Inijlnfcf. Be
hldea. that much additional lieln 1lll Iw
required In the Omnti pnatofflcf for
r.ortlng and delivery of Chriatmae J'ull
Mwt riMi p-e Vruldrl. v
Additional floor siace naimtln to V
aquare ft has lten addedtto the Hu.-
llngton depot mall terminal by the luilld
' Ing of a mesKanlne floor. This will In)
! ready for uac next week, .
Poatmaator John C. Wharton ar
ranged extra' wajjona, autoa anil inotor
ryclea for una In Chrlstmsa dellvpry.
Snncrintenilent Wllle of thr Moay
Order department of tha local poatof fl'e
aaya that the foreign money order bu
I nesa is now at Its height, over 1 bflnif
ismied dally. Tlie ruah is greatest. Just
at preaent, because foreign money order
mut be sent not later than thla week,
to Insure delivery abroad by ChrfetrnSa,
"Jimmie" Sheean,
Former Omahan,
Filling Big Job
James It. Kliaean, ai'iwaring aa the
legal adviaer to A. W. ThenhoJm, chair
man of the confer rn rontmltt of rail
road general managers meeting In Chi
cago with the railroad brotherhood chlefa.
In arbitrating their differences, la a for
mer Omaha man. He la the aame "Jlin
mle'' Sheen rt who uned to be active m
city and state politics here on the demo
cratic niil and graduated from his local
law practlrs as a member of the Vnlon
Pacific lsat family Into the poettien of
general solicitor for the Omaha road at
St. Paul.
Mr. Theoholm is general inanag'T of
thnt road. He was S'lected as chairman
of hls conference committee some months
ago by the Weatern Aaaociation of Gen
eral Managers, and therefore te "Jhnmio"
Sheean fell tha honor and the bft Job of
looking after the railroads legrU r;ghta
In this confab, which Is to ftettLe a dis
pute between nlnefv-elght railroads and
f,O0O employes.
Railroads Agree
to Build Locust
Viaduct at Once
Kailroada Interested In the conatruo
tion of tha Uoctiat atreet viaduct have
agrceil to begin work at onee and rush
I the struotune to an oarly oomph tion.
J Hepreaentatlvsa of the railroads, from
iMIntivapolia, .t. Paul and St. Iuouls, as
well aa Oinaha, met with the city council
I AUndor afternoon an l agraed to tha city
jiV'tinclFs .iluna for the viaduct.
Tho railruada liavi alao aKred to
l.itild a heavier approach, which vill coet
iryio more than the city engineer's
criminal specification trdicated.
Oladys Shamp,
Kthel Andernon,
Siiala Motiarlty.
All'-e Carr.
Lioulas Liinon,
M laaeit
Kt-thrr Kllinghusen.
iti.lll KiliiiKliuaen.
Ueitni'ie Klauck,
K)na Thrane,
Vtukut KUdy,
In and Oat of the Bee Hive.
Mrs. George' Ilrandels Is vlaltlng In
MlsaMailxe Mae Tiourna has returned
from Lincoln, where she gae a concert.
John H. Jlaney, Jr.. returned lat even
ing from a vlnlt with Ms suiter, Mra. K.
J. Perry al Marahalltown, lu.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Kreymboy snd daugh
ter, Kmma. left Thursday for I-oa Ati
gelea, where they will spend the winter.
, Mlae tioulae McPhr-ion rrtuined last
week from a several werka' vlult Willi
her grandfather at his hi-mr In Mnr
land. j
Mra J. A, Miuiroe and Mias- Elder
have returned from aouthcrn California,
where they have aienl the laat two
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kuhn,
Mra. Charles K. Mets.' 1
Mia Marlon Kuhn.
With Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. liountzo
will bet j
Mr. and Mra 0rood KaMman.
Mr. and Mrs. Ward HiirBwn
Mr. and Mra. 1 .in her Kountse;
Mrs. William Keare Popplcton.
Carter Lake Club.
The Carter like Rowling snil Swim
ming club enlertainej at luncheon at the
Commercial club Monday audi later
bowled at the Ietriolttan club. The
high score was made by Mra. W. J. Cat
tin's team, Meolamea Wirt Dorranea or
iMd, 8. D.; F.da'ard Peteraon, C. A.
Caveen and Charlea Malotey were the
gueats of the club.. Tne members prcront
t. A. Qreen, coloref, u ruiiroud porter
living, at 17US Castellsr street, rngsged
In a family altercation Men. lay night, in
which Itl son inflicted sevnrul severe
knife wuunds 09 hla . fathor'a cheek,
"tet me take hltn n the On k room.
Judge, and you won't need1 to tnke care
of him," pleaded Green. The cjae was
continued until' Wednesday morning.
J. A. KTeeland.
H. 1 ,1'nde.rwood.
K. O. Kierman,
Alex Jetee.
Wm. H. tlould, Jr..
W. J. Cattln.
Henry Keating,
J. A. r1mmli k,
E. V. Urailey.
J. T. Kogeri. ,
Carl M. Johnaun,
S. W. Htroup.
harlej Meyers,
A. J. Pleraon.
H. Molnnv,
I. . A. Iermily.
II, H. Wlillelluuse,.
M. M Haneett.
V. Mv lorrance,
Witness in Matters'
Trial Arrives; Must
Await Postponement
O. Ij. Ooodcll haa arrived lu Omaha
from his homo at Coronado, Cal., to be
a wit nesa at the trial of Thomas 11. Mat
tert, under rhlmlna! charges of aiding
President Luben of the a-rccked First
National bank, of (button to Issue certi
ficates of deposit without authoilty. Bev
eral other witnesses also came for tho
trial, which was to have been begun thla
week, until the defendant secured fur
ther time by getting Judge Page Morris
to reset the trial for February, 1. United
States District Attorney V. fl. Howell
says that tha expensoa of Coodell alone
amount to about 2S0, which will be lost
to the goiverntnent by. tho tioatponemenU
A telegram was sent to Goodoil, , telling
him not to come, but it did not reach him,
as he had already started.
A TVIulr Constbi
To neglect it may mean consumption,
Ur; King's New Discovery give sure re
lief. Huy h bottle today. 5c nnd 11.00.
All druggists. Ad vert Isrincnt.
Fashion Hint
To Honor Bride.
Miss Theda Borshelm entertained at
luncheon' Monday ' at her home in Council
Bluffs, In honor of Miss Helen Huntrr.
who will be' married Wednesday. A low
mound ot Killurney rosea and pink
haded candle decorated the table and
covers were placed for twenty-four.
Weddingr Announcement ,
Miss Maggie DelaehmuLt and Mr. Wll.
Ham Miller were quietly married Satur
day evening at the horn of Rev. Charles
Mirage. They were attended y the I
groom's U"tex, Mra. Ruth Miller, and
Mr. & A. Mea ham.
At the TJniTertity Club.
The I'nlveralty club will entertain at a
dinner dance Thursday evening,
. With the Visitors.
Glenn H. tUfe, etar left tackle on the
llaalings High school foot ball team,
who also made the all star aTste teajn,
baa been Malting in Omaha with his
brother, Claude 8. Dlfe, for the laat week.
Tuesday Bridge Club. '
Tli Tuesday Bridge club will be enter1
tamed Wedndny of this week In place
of Tuesday as Is the custom. Mrs. Frank
Keogh will be the hoetees at this meet
Debutante Bridge Club.
The Debutants brtdge clJb has post
poned Its meeting one weak, owing to the
' "College Hero" play at the Brandeis
' Flatoma Club Entertains. '
The riattoma club give a dancing party
this evening at Jacobs' holL
latest Dances" Club.
Tha Ttet Dance" crub will enter
tain at a oanelng party this evening
Turyia'S academy.
Tuesday llornint; Haiical.
,'7 $;k
11 . , f 1
V l ... . I " I i
r "
it 11
At the annual concert by the Oleo club
of the Young Melt's Christian asaoclstton
Thursday evening the club of thirty
voices will be assisted by Miss Margery
Hhacklefnrd, soprano, and Miss Ren
Oilman, reader. Membership Secretary A.
K. liuton, who is manager of the club,
says that many tickets already have been
sold at the association office and at the
music departments of Haydcn Bros, and
Hear Thla In Mind.
"I consider Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy by far the best medicine In the
market for oolda and croup," says' Mrs.
Albert Bloeeer, Uma, O. Many other
are of the same opinion. Obtainable
tcjt. ,
everywhere. Ad vertlsemcA
The birth date In tho city for Novem
ber decreased by a large per cent over
the birth rate for November of 1!U. The
records complied by the dial vitai sta
tlntlcan follows: Blrtha, November IBM,
1XS; IMS, 233; death November, 1D14, 143;
W lO.
How to Shed a Rough,
Chapped or B'otchy Skin
Dying Father Seeks
Missing Daughter
8. A. Vepner, SIS Eighth street south,
Mlnnearx-Vis, has written to The Be for
Informatics as to the whereabouts of
Miss Alice V. Kapner. whose father is
rail to be av. the point of death. When
laat heard 0o,n Mlas Kepner was either
la Omaha or- Council Bluffs.
yweeiMMMMWai eewwMe
C A I-" 11
ppeuie rouows
Good Digestion
Nearly everyoio Indulges tbelr ap
petite and the digestive organs are
abused, resulting in a congestion of
poisonous waste tai clogs the bowels
and causes much misery and dis
tress. The most' effective- remedy to cor
rect this condition is sthe combination
of simple laxative heaba with pepsin
known a Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pep
sin. This is a natuyal, pleasant
tasting remedy, gentlav yet positive
In action, ard quickly relieves Indi
gestion, constipation. aiVk headache,
belching, etc.. Drug atone, sell Dr.
Caldwell'' Fyrup Pepslm at fifty
cents and one dollar a, botlle, and In
thouaanda of homes It Is ,th indis
pensable family remedy. Far a free
trial bottle writ Dr. W. B. Caldwell,
1 Washington St., Monticella, 111.
Farewell Banquet Given Retiring
Head of Associated Charities.
Efftelent Worker laTtna; Beeanae
Wti llnahl t Agree ltb
the Board k Best
Twenty-five local charity workers,
lunching at tht University club, gave Miss
Mabel W. Porter, resigned head of the
Associated Charities here, a farewell re
ception. Rabhl Frederick Cohn nresideil
and In closing the meeting paid a bril
liant tribute to Miss rorter's ability,
conscientiousness and "th monument she
leaves here." He said the advisory com
mittee, composed of representatives from
the several charity organizations, was
her Idea and Dr. Ira W. Potter, speaking
of the committee, snld thst where once
the charity organisations "wrr at each
otiier's throats, they now work in closest
bsrmony." ,
Miss Porter will go to Chicago, from
where she came, and will later visit and
Inspect charity work In several cities, be
fore accepting any other position. Her
resignation from the local work followed
disagreement with her board over ques
tions of best methods. he struggled
vainly to bring about one big charity or
ganization out of several conflicting as
sociations. Dr. Porter reported on the Thanksgiv
ing work, saying it waa unusually suc
cessful. He said without the aid of the
men and wsgone donated by Captain H.
II. Kline of the Balvatlon Army the large
donstlons, DO per cent larger than the
previous yesr, could aot have been hsn
dled. Concerning the Christmas donation
Dr. Porter suggested thst coal dealers
be naked ta give coal In quarter-tea qusn
tities. None of the Aasocsted Charity's bosrd
was present.
Defendant Asks Case
Be Taken from Jury
In the case of Doulse Metula against
the Nonpareil Laundry company for
SJO.OOO damages for loss of her right bsnd
In a msnsle. the defendsnt moved thst
the case be taken from the Jury, after
Introduction of tha plaintiff testimony.
Defendant alleged that the girl had been
srultty ef contributory negligence and
had aesunvsd the risk of Injury by accept
ing work at the (sundry.
U you want to give a Cliristmns present that will bo
appreciated by all members of the family a gift that will
entertain and educate a gift that all music lovers prize
highly come in and pelect a beautiful
-. J' i . . f.
4 -' I f
Unlike other machines, the Edison repro
duce the music of the masters with all the over
tones or tones of color; there is not that contin
ual scratching characteristic of steel-needle re
production, nnd you never have any needles to
change, the diamond point being permanent.
The) records (which are lndestructiblo)
you will find will play 40 longer than other
makes of records, i
313 South 15th Street
SHULTZ BROS. Phone D. 4622
ssk I
aymgs amo
With the march of civilization and thru the acquisition of knowl
edge many sayings which have been accepted as truisms and many superstitions
which seemed fixed and absolute have been challenged and exploded. So it has been with the printed word.
One of the greatest fakers we have ever knownwhen twitted with his prevarications in the public press, re
marked to us: "I can show it in black and white, and therefore it must be true." He amassed a fortune and
gained the desire of his life, but now there are "none so poor as to do him honor."
Tliia la a hat you shouli do to shed a,
bml complexion: Spread evenly over the
face, covering every inch of akin, a thin
layur of ordinary merrollxt-d was. Let
thin stay on over night. waahliiNT It off
noxt im.i iiIiik. Itepeat dally until your
complexion is as clear, ooft ami beautiful
aa a young g'H's. Thla result la Inevit
able, no matter how soiled or withered
tho complexion. The wax IKeraily ab
sorba the filmy surface skin, ri osIuk the
lovely yniinir skin beneath. The process
Is entirely harmless, ao Utile of the old
akin coining off at a time. Nfervollxe-1
wax is obtainable at any lrug store: one
ouiire uauully suffice. It's a veritable.
worKlr-worker for rough, chapped, red
dened, blotchy, pimpled, freckled or sal
low skin.
Pure powdered asxollte Is excellent for
a wrinkled skin. An ounce of It dis
solved In a half-pint witch hasel makes a
rifresMn wneh-lntion. This vernier the
skin quite firm and smooth; indeed, the
very first application eracea the finer
lines: the deeper ones Boon follow. Advertisement.
By lA Bil OVTKI K.
Pur set. consisting of deep, f at collar
eit rtnrr r..t.i. , l.. n ...111 . ...
The Tly Morning Musical club met , mine and aeal. Lase burton of seal
this inorttlna St the' heme of Mra K. V. j fastens collar at neck. Flower deelso of
THxon. sir. Marlon nreen, popular I sstln appllued.
basso, rave the entire program.
Surprise Party.
A, surprike party waa given in honor of
Mrs. J. 8. Virtue, st her lion, a, last week,
the oecaxlin Wing Air Virtue's birth
Uy. A number tyf Old friends called.
Broadway at 291 St.
"Aa 1 lot el Wnera Cuosts arsj Mad
t Feel al Horn"
Not too large, yet large
enough to afford the
maximum of value at
minimum expense.
Exceptionally Accessible
$09 Jteeau W crate uutaaasaf Csanje
Slafl Roesis kh Rusnlni Vstcr
1 1.00 1 Ji.OO per day
Singls Rooms vlih Tub er Shower
1 1.. 10 ra S. 00 pu day
Dsshls Basis with Rwialni Wtter
2 U I ii.UU perd.y
Dousis Boesu nh T oe Skewer
i.00 te 4.u0 per d.r
tDWARD C. FOGG. Ummaim XMrecSe
KOT U BROWN, luiul hirnxmam.
I I -JSo-J f f OVsTMSTAX. WCTBS. OOU. fl , j
hiM V5(Ml4 f t Twri S.IIIM Jtsslrr Is T V 1
Thomas Kilpatrick &. Co. Will Explode Another Superstition Wednesday, Dec. 2nd
Is 13 an unlucky number! Let's see! At 8:30 on Wednesday morning we place on sale 13 Pieces, all we
tmve, of a beautiful Brocaded Crepe. These goods are 4D inches wide, the eouors ore new and desirable, many
of them are for evening and reception wear. Made to retail at $1.50 per yard. Sold in many places as Silk
Crepe, meaning, of course, to convey the irupresgion that they are All Silk. ,
ThU Is what the fakr before referred to would try to do..
In thla store It U different. We tell you. We won't allow you.'
indeed, to go away with a wrons; impression if we Know it. These
crepes are mixed with cotton the silk, however, so carefully
thrown on the surface as to give the fabric all the appearance
of silk. And if anything- the wear will be lengthened by the
admixture of the cotton. Wednesday you will get your pick
oi aii me pieces at
This Will Shatter A f. CO E VwJ Now Let'a See
Another Soper.tition At OUC iQT A SlU Who's Afraid i
Four Days Remain Wherein You Can Have SKIRTS Made for $1,00
The orders up to now hae been phenomenal
away beyond our expectations. Skirts made to meas
ure, well tailored, fit warranted. Here again we will
take you into our confidence we make this pricei not
to make money, but to keep the dress goods department
busy during December, a month when people usually
AT THK LIXEX 8ECTIOf A lot of Towels AWAY DOWN. These
Include Damask. Embroidery, Huck. Plain and Fancy, 4) esuh
Wednesday. Based on prices asked elsewhere, many will ba found to
give but little attention to dress goods. Nothing added
to the yardage, you pay exactly for the length required
nothing added to the price of the goods but "au
contraire," aa the French say. Many reduced in price
for this pale. Now get in your orders. First Measured
First Made.
Look at display of Holiday Cards, Stationery,
Books and Novelties. Never sue aa assortment and
never so many desirable articles at little prices.
Novelties From the Pohlson and Other Galleries at Half Usual Prices
Knockprs, the welcome kind; quaint conceits in bronze, for guest room doors. Bronze book ends. Desk
Sets, Yul Igs, etc., and Plum Puddings en Casserole,
lightful gift for the Uivh'elor Man, or the liachelor girl
"Tlie Proof of th Pudding Is in the Kttting. Now this
old saying is not always true either. Subjected to the higher crit
icism we find that it ta possible to please the palate and to that
extent the saying ia true but subjected to the lower rritlcUm
At the Glove Section you will find a case filled 'with Christmas Suggestions making buying easy for the
man, woman or child. In this store a child can buy as cheap as a man always and what a comfort to know
that your Child Is Absolutely Safe. The mornings inaks the best trading time but come when you can.
lliee individual Xew Kngland puddings make a de-
and that's the test after ail of what we eat what pleases the
palate may not always please the lower regions but in this
case we have applied the test. These puddings please above and
below we know, for we have tried 'em, tOt eacb, the price.