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In the Coat Section
An Ever-Changing Procession
of New, Exclusive Styles
A display of the style ideas adopted
by women of fashion in the eastern
cities brought to, Omaha as socm
1 as produced. Particularly fine val
ues in Scotch novelties, broadcloth,
. Arabian lamb textile, wpdl' poplin,
fine textiles and many other , pop
ular fabrics ; :
$24.50, $28.75, $29.50-
No extra charge for alterations. .
Other Coats from $13.50 to $85.00.
SHERMAN & M'CONNELL WAREHOUSE FIRE-Photo taken in early stages of $70,000 fire Sunday, which wiped out
the largest warehouse in the city, completely destroying the building and its contents.
(Continued from rage One.)
5, cared for one of tho children between 13
1 and loclook. At 9 o'clock I waa up and
' to the bath room. I waa not very
I Cwell. Vvalter vas- asleep theiu lt did
tfaot leava-nla be that night,. except tne
, one. time he. waited on our little girl." .
' Other witnesses put on the stand bjr the
defence In an effort to eeiablisb an alibi
'.. ' the ccuaed were Juries H. Burgher.
' Lfaher -of',Mra.s ,V alter , Sammons. and
Jke Mutchle, a Kearney' carpenter.
, Hurgner told "of-th Chrlatrnen dinner
V .' of, the Sammons families at tWi6m of
J'.' hla elder daughtar-and of going to
'.'flWalUr'tieirtrnohe house with .Mri.t'Sam-
( nwn. and tha two children early In the
-evening. .Waller came, home at :15 p.
- m. .and u not Mtoxlrated, Burgher said.
' ' DeiinoM in llnnrj '
. ) .rrw. all -went to bed at : ,or W
.' I o'clock," the father-in-law of .the accused
man ..continued.; ."Walter and hla wife
alept In the room adjoining trrtne. and the
6or between' the ta rdnma .waa' ajar.
-' I 1 alept anandly. heard no riolJha- n'Khfc.
1, did not awaken .until ,4 or 'I o'clock the
V.' next morelng-. And m sura that "Walter
t , Cl not leave the house." ' J ' t '
!J Mutchle -testified that .' ho ; bbW "Walter
? ;t. Samwone at the tatter's home about ;.
V i o'clock tha T!ht ,of jlhe robbery.) when
. Mutchle called to, borrow hot water
J bottle. 'The witness under cr6s-ex-.
4 .mlna&on-'wag aaked'r : ''' ;, '
) "Didn't you plead' guilty to the- theft
' I of aome hay at Kearney awhile ago"
' 'L ' "w". aia nfl J didn't.", he answered.
It "7 -"Didn't your ha' wn - asked-' again.
Tea,' ke replied. And paid tne Wr
-. , . Xftorney ltoweD asked. "Yea." ' Mutchle
! admlted.; Ha explained that he had "Juit
1 V
v y 'if"
j 8' '
: 1
borrowed" a bale to feed hla team.
Te laviplteate . -
) .' Other wltneeeea called by the defenae
, during the afternoon were queitioned aa
I t to the whereabout of Delbert Smith, the
V Keaxney .poatoffloa clerk who confeaaed
V ' loaning hie keys and allege thatSam
,.moha had committed' the robbery. The
f' ' chief effort made with them by. counael
i' ' tor" Batnmona waa Intended to show that
(Smith, had disappeared from a, theater
i. J performance '.durlnghe' evening of the
robbery, and waa seen on the' t recto, near
,. the postof flee. . . .
Arvard Johnson, a bartender, testified
that ha sow, Pelbert Bmlth and his
' brotbor,. I,ucicn. at the '- theater. Bob
.'. . Mann, a .Kearney real .estate man. aald
t he mw pejbert Smith leave .the theater
, ; during the- show,, and opntmuing,' aaid:
'Tb ,nf..roorning. I. met' Welt Sanj'
' tnons and his Xatli
tlie atreet. but they
"Nothing. I was In Montana when It
"How did you come to he a witness for
"Why, 1. F. Reudebush told me to see
Clarke Bammona, Walter's brother,"
Cash aald. Roudebush la a Kearney man,
and Is alleged by the prosecution to ho
helping the defense. He waa in court
and waa pointed out and tdentlfted by
Cash and J. B. Donnell, another witness.
Moaeiy f rose Jadgei Oldhasa.
" "Have you reclve4 any jnoney from
anybody In connection with' this case?"
Mr.' Howell asked Cash.
: ""Yes. sir."
Q. "How muchr A. "Twenty dollar."
Q. "From whom? A. "Judge Oldham."
Q. "They told you they wanted you to
do a 'little skirmishing.', didn't they?"
A. "Yes, air." i
Q- And did the Bammona hoys' see you
talking to any government officials?"
A. "Yes; sir."
Q. "And they told "you after that that
you could go homer A. "I'm not quite
sure whether It waa befurs or after that,
but they told me I could go home."
Q. "Did you ever .receive, any money
from anybody for tha purpose of bribery
or perjury?"' A. "No." .
Hawaii Weald Admit Testimony.'
Attorney Howell, while making Success
ful argument to have the testimony of
Cash admitted, explained that he wlshtd
to prove by It that the defense had been
spending money freely on witnesses In an
effort to further an alibi a a.defense. He
alleged that the bringing of a man from
Montana who waa Ignorant of the crime
to be a witness for Bammona at least
showed some evidence of a guilty con
science. 1" ' ,
After one'of the frequent tllta between
the ppoatnsj armheya.'Mr. Howell asked
Q-"Hid anyone ask?.. you, 'to, a wlt
niM to establlsuVaii alibi for Waltr
Bammona?" A "No. .Roudebush askoj
me to b a. wltaesa.'f.
' The prosecution then announced that It
rested. Ha rasa. . , , , .
Ray .Olllesple. of Central city teati-
' - ...'.'!.-:",.': ' i i ' . - ' .v.'i'V y. . ,l fiAai 'i- umfiri. V'p Js-i.y
' . -
"After BammoDs had beea arrested and
charged with the robbery and was at
liberty on bond, I once overheard a con
versation between him. his , brother.
Jxgan gammons, and another man. In
Walter's office across the hall from the
Bell apartment. J heard Walter Bammona
"'nelbert Smith waa' the, beat friend I
had and I didn't think he 'would aqueal
on me. " ' . v'
fajattea HiMaioai' Cheek.
. Another witness waa J. 8. Donnell.
cashier -of the Central National bank of
Kearney. He teatlfled that ha hi r..h.
er-ln-law going down I two checks written by Clarke Bammona.
r made o mention of one of which was -for US. in favor of W.
Official Report Declares that the
Saltan's Army Occupied 1 Kan
tara After Fight.
Irene of Battle is Twentr-Flve Miles
from Tort Said ss the Caravan
' Roate Between Earypt
aad Syria,
Marconi Wirclena to London.) Turkish
troops have reached the Sues canal, ac
cording to an official communication made
public here Sunday. The statement reads:
, "Turkish.' troops have reached the
Sues canal. Fighting has occurred be
tween Kaiaa and Teatebe, both' thirty
kilometers east of the Sues canal and
near Kantra Too (probably El Kantara,
twenty-five miles south of Tort Bald).
"English officers, aa well as many
wounded, were taken prisoners. Troops
of English camel riders and Egyptian
police surrendered
El Kantara Is on the right bank of the
Sues canal, twenty-five miles south of
Port Bald and on the caravan track be
tween Egypt and Syria.
Tnrks Advance on Bat em.
BJCKUN.. No 3. (By Wlrcless)-Of-
Unitcd States is Investigating
Wireless Plant at Bar Harbor
NEW YORK, Nov. . 24.-tTnlted Btates
secret service agents today endeavored to
loarn If the neutrality of the United
States In the European war has been
violated by the sending of wireless roes
sages from a station under surveillance
In Bar Harbor. Me., to Germany or Ger
man war vessels In the Atlantic.
The station under surveillance is said
to be the private plant of Ernesto G.
and Allessandro Fabhri, brothers, promi
nent In New York society. The Fabbrls
are sons of the late Ernesto Fabbrl, who
was a partner of J. P. Morgan, and Mrs.
Ernesto G. Fabbrl is a granddaughter of
the late William 11. Vandcrbllt. Although
the Fabbrls are of Italian ortKln Alcs
sandro Fabbrl Is said to be pronouncedly
pro-German in his sympathies. -
At hla home here Ernesto G. Fabbrl
dented that he or his brother had ever
coneyed any information to German- offl
claln and treated the whole story as a
Joke. He said his brother maintained a
wireless plant simply for amusement.
Alleged close friendship of the Fabbrl
brothers and Captain Polack of the Kron
Prlnzessin Cccille was one of the chief
reasons why the government agents
placed a close watch on the Fabbrl wire
less After the steamer had put in at
Bar Harbor for fear of capture by Brit
ish warships, it la said. Captain Polack
was frequently entertained at dinner at
the Fabbrl cottage, and on one occasion
the Fabbrls entertained 250 of the ship's
crew at a theater at Bar Harbor
Mr. Fabbrt said today that he and
Captain Polack were close friends.
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A Nicoll make Over
coat means more com
fort style and general
satisfact on than you II
et trom the ordinary
member of the Knights of Pythias order,
The former organisation will have charge
of tne sen-ices and the body will be
taken to Marysvllle for burial.
Rnhert T. fteott.
TABLE ROCK. Neb.. Nov. 23.-1 Special.)
Robert T .Scott died at his home near
Pawnee City Friday horning aged 75
years alter, a long and .severe Illness of
several weeks. Mr. Scott was a veteran
or tne civtl war and -served as county;
commissioner from 1W1 to 18S7. He had
lived in the county for more than fifty
years. He leaves a widow and several
(Continued from Page One.)
Clares that the fall of Lemberg Is only a
question of time bocauee von Hindcn
burg la rolling the Russian right, while
at Uh same time the Austrian are at-
flcial reports given out In Constantinople tacking on the left. There la,,, however.
and reaching Berlin today tell of tha
continued successful Turkish advance
upon Datum, the Russian port the
Black sea. All tha territory between the
Tui ko-Kulan border and the river
Chursk Is In . Turkish hands, while a
Turkish force In the southern part of
this territory has taken Artwln, The
Turks declare that the English losses at
Khatt-El-Arab .amounted to 760 Scad and
several thousand wounded.
The report Is reiterated that tha Turk
lsr have reached the Sues canal at El
Kantara, after defeating the English In
a sanguinary engagement at a point
thirty kilometers (about eighteen miles)
to Uie eastward of the canal. Tha Eng
lish fled, leaving many dead.
(Continued from Page One.)
the robbery. Three months later, after lit Cetip.
Bammona faced prosecution as the chief
man accused of the crime, ha approached
ma to Uam niy version of Bmlth'a actlona
on the night of the robbery."
'-.,'rer.a ainel Ills T'stlmaay.
'Jghn Vem, . w,ho (waa Kearney "night
police", at the time of the, robbery, testi
fied to bavin gseen Smith on the street
near trie police station the' night of the
Calling elbert Bmlth. who had con
fessed loaning hla keys and who alleged
that . Waiter Bamomns ' had committed
tha robbery. District Attorney Howell
had Bmlth'a shoes measured, and found
they were about eleven Inches long,
whoreaa the measurements of tha foot
prints la the anow around tha postorflce
after the robbery were much, smaller.
(Continued from Page One.)
crime. Under cross-examination. Fern f w -ucien - smith, a brother I Del
admitted that he resigned hla posltioa b,rt WM called to the stand and put
June 1. after hearing that charges were through the same examination. His
to be fUd agalnvt him. alleg that! ,n0', "ured twelve Inches,
ha bad been drunk and had brought '
woman to Kearney for Immoral purpoaea JIIDItF, fiflVV H1F.S IT
He said thai th charaea were f.U. 'uuuu UW II UlUlJ AI
that ha resigned anyway, ran for sheriff
and was defeated.
GUmaa F. Roudebush testified that he
saw Del $mltb one block from the post
office about N o'clock the night of the
robbery. " Under cross-examination,
Roudebush said that although he was
ostensibly In .tha. real estate and live,
iocs commission Dullness, his total busi
ness during one year amounted to the
aaie r twenty bead of cattle and three
cheap Isnd deala - Hla other testimony
waa intended to Impeach the story told
by caeii during the morning session,
('ash la 1 IUDcaekts.
That Cash was In Montana at tha Urn
of the robbery, but that he had bean
asked to be a witness for the defense
and had been paid money and given free
board and room by the defense, were
facta admitted by Cash under oath, when
given a gruelling examination by United
States District Attorney F. B. Howell.
. Cash, who haa lived at Kearney for a
long time, admitted on tha atand at the
beginning of hla examination that he
waa In Montana when liaraomne and
to Council Bluffs and later to Bellevue,
waa by wagon train. He was a native
of Washington county, New Turk.
rraettcany air of the early pioneers
were speaking acquaintance of hla and
Peter Sarpy waa one of the first men
he met when he crossed the Missouri
river In 186i for a Fourth of July cele
bration that was being held In Omaha
It waa later that same year that he'
moved to Uellevue.
Judge Oow waa elected county judge
1U IMS, succeeding himself four times
after that In 1WI he was elected to the
state legislature and after one term be
gan to take life easier at his home In
Mrs. Oow died In UM.
r-unerai - arrangements have not yet
oeen maae.
Delbert Smith ware alleged to have com
mitted tha robbery of the Kearney post
office last Chrtstmaa.
Admits Hecetvla Cash.
"I received a lis cneck from Clark
eammona. brotuar of tha accused," Cash
testified, la substance. "He wrote ma to
go down to Omaha and do a little skir
mUblng around. Tea, I also received
t- from Judge Oldham' (attorney for
"Have you paid any expensea since
coining to Omaha," Mr. Howell asked
No, JTe been living at the Merchants
lioutl with the others for over a week.
and nothing waa aald to me about ex
penses. Cash answered.
-"What do you know about this case?"
Held for Murder of
Woman in a Resort
several tons of salt to Brussels, some of
tha refugees there having been without
salt for two months.
Wll Kxtead Relief Work.
I5NDON. Nov. SS. The relief work of
the. Rockefeller foundation In Austria,
Servla. France and some sections of
Russia will be undertaken actively at
once. Dr.. wickiiire Rose, head of the
Rockefeller commission, said today that
he and hla associates would soon visit
these countries, where the needs of the
people are perhaps aa great aa In Bel
gium, although . ess has been heard of
the conditions there.
It Is the purpose of tha Rockefeller com
mission. Dr. Rosa explained, to discover
the localities In which the needs of the
people are greatest, regardless of the
country and send relief Immediately ,
Members of the Rockefeller commis
sion express themselves as greatly pleased
with the work which haa been done by
the American relief commission in Bel-
glum and will uae the. organisation of
that ' commission for distribution of the
suppllea which It sends to that country.
Tha food forwarded to other countries
probably will be distributed under the
direct supervision of the Rockefeller com
mission, since there are no other organ
isations available at present for the
work.- i
Ambassador Page and Dr. Rose have
learned that conditions are especially
bad In some sections of Bervla, and f
forts will be made to extend relief there
at once.
no direct Information from the front to
confirm thla opinion.
Petrograd Is silent about the strategy
of tho present campaign which dues not
seem to. excite any greatern concern In
tha Russian capital than did the previous 1
advance on Warsaw. Berlin, on tha other
hand, aeems .to regard the Polish opera
tions, aa decisive in tho Rusrlan cam
paign. It not jn the outcome of the en
tire war.
In the near east Turkish forces are
reported within touch of tho Suet canal
mo miaous Egyptian camel corps
Is said to have had a brush with tho
Within Great Britain's own borders.
attention haa been turned to the sensa
tional affair In the alien concentration
camp on the Isle of Mann In which sev
eral of the prlsorers were killed. In a
body the Interned aliens made a con
centrated attack on their guard, who
seem to have not only suppressed a
mutiny due to discontent with food and
quarters, but to have actually ouelled a
drapers te atterap to escape.
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Jamea L, McOivern Is sought on a charge
of murder aa a reault of tha death today
of .Mra. McUivern. also known aa Cora
Lowing, who waa stabbed In tha back at
a resort hero on November lL
McUivern waa preaent when ahe was
wounded and disappeared Immediately
afterward, although aha exonerated him
of responsibility. Tha woman Is said to
have had relatives In Nebraska and Ne
vada. 1 '
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WAH1UNUTGN, Nov. . f. S. Bwan
soa amuinied rural letter carrier
Vhb'klev. Neb.
Mrs. F.lla O. Marshall, lever. 8. D.. has
been eixtuliited a tea'h r at Rosebud In
Start -hil. hiulli Ltakota. First National hank of Chha.'u lias
ben ni'troved as rrwrvo saint fur til
Ciflahttm National, t'reighton. Neb.
1'ovloirlce at I'aacade Xprinas. eJ. I),
has bevn discontinued, wall to- tioux
Several Nations Not
to Send Warships to
Panama Canal Parade
WASHINGTON, Nov- .23. Replies to
the Inquiry from the Navy department
as to tho names and number of foreign
ships which will participate In the Inter
national naval voyage from Hampton
Uuads to Pan Francisco next spring a16
comln In very slowly and the deterrent
f f ii.t f Ik. wa, iti mftnlfAat Whf An
of the silled powers haa indicated a pur- ' '
pose to redeem the promise they origin' ! ;
ally made to senld warships to partlci- nn VDII PCT flfl
pale In the event. Austria haa finally , UU lUU ULl III
aecuneo as nas ureece, sweaen. Colum
bia -and the Netherlands. The Japanese
declination is "aa long as , the present
situation continues." Germany, Chile,
Brazil and China and Italy have not re
plied. Portugal will send two vessels
and Spalri also will be represented, al
though the number of .its ships it not
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