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Jeff Must Have Been a Bit Raw with It
Drawn for The Bee by "Bud" Fisher : v
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Climax of Eastern Foot Ball Season
Will Be Staged at New Haren.
Seventy ThvnMBd lulrvraltr !'"
Will Help Dedicate !Sw Yalr
Bwl -Itrrerd f Tram
id I'larrra.
NKW HAVEN. Conn., Nov. :o.-(Sp-rial.)
Th climax of he eastern foot
l)rli oanon will b tBKrl nr tomorrow
v.hfn tlc ten ma ot Valft and Harvard
ttnitertillra mwt In the t hlrljr-flftli of the Intrr-varalty aerlra which
began In 1H7S. During thla at retch of
forty jcara lntorrollcluta foot ball and
ltd attendant faturaa hava tmdfrgotia
ia;rniknlilB avolutiona. Numroua rtiansra
lit (ha rlaylnc tulea have bon mada and
iijni the annctacular anil apftator'a
In lh rarly day a of th rontaata tha
l'iin met up. in tha college giean and
fought out thnlr annual Kama, riniced
ly a thin frlnita ot undrrraduatrn and
tewn fotk. Admiaxlon charfaa wrra
llher nomlnnl 'or entirely dlpenaed wltli
and the checrlnv of the f i w hundred
t'oi'tatnra unorRanlird and unlmpreslv.
Wonderful progrcaa In tha popularity of
foot halt hna hen made a'noa tha Initial
Kama and tomorrow marka another eporh
In tha irnnie, for tho elevoiia of 1M will
battle In a atndlum larger nnd mora lm
prcaniva than any etrurturc aver built
for colleaa aport in thla country. Onto
tha turfed and Hire lined arena of thla
Medium will- trot tomorrow afternoon
tho gridiron tquadi of rival unlverx tlea
while more than 70,000 eitfctatom rheor
the idayra and aubntltuten.
mall fortune at Gate.
The advance guard of tha thouiandn,
who will contribute fully IMO.Ow to tha
athletk' r.imjclatlona of tha two unlvor.
altlaa for lb pr vlleifo of wltneaalna tha
;l(forni radically altered. All theea
turiatlona In the fame and play alnk
into liirlgnlflcam e when compared with
(ho tftoat tranafo-matlon of foot ball
ihej theory and method cf attack andmo are already pourlnir Into thla city
by train, boat and motor car. Tha nlght
befnre aallit-rlnc haa taxod tha capacity
of tho local hoatelrlea to an extent never
before experienced her and tho overflow
hna bMn nhiinted Into private dwelllnga
aa a laat reaorl for the night. Thla ruah
li but tha forciunner of the thronga that
are aeheduled . to dew-end upon ' New
If.tven tomorrow. With a new atadlum
-lth a aeatlng capacity almoat twice aa
rreat aa tha former wooden atanda at
Yule field additional thouaanda have
tnken the opportunity to wltneaa one of
the foot ball claaalra of tho year. More
than S4 per cent of tha apertatora will
coma from polnta outalde thla city. Ac
cording ta the railroad management
about 35,000 pcraona will be moved by
apeolal trolna, twnty-flve of which will
aurt from New York City and fifteen
from Eoeton In addition to tha regularly
aencduled aervlce.
That tha gam Haelf, aalda from the
dedication featuree ot tha new Tale
"howl" and the aaaembllng of a lecord
gathering of foot ball anthuataata, will
prove aa exceedingly intereetlng contaat.
la the general opinion af the eoachea and
experta who have followed tha woik of
tha alavena all aeaaon. Harvard . la a
alight favorite In the wagering, due to
the ahowlng made In the eight gamea
played to data and tha fact that ferry
Haughton and hi aucccanfut coaching
eyatem hold full away at Cambridge
Yale on the other hand la Juat flnlahlng
the flrit aeaaon of a new campaign or
foot ball under tha tutelage of Frank
Htnkey, former captain and end at the
Yale teama of 189 and 134.
Oimaon la Kavarlte.
Thli alight preponderance) of an poor t In
favor of tha Crlmaoq la due chiefly, how
ever, to tha better ahowlng made by
Harvard In tha preliminary gamea of the
achedule. Tha Cambridge eleven haa won
all Ha garnet, with tha exception of the!
! i
VOXTVE noticed that
there is a vast differ
ence in "mild cigars.
Some are mild only
for the first inch or
two of smoking. Others
are mild in the sense'
of "tasteless.
The mildness of tha
Robert Ilurns is a dif
ferent kind. .Its deli
cate flavor last3 from
tip to tip. It has the
satisfying mildness
which indicates care
fully selected tobacco
expertly Mended by the
finest of hand work
manship. Tell your dealer your
favorite shape. He'll have
it in the Robert Uurna.
Incidentally ask bim to
bow you the new
"Invincible" thane. We
. believe that it will please
you. , t
RoL Burns
Liltlo Bobbie
fL P.
Hold Morning and Afternoon Prac
tice on Coe Field.
1 ?
."i ' H... - - til
, . . I -151
a It
touchdowns, goal and field goala were
accorded a point value, Yale haa won
aeventeen gamea to Harvard' alx, while
five reaulted In tie contcata. In the total
number of polnta acored the Ella have
being: Yale, 77; Harvard. 107. Tho lue
eleven have uhut eut Crlmaon teama on
thirteen occaalona, while the Harvard vlc
toriea ever Yale In which tha Ella were
unable to acore number but four. In re
cent yeara the Cambridge teama have
developed a atrength when facing the
Blue quite .unknown to the elevens of
the 'to. In WOT Yale ended a airing of
alx atraight victories and In the following
Spirit of Confidence and Determina
tion In the Men and All Arc la
Good "nap for Pray Except
role and Norrla.
CEDAH RAPIPH, la., Nov. 20. (Spe
cial Telegram.) Filled with a grim de
termination to win. Coach Stlehm'a equal
of CornhuBkers will Invade Iowa City
tomorrow to battlo Coach Hawley a ,
Hawkrvea and with the oil Nrbraaka
light well entrenched within them, It will
only be a mnrvotoue defense thut can
atop the ruah tomorrow for Cornhimker
touchdown. The Huakera arrived In
Cedar Kapitla from Omaha thla morning
and shortly before noen Stlehm had hia
charges out for aignal practice on Coe
field. Again thla afternoon the Ne
braaka lada went through the algnnla
and it couU be eaally aeen that the old
machine Is working with the same pre
cision which proved the undoing ot the
Michigan Aggiea and Kansas.
The team is In good shape. Doyle haa
a bum leg which will keep him from the
game. IVIametre, tha Omaha lad, will
tart at fullback, but Doyle may get a
chance. Tat Norrla la also out. Ruther
ford and Potter are limping a bit, but
neither expecta to be handicapped very
Team la Confident.
The boys are confident of winning.
While they recognize In Iowa a worthy
foe they feel that nobody in the west Is
superior to them. haa seversl
neat and tricky playa which he has not
yet disclosed this year and he will wont
them on the Ilawkeyeg If his lads find
themselves In a tight position.
The Cornhuskers .discount, the bear
stories emanating from Iowa City. It
is considered that Hawley Is working a
bit a la Stagg and that every regular
will be in the line up tomorrow ready to
do or die, desp le sneerllona that two
Hawkeye atars will be out ot the fray.
Nebraikani Clattering?.
The Huskers will arise bright snd early
in the morning to Jaunt to Iowa City and
permit a reat before the game atarta. An
advance guard ot both Nebraska and
Iowa alumni la moving Into Iowa City.
Quite a number of former Nebraskana
who make their homea hereabouts have
ordered aeata In the Cornhueker gectlon
to help the Lincoln and Omaha dele
gation boost for the Nebraska team.
The latest pont-scsnon chatter made it-
O- Y-S
5--u 'by.
Vic Halligan, captain cf the Corn
huaker eleven, may be tho third official
at the Crelghton-riouth Dakota game on
Thankaglvlng day. Elsenmann of Sioux
City and Brennan of Ames have already
been selected. Halligan was approached
when here Thursday evening with hie
squad of huskies, and It Im probable that
tha famous Nebraska tackle will be the
man selected.
Victory for Reaervea.
BEATRICE. Neb., Nov. 30-(Speelal
Telegram.) The Beatrice Reiervea won
from the Tecumseh High school foot ball
team Tier this afternoon by the acore of
2$ to T. One of the features waa a thirty
five yard run by Stoll. Maxwell. Fulton,
Stoll and Beolt atarred for Beatrice Thla
Is the second time Tecumseh has been
defeated thla season.
Sport Writer of The
Bee to Cover the
Husker-Iowa Game
F. 8. Hunter of the Bee aport ataff will
cover big Nebraska-Iowa conflict at
lows City today and his account of
the 'ray will be In all Sunday editions.
Mr. Hunter haa followed Stlehm and his
men through the aeries of victories, which
have compelled recognition of Cornhueker
power both laat year and again this yesr,
an! he Is well qualified to furnish a
coherent account of this biggest game of
the year.
Mr. Hunter will also wire a running
story of the game for the pink sport edi
tion of Tho Bee Saturday afternoon.
tfptltnat with Ptftfttv State, whlrh m.iiI tawl
m .. iia mt it rt li ... -I- tr tor Hlnke)'.
-w w n v a iiisti
evn ramM llarvjirrl ran kin s4Aiihl tim-i
ure .cor.. uiehi. .inn. .m. . reatorlng Yale to the high gridiron plane
hold Haughton'a pupils to a single touch
down mithout tha accomnanvlnic fltil
goals which have marked .11 the other! Th ftnd 't""1" " !"
contests. Yale has also proved that It "bto ,,n,up 01 ,hs two t,u,d" foltow'
Mfl f LtMnsi'n imtaar Ti. tnll- O.i a
alx year won one. loat three and tied UliMK , MlB81url want, to ,B th8
waa a aemre lo inec inia aiump rnrnhu.ker. In Rt ir
. . . I - ui s va v-ilj.
The Rollo team has trimmed Missouri
I two. It
In Yale foot ball that rauaed the call to
What the new coach
and his system of play haa dona toward
Result of Wesleyan
Morningside Foot . .
Game by Wireless
, On ita own gridiron at Univeralty Place
yesterday, Wesleyan university defeated
Mornlngslde college of Sioux City, 13 to 0.
Wesleyan made1 Its first touchdown dur
ing the first three minutes of the play
and the aecond before five minutes had
The foregoing announcement relative to
the game came by wireless from ). C.
Jensen, wireless operator and professor
of physic at Wesleyan. Here the report
was received by R. B. Bhively at his pri
vate wireless station St hia home, 5553
South Twenty-fifth avenue. The meaaage
was filed at the Wealeyan wlreleaa sta
tion and Instantly It was picked up here
by Mr. Shlvely.
formerly held by Blue
I demonstrated tomorrow.
teams will be
York Flreaaea Win.
YORK. Neb.. Nov. . 8peclal Tele
gram.) Hastings and York fire depart
ments piayea a game or toot oau inia
porsessed a strong scoring attack, bit
haa played erratic foot ball, eapeelally
on the defenae.
Two opportunities are offered for
comparative acore analysis in the gsines
againat Washington and Jefferson snd
Mrown. Hsrvard defeated the Pennsyl
vania team 10 to t on October R while
two weeka later the same eleven won
from Yale 13 to T. Against Brown the
hi lie 'lined up a ' tesiri of regulars and
substitutes lit about equal proportions so
that tho victory ot 14 to T carries greater
weight than the Harvard aubatltute
eleven s scoreless tie with Urown.
HI a lias Many Vletorlea. .
. Whatever the relative merit ef the mi
teams the Blue haa a long string of vle
torlea over the Crlmaon to Its credit,
when the series Is reviewed as a whole.
In the earliest daya of the game hen
the point a'yitein of acoring waa unknown,
Yale gained a lead which aha has held
ao firmly ever since. Since 1SSJ, when
Sept. W.. Harvard.. 44
Oct. S... .Harvard. .44
Oct. IO...Hurvera..lU
I 4K't. 17. ..Harvard.. 11
Oct. 4...Hurvard..13
Oct. 3i...;irvn .. (
Nov. T. .. Harvard. .80
Nov. 14. .Harvard.. 0
I YALK'8 1914
Sept. M..Yale &
tKU 8. ...Yule 21
Oct. 1rt...Yalu So
Oct. 17. ..Yale St
(Vt. M...Yele 7
th-t. Jl...Yale 40
Nov. 7. ..Yale 14
Nov. 14.. Yale l
Nebraska-Iowa Football Game
at Iowa City, la., Nov. 21st
The Rock Island will run a special train of Pullmau
sleepers and coaches, leaving Omaha 11:30 p. in., Nov.
20th, returning, leave Iowa City 10 p. m., Nov. 21st.
Hound trip railroad fare $11.02
Hound trip Pullman fare . '
Per standard lower berth $3.00
Per standard upper berth $2.50
Per tourist berth $2.00
For further information inquire at
14th and Farnam
bpringflcld T. 8.
V. aan. and Jeff
I'nn. Ktate ,
Brown ,
Ylrsinla 0
I-el iKh 3
Notre. Dsme 0
V -li una jelf .U
Colgate 7
Brown 7
Princeton It
1 1 A It V A K I .
Weight llelaht A a.
Poltlon and Name. It. ft. in. Yra.
UK r. Coolhlge 1T & li 21
U T. F'aroon 107 ;t
I.. O.-WeHton im C 3, 30
C Wallace 174 1 11 'A
H. O.-ffnnock 3Vt t )H 2t
It. T. Trumbull Vl i
fl. K Hardwlcke ITI 5 II 3
Cj. R IKan l."J & Mi
I.. 11 M-.-.hsn li 5 It "t
R. H-Hrartlee I7x i 1IV4. L'l
K.U-Krancke Ml Oi 39
We'Kht HelKht Ae
Name and Poeltlon. Iha. ft. In. Yi.
U K. HlsulnWotham ....V.J 5 , '.'I
U T. Tullott tCapt.)
I O Conroy
and Washington of the Mlaaourt Valley
conference, and wants a crack at Ne
braaka. It la not likely that the mlnera
will bo accommodated, aa the contest , afternoon, 41 to 0, In favor of York
woum not determine any sectional super
iority. The probable lineups for the game Sat
urday are:
Halligan ...
Cameron ....
0 ' t oi ey .,
Palla ,
. Potter
J ! Uulherford ,
v Chamberlain
X llttinelre .
..ko i ua.
Do you want a Balma
caanf "We have just the
right kind with velvet or
self collar, $15 to $25.
Maybe you want a form
fitting double breasted
Overcoat. The reast, s&ys ,.
it is the dope. Ours is as ,
dressy as any son Broad
way, $20 to $30.
If you want to dress
wanner yet we can give
you the best Ulster, 52
inches long with shawl'
collar for $15 you ever
ftmmrty Magmt at XWaaer
4I S. I6ih
JlJYH " 1 --.' -vl--
nr mm wu m
. Bruckner!
.... W:ion'
.... Barron i
Qunderaon I
Gross i
.... Parson :
Garretaon '
.. Donnelly
R..-Waien ....
R. T.-C Sheldon.
U. K -W. Wl'son
Q. M A. Wllmi .
U II. Alnaworth
" . Vrw'es ...
F. B. Ue Oore
... lsj
5 It v
i x
GRAND lSIAND. Neb.. Nov. 9D (Spe
cial Telegram.) At an enthusiastic meet
ing Of the Grand Island base ball asaocta
atlon tonight Jamea Rourke, prealdent;
Henry Schuff. Phil Glade, Dr. Sneller
and KmU Wolbach, directors and George
Cowton, eeretary. were given a vote of
thanks tor pulling the Grand Island team
from the bottom to the top In one short
season and were re-elected by unanimous
vote to serve next year. Henry 8chuft
nJ Phil Glad were elected delegate
to the atate meeting to be held Jn this
city. were taken looking to the
purchase of the grounda If possible and
Pied Hurrlaoa waa chosen chairman of a
committee to hold a fair. '
Uvlrat for Yaiklta telle.-.
VKKMIMAV, . IV. Nov. V lSiM-iul
Telegram. M'uth Dakota dafatrd Yank
ton c. liega. CI to I 1 oucluio n: Mc
cormick U. Ktrstvnon. euranua. Hraua
3j Field goal: k'levenson of Vaiikton.
Soccer Teams Will
Play Thanksgiving
At an executive committee meeting held
In the city hall the following representa
tive teama were choaen to play the exhi
bition game of eoccer at Miller park on
Thanksgiving day. The kick-off will be
at I p. in. :
Klinwood Park.
Goal Meullk
. . H. P. R Holmqulst
U f . B Kaaborg
.. !C H. B Dai vllle
" i' J" V I-Undquiat
U H B Ei r nx.on
.. Rt. Wing Anderson
..Rt. Wing Baldwin
..Center. For..Brlx (capt )
. U Wing Corey
,. U Wing Rogeraon
.. Reserves Hurwood
..Reserves Skow
,. Raxerves Henderson
.. Reacrvea... Brig
Measra. Watson and Lund.
Miller Park.
l. Mil
lowden (capt.)
E. Laurenaon .
Rt feree Mr,
The Miller Park team la corn pose J of
membera ot the Omaha City and Cale
donians, and the Elm wood Park team of
the Townaend Gun Company and tha
rtefereea for the league gamea were ap
pointed aa follows:
November 12 At Miller. Mr. Dalr; at
E'mood, Mr Flemlns.
November 37 At Miller, Mr. Dalr; at
Elmwood. Mr. Uostock.
December At Miller. Mr. McTaggart;
St Klmwood. Mr. Fleming
Brake a Raw High Wins.
RROKRN BOW, Neb., Nov. Rpe
eial About "vt people watched Broken
Bow lllah school klrfcat Grand Is'and
Ihla afternoon. 7 to 3. The game waa
hard fouvht and faet, the featurea being
the line plunging of rwrgent and Irtil.
ntnre ot the locale. Brok.n )iow haa woat
Mven gamea fed one and lost none, mak
i iw them chnmpiona of west central Ne
brail ..
Kv.ra Plsri tinll.
Cautaln Johnny Kv.ra of the Bravea
has taken to aolf playing tor the winter
11 Troy. N. Y.
THE 1915 mol of tL always popular'. IlnJsoa ConTertilla RoaJ-'
star or Cabriolet Las g seating1 capacity ff tare. Everything that
naJs last year' l car so weLoms is founJ in acLJsd cosaplstessss. Mechanically
the car snows 31 improvsmcnts and aivsjiocs. Tkctop folds readily and
compactly. The window drop worn desired. VitV top ap it is ka entirely
cloecdl coupe VitB. top folded it becomes a standard roadster. Two distinct
car in one. Tic npkolstsriii j is ia solid IcatLcrr, orsr oil-tempered springs
and genuine curled Lair
V- ttfueimTly invtU fA atttntion efhuint$$ nm
anj pkyneiatu te tki JtJtjktftJJy-JiftfmJ cur
'Service First"
2363-5-7 Farnam Street, Omaha, Neb.
n. nil ffOn 5W-S9 C.bJnj
mm i mi-i . . t. Xfcaxa)