Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 21, 1914, EDITORIAL, Page 15, Image 17

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    riiK m:i:: omaifa. satukpay, November ji, ion.
Crinolines 1 830- 1914
(Republished by Special Arrangement with Harper's Bazar)
1. f
. . . a y y :
A real pussy-cat cloak big and full and
comfy straight from the house of Drecoll. En
veloped in Us voluminous folds the wearer Is al
most lost. Only here eyes peep out from above
the bushy black and white fox collar the mag
pie combination In furs being one of the new
notes of the Drecoll collection. Straight and, oh,
bo full, the mantle hangs from this furry collar
almost to the bottom of the gown, and aways
tlaring. And as If to accentuate this spring at
the bottom a wide band of the two furs Is added.
The tiny hands find their way out of two great
ruffs muff-like pieces of fur which extend al
most to the elbow of the big, baggy sleeves. An
intique Russian silver ornament fastens a cloak
iihich might have been faslfioncd for the ex
Empress Eugenie.
'- Since Russia and France have Joined against
the enemy, the French couturiers do not hesi
tate to glean their inspiration from the land of
snow and beautiful women- From, the tip of
her turban to the toe of her boots this little lady
Is Russian. The material is a blue cloth, the
military blue color, and the trimmings are black
astrachan, the fur the Russian officers use to
edge their capes. . This fur forms the collar, high
fend flaring, but,, open in the - front, outlines
either side of the. front of the tight little jacket
and edges the tiny flaring basque. But the new
est feature of the Jacket is the :leg-o'-mutton
sleeve the real, old-time, full sleeve gathered
full into the normal armhole. The skirt, full
and trimmed with braid, displays the patent
leather Russian boots. ' ,
Ruffle upon
billowy fulness,
ruffle, each rippling forth In
makes one believe that this
quaint little skirt of coral pink taffeta must have
been cherished all these years In the hidden re
cesses of a chest belonging to an 1830 belle. Al
least Weeks has copied almost to the last detail
the skirt of that period. There are slight modi
fications in the corsage, though the flat shoulder
effect is just as pronounced. And it is achieved
by a saBh of black and silver brocade ribbon
which twines its 'way over one shoulder and
across the hip. Two ruffles of the taffeta out
fined in sable are laid flat over the other shoul-
der, the flare coming well below the top of the
arm. A line of sable marks the bottom edge of
the skirt, which is short enough to display the
turn of the ankle.
1 nfo thut MiMfr noonevclt hi cumin
bnrk, cd piu I am glad to htar Hint, b
kaim the country will fel afr whun he
In here to life niter thing. Of rout. nr
r, he enn't art In the White Ilnune chair,
hut I gursa ha doMit't care much aa lonn
aa he haa thoin bolla wlrh he not In
South Amrrlky. Of courae, pa aed to ma,
you nwvvr hait any South Amortka.ii
bolla. no you llttet know the Buffering
with la canned by them, but thay are a
ternbul thin.
Wen did you ewer have them? aed ma.
Every time I ewer went to South
Amerlky. aed p I uned to Bet them
from awtmnmV acroaa the Ainaaon hefoai
breakfast, ied pa. I waa a rat awlmer
in them daya, I uaod to go out every
morning for a dip & a awim acroat t lip (
Amaaon & buck. Mtatcr Hooaevelt aaya
In the palper thnt the nineteenth cenlurj j
was of North America., tut the Hh cean- I
tury will be of the Amaiona. I doant j
know wether ho mana tlio river of wen
wlmmen flit tharo right1, ia aed, but li '
ho muna the river ho ta cci thinly rifcht.j
I waa one of tl o first Amerlkana. a
ed, that reellaed the tremcmlun Hxsltlll
tlea of Suuth Ameriky, the Kinto,!
the wumlertul Jewel & mtneral mlnea '
the crocndlln aklna down thine waUuig to
bo made Into puraee.
You newer toald mn that you were In,
South Amerlky, aed ma. j
Lldent IT aed pa. Well, that la aliiHu
lar, but 1 havo boon thru ao much thnt
perhapa I did f erg It to tell you all 1
know, & beeHlcJca, 1 waa reeding the
other day that thare are aum thlnga a
huaband A wife ahud keep from each
other, & that la one of the few thlnga 1
keep from you. I
You are In a faaeaahua mood tonlle, !
decrcat, aren't you? aed ma. 1 of fen j
wonder, ahe aed, wen you are telling:!
them yarna how much of them you think I
little Hobble & 1 beieeve. I dim-omit j
very one of them, doan't you, 1 loliliio y i
I doun't know what you mecn by dla-'
counting them, I toald ma, but 1 beieeve .
everything my deer father aaya.
Thare, you aee. eed pa, the llttel man'
knowa the truth wen he hear It & aeea It. '
I am proud of my aon & glad beeknua
of hla faith In me. Here, Hobble, aed pa, '
heie la two dollar. Cio git that air'
rifle that you toald me you wanted the!
other day. You are a aenslbei child, the'
on of a acnelbcl father. J
He la a wise child, the aon of a wiae'
mother, aed ma. He wanted that air rifle
now he la going to get it. But go on, 1
dee re t husband, & tell us moar of the
awful perils you encountered In South
Amerlky. You Teddy will have a grate
visit wen he gets back to New York,
won't you? Why doant you aak him up;
to lunch & talk It oaver with him her,1
ware I can hear It, too? I Joet luv ad- i
venture, ma Bed, espeahully wen thare laj
enuft Ilea In It to mulk It thrilling. You
dulent ever happen to drop In nt the
South lle hunting for silver penguin,
did you aed ma. If yotl did, I ahud like
to hear alout that alao.
Kvldently you think I stray from the
truth, aed pa.
You doant stray from It. you gallop
from It, sod ma. You get so far from It
that Truth hue to send out a rescue
party to find you bring you bark.
I am glad Bobble doean't feel that way,
aed pa.
Yes. aed ma, & t guess Bobble ta glad
he got that two dollars.
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The Wireless of Insects
IS'SrCaS-i; ;
"V . f w,sM
' s' 1
tWaawmnfflitgW) ant Tiirrrtilt iwaiit-araaaij
When we mention the five recocnlied
humar sensea, or their principal organs
the eye, the ear, lha nose, the palate and
the akin, representing, reareetively, eifc-ht.
heartn. smell. ta;ste and touch we are
apt to think that we have covered the
field of aenaation, and that other animals
must rely upon aimllcr meana of com
municating with the outer world.
But, in fact, It la iloubtleaa whether
we ouraelvea are aware of all the sense
that we really poaea, while It la certain
tbat there are creaturea which have per
Mttiuna and sense organs widely, and
perhapa fundamentally, different from
The class of animal called "mlhro
poda" (jointed anirqala) poetess an orgun
unknown to man, which aomotimes seems
to have almost maKical powers. ' This Is
the ''antenna" (from a Oroeit word mean
ins to stretch up). Everybody has bo
come familiar with this word since Ha
adoption to describe the aerial w.'ie uaed
to catch the slfnala fo wirclesj teleg
raphy. In the natural world wc aee the an
tenna (In the plural antennae) most com
monly among- insects. An lnet-t deprived
of its antennae, although it continues to
live, scorns to he like a mnn deprived at
once ot both sight and hearing, and per
haps even of the venae of touch, and It
may be deprived, at the earne time, of
other sense ot which we know nothing-.
lu fact, the ant nna, whether used as
a meana to capture Invisible elactrio
waves wandering through the ether, or
employed by the Insect to give It all
sorts of Information about Its surround
ings, la absolutoly uncanny in lu exhibi
tion of strange properties. With the In
sect it Is a wand of knowledge, and when
you aee tome little rU-lrggel creature
waving Ita antennae about you may be
sure that It la i-ollecting new to guide
it, in a way a wonderful aa any that we
have Inherited or Invented.
Indeed, it la impossible that when we
fitted the word antenna, to our aerial
telegraph syalem we were, unawares,
recording the (act that we had Invaded
a region of sense perception peculiar to
the Insects and their relatlvea. Who
knowa but that tnecta both aend and
receive intelligence by meana of their
antennae? Who can aay that nature did
not endow them originally with a simple
method of "wirelesa telegraphy," In
stead of furnishing them with eyes,1 ears,
noses, etc., like those of larger animals?
With many InMCt the principal. If not
the only, function of the antennae aeem
to ba that of conveying a sense of touch.
They go about visibly "feeling" their way
with the slender, thread-like antennae
projecting from Vthelr bead. But those
organs must, in ail case, serve purpoee
Advice to Lovelorn
Tsar "Dl; Ilrother."
Dear Mlsa Fairfax: 1 am a airl of IS
and for the laat five yeara have known a
young man two yeara my senior. Thla
young man ta a frequent visitor at our
house, aa he is bImo niv brother's rhum.
and we grew up to regard him aa one
of the family, lie In return calls me his l
llttio sister.
Now, after being with him so long, I
find that I am not Indifferent to him,
but love him very much, of which he Is
not aware. 1 would not for all the world
let hlin know that I love him.
Whenever I hear thnt he is coming tip
to the house 1 purooxely go away to try
to forget him, but find that It Is Impossi
ble. He haa been up several tlmea. and
after finding me out inquired of my
mother where hla aimer was.
Now, Mlaa Fairfax, please advise me
what to do. No one know of my love
for him. 1-3 very one In the houae regard
him aa one of i.i.
Juat go on In your friendship for your
"big brother." Love frequently grows
from a loyal and congenial frtendahlp.
Do not fear to ahow him the tender af
fection your aasumed relationship Im
plies. If sweetneaa and womanllneaa do
not win his love, neither cold aelf-con-olouaneaa
nor a forward declaration on
your part would succeed.
Do Von Tract Ulnar
rar Miss Fairfax: I am a trlrl il
yeara of aae, and have been courted hv
a man aix years mv senior. Now, thla
man tell rre he loves me and haa asked
me aevoral tlm" to marry him, but t i
have refused him each time berauxe he
filrta with other alrla and then ocnlea IL
My friends all tell me to give hi in up,
and thnt I enn do n ureat deal better, aa
1 am of a very good family, nut I like
him very much, und It would break nv
heart to give liim up. Kindly advlne me
what to do. V. II. C.
Do you truat this man? Or, after mar
riage, would you be ever nagtcing hlin
an accusing Mm of flirtations with
other women? Perhaps If you were to
rhow your faith by becoming engaged
and shutting your ears to malicious
gosalp you could break him of a foolish
hnbll. nut don't give your heart with
out faith and loyalty. You would spoil
both your Uvea that way.
other than auch a are clearly analogous
to our senses. Watch an anthill In the
bi sy hours and obnerve how orderly and
yet rapidly everything goes on. Even
when an ant seem to be wondering and
turning in a confused manner It la not at
all certain that it Is not perfectly guided
by sense impressions in all it movements.
If the aenaea by which they are guided
are all concentrated In the antennae then
tnat organ muat surely be regarded aa
one of the most marvelous that 'nature
bag bestowed upon U.e animal creation.
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