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Till: ItKH: OMAHA. SATl'KDAV, NOVKMMKH 21, 1!14.
A hluff ii a collation of amall decep
tions dlrrcteil to a alnirl rnrt: but thin
4na not mon that tha end mar not be
rioneat, for Muffin I reported to In the
Buwt dceervlna; of rauaes. Mm rlao to
eminence In wlltlcs throush their ability
to convince the people that they arc
much belter qualified than othen who
lurk only the kmiK of talking about
tliemnelve. Women achieve social die
tlnrtlon and a reputation for Intellectual
rlcverncaa by bluffing Judlrioiialy among
other women known to be amenable to
that kind of Impreealnn, and the reputa
tion In turn iiervea to Imw-eaa the more
conservative. Hut whatever hla reward,
tha euceasful blurfer earn a It all. He
mtiat have an anile wit and a ready
tongue, lie m int be patient enough to
wait for the ripe moment, then tinner! tils
accumulation of deception with d lucre-
tlon and a certain amount of the vital
fire which la often abused under the
term personality. Many a reputation for
extraordinary proaperlty baa begun with
a borrowed automobile and a dipotlnn
to ahare It with the adect few whom It"
poaeelcn will Inspire with the moat
awe. Daring la required to execute aurh
a plan, but your true bluffer la generally
to well achoold .n failure that It ha
no terrora for him. He haa begun aa a
callow youth, when It aeemed eaaler to
believe that he waa wl than to acquire
wiadom. Very often thla youthful bluff
ucoeedH, for older men are Inclined to
overeatlmate the atrength of youth. And
once uaed It aoon becomes a habit. Not
until the years have taught their lesson
doea the futility of bluffing become evi
dent. Then the bluffer finds himself
deserted by youth, hla great ally, which
be has worked so hard; and In the test
which mellow age puts on the conversa
tion of men he finds himself proved a
of Impnver'shed Iri-
tmra n,l n., ......
- - vi i iiiimii rt 'niiT-t ill" (
leucci. 10 many bWfTers, though, tha
bluff Is only a stepping stone to respect- -able
accomplishment, and not infrequently
youthful blifTs are caped with honor
and substantial distinction. Indianapolis
Bee Want Ada Troduce Reaults.
Toilet Articles and Drugs-Specials
Crave Teen Few
er, la flH, at.
Maaleare gets.
aara. worth 71c
Java Hire Paw-
er All ahadea.
FerexMe ef Hy.
areareaw 1-lb lot
Glreertae, Race
water, V-Pt bot
Eaeeaea rVapee
nlat. 1-os. bot.,
Wltea Hasel, full On.
qt. bottle
Pe bee Teeth OOf
raate. HOC alte.. .
Merealleeel Waa t1
7o else, for JJC
MaaJear Hal- OQ-
fer Worth 7&e..
Rnhher gbrella We-.
Yard wide yd. JJt
Melee eee Pace Paw- 99.
ster. all ahadea. . Jt
Plata Water, loo 4i.
alte bottle, ror.."-
Jap Race er Per-
mla Sear. caka. . .
Dlaeaeaa C Kmsi Otf
10 bars for
Tha largest assort
ment of Imported and
Domestla . I'erfumes in
the west.
Special aala of Combs
and Rruahea.
Ll.l..rl,-v,..,.ll,. , , J,
Cut Flowers-ISr
Callferala Vlalet
Large bunches of.
rre bur
for. . . .
25c Bunch
2c Each
Handkerchiefs Worth 35c
Mea'a plain French
ekeer all linen
h a n dkerchlefe;
new wide hema.
Also the pure
linen cambric
Initials. Some of
the lettera are
slightly Imperfect.
An Eastern Manufacturer's Entire Sample Line and Surplus Stock of
Children's Day Saturday
(P In Omaha's Greatest Store for
Children and Grown Ups
Children's Coats
Purchased at about half actual
value are on sale at correspond
ing reductions. . Fine Coats in
Plush, Maritex. Hindu Lynx,
Houcle, Chinchilla, Fancy Tweed
Mixtures and many other splen
did fabrics for winter wear. Light
and dark shades. All sizes, 6 to
14. Two big lots for Saturday.
I n (S
11 Vyirf-fHrTV
Lot 1 350 Coats
Worth to 6.98,
Choice for
Lot 2 275 Coats
Worth to $12,
Choice for
llraaeeta Seeead Flaar.
Art Needlework Fancy Goods
Specials SaturdayOn Third Floor
Perl Lust. Bucilla and Coat 'a
Mercerized Crochet Cotton
White, ecru and colon. Valuee
up to 20c per spool. 4 e
Special at 1UC
Perl Lusta Embroidery Cotton-
In rope, India and stranded. Reg
ular price 2 skeins for 6c. f
Saturday 4 akelos for DC
Stamped and Tinted Sofa Pillows,
Scarfs and Center Pieces On
white and colored linen. Values
up to $1.00. Choice
Saturday at
Lunch .Cloths On pure Irish
linen, 45 Inches, In floral and
conventional designs. $1.75
values. Extra special ((
(or Saturday, at... $leUU
Stamped Center Pieces, Scarfs,
Pillows Some matched. On art
crash. Neat designs. Values
60c. Choice
Coronation Braid 6 yards to
each piece. White and colors.
16c value. Saturday, OC
8 pieces for aWC
For three days only Saturday, Mon
day and Tuesday we place on sale at
20 per cent discount, our "La Vida" Cor
sets. This includes every model In stock.
This is our own make and we guarantee
all A. fl - . La
mis corset in every respect, woman
fitted in La Vida Corsets make frequent
comment that they are "as easy sitting
as standing," and that their figures pre
serve slender lines in either posture.
They art ma J f tht finest material, boned
with excelon, which it poiltioely unbreakable.
Our fitters are competent and at your
service. The large variety of shapes of
"La Vida" Corsets provides a perfect fit
for every figure.
Prices, '3.50 to '25
eea.4 Flaar.
I Underwear and Hosiery
For Women and Children
Weaaea'a t'aloa Salt In medium
weight and fleecy lined cotton,
hlt'h nrrk. long alva; Dutch
nock, elbow, and low nark, el
bow; In ankle lengtha: r f
regular and eitra aisea. D1JC
Per ault wvv
Wtati'i I'alaa Malta In medium
and fleecy llnrd cottona; high
neck, long aleevea; Uutch neck.
elbow aleevea; low necg, aieeva'
leaa: In ankle length
worth up to II. uu. hpe
clai. suit
Women's Heavy Fleecy Lined
Cotton Velastlc Union
Suite High neck. long
- sleeves, ankle length. All
sixes, $1 quality
Saturday, for
Waaaaa's t'alaa Setts In fine cot
ton. Light, medium and heavy
weight In Munatng, Carter,
Thoa. IMtlby. Wlobe and many
other well-known
vr makes. AU atylea.
Av. Par ault
JiT, ' lalea Salt la part
v. wool and allk and wool: Dlaln
j- and Bwm ribbed, all atylea and
alxea; worth from
J it to $S 50. Hpe-
clal, per ault
CMldrea'a M Halt M Ut
latent taped aeam.
le quality, haturday
Be?' a ad ClrU Vest, Paata a ad
Unstn Miilt of heavy fleeced
cotton; all aiaea; worth
up to le a garment. Xa3C
Hleclal, each ww
Cbtldrea'a, Mleaea aad Bey' Vests.
pasta aad ravers t leeoy lined
la la part
wool; plain
1 atylea and
In', r-hlldrea's aad Baya l alea
Knits In fleecy lined rottons,
cream and gray; high neck, long
aleevea, ankia length, open crotch
ana drop seal, all alaea
to is yeara. Special at,
per ault
Waiaea'a Silk Thread Haae... In
black, white and assorted even
ing ahadea. Every pair perfect.
Full regular made, with wide
garter tope, double
aolea, neela and toea.
Special Saturday, pair.
"' "Ilk Lisle aad Cattea aad
Hwl llese Seamlea and full
fashioned; reinforced aolea.
neeia ana toea. Aieatuin
and heavy welghta.
. Kpeclal Saturday, pair..
VVessea'a Silk Beat aad Piker Silk
Haae In black, white and col
ore, ruu-iaanionea and aeam'
leaa. Double aolea. heel
and toea and wide topa.
Hpeulal Saturday, pair.
Woman's Fiber Silk Boot
Hoee WIUi lisle garter
tops. All hare double
soles and high spliced
heels and toea. Worth up
to 36c a pair.. r
Special Saturday, pr IDC
tklldrea'a Heavy aad Medlaaa
'lsM lattea Haae Double
aneea, aoiea. neele and toe.
" iue ana line ribbed.
8palal riaturday. per
k Values Are Wonderful
Men's Cotton Hoee Medium
weight Black and tan.
-Full seamless with rein
forced heels and toea and
double soles. 8pe r I
clai Saturday, pr. ld2C
col ton; cream or gray; nr
alt alaea to tl yeara. . .TC
ti. I w.l... M
Veata. Paata aad l)ra were
MIsM, 1 ktldrea aad Bevi
fist. wool, wblta and O O
gray, (iarmenta worth ejMC
uplotOc. Bpectal.eacli..."'
Women's Tine) Silk Thread Hoe Pure dye. Some all silk
to the top and others with lisle garter tops. All have re
inforced heels and toes and double soles. Fine assortment
of colors, such as Pinks, Sky, Bronze, Suedes, Fawns and
other popular shades. A special lot in fancy Christmas
noxes win go in mis saie. worm up to 1.50
Saturday, at ,
Misses' Coats
r2i You Must See Them
These coats are the Very
Newest and Smartest models.
All of them are made of the'
most wanted materials, such
H as Maritex, Sealejte Plush,
Mate-Lam, Arabian Lamb,
Corduroys, Hindu Lynx,
striped Ural, Pomorie, Broad
cloth, Chinchilla, Wales and
fancy plaid mixtures.
' J
3K i if
; 11
sllsala salltt -it SaSTTTS
LOT 1450 COATS i, :
Worth to $22.50, Choice
16. i 5)
LOT 2 375.. COATS
Worth to $30.09, Choice-
1 7 . 0
They come in the lengths
approved by Fashion Critics
medium and full length
styles, belted effects with
flare bottom, or plain tailor
ed models. Some have vel
vet and fur trimmings. Beau
tifully lined with plain or
fancy silk or satin. All sizes.
Divided in three lots
LOT. 3375 COATS .
Worth to $35.00, Choice
Sterling Silver Tableware m tL Half Price
All Very Heavy Weight Silverware, Really Wonderful Values.
We also offer Oneida Community Silverware at about Half Usual Prices
Everyone knows the regular prices of these goods. Please compare the sale prices and note the
wonderful reductions. These goods have never been sold at less than regular prices before.
Sterling Silver Fine
Hampden Pattern
Oneida Community
n Family
"i J?
Quarantssd for Fifty Yeara
$2.15 Tea Spoon n
(Set of six) Ol.OJ
$4.00 Dessert Spoons r mm
(Set of six) ....... .tPdeef-a
$4.30 Table Spoons o
(Set of six
$3.00 Orange Spoons , n
(Set of six) . ., Ql.VO
$1.75 Berry Spoons
Each .pi.V'J
75c Baby Spoons
Each ; ovc
85c Sugar Spoon
Each ..OUC
$1.25 Cold Meat Fork
Each syc
$2.75 Individual Oyster .
Fork (Set of Six) . . l.0
95c Butter Knives I $1.50 Gravy Ladle '
Each ......50c I Each 89c
$4.50 Plain Knives and Forks, solid handle.
Per dozen $3.19
$10.50 Hollow Handle Knives I $7.20 Embossed Handle Knives
and Flat Fork. Dozen, $7.19 I and Forks. Per dozen. .$4.98
A Small De
posit Will Hold
These Goods
for You for
Delivery. -
Ill Tl I III
This is all very heavy weight,
plain colonial designs, made by R,
W. Wallace & Sons.
$6.00 Tea Spoon . A
(Set of. six) $2.69
$5.50 Berry Spoon
$2.75 Butter Knives
$3.25 Cold Meat Forks
a. a .
$1.75 Carving Sets yU UU
s, Frary & Clark make. 9-inch blade, 1 1
handle. These are real exceptional 1
irday, per pair LJL
Famous Landers.
Coco Bolo
values. Saturday,
$2.50 Sugar Spoons
Each $1.29
$1.98 Olive Spoon ' A j
Each .....'........$1.00
$1.98 Cream Ladle
Each ....yc
$2.25 Pickle Fork, long
Each $1.00
$1.50 Pickle Fork, short
Each 79c
$16.50 Carving Seta, large
3-piece set, hollow handle. $10
$8.50 Steak Carving Sets
2-piece set $3.98
$5.00 Bird Carving Sets
2-piece set $2.98
Men's and Women's Shoes Over 2,000 Pairs
Bought From Overstocked Manufacturers at
Prices That Average About 60c on the Dollar
All go ou sale Saturday at price reductions that correspond with the savings of our
purchase. A splendid opportunity for men and women to buy fine footwear and save
About 40o on the dollar. The lot includes:
I Weaaea'e
' V I aatanalo
I WaliU'aa
L . V vlik r
DaU tali Mattea Saaea with
n aolea.
LI all KM Shaea a 1th cloth
Fatea CIt Battaa Sheaa
rocade cloth topa.
i faleat Call Battaa
at auartar.
'a Pateat Celt Battaa
kid topa.
Mea'a Gaa Metal
waaaea'a Pateat Celt Battaa Sa
with cloth topa.
Vasaea'a iaa MtUl Battaa Saaa with
cloth topa.
Wasaea'a taalaa Tea Cmlt mr Ckaaa-
aaaaa KM Battaa Kaeea.
Pataat KM Battaa Saeee with
cloih topa.
Mea'a DaU t ail Battaa Saeee with wldu
Calf Hlaeaer tare !
Choice fyZ Wor
Saturday H-)n ) tof5J
k Per Pair MJ- a Pair
Worth up
Ettt Trimmed Hat In our
Millinery Department no mat
ter what Its cost or Taluej la
to be had Saturday for
Unrestricted choice none re
served. All of our beautiful Eve
ning Hats, Street Hats, Pattern
Hats Including the new Victo
ria Red and Sand Colored Hats
that are the latest vogue a)d ai
popular. Take your choice Sat
urday at $10.00. It's useless to
suggest early selection Saturday
morning, for every woman
knows that there surely will be
keen rivalry for such extraor
dinary values. 1
Second Floor
Women's Fine Gloves Saturday at
$1.00 Per Pair
BOT they are .far superior in quality, to gloves usually selling at
fl.00 per pair. It Is a special purchase of several hundred dozens
of- Women's Gloves, t Including Two-Clasp Overseam Imported Kid
Gloves, One-Clasp Cape Gloves, Silk Lined Suede Gloves and Guar
anteed Washable Doeskin Gloves In Black, White and all colors, all
offered-at one price Saturday, very special, 11.00 per pair.
There is an excellent assortment Including most every color and
black and nhite. Qualities in all instancet ate Jar better than ,
the price would call for. Every pair is guaranteed and fitted.
. At .UU a pair they should sell very quickly..
'for' Saturday Two-C I as 0 (Guaranteed Washable) Duplex
. or Leatherette aiovSs -White with black backs. PTi
Exceptionally good value,, perpalr. ... UuC
- To Wear With Evening and Tailored Waists
The . New Marls
Neckband Is one of the
most . .favored . , deck
adornments. v .Very
pretty, v very dainty
and very new. Price
The Pretty Neck
band of Velvet .-and
Mallne, With Rose
buds Is very stylish.
Comes In colors ' and
black and white. The
price ' -
85c 50c 50c
-The Pretty Full
Back Collar of Orient
al Lace Like Illustra
tion, i Cornea in white
and ecru. Very neat
and stylish. Price
New Sand, Color Lace Blouses
Just ' aa we are going
press with- this advertise
ment, a message - from our
blouse buyer In New York
tells us that a. shipment of
these charming new blouses
Is on tbe way and will be
here for Saturday's selling.
These , biouse . are the
newest erase in New York,
she says. Wb will be first
to show - tiiera in Omaha.
Smart 1 blouses - with new
cape back.- !) ure to see
them. .
Our 8peclal Pompelan' Chocolate Bitter Sweet
and Swlas 8tyle Milk Chocolates, with fruit and
nut centers. No better chocolates made for 40c
a pound. r Be sure to take a box of theae dell
clous sweets home Saturday. Every man should
remember that hla wife appreciates good choco
lates Just as much now as la tbe honey dsys of
Fresh Salted Peanuts Spe- A"
ctal Saturday, pound...... luC
8pecial Assorted Cocoanut Klases
Vanilla, Strawberry , tj
and Chocolate. Pound.'. , .10C
Opera Creams rilled with Pecan
meats; chocolate and 0 vanilla.
Special, frriday, at. per
pound. . . . .-
Saturday For
Our DelieioM Cream Dipped Bra
in Nuts Chocolate and yfm.
. Vanilla. Special, lb JifC
Special. Fresh Black Walnut Pon
gee Saturday, at. per OC,
, pound....... aaOC
. Demenstratlen. of our Home
Made Candles Being Made Fresh
Every Day Pompelan Room.
Four Gold; Fish and Globe For 89c
Four handsome, healthy goldfish, one-gallon
fish globe, medium else caatie and one
package of .fish food, all for,S9c Saturday.
uoiaTien jur regular iue a r r
kind. . Baturday. ,4 1 Or a-)C
, i. . .
Wear-Erer Aluminum- Demonstration
' and Sfcle. ' . ' . -
Take advanlac of thla -demon Iratioq of
tha ueea and care of aluDvlaum If yea a pact'
la buy thla aaaaon. We offer special value.
and tl means a great saving- te buy now. - -
ZYt-QX. Double Lipped Aauce Pane if).
Regular 0c, special Saturday lot