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Pig-Pen Pete
Ry elrert ihrbird.
Vp 4t Royrroft farm, whore guinea
galore sing songs of joy and the Durocs
Krow red In the klssej of the summer
Bun. is a wonderful Scotch collie, known
as pis-Pen Pete.
Tig - Pen Pete
makes It his burl
ness to look after
the pigs.
Always and for
ever, days, nights
and Sundays, Pete
1 on the Job.
Pete patrols the
Pens, sample the
food, digs up the
bedding, stops
fights, between
malamutes by nip
ping ears or less,
and generally lends
safety and security
to all porcines.
if small u n -taught
ring strav
too far afield Pete rounds them up and
starts them for home anj mother.
If young shoata. full of wanderlust and
flop, try to negotiate .1 hole In the fence,
Pete goes after them with a teal tem
pered only by the rulo ot reason.
Should a strange dug come near the
pigs there Is a fight r.nd Pet.: Mways
wins, for thrice armed Is he whj knows
'his cause is Just.
At night Pete cuddlos close with pro
teges In a pen, warmed by their pleasing
adipose, and In very cold weather
friendless runts find warmth In his gen
erous fur.
All of the hogs accept Pig-Pen Pete
as the prexl of the preserve.
The p'.gs ' are not exactly afraid of
l'ete; they merely respect his superior
Intelligence, and ara. perfectly willing to
do his bidding.
How did Pete conw to go into the pig
Why, he was a pla r'i;py, that's all.
And you don't know what that Is?
Well, a pig dog Is a puppy that has
been adopted by a ah er a mot.icr pig.
Tou see, Pete's sure-enough mother
was run over by an automobile and
k lied when Pete was only ten days old.
There were four helpless little, crying
kloodles. Tr.ey were on a hunger strike,
when a bright thought came to our hired
man, whose name harpens to lie Pyg-
msllon, and so Pyg took the oiphana
out to a pig house that had five very
Juven le pigs.
And there you are!
1 The old pig never raid a word. The '
implies were alkiut the Flite of her pigs
I'd about tt-.e tamo color
Those puppies enugglM in with the pigs
und were very happy.
In three weeks they were blgr than
the lltt'.e Durocs and they were accusing
them of being usurpers, and tht little
Durocs, being well br-jd anil registered,
made no remarkc to the puppies, as they
In fact those puppies were so "fresh"
that we hnd to glvo three of 'em away.
We Just kept Pete, and he gn.w up a
sun 01 superpig.
Not long "ago I met Thompson-Seton
and told him about Pig-Pen J'ete. I dis
covered that the phenomenon was not
new to him. Ho toll me tht sheep
dogs were often brought up to protect
the flock from wolves or rtogx. And the
plan was to take a puppy of fighting
breed and let him be kicked by a ewe;
:snd such a dog will fight and d;c for
I 4 KA t lr J
In truth, the dog e loyalty to his owner
turns on the fact that the dog regards
his owner as a superior dog the family
is the wolf pack.
That fable ot Romulus ' and Remus
suckled by the she-wolf ban a basis In
potential truth.
The boys grew up fighters and founded
Rome on a wolf basis.
An Apache Indian baby adopted at
birth Into a Massachusetts family would
doubtless grow up with pronounced Ideas
on theology, educntlon and culture, and
speak with a marked Yankee twang.
Peto's fonter-mother might have aaid:
"Give mo the puppy until he U two
months old, and you may have him afterward."
"At Hih Noon" .. -Of Life- .. By n.u Brinkicy
-' 'onvrlcht. 1111 lntern'l N'avi Rarvlr.
For the Children's Sake
Kmerson has said: "Infancy Is the per
petual messlah, which comes Into the
arms of fallen men and pleads with them
to return again to paradise." It would
seem that at last this "perpetual mes
slah" was beginning to be heard, and
that Its pleadings were no longer to be
in vain.
In the study of eugenics the newest of
the sciences we find that Its Alpha and
Omega Is the welfare of the child, and
that, too, of tho child not yet conceived,
the child of the future, the race tnat Is
to be.
When children were believed to be ar
bitrarily sent by God to whomsoever He
willed, the parent's responsibility begin
ning only with the advent of the child,
the parental duty was thought to he done
if nourishment and the proper environ
ment In the form of education was given
It. But with the coming of eugenics Ints
the thought arena of the world, fathers
and mothers are beginning to understand
that not only are they responsible tor
the nurture of the child, but for tho na
ture or kind of child born of their union.
That though they may truly say, as In
the past, God sends the children, they
can no longer assume that Ho drops them
from the skies, or that He alone is re
sponsible for their coming.
And society the social order of which
they are an Integral part, will in the f J
ture hold them responsible If the chil
dren come to the world other than sound
of body and mind.
Kir Francis Galton, and those who have
followed hlin in their devotion to this
science of life's beginnings, have forever!
removed from the mind of the world the
idea of parental Irresponsibility. Hence
forth, despite the scoffs of the ignorant
and vicious, the ribald Jokes of the crude
and unthinking, and the misrepresenta
tions of the well meaning, but misin
formed, the science of eugenics has come
to stay.
From this time on, every growing lad
and lass, every young man and maid,
every man and woman intent on mar
riage and family life, with It will have
to reckon. Failing this, society will call
them to account.
In the definition given eugenics uy it
An Old, Family Cough
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.iuci KOI la rraapi, put
and Effective
By making this pint of old-time cough !
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kind, but you will also have a much more 1
Frompt and positive remedy in every way.
t overcomes the usual coughs, throat and
chest colds in 24 hours relieves even
whooping cough quickly and is excellent,
too, for bronchitis, bronchial asthma,
hoarseness and spasmodic croup. !
Get from anv drug store 2M ounces of
Pinex (50 cents worth), pour it into a;
pint bottle and fill the bottle with plain
granulated .ugar syrup. Full directions 1
with Pinex. Keeps perfectly and taste
. I
iou can feel this take hold 01 a cough
or cold in a way that means business. It
?uickly loosens the drv, hoarse or pain
ul cough and heals the inflamed mem
branes. It also has a remarkable effect
in overcoming the persistent loos cough
by stopping the formation of phlegm iu
the throat and bronchial tubes.
The effect of I'ine on the membranes Is
known bv almost everv one. Pinex is a
most valuable concentrated compound of
genuine Korwav pine extract combined
with guaiacol and other natural healing
pine elements.
There are many worthiest imitations
of this famous mixture. To avoid dis
appointment, ak v""r druggist for "2'4
ounces of I'inei," and do not accept guy
thing els.
A guarantee of absolute satisfaction,
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thia preparation. Tie 1'itiex Coi, it.
M sync, Xiid, - -
already illustrious founder, "A study of
those agencies under social control which
may Improve or impair the racial quali
ties of future generations, either physi
cally or mentally." we find not only the
study of heredity, but at the same time
a study of all of those things and condi
tions which go to make up the environ
ment, including the physical and mental
conditions of the parents when a child
is conceived.
In this definition, for the first time.
heredity and environment, nature and :
nurture, eugenjes and euthenlcs are fused
Into a single, causal unit. No longer need
wo 88k which is the more Important
horedity or environment for we see that
they are one. Though "the life be more
than meat, and the body than raiment,"
yet neither can be postulated without
the other.
"Produce great men and all else will
follow" Is true; unless the "all else" Is
somewhat already there, neither great
men nor anything else can follow. It la
seen that the environment of today Is
the heredity of tomorrow, and the hered
ity of yesterday the environment of to
day. Eugenics as "the science of tlv Im
provement of the human race through
proper breeding" holds within Itself every
other science In solution. Whether we
approach the subject through biology,
physiology or pathology, through philos
ophy, ethics or religion, these are bat
approaches, and their final value to the
human race will be determined by their
several contributions to this all-Important
norm the "how" of a higher, finer and
more perfect race of men and women.
At the International Eugenic congress
held at the London university In 1912,
tho president of that congress, Leonard
Darwin, son of the great Charles, said
In his opening address that that nation
which first successfully deals with this
question will not "only easily lead In all
International competition, but will make
for Itself a place of honor In the history
of the world "
At hat time he niuy have had In mind
his own England; but, fo those who knew
what was going on this side of the sea, It I
was evident then, and It la now, that It
is America that great mother with the '
children of all the nations at Its breast'
that leads and must continue to lead in
the solution of these difficult and other- ,
wise Insoluble problems that have vexed '
society from its beginnings. Indeed. It is
only natural to expect America to ac
complish this stupendous tssk. ,
That this must be done In a careful
spirit, clearing the way a ith aclelitlflc
acrutlny and experimentation, is clear. 1
First, in all the kingdoms below man, !
in order that he may have a safe i.
lasting foundation for his race building.
And when the realm of the human
man himself Is to be considered, when
the rlKht of men and women to' marry
and bear children be examined and chal-
lenged, then. Indeed, la a more careful. '
even reverent, spirit to be Invoked. It
Is then that we begin to glimpse tint
! the subject relates itself not only to phy
sical and mental fitness, but to the ethical
and spiritual concepts of parenthood and I
human kind.
trsmW din jnx
1 wm. saw
I , . MI W WW. fV
iff m wKmmm iLHW
my$Jr III'
A beautiful old man I know, beautiful and big, with the load of
seventy year on bis broad nhoulders, but not bowing them much, with
a crown of hair like drifted now above his twinkling; es, a type of
old age that we find in verse and the back of our own minda when we
think of what we would like to be when we've waved our last at Youth
going over th, hill. Thia beautiful old man rapped his cane on the
floor and aaid: "It's all nonsense this book in my hand written by
Youth or some old chap who' trying to fool himself with the sound
of pretty words 'for it welcomes old age! And who that tells the
truth wants to be old? No one. Not Youth; even while it squares it
self and looks valiantly into the years it has a chill up its back, with
the thought of lines and drifting snow on its bead!
"Who despises age as we do, who can never find our boy-days
again? Oh, I pretend to believe that you think I'm as nice as I could
ever possibly hava been when I bestrode an Indian pony in the buffalo
days but, oh, my dear it's the high-noon days that bold all that's
best looking ahead to thqm when we are bablea looking back to
them when we are ancients, and reveling In their golden glare when
we are there where the clock points Bharp at noon!
"There is the instant that holda our dreams, there for a breath
the homeliest maid takes on the ghost of beauty, there is all laughter,
there is the best love! If we could Just hold the black hands there 'til
the end. Who cares about dying? I would not care how long or how
short a span I lived If it could only Just be at the high-noon of life!
Never have I admired the frqsl; summer's the luring bait that brings
this slow old trout to the surface. And yet do you know?" (and her
I twinkled, while he straightened his high, broad chest), "do you
know that I never felt fitter than I do today and a man never knows
what eplce there can be in the warm wine of life 'til he's had a few
years plied atop of him!" NELL BHINKLEY.
Science of Workers
Question "Is it not true that ether
waves would in time decrease In Intensity
In space to such a degree that movement
would be infinitely less trouble of an
Infinitely less degree of Intensity?" P.
W. Lessard, Oakland, Cal.
Answer There Is no proof that radiant
energy lessens Its speclflo speed of l!t.S
miles per second in cosmic space. All
Impu'sca that come under the general
name ot radiant energy, as light, heat,
chemlsm: all electro-magnetic wave un
dulations known, move with this set and
fixed space-speed. If speed la not di
minished In traversing vast Interstellar
distances, the wave frequency Is not di
minished In Intensity that la, rates.
Tho well known rates of undulation of
energy waves do not change when meas
ured front stars to vast distances apart.
The most sensitive and delicate spectro
meters and refractomctcra that can b
made by a man like Brashear cannot de
tect differences In retraction and dis
persion of light-energy waves from Plrlus
or Canopua. But Cnnopua Is at least five
times farther away than the hugo sun,
Slrlus. Refraction of their light la tho
same for both suns.
Then wave lengths and amplitudes ara
Identical: the extra hundreds of trillions
of miles additional traversed by energy
from Cnnopua and other stars beyond
Plrlus are without effect. This for tha
visible or light waves. But still more
refined researches have been made In
that wondroua region, tha ultra-ultra-violet
energy band in aolar and other
stellar sectra.
Waves tar too short to have any effect
on tha nerve fibers In the retina ot tha
eye, and therefore Invisible, ara readily
senaed by tha quarts lenses and prisms
ot modern ref Tactometers.
And even these excessively short waves,'
from ISO. 000 up to KO.OOO to the Inch, ara
not affected by their flights through dis
tances ot 81,000.000,000,000 miles or from
five to ten tlmee that unit distance.
Question "What Is an ohmT" C. I,.,
Alameda, Cal.
Answer I was' In a room In the Art
Institute at tha time of tha World's Co
lumbian exposition In Chicago, In 1893.
and heard tha first world law passed,
by vota of delegates from many na
tional "Resolved, That the several govern
menta represented by tha delegates of
thia International Congress of Electri
cians be and are , hereby recommended
to formally adopt aa the legal Interna
tional ohm tha resistance offered to art
unvarying alectrlo current by a column
of mercury at tha temperature of melting;
Ice, 11.421 grama In mass, of a constant
cross-sectional area and ot the length of
IOU. I centimeters."
No matter how long you hava been tor
tured and disfigured by Itching, burning.
raw or scaly skin humors, Just put a lit
tle of that soothing, antsapUo Reainol
Ointment on the sores and tha suffering .
tops right there!
Healing begins that very minute, and
In almost every case your akin gets well
so quickly jwi feel ashamed of the
money you threw away on tedious, use
less treatments.
Reslnol Ointment and Reslnol Bonn
clear away almples. blackheads, end
dandruff. Prescribed by doctors for 19
years and aold by all druggists. For
trial sli of each free, write to Reainol,
pept 40-R, Baltimore, Md.
in1 ' ll
v Wedded to a Red Flower Vase
Thn, and not till then, may we dfs- i
cover that eugenics Is worthy of berom- 1
Ing the religion of life Itself.
Household Hints
Stale bread crumbs mixed with a very
small quantity ot washing blue can be
use for cleaning embossed velvet. A
piece of white flannel should be used
for applying the bread crumba, which
will finally require brushing .oft with a
clean soft whisk.
Perspiration atlns may be removed
from white blouses without any trouble
If they ara steeped before washing la
cold water, to which a Btt's carbonate
of soda, baa baea addad. Ut Umoi aoak
for a Uxca axtd the sua la Lb nauaJ
In China, whore' civilisation was old
before ours began, and which Is there
fore correspondingly Bdvarued In many
particulars, they have kolvcd one phase
of the matrimonial
According to a re
cent newspaper dis
patch, a young Chi
nese lady, iHonging
to one of the most
aristocratic families,
has Just been mar
ried to a red flower
vase the vaac being
a substitute for the
young man to whom
she was betrothed
and who died Jut
before the wedding.
The prospective bride
wished to enjoy the
(lignites and free
dom that belonged
to a matron, and
that are denied to a i
maid, but her heart was In the grave
with her dead lover,' and sue couldn't
bear to think of marrying another man, I
so the ted flower vace was substituted
fur the bridegroom and the marriage
celebrated wilb all due pomp and cere
mony. For many years America haa been send
ing money and missionaries without stint
to convert what we call, In our fatuous
folly, thu "heathen Chinese." It Is now
China's tuin to make n. courteous mis
sionary retort and put us under eternal
obligation by Introducing In America tbe
pleasing custom of marrying a woman to
an inanimate object when no animate
object appllea for tha Job.
In thia country there Is not enough
mm to go around, even If all would wed,
and every year pllea up tha deficit In tha
truUiimra'al buresvu. What should be
dona about tha aurplua woman problem
havt berai a gueUoa that seemed onan
swsrsU acta thai acuta Chin a came
wttk e4ATfcas so ttmpfa) and sa
direct that it leaves us wondering we
didn't guess the answer to the conun
drum long ago. Just popularise the Idea
of marrying a flower vase, and you have
dono a ay, once and for all, with old
maids, girl bachelors, and all the disad
vantages ot sp.nsterhond.
A fur greater number of women marry
Just for the sake of being married than
we ever suspect. They are not lovers at
heart. They are not Irresistibly drawn
to particular men. Their Instincts are
for celibacy, and left to themselves they
would far rather be free than burdened
with the cares and responsibilities of
husbands and children.
Hut they want to write "Mrs." Instead
of "Miss" before their names. They
want, the status cf the married woman.
Above all, they want the liberty of the
married woman, for we cling to the
absurd tradition that a single woman,
though she be SO years old, Is still a
debutante, and that she must be chap
eroned, and that It la Indelicate for her
to hear or speak of any toplo that Isn't
dressed up In white muslin and girdled
with a blue sash.
Also, that the aingla woman must, per
force, live with her friends or her fam
ily, no matter how much she would like
to set up an establishment of her own.
To this large set of singlo women, rich
old maids,' and business women earning
good salaries, a red flower vase husband
would fill a matrimonial Ideal, and they
would espouse It with an enthusiasm
that no mere man ever evokes.
In reality, the led flower vase husband
Is not as startling an Innovation aa it
seems. Many a woman haa discovered,
to her sorrow, that who married a whisky
bottle Instead of a man, and sho would
bn glud enough to trade him off for a
red flower vase If she could.
There are men so full of vanity and
Advice tO Lovelorn v hkatiuck Fairfax
It la Improper.
Lear Miss Falrfux: la It proper for a
young lady to kUs her escort good nlvht
after they have returned from an entr
lalnmeiti or the like? L
It is highly Improper. Don't cheapen
your kisses by giving them lightly to
whomever chances to be your escort.
Have them for tha man you will some
day love.
Ask fr mm Kplaalo.
Dear Miaa Fairfax: I am a young
man of U and In love with a girl two
years younger than I am. We did not
ae each other for some time, and whan
we mat we atoppod to talk to each
Now Wl winner she) pesaea mo abe looks
ma la tha eyes and woo t say a urd 10
me. Hbould I wait uuUl ana startr v
talk to me, or should 1 start In u talk
to her? H. A. U. OP UKOO&LTN.
Toa have gJrea her aoam offense of
which you are unconscious. Write to the
girl and ask her If you have done any
thing to make her wish to discontinue
your frlenlablp.
Goodness Wlaa.
My Pear MIhs Fairfax: A said there
are more bad girls than good on earth.
B said thxre were mure good than bail.
Would you kiuoly tbls question?
F. l. t.
I have firm faith in the goolnesa of
womankind. Unfortunately there are
wicked women on earth, but tbey are In
small proportion to the vaat army of
noble and splendid womanhood. And
never forget that even the Magdalen re
pented, so there la hope that the few
"bad" women who exist- have In them
the spark of good or ss ready to be rekindled.
conceit and self-importance that their
wives had just as well hava united them
selves lo a balloon or any other sort of
gas bag. There ara husbands who are
so silent In their own homes that a store
dummy could be substituted for them
without their wives aver finding out tbe
difference, and there ara other women
who believed that they were marrying
tender Romeos who ascertained after
marriage that they tied up with surly
bears that growl whenever you speak to
There are husbands In plenty who ara
so sour and tart that their wives would
find a vinegar Jug a sweet companion
beside them. There ara other man so
Immersed in their business and profes
sions that their wives would hava had
Just as much sympathy and companion
ship if they had married a ledger, or a
law book, which they could have shut
up when it made them tired.
Also, there are men who wouldn't find
many Ing a red flower vaae instead ot a
wife such a bad Idea, for there are men
who have found out after marriage that
Instead of a living, human woman they
have led nothing but a faahioa plate to
tha altar. There are other men who
have ascertained to their sorrow that
they married talking machines that aever
run down and that they can't shut off.
and still other men are married to weep
ing women who are nothing but hydrants,
with the tap always turned on.
Of course, there are some disadvantages
In having; a flower vase spouse. As a
husband be might go broke, or get full,
like a human huaband. Aa a wife ahe
would never bo anything but a parlor or
nament; but tha advantage outweigh
the dlsadvantagea, and tho Chinese plan
Is eai neatly recommended to thoae socio
logists who are disturbed over our dimin
ishing matrimonial rate.
As a happy expedient for the superflu
ous woman, and the eld bachelor who
would like to be free though married,
the red flower vaae substitute for a hus
band or wlto takes the wedding cake.
Firai in
Ftnt in QaaBty
Firt in Rmtuitm
Firat in Parity
Firit in Economy
and for these reason
Calumet Baking
Powder it first in the
hearts of tbemilltona
of housewives who
use it and know it.
WwU's rr IF EapMiUM,
rrtTT mi, Fraaca, ktaca,
N . aix , M