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Repose the Crown of Beauty
?ui a ci I son-. lorry Gives Some Hints on the
Acquirement of Beauty
Training Oysters to Make Pearls
Why the lYarl Has lWn n Crvstnl Tear
By Garrett P. Serviss.
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So says
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V X " -- S." t teWP -35? ' J? jSf Mrs.
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"Repoae is most attractive when It is
attained noturally, but It can be man
aged through environment, too." 80 nays
Mlsa Phyllis Terry, who is a daughter of
the famous Ellen Terry, and who has
had environment as well as heredity for
her backing.
"There is nothing," she said, "so beau
tiful as repose, because to nie it la a
mystifying kind of beauty. Any one can
1 ward, how to manage tho body properly,
I and how to Indicate renose In tna verv
t tallest movement or relaxation they
may choose to use.
"The movemento of the head are very
Important. It Is important to know
whether one's head falla Immediately
Into a beautiful position or whether the
neck angles are stiff and uncomfortable
because they are not natural. The po
sition o( a head on a beautiful pair of
be active, and in these days of dancing, shoulders is most Important. The chin
when it seems as though one simply
must dance because everybody else is
doing It, it is almost a relief to get away
from it and do something that every one
hasn't begun to think about
1 ' When you see a woman absolutely
relaxed, and there are very few who
really do relax and know how to go about
It properly, you find a novelty among
womankind. You notice her first because
fche Is different, and then you. begin to
notice points of beauty about her.
"There is a wnole-soled . something;
about her appearance, a lack of pose, an
absence of trying to ape the imposs'ble,
which Is restful because it Is natural, and
It Is beautiful. In a beautiful statue you
never see restless motion; It Is most
disquieting to any tne who appreciates
the natural to find n woman who Is al
ways putting her different charms on
parade; her best points forward, as It
"Of course it Is the Junoesque, ma
jestic type of woman who looks most
beautiful in repose. It is she who must
make her outline of form count, for It la
Impossible for her to be graceful and
qu'ck without being grotesque. To the
large woman bvlongs the wonderful heri
tage of deliberate action, and she must
make the beat of it.
"Beauty of repose is Kained through
adapting oneself to one's circumstances.
After the mind has triumphed over the
body In this reppe;t one can begin to
how repose in smaller things also. Be
on the watch constantly for pointers. One
can learn more by watching and Imitat
ing than In any other way. The handH
end arms can be made to show this re
pose almost Immediately.
"The lifting of an ir.n n han.l can be
made Into a poem it on desire, and the
ery best way possible to study grace
and poetry of motion is to practise the
arm movements of aesthetic danc'.ng. Af
terward one may learn how the entire
body may be made to move in harmony,
each part attuned to another until all Is
a thing of exquisite grsre and beauty.
"Aesthetic dancing is beautiful because
it fosters Just this grace of movement in
women. It teaches tnem to be graceful
first, and gradually they learn without
extra application how to be ltus iwk-
Do You Know That
A Taunton woman of 0 acts as tele
graph messenger In connection with a
local poatoffice. fche walks twelve miles
day and la In excellent health.
The average of members of the Jap
anese cabinet Is 67 years, the oldest being
Count Ckuma, 77 years old, and the
youngest Doctor Ichiki. 48 years old.
The largest bell In the world Is the
"Oreat Bell of Moscow." It is nineteen
feet in height, sixty feet round the rim
and weighs 3H3 tons. "Big Ben" at West
minster only weighs fourteen tons.
Una should he studied and the eyes should
be rolled up or drooped just as the po
sit on la most becoming.
"Be careful to have one's enUre body
doing th same thing at the same time,
so that each beautiful line seems to be
a part 6f the next. Contour 1s every
thing, and If one in not naturally grace
ful It la 4 duty to practice grace. A
woman waa never Intended to be awk
ward, but she must help herself to tha
attainment of large things through the
seemingly little things that often seem
at first without any lmtcrtance at all."
g ill A more plctuicsdue sight than that pre- if In
! . r.:iiiTTi ii iiii'se aiiuni'nc v omen pearl a t Klv... s
"Ve. '"xVS. U divers could not easily ho found, as tho '' ' 1
f k vv accompiinylng iihotngraph, taken on Dr. I ir ' '' '' K
"' " - n.X i Mlklmoto's plnntatlon, proves. They wear il ' i , J
f yJ , ' v l U whllo knlckerlMX kers, sliort aklrUi and j '.: . t" . 4. I I
f ' i v i 11 vest waists, and do their hair up In tight J y, t . " : 1 I
"' ' v; ' ;J knots. CHrrylng a ttmitll tube, tied to fj- ' ' - H 1
1.'. , " their walBtf, 1n which to put the oysters, i if ' ' ' l ( 8
...VAry J Ui)d with their eyes protvted by glnssea, - i' ft 1
Y ) ! they dive to depths varying between vV. ' 1
B : v,.p y thirty and' seventy-five feet, and remain ' .' '
H 3 from one to two minutes, or occasionally I "- S
m I I it even a lime longer, untler water. They II - ., ...
t " imis tl !J vary In age from girls of n to women EI
The pearl-making oyster has now been
Included among the slaves of man, and
It la the Japanese who have put tho yoke
upon him. Pr. Mlklmoto Is the great
"pearl farmer" of Japan, and he has one
oyster plantation of some fifty square
mllea In extent on which, or, more strictly
peaking. In which, since it Is covered
deep with water, women are employed to
capture hn bivalves after they have corrr
plctod their pearls.
A more plcturcsiiuo sight than that pre
sented by these Jiipunenc women pearl
divers could not easily ho found, as tho
accompunylng photograph, taken on Dr.
Mlklmoto's plnntatlnn, proves. They wear
white knickerlHX'kers, short sklrui and
vest waists, and do their hair up In tight
knots. CHrrylug a hiiihII tube, tied to
their waiBts, 1n which to put the oysters,
und with their eyes protected by glnssea,
they dive to depths varying between
thirty and' seventy-five feet, and remain
from one to two minutes, or occasionally
even a little longer, under water. They
vary In age from girls of n to women
of 40.
lr. Mlklmuto's plantation Is the result
of many years of experimentation In
learning how to transport the pearl oys
ter from his home In the sea and to make
htm build up the precious gems more
abundantly than he would do amid his
natural surroundings.
A pearl has been poetically described
as a crystallized tear, because It Is the
product, If not of actual suffering,, at
least of much bodily irritation endured
are growing pesrls are usually produced.
This Is the process pursued by Ir. Mlkl
moto. The oysters are taken out of water
after they huve attained a certain aixe
and the Irritating euhstnnce is Introduced.
From three to five years are then re
quired for the growth of pearls of satis
factory aixe and quality.
Nn-enlled pearls are found sometimes In
ordinary oysters, hut they aro not lus
tmus, and huve no value. The real pearl
owes Its beauty to th Iridescent bril
liance of Its stirfnre.' which Is due to the
microscopic strlatlons with which It Is
covered. These spilt tip the light rays
Into their primary color waves, tike the
"diffraction grstlng" of the astronomer.
Thousands of miniature rainbows play In
a shimmer of delicate spectra over th
corusriittng surfsce of the gem.
The richest native beds of marln'e pearl
oyster are found In the waters around
t'eylnn, and In those of the Oulf of Cali
fornia, although the animals are widely
distributed through the warm climates of
j the globe.
A species of fresh water mussels also
produces fine pearls. These, too. are
widely distributed, and In tha United
Htatci are especially abundant In the Mis
sissippi valley. Many are found In Ar
kansas, Tennessee, Kentucky,' Iowa, Wis
consin and other states.
A few years agn there was exhibited In
New Tork a necklace valued at llso.OOU,
consisting of Arkansas pearls, forty-three
In number, the largest not exceeding
thirty grains In weight, but overy Indi
vidual pearl perfect In form nnd brll-
I llance, without a perceptible flaw, all ex
j qulsttely matched In color and graduated
in slso, the entire string being juei lanre
enough to go easily around a woman's
neck. It; took more- than ten year to
select the pearls, of which this necklace
consisted. 1 , .
'.Flngls pearls often command great
prices, but a perfectly matched pair Is
worth four or five times' the price of
either of the two taken singly. While
thero aro millions of perl Jw"
elry and hundreds of costly necklaces,
1 there aro said to be only four Individual
pearls that have a world-wlda slcbrtty.
These are the shah of Persia great
pearl, perhapa unrivaled, which has been
valued at tiftO.000; tho Isman of Muscat's
semi-transparent pearl of twelve and
one-half karat, valued at M75.O0O; the
pearl once the property of Phillip II of
Hpaln nnd now In possession of the Rus-
slan Princess Yousoupoff, for which
Philip paid 1180,000, and wMeh may bo
worth twice as much today, and the pearl
in the pope's tiara, which haa descended
from an early pontiff nnd Is rnluod nt
by tho oyster that glvea birth to It. It
la a growth consisting of suocesslvo lay-
era or crystalline carbonate of limo
formed around some Irritating particle,
such as a minute grain of aand or an In
ternal parasite, or an undeveloped egg
celt in the body of the animal.
If small, solid particles are purposely
put Inside the sheila while the animals1
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