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&lfBtlnf future, Durgt s-Grandon Co.
TUality Storage k Taa Co., Xong. SS8.
Xav Boot Print I Now Beacon rrr ss.
eaatlful All Modern lonii for Sal
on the tasy payment plan. Hanker
Realty Investment Co. Thone loug. 29il.
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service, good neighbors. The b.illiltng
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"Today Complete Mori rrorram'
classified auction today, and appcara In
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the various moving picture theaters offer.
JUcital by Mist Xttkova- Mary Mtkova.
daughter of Joe M.k. will ghr a piano
recitation the evrninsr ot November 24 (it
the First Baptist church.
Ids a Knmpf In Serious Condition
Miss Clara Kumpf, well known teacher
in the First grade at Kd Hosewa
ter school. Is In a local hospital In a
precarious condition. Not much hope is
being" held out for her recovery.
Chris mae Mail ArrlTSa Fifteen new
trucks to take care of the parcel post
business at the In ion stnt'on are already
receiving- their burden of Chr.stmas mall,
which increases every f!ay, det'Pite the
fact that It Is over fix wetks until
To Ask Bids foe Truck The Postof.
flee department has authorircd Cadet
Taylor to got bids for the new postof
flce tugs, or trucks, which are tu be
added to the equipment of the parcel
post equipment here. Ten o' these ve
hicles will b bought to facilitate haul
ing packages In the Omaha post office.
Beper Compllmeats Local Postofflce
Postmaster John C. Wharton reeclvel a
letter Tuesday front Daniel C. Roper, as
sistant postmaster general, In which the
latter highly compliments the rtennrt-
ment for the splendid showing made
during the month Just closed. The local
postotflea Increased their business by
More than t per cent, or ttO.000 more than
the corresponding month last year.
Iee Kay Xi from Injuries 'Jlarence
W., 534 Benton atrect. Council Blnffn,
may dla from Injuries received" when he
fell from . a scaffold at the Skinner i
Macaroni company's new bulldlng: Four
teenth and Jackson streets. Iee, who is
a deaf mute, was taken to St. Joseph's
hospital by Dr. Conwil, who says that
the unfortunate man Is suffering from
Internal Injuries, na well as a probable
fractured skull.
Nebraska Delegation to Suffrage Meeting ' PUFORD IS ON THE WARPATH
....V It
... ni,.
Women to Report
False Advertising
i to Omaha Ad Club
22rs. Draper Smith.
The Nebraska delegation to the Na
tional Woman Suffrage association con
vention which opens Thu.sdny. left Tues
day for Nas u tile, Tenn., where
the meeting will' he held. The delega
tion Includes Mra. Draper Rmith. state
suffrage president; Mrs. H. C. fnimney
and Mrs. James Richardson of Omaha,
and Mrs. W. llareley of Lincoln,
chairman of the sivakers and publicity
Mrs. Smith, who will give a report of
the Nehraska campaign at the conven
tion, was almost deterred from making
the trip by an attack of lllnoss, but had
recovered sufficiently to warrant her
On her return from the convention Mr.
Richardson and eon. James, will meet
Mrs. Richardson In fct. Uuls, where they
will spend Thanksgiving with Mr. Rlch
ar.!son"s mother.
Owner of Winnipeff Club Objects to
Way He Wm Ousted.
nnveatlon Mni Oeelde Matter
May Make. rrloia Kpllt In the
Harmony Whlrk la Kt.
preted n Prevail.
Iven though peace be eventually de
cided between the Federal league and
Organised ball, tha minor league conven
tion may see a serious split In the har
mony of things. If certain action la taken
by the board of arbitration the Northern
league may become an outlaw circuit.
The rase before the board of arbitration
has to do with the Winnipeg franchise,
A. H. Puford owner. Last seasonr the
Northern league disbanded. It was Im
mediately reorganised and Tuford and
hH Winnipeg team left qnt of tho new
lircut. Puford declares the disband
ment and the reorganisation was merely
to force him from the circuit.
The Winnipeg man has his case r fore
the hoard of arbitration Settlement will
be inad a. wm. The point at lie ts
inrly the legality of the actions taken
by the Northern league. If they by the r
I constitution are permitted to disband and
I (hen reorganise Puford has no rate.
Ceitsin officials of the league declare
they do not want Puford In the Northern
league, and that It the board of arbitra
tion find for the Winnipeg man, they
threaten to coma out from under the
shadow of Organised ball ami make the
Northern league an outlaw league.
President John Burmelster declares the
Northern league doea not consider Pu
ford desirable and that they will take
drastic measurei to keep him out.
The ease promises to be a warm one
and Puford will have plenty of testimony
before the board. Tho Northern league
will nlao have several volumes and the
matter will be a touchy one to handle.
Puford declares the Winnipeg club
should be In the league. It drew over
lonOirt people last year, mow than any
other club, lie says the league cannot
complain cm Its financial success and ho
knows tin reason for opposition to him.
Funeral services over the body of Mrs
Catherine Foster, wife of Chief IVputj
Bhenff W. A. Foster, will l held this
morning at ft n'lim-k from bt. Peter
church t Holy Sepulchre cemetery.
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. LOWESTOFT, (via Ixindon) Nov. '.I
The Hutch fishing lugger ponlster has
foundered through striking a mine. The
nt' were lnnried here todav
MRij, II. C. SUMNliY.
For the first time In local Ad club
history romen- were permitted to take!
part In affalra of the club. Heretofore I
all meeting and- luncheona have been
strictly stag affairs, but at the noon
meeting In the Rome hotel olive room a
doxen or more of the fair sex' were m
hand. , .
TV. O. Cleveland, chairman- of the "vig
ilance committee" called upon members
of the club to spread the request to ail
women shoppers everywhere to report
false advertising to members of the Ad
,'Womeri de wost of the buying and
they will make the best detectives," de
clared Mr. Cleveland.
Th Omaha Ad club has a stunt up
it collective s'.eeve for use at the base
ball magnates' banquet Thursday night,
but the nature of it Is being guarded
sealously by those In charge.
A'What advertisers ,t can do to help the
printer and engravers and vlc?-versa,"
formed an Interesting topic.
Many Women Listen
; to Murder Trial
A score of women are Included Ir. the
crowd of spectators at the trial of Mrs.
Bernloe Russell In criminal court or the
charge of manslaughter for the slaying
of her husband, Charles Russell, last Au
gust at the Sprague hotel.
Besides the women, who are watching
tha case with-unusual Interest because
of the rarlf y of " female defendant In
crltnlnal trial of such seriousness, almost
100 men are attending the hearing. A
little child 1 also In tho crowd, sitting
net to her mother and playing uncon
cernedly as the story of the tragedy is
told from the witness stand.
Htate' evidence wa all In at noon and
Mr. Russell took the stand to plead Jus
tification gnd self-defense at th resump
tion of the trial this afternoon.
Uncle Sam Buys a
: MoKeen Motor Car
The reclamation aervtce of the United
8tt government hs purchased a Mo
Keen fifty-five foot JOO-horsepowar, seventy-five
passenger, all-steel gasoline
motor car for It Yuma Valley railway
twenty mile In length, which' I being
constructed In the Arlsona Yuma valley.
There are many features to the McKeen
Motor car 1 not possessed by any other
aasengrr car In th world, which make
It eminently gutted for the service on
th government' railroad In Arlsona.
Thla la the third government .to adopt
McKeen motor cars, the Queensland and
Victorian government of Australia ha v.
ing purchased seven McKeen motor car
some time ago.
Inability of the Missouri Pacific Rail
way company and Mrs. Mary A. Uailey
to agree upon the value of the latter
property upon the east side of Fifteenth,
between Grace and Yates streets, has
resulted In the appointment of a board
of six appraisers to decide the matter.
The railroad want the land for addi
tional ewitch'ng tracks and yard room.
County Judge ' Crawford appointed these
men on tho commission to appraise the
laud: W. R. McFarland. W. II. Gatea.
W. V. Crawford. I. 4 Bholes, Harry A.
Tukey and Oeorge K. ' Morton.
A similar board of appraiser is now
at work In Benson, because of disagreement-
over value of property required
for sewer purposes. .
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tire structure, Including the new lava
tory on the top floor, which Is being In
stalled for the Indians. With Cadet Tay
lor, the Inspector spent tho morning in
going over the blueprints of severallint
provements to lie made In the building
In the near future. Mrs. lilery accom
panied her husband to the city and ts
visiting with friends here.
Superintendent of Construction E. ti
lery of Red Oak. Ia., is pendlng th day
In Omaha, going over tha new platform
porch whlcli u being established abov
the entrance of the fediral building, aa
well aa a general Inspection of the en-
John PoBplrhal. a deputy under Sheriff
Fetlx McShane. has been matrimonially
Inclined for some time. However, he put
off getting, married until after election.
When Sheriff McShane was re-elected
Posplchal decided to celebrate his bosV
victory by getting married, so lie went
to Unco'ii, with his bride, unbeknown o
everybody except a couple of friends.
The wedding was performed there, and
when the couple returned they were
given a lively reception by many friends
at the Tel Jed 8okol hull.
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In the stomach, nausea, debilitating
headi ( lies, dlsjtlness or Intestlnnl gr'p
Int. This will nil go, and, besides, there
will be no food loft over In the stom
ach to poison your breath with nauseous
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HI Tuesday, Nov. 10, 1914 Burgeas-Nash Co. Store News for WedneadayBurgess-Nash Oo. Phone D. 137
Pensions granted to widow by the I
county, and Intended to help the women '
support their families, must not be used
to buy home for the families, Juvenile
Judge Will; Q. Snr declares. It says
that all th county can be. expected to
do la to help by food and clothing for
bereft families.
Th judge made the declaration In
connection with the rase of Mr. Mary
Hess, MIS Caatellar street, who get a
widow' pension from the county. It
wa discovered that while her little
daughter, Margaret, wa kept out of
school to take care of the house, savings
of Mrs. Hess and her son. Will, out or
their earnings and the pension, were be
ing used to make payments on a home
they war buying. .. .
Announce for
Thursday, Friday M Saturday
An Extraordinary Sale in the
of the Surplus Stocks of Several Big Wholesale
Houses, Including
i t
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See Harney Street Windows and Wednesday
Evening's Papers for Particulars.
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The garments are all individual models (no two alike), the greater number of them imported creations
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