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Secretary of State Declares He Will
Wi by Hair.
I Believe He I
Eat Everything
"Doe" Taairr of Soatk Omaha Id
ts Be Castlas; A boat for hp.
port Recretarr et ta
I'pper Chamber. ' T
(From a Staff Correspondent.) -LINCOLN.
Nov. 10. (Special.) It may
take the official count to settle the ques
tion who has beon elected secretary of
state. Both Mr.' Walt and Mr. Pool
claim the place by a small majority. Mr.
Pool has not the exact figures to show
his majority, but claims when all the
counties are In it will be sufficient to
On the other hand, with four counties
to hear from and which gave Mr. Walt
235 majority four years ero when the two
contested for the office. Pool Is behind
thirty-five votes. These counties are Ar
thur, Blaine, Loup and Wheeler.
Official returns are coming; In fairly
fast, but It Is likely to be several days
before the last one appears.
Indications point to a pretty fight for
the Important legislative positions. In
addition to those mentioned for president
of the senate, the name of Senator Phil
Kohl of Wayne appears to meet with a
For I Know a Stuart's PvsprpaU
Tablet Will IMgwt Any Meal
At Any Time.
How oftn lo we ee men who can not
t and how often do we hear other men
boasting of their abtMt'as to eat.
The secret of all he Oth Is digestion.
Tho secret of digestion Is the Juloes
which are siirpll'd by the body to sep
arate the Ingredients noeded from those
that are of no use to the system.
Famous Swimmer Is
Almost Left Behind
In Middlo of Ocean
Kahanamoku, the world's champion short
distance swimmer, on his wny home to
Honolulu, after a series of exhibitions on
the Taclflc roast, came near being left
alone In the middle of thw Pacific In un
witting punishment for a daring bit of
foolery, rassengera on the Steamer Wll-
helmlns, which arrived from Honolulu
today, brought this story.
Kahanamoku sailed from here Novem
ber 4 on the Matsonla of the same line as l
the Wllhelmlna. Four days out .from San1
The Pessimist "Tonr aoPetlts die.
' ruts us. Ton sat like a giant slot,"
The Optimist "BsUsve ins, I give my
Body what it tells me to give It, and
whether it be midalght or aoon X al
ways obey appetite and then I sat a
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablet."
When a heavy meal has been eaten the
entire body Is called upon to furnish the
digestive organs with forces to take car
of It. The more the strain the weaker
become the forces to take care of tlio
next meal as well.
A Stuart's pyspepsla Tablet aids Na-
11 f In K?Q tllTA'a nWn wr f k. 111
great deal of favor. Senator Kohl Is not . tablets Br8 filled with the' very Ingredl-
cms aiiu rainni'M so neeaiui to every
normal and perfect stomach.
One quality or Ingredient of a Stuart's
Dyspepsia Tablet will dlgt S.fldO times
Its weight In food. Think If you can
to bo casting his eyes longingly toward I what a big help this means to a depleted
th. 1h t eretarv rvf the senate. How-! digestion. -Other Ingredients sld In butld-
. ling up the digestive Juices and blood. The
ever, another newspaper man. Editor D. I Btomach and intestines have their duties
A. ueil or tne urana isiana rm rri, i iigiiienea ana . tnus irritation, soreness
an orator of the Bryan class by any
moans,' but he is a tireless worker and
has many friends amomr the lawmakers.
"Don" Tanner of ' South Omaha Is said
Francisco the two ships passed each
other and stopped to transfer a stow,
away caught aboard the outbound
While they lay to Kahanamoku leaped
overboard and began showing off his
prowess as a swimmer to the other pas-j
sengers. Before the officers knew he was
overboard the, two vessels began to get
under way again In opposite directions.
Passengers raised a clamor and a boat
waa lowered and sent back after him.
Is also In the fight for the same place and
both have claims which will make them
worthy of consideration,
fialrl la Prison Asraln.
Henry Oulrl, sent to the Nebraska peni
tentiary from Douglas county for for-
and raw linings are permitted to be cured
by tne system naturally, quickly, harm
lessly. Thousands of dyspeptics and stomach
sufferers would be glad to tell you what
Htuart's Dyspepsia Tablets have done
for them. This Is whst makes there tab
lets sold in every drug store in this coun-
gery for a term of five years and paroled trv. price 60 cents.
after having served less than a year,, hasi To anyone wishing a free trial of these
ln been sentenced to serve seven rears ' tftblpts P'eese address F. A. Stuart Co.,
Just been sentenced to hm seven years IM 8tuart BM)f Marshall. Mich., and a
In the .Wisconsin penitentiary for a like srnau ampie package will be mailed free.
offense. '
Gulrl was paroled to Omaha parties
at the request of a prominent Omahan,
who believed the young man had been
sufficiently punished, but soon after be
ing given his liberty disappeared. . and
' nothing had been heard of him until no
tice of his Incarceration in the Wisconsin
prison appeared.
Hall to Wymore,
adjutant General Hall will go to Wy-
Sixteen Cars in'
Ditch at Seward
SEWARD,' Neb., Nov. 10. Speclal
Telegram.) The extra freight going
east on the Burlington was wrecked here
today, sixteen cars belnr smashed. The
more tomorrow to look tip the proposl- cars were ioadea i. , rult. Four tramns
tlon of .reorganisation of the company of escaped with slight hurts. The train was
guards at that place. The town has juat'in charge of Engineer Art Blgnell. Sup
erected a new armory building and the erintendent Blgnell left with his wreck
business men are anxious that steps be ing crew for the scene of the accident
taken to reorganise the company and . , '
promise their support If the right kind
of a company Is formed.
Snnday Ball a Go.
Lincoln - will have Sunday base ball at
"Tigers Boost," the downtown park, the
nrnnrttlttnn whirl). waa submitted to the '
AfrA rarrloil kg Woods BrOS.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Nov. 10. (Special Telegram.)
of this city have- been
the assistant city attorney In his report'"?? y Now Yortfirm to submit
I U1U 1UT t UI IllOllIIia UUIBCB 1VI kllO
to the city commission last night.
There has been a great deal of contro
versy over the matter, . opponents of the
. . I 1 1 M 1 Jl .V
proposition iiaviuu uewwuu vuw. mi . .
..... i . . . j m oaay wm
proposition naa 10 nave a majority ui tui ,
votes east at the election. The city at
torney decides that a majority of all
votes cast for or against the proposition
will govern in this case, declarNg that
the worda closing the act, "for tho pur
pose," makes the election a special elec
tion when a proposition is voted on at a
regular election. This gives the propo
sition a majority of 281, - . '
Kennard Recounts
Stories of Olden Days
(From a Staff Corespondent.)
LINCOLN," Nov. 11. Special.) J. P.
Kennard of Lincoln, 87 years old and the
first secretary of state of Nebraska,
i - J .1 1. m .. a .lit. mamIh. mvA
congratulated Governor Morehead on his UNIVLKSI I T rnCbIUt.N I i IU
English, French and Russian armies,
The an'mals must be delivered within
the next ninety days. The bid sent in
around the " 16.000.000 mark.
The railroads have s' ready been con
sulted regarding sufficient cars for the
shipment so that If the bid is accepted
shipments will begin at ence.
Omaha High Still
Without Game for
Thanksgiving Day
All the high school foot ball fans are
waiting for word from one of the Chi
cago schols settling-, a date fr .Turkey
day. The school that had been scheduled
at the beginning of the year waa Lane
Tech., but that school has dissolved its
team. As soon as .he had found this to
be true Mr. Reed got Into correspondence
six of the other ChlcMo High schools
and up ton this .time has received an
swers from four of them saving that they
hnd nnen dates for that day and all that' Connecticut
, . . , ,, ' . ,,,,, 1 New y
strongest,-.. '.: . .. ' . .
Thre of those that answered are Crane
Tech, Bo wen and Marshall, and of these
Crane Tech Is thought to be tho strongest
and the likely one.
and th likely one the Omaha High team
will meet on Thanksgiving. .
Mrs. Wm.
Hohmann. 174
Lincoln Ave,
C h I c a g 9 , X1L,
fr rites:
"I suffered
with -catarrh of
bronchial tubs
and had a ter
rible cough ever
Since a child.
"I WOUld Sit
up In bed with
pillows propped
up behind me,
but still tho
o o u gtt would,
not let me sleep.
1 thought and everybody else that I
had consumption,
"I am well now and cured of a
rhronlo cough And nor' throat. I
cannot tell you how grateful I am,
and 'I cannot thank Peru n a enough.
It has cured where, doctors have
failed and I talk Peruna wherever I
go, recommend It to everybody.
People who think they have con
gumption - better' give It a trial."
Rovised State Returns
Crop Yield in This
Country is Above
General Average
WASHINGTON. Nov. 10,-Yleld of all
crop In . the, United States Jn ,1M was
10I.J percent, or !.l per cent above the
average, according to statistics announced
today by the Department of Agriculture.
The average of yields by states follows:
Maine 11.4
New t
Vermont 102.7
Massachusetta .lis S rNebrsiika
Rhode island
ork 110.7
New Jersev ....t'HB
Pent-sylvanla .:Mto
Delaware 100.J
Maryland 113.9
Viiplnla 8
West Virginia . M.I
North Carotna.imi
8outh Carolina. 1.7
James W. Green, dean of the law school
at the University of Kansas, will be In
Omaha Friday as the guest of R. 8.
Horton. He le on his way to the Kansas
Nebraska foot ball game at Lincoln Sat
urday. Mr. Horton has arranged for
Judge Green to meet all former , Kansas
university men at the University club
Friday evening at an Informal luncheon
and smoker. All Kansas men will be
welcome. , .
Besides ' being the first secretary of
state of Nebraska, Mr. Kennard was a
delegate to pie first convention held by
the republican party,' called at Indianapo
lis. With Colonel J. H. Presson, record
ing clerk of the executive J offices, Mr.
Kennird went over old times, much to
the edification of those standing around.
Both men were delegates to the first
state republican convention, which was
held In Plattamouth In 1867.
"I had the pleasure of voting for you
for the republican nomination for secre
tary of state," said Colonel Presson.
"Yes, I remember that convention very
well." replied Mr. Kennard, "and I also
recollect the one the democrats held at
Nebraska City at the urn) time. Our
convention at Plattsmouth passed a res
olution favorable to state organization,
wh'le the one at Nebraska City passed
on against state organization.
"1 also remember very well an editorial
which appeared in the Omaha Republican
soon after the action was taken to locate
the. state capital at Lincoln. I often
think of it and wonder what kind of an
editorial that editor would write now If
he was alive. He said that the state
capital had been located In the sand bills,
where there was nothing but coyotes and
Indians, and on the edge of the Great
American Desert, in a God forsaken lo
cality where the foot of man would never
WASHINGTON, Nov. 10. Benjamin I.
Wheeler of the University of California
was elected president, and Oakland, Cel.
chosen as the place for next year'
meeting, at today's session of the an
ual convention of state university presi
dents. Next year s convention will be
gin August 90. The fifty delegates to the
convention were received today by Pres
ident Wilson.
BEATRICE. Neb., Nov. 10. (Special
TeUrram.l-Tlie first "day's program of
the three days' coursing meet of the Na
tional association opened here today with a
larre crowd In attendance. Sixty dogs
were entered from Mlwourl, Iowa, Kan.
sas and Nebraska. Ed Fisher of Wlnfleld
Kan., i Judge and Sam Blvens of Be
atrice Is slipper:
-Following are the entries In the first
round of all-age stake:
Calverone, ; Mr. Oetchen, 4; Rosebud,
B": Rod TOIllon. 8: Little Eva, 0; Mr. Can
non. 8; Lalv pw. 4 Fotrunate Neverset
tle, ; Little MldVet. IS; Seam Clam. 7;
King Athletic. 0: Miss Can Trip, 24; Love
Trail, 8; Go Winner. 6; quicK iep, ; ine .
Taxpevtr. 1: Ok Psrton. B; Freckles, : ,
Dr. Klllen, 8: White Child, 11; D'amond !
Wedre. 4; Neverscttle. 14 Union Spy. 0; ,
leopard Lady, 14:Helen Barton, 0; Rag-
Ing Rhyme, 12; Golden Fleece. : Hard '
Pine. 9; Klllrn Parton. 4; Sister Never
settle. 6: Rambling Sam, 2; Dr. Ross, 3;
Lady "reentaw, 8; Jonn ruinin, i; Lone
some Trail. 6;' Elsora Neversettle. 7; So
ciety Whirl. Fabulous Fortune, 23;
Town Talk-, 8;' Ride Alone. 0; Million Dol
lar Mvstery, 10; Kitty Altona, 1J; Bit of
Fortune, 8; Runaway Margin, 0; Rambling
nn 7- Irlh Landlord. I: Flying Pearl.
Or Dixie, Jr.. 4: Forest Flower, 4; The
Kaleer, : 7; Grace . Rockwell. . 8; Paid
Deficit. 6. - '" -
Remove Some of- ,
Halts to Business
- MADISON, Wis., Nov. 10. Problems
connected with the regulation of corpora
tions so that while with the
laws of che state they are not discouraged
by different -law from doing business in
another- state were brought up for solu
tion before the seventh annual govern
ors' conference which opened a five-day
session here today. 1 -
The executives of more than half the
states,, many former governors and governors-elect
were present when Gover
nor Francis El McGovem of Wisconsin
called the meeting to order. The re
sponse to the welcome extended by Governor-
McGovern, Mayor Kayser and
President Van Hlse of the University of
Wisconsin, was , delivered by ' Governor
Carey of . Wyoming, j
While the question of making uniform
state laws long has besn under considera
tion at the conferences, the delegate
declared that finally definite plan were
nearing completion . for-: removing what
was called a dlsuouragement to business
North Dakot.i
8onth Dakota
silKSissippI ..
Ixjutslana ...
Oklahoma ...
Arkansas ....
Wyoming ....
Colorado ....
New Mexico.
A rtuona
Idaho .........
Washington ,.
California ...
i9 3
101 9
110 1
Georgia 111.2
Florida w lRe
unio ....n.l
Indiana - ti.1
Illinois .1
Michigan 111.4
Wiaconxln - 106.1
Minnesota M
Iowa 104.
For Durns, Bra I era and Sores
The quickest and surest cure is Buck
len's Arnica Salve. Every household
should have a box on hand all the time.
25c. All druggists. Advertisement.
.. 7.
. .108.8
. .110.0
.. !7.
..101 t
,.. w.J
,. J01.4
... W O
Shore Well Thnnuht Of.
A lot of base bkll men tliink that Ernest
Shore, the elongated twirler that Illll
Carrigan got from Haltlnione, will be the
sensation of the American league next
year. '
(Klshly-one Counties.)
Morehead, dem n.
11011. rep W,""
Cklef J tiat lee.
(Pifty-e'.Kht Counties!
Lleatenant fiorernor.
(Elghty-f.iu. (Yontles.)
Pearson, ileni
Hons In nil, rep
S-rre.tary of Stale.
(Elnhty-KlX Counlles.)
Pool, dem
Walt, rep
(Peventy-one Countlea)
Smith, rirm
Minor, rep
State Treasurer.
Seventy-ons Counties.)
Hrll. dem
Hamer, rep
Attorney General.
(Seventy-one Countlea)
Peed, dem
Sears, rep:
Woman Raffraae,
(Seventy-four Conntlen and Thirty-six
Pwlucia.) I
For : l.i 75a
Airainst 8R.6S9
Workmen's Compensation.
(Sixty-nine Counties.)
For .70J
Against da,
County t'andldnten.
Red Willow County Judge, F. M. Col-
fer; Clerk, V. K. Dutrher. dem.: eherlff,
L. A. Kltrh, dem.; treasurer. A.' It.
Wood. ren. : commissioners, K. S. Moore,
rep., and Nattgew Stewart, rep.; coroner,
Dr. O. A. De May, dem,; surveyor, P. M.
Iell, dem.; superintendent. Julia Barnes,
rep. : attorney, J. M. Soniervllle, rtm.
Richardson County Judge. J. Wtltse;
clerk. Ora Marsh, rep.: sheriff. Dan Rate-
kin, rep.; superintendent, l. 11. Weber,
dem.; attorney, J. K. Leyda, rep.; cor-,
.ner, M. Ueneker, rep.; resister of deeds,
N. B. Judd, dem.; county board, demo
cratic. .
Kimball County Juris. F. J. Billows;
cleik, Amos.; dem.; sheriff, Forsllng. rep.;
tresfurer. Burrt, rep.; commissioners,
Atlklnn, dem., Phillips, rep., and Hnyder,
mp. ; coroner, Irey. rep.; surveyor. Young,
rep.; superintendent, McKlhaney, rep.
Uoone County Judge, F. G. Daten;
rlerk, J. MeCllntlok, rep.; sheriff. O.
Anderson, rep ; treasurer, S. Ioken,dem.;
commissioners, H. R. Smith and B. TIs
thamer, dem.; coroner. Dr. Howard; sur-
t'Avnr IT XI ailllW ftilnelntn,lAnft I l,n.
nah C. Johnson: attorney, W. J. Denahrn.
Dixon County Judge. F. P. Fsles; A.
N. Porter, rep.: sheriff. A. IT. Maskell.
dem.: treasurer, Owen McOulllen, rep.;
commissioners, A. L. Sehcenoaugh, A. L.
York, I. Kills, Henry Harney; coroner,
Dr. J. R. Graham, rep.; surveyor, O. P.
Sullenburger, dem.; superintendent. A. V.
Teed, rep.; attorney, C. A. Kingsbury,
Madls.-m County Jurtge, Mv R. MeDuf
fee: clerk. V. T. Hodson.- rep.j sheriff.
C. S. Smith, rep.; treasurer, W. M. Dar
lington, rep.; vc-glster, F. II. Taylor,
dem.; commissioner, W, S. Crook, rep.;
coroner. It. H. Foster, dem.; surveyor,
C. 1'. Huntley, rep.; superintendent, N.
A. Housel, dem.; attorney, W. L. Dow
ting, rep.
Howard County Judge. R. A. Hagirart,
rep.: clerk, K. 1). Hahensky. dem.;
sheriff, W. H. Atwood, rep.; treasurer
''. A. all. dem.; commissioner, Frank
Bower, dem.; Theodore Krogh, dem.;
mroner, Ir. R. F. Jester, dem.; sur
veror, L. I.nrsen, dern.; superintend-1
ent, V. P. Baker, ciem.; attorney, Charles
Ihihoy. dem.
Vhase Cumtv-Juds N. M. Bender;
clerk. O. K. MeCaHum,- dem. ; . sheriff,
FaI Hlne, rep.: treasurer. Allan Orsnt,
dem.; eommlssloners. Henry Orelm. dem.,
Emery Norman, dem : coronen L, W,
Smith, rep ; urryor, C. A. Towell, rep.;
superintendent, Eva Mnriand, rep.; at
tornev, p. V. Scott, rep.
Buffslo County Juris. F. 3, ItverettJ
clerk, J. H. Dean; sheriff. 8. B. Funk:
treasurer, M. N. Troupe: . register, T. J.
Brett! ccroner. Dr. A. D. Csmeron: sur-
Vfyor Fugene Morey; superintendent.
S. Klllett; attorney. Albert U. Toiirrsen
Tierce County Judge. O. T. Kelley
riy-m. : clerk, II. EX Hnhn. m.; sher f r,
George W. Ooff. dem : treasurer, John
Theisen. dem.: reslsrer, II. 1C. Rohn
dem.: eonimlsslonrr, Utobert Neunmnn
dfm. j coroner. Dr. Frank G. Salter, dom.;
surveyor J. F. Hlndlk rep.: superlntenfl
ent, Iettln Scott, dem. ; sitorney. M. H.
Lenmy,' rep.
corintv, Wyoming, discontinued:
mall to
- Fire Voder Control.
NEW YORK. Nov. .-The Lamport M
Holt steamer Rcmhrinlt. whose wireless
cnerator reported In mils fr help thl
erternoon that It wns nn f're 'J mile
off Csne Henrv, wss vld to l' steaming
for Norfolk. Va., tunluh- with the flro
under control. The vessel W.le-1 from,
I'sltlniore last Saiirdny Trr St. Nasalre,
Airhip Sighted
LONIHJN. Nov. 10. A dispatch ,to the
Rvenlng Ne' from Dover says:
"A ti.e result of a report tht n air
ship had been sighted over SheerneM,
the sea'rrhlibht corps was busy all night.
Later the airship was reported over llsr
wlch. ' "
"Firlmi was hesrd In eastern Cliffs be
tween 1 and o'clock this morning."
Department Orders.
WASHINGTON, Nov. )0.(Sprrlnl Tele
gram.) Nebraska pensions granted: Olive
Way.. Omnha. Ill': Ueorse (lardells.
Omaha. 8.10: Amanda Fmchl ch. Loup City,
I $12; Dbirnh Mills. HcoU s Bluff, til; Lot-
lie L. Vr!ght. Oakdale. m.
ln the recommendation of Democratlo
Commllteeman Wsde, D. George Skinner
hss been appointed pension surgeon at
Vn Interset. la
lturnl letter enrrlers appointed: Ed
Hedges, Chugwater, Wyo. ; John A. 8y
kora at Dnnte and Oscar T. Chandler at
Wrselnston r'pr'nga, S. D.
Kistnrr(-e st (mldsmltn, I .a ramie
Best Laxative
For Childfen
When your baby is cross and fret
ful Instead of tho happy, laughing? lit
tle dear you are accustomed to. In all
probability ' tlw dlirestlon ha tiecome
deranged and the bowel need atten
tion. Give It a mild laxative, dispel
the irritability and bring - back the
happy content of babyhood.
The very best laxative for children
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tly, but surely, without griping or oth
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well Syrup I'eps'.n at fifty cent and
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woHi.ingion ni
Mrs. Window's Soothing Syrup
Ouch! Backache!
Rub Lumbago or
Pain From Back
, V
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ment you will forget you ever had ' a
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extractl om
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la the talk of
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epre a d t a g
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bridge teeth
as low as
80 yrarg a denttet.
20-year gtnrante.
706 City Nat l Bank
Sky Scraper.
(From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN. Nov. 10. 'Special Telegram.)
-Tie Master Bakers' Association of Ne
braska la In session here, the first meet
ing being held this aflernoon. About ICO
tre present. They were welcomed by
Mayor Zehrung nd the response was by
Senator George F. WoU of Fremont.
T. F. Naughton of Omaha is one of the
busy men about the esion and say that
the association is working on ths proposi
tion of making saUsfactory bread and 1
oot figuring on the price.
. : t .
Wesies mt Bedeatarr Habits.
Women who get but little exercise are
likely to be troubled with constipation
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good as a three or four-mile walk every
day, but very much better than to allow
the bowel to remain iq a constipated
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tainable everywhere- Advertisement
J '
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healthful heating at a big fuel saving, and
stop, making cleaning slaves of the women and ruining your carpets, curtains and furnishings!
IDEAL Boilers and AMERICAN Radiators give you uniform comfort in every part of every
room and hallway, with no burned-air to breathe, and so easy to run that you N
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expense, give you full enjoyment of every square foot of
your home space in coldest weather, and every dollar you
invest adds just that amount to the selling value of your
building, or adds 10 to 15 to rental returns.
If you would bar the gateways to your farm or city
home, store, office, school, church, etc., against old-time
heating pests, write U3 to-day. Our free book: "Ideal
Heating" and full information docs not .obligate you 1S1u
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in any way. Prices are now most attractive!
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Another great labor-saver Stationary Vacuum Cleaner, at $150
You can wonderfully reduce house-labor and highly increase home health and cleanliness by use of ARCO
WAND Vacuum Cleaner sits in basement j works through iron pipe running to all floors i carries all dirt? dust,
insects and their eggs, etc., to sealed bucket in machine; cleans carpets, furnishings, walls, ceilings, clothing.
Ask felso for new "ARCO WAND "catalog (free). Inquiry puts you under no obligation to buy.
8old by all dceJer.
No exclusive scents.
Write Department N-80
413-417 South Tenth St,
Public thprnssn at Caicago, Nsw Tark, Bearoa. rVwUmo, PnilaoVrpals, Wsahiagton, Balrfma
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