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Llrbtlnf rixturaa, Hiirg-raa-rJranrlen Co.
rtdality Storaf k Tan Co. Don. 888.
T Boot Print It Now Iiracon Prejs
Bsautlful All Modern Homti for Bait
cn tha easy payment plan. Banker
llealtr Investment Co. Phone roue. 2'A
Babbl Coha Speaks Tonight Habbl
Frederick t.'ohn w.n fibk tui.tMu
Temple Israel on "The rieu of the Jew.'
A Good Investment la an office In
The Beo BulldlnB. Good location, sood
strvli-M, good neighbors. The building
that l always new. office room
Wayae Alamnl Banquet a Alumni,
traVhera and li it'u.a of km ayiu; m.i
Normal achool held a reunion and dinner
at the Faxton hotel Thursday evening.
"Today's Complete Hone rrorruua"
classified section today, and appears li
The Bee EXCLUSIVELY. Find out what
the various moving; rlrtvre thesters of"r
Married Three Thousand Rev. Charles
V. Bavidgo performed his S,0ttn lmir.ia. -
ceremony Thursday night when he un. lei
George Norman Mill and Jessie. May V 1
fcurn. both of Omaha.
Tatnlnoaiaa TUea Bxception J. L
Taminosian has Jiied Ins ul.l u excep
tion In district court to Judge Sutton's
dismissal of his application for prrmls
Ion to change his name to Mohammed
Woodard rinds Tatting- Assistant
Foalmaater Woodard la In possession of
Borne blue silk tatting, together with a
black shuttle, which was picked up at
Tenth and Howard streets by one of the
carrlera. The owner may obtain tholr
possession by applying at the rost
master's office.
Horary Oeta "tJolenqe Book" The
.Omaha Public library has recently re
ceived from the trustees under the will d
Mary Baker Eddy "Science and Health
with Key to the Scriptures," by Mary
Baker Eddy. This book has been pre
sented without cost to the library and Is
placed at the disposal of the reading public.
James YVhlttnker at the piano aa
Ills i oompsntments or rl
fe.-llve but never obstructive, and so per
fectly in accord with the singer a to
mark him as one ef the best aeompanist
ho eer visited our city. It la hoped
tint we may hear him again soon.
de-i Before closing a word must bt said
about the excellent enunciating of Mr.
Hamlin. Ins splendid English was al
ways understandable, and hie French and
German eeomed tt the writer, as clear
ami perfert aa that of anyone who might
have been a native in either country.
Upon the whole It was a most excellent
recital, and one of the kind of which the throne of Servia, left vacant by the
we ran not have too ninny. 1L M. Tt. assassination of King Aleaander and
Q'.ieen Urate a new stanii was Issued
to commemorate hi coronation. The
central portion of the design consists of
two heads, Klna peters and Ihst of the
founder of the Karageorcevttrh dynasty;
but, by some grim coincidence, when
the stamp Is reversed, only one had
can be seen, nnd It bears an unmlstak-
ama thai Are Hare.
The value of certain postage stamps
has been greatly enhsnccd owing to cir
cumstances connected with thHr Issue,
cr events which occurred after their
When. In 1!XH. King Peter ascended.
able likeness to the murdered monarch,
hum King 1'eter succeeded.
It so happened that the sevenpennv
stamp, bearing the head of King Edward
VII, should have been issued on the
very day of his death. The demise of
the king also prevented the Issue of a
twopenny stamp, mauve In color. These,
mumps were never put Into circulation,
but King George, who possesses one of
the fitarst collections in the world, has
apc Imena of both of them.
In mint countries the Introduction of
postal facilities is rrtiarded as a blessing
wholly unmixed. Hut this was not the
case in Korea. The poetofflce erected
there In lv had a very short existence,
for the mob. In their blind haired of nil
Innovations, rlofVd ami rased It to the
ground. In ronsenuence of this Korean
sinmps of the first Issue are bow ol
great value. Answers.
Omaha" music lovers were privileged to
hear Mr. Georgo Hamlin In song recital
yesterday afwrnoon at the Brandcls
theater. And a privilege It really was,
for Mr. Hamlin only proved again that
he well deserves his place among the
foremost tenor singers of the day. His
voice is full of a variety of color, hli
tones aro clear and distinct, even in the
ptanissimos, and big voice shows a flex
ibility and evenness which makes It pos
sible for bim to do with it whatsoever
ha will, and he knows exactly what he
.wishes to do. His work at all tiroes
shows a care and thoughtfuiness of even
the smallest details, and as a result there
la a polish and artistic finish to bis in
terpretations which make a convincing
Impression upon the listeners. He sings
with sincerity and a dramatic ability
which presents each number In Its clear
est light. Mr. Hamlin deserves a vote
of thanks for the excellent program with
which he honored us. It not only pre
sented variety and interest, but was from
the very best literature In the world of
song, yet It scarcely touched upon the
usual recital program of the 'usual visit
ing artists. Even the numbers from the
classic and romantic writers were' from
tmortg the less familiar of their works.
The progrnm opened with the recitative
ml air, "In Native Worth," from the
'Creation," by. Huydn, followed by the
;ir, "Love Sounds the Alarm." from
"Alcus and Gulatea," by Handel. In
koth of these numbers Mr. Hamlin re
spected tradition, and sang them with .ex
ceptional taste and u4ndoratandlngytiio-.s
were louoweu oy two numuera oaon iron
Schubert and Schumann. These were
nonetheless beautiful although they were
little Known. Especially attractive were
"I'm Abendroih," by Schubert, full of
reverent devotion, and the livelier "Hi
dalgo," by Schumann.
A group of three modern operatic arias
succeeded. One from "Enfant Prodlgue,"
by Debussy; one from "Fedora," by
Giordano, and one from "Ln Boehme,"
by Puccini. In these Mr Hamlin ahowed
a fervor and dramatic Intensity, which,
governed and controlled by his excellent
taste gave a vivid presentation. The
group ln English, three from the cycle
To Julia," by Quilter; "Since You Went
Away," by Johnson, and "Nocturne," by
Herrmann, were ably Interpreted. , The
Quilter numbers are beautiful .bits The
last one made a inott favorable Impres
sion for the delightful manner ln which
the subject matter was treated, end Its
dainty accompaniment. "Since You Went
. Away" proved such a favorite that It
iwaa ropeated, and the "Nocturne" was
ung with a firo and brilliancy which
completely captivated the audience. Two
encores were granted. The work of
THE contractors who
are remodeling our
show windows have cut
off the greater part of
our Harney street dis
play which is usually
given over to specials
in the Economy Base
ment for Saturday.
Although the display
in the windows is very
limited the offering
for Saturday in the big
Underprice Basement
Store are in greater evi
dence than usual, in
cluding final cleanup of
the men's furnishing
stoeks of the -Nebraska.
Suspender, Belt & dar
ter Co., also Atlas Mfg.
Co., at ridiculous prices.
You'll find it greatly
to your advantage t
visit this big supply
center every time you
are dovi town. It's a
good habit to acquire.
nriMOAMV i
S,000 Fresh Cut Chrysanthemums, Five to Eight Hunches in Diameter, With Lomg Stems, on Special
Exhibition and gale on the Fourth v Floor Saturday They Will Be Sold at 9c Each or $1,00 a Dosen
Women's SHOES, Combining
Style and Comfort, $3.50 Pr.
WONDERFUL line tor both dress and street wear,
umbraclng tbe newest models and evry one noses-
lug that much-Bought-for quality of comfort. These shoes
have all the snap of the higher priced footwear.
rhey are button style, patent, gun metal and kta
leathers, plain and tipped toes, flexible sewed soles and
Cuban Louis and spool heels: perfectly made ln every
detail. This Is truly an unusual value.
Mimes and Children's Shoes
Button shoes for school wear, made of gun metal
leather, broad and medium toes, lasts that are per
fect fitting and very comfortable; shoes
that will give the service you expect for
the price.
Misses' sixes, 11 H to S $2.25 S2.50
Children's slsea, 8H to 11 $3 A S2.J5
arrest-aTssa Oo. Mala rioor.
l av-. A&
Special Concert
in the
Victor Concert Hall
On the New Fourth Floor.
2:80 to 4:30
Featuring all the very lat
est records. Come, you will
find it most enjoyable.
Bttrgase-Waah Ou. ronrth floor.
New Arrivals
Kayser's SILK
GLOVES at $1.00
THEY'RE very desirable for
present wear and our selec
tion is so large that you are cer
tain, of finding just the style and
shade ygu desire.
Pure silk with double finger
tips black, white and colors.
Burgess-Baaa Co. main rioor.
Dainty Conceits
COLLAR and Cuff Sets, ln or
gandy and pique, vestees, roll
collars, etc. Splendid assortment
at 25c.
Neckwear at 50c
Organdy and pique vestees, or
gandy and pique collar and cuff
sets, many new designs.
Burg-tss-Wasa Co. Kaia rioor
at 19c the Yard
AFFETASV moire, satin fan
cies, flowered prints, plaids
and stripes, S Inches wide.
Handkerchiefs, S for ftOr
Pure linen, hand embroidered
corners, . beautiful designs, ln a
lancy box.
Barg-aas-Nasa Co. Main rioor.
Many New Models Have Been Added to This
Offering for Saturday of Smart
women's tahlored:'sui
at $14.50, $18.50 and $25.00
idons, many of thorn
EW STYLES that represent tho sea eon's vcrv latest
copies of the more expensive and exclusive models,
The offering ns a whole is unusually attractive, individual and distinctive
In style, beautiful In design, rich In color and material, depicting every nt-w feature that ha
been given favor, but offered to you at prices away below the ordinary.
The materials Include weol serges, poplins, cheviots, gabardines, broadcloth, etc. Thi
colors are plum, navy, Russian green and brown, also black.
Women's and Misses' Cloth Coats, $10
The variety Is varied to the extreme, includ
ing the college coat, as well as the more con
ventional models. Beautiful mixtures and plain
cloths; slses for women and misses. The colors
are the most favored for winter.
Women's and Misses "Cloth Coats, ftA
Different and distinctive styles from which to
choose. Made of imported mixtures and broad
cloths, superbly tailored and finished through
out. The season's best shades are represented.
Saturday We Feature a Sale of Girls' Coats
Girls Coat, to 14 Yearn, (M.WI
Good, heavy materials, in brown, navy and
green, with plaid collars, cuffs and belts.
(iris' Coats, 0 to 14 Yearv $7.9
Military cape coats, trimmed with velvet or
buttons, ln blue, brown and green.
Child's Conts, $:i.OH
for ages 3 to 6 years; chinchilla- and cordu
roys, gray, navy and novelty 83.08
Burrss-Xfaaa Co.
dlrls' Coat, 6 to 14 Year, .V9ft
Smart little cape coats of fine itbeNne.
brown, blue and green.
MIsncs' Coats, 14 to 1ft years, 7.95
College coats in plain colors, heavy winter
weight materials, in navy, Copenhagen and
brown. .
Child's Kwoater Het, $2.08
Including leggings, sweater, cap and mittens;
all wool, extra heavy, at 82.08
-sjaoond riopr.
LEATHER BAGS Saturday at $2.50
That Are Extreme ValuesJust Note
A PARTICULARLY big selection, including fine real pin
or natural grain seal, real morocco and silk moire bags.
German silver frames, silk or leather linings, pannier or
ribbon handles. Some have four fittings. All have mirror and coin
purse; black or colors.
Real Leather Hand Bags at $1.00
Several veTy, desirable new styles. Some have four fittings. Ex
ceptional values. y , , .'w
Party llox'e, Novelty Hag, $4.95 to 27.SO
A great display of the very latefct novelties, Including the Mark
Cross English-made goods.
Borraas-ITasa Oo Xai rioor.
You Will Be Surprised to See These
Beautiful "Wirthmor" WAISTS at $1.00
EVEN the salesladies In bur waist department were' surprised when
told the price at which these very appealing waists were to be sold.
Had they been bought ln the regular way they would have to sell
for considerable more, some models for double; but through a new co
operative plan with the producer we are able to offer them at only $1.
"Wirthmor" waists are sold exclusively here for Omaha several
pleasing styles.
Barf ms-IT ash Co. laoond floor.
Extraordinary Purchase and Sale Saturday of
At About i Under Regular
Women's 50c Black Silk Gauze Mer
cerized LISLE HOSE, at 25c a Pair
A REMARKABLE value for Saturday. Strictly perfect quality, with
double garter top, high spliced heel and toe. The saving represents
exactly half.
.-- X.. V-
Women's 25c Me-rcerlaed Hose, 15o
Plain black, full seamless foot, high spliced heel
an extreme value Saturday.
Bura-as-Tash Go. Main rioor.
ind double sole;
fKi ? f;l(.' Tl? 1-W111.V.14- 4 lira c.aviT-k1ft e sxi..
i if u uuugut'iiiu ramK' oiuv.r
m mm.
whole sale milliners in Chicago, yi
of one of the
. W. A I
Women's and Misses' $19.50 to $25.00
Tailored Suits, Saturday at $12.98
HP HEY'RE all latest styles, beautiful In style.
A material and color effects, blade ln a va
riety of fine materials. Broad
cloths, fancy weaves, serges, etc.,
ln all the most durable shades.
Regular $19.60 to $25.00 values.
Women's $12.00 Tailored Hults, $7.08
They're made of plain serge, ln blue or black,
new long style coat finished with velvet cuff
and collar, full satin lined. The skirt Is yoke
style and trimmed with velvet but- QQ
tons. Reg. $12.50 vals. Sale price.. P s70
Cloth Dressee at $3.08
Made of fine men's wear aerge. with silk girdle
and medlcl collar; skirt tunic style. f0 QQ
Now at ipO aaO
Women's Waists
Variety of pretty styles
In lawn and fancy white
madras. Q
Special USJC
;,h: Boys' Waists, 2Rc
'IV Light or dark stripes
blue chambray and also
black sateen, - OP
specially priced
r. a
r Glrla Dresses
Stripes and checks, in
splendid weight materi
al; also plain colors: to 14 4Q
years, at
Men's Jackets, $1.08
Men's Cardigan jackets.
Big Ass'm't Ji ftn
Special.... Pl70
Men's $3.50 Tan Shoes in a
Clearaway Saturday at $2.65
The shoes are button and lace styles,
made from genuine Imported Russia calf
leather, medium round and high toe
lasts; full weight rock oak Goodyear
Melt , sewed soles, leather top
facings and inner back stays
with military and low heels.
Women's Shoes at $2.45
Patent leather ln tbe new stage
ast, round toe, black cloth tops
light weight soles and tbe
ew Loula and Jft
Cuban heels J)aWaxv
The way we bought is the way
we are going to offer it to you.
You know how scarce paradise is
and how greatly it is sought for mil-
inery trimmings. There js no need
of further comment, other than to say that
every piece is strictly perfect and exactly
tv as represented. Prices tell the real story.
worth $3.50, Saturday sale price $1.95
Paradise worth $5.00, Saturday sale price.
Paradise worth $7.50, Saturday sate price $5.00
Paradise worth $9.75, Saturday Bale price $7.50
Paradise worth $12700, Saturday sale "price $8.75
Paradise worth $15.00, Saturday sale price $9.75
Paradise worth $16.50, Saturday sale price $10.75
Paradise worth $20X0, Saturday sale price -$13,50
Paradise worth $25.00, Saturday sale price .$17.50
Paradise worth $35.00, Saturday sale price. . ; . , . .$2250
Paradise worth $40.00, Saturday sale price $25.00
Included in the purchase were
Several Thousand French Ostrich
Plumes at V Price and Less
They are all male bird stock, long flue and fibre, with
heavy. heads. Black, white and every wanted shade.
French plumes, worth $3.00 to $4.00, at, choice. . . .$1.35
French plumes, worth $5.00, Saturday, choice7777T7$2Jf0
French plumes, worth $7.50, Saturday, choice.
French plumes, worth $10.00, Saturday, choice. $5.00
French plumes, worth $12,50, Saturday, choice $6.25
French plumes, worth $15.00, Saturday, choice $7750
Burs-sas-aTasa Co.. SJacoad rioor.
You'll Appreciate These Values in
ESPECIALLY so when Old Man Winter begins to breathe those
chilling blasts. Made of fjne white cotton with Dutch neck;
elbow sleeves, ankle length, medium weight.
Women's BOc Knit Corseif Covers, 2.T
Fine white cotton, lightly fleeced, high neck, long sleeves.
' Women's OOc VeU or Pants at 80c'
White cotton or fleece lined vests and pants to match, usual GOc quality.
lky' or tilrls' Union Hults, OOc
Natural color, part wool, drop seat and open crotch; usual $1.00
and $1.60 values.
' argsa-aTaak Co. Mala rioor.
LETS in Pretty Gift Boxes, at $1.00
EVERY one guaranteed by the manufacturer for one year. Plalu or
engraved patterns, guaranteed hinge and catch.
Hterlliu Pendant and Chain, $2.0,5
Beautiful patterns for selection, In a velvet gift box; very special.
LlH-ky White Klepltants, liflc anil SOc
You'll be lucky If you wear one. Tbe most popular novelty of the
Surrsss-sTasa Oo. Main rioor.
Result of a very special purchase, The bags are what Is termed
"factory seconds." Some may have au otl spot; others tbe namepatcu
has been taken off. Each bag Is guaranteed to be perfect otherwise.
mond C'
Jap Rose soap
10c cake. .6C
Eels Naptha Eoap
10 cakes.. 39
9-Pieec Earthenware CASSEROLE
Set Like Picture, Saturday at 98c
20-Mule Team
Doras, 1 lb., Oe
William's Shav
ing Soap . . .80
Safety Matches,
COO for ... .8c
Canthrox, . 60c
else, for . . .20c
Java Rice Pdr.,
tOc size . .SOc
Mennen'a Talc
Powder ...12c
Iiabcock'a cory
lysts Talc, 18o
DOMESTIC Science schools are advocating earthenware casserole
cookery. For Saturday we offer 9-plec casserole sets, like Illus
tration, including 8-Inch covered casserole, 6 custard cups and 2 pud
ding bowls, complete for 8Sc.
(Limit of two seta to each customer.)
Bargass-Mash Co. Tooita rioor.
Carnations, Each 2c
Fresh cut, long-stem, assorted col
ors and white, special at Cut Flower
Section, each, at t-2
arg-sss-Vash Oo Mala Zatraao.
Pinaud's Lllao
Toilet Water
at fttfe
Monoxide Tooth
Powder 25c
size 14c
Jap Rose Talc.,
for 11c
Theatrical Crni.
lb 2.1c
Horllck'a Malt
ed Milk, $1.00
size 80c
Biuyaas-iraaB Oo,
Sanl- -
can $
for,, fg-I
Ivory Soap, 6
cakeB for.. 10c
Kondon's Ca
tarrh Jelly, 50c
size 2bc
Tape's Plapepaln
60c alze 340
Sloan's Liniment
ebc size, at .34o
Uanver Mud, ftOa
lza aso
Ball's l'lna Tar
aiid Honey, Cuo
alze So
Aspirin tablets,
fCratn, J d. 85o
Bi'.ott'e Kniulslon,
Mala rioor.
tl six 64
liroimj tieltsar.
Cue jue aeo
I.avon's 60c alza
Tollrt paper.
ivo rolls . .
cm Inn 1 Ih
nuu a
w a t a r hi
cover with all 4r.
bottla for . . .sso
Durham TJuplaX
razor, f 5 val. Sao
Manicure arti
cles, (0o val. 8o
1 at. 13a
Q 3a
Another Lot of BUCK'S RED OAK
HEATERS $18.00 Values at $11.75
Stove pipe, 6-inch
size, clear blue. Spe
Floe Shovels, t in. size,
special at 10
Coal hods, large else. Jap
anned. Special Saturday
tt 20
Wizard model steel ranges
specially priced for 8at-
urdy 81D.75
Gas heaters, all prices, ui
rrom 81.45
Corrugated, one-piece, six
Inch elbows Q
Black Jack Stove Polish,
special Saturday ....7,
Furnace scoops, large size
and strong, Saturday 33
Sleeve Ironing boards
cloth covered, worth 85c.
Specal at. each 15c
Co. a asamaat.
"everybody's store"
Free Lessons in ART
Embroidery for Children
Are given by a competent instructor
every Saturday A. M. from 10 to 12.
Borraaa-BTaah Co. Thlra rioor.