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Friday, November 6, 1914.
OMAHA la to be represented at the two bl Tale games this month.
Mr. and Mrs. John Madden leave Saturday evening for the esat
and will be enthusiastic "rooters" on November 14, wben Yale
playa Trlnceton at Princeton, and November 21 at New Haven,
when Tale plays Harvard.
Tbe last game holds an added Interest to the Yale men. Tt will mark
the opening of the "Bowl" on the Yale campus. This stadium la
built on the lines of the old Roman ampitheater, and will accommodate
62,000 persons.
Mr. Madden Is a Yale graduate and was a popular class president while
there. He always attends these games. Mr. and Mrs. Madden plan to be
gone three weeks and will visit Washington, Baltimore and New York City
while east. -
Afternoon Tea.
Mra, E. C. Twsmlojr w hot?s 'st an
attractive t this sftrnoon In hf.nor x
NUa Kathertn ncker, a brldn of next
wk. Th rooms wer. rtltlclly dor
oratrd with banket of Ursa and smut)
chrysanthemums. Th dining- tnlile had
mound of Klllsrney roses for a renter
piece, and here coffee, was poured by
lr. Eennett and Mrs. J. F. Twamley.
Punch waa served upstairs In tha llvln
room, where the same decoration of
chrysanthemums was used. Aselstlns
Mrs. Twamley were:
Meedames Mednmea
Tra t'crter. C. i. Smith,
A. K. Becker. Morris Dunham,
John K. McDonald. W. 1. Fuller.
A. N. Ketters. K. R. .1. Kdholm,
C. G. M tionsld. N. 8. Harrlman.
Omahani in New York.
Registering at tha Hotel McAlpln In
i New fork during the last week were
Mr. John A. nine. Mr. A. O. Rohrbaiigh.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. O'Brien. Mr. A. W.
Jfunt, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Clark.
To Honor Bride. .
Miss Florenca Hauler save a knnslngtnn
Thursday afternoon at her studio for
Miss Florence West errryin, who will be
married nest week. Tha studio was
decorated with yellow and white chrys
anthemums, truncheon was served after
the kenslnston at tha Hotel Ilarlcy. The
guests were:
Mlses Mlee
Fllsabeth Flnley. Florence
Charlotte Tompkins, W'enterman.
Paiiy Fry, Florence
Edith Hamilton, Hurler.
Roliert Tinier, of far-roll, la.:
Itnlph ItiiKucll. Leo Wilson.
Alartha Hasler
Celebrate Anniversary.
Mr. and Mrs. George Klmmel were
surprised on their thirtieth wedding an
niversary Saturday evening. Mr. and
Mrs. Klmmel were married In Omaha and
have resided here ever since. The even
ing was spent In rames and cards. Prises
were won bf Mrs. J. Hanson, Mr. Fred
Hat num imi Mr. Frank Anderson. Those
present were:
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rlombcrg.
Mr. and Mr. Alfred Ahlatrom.
Mr. and Mra. Julius Hanson.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Barnum.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Anderson.
Mr. and Mra. Kdwsrd Gulnana.
Mr. and Mra. (KorKe KlnimeL
Mra. Jamea Tlmmlns.
Mrs. A. Cuntngliani. . g mfw
Mleaea Misses-
Martha Hilt, . Eva Cunningham.
1.1111a Hilt. -
ftlrnars. Messrs.
A. Thornburg. F.mmett Tlmtnlns,
Ous Klmmel. Alfred Anderson.
To Honor Gueti.
Mrs. 3. I Bsker was 'hostess at a
v small luncheon Thursday for Mrs. Charles
V K. Ford and her daughter, Mrs. Joseph
Wilson, of Chicago, who are gueets at
the Dinning home. Deccratlons were of
Mrs. Ward roses and covers were laid
for twelve.
Miss Louisa Dinning entertained a few
friends a bridge this afternoon at her
home, for Mrs. Joseph Wilson of Chicago,
who Us her house guest. The affair was
not large and waa very Informal.
Church Reception.
An attractive social pvent of Thursday
evening was a rscepUon given by the
people of Lowe Avenue Presbyterian
church to their pastor. Dr. A. F. Krnst.
and family In the churcn parlors, which
were very artletlcalty appointed for the
occasion. Dr. and Mis. KrnsU with the
elders and their wives, formed the re
ceiving line esrly In the evening, after
which everything was informal. C. L.
Vance. Mlas Dlmock and Miss Blefkba
aeng soloe, and Mra. P. Bonorden.
Mrs. Blaine Trueedell and Mlse Trues
dell gave a very pretty piano trio. Re
freshments followed. Ti-ere were some
Jo present.'
MUcellaneoui Shower.
Mlsa Hilda Peterson entertained at a
mlacellaneous shower at her home on
Thursday evening. In honor of Miss
Marguerite Butt, who will be a December
bride. Thoae present were:
11 WW
luncheon today at her home In honor of
Miss Florence Robinson of fit. Louts.
Mr", A. I j. tnmcn was honor gueet at
a surprlne luncheon Thursday. The after
noon whs spent In gamca and those pres
ent were:
F. Fischer,
H. K. Michka.
M. A. GruliJel,
A. I. Cuuiehs.
J. Oliver,
K. Ollllsn.
A. Fischer,
Cat her . ne O'lver.
JonofiMne Oliver,
Carl Fischer.
George Coueens,
M I sees
LllUn Coiwiis.
Ms pnret Gillian,
llerwltt Michka,
Grant Fischer.
Mrs. V, H. Woodward entertained Urn
members of the Bcitt-Yet club at a 1
o'clock luncheon, followed by Sn auction
bridge party Wednesday afternoon. Ktl
larney roses and pink snnparaKons were
used for the centerpiece and high score
was won by Mrs. Jumeg Bone. Mrs. K. H.
Wilkinson will be the next hostess. The
membeis of tha club sre:
Mend a me? Mesdsmes
Frederick Karon, ' Frank I'rawl,
Jamea Hone, A. W. Hockwel'.
Horace J. Holmes, W. M. Woodward,
K1ln II. I.ulkari. K. 11 Wilkinson.
Mrs. J. It. btlinson of the Angelus
apsrtments entertained at an auction
bridge party Thursday afternoon. Those
present were:
Howard Hitter,
Smith Jones.
Hrec her ligbee.
C. K. DeJarnette,
II. H. Hmlth.
Horace J. Holmes,
Floyd Keller.
Muiiciam Dine.
. A dinner waa given at the Hotel Loyal
Thursday evening In honor of Mr. George
Hamlin, the popular tenor, who ssng In
concert here Thursdny afternoon. The
table was attractive with a mound of red
roses and red-shaded randies. After the
dinner the' psrty waa entertained at
"I.ynhurst," the home of Mr. and Mrs.
George A. Joslyn, where they met Mr.
Archer Gibson, the New York organist.
The guests were:
Mr. George Hamlin,
Mr. James Whlttaker,
Mr. and Mrs. Thomss J. Kelly,
Miss Kvelyn Hopper,
Miss Mary Munchhoff,
Bridge Luncheon Today.
Mrs. K. E. Mage entertained at a
bridge 'luncheon today. The gueats were
seated at four small tables, decorated
with roses. Those present were:
Mesdsmes - Meads mea
E. A. Beardsley, Henry Nester,
James Wlllebrsnd, ('. H. tiherman,
Marguerite Butt.
Mercy Farnuliar.
Freda Boettser.
Cleo Furstentwrg,
Hilda Peterson.
F.rnesltne Wunrath,
Minnie Johnson,
Alma Jacobaon.
Ilanna Peterson, '
l.lla Marshall.
Surprise Party.
A surpruM party was given at the home
of Mr. H. C. Tlmme Saturday evening In
honor of his. birthday. Tbe evening was
a i vent In cards and dancing. Those pres
ent were:
IxHitae Tlmme.
Lillian Tlmme,
Irene Tlmme.
It. ii. Johnson.
Messra .
Fred Tlmme.
Culien Tlmme.
Annabelle Jones,
Grace H, hneUlei ,
Wyrtle Tnnnie,
Minnie Tlmme
Minnie Timine-Ash,
J. C Kinibrell.
Joesnh Omjirt,
Clark Tlmme.
Mr. anil Mia C. K. Kaseer.
Mr. ant Mra. John Kmerlck,
Mr and Mrs. 4'hnrles Wet more,
Mr, and Mrs. F. A. Dcrk.
Mr. and Mr. Fred Tlmme,
Mr. and Vr. "Theodore Kappley.
Mr. and Mrs. William T. clineider,
Mr. and Mrs J I. C. Tlmme,
Mr. and Mrs. George Frohn.
Fleainreg Past'
Mrs. I. T. Graves entertained the En
tre-Nous Card club Wednesday afternoon.
Prizes were won by Mesdsmes C. Roquet,
Robert Stoddard and D. T. Gregg. Thore
present were: ,
Meadsmea - Meadsmea
f. J. yr-r. C. ll.Muet,
'. I 'it, '1 Gxrag.
P. Ciess. P. Bchneckenberger,
R. Htodilard. M. Gerrlson.
Miss Tliils Brodkey entertained the
Prlsciita club Thursday afternoon at her
home. Ten members were present.
Mrs. Fred RW-bel. Jr. entertained one
cf tiie Thursday bridge luncheon clubs
yesterday afternoon. Three tables of
plavrrs acre present, and Mrs. Fdward
l(su.-btoa and Mra 8amue-Rres were
g iLs of tbe club.
-Mrs W. T. iiubiusun aa hostess at
J. A. Llnderholm,
Plilney Dillon,
W. If. Taylor.
Burd Miller.
F. Gresly,
G. G. Oulnter.
W. W. Kerr,
('. B. Moses,
George Pray,
C. K. Presson,
Charles Smltlu
Buy a size larger
in (ilk than you buy in
lisle if you want your silk
hosiery to wear.
Hi'. j!t.' .!-!'.
Tbe proper care of silk hosiery
is to essential to its long service
that we'd liie to send you our
booklet, "You Just Know She
Ween Tbrm." which tells you
all about silk hosiery.
McCtllum Silk Hosiery bat a
higlter grsde of silk, a strength and
fine, even wesve that make k the
most satisfactory obtainable today.
Sold f (A But Shot
itliCaHum ?!ofiitrp Cnmpan?.
Northampton, Mats.
and the co-ed banjo girls: Frldsy even
Ins st 7 o'rlxk, st the Metropolitan
club, "gymnasium girls"; at S o'clock,
"hotel waiter; sDS, "enfe guests: Fnt
tirdny morning fit 10:30, at the 8s n ford,
"gTlf girls": st li.. "foot bull men";
Psturday evening, at the M'lropollUn.
7.13, 'sophomores and freshmen "
En(fageTnent Announced.
Mr. and Mrs. Clsrk Shelly announce
the engsgemcnt of their dsughter, Msr
gsret Helen, to Mr. Hernhsrdt Alvin
Pfelffer. The wedding will take place In
the early winter.
Palmer-Cutter Weddine.
Mr. Harry Palmer and Mrs. Lily Cutter
were msrrted at Pspllllon. They took a
short wedding trip and will be at home
In Omaha.
For Dr. Xoenig.
Mrs. N. H. Nelson will entertain , In
formally at luncheon Saturday In honor
of .Dr. M urge ret Koenlg, who will lesve
soon to live In IJnrola. Covers will be
laid for eight guests.
In and Out of the Bee Hive.
Miss Ktlsaheth Cop-don will leave next
week for Chics an. where she will be the
guest of Miss Ktla Barker.
Mr. and Mrs. L. ,. Cohn have gone for
a two months' trip to the Pacific coast.
Mrs. Loula Kuh of Bloux Falls. 8. tt..
arrived Thursday evening to be the guest
of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. A. Block.
Mrs. F.ugene Duval hss gone to Astoria.
III., to visit her mother and will be away
a couple of weeks.
Mr. Eugene Duval has gone to Lennox.
Mich., to spend Pundsy with his mother.
Mr. and Mrs. George Van Brunt left
the first of the week for New York City.
They will ko down to New IJsvun for
the Yale-Harvard game.
Tlcklinv f the Throat
Wulckly relieved ,y ,r. King's New Dis
covery, the greHt cough and cold remedy,
a safo and sure medicine. 60c and 11.00.
All druggists. Advertisement.
Slightly Wounded Belgian Infantrymen
a "'JtTL .
JW 1r
( V
' mi iirssm .2 4& V M i .f s"
w-fgr- --i.ssnsn i - """,-Mi, , Tv ' r ",;t" ' " f:- 4 J1
r": JsW''- - I
Lobeck and Howard
Speak to Jobless'
Men at South Omaha
"Go baik to Cic rai ni." ndviaed Con
Krefsnifin C. O. Irfilicck to the 1.S00 Idle
men who attrnded the Jerry Howard
meeting yesterday morning at 7 o'clock
on the wist end of the Q street viaduct.
The iivetlng was tailed by Howard In
order to Interest the congressman In the
large number of Idle men In South Omeh.
Howard wanted Lobeck to tske the ques
tion to Washington for solution. Iobeck
seemed nonplussed ans t::;ed Howard
what he would suggest on the matter.
"I have no suggestions," ssld Jerry.
"That is for you. All I know about the
matter is that this large crowd of Job
less men ate a menace to the men who
have jobs here because when a man Is
hungry It Is eny to get him to work
for loss than the msn who Is on the
Job now. Kit her that or the man now
working must suffer a keen loss In
At the end of the viaduct meeting about
230 men followed Howard to the city hall,
where he again addressed them. They
wanted Vork and snld so. Just then
Mayor Hoctor hove In sight and the
crowd demanded work. Hoctor said he
had no work to give them.
Another telegram, confirming a pre
Mous 'message, has been received by
Dick Kitchen of the Paxton hotel, re
serving four rooms and a rarlor for
August Herrmann snd the other members
of the National Baee Ball commltislon.
They will arrive Tuesday morning, and,
the whole commission will be In session
here to help dispell the war clouds in
organized base ball anl effect an agree
ment that will restore peace and pros
perity to the great national game.
Goes East for Wedding;.
Miss Beatrice Coad leaves Saturday
evening for Amsterdam, N. Y., to be msld
of honor at the wedding of Miss Laura
Yund and Mr. Albert Roche. This wed
ding will be a lsrge affair, with eight at
tendants, and will tnke place the latter
part of the month.
Miss Irene Coad will leave a week later
for the wedding.
Rehearsal Program.
Rehearsals are bring held regularly
now for "The College Herb" production.
The program, la as follows: Friday, 1:90
p. m., at the Ban ford, Buster Brown'
group; at o'clock, ' Mlr Harriet Mets
Roger Sullivan Defeated! Penrose Elected! Some
states went dry; other states stayed wet!
flirla' Cotton Suits, just right for this
Bummery mixed with autumnal temperature
nf?es 10 to 15 years. Priced before at 50c
and 75c. Saturday 29c each.
Jwiss Ribbed Vests and Tights
Some, mercerized, others Silk and
Wool. Sold up to $1.75. Saturday,
89c each. , ,
Especially Desirable Glove Silk Underwear 1
Vests, S1.50 and up. Bloomers, $1.98 and up.
Petticoat Bloomers, fit closer than others, are
warmer and daintv as well as comfortable.
Women's Ilosiery-r-We received from Germany a lot of Hosiery (ordered on import.) which we were given to understand we
would not get. We had covered out wants with a purchase of made-in-America stockings, liesult double dose very desirable.
io reason on earth except the one given for reducing! the prices one cent.
: S29C
59c instead of $1.00 and $1.25
Saturday Black fashioned Cotton Hose, usually 35c, fit pair
Fashioned Silk Stockiners (Tan onlv). . . .
It's a Mighty Long Time Since We Gave You Any Sweet Talk
A short time-ago we were off on a trip. Starting in the Northwest we traveled from Duluth almost to the Canada line in. the Northeast
and we sampled confectionery everywhere many times we longed for Cobb's rarely did we find an equal and jiever a superior. So in
talking to Mr. Cobb he said Let's say something about candy for Saturday so here goes. .
Uld taslnoned Butter Scotch Patties, niade I don't get you well vou haven't a sweet
with creamery butted, rich, pure and delici
ous, 25c lb. box instead of 40c.
.Black Walnut Taffy Speaking of Taffy,
Iioav many kinds there arc I This, however,
is the Alpha and Omega made from South
ern molasses cooked just right and plumb
lull of new Black Walnut meats if that
tooth that's all 30c for a pound box.
And now IX) Luxe items Cream dipped
grapes, GOc lb. I
Brazil Nuts, GOc per lb.
Marshraallows, GOc per pound.
Bon Bons and Choeolates, GOc the pound.
"Connoisseurs pronounce these superior to
.most 80c grades." These are ilr. Cobb's ex
act words, and he tells the truth.
High grade family Caramels, 40c per lb.
French Caramels, the equal -of the best
made in America, 80c pound.
Second Floor Children's and Girls' Specials for Saturday
Sweaters, Staple Grays and Cardinals, from . ..$1.50 upwards
Colors und btnpes, were up to $4.50, at .$2.98 each
Two toned Novelties Angora, etc., are attractive and will interest.
Children's Cotton Dresses, suitable for school wear G9c each
A lot of beauties Good styles, excellent fabrics, were up to $2.00,
at - v... $1.29 each
Special lot of Wool Dresses, Chally, Serge, etc., $2.50 up to $8.75
Babnacaan Hats for girls-Special lot as an attraction Saturday.
'A group of fine Suits and Costumes Not more usually than one of a
style Late . models included. Sold up to $G5.00. Ladies interested are
advised to be on lriind at 8:30, opening hour. Priced for Saturday at
$3.7.50 each. Crepe de Chine, llabutai, China Silks, Roman Stripes,
all the latest in waists for women, $4.50 each.
We Have Just Been Reading Some Exceedingly Extravagant Statements
And we are wondering how Jong-oh how lorg will the people believe. It does swm -m if the dear public some time would wake mi and
realize that you cannot mak'e a purse out of a kow's ear nor can you get something for nothing. No, No, Jones still pays the freight.
The manager of our Hat Dept. says she has
50 Pattern Hats
Which should be bold. They are late in style,
Ostrich and Hibbon trimmed, some, with
fancy feathers. We might pnidle them along
getting $10.00 for some, $15.(X) for others
and perhaps $23 for a few but nt the last
there might be still a few left. So ve Said,
"Can you' stand a loss?" "Yes," she said.
"They have served their purpose." We sold
a good many and we got many valuable sug
gestions from them, so without haggling or
more ado, we decided on a price which
should clear them from the tables in one hour
.Saturday 8:."50 a. m. $5.00 EACH.
If the demand 'will exceed the supply
there will be a special consolation Surprise
Table, on which hats will be priced absurdly
Saturday the last day of the Teachers. Special No. 1 Kid and Lamb
Gloves, at $1.29 pair, worth $1.50 and $1.75 pair.
Special sale of Brocaded Silks as shown in windows. 59c instead
of $1.00. Dress Goods Sle Saturday Serges, Poplins, Gabardines,
79c instead of $1.00 und t1.-'5, aud Skirts made to measure from
these goods at $2.00 fr the making.
Airs. Bennet is again with us demonstrating Omo Shit Ids. What
she does not know about shields is not worth knowing.. You will find
her interesting and instructive. Unique articles at Stationery Sec
tion for those who &y their Christmas Shopping early.
And there you are. Some comfort for all kinds of people. The view
point of the individual counts for ; much. Grcumstances and environment for still more.
And yet in politics as' well as business, there are certain fundamentals, as Laurie J. Quunby wo. Id say, that are fixed and eternal as th'j everlast
ing hills.- Constant dropping it is said will wear away stone, and pegging away at abuses finally removes them.
In season and out of season THOMAS KILPATRICK & CO. have talked truthfulness and honesty 'in business Better still they have always '.'
aimed to have their deeds measure up to their words.
All tbis by way of preamble and as information for the strangers within our gates the home folks know.
day thee at:yKOpatrick & Go's
Some Very Special Attractions Read and Know Them