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Susinnsi lien Hear President of the
Great Weitern.
Sara Great Wnlfri )llsal Or
sraats Grata EirkiiRK
Make Tfcla Leadlaa;
Grata Marks.
Fully 400 of the business mm of Omaha
and a lame number of women of the
city rreeted President Felton of the Chi
cago Greet Western Rillmad company
when yesterday he rpoke at theluncheon
tendered him by the public affaire com
mittee of the Omaha Commercial club.
The luncheon waa spread In the club
la r ire banquet hall, which wai filled to
The speakers' table waa at the weat
aide of the banquet hall, and with Presi
dent Felton eat director and officers of
the Great Western, other railroad men
of the rltr and a number of the business
nun. He waa Introduced by President
Mohler of the t'nlon Iaclflc, who re
frained from making an extended
speech, saying that he did not dealre to
ateal any of the thunder of the apeaker.
As Mr. Felton aroae he waa greeted
with a loud and long clapping of hands.
Ife briefly reviewed the early history of
the Great Western ar.d the Incidents
leading up to Ita being built Into thla
rlty. He pointed to the fart that In 190
Omaha waa without a primary grain
market and that there waa but on grain
elevator here. At thla time It waa. ha
asoerted. that the Great Weatern decided
that Omaha ehould be placed, upon the
nap aa a grain market for the vast
agricultural contry tributary, adding:
Omaha's Nataral Lratea.
"It waa to the Interest of the through
linea to retain the long haul on grain to
Chicago and the aouth and thla pro red
a diet! net disability, ao fur aa Omaha waa
concerned, because It deprived this point
of the advantage of lis natural lneation.
''Upon completion of ' the Omaha ex
tension the Great Western had a Una to
the Mississippi river, Chicago and the
Twin Cities, and Immediately proceeded
to publish proportional rates, with a view
to putting this city on the map and es
tablishing It as a primary grain market
"The first tariff was published In the
fall of 1903, and, naturally, met wltb the
strongest opposition of the existing
through lines, some of them attempting
to divide the grain from Omaha by low
ering the through rates to Chicago and
the Mississippi river, so that they would
continue to be less thaa the combination
of the local rates via Omaha. At one
period In this contest the Oreat Western
established a rate of I cents per 100
pounds from Omaha to .Chicago, which
forced the other roads to meet the com
petition, where they controlled the grain,
to move It at thla low rate. This led to
a settlement of the controversy In 1904
by an agreement to give Omaha propor
tional rates." .
Helps Oraraats Exefcaaare.
President Felton then told of the fur
ther worx of the Chicago Great Western
and pointed out that after the rate ques
tion had, been disposed of, the Chicago
Great Western and Its officers 'took an
active Interest In the organisation of the
Omaha Grain exchange, at the same tune
going on with the construction of the
large Independent elevator on Chicago
Great Western trackage between Omaha
and South Omaha.
The Chicago Great Western president
assorted that ' through the Independent
elevator and O. W. Wattles, president of
the company, their efforts having been
combined with those of the Chicago
Oreat Western, local grain rates had
been so adjusted that while Omaha han
dled but 15.S7O.O00 bushels of grain la 1904,
the volume had reached 60.000.000 bushels
m 1911 an Increase of about 400 per cent.
Continuing, said Mr. Felton:
Aake, Omaha's port.
"I trust that roa gentlemen will be
Impreased with the faot that the Oreat
Western has played a substantial part In
the development of your grain market,"!
and that we are not unreasonable In ask
I rig eubstantlal support at y0t hands In
our efforts to develop our buainees and
makes our railroad more than self-supporting.
"The systems of roads reaching Omaha
from Chicago, not including the Great
Western, aggregate tt.tfi miles, of which
the mileage between Omaha and Chicago
Is but t per cent or the whole, while In
the case of the Great Western, one-third
of Ita total mileage la between the two
cities. In other words, we have a much
larger percentage of our Una which la
dependent on the buaineas of Omaha and.
for that reason, are we not justified In
claiming that the Great Western la more
distinctively an Omaha line?"
Prealdent Felton referred to the Great
Western's extensive terminals In Omaha
and the elevator facilities of the road
and show, that the company's Una be
txeen here and Chicago Is but sixteen
miles longer than the shortest and eight
miles shorter than the longest, "and." he
added, "we are the shortest line to the
Twin Cities by twenty miles." In con
clusion he aald:
"Wo do not aak that any bualm as be
-given ue that we cannot handle aa ex
redltiously as any of our competitors.
but we do desire your substantial sup.
It Elected on Board of Mason City &
Fort Dodge Railroad.
la Part ef Great Western System-
accents to Office Held by Wat
tlee Wars lie Joined the.
Great Weatern.
01011017 of Chicago Yardi Boosts
Prices at South Omaha.
General Manager Bnehlnghans Says
Local Yards anal Packers Will
Be Able to Handle All that
Are Shinned.
"Closing . the stock yards In Chicago
will naturally divert shipments of live
stock to Omaha to a considerable ex
tent," said Everett Buckingham, general
manager of the Union Stock Yarda of
South Omaha, "but we are prepared to
handle every, head of cattle, hogs or
sheep that 'come our way, and Omaha
packers want them.
"It Is probable that prices will be
strengthened a little, but I see no rea
son why they affected to any
great extent. The close down In Chicago
will be practically only one business
week, and the effect will not be aa seri
ous as It might If It was for a longer
The run at the yards was heavy for a
Thursday morning, and the prices
soared, hogs making a Jump of 40 centa,
cattle 26 cents and sheep IS centa
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Either Examination
or Suit Dismissal,'
Orders Judge Troup
In spite of Mrs. Mildred Pal mentor's
absolute refusal to comply wltb District
Judge Troup's order that she submit to
an examination of her person, the court
has entered a supplemental order which
declares that unless the woman submits
to the examination within ten days her
suit for damages against the gas com
pany will be dismissed.
The only concession made to Mrs. Pal
mentor after her refusal was presented
was the Judge's consent that If she pre
ferred the examination might be made
In her home Instead of In a doctor's of
fice. tThe Is suing for lli.000, and alleges
that leaking gas at her rooming house,
410 North Twenty-second street, caused a
disorder to her system whloh has per
manently affected her health.
Attorney John O. Telser for Mrs. PaJ
menter decarea that he will let the case
go to a dismissal rather than have his
client subjected to the examination or
dered. - He says that he will then file an
appeal to the state supreme court It the
dismissal u regarded as a final order of
the district court.
As the queetlon Involved has never been
brought to a final, decision In this state,
the case Is regarded aa Important and
Is attracting much Interest among lawyers.
Hal McCord of the McCord-Brady com
pany of this city Is now a railroad man.
having been elected a director of tho
Mason City Fort Dodge Railroad com
pany, succeeding G. W. Wattles, who re
signed when a few weeks ago he waa
elected a director of the Great Western.
The election of Mr. McCord occurred
at the offices Of Mr. Wattles, when Pres
ident S, M. Felton of the Great Western
and also a director of the Mason City
Fort Dodge; Director J. W. Blabon, a
vice president of the Great Western, and
Director E. N. Hurley, all of Chicago,
were present.
The Mason City & Fort Dodge road is
not an operating proiostlon, It being
leased for a long term of years to the
Great Weatern. It Is that portion of the
Great Western between Omaha and Ma
son City, la.
The Great Western offlclala arrived in
the city at an early hour In a private
car attached to a Northwestern train.
After breakfast the election waa held,
and' then, accompanied by Mr. Wattles,
they went to the Great Western termi
nals, where at Sixteenth and Leaven
worth streets the new team tracks Just
completed, at a cost of 112,000 W.000 for
trackage and $4,000 for pavement and ce
ment foundations were officially opened.
Following this, with Mr. Wattles In
charge, the party waa given an automo
bile trip about the city, returning to
the Commercial club at noon, where
President Felton waa the guest of honor
at A luncheon, presided over by Presi
dent Mohler of the Union Pacific
Relative to affairs connected - with the
Great Western, President Felton said:
"With the money market In Ita present
condition we have no thought of mak
ing .any .extensions. However, we will
maintain the Great Western in Ita pres
ent excellent condition. Local business
is good, as it should be, as our lines
run through a largir area of the best
agricultural country In the world. Crops
along the lines are ' generally good and
there should be a fairly good local bus
iness during the winter."
Howell Gives Out
Statement of His
Post-Election View
After sleeping over It another night.
Water Commissioner R. B. Howell, de
feated candidate for governor, gave out
the following statement yesterday:
"Though the fortunea of war have gone
against me. and Oovernor Morejiead is
to be congratulated upon his handsome
plurality, yet I have no regrets respect
ing the csmpalgn which closed Isst Tues
day. I complied with the law strictly,
avoided personalities without exception,
and If I had been elected would have been
In a position to serve the people with
out embarrassment, aa I made not one
promise or agreement except those set
forth in my public utterances.
"Wherever I went duringQ my speak
ing tour I was received with cou-teey,
and my loyalty to Nebraska la deeper
than ever before, If that were possible.
It Is a splendid state. Inhabited by a
highly Intelligent people, and Its future,
economically and morally. Is promising
"As to the policies of' co-operation
which I have been advocating, there can
be no doubt as to their appeal to the
people, they are certain to become con
trolling factors In the future, and so far
as I am concerned I look upon this recent
campaign to be but a statewide battle
for the principles Involved.
"I feel a deep eejise of gratitude to Mr.
George, chairman of the atate central ,
committee, and his associates for their
loyal support, and am likewise grateful
to the many other frlenda In Omaha and
throughout the state who have encour- j
,agnd and alte4 me by their votes and
otherwise during the last few montha.
Whereas, the republican party haa not
wholly triumphed In Nebraska, yet It has
largely aucceeded, and Its future In this
state, as In the nation. Is beyond question."
Another shipment of 775 horses for. the
French government went out from South
Omaha over the Rock Island Wednesday
night. There was a special train of
thirty-five cars, running on meat special
schedule. The horses were bought by
agents of the French government and are
destined for the war sone.
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To 2oo values, Friday 5c
Many other specials.
Middle Boom, Mala Floor
$20,000 Stock Blan
kets and Comforters
A1K perfect goods from
America's best makers, val
ues from $1 up to $15, at
25fo to 3313 Below Worth
A Big Majority of the
People Trade at Hay
den's for Groceries
Where they can aavs from 2i per
cent to 60 per cent on lue coat of
it vina. lt'a quality foods.
IS lbs. best farauaistea feus ax . .91.00
4S-10. bacaa Heat High Urade Dia
mond 11 Hour. Nomina liner tor
bread, plea and caHea, stoa. . .91.40
10 bara Heat 'Km Ail. Diamond C,
Ienox or Laundry Quen White
Laundry soap BSo
7 bara lilecliio Spark soap ....aso
lbs. choice Japan Rica .8&e
lbs. fancy Juian Kiue, 10c quali
ty 88c
.Parker House Catsup. S bottles ..aso
Worcester Sauce. Jure i-'rench or
German Mustard or Pickles, asaori-
'Oa Mala rioo-
vi. muiuiu esozc
Friday morning we will
place on sale a big as
sortment of 'Swiss and
Nainsook Embroideries,
Edges, Beadings and In-
SenillJS, UP to 10c a varrl
values; all at one price a
TafI 3'ic
fet-ple and Notion.
M to Regular Prre8.
Hump Hooks & Eyes, card 1c
nusumuune pins, pk
Brass Pins. 2 pkes. .
Pearl Buttons. dan
10c Hose Supporters, p'r.'ioc
3 dos. Nursery Pin. for ,.5c
10c Needle ook. t . 4UC
B"n Thread'sMc
100 yds. Sewing Silk at .Sc
Many Other Specials.
. .SSa
ed kinds, per bottle
Chow Chow, per quart
Sweet pickles, per quart
I cans solid packed Tomatoes
Fancy Sweet fcusar Corn, can
fancy Wax. String Green or
beans, per t-aa
The beat domestic Macaroni,
at . .v
II boxes Kafety Matches
Yeast Koam, pa. . .,
Corn Flakea, pka; ,
Graps Nuts, pka-
S cans Oil Hardines i . .
t lue. fceat bulk Laundry Starch SAO
MacLaren's Peanut Butter, lb. U Ha
Golden Santos Coffee, lb. ...... SOa
The beat Tea Ptf tings, lb lS-e
Hershey's Hreakfast Cocoa, lb. ..SOa
Tka Baa. Strutly Tthi Srffa. pr
eosea as
The -best' Creasnsry.. Butter,' caton
or bulk, lb. ..SSa
No. 1 Country Creamery Butter. rr
lb. .- '..
Good Dairy Table Butter, lb. ....Sfle
Full Cream Cheeae. lb. ., las
NIW Y?rk GrnlnsT or Baidwln,
ba rrel
fK-a.SyBblrrS"00klB AP,M'
J1Jt1', M"" B!"h. Spltienber,
Iter. Hoover. Greenlii., Kin. Darld.
Grimes- Golden, WloteV Banina aYT
per dox ti u . '
York Greening- or Baldwin, per
TSI at i A
booth stow oar th xajikxt
Iars;e bunches Radishes So
1-ar.e bunches Carrots ' a
Lar.e bunches ghalote ".JJ
i heads fresh hothouse Lettuce'- a
Fancy Wax or Strlnsj Beans, lb TVo
Larse Hubbard Suaeh, each lOo. 16a
Rrunsel Sprouts, each ITWs
I-ara Cucumbers, each.. . .TUe, loa
Fancy Ripe Tomatoes, lb. . so TWe
II lbs. best Rel River Ohio Potato?
Fresh Pnirach. peck s
Fancy Holland Seed Cabbase. "for
kraut, per In. lHs
Nw blai-k Walnuts, per peck . 8oc
t lbs. for
Fancy Florida Grape Fruit, each 6
a ror a&a