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Nebraska Adds' to Republican House Gains
Drawn For The Dee
The beat newspaper artlsta or the
eoaatry contribute their beet
work for Bee reader.
maha Daily
VOL. XLIV XO. 120.
Oa Trains and at
Xotel Hews ataada. Be.
Discriminating in Their Preferences
and Let in Every Candidate
Seeking Ee-Election.
Heturni, Almost Complete, Leave
No Doubt on the Main
Lynch Again County Commissioner
by a Very Snug
Vote on Legislature Close, but Dem
ocrats Have Better of It.
Count? Goee Against Woman's "nl
trmge, hnt for Moat tne Other
proposed Amd''
on the, Hat.
Returns from all of Dougiaa county ex
cept aeven precincts, four In Omaha, one
'".n South Omaha and two In the country
Kive Governor Morehead a plurality over
Howell of 8,643, which Is 600 more than
Some of the demorcatlc leaders predicted.
The returns show very discriminative
voting1. Every county official seeking re
election won out. While the democratic
governor ran this far1 ahead, no other
democrat on the state ticket got a plu
rality larger than 200 except Pool and
only three won out at all.'
This dlacrlmihatlon extends on down
' the line. Congressman Lobeck defeating
Blackburn, his republican opponent, by
6.065, on the face of, these nearly com
plete k-etums. On Into the legislature, ac
cording to these returns, bed ford and
Qulnby, democrata; Dodge, republican;
Howell, democrat, and Baunders, repub
lican, are elected to tbe state senate In
the order named. OA state repreaeritatives
the vote la close and the tide has shifted
more 'than once "since' ffie returns began
to come in. Vp to this last accounting,
however, ten democrat and two repub
licans,' Lungren and Palmer, seem to be
elected. '
. . Officers Be-Eleeted.
William G. Ure la re-elected county
treasurer; Felix McShane. Jr., la . re-
Selected sheriff; George A. Magney la re
elected county attorney; John C. Lynch,
Henry McDonald and Thomas O'Connor
ere re-elected to the Board of County
Commissioners; Bryce Crawford Is re
elected county Judue; Willis C. Crosby
Is re-elected coroner; Louis Adams la re
elected county surveyor; Frank Dewey Is
re-elected county clerk; Harry Pearce
will have the distinction of being the
only new face In- the court house, hav-
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Son of Grant Parsons
" is Fatally Hurt by a
, v I though what
War Summary
London was silent yesterday Ye
gardlpg the naval engagement oft.
the Chilean coasts Sunday. T
American minister nt San
Henry p. Fletcher, howev lo
firms repot ts of a Oen. t.v3 , '4
victory ln which' five Ge -vessels
sunk or put v out of'iictlon
three British warships.
I'ntllthc British admiralty has
spoken, the extent of their losses
cannot be known. According td
German reports, the British
cruiser Monmouth was sunk, the
cruiser ,'Ooodhope put to flight
when appareatlyln a sinking con
dition and the Glasgow driven
Into a neutral port. . ;
The German ships are said to
have been undamaged . and. the
lofig of life on board Is said to have
been comparative!- Insignificant.
If two British cruisers went -down-It
is possible that some 1,600 men
were lost. Early reports spoke of
the cruiser Dresden as one of the
German squadron. Today's ' ad
vices from Chile mention the Bre
men, but do not speak of the- Dres
den. It Is Impossible to deter
mine which one of the warships
was engaged, or whether . tooth
were. . ,
'Battle for Control of Next Lower
Body of Congress Less. Decisive
Than Estimated.
Democrats Name 189, Bull Mooseri
Two, Independens One, Social
ists One, Misting One. ..
Of Those Not Yet Heard from, Bur
bons Must Secure Twenty-Nine.
Presence of Five German Warships
in Pacific Dominion.
Victory ef Teuton . Squadron Off
' Chile. Defloltely Shifts Com ma ad
of Soathern Waters to '
the Kalaer. ,y
SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. . 4.-The bril
liant victory of the German ,' squadron
over the British off the coast of Chile
places a new aspect en the naval, situa
tion In the Pacific.
For the present, at least, It definitely
shifts command of southern waters to
the Germans, and until there haa been a
readjustment of. forces will make Itself
felt In' the' movement of all cargoes be
tween the Pacific coast and Europe.
Whloh way the Germans will elect to
.turn next to purest speculation, but they'
are free to move northwsnj t the mouth
of; the Panama, canals or'Jo, .continue
southward toward the passage through
the straits of Magellan and the route
around the Horn.. ' :
At the same- time the Wade' lanes be
tween Ban Francisco, Fuget sound ' and
the orient, ' already heavily policed by
Japanese ahd British, are now cleared of
menace, and the allied patrols can move
against the enemy with a definite ob
jective. .
The engagement accounts for all , Ger
man warships at large In the
and east of Sues, except the Kmden,
whose repeated raids on British . com
merce In the Indian ocean have been so
costly. - .
OTTAWA, Ont Nov. 1-The presence
of five German warships In the Paclfio
off the coast of Chile, and the proba
bility that two more, the Dresden and
the Emden, are on their way to Join
them, created considerable apprehension
here for the safety of Canadian cities on
the Pacific roast. To meet the situation
the naval authorities at Ottawa were In
conference all forenoon. Measures if
Is said, will likely be taken,
they are haa not bee de
' The fact that the German warships had
been gathered Into one, fleet was taken
here as a clear Indication that Germany
had perfected arrangements for Coaling
DVVENPORT. Ia., Nov. 4. (Special
Telegram.) Neal Parsons, 24 years oM,
oiUef Grant Parsons of the Parsons Con-
Ktriwlifm ifimnlnv nt Omuhfl was Inter
.iiv ininrt.i v,er 1V.I. mnrn'nf when thai the fleet- and It Was felt that little could
scaffolding In tho elevator shaft of the! ' ion to round up this fleet fintit Brlt
butlding under course of construction ! h and Japanese warships now at Tsln
fcro'ke and ho dr'oiied over 100 feet to, Tau r relieved. '
tho basement. He will die say physicians. ; " ared that the German fleet may
He Is still unconscious. Young Parsons 1 ,team nol,1 "! -der threat of long
was employed by his father aa labor, o'atance bombardment attempt to levy
foreman. Harry Thomas, a laborer, on tribute on the city of Victoria. The only
the scaffolding at the time, was also danger to which the fleet wou!d be sub
fatally hurt. jecl ,n carrying out such an enterprise.
I It Is ' pointed out, would be an attack
'". ln, iwo suomarioes wiilch Canuda
Drought from Chile at the ope-iing of th
war and whlcli are stat'.onrd In the
waters about Van Couver island.
The Weather
-i 5 a. in....
KMM.' : tS::::
ylf n ,n"'
' ' "I "'
S . m....
... t
Vote pf Douglas
County on the
: a
. E7'-
r-i '
m AVorkmen'g t'ompcnsaUon
CosBitnratlv Krrorit.
w y.u . , ...
UorernOre to Credit of Kir
phaat sad Tea to Dake.y aa
Resalt of Taedays
Bt'LLBTt.N. .
WASHINGTON, . Nov. 1-On' the face
of incomplete return late today the light
for control of the house of representa
tives , of . the next congress Is close
possibly closer than democratic leaders
hava estimated., , , , , .
With sixty-nine . congressional dlstricta
unreported, the elections stood this way:
democrats elected, 189; . . republicans
elected, 171; progressives elected. J; inde
pendent. 1; socialist, 1; missing, 69.
Total membership of 'the houee iXi.
The returns thus far ahowed republican
gains of forty-three seats. Of the sixty
nine . missing, the democrats must have
twenty-nine to get H8 a bare majority.
Democratic leaders predicted they would
hava -more than ' enough. ' Postmaster
General Burleson predicted, after, a con
ference with . President Wilson, a, ma
jority ranging from twenty-nine to forty
flve.v ,. , .t, V,MW . t .
Y" , Desaoa H14 Seaate.
, Tha varying reports of the senate con
testa ,in Nevada, CaUfornla, Kansas and
Colorado gave no promise of reducing
the democratic majority of eight. Re
port to the national democratio urn
mlttee were said to Indicate the election
of Jamea D.' Phelan of California to suc
ceed Senator Perkins, a republican; and
the re-eleotlon of Senators Newlands and
Thomas In Nevada and Colorado. .In
Kansas a acjose contest for, the seat of
Senator. Btstow aeeme.d tobo between
Representativf MurdocV' progressive, anrt
former Senator Curtis.. republican. ' laa.v-
lhjr Representative Neeley, tha dooiocratlc
" ''. Kepablleaas kleited
, NEW TORK,' Nov. t.-Inoomplete "re-
BRITISII ARMORED TRAIN near Yprcs, with projecting rifles, showing type of new
fighting weapons now in nse.
lk rnment, ?rV .Jfv m""' fjfS
s ' r 4 archtvea, I rVij .
njr . , jm
VgpljL.- - - ,...JaiiCl ..:'.1ji. . m.r jtf
Returns from the State Show Him
to Be Safely in the Lead
. . of Howell.
Vote So Fa Retnraed Indicates a
Gala for Ibs Cwisor 1 e
''' Entire :"ltr , Over Tw
E'houih of the state has been heard
from to make certain the fact that
turns-from iht -twenty-nine states where t irernor Morehead has been. JiS-
gubernatbrial elettions were '.held" ahowed ,cted Dy an increased pluraUtyi
: Return, from fifty-seven counVles
seven sUtes-the result waa apparently I -v ben received and tabulated on
undetermined. In these seven states the f vernor and show: Morehead, 62,
republlcan candidates were leading in o- Howelf " 43, 184. Thesetotals
foiir, rfm0i ln.two" C"-are 'both heavier than the rote for
fornla, apparently, had ' re-elected Gov- , , .
ernor Hiram Johnson,-progressive. rehead and Aldrich two yeara ago,
Of' these twenty-nine slates, sixteen at I l Indicate a net gain for Morehead,
the present time hav democratic gov- Below the governor, the republican
ernors, eleven republican governors and .ticket-seems to be running well. Returns
two progressive governors.
States electing democratio governore
were Alabama, Arlsona, Georgia, Massa
chusetts. Minnesota, Michigan, Nebraska,
OkUJioma. South Carolina, Tennessee
and Texas. - i
' Republican roremors were elected In
Connecticut,. Iowa, New Hampshire. New
York. North Dakota, Ohio. Pennsylvania.
Rhode Island. Vermont and Wisconsin,
In Colorado, Kansas, Nevada. Oregon
and South Dakota, the republican candi
dates were leading- ln early( returns. In
Idaho the democratio candidate was lead
ing and In Wyoming the democratic ahd
progressive candidate. -.
New York. New Hampshire. Connecti
cut, Colorado and Ohio elected repub.
Ilcans to succead democrats; Minnesota
and Tennessee chose democrats to suc
ceed republicans. r
4 i
. v'... : ' - V. ; J
I V-"" r,-;t
- -M
i : 1
TeacheTs' Slogan Raise Salaries and
Efficiency, Eliminating; Physi
cally Infirm.
Despite Many Refaalna; to Attend
. . Brrsnae of Pnat Politics, four
Tboaannd Dejearntee Are
, Looked For. . t
American Warship y
' Arrives at Beirut
from a few acatterlng precincts snow;
Pool, 796; Walt 2s; Bkalla, 20.
.In Douglas county 110 out of 125 pre
cincts gtv: Morehead, U.U; Howell,
8,964. Tbeae figures are not Included in
the tabulation, because of the inability
to make 'comparisons with the vote' of
two years ago. owing to the change made
In the voting precinct boundaries.
fteveral of the .congressional races In
Nebraska' are .developing Into' tight con-'
tests. I the First district. Reavls (rep.)
appears to have a slight edge' over Ma
gulre detn.) on 'meager' returns. In the
Second district,- Congieman I.obeck " Is
re-elected In all 'probability over his re
publican opponent; T. W. ' Blackburn.
The race In the trtrd district indicates
that Congressman' Stephens (dem.) will be
returned,' though rVplllman rep.) haa
given' him ft' close' shave tor hl laurels.
' In the- Fourth district. Congressman
Sloan (rep.),- with scarcely a doubt,' haa
defeated Rhodes (dem.). " '
The ' Fifth district 'race between ' Con
gressman B. R. .Barton and former Gov
ernor Shallenberger ' ptesents a game
fight for honors, with the result ln doubt.
Congressman Klnkald ' (rep.) In the
LONDON. Nov. 4.-Accordlng to the
Athens correspondent of the Star an
American warship has arrived at Beirut, ! Blxth appears to have cut another notch
By rla. for the protection of the Chnstlaa ! fr himself and appears to have landed
population. j safely overTsylor.
' j I The vote on governor, outside of Doug-
Rfinnhlir.nn Wina i1" count'r' rar "p0- ':
in Wilson's district
TRENTON, N. J. Nrv. 4.-Presldent
Wilson's home congressional district, the
Furth. of New Jersey, has elected Eli
jah C. Hutchinson, a republican, to auc.
cced Congressman Allan B. Walsh, a
democrat, by about S,000 plurality.
iUM. u,u. Uii. Armory-r-
41 3i ,
00 .(A)
Highest torfay ....
Lowest tort ay
Mt-an tompeisture
PrevipiUit'.on ......
Temperature ard rreointaUon depar
turen from the l.oriuul.
Normal li mjieralure
Kxceis for tho duy x,
Kxces .4lnre i'un h I
Normal preclplta'lon D'Y lor lb tay
TutHl ramfail .Nian-n ...
Df fl' iemy lne March 1
I'efirlemy ror irli'd in It'll.
DHciency tor. pet.od In li-l.'.
Rrort from Mudona at T P. M.
Station anJ Hate Te.'u.. Jlich. IU n
Woman Suffrage
til I.... I.
Ui In. n .'injurity
S4.4-J Inches t.-.,i..
S. Inches Taxallon
New Governors-Elect
.8,013 L ' '
, .8,092 Connecticut ...... .M. II.' Holcomb, B.
a77',ow G- W. tlarke.n,
iMaaaarhusett. . '. . ..II. I. Walsh, D.
I Nebraska ...... . J. II. Morehead, D.
, . 7,fl3 I Nw ' Vork V. II. Wbltamn, K.
, .o Tennsylvaala. ..M. O. Itrumbah, R.
. - . . ' '
7.11 iiK-hes eu
1.U Inches v
. of Wsat.'.er. I p. at. t.
t'heyinnr, cV,r . r
Davenport, purt iloudy iu tin
Ieiiver. c'.r .' M
Itt-m Molneo, pt. cloudy U - tie
lolire 1' ty, Uar H i
North Platte, clear M 64
tiiruaha, rltar 57 til
JUplil t'ily. clour. 42
r-hendan. clear 4K 6
fcioux City, clear S3 M
laJvatlne, .-,r It
D'lrK ....
o Majority
.00! Term of Offlc
w. Xo
1 A. VS'ELAH. Local Forecsat.r. .Majority
TrnnciHiee T. i Kye, I).
1 Wisconsin. ; E. 1. PhUlpp, R.
O 459 .'"co w. h. Iiamntoud, D.
V,04i Dakota Byrne, R.
. xoj, lUnxlo Island. . . .R. L. Beelkmao, R.
' , Kansaa Art buy 'xr, K.
torment. . , .."W. V. DIlHnicuatn, R.
Michlgaa. ....... . W. N. Kerria, 1.
Oklahoma ;..R. L. W 11 J lams, It.
North Dakota. .. B. Hanna, R.
( !!.. V it uiili. u
................ . . T. ,
. l(Vlorado. ....... A. farlann. II-
. tq! vw Hajnphlre.Jt, f. Kpaukllac.H.
nvTBu 1 . oaaie, n.
OreiroB JT. Wyttoycunob, U.
' Ke-elecld. ,
The, vote on governoa outside of Doug
las county so far reported is;
Trend is Against
Suffrage as More
. Returns Come In
After having led - In the first meager
reports until yesterday afternoon, woman'
suffrage' began to fall somewhere behind
In ' tha afternoon. Counting ' Douk'lus
county, the thirty-one counties from
which ' Incomplete returns have been
heard from, give suffrage 19.306, and
against . suffrage 21,fc7. ' This gives fho
antta In these incomplete returns, a ma
jority' of 1,701.
The thirty counties outside of Douglas,
with mostly Incomplete returns, also give
the antla a majority of 7W. Douglas
county voted: For, 7.CJS; against,' 8,3(t.
Tha vote aa It had straggled In by
Wednesday . evening stood, outside of
Douglas county, as follows:
Down with politics, up with salaries,
out with tile physically unfit! That la a
dominant cry at the annual convention
of the Nebraska State Teachers' associa
tion. .
l v The convention opened with a large at
tendance yesterday In the banqunt hall of
Hotel Rome. Fully 4.000 delegates are ex
pected, despite the fact that mny teach
ers refused to attend because of the pol
itics characterising the affairs of the as
sociation In the past. But now that the
association has set Its foot down hard
on politics, that'giiovanco probably will
be fully redressed before another con
vention rolls around.
The antl-politlcs sentiment Is so mani
fest now that no ono Is even so much as
suggesting candidates for the presidency.
The field Is open, the race free.
The main sessions of the convention to
day .and tomorrow will be held In the
Auditorium. Rectlonal meetings will be
held in First Methodist and other nearby
churches, Chambers' academy and else
where. There are thlrty-awo of these de
partmental gatherings ln all.
1 1!14 Mi
More- How- Back- More- A I-
- head.' ell. ett. head, drlch.
Platte. . H.... e0 73
Antelope, 1.. 73 70 4 ' 84 90
Holt, 2 1HH Ttt 4 140 7
Cass. Z....... 1K9 J18 ,....225. MH
Adams. .... 24 nt .... 2!S 133
York. U ' 7X1 t:i7 . 22 m . 6J
NciM-e. 5....' 243 3rt7 I 3-" v 4
rallne. I.... 3J 27 1 71 . 73
Klanton, t.. 210 r ' 1 .... 2M 178
I'olk, 4...... .441 604 ' .. ' P9 Vn
Madison. I.. 147 130 .. U3 l.'-3
Wsyne. $... 2S2 ,2'.' .... 80I ZX)
MePh rs'n. 1 49 5 ' 7
Wiih'Uin, W 417 ' (IS Kl
pVott's i-l 4 .. to
Fillmore, i. . 7 1"9 .. 1"2 8
Parpy. II... l.lK 07 .... 1,011 4
Cuming, II.. 794 . 57
Gosper. 11.. 423 . 433 .... 44 3u
Antelope, 1 pet 179- VJ9
Holt, 3 pets 7'i li )
Hallne, 1 pet m 67
Clay, t pets 97 H7
Madison, 3 pots K0 lti7
Nunc 1 pets W 14ti
Jefferson, 1 ct 84 VM
Wayne, 6 pets 2n . .246
McPhersoa, 3 pets 7 ' S3
l.ancenter, 20 pets 2, 2-6 2,104
Haunders, 1 JK-t b9 M
Washington, I pets 4i 4J6
Scott's lllu.'f, 4 pets 211 K
limine. 2 puts 151 1V
Cuming, S pets 1;0 31
Hooker 1 Pet 4A M
Jeffornon, 7 pets 4'.' rM
Bherulan, 7 t t ZV 1 2W
Kearney, lu lls in ;n
Pierce, 8 pets W 2iW
Hall, complete 1.2K2 l.,7
Hox Butte, complete 1,071 l.two
IOgan, 1 pet 67 f4
Deuel, 2 pets 1M 112
Franklin, 15 pets 319 478
Cherry, 11 pets 32a 'Jt)1
fiaKe, 22 pets 1,125 1,27
MeriU'k, 6 p:tS 443 JWP
Grant, 2 pits 70 vpiti
Totals (7....I1.6K3 12,419
(Continued .on Page Two, Column Two.)
... . -V - . - I- n
Nebraska in Congress
KU-ft District. . . .C. V. Reavls (rep.)
Hecond District'. ,C. O. Lobeck (dem.)
Third Diatr1ot..D. V. Htchetia (dem.)
Fourth. DUtrict..;
....... . .Charlen H. Hloan (rep.)
Fifth lUtrlct..Hllaa R. Itarton (rep.)
8Uth District. . . . . ;
Mose P. Itlukaid (rep.)
Ia doubt.
F. Augustus Heinze,
Copper Magnate, Dies
SARA TOO A. N. T., Nov. 4. Augustus
I Mine, owner of immense copper Inter
ests In the west, died suddenly here to
night. Mr. Hrtnie. had made his home In Sar
atoga for the last U months, and his
son, F. Augustus Helnse, Jr., was the
only relative he had here. Mrs. Helnse
died about a year ago.
Barr Strikes Keynote.
Superintendent C. M. Jlarr of Hastings
yesterday struck what eems to be a key
note of sentiment at this convention,
when, In his address at Hotel Rome, he
declared against politics, for higher pay
and the elimination by examination of
the physically unfit teaciiers. Along this
line he said:
"I know of my wn absolute knowl
edge that many teaehera sssnd all day
before a clasa of thlrty-flvo or mora an l
go through the pretense of teaching when
they are physically Incompetent to
teach. They ought to be eliminated, and
the only way to do It Is to secure the
passage of a law requiring physical ex
amination of school teachers.
"With tho physically unfit eliminated
an Increase In pay would probably fol
low. I believe the state of Nebraska ia
wealthy enough to pay every teacher a
living wage. The pay should extent
through the year. I .have seen old
teachers, who had worked tor 140 , a
month, trying to eke out an existence In
(Continued on Page Three, Column Two.)
Winners in Douglas
- (iovernor John II. Morthead, d.
CoiiKreas, Hecond District C. O.
Lolxv-k, d.
Hupreme Justice Conrad Hollen
beck, d. '
County Attorney George A. Mag
ney, d.
Sheriff F, J. McShane, d.
'. V Tremurr W. . l4 r.
County Clerk Frank Dewey, r.
lU-KiHit-r 01 )hn Harry IVarje,r.
County Surveyor IxiuU Adams, r.
Superintendent Public Instruction
-W. A. Voder, r.
County Coroner Willie C.Crosby ,r.
County ConiiidHMloner, Second Dis
trict John O. Lynch, r.
County tommUKioner, Fourth Dis
trictThomas O'Connor, tl.
A slater of Mr. Helnse, Mrs. William I County f oitimitulon..r. fc'irut rtiu-
K. Fleltmanii, and two brothers, Arthur jtrh t Henry 8. McDonald, r.
P. and Otto Helnse, of New York, are! DiHtrlct Ju(l;e -Jairtys I'.FnKlUh.d.
on their way here. No funeral artange-1 futy JudKo Bryce t Yaw ford, r.
ments will be made until they arrive. Hallway Colli 111 Nn loner T. ' L.
Mr. lieinie seldom apent moretha n a Hall, r,
few days at a tune here, living in New! Police Judge -Charles K. Fohter, r.
Vork. ' I 11. Republican. D. Democrat.
Another Report from Dunkirk Sayt
Four Battleships and Four Crull
ers Have Left Keil.
German Warships. Gather Off Aland
Islands Opposite Entrance to -Gulf
of Finland.
Cruiser Halcyon Succeeds in Escaping-
from Tight Corner Prac
tically Tninjured.
. r , , . J ' .
Shells Drop Within Few Hundred
Yards of Naval Station. '
Combined Fleet of Allies Opens Fire
on Turkish Forts at Month , of
tha Strait from Loan"
COPENHAGEN, Nov. 4. (Via
London) A fleet of German war
ships bas gathered off the Aland
Islands, In the Baltic sea, northeast
of Stockholm and opposite the en
trance to tbe Gulf of Finland. They
evidently, were proceeding north and
biave stopped to await orders.
DOVER, NOT. 4. (Via London.!
The report la being circulated that
the German fleet has come out from
Its base. It Is also reported from
Dunkirk that four battleships and
four cruisers have put to aea from
Kiel: ' ' v '
LONDON, Nov. 4 '-With preasura on
the France-Bel giajt jk cpast relieved. In
terest ln Londan again has been diverted
from land operations to naval movements.
Tha daring dash of a German squadron
to within ten miles of the northeast coast
of England indicates that the prolonged
Inactivity of the larger units of the Ger
man fleet has been broken by a raid on
tha coast of England, but much satisfac
tion la expressed that ihe cruiser Halcyon,
by the clever seamanship of Us com
mander, escaped from a tight corner
practically uninjured. The retiring Ger
man squadron dropped floating mines ln
Ita track and thla delayed pursuit.
Dardanelles Bombarded.
Another Interesting naval development
was the long distance bombardment ot
the Dardanelles by a combined allied fleet.
Athena reports that seventy shots were
fired at tha Turkish forts by tho British
ship. The result of the engagement Is un
known. A huge pillar of smoke on ahoro
Indicated that some of the shells must
have found their mark.
The official report from Belgian head
quarters are becoming mare positive In,,
their assertions that tha enemy la pre
paring to withdraw from his hard won'
position on the southwest coast of Bel
glum. Nleuport haa been evacuated, but
not before the city had become an untenable-ruin.
The battle of the Sand Dunes
may now be said to be history, as In
London it Is considered aa hardly likely
that tha Germans again will attempt to
move in that direction, as tha flooding of
the country haa made It practically worth
less as a battleground.
ElseVhere along the western battlefront
the usual attacks and counter attacks are
reported without any Indication aa to the
exact point where the Invaders may bo
(Continued on Pago Two. Column Four.)
Who's Got '
the Money?
Answer: The Western farmer.
Farms ln the West that are being
developed scientifically along with
natural fertility and accessibility to
markets, . are making their owners
'Farmers in western
' states are, worth today
. $750,000,000 more than
they would have been if
there had been no war.
This is the INCREASE
only in value of their
crops, and is itself only
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Just think for a moment of the
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not a good farm for sale In The Bee'a
"Farm and Ranch. Lands" column.
If those offered today do not appeal
to you, keep ln touch with this col
umn every day from now on' and you
will soon be able to pick up a big
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