Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 29, 1914, Page 4, Image 4

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Surrnror. f British Merchant Ship
that Struck Mine Make London.
snres- Irn- sever minutes
Vessel Is X.ittr l.lka al of Wool
aea Coea Beaeath Wavaa, Tak
fas the Caatala aa Talr
Imi Mr Ala.
FLfJETWOOP. England VIa London),
Oct 3. Th trawler Cltr of London
arrived, here early lodar with the eur
vlrore or the British frelaht steamer
Manchester Commerce, which struck a
mine lata Monday ntcht off the north
ooaet of Ireland and sank. Captain
Tayne -and thirteen of his crew were
drowned, while thlrtr others were oared
by the itrawler.
Ambulances, physicians and a larta
crowd Tit townspeople were at 'the docs
when lne trawler cam tn.. Peoond Offi
cer Qee told the story of the disaster.
Ife said;
"The- rxploeton occurred twenty miles
north of Torey Island, on the mala trade
rout .from Manchester to Canada. The
exploaloa shook the vessel as If Jt were
merely ; a chip of wood. There was no
doubt 1n anybody's mind as to what had
happened. The ship began to sink at
once and was beneath tbe waves la seven
minutes, after striking the mine.
"The officer and crew exhibited the
creates! coolness under the circum
stance. We were able to launch only
one lifeboat, when the ship cave a sud
den lurch and went down. The captain
and officers who were at the moment
preparing- to launch the other boats were
compelled to Jump Into the water to try
and save themselves by swimming to
the single boat already launched.' Sev
eral of them were carried down with th
ship. - .. v
"I sa-sm for twenty minutes before I
was picked up. Tbe last I saw of the
captain he was giving order for launch
ing a second boat. I took command in
the solitary lifeboat and we picked up
all the . survivors and then we cruQnd
about .for a long time. When satisfied
that there ware none to be saved we
hoisted-an Improvised salt. We had gone
forty-two miles when we were picked up
by the trawler.
"Several of our men suffered greatly
from evposure. as most of them had on
no clothing except shirts and trousers."
Inventor Edison
Plays at Operator ,
; and News Butcher
DKItOlT. Mich., Oct. 2.'-Thoma A.
Edison.: the Inventor, who has beeji visit
ing scene of his boyhood In this sec
tion of. the state for the last week, cast
off the mantle of his years yesterday,
and otr a trip to Port Huron once, more
tried hi hand at the operator's key and
even went so far as to take the wares
from "a news butcher and sell them
smobg hi friends. It became known to-
As a-boy, Mr. Edison sold papers and
worked -as an operator for U.o i same
railroad: over which he traveled to Port
Huron .yesterday. His last trip, was In
a special train engaged .for him by ht
host, Henry Ford, a local manufacturer.
, As the Inventor passed through Mount
Clemens, be stepped Into the telegraph
operator's office and tapped off a mes
sage to his children In New Jersey. Th
meaaase wss lntejrtup.ed Jo4Ver.,vTh
Mount ; piemen operator turned to Mr.
Edison' with a smile aad sal A; - .
"An -operator on the Una Is complain
ing. II aaya there Is a boy on tha wire
ohose practicing Is gumming things up."
It la not reported what tha complain
ng operator said when he "waa told that
rhomiu; A. Edison ''had -caused .the
.rouble '. ... 1 -'
At Part Huron. Mr. Ford Insisted on
equipping his guest wlin all the neces
sary equipment of a- news- butcher. Mr.
Edison .appeared to .take keen, delight la
the situation.' and h U also selling
fruit and eaailea to hi friends. Oura
brought as high as M cant a package
and when the inventor stepped off tha
-train be poured fh rrooead Of his day'
busine Inte 4 fee tint of a grinning porter.
French Report Says
.Attacks of Germans
Ato Less Violent
'PARIS. Oct .-Th nrenoJi official
announcement Issued tills afternoon aaya
that yestetdar th. Oettuaa attacks ba
tmen N leu port and Arraa were lass vio
lent. Tha fosncb position every where
weta maintained and French forces con
tinued to advance to tha north aad to
the east of Ypree. , t
.The test of the communication follows
"During tha day of yesterday the . -arms
ft attack in all tha region between
Kleuport aad Arraa waa lesa -i, violent
Our poaltkM wore everywhere main
tained, and we continued to advance to
tha north aad ta th east of Tpraa. We
also made soma progress between Cam
bria, to tha southwest of La Basse, and
Arraa, ' , , J
"Further information continue, to con
firm previous reports that the 'German
losses la dead, wounded ' and t prisoners
have been considerable ta ; tha 'aorthera
region. 4; . . A - - Y-.,
"On th light bank ofl the Atane.tha
Qennana attempted at night a very vio
lent affeaalve movement 1 la ' tha region
of Craonne. On tbe height of the high
way Pea Dames they have bean repulsed.
"la the Woerve district our troop hav
tonUaued their advaao la the forests
between Aprlmoet and ' St Mlhtel, a
well as ta tha forest of Lepretre."
Mother Jones Asks ; .
President Wilson ''
to Close Coal Mines
WASHINGTON, Oct .-President
Wilson was asked today by "Mottwr"
Jones, the mine strike leader and Jamee
Lord of the mining department of the
American Federation of Labor to close
down the Colorado mines. If. the oper
ators continue to refuse the fedrat plan
of mediation already accepted by tha
miner. - .
They also asked the 'resident not to
withdraw federal troops until some solu
tion of the labor trouble had been found. I
Tha president listened attentively and
aatd ha waa earnestly looking for a
solution. Ha la said to be doubtful of hi
authority to close th mines, but wss
told that In th opinion of the labor
leaders he haa tha authority to do so.
Mr. trd told lh president that em
ployes of the operators were being mus
tered Into tha state militia and that tha
riKhting would follow If federal troops
were taken ont. , , '.
"Mother" Jones described condition In
tha coal fields and told the i president
that women and children . have ! been
brutally treated ' andf that the 'state fof
ftciale ware unable to cope with tha
situation. ; j - .
Presldrnt Oompers of the federation
ws at tha White House when "Mother"
Jones and nr. Lord called, but .ha 'did
not see. Mr. Wilson.' ' ..
Chilean Expert Adriiei Omahans
Sooth America Slow to Chang.
Haven of tatted State Depart
neat af fommerew Advises III
Listeners to Heroes Posted
f try's Laagaeae.
Vern V. Hsvens of tha United. States
TPartmFnt of Commerce addressed th
manufacturer of Omaha and other busi.
nesa men at noon at the Commercial
club. He hold petition under th De
partment of Commerce as "commercial
attache to Chile." He spoke of the op
portunities In Chile and the South A merl
es n countries for American commerce,
but pointed out that it, would not be
worth whllo for a manufacturer to stsrt
building up. his business there unless h
Intended. to keep it up. 'Those who ex-
''-t iuiinonjiii, returns on a large seal
win oe aissppolnted." h ssld. "It will
take time to build up a business there,
and the returns will, not likely be greet
the first year. There will be a greet
deal of expense attached to It It Is
useless, for example, for a msn to labor,
there to build up an American buMness
unless ha mn apeak tha language of ti e
country. . Many a manufacturer goe
there and flounder around for. a half
yer trying to g-t ome buslnee when
he know no mora Spanish than he does
Chinese. His time Is wasted."
He said we must fin 4 markets there
for our manufactured goods and that wa
have for a long time been getting great
quantities of raw material from South
America, which w manufactured Into
finished products to be sold In Europe
Now that the European market la largely
cut off. ha said, w must find aa outlet
for thl finished product In Poutn
Rtreaartheas Weak Kldaeys.'
Electric Bitters will more than surprise
you after tha first bottle; get a bottle
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drugglsta. Advertisement.
Dutch Lugger is . ; ;V
. . Sunk hy a Mine
LONDON. Oct 2S.-A Dutch trawler
report that the lugger Viaardlngen
truck a mine forty mile north of
Tmldan. a eesport of Holland, according
to an Amsterdam diapetch to tha Renter
Telegram company. The crew and h(p
were lost
Bee Want Ada Produce Results.
Tsak Steaaaer I Released.
WASHINGTON. Oct. 2.-OffMsl word
was received by the State department to
rt y of the relrse hy the Rrltleh govern
ment of the American tank steamer Bun
st Falmouth," Rnsland, last funday, In
compllsnce with' tbe request of the Amer
ican government. Its case waa similar
tn other oil ships recently seised and re
leaaed by England.
When Women Suffer
' 5d remedy giveg greater reliel thn
Antl-kacirrla fA-K) Tablet in all condi
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Ac ben and Ills." One trial will satinfy
any woman that he baa at last fonnd
the remedy aba baa o long been look
Ing for.
Indigestion Dyspepsia
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yon have nausea wben rkiing in the ear
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Mnograra. At alt DrmggUt. ,
Battle on German
Right Ahove Lille": .
Becomes Massacre
GENEVA. Via Prl. Oct .-Tela-gram
raoalvel In riasel. Bwltserland.
Tuesday night from. Cologne and Cob
lens declare that the wsa on the German
right from Lille to tha North Bea haa
become a massacre. Purlng tha last six
days. It la declared, many .thousands of
Germans hav boen killed or wounded.
Long trains .containing Vounded con
tinue to pour Into Cologne, Duesseldorf
and Content and tha lied Cross doctor
and th hospital In these place are
overwhelmed. It Is stated.
Ia reply to reported attacks In the
American press because' Swltserland haa
not officially protested against, th viola
tion of Belgian territory, - the Bwlaa
paper make answer that America should '
lead tha way. Bwltjerland, they declare,
la In an anxious and critical position.
Constipation a
Penalty of Age
Xo thing I so essential to health
In advancing ae as keeping tha
. bowels open. It makes one feel
. younger and fraaher and foreatalla
colds, pile, fevers, and other de
pendent 111a j r
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i violent and draallo in action and
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almple herbs with papain aold by
druggists everywhere undar tha
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mi if
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rhixme from. .
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t : : a ,
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. TT? n
Fowc MMedirect Hat
BERLIN. Oct. 2.-Br Wireless to Bay
viUe. U I. Tha German cruiser. Einaea,'
aceordiac to aa official announcement
turned today, haa tutik , a . blc Japauese
Jincr bound tor Binaapora; -' t i .
' Accordina to th Italian aewapaoar
Mam pa, tha German cruiser Emden aad
Kariaruba, up to the' present time, have
sunk thirty-threa vessels affreaUnf ' a
lunnac of VAWO.
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A Comfortable Winter Car
The 1915 HupmoMle puts a new
aspect on all-the-year tisa of a
motor car accoraint to tha Cad
illac Co. of Omaha, local Hnptno
olle representatlre.
"A greater proportion ot Hap
owners always, have drlTen thelt
cars In winter, as compared with
owners of others." says the
Cadillac Co. of Omaha.
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will ba Increased.
"With Its splendid starting sys
tem and equally splendid enr
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