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TITK TtKK; (:,AHA. Til VlXlh Y IKTOKKU '19, VJU.
Has Little Difficulty in Getting Out
of France.
Parka of 1-e.aae Flllea with iol
ellara Prime Irinre ta II
eat Front Meet
the Grmaii.
Jo Mlk, Burlington psssenr'r dlTCtor,
hu rfturafj from New Tork, wtir h
went to. accompany home his daughter,
WIm Marls, who for the last yer has
v bean studying tnualo In Europe, a greater
portion of the time In Paris. The war
having Interfered with her studies she
returns to Amerks and ah will prob
ably remain here for acme time.
While Mini Mlk waa not In the heart
of the war tone ah waa cloae enough ao
that ah aaw the results and felt the
effect. ald Miss Mlk:
"1 left Tarla October U and two day
later aalled from Folkaton for Liverpool.
From there I went to London and re
mained a couple of day, securing pas
sag for New York on the Philadelphia.
'Taria li feeling the effects of the war
and haa lost moot of Ita gay life. The
torn and ahopi, or at leant a great
Thany of them, are closed, and I waa
told that there waa little business, people
buying only t necessities of life. At
night the atreeta are dark, few lights
burning. Tbla precaution ta taken In or
der that the city may not be a mark for
the alrshtpe In case they fly over and do
sir to drop bombs. At thla time the
rlty la really controlled by the women.
They, the old men and tint children being
about the only people who are there. 1
The young and the able-bodied men have!
all fon to war. The hospitals are full I
of wounded who have been brought In
from the front. Many of the buslneaa
houses and public buildings have been
converted Into hospitals and are filled
with wounded.
Espeet Lonsj War.
"To French people expert that the
War will be of long duration, but feel
certain that In the end the alllea will be
victorious. They are not dlsoouraged In
th least and aseerl that th Germans
will never reach Paria.
"I had little trouble In getting from
Paria to Folkatone, the train service being
practically uninterrupted. However, for
time It looked aa If I might have aome
difficulty in getting out ofHCngland. I
waa searched and put through a thor
ough examination, physical and mental,
th officers seeming to think I waa a
German spy. All over London In every
park and oa every apot of vacant ground
I aaw soldiers drilling and being made
ready for sending to trwi front. England
Is constantly calling for soldiers end I
understand that th most of th young
men bad gone to th war.
"In both Paris and London you don't
hear as much about th war aa here in
th United States. The papers print few
details and generally It ta not talked
very freely on tb atreeta. Th voyage
across th ocean waa without Incident,
with th exception that all lights on th
veaael were out until ws nearly reached
New Tork."
GtlAY llflm '
A Kan City Lad Darkened Iter
(Jray Hair and Ht I mn latent It
Growth by a Him pit)
Home Process.
She TeUs How Mia Hid It.
A well-known resident of Kanaaa City,
Mo., who darkened her gray hair by a
simple horn process, made the following
statement: "Any lady or gentleman can
darken their gray or faded hair, stimulate
Ita growth and make It soft and glossy
with thla simple recipe, which they can
mix at horn. To half pint of water add
1 ot. of bay rum, 1 small bos of Rarbo
Compound and H os. of glycerine. Thee
Ingredients can be purchased at any drug
etor at very little cost. Apply to the
hair every other day until the gray hair
la darkened sufficiently, then every two
week. This mixture relieves scalp trou
bles and la excellent for dalruff and
falling hair. It does not stain the scalp,
Is not sticky or greasy and doea not rub
off. It will make a gray haired person
look 10 to 20 years younger." Advertisement
Mother Swears Out
Habeas Corpus for
Married Daughter
A mother's complaint that her 17-year-old
daughter was married without her
consent, although under age, and since
th weddlrut eight days ago haa been
I rohlbltcd from seeing her parents by
woman who gave alleged fals ln
. nation to th dark ot th county
. i in order to secure a marriage U-
its? for tit glrU waa Involved In
habeas corpus hearln be for Judjr
English In criminal court.
Nelll Downing was th subject of the
habeas corpus writ Th mother, Mrs.
Thomas E. Downing, 1000 Paciflo street
alleged that th girl's husband of a
wek. H. Victor Whits, tl years of age,
an Omaha Box factory employ, and Mr.
and Mrs. Clyde Shaw, 1014 Pacific street
had conspired to keep tb girt from her
areata sine th wedding.
The records show that when Mrs.
6haw secured th Uoens for th wedding
of th Downing girl and young White,
she stated that tb girl was U years of
age. The mother asserts the girl Is only
IT. and that th marriuge la therefor
void. , Pine Ker. C. N. Dawson ot th
Wets Memorial Methodist church mar
rled th youn folks. October SO, they
liav been living with th Shaws. Mrs.
Downing declares Mrs. Shaw has prac
tically held th girt a priaonr. and haa
refused to allow th mother to se her.
Deputy Sheriff Foster brought th girl,
her husband and the Shaw couple Into
Thirty-Five Omaha
Men Have Lost Their
Topcoats Recently
An epidemic of overcoat atcaling la
giving th poll" department no mean
amount of annoyance, lnirlnir the Inst
fifteen daya more than thirty-five valua
ble coats have been stoli-n. mostly from
automobiles left standing down-town, but
also from front hallways of homes.
A woman on Cuming street reported th
theft of an Icebox from the back porch;
another woman told, ot three rocking
chairs being stolen, and' still another
complained of doormat larceny. Autolsta
tell' of hortia being ' unscrewed, 'of tools
being taken and of lamps being pried off.
Th following are the overcoat victims
of th last two weeks:
Ourdon W. Wattles, preaident of th
street railway company; W. W. Vmsted
of the Western Union; A. I Van Gor
don. SM3 Cuming; Dr. Qulgtey, 7Z8 City
National bank; II. P. Engel, Tim Far
nam; Qlen Hand, Rhenandoah, la.; A. N.
Thompson, Omaha; W. R. Clark. Kanaaa
City. Kan.; H. M. Mowlnkel. Gretna; J.
Pulllon, l North Twenty-third; Arthur
Plagel, Union Pacific hotel; L. Walsh,
Alvo hotel; Drown Loarr-bsllk, 1211 Doug
las; Frank Walsh, Tekamah; Dr.
Bhearer XH South Twenty-th'lrd; Lee
Davis, rlty hall; Harry Itosenbloom, 424
North Sixteenth; Lurien Stevens, lnot
Farnam; two coata from Ilrandeia store
auto; H. D. Lanyon, Little Ploux, 8. D. ;
T. 8. Farnsworth. Council Bluffs; W. D.
Doten. Z713 South Ninth; P. J. Drelbua,
50 South Ninth; T. F. Naughton. til
South Thirteenth; Mrs. R. M. Hswes. 802
North Forty-ninth; J. ,W. Murphy, Harry
Carpenter, MM North Twenty-elghth: H.
M. McCormack, 1408 Spencer; Harry
Huntllng. 2116 Douglas; Arthur Trimble,
1102 Howard; H. Rabin. Bushman block;
Mrs. O. H. While. Heller apartments:.
Frank Dunn, U2 South Sixteenth;
Matthew , E wing. MO Capitol avenue; O.
E. Oerock, Council Bluffs; W. H. Clan,
Kanaaa City.
It la estimated that th two weeks
of overcoat pilfering has amounted to
a loae of over 11.000.
After belne separated from his young
wlf for a short time by divorce, John
A. Zerb was remarried to her Sunday
by Elder Blosh, of the Mormon church.
When Zerb secured th license, twr u
said to have stated that hla marital dif
ficulties were all straightened out and
that the paat waa forgotten. He la 25
yeara of age and hia wife, who waa Mlsa
Jessie Leach, daughter of M. L. Leach,
of South Omaha, is 2J. The city direo.
tory states that John A. Zerbe la a Union
Paciflo machinist and lives at 610 North
Fourteenth street.
The Carter Lake cmid is planning for a
big celebration Friday evening wM.x
will be In the nature of a Hallowe'en af
fair. Th evening' la aet aside for club
members only who will enJov the
forts of a tire In the huge grate in the
club house and dancing In the pavllllon.
Sandwlchee and coffee and dill pick Irs
will be served.
Fond for Cotton Loan Not Tet Asked
of Local Institutions.
Krea shoald Aaaletaare lie Asked
Here They InM Whether Any
substantial Help oela
e titvea.
Omaha bankers have not yet received
the official appeal frrm the federal
reserve board for funds to be used a
a cotton loan fund to relieve the cotton
situation In the nouth. They have
noticed by th Washington dispatches
that the reserve board la planning to
make a big loan to the cotton growers
of the south with money subscribed by
the banker the north Snd
the south, the loan to be secured by oot
ton In bale In th warehousea of the
south. This is to tide the southerners
over while they are unable to sell most
of the cotton crop In Europe, where they
usually market the bulk of It.
Local bankers are doubtful aa to
wether the local clearing I. one would act
favorably on the 'nroMnstllon when It Is
finally put up to them.
"I hardly nee how we can do It," said
T. K Kavis, cashier of, the First Na
tional bank. "I doubt very much whether
the Omaha bnnkera Will respond at this
time. W have had a great many de
mands made upon us. We didn't get as
much crop-moving money aa we expected,
and our first duty Is certainly to tak
care of the situation at home, in Nebraska."
Henry W. Tales, provident of th Ne
braska National bank, aid also that he
doubted If jhn.Omahu brinks would re
rpond. "V responded to the big gold
pool, mndn up to meet American obliga
tions In Europe," he wild, "and now we
are about to lie asked to come In on this.
I hardly bcllove It will be done."
Railroad Sleuths
Land Big Gang of
Boxcar Thieves
Officials of the Milwaukee and tne
Northwestern believe that they, through
their aecret service departments, have
broken up a gang of freight car thieves
that have been operating on the main
lines through Illinois and Iowa for nearly
a year. They sprang th trap this
week and lit Chicago, Klgln, Sabula,
Davenport and Tama City, arrested forty
men, all of whom have waived examina
tion before United States commissioners
and been held to the federal grand Juries
of Illinois and Iowa.
The men arrested by the secret service
officials of the Milwaukee and the
Northwestern had their headquarters In
Chicago and worked tho lines out ot
there, alternating between the two roads.
Branch offlcea for the disposal of the
loot Is asserted to have been maintained
In several Illinois and Iowa cities. None
of the. partlea were railroad men, but
Instead are aaid to have been members
of a regular band of thieves.
Officials ot th two roads estimate that
the thievery of the gang during the last
six months will, aggregate many thou
sand dollars. They are said to hav rid
den freight tralna out of Chicago and at
etatlona along th line and In th coun
try opened the cars and to have thrown
out large quantlttea of merchandise. It
is asserted that the Job that led to the
making of the arrests waa pulled off In
Tama City. la., last week, where mem
bers ot the gang broke Into a Milwaukee
car and stole more than 100 automobile
Sample of Pyramid Pllo Remedy
mailed free tor trial a Ives quick relief,
stops Itching, bleeding or protruding
piles, hemorrhoids and all rectal
troubles, in the privacy of your own
home. too a bog at all druggists. Free
Hmpla for trial with booklet mailed
free Jn plain wrapper.
6U Pyramid Bldg. MarshalLMich.
"Kindly send me a Free sample of
ryraaua rut nasBMy, in plain Wrapper,
wo stropping:.
Attar being arrested and held ta the
Douglas county Jail on th reqaeat of
hoortff Frank Noonaa of Dead wood. 8.
who bold a requisition on th charg
of rabeulement, George D. McClellan
haa secured his liberty on a technicality.
JU first got a lawyer to start habeas
corpus proceedings, but to check that,
th looa) authorities arraigned hlrm in
Justlc Britt's court on a charg of be
ing a fugitive from Justice, n developed
that McCleUan'a alleged, arabesxlement
from th Spanish War trns ot Dead
wood amounted t,, ait .
- . is is a i
braaka erabexalement la not r.i . I
unless th amount exceeds . ao Mc-
nujcnargeo. and th writ of
habeas corpus was quashed iu district
court, as Sheriff Noonaa had ao other
charg to bring against th man.
Charles Gould of Detroit Mich., man
ager of service of the Maxwell Motor
Car company of Detroit. Mich., is in
Omaha la tb Interest of the service ds
partroent which th Maxwell company
aspect ta open la Omaha about Donv
Wr L Mr. Gould Is arranging for a lo
cation for th aorvloa station in rw.k.
at this city haa been selected as on t
n fourteen point or enuns which will
liav a service Nation.
fl The t-rlr Coaaks.
Toy hang oa ail winter U mot chocked,
aad pav tb way for serious throat and
lung dUeases. Cat a botl of Foley's
llouey and Tar Compound, aod take It
freely, fctopa oouglia and colds, heals raw
Inflamed throat, loosens and phlegm aad
la mildly lax.tiv. Cha. T. Miller. Ed.
Knqulrer, CanarJton. Ind., had bronchial
trouble, got very hoarse, coughed con
stantly from a tickling throat II used
only Foley Honey and Tar Compound.
Was entirely relieved. Wants others to
knots- of Foley's Huney and Tar. All
The new Gillette . designed with a
thick heavy handle for the solid-framed,
athletic chap who chooses all his belong
ings to fit the generous size of his hand
and heart and now selling fast to men
of every build, kind and occupation
See it at your Dealer's $5 and $6
Registration of
Teachers Starts
Here Saturday
Registration of achoot tear hers who will
attend the Nebraska Kt.t Trli,n'
aSKorlstlon meeting next week, will be
gin at the rtomn hotel Saturday and
continue until November .
Treasurer J. F. Matthews of Grand Is
laud, who will have charae nf the
registration, will clow the booVs Tues
day until 4 o'clock, in crder to return to
Grand Island to vote. The rulea of th
association provide that all resrlatrstlnna
shall b In the prexe.v of the treasurer.
word haa been received by the local
committee from aevernl cltlea In Iowa
and nearly all of the towns in Nebraska,
saying the entire teaching staff will at.
tend the meeting on pay, with expense
rending a hearing set for Saturday
lornlng, County Treasurer W. O. I're
as been temporarily enjoined bv Dis
trict Judge Sutton from selling certain
teres of property at tax sale. The fnlon
'aclfle railroad la complainant and al
'gea that the aale of the crooertv con
cerned will work Irreparable hardship
upon It.
Aa a memorial to Its founder. Mrs.
ftarah S. Clark, McCab Methodist church
Ti.esday night waa the scene of a very
attractive musical concert given by mem
bers of the church with some outlde
The orchestra of violins, a cell end
claronet furnished several specially fine
numbers, while two members of the or
chestra, Messrs. Hethertnn and Clark,
the latter a grandson of the founder,
gave some special numbera. Solos were
sung by Mrs. Weathers, Miss Pool and
Mr. Dlabrow.
Mrs. O. M. Entiikln reviewed the his
tory of the church, from the day of Its
origin ss a small Kbleth school In the
heme of Mrs Clark at Thlrty-elxtn 'and
Jones ' atreeta, through all the Vicissi
tudes of thirty-nine years to the present,
when the congregation, atill worshipping
In the modest building on Farnam Just
west of Fortieth, ia looking to the early
erection on the adjoining lot of a large,
modern edifice. The present orgnnlxa
tlon was effected by Rev. J. W. Jen
nings, former prealdlng elder of this dis
trict. This building was dedicated el
most free of debt In 190.1. It was one of
several church structures badly damaged
by the tornado, whiMf- proved to be one
of those HI winds that blows somebody
good, for It fanned Into action a new
spirit which Is now aspiring to larger
things. "
Regional Reserve
. Demand Will Not Be
Hard on Banks Here
The 1 rr cent of the capital and sur
plus of the naMonal banks of Omaha,
which must be sent to the regional re
serve bank at Kansaa City before next
Monday will likely not amount to over
tino.000 In Omaha, according to the opinion
of bankers. The next one-sixth will have
to be forwarded In ninety days. The first
Installment will probably take something
like $1.000. VX out of banks of Nebraska as
a whole. Local bankers say the llOn.&se
taken out of Omaha at this time will not
be felt at all. The demand Is apportioned
to the various national banks of the city,
so that each on will send Its amount In
gold or gold certificates at will during the
Salts Fine For
Aching Kidneys 1
wk miirlt i.i..q( uMrh r.OC
T" e-w m" " - - - r-
Kidneys, thn llatk hurts nil
Illadilcr bothers you.
Omaha tax sale property to the extent
of IRO.flOO worth, may be bought up next
Monday by a Chicago concern speciallr
Ing In that line of bualnesa, sccordlng to
rumoramortg real estate men. and tax
sharks. A Mr. Foster of th Foster
company of the Windy City la said to
be In Omaha preparing to Invest that
um of his company's money In the tax
sale to be held next week.
Most folks forget that the kidneys, like
the bowels, get sluggish and cloRged and
need a flushing occasionally, els we have
backache and dull misery in tho kidney
region, severe headaches. rheumatic
twinges, torpid liver, acid stomach, sleep
lessness and all sorts of bladder disorders
Tou simply must keep 3-our kidneys
activ and clean, and th moment you
feel an ache or pain In the kidney region,
get about four ounces of Jad Salts front
any good drug store here, take a table
spoonful In a glass of water before break
fast for a few days and your kidneys will
then act fine. This famous salts Is msdn
from the acid of grapes and lemon Juice,
combined with llthla, and is harmless t
flush clogged kidneys and stimulate them
to normal activity. It also neutralize
the acids In the urine so It no longer Irri
tates, thus ending bladder disorders.
Jad Falts Is harmless; Inexpensive;
makes a delightful effervescent llthla
water drink which everybody should taka
now and then to keep their kidneys clean,
thus avoiding nerloua complications.
A well-known local druggist says h
sells lots of Jad Falts to folks who believe
In overcoming kidney trouble while It Is
only trouble. Advertisement.
Phenomenal Bargain-living Sale of Uomen's, Ellen's
and Children's Ready-to-Uear Outer Garments Begins Thursday
COST. : : : : : : : : :
MsljaaaassaaseartMiiaainai u
SHIP AND FABRIC. : : : : : :
The exceptionally warm fall has been the cause of
nearly all makers being left with a considerable sur
plus on hand which they were willing to dispose of
for cash at a discount which permitted the buyer with
the cash, bargain opportunities seldom, if ever before
etjualed. Our New York buyer, under instructions
from us, bought heavily, but carefully, picking and
choosing only the best of the scores of most tempting
bargains offered. The result:
V Throo Great Linos of
From Weltman Pollack, 35 West 33d JSt., New York,
IVrtTvi T1, ; 1 !."'- 11 tXT.4. ociU oa j rrv i . i a.
a lorn tun nau, li HCTl OUIU OU tUUl Ateiliei Ou
Felstner, 105 Madison St., New York.
Throo Splendid Stocks of
From Nat Goldston 26 West 17th St, New York,
Levin-Katz, 15 West 2Gth St., New York, and the
Windsor Costume Co., 19 West 38th St., New York.
Four Romarkablo Stocks of
Meyer & Vessel, Manheimer & Kasse, Shear & Meyer,
and Altmanall of New York. .
At 8:30 a. m.,- offering women of Omaha and vicinity values in winter garments of most desirable styles and absolutely
dependable qualities never before equaled in any other Omaha store. Garments produced by makers well and most
favorably known from coast to coast, at price savings to you of easily. one-half. : :-7 ,
250 flew Fall Tailored Suits
Made to sell at $15.00 to $20.00, -in choicest Serges and
Fancy Suitings, in splendid assortment if mm
of most desirable styles and colorings, rK-
on sale Thursday in Domestic Room,' at tt UiJ "
.385 Handsome Fall Tailored Suits
$25.00 and $35.00 values in Broadcloths, Serges, Cheviots,
Gabardines and Novelties, best satin andk wm m
silk linings, broad, assortment of colorsf j
and styles, choice Thursday in Cloak Sr 1 L "
Department, Secoud Floor fc-3
Made to sell at, $10.03 and $12.00;
newest styles, all sizes, in silk pop
lins, wool serges andC fllT
other desirable fabrics,VH
sale price Thursday
Made to sell upward to $45.00, and in
cluding charming designs in evening
towns, dancing dresses and
afternoon dresses in velvets,
crepe de chines, satins,' etc., -.'
trimmings alone worth more. . .
To $25.00 Values, in fine silk crepes,
chiffon taffetas, satins, serges, etc.,
in the season's choicest P
colorings, broad assort-V 3 1
ment of stvles.; mfjXJ
mm m a. - v i i frs n i ' ' t i
NnnrtCnmf. I Jintm- lift to ieuriy x? 01 utr' VBi"e8 UP 10 m suaaow pony
tiuiiuHwiiiw ksitiiwi wvuia coats, set
skin, satin and fur
coats, sea lette . plushes, fine astrakhan novelties and tilain rt A4A i-s
cloths, in newest colors and styles, in two lots... j)f B3Uv IfcaOU
Scores of Other Splendid Bargains Offered Thursday New lots brought forward every day.' AVatch the Ads and
windows for garment bargain surprises you'll probably not find duplicated again this season Be hero early Thursday.
f A Groat Clearance Sale of Fancy Goods
All kinds of Fancy .Needle work Pillow Covers,. Dresser' Scarfs, Center Pieces Pil
low Slips, Stamped Towels, Silk Floss, D. M. C. Cottons, Penants, etc. All at'spe-
cini Dargain prices.
Buy Blankets How
When big special purchasea from
America's best mills makes It pos
sible for us to offer you values
seldom. If ever before, equaled.
75c Blankets, else. . . ..IS
$1.25 Hlanketsi full slze...S8f
11.75 and $1.98 Blankets,
full site SI. 18
$2.50 Blankets, full
$J.OO values at Sl.tM
$4.00 values at S2.t5
$6.00 values at 84.8
$7.60 values at...'. S5.18
$10.00 values at $7.-48
$12.50 values at 80.85
$16.00 values at 811.50
Blanket Knhes, wool filled. rexuTar
$3.00 values, at 82.18
66c quality Crib Blankets. .45
D. M. C. Cotton, all sizes, on
sale Thursday, ball. .... 10
Kinbroldrry Floss, per nkeln, i?
I'illuw Tops, special
at ir and
Onter riere., 25S 50. '98s
Pillow C'ortl, per yard 5
Pennants, all kinds, up
from lOt
Serving Trajn, each 25
Pin Ciifions to 50
Many Other Specialties lu aU
Kinds of Fancy (mm.
Manufacturer's surplus stock of gar
ments, made to sell at $2.00 to $3.(X),
-.all colors, militarj- or flat collars, 100
dozen in the stock, on sale" in two lots,
choice...! .$1.45 and 98e
Garments matle to sell at $1.00 in navy
blue, light or dark gray, tans juid olive,
military collar style, with buttoned
cuff, big assortment, in all sizes, on
sale at, each , 49c
Should take Immediate ad
vantage ot the splendid
values) we're offerinK iu
Prod acta of America's best
makers and greatly under
retail worth. It will pay to
Haydon's ITlako tho Grocery Pricos for tho Pooplo, Not a Fow
Oar Aim la Quality, It Oaaoaa to tha Too aa a-aTtaf of U U H Far Cast oa taa Cost of TATinr.
IT lbs. Best Granulatad Sufar. .f 1.00
it-lb. aacas Host tll(H Orada lta
mood If. flour, nothing finar fnr
bread, ls or cakss, aack....91S
19 bars Uiamond C, Beat F.m All,
Lennox. Whits Russian or Laundry
8ueea White laundry 8oap....sA
iba Rest White or. Yellow Corn-'
. meal for aaa
I Iba. HmI Hoi led Braakfaat Oata. . SOe
lbs. Choice Japan Hire. SAe
4 lbs. Fancy Japan Hlca, 9c qualliv,
for lie
Tte Beat Ikocncsttr Mararonl, Ver.
. miorlli or tislit tl, pk( to
cans Oil Mardlnes tor...! tic
I-lba. cana Fancy Was, btrlna. Green
or Lama Means TVa
I-lb. cana Early Juno Feaa 10a
I-lb. rans Kaacy eeet bajfar Corn
for 7T....Ho
Corn riakes, oka Se
Urape-Nuta, pk .....10
llerebey-s Breakfast Cocoa.
Tha Beat Tea HlfUncs, lb IS We
Goldea fean toa Coffaa. Ik SOa
Baa, vaartaa a Csiiss aKaxkas
The beat lYaamery Butter, cavrtoa or
balk, par lb 0s
Kanry No 1 ountry Creamery But
ter, lb 30o
Oood Ualry Table Butter, lb aaa
I Iba aood Butterlne ao
Fancy Table Butterlne, equal to
- creamery, lb.. ....,-. sc
Full Cream Cheese, per lb Lse
IS lbs. Bee Ve4 Bivos Barlj 010
rotasoea e Una sck ... .Me
Liemand ! Iba, the law requires it.
fancy Holland Seed t abbas e for
kraut, lb l
Had Ulobe Onions, par lb as
bunches Freeh Kadlahes ,a
I Beads Fresh Hothouse Lettuce. .Se
Iresh fcplnach. per f.eck... lS.
Celery Cabbase head. . JS
llolhouse Tomatoes, lb "-'."iL,
Hothouse Cucumbers. . .Sc.' TUeVia.
I stallt, Freh Celery . . ' TH' S?
Csrs Cod CranberrUj. uuart! ! ." !rso
. - Bpactal Tkls Week