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AtUck on Warsaw Tail Became of
Inability to Brinj Up
' Deary Gua.
fffrlat Hevr1 Iaiet Ofmn
TbracBt7 fa tea la Tata Cam
saiga aaa" 1 naala 1a Malta
f rrti rrma.
News of Omaha's Suburbs
rETROGFAD. vla, London). Oct. !.-1
After flKhtln their way to within flv
mile of Warsaw tha German wrn
burled hark with heavy loesea owtna" to
lh Inability of the artillery to follow up
nij aurport their advnre ruard, accord'
nn to advice received her.
Mr. and Mr. A. n. Elite ara maKinf
hort vlrlt in Chicago.
Mr. and Mr. It. P. Whltelioua xpct
to leavo for Txaa this meek.
Mr. and Mr Van It. Iadjr left Wednes
day for an extended esatem trip.
Mra. A. C. HarlTnan entertained one of
the brt1e luncheon cluba Friday.
Mra. W. I Drayton left Wednesday to
rpend threa week tn Jerome, Idaho.
Mr. and Mri O. O. Oulnter left Wedne-
dy to apend a weak In Ftoux Falls, 8. V.
Ml-a F:th Flahatiirh Imth thla week
to visit Mis Crulkahank tn Hannibal, Mo.
M. t Tlaflrea of dileaao wa the rueat
or hla dauchter, Mra. J. It. Iicaton, laM
Mra. Hark well and dauatiter of I-oa An-
aele are the greets of Mr. and Mra. A.
IE. Archer.
Mr. end Mra. Jamea Chadwlrk Wt
Wednesday to apend ten day at Colfaa
Hprlnca, la.
Mra. C. J. Hubbard entertained tha J. F.
Tha W-kwardneaa of tha artillery la du
to tha rractlcally Impaaaabla rondttlona W. club at Ita firat -fait meeting Thur
of tha country aa a. refill of four day' I av artertioon.
rontinuou rain. Tha ground between
War-taw and Fklemlewecl. Lowlca and
K'ltno, being flat and marihy, cannon
Immediately mlra or freeae. making an
Immediate advance Impoeslhle. The one
railroad from Lowlrx, forty-four mile
aouthweat of Weraaw, to Waraaw, which
Miea Ula Hok entertained a few airla
at dinner Monday Id honor of her birth
day annlveraary.
Mra. IX F.. I.vnda of Chlcaao and Mia
Olive Flndell of Mlnneapolla ar her for
the Norton-rindell wedding.
Mr. and Mra. H A. lt-ardelev left the
firrt of the week for combined busineaa
u Germany only meani for transport- I and pleaaur trip through the south.
Ing heavy gun, vu destroyed by I Mr"- Oscar Itlllla entertained Informally
h nuealans. Waraaw la virtually un- "! i? Monday afternoon i for her g.ieat.
Z T. Z.i . . . . i ra. Morman Ametead or jralrfleld, la.
! !.- .".."- . I JIT r Karr Dyer and Mlra Amelia Dyer
. .it.... - lot Aomncm. Maaa., are tn rueat of
Vistula region mhere the Oermana are I Mr. and Mra. C. 8. 11 ay ward of Fair
Btterpptin to marrh toward Krasntk and I acrea. -
Lublin. A battle la officially reported a I . M'- and Mra. Fred meteC Jr., enter-
developtn aouth of Pntemytl, chiefly
with the Austrian.
The situation of the German force, aa
gathered from the official reports !
about as follows, on the Russian frontier:
The Oerrean array from East Prussia,
tiow near Mlawa, la Intercepted tn Ita f.
fort to pSJia tbronirh riotech to Warsaw
talned at a brldg- party Paturdav ven
Ing. About twenty-tour guests were pre
enc ,
Judge and Mra. W. W. 1ehaurh enter.
talned at dinner Wednesday In honor of
their wedding, anniversary. Covers were
iam ror twelve.
Mrs. T. Tarwomt nt Cnud! m.H. v,..
bean vial tin ber da.uahter. Mra. F. B.
Mammon, while Mr. Hamilton was In
fcy maaking tha fortress of Novo Oeor-1 aflnncaota. on a, hunting trip,
ariMVsk. the Thom-Poaen forces are fol-1 Mis Mercedes Coughlan entertained
lewtna- the left huxln of the Vistula and I bridge party at her home Thuiaoav aft.
l!av occupied the Kutno-Uowl district. ?T!n '"nor Mr. Blaine Toung. a
while the fcilealan army I. beleagwrlng Mr. and Mrs. W. tr ..... .
ivsngorod and extends to Bandemlr. iiy inn,r tn))l , honor of M
' t. ne tatsst details or the nghung on thai 'ineii and Mr. Norton. Cover will be
isiais as announces oy m war mo I r iwn,
say that the Oermana were
beaten and that hundred
prisoners, hav been taken Into Warsaw.
thlefjy of artillery duels,
Flrr. Days' Ftghtlaa;.
thoroughly T.n. hct neetlng of the Dundee Motlt
of Oerman !7 T"'J ld Monday at Uie bom
In th center tha flahtmg consisted 1 trol." ' ' w v-oa-
Mr. Joaenh Polcar entertained the Dun
de. Luncheon club Monday i honor of
Miss An; Ina T1n1ll .h.. ,
Betwer Joaefow and Irahgorod th Cyril Norton takes nine t,i.h.
battl continued for nearly flv day, j Mr.- C. O. Tulmago and Mr. E K
Xear Joscfow the Russian commander. It I Vmbrly entertained at luncheon at the
it atated, learned that tha German wer.PVV wLC fo1 ow"1 by Orpheum
preparing to croi. th Vistula. H X- Seil. ' J"J,T ' Ml" Pn-
posed aome gun about seventeen mile Mrs. O. M. Durkee
from hi. bank of the river to m.U. the d-v at a ffidi?'
""nii.M iuh tiis poeuiori wa -"" mpnoames f rank armlchael
eon fm. , i. ""'rt-Jned at lunch
on Friday In her honor.'
were gtst f Ir. and Mra. C. A. Porcn
een fundsy.
Mra. W. B. Tarks, whi. la In the Meth
odic hoiplt7il with typhoid fever. Is Im
proving rapidly.
' T. Ireitel of Flkliorn will occupy the
m Hoff iilace while he ta building on
hla five-acre tract. .
Mra. Charles Johnson of Fpokane,
Wash., 'a a guest of her brother, J. H.
Pender, and family.
Th Porcae aocletv of the Christian
church will meet with Mr. Ida Cooper
Thursday afternoon.
The rnr- society of the Christian
church will hold a soclnl at the Odd Fellows-
hall Wednesday evening.
Mrs. W. A. Todr has Vn entertain
ing her rather and mother. Mr. end Mm.
John fldner of Nlckerson. Neb.
Mrs. L T. Amis, who Is st the Nicholas
enn hospital with trphold fever. Is Im
provlnj and will be home thla week. -
Mrs. Graham and children are guests
of Mrs. I.rwlM Meyer and family. Mrs.
Oraham and Mrs. Hteyer re sisters.
-,Wr- O. W. Nelson and Mrs , Frank
Parker left ftaturrtay for Kavenport, la,
her they will visit for several weeks.
Mrs. J. H. Price, who ha been sick for
a week, took a turn for the worse Thurs
day and is in charge of a trained nurse.
- Mns. K. fl. CI a hrl 1 mrtn -.e i n i
la., la th guest of her alster, Mrs. James
n.injiw, ana aiso ner son, E. E. Oabrltl
E. Rpslnhnwer and family of Omaha
. ""T" """'"t tne home or Mr. Musklt
In Florence Heights, expect to locate very
Mr. and Mr. John Tracy f at Paul,
Minn., who hav been th gueeU of Mr.
and Mrs. John Brew, returned to their
horn Saturday evening.
..'iH' ",f?:,ch fmy met with an
accident In Omaha Bundsy, when a large
car rnliito them, alvln Mp. Helfrlch
and Mlsa Ruth, a very .sd shaking un
The car was badly damaged.
Mr. George Hayden entertained Tue.
day at luncheon In honor of Mrs. Jim
Bryant of Council Bluff,, her goemta were
Meedamea Ahmanson, Omaha: Salisbury
Omshs; Bryan." Council Bluffs, ,nd
Fighting: of Most Violent Character
Going on "Diilj on the
Eat Wing.
Make Alaseat "a perk a ma a Fffert
to Caplare Fortresses kat Bar
F.ntraare te Fraaee frem ,
The Indies' society met with Mr. PI
lnt and Ml Clara, Pliant Wednesday
afternoon. Plans for the baser to be
hen November I Were discussed and a
program will be held. The next meeting
will b with Mr. Lou! Lynch.
Threw ad I.asjr Treable
will oaaaa to trouble you by the timely
us of Dr. Xing' New Dls:overy, sure
fl. All drugglt.-Adver.
the IluvsUn front.
During th niclit, according to the offl
lsl vernlon, Russian infantry with four
o.uirk flrera hid tn th dens bushes
near tho rlvr. whllo om dlstsnc back
sixteen field guns were concealed. A Ger
man aeroplane flew over th spot next
morning, but th aviator perceived noth
ing and the Germs ns began crossing th
liver on rafts
I The RuHslan allowed two battalion of
German to land, preceded by a detach
went of , sapper to preps re a landing
plate, which wa within 13 to 400 yard
vl the concealed Russian gun.
Had In Bayaaet Attack
Th Russians then opened gua and
rifle fir which, it Is asserted, accounted
for nearly every man acroea the river,
th German losses .being well over 1,000,
hL , - . . . i
j ifciimr cnofi in a nayonei axuscK.
Th German on th opposite side ef
the rlvr could not fire without th risk
vt killing their own men. Russian quick
f'.rrr mowed down the men packed on
' Beasoa,
James Tfowsi-4 i... , .
trip to 6heu uk;rnvs: . " irom
Mr. and Mr. x. c. ri ...--j.
"Pent la Sunday-In penn.' '"'maa
week.' in piVi i"p'I?,"- er,,' ot
een m laclflo Junction on businetl.
varsity spent th weeknit hm. .
go. " "
Miss Lillian PifKMl.. ...
th. W,nia Theta club .t OriaS
meeting and program at th church las"
riday, several talk being given.
rr.tu . M" Aid society will
w iiin tnurrn llPil U aWlaulu
temoon. , "r '
xrmrmr liinm n r e, a . , ...
--- -- - . - i , - v. .uirn nq Miss Mats
th raft, and many of those who jumped I fu'hrer of Central city were married
Into tha river and tried to swlra aihore
last wek.
Mr. W.
O. Tslbot will b hostess to
auioa py nil ur. I iji i. C . . " io
At an unmentloned plac, .outhw.rd tt Mw''vt1. C.S rT''Z -
I wia in luiun ( s inran
Warsaw, th official report ay. the
RuMian and German strove sitnul.
tt-neout,ly to oros th river." Th Hus-
slfing ucceeied under a terrible schrapnel
flie, suffering heavy casualties, but
irlrtn in I V, t; . . i k
w.-vuwjr wfc in-a i weea.
Jack Price of Vn. -
and Mrs. Ueorga C. Hitch of Goehner
wriiltch hoTe. r'CTOl Ue,U " th J-
j ne vautiff neonle .r th. t ...u-.-
Bvnii,.iy inry suencea in uermaa gun I "ir;n entertained about fifty at a Hal
and repulsed tn German division cover- . tiy ,asi veanesday evening.
n. ... i A ho"t program as had.
!:orr"- h.e-A7-h"vy js-i -ss Mr-- rffrjrw; x
i , - . at in rv. i. i cr-
' - .A. i'...v . - j j I aona borne. . .
. , fcj u u , in iriroiru.
large quantities of th luxury being con- ..J?hw ,Koch ' Benson and Mla Neitl
trlbuted by th populac for tha seMlera J LT. vV. ! - . 'm"inm r married ia
at th front . , Joaeh Amlsh w..T..-rf . ...
r s fa'.-. at I rrty lani Tuesdatv vninr p ki. l.-
lNDON. Got 1.-"A11 the Austro- '"-Z"""" f hU l,'0hdX nnlversary.
-r - ofTr,.:ranm vsszrsn
the Vistula have thua far failed, and the M. M,-C.ffrey f Omaha wss , mad
enemy hav been compelled everywhere f"J S,un,'ly vtl fading took plac
to assume the defensive." says a retro- I "IT .Vu ' ,
'"v aipcax. However, to hav te-l lac wedding. is Omaha last i Jneaday.
i na m gtKKi orar ana are
R. 0. Hunter Extols
Endeavor of Bee to
Shorten the Ballot
bP Ihe efforts of The Re
other along th line St bringing about a
hort ballot system will indue eotmidera-
"oji ny tne people and that legislation
long this Una can be enacted at tha neit
session of the legislature," said Richard
C. Hunter, democratic candidate for the
rguuaiure. In hla three-mlnute talk
commercial tlub. when demDcr.tlu
t.anaiaaie ror the legislature wore In
nea nerore th club. Mr. Hunter made
i no nort ballot the burden of hi talk,
ui ni agrocate this niuima" k-
merely Mcause It is democratic I it
- n tact mors republican than demo,
static, but It la a riant nrinrini
tn mer fact that you hav. h. r..u
t"r totethef her to get acquainted with
ma men , who seek to represent you in1
the legislature la evidence enough of tho I
necessity of tha consideration of th pro-!
ior a snort ballot ' that will glv
a opportunity for the people to know
taose wno are to represent them.'' v
in candidate were called tn alpha
betical order and those who .now. ...
follows: J. c. Barrett. J. W. Bedford. Jim
Brennan. E. Kf Howell. Jerry Howard,
Richard C. Hunter. Jerry Unahan. Jo
seph M. Lovely, Kranola Morgan, Thoma
B. Murray, J. J. Nagley, w. IC Queenan.
Lauri 3. Qulnby, John E. Reagan, Henry
C. Richmond and John il. Tanner.
The new 151 Hudso alx 3 has arrived
In Omaha and la on dlrpiay In the show
room of Quy L. Smith at Twenti-slxlh
nd Farnatn street. It embodle many
new, feature this year. It la of
beautiful lines and deiMgns and the finish
I of the very best workmanship. Ths
upholstering of. the seat Is of "th vry
finest of leather. One of the features
worthy of mention is tho divided front
ret, which make an easy way of aocess
from the front to th rear part of th
car without alighting.
likely to
snake a stubborn fight tn prepared post
tions before allowing themselves to b
driven off Russian oll.
"With an' enormous mans of artillery
the Germans kept up a terriflo bombard-
mm i, wnirn reesea Bell tier day nor
n!ght. Uder cover of this fire numer
ous ttrmits wer made on th 11th
and Itth to throw pontoons across th r" lolg next week.
' rlvr. According to on- report, bridging
detachment Were working at no leas
than eighteen different points. They were
everywhere repulsed and Urge quant!
ib or bruiting materials wer de-
At last Thursday' rmmrll M..iir
city scale was ordered and K. II. Tlndell
waa appointed aa ottjclal welghmaster, to
" - per cent r in gross reoetpta.
Mrs. E. C. Holbrook w Kv.. A
limes cmn laat Thursday and
" eowara o tn .Whist club
Ml iUVJKlty,
Messrs. F. It. McCrsv anit TU u...
tnn will represent the Odd Fellows" lodge
and Mrs. J. Appleby the Kebekaha .1
The Wal Luther leaaua will b .n-..
ented at Omaha tient week by Missea
" joniwon. rima tijork, A. illombera
The funeral of C. B, Dugdate will take
jjlaca from the family rceldcnoa, ' 711
i.-A-rih inirtteta ireet, this morning
at- o'clotk, to Ft. John's church.
Tnty-fifth end California streets at
o'cIck k, where- solemn requiem Iiigj n
- ill be held by the IUv. M. U. Broiieccemt:
Interment wia t tn Holy tvpukher
cemetery. ,
Th palllesreis are: A. rcli 11, William P. RuistL'.
iJiiv Kt-til, P. J. Dunoliue,
T. J. r yet. T. Frank t'osd, '
T P. liclinond. I red llimiUun.
Tbs ui lit arc;
Tn B. Iltitler. Charies M. Harvey,
r raiiK t "Hfcrirey, irt siurpiiv,
T.J.ONtii!. John M Mulisa.-
!r. Georte J. Fisher of New. York Is to
tell the buMniKt men of Omaha bow to
ronsciv thrir lieaJth aa.l strength, wlten
l.e fcpi4trs before the Commercial club
t a I'ullic affairs tjarhcoa Thurxl&y
r.Kn. (is U a cartful student of th
ll . b-i.1 rm:da of the ttversa buelness
tfiun. fe,l l,e hs some goud siiiiKesiion
t r. ...rie of tvt ry lsy tun Ue that are
toil ) te of krt-at aul ti the buy man
: o r-' t J fonsf-t'te liis renth eo he ri.-i;.' cir.. y a long j.tri'Jd Of buni
i.'ii ui '.r.'lty. (
TTie funeral services of C. Rnatpkee
imm hi trie tats noma last Sunday, Hev
. miuni omciating. interment at
mi. noin cemetery.
Th Board of Fducation have added two
rrtmary rooms In the public schools and
-miss oscpmn rvcnetlck to the
teacher' list.- '
The marrUce of Miss I.laa lentnln.
of Henaon and W. J. McA'affrey of Omsa
took pinoe Wednesday mornftig. The
nriiiai coupie i-rt on a trip to th eaet
and will reside In Omaha. Th brtd
aww iw 'wonwonooa ia tinson.
Th nousla County Poultry iuvi
tion have decided to bold a poultry show
at the leiiot auditorium and the tiai
fl:ted was November S te . with a lar
omuiuva vm ikjui luxira OI in building.
tii t atnenn gulidreorganised last
-n.wi.iay ana le tea offi. era for th
year, wh ar Misses Merle llosliea,
Kl "Nan llnrn and Mrs. 1-rl Wao.
The next , meeting In two week will b
aa in 110m 01 Mrs. atcciung. ,
I . 1
' 8.' Richard ia reported en tha sick list.
Rsv. J. B Iiutter filled tha nuhilt a
tan runaay.
Mise Jennie Peters ha been en tha
bk: usi lor a waea.
Mr. Wall of Benson la the a-ueat of b
daughtar, Mr. J. H. Clillea
Mr. J. Tavlor of On-.aha ill 1 Flor.
eni-e viauor 1 nursoay evening.
lr. H. If. Averr eoent Huudav evvnln
vim rue parens west or town.
Mrs. K. iros or Ploux Rapids, la.
ia tn guest 01 nn, iu 1 tnltier.
Mr. and Mr. Mat'ox ar rejoicing ovt
in arniai or a aaugMer on Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. fl. O. Highland of Larna.
111., are iomii rt-iavnn norm or town.
Mr. and Mrs. Finery Johnson lf Omaha
ere guts cf Rev. Mi. aed Mra I reeioa
The Roal Neighbors of Amer're gov
a ielij lianc at tiicir ball 1 tiuitia
Sir. and irs. w niiaii: Ashlar ef Omehs
(via rarlsl, Oct !. What In previous
war would hav been called "great bat
tles were fought today on the eastern
wing of tha f'ghtlng line atretchlng from
the Belgian coast to Hwltserland.
In thla great battle of nations, how
ever, these fights are regarded merely a
Incident. The fighting always baa been
of tbe most fierce nature In this district,
owing to the strenuous efforts of the
German to obtain popseseion - of the
strong fortreese of Verdun,' Toul and
F.pinal In order to open a way from Met
Into France,
Pt. We. on the Murthe, thirty-two
miles northeast of Eplnal, waa th cen
ter of today' attack, which resulted In
a repulse for Ve German with heavy
casualties. The border of both Alsace
and Lorraine, also felt the shock of battle
ond In the Voaxos, the famous French
Alpine regiment wer In' contact with
German column. These mountaineer
continually .-kept th Germans busy -by
utilising their remarkable mountai.t gun
and baffling their efforts to drive them
out, ' .
I.lne to Colmar Cat.
Their greatest achievement tn the re
cent operation wa th cutting oft of
railroad communications between Colmar,
capital of Upper Alsace, and Muelhauah,
Prussia, thereby Increasing the difficul
ties of the German In eendjng their
wounded to the rear and bringing tip supplies.
Th German have brought up ton-Inch
mortar In this district, supposedly for
ar. Intended eventual siege of Belfast In
view, of this possibility, th French hev
renewed their attacks from th south
and agaljp advanced beyond Altklrche.
A great part of the theater of operations
In southern Abiace In Illuminated at night,
by forest fire along the Swiss frontier
caused by shell falling acrcss the border.
Along th - entrenched line where the
armies have been face to face for six
weeks, nothing Beyond. deaultory bom
bardment ; occurred today, but farther
north, on the western wins,' where- 'the
German effort to break the allies" lines
have been unsuccessful, th fighting still
, Daring Feat of Iafantryiaea.
'.During a dense'fog which overhung the
battl line, hindering operationa on both
side, a Section of French infantry, un
der cover of the fog, recently madd a dash
on tbe Germans on the Fomm river, sur
prising the men in th trenches and anni
hilating the first line with the bayonet.
The Frenchmen pursued their advaa
tag but fell into thcMianda of a reserve
battalion of German Jnfantry, who cap
tured all of them. The fog thickened and
prevented the German from moving, and
they formed a hollow square around the
prisoners and stacked their arm to await
the clearing of the atmosphere. The Ger
man then bivouacked and absolute si-
1 . . . .
icnce reisnea ior some lime. Then a
vole rang out from among (he prisoner.
"To the guns, comrade!"' Every French
man there rose and ruhe.t to lb stack
of guns, the butt of which could b seen
beneath th fog. Th German commander
and a dozen men who were standing
guard tried to resist the French, but fell
under their own bayonet a, and tha entire ,
German battallth, dated by the onslaught, j
surrendered. The French took them back 1
to th Frenrh lines after the fog lifted.
On another part of th line, where SOO '
Germans were well burrowed ia the qusr- j
ries, the French general cslled for 9n0 1
Turco volunteer. During the night the
Algterlana, discarding their rifle, crept !
In with bayonets between their teeth and j
surprised tho Germans, of whom, only 1
eight escaped. - j
Tareoa Make Aaeaalt. '
The number of rple In therwar son
seems undiminished and there are frequent 1
executions of them, 'particularly In the '
east.- Recently a German colonel and a
captain appeared In a French ramp
dresed In the uniform of French pri
vates. They ssld they had been separated I
from their regiment and requested to be
permitted to serve at the frent In another
command., .'They replied without accent
to all questions and their Identity waa re
vealed only when they claimed to know
the commander bfth regiment to which
they had applied for eervlce. They said
they had een tho commander at a certain
plac, but th commander not having been
there, the spies were forced to admit that
they were German officers. They were
sbo.' , , .
Hanan Shoes
Here is a combination
hard to achieve. The
only shoe in which
wo have found both
real comfort and cor
rect stylo is the
Hanan, That ia why
we. take pride in sell
inn: Hanan Shoes.
' DreseL
1419 Fa mam
(7a-W' At
.Half a dosen professional -pickpockets,
known to the Omaha police through rec
ords from other cities, are still in Omaha,
causing the police much difficulty. These
men were arrested during the carnival
and held as , "ausplclou characters."
Police Masistrate Foster, despite the
evidence presented by the arresting of
ficers, turned them all loose when va
grancy complalu,ts were Mod.
6lne. they have been1 at' liberty the
pickpocket have been heating' farmers
out of money on the old coin matching
gam and selling automobiles not. their '
own. Police officials say " that ' If they
can rind the pickpocket again they will
take them befot a Justice of th peace If
Fester refuse to hold them.
Mayor Jamea fc. Dahlman, who has been
at the ploneera' reunion at Valentine, ill
now engaged in an overland trip on horse
back rrom valentine,, to Cnedron. The.
mayor la making the trip with a number
of pioneers, old friend of his.
' ' Paelflo Limited 10 Chlcaao.'
Thta plndliy equipped, all ateel ob-
ervntlon-ear train of the Chicago, Mil- j
wauke Bt. Paul railway leave Union
tation Omaha, T: p. m., arrive Union
tation. Chicago, :l5 a. tn. IU numerou
comfort feature, directness of route and
fast schedule make It the premier train
to Chicago. No extra far. ' FotJJekots
and bertha Inquire at city ticket otflce.
1311 Farnam street. Omaha.
"Lucky" Brown, a negro charged with '
rataay snooting another negro named
John Kane In South Omaha "two years
ago, ha been arreeted by nolle at Kan
aa City, Mo, Captain Sheahan of the
South Omaha police force will bring th
prisoner back for trial In Douglas county.
Bad Cold, Headachy or Bilious?
Regulate Your Bowels! 10 Cents
Break a bad cold? Yea! Surest way
In the world 1 to' take twoCaacarett
tonight and you will wake up with a
clear head and the 'cold gon. Try thla'.
If headachy, stuffed tip and sore all over
from a cold or grippe give your liver
nd bowel a thorough cleansing with
CascareU and you will wonder in the
morning what became jbt your misery,
making cold. .
Cascaret la the surest cold ' breaker
known a 10-oent box will prove it.
Mother ahould cur children's colds
this way no harm no dangerous drugs.
trvr k. T
it em li
New advertisers particularly, need to get atten
tloa. Peopl ara , mora apt to remember aa-ad with a
good cot. j
s We know how to make "striking illustrations.'
Every advertiser nowaday ant lUustration. . V caa
aar you a treat deal of troutl and expense, too.
We have facilities for making the photographs,
drawlags, cuta and electrotype, all under ona root, and
tha best workmanship ia to a la acb departmeaU
, We have over 10,000 negatives of all sorts of sub
ject classified, and wa can sir you a print immediately
of most any subject yon can think of, and at a nominal
- Bee Engraving Department, Bee Building, Omiha.
JSP Mo in America" Goods:
You cannot display a finer kind of patriotism just now than
to boost for America and everything American. If the mem
bers of an organization or community are not boosters
that organization or community is pretty certain to be a
dead one. Be a booster for "Made-in-America' goods.
Ask for them demand them. We've made this
"ade in America" Week
Hundreds" of
Sale Events.
Will Offer" .
Buyers Keen
est Economies
kJL. matin r-nv- - ' "' ' " "
Most Interest
ing Displays
. and Special
Sales in All
Remarkable Bargains in Cloak Dept.
Beautiful New . Dresses
$18 to $23 values,' $10,001
Hundreds of them, big as
sortment of designs for
street, af terncon and even
ing wear, all colors, botR
pilk and wool fabrics,
at $10.00
Women' Blanket Robes
" All colors, regular $5.00
valuoR, choice : w .$2.95
Sample Tailored Suits, up
- to $30.00 values at $35.00.
' 100 "of them in elegant
. broadcloths, '. gabardines,
velvets, etc., the season's
newest' styles and color-
ECs, choice . .. .$35.00
Women's Silk Petticoats
Fitted tops, all colors, reg
. ular $5 values, at $2.95
Over 10,000 Pairs of Blankets ond
15,000 Comfurtalilcs at Almost
1,000 single blankets,; 3,
size, each 12c
1,000 single, blankets - 34
size, each .25c
All our 8o blankets, pr. 50c
All our $1 blankets, pr. 68c
All our $1.25 blankets, pr.85c
All our $1.50 blankets, pT.94c
All our $2 blankets, pr. $1.19
All our $2.50 blankets
pair...; .$1.49
All pur $3 blankets,pr. $1.98
All our $3.50 blanket's
pair $2:25
All our $4 blankets, pr. $2.95
All our $3 blankets, pr. $3.48
1 ' . .
Domsstic Rcom Tuesday
Misses' and Boyt Heavy
Fleeced Union Suits, " all
a'r.,2..!:.!?..: 49c
Ladies' 'and Children's Outing
Flannel Gowns, 7 tic Af
values, at )C
Men's Flannel Shirts with flat
or Military collars. Brown,
Blue, Gray and Tan, qq
values to 12.00, at HOC
Ladles' Heavy Fleeced - Union
Suits, regular, and. extra
sizes, $1.23 values, 7E
at 3 C
Men's Outing Flannel Gowns,
all sizes, worth- to Af
1.00,-nt 60 and ilC
All our $G blankets, pr. $4.39
All our $7.50 blankets
pair .......... . .... $4.95
All our $9 blankets, pr. $6.50s
AUour $10 blankets, pr.$7.50
All our $12.50 blankets,
pair ....$8.95
All our $15 blankets, pr.$9.95
All Comforts of the same
piice as blankets will sell.
at same reductions
A 65c baby blanket. .... .30c
A '50c baby blanket . . . .24c
Auto Bugs, Auto Shawls,
Indian Robes come in on
this sale.' ' V-
Matchless Linen Specials
. ; Tuesday; ;
Dew bleached Satin Damask,
pure,linen, $1.5Qti je
quality, yard . . j) 1 wO
Silver bleached pattern Table
Cloths, pure flax, s f nn
$3.00 values, ea. 4 1 70
Mercerized pattern , -Table
Cloths, hemmed and - hem
stitched, regular $1.60, (t
sale 'price, each $1
Unhemmed - pattern, v Table
"Tloths, .pure flax, ,J0. 50
$4.00 values.' each Oaw
Table Padding, o itM. wide,
heavy double 'fleeced, off the
bolt, 38c values, nr
yard awOC
Hade in America UAtiDKERCIIIEFS
Regular 5c values Tuesday. ..........
Colored borders or all white hemstitched handker
chiefs; bargains for Tuesdaj' you can't afford to pass.
10c Embroidered Handker- I 15c All Linen Handker
chiefs ...... .40 . chiefs ....... ........ 7Yc
Hsydcn's Grocery Specials for Tuesday
19 lb. Beat "VThite or Tellow Corn,
meal ... a as .
4 lb. -Fancy Louisiana Rice,
quality, foo .ao
The Het tHjmeatlc Macaroni, Ver
micelli or Kiiujfhet t. made In
Omaha, pkff, TH
" Idirg ilottles Pur Tomato "at
aup, made at 1'lorence, per bot
tl 13H
Advo Jell, the jell ' of ijuality,
made In Omaha, pkg TiO
K Cirn Flake, pkg ,...6
flrape-Nuta, pHa- 10
Loie-ViUa 1-aniotia C'ogklea. red-,
ulnr 15c, ljic. lo tood. Mon-'
day lSHo, lOo. .
Bpeolal Oolflan - Banto Oof f ,
var 1. ....SO
Tb Bt Creamery "jntr. ear
to r balk, made la Omasa, per
lb, 31-
'fh Beat Country Creamery But
ter, lb 88o
Oool Ialrv Table Putter, lb. .fio
Full Cream Wisconsin Caee, pr
lb 18
Full Cream, Vounit AniAiifRS or
New York Whit
The UeHt fttrlctlv Freeh Guaran
teed Kg SB, notlUng finer, dot SS
im rxorx,a or ouaxi,
li lha. Potatoes to the peck..SOo
teniand J6 lb. the law re-
qulrea It
?ew t Jibbatre, per lb.. . . . .--.lUo
llubtard Huuash, each . . .lOo-ltH
8 bunche Freeh Kadi shea. .. , 6
i bunches Fresh Shallot a
S head Fresh Ilothous Lettuc
for ft
YeRh Spinach, per peck 10
BeetH, Carrot or Turnips, lb.. So
Kutabaaaa, lb. a
! atttlKs FreHh Celery 6
Green Tomatoes, for pickle, ba,
. ketfor.... l&o
this win is ami win
W have purchased for thin spe
cial occasion two rarloada of th
faroi'lt varietie for etin: and
cook! nr. Every box extra fancy
and selected fruit.- We look for
an advance In apple any time and
advla our customer to buy now..
Following are aome of the varta
tiea: Jonathan, Qrime Golden,
Wealthy, Hjver Hpttxenberfer,
boT.,,.,r..r.e.rL-.Ji.35 to ui
rjv li I MM Mr, m ajJf Cuts M W
I Crotch V
i VJ Union
fJj iTs Suits.
I Lie"' ' ' H -; 1.g,; ,
The improved spring
needle knit fabric of Sprtngttx
Underwear means ..perfect
lteeaom, snug;,' easy m, ana
ideal comfort, Remember to
buy Sprwglex and you will
forget you have it on.
' At youf dealer, $1 up.
Ite Xaavr C4.. M.amk I'afca, X. X.