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oirces m
orhood of Dunkirk
VOL, XL1V NO. , 10G.
0 Train tea at
Mot'X sws tUaaSs, Sa
Onlj Twelve of Crew Rescued When
Cruiser Strike Bomb in Kiao "
V Chow Bay.
Takaohiho Meets Disaster While So
in; Patrol Duty Outside of -Tsingf
1 Well Directed Shot from" Watchful
French Cruiser Sends it to
the Bottom.
Sighted by Lookouts and Fleet Then
Bombards Cattaro. ,
Adriatic Sea Seen of Encounter Bcv
twee Two Sabmarlaee sui the
rck Fleet, Reselling- ia
1oaa of Oi of Former.
' -
WASHINGTON, Oct.. 10. Shell
fire from howitxrrs in the. German
forties of Tsing-Tau bas heavily
damaged OreaK Britain's battleship
Triumph and compelled it to with
draw from the- British-Japanese bom
barding fgleet, according to a state
ment issued tonight by the German
embassy, based on dispatches from
the far east by way of San Francisco.
TOKIO, Oct. 19. It Is officially
announced that the Japanese cruiser
Takachiho was sunk by. a mine in
Kiao Chow, bay on the night of Oc
tober 17. One officer and eleven
members of the crew are known to
Viav nann saved.
' . The, Takachflo was on patrol duty
x.i n-ni... ft... Hrfian i fnulAif
the mine." Japanese destroyers heard
: the explosion and saw the flames.
'They hurried to the assistance of the
cruiser whlfah, howeter, disappeared
Quickly) and in the darkness It was
possible to rescue only twelve men.
Twenty-eight officers, fifty-tour noncommissioned-
officers and 189 sea
men perished.
The Japanese crulaer Takachiho was
built In .1SS6 and refuted In IflOOi Jt was a
vessel of 8,700 tone and was 300 fet long
and had forty-six feet beam. Its, main
battery consisted of eight alx-lnch guns,
and Us speed was about eighteen knot.
The cruser carried a crew of S57 men,
nnlv ten rtt 'llnm ae.enrdlna to the Of
ficial report, were saved.- - -,
CETTINJE. Montenegro, Oct. 19. tVia
London) An Austrian submarine was
Blink In the Adriatic today by a French
cruiser. . ' .
Two submarine vessels wont out from
the bay of Cattaro to attack a French
fieet, which waa making Ha way along
the, Dalmatian coast. They were quickly
sighted, however, by the French lookouts
and a well directed shot rent one of
them, the leader, ia the bottom. The
, other submarine Reaped.
The French f)eet subsequently recom
menced the bombardment of forts of Cat
taro. An Austria 'aeroplane dropped aevoral
bombs in the neighborhood of the fleet,
but no damage was done. -
The Weather-.
Forecast till 1 p. m. Tuesday.
For Omaha. Council Bluffs and .ilty
Fair; no important chungq in tem
perature, Ten:pret area la Omaha Yesterday.
5 a. m
S a. m
-,7a. m
fi a. m
it a. ra
12 m
1 p. m ,
I P- F
S p. in...,.,
p. W...-.
s p. in
' 6 p. -411
7 p. in...,.,
, p. ui.;....
Comparative 'Local Rreere.
int isji mt. mi.
'Highest yentcrday T 41 61 M
Ixiwest yesterday M 17 ?9 ti
Mean temperature .... OS . VX It . 47
Precipitation T .00 .
Tcmprature and precipitation departures
from the normal:
Normal temperature I I?,
Kxci-ss for th day 12 rxceea since March 1 o
Normal precipitation 7 Inch
'Itficlency for the day .07 lix-h
Total rainfall since Starch 1..Z4 3S Inches
lMiieiney since March 1..". . . . I. flu inehes
. I'efieleficy for cor. porlod, 1!13 8.22 inehea
Deficiency lor tor. period, 1912 S.49 Inches
ISeperta frosa lUUsai at T r. M.
ENGLISH NAVAL FORCES ' ON LAND British marines fiffhtinff in the Ircnchcs at
Lierre, a suburb of Antwerp, during the Cterman bombardment.
' ! : :
'. ;l I. I .- ,
. ., ' ' .
- " - i-f ' " "
5 - -rr- . ."
- . '"'T-r - . . i -, X
i , . " . -'
. -- . : ; -
aD". '. ;V V , . -. iy.' .J
,...-.v.. ":;- ' . v. , ' iC . . - T
H-r-Ajj::-:: U iUA -fc . s - - . -v 1
Land Forces Establish forking Con
tact with Na?y, Freventin;
Turning of Wing.
German Destroyers Forced to Fight,
and They. Face Odds
' ;,' ' ' Bravely..
Oae British Sailar Pays Triaete- to
"'' DeP;r(ei ( oaraae of Teatoas, ' "
' CiMBse Till the Last Boat
Etation and Rtats
of Weather.
Cheyenne, clear ...
I 'avenpoit. clear ,.
4envr. clear ......
? Molnen, ciar..
North 'init, clear.
Omhha, i iar
hapM City , clear...
'Iierldan. dear
fcioux t'ity, clear...
alentlne, rlrar
T lnrtieet
U A.
Temp. High. Raln-
I p. to. est. fall.
rtr of pTwipltsii-m.
WtUelt. Forecaster.
LO.VDOX. Oct."l?. The Post has pub
lished a dispatch . from Harwich dated
Sunday. October 18, on the return to port
of the British warships which vanquished
four German torpedo boat destroyers In
the North Sea last Saturdsy. The dis
patch' said: ...
"Berlng',,ltV;ba.Ule' honors proudly, the
Undaunted (Ms afternoon led Into Har
wich froni the North Boa the destroyers
which participated in the engagement the
result of whlch was the sinking of four
German destroyers. The spectacle ashore
and sf lost was a moving one. Bailors,
soldiers and . civilians swarmed onto, the
pier and to points of vantage, cheering
the victors, y . . , V . '
' Forced to Fisat.
"Interviews with the crew of the tTn".
daunted show that this vessel, together
with four British torpedo.boat destroyers,
left Harwich early Saturday morning and
sighted the. Qertysns early. In the after
noon. By fine seamanship the enemy'Was
forced to fight.- The German destroyers
faced th odds bravely, with Us big guns
the Undaunted opened 'lie at a range of
Jive miles. Then ' the ,' smaller -veseels
closed In and' became' busy.'
"Then began a running fight.. While the
cruiser,' protected from torpedoes . by its
fighting ' consorts,, devoted ,lts 'attention
particularly to two of the enemy's 'ships
the destroyers attacked the ; other two'.
The reply 'from the Geninans 'was very
poor in comparison.' -The1 first Jf the 'en
emy's crat sank after a half ,hours fight
ing. Within an hour and a half the' bat
Ue was over. ; ; ' .' ' ""
(rasas 11 ark y.
"One sailor-pays' tribute-, to the pluck
of the Germans. .They fought .well, ,he
ssld, end kept firing till they sank. This
accounts for the smallness of 1U num
ber of German survivors.
"The . destroyer -r Loyal ..brought back
three British wounded, together with the
bodies of four German men and one Gen
man officer who had succumbed to their
! Injuries on the way.
I "The wounded have been transferred to
.Shotley hospital and the prisoners of war
have been tsKen from the Undaunted snd
removed to barracks."- ' . . u ,.
From another source It Is related that
a trawler ' sighted the German destroyers
before, the British fleet came up., When
the German, boats saw .the -enemy . they
ir.ade frantic efforts to escape.
Panama Canal to. Be :
. Opened Again Today
FArSAMA. Oct. 19. -The Panama canal
again will be opened to traffic tomorrow
and ten , merehentmea 'will be passed
through the waterway from the Pacific
to the Atlantic. Conditions at the scene
of the recent slide north of Gold Hill
are reported to be excellent, the channel
probably being I'M feet wide with an
average druth of thirty-five feet.
The dredging operations are proceed
ing at the rate ef 25,000 cubic yards dally.
The earth mefves in the Gold Hill dis-
trict have ceased.
i Ships today were being sent ' through
j the locks at both ends 'of the canal In
orler to facilitate their pasaga. It Is
, planped to send through the dans! In two
I days taenty-two vessels which are wait
I in-
Little Girl Would Send
Brother on Christmas Ship
A IHtlo girl,' wearing a pair of shoes too
big for her., and a faded shswl -over -her
hesd stood shyly In a corner of The' Bee's
business office, where Christmas ship
contributions - are .being . received. Hie
culd not have been ever 10 years old,
but she wss mothering a tlny-lnfant in
a roost experienced fsshlon. ' .. t j
?'I there anything. I cun 'do' for you,
my..Jiit)e..-lady.;'- .politely' llnqulred .. the
man in charge as' he"' stopped ' Ptsr"s'tnit
with Iho' contributions for a hiotncnt.
"Vps'm please. Tou see all the little girls
la our 1 neighborhood are ' giving ' their
dollies sway for the Christmas ship, snd
I ain't got no' dollle, "So' I 'brung Morris
along. You. csn hsve him. .We've got lots
more at home. .He's almost ss good as a
regular doll, because, he never crys."
The man behind the counter chuckled.
VWhy, you don't want td give' your little
brother away, do you. He's too nfee;"
"Vcs'm. He's swt'ly nice and the little
girls arrost the ocean would like 'him.
The haven't got any-to plsy 'with,- but
I've got lots. I gets a new one, oli.ever so
often.1 1 ain't got no doiIs."v t
Inquiry developed the fact tHat the lit
tle girl Is "mother" to a. whole brood of
youngsters living In . thesouth part of
town. . . . . . ; .
"Well, -you Just-keep littlq, Morris at
home apd I Jl send s dyll on the ship for
you." promlped. thej-fnan behind ' . the
MCUitr, glviuglier sk-dime fttr esr faro
at tho. same time. "Tou tetl me where you
live' snd I'll send a doll for you, so that
you won't ever hsve to give sny of your
little brothers away.
' So little Mary Favlctk, In spite of the
fact thst she was not permitted to sacri
fice her little brother. Will hsve a .dolt
with her name on It on The Bee Christ
ines ship when it .sails, away for war
strtcken Europe,, bound pn a mission of
good cheer for . thousands of unhappy,
destitute' and .homeless . children . who
would otherwise have nothing with which
to commemorate the birth of the Christ
Child when December rolls ground.
Great Lack of Medical and Sanitary
''Supplies in Crar's-' Army is -
:J : Word from Berlin. '
'C ' ' e . e. . , . . -. . , ,
lirruaas Fredlet that General Von
, Hladenhara, Geranaa 't"oassnaalejr '
' In Bawlss Poland,' Will ' '
Be Victorious. V '' ' '
: BERLIN, t Oct. l.-(By' Wireless" to
Payvllle.Accordlng. to" : reports v frqnj
rtusslsn 'sources- at Warsaa, 'there "are
at least 800, WO RusslsnS In the Toland
rampfclgn. " There la great" lack' of med
ical 'and'' sanitary' supplies," and the hos
pitals st Kiev, Loscow and eleewtere ar
Tho. Austriap ' ofi'enslve ''in RslicU ' Is
declaredln Berlin to be' auvsncing Dur
ing the assault on Pruemysl' the Rusajans
lost'tAOOO men in killed and wounded..;'
.Russian . troops' from'- Hevsuiubla have
been, sent to Caucasus,' where' revolts
bsve broken, out. ' ' . ..
The Russians are 'finding difficulty In
creating new, military organisations, 'in
spite of their , numerlcsl superiority, J of
fleers snd nou-commlsslonod officers sre
Iscktng at Warsaw. ..
, It Is ftiperted. In Berlin that. General
un liindenhurg, - tho Germau com
nvnder In Russian l'oland,. will be, vic
torious. . , 4 . . i . 1 1 ;
Frenchman Conies ;
to Buy Many'Horses
! NKW TOftir. Oct.' IS.-Ths p'urchsse of
horses for use of .the French govern
ment is the mission 'of Captain d Bslese
aud of the French army, a passenger on
the steamship La Torraine. which arrived
today from Havre. The horses, a re to be
delivered December 1 and probattly will
be shipped via New Orleans. In addition
to other requirements they must be dark
In color,' no gray horses to be considered.
The National1 Capital
( . BJeadar, Or tetter Is), U14,
' Tho Senate. :
Not In section; meets Tuetdsy.
, The lloaas.
War revenue tax bill as smended hy the j
'."' - . , w ( luv divi ana
means committee.
j . . . t .
Secretary Daniels Specifies ( Naval
; Collier - to Carry I Gifts ' to '
Children of Europe. . -
t'arao of ' I'reseata itrora Boys wad
, Girls, of userlta Most Be at
k ..' Broekla Theav Woman's .
J ' ''' Clah'Acls.. ' ' '
1 The ship has "been named,
j tt Is tne naval collier Jason, " .
. The date-for the sailing has been set.
! 1 wfll be from the Brooklyn navy yard
on November jo; : ' ' ' v
; The cargo will be the gift of the boys
and gtris'of America to the boys and girls
of Kurope. ' ' " i . ' . k
' Eccretary' of -the Navy Daniels yester
day 'designated the ship 'snd - fixed the
sailing date. This wss tho last-detail
needed' to 'make all definitely 'fixed for
the 'culmination or the great ' Christmas
, Phlp enteri-rise. ' ', . v - . .
Now, gftf. busy. - The goods must be in
Omaha by Saturday of this week, in
Order thst they mny be parked ' and
Oerman, Would Encounter British
Mine Field Along South Bel- .
gian Coast
Attack on Germans in Northern
France Forecasted by Rela-
tire Posi'cions.
French Critic, Howeter, Says Aisne
Battle Not Tet Won.
One Heoort Says lavadevra Are Be
yeas' Fames, Less Than Tea"
Miles frosa Daaklrk,' Their
ohjertUe FolnJ.
PARIS, Oct. 19. The French war
office gave out an official announce
ment this afternoon, as follows:
'In Belgium the heavy artillery of
the enemy has cannonaded, but with
out result, the front from Kleuport
to Vladsloc, to the east of Dlsmude.
. "The forces of the allies, and not
ably the Belgium army, hare not only
repulHtd further attacks on tho part
of the Germans, but have advanced
as far as Rouiers." ! . . . .
LONDON, Oct. 19. By reaching
their tenacles out to the seaboard the
allied forces hsve established ' close
contact with the British navy, which
Is now on the extreme left of the line
and seemsfrom the London view-
for He moment to block effectually
a further German effort to turn this
wing. ' V ' ' .
Thst'the Geimsns may have "grasped
this .is perhitps indicated In th otliCTWIst
tihtxplslhed appearance of four of their
torpedo best destroyers Saturday off the
Dutch c'osst, southward bound. It Is sug.
grated thst the object wss for the ds
stroyers to 'convoy submarines, which
would dispute the nommsnd of the sea
on the Belgian littoral. ' . .
i Should the German navy undertsks this
venture, I If would beo ontronted with
much tits same proposition ss has met'
the British fleet since the commencement
of the war snd It would sssume the same
risks of colliding with mines heretofore
faced by the British alone- because the
British mine' field stretches right slong
the Belgtsit coast . from Ostend south
ward. , j , .
If, ss the allies claim, their left cannot
now be turned, the only alternative left
the Germans Is to hark away through the
trio of armies confronting them, snd
Genersl .von Kluck, or ' Genersl von
Arnlm, or whoever is In command of ths
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German.Mine Layer! .
; .Taken in North' Sea
i LONDON. Oct,' !.-tl.a, p.Vin.rTne
Central .News has sent out '. a diapuV'h
from Harwich. In 4hlch the'rorrenpond
ent says he has learned on good author
ity that" the British cruiser UndaMnted,
acrompanM , by , two torpedo . boat ." de
stroyers, has captured a Gefman rains
layer In the North 8es. v
, .The. mine' layer, the dispatch says, was
dlfgulsed as a hospitsl ship. The I'n
fWinted Is krinsUig Its prisa Into liar
Wlrh. '.,..' , , ' '
.The press bureau 1 without confirma
tion of this Incident. .
T.R. Bitter in His
Attack on Sherman
and Roger Sullivan
... -T - . ' y
' CHICAGO. Oct. l.-Colohel Theodore
Roosevelt. blterly attacked United fltate,
Senator ftherman, republican candidate
for re-election, snd Roger C. Sullivan, the
democratic csndldate for the United
States senste, In a speech ' heretonlght.
ending a two days' visit to Illinois In
favor of the osndldacy of Raymond Rob
ins snd other progresaives. - He diverted
I to score candidates for offices on the old
party tickets In New Tork state.
i The old party candidates, he declared.
were typical of the by-partlaan machine
polities, snd ths fight In Illinois, as In
New York, he said, waa not one of party
principle, but of clvio honesty.
: The Illinois progressives with his ap
proval, Colonel Roosevelt said, ' had de
clined offers to enter a deal with Sher
man for a Junction with republicans snd
lx rimer republicans by which Mr. Shcr
msn snd a progresses candidate would
hsve bees chosen to the Nulled Ststes
M-na.te In IMS,' when finally Mr. Kher
msj snd Colonel Jsmes Hamilton Lewis
were elected. '..'-. .
Colonel Roosevelt's speech tonight wss
the climax ef a busy day, 1n which he
rushed by automobile at noon to Gsry,
).id., to speak to the steel workers there
in fever of A. J,; Boveridge, former United
States, senator, progressive candi
date to the senate from Indians,
Var Summary
A struggle for the possession of
the strip of Krenth ros cosst thst
Is nr-sresl the shores of England,
was the most Interesting phsc of
,the wnr situation today.
British naval forces are reported
to have Joined In the movement
with the allies, who aro making a
determined stand on the Belgian
frontier against the westward
drive of the Oermaft right wing.'
The eiset battle line Is not
known. This afternoon's official
French statement says that the
German artillery has attacked
without success , "the front of
Nlcuport to Vladsloo, to the east
of Dlsmude." The allies. It adds,
have advanced as fsr as Bottlers
and there has been sharp fighting
on a front from LaBassee to Ab
laln and. St. Natalre. .
Paris, states that the allies aro
moving on Lille, which was occu
pied by the Germans cn October
An earlier dispatch from Lon
don 'stating that Germans were
bombarding Ulle may have re
ferred to events prior to October
IS and been delayed in transmis
sion from France to London.
There Is nothing from Berlin to
reveal the portion of the Germans
that are contending for the coast
line. There Is no doubt, however;
that they are bound for Dunkirk
and Calais and are expecting a
strong resistance. , , ,
Rains that caused much suffer
ing to the troops in France earlier
in the campaign, are falling again
on the battlefield so continuously
that great hardships result to the
men, and military maneuvers are
made more difficult.
' Germans and Austrlang have en
countered bad weather in Russian
Poland, heavy roads delaying the
movement of their artillery; They
claim, however, to be making pro
gress along the Vistula. Pelro
grad asserts that the invasion has
been definitely checked.' ,'
Marconigram from Berlin Says Ger
man Troops Are Now in Neijh
borhood of Dunkirk.
Hcaty Fighting Taking Place at
Dimude and Rouiers, Says Teu
ton Wireless Report.
Republic's Official Communication
Asserts Attacks of Kaiser's
..Men Repulsed. . - - '
!. "
Representatives of 38 Eastern Car
riers Ask Commission for 5 Per
Cent Increase on Freight,
WASHINGTON. Oct lPreSident Wil
son received' tu4ay a written ' protest
against the dropping of bombs from Ger
man airships, from F, Hopklnsen HmltU
and other- Americans, who recently re.
turned from Europe., It ass Understood
the president would take tio action on
the ground that tbe United r'tates bad no
right. to lntcrftrs. ,
'.LONDON. 0V. lk-The death of Very
Rev, Monstgnor Robert Hugh Benson was
announeed today. ' ' V' '
- . '
Monsignor Benson was born in 1STI, s
son of Archbishop Benson. At the time of
his Wtth ho was a priest in the Catholic
archdiooose ef Westminster. He was
ordained In Rome In 104. In 1908 he was
made ssalstant priest at the Catholic
church at Cambridge, Knglsnd. and In If 11
he waa appointed' private chamberlain to
Pope Plus X. lie wss sa author of note
on religious matters.
Clifford Theme Appears for Pnhllo
: Bervlt-e Corporations aart Ship-
pern' Organisations ; at '
, WASHINGTON, Oct 19.-Urlng thst
business depression and the . war In
Kurope hsd caused a shrinkage of more
than 176,000,000 In their snnunl net rev
enues, representatives of thirty-eight
eastern railroads, operating over C$,000
rsjllos of transportation llnea, sppesred
before the Interstate Commerce commis
sion today ssklng that they be granted at
least a S per cent ' Increase In freight
anlol I-;. Wlllard, president of the Balti
more & Ohio railroad and also hesd of
the conference of presidents of the lines
Involved, was ths principal witness. Ue
wss supported by a mass of statistics p re
fen tod by Vice Pre.tldsnt Shiver of the
mis line, acting for sll the roads.
Further evidence will be submitted to
morrow. Theme Alao Appears.
In opposition to the plea of the car
riers, Clifford . Thome appeared for the
public service copoatlons of seveal mid
dle western and Intermountaln states and
also for shippers' organisations in the
region affected. Mr. Thorno declared hie
purpose, at the desire of the shippers,
was that the pnhlln'a aid of the question
shoiipt'bo fully brought out. He did not
expect to call many witnesses.
Louis Brsndeis, counsel for tire com.
mission, vigorously assailed Mr. Wlllard s
position In cross-examination, particularly
calling attention to the fact that the
Baltimore & Ohio railroad had -adhered
this year to its pollry of dcclsrlng t per
cent dividends, despite sn actual deficit
of more than 13,000,000 in Its net revenues.
Similar Pud ley on All Lines.
The affairs of this system were the
only ones given detailed attention today,
as officers of tho other lines were not
Present, ilr. brandels Implied In his
questions, however, thst a similar policy
had been followed by all tlto lines.
Mr. Wlllard aaid tho dividend had been
maintained at S pr cent this year it his
recommendation. He declared' he beileved
It had been Justified by the fact that the
road bad SJ2.O0O.ii00 In surplus,
v'l in not prepared to say, however,"
the witness added, "what I msy recom
mend In future In view of present con
ditions." Keeaea to Maletala Credit.
He had , recommended the continuance
of the per cent dividend, he said, be
cause It wss necessary to maintain the
(Continued on Page Two, Cuiumn Three,)
Victories Reported
By Russian Staff
ruTnoortAiv o t. J9.-Th "rtussian
general staff today mads this announce
ment: -
"We gained partial success October It
In very fierce fighting in tha' region of
Wsrsaw snd south of Prsemysl."
Slight Progress Made at Several
Points. i
Fresh Soldlcre ef Wllhelns Con
stantly Being; Kent Ip from'
Regimental Depots to '
P'llI Gape. . . '
. LONDON', Oct. 19. Ocrmaa forces
have reached the neighborhood of
Dunkirk, according to a Berlin offi
cial , dispatch to" the Marconi Wire
less company. Heavy fighting is tak- .
tng place at Dlxniude and Rouiers.
The Inhabitants of Dunkirk and
Boulogne are in flight.
German Altaeka Renolaea.
r.rtl8. Oct. 19.-"In Belgium attacks
by the Germans bctwoen Nlcuport and
IHxmude hsve been repulsed by the Bel
gian army, effectually sided by tho Brit
ish fleet," tho official communication
Issued by the war office tonight says.
"Between Arras and Roye slight prog- .
res hsi been mad et several points.
Our troops have resthed ss far as ths
wlie networks of tho defease.
"In the neighborhood1 of fit. Mihlel e
have galneiV aosno ground en the.rinlU
bnnk of the Meuve. '.
, "No new of Importance has been re
ceived regarding the remainder of ths .
tront." ' ' :
Ileinlorvenient for (ieriuans. ;
BORDEAUX. Oct. 1D.-The Germans
have been bringing up such great num- .
hers of troops to repair their heavy
losses. In the recent fichtlug that per
sistent reports have been In circulation -that
a new German srmy of 1,000,000 mcu
wss stlvsncing BKslnst Froice.
According to advices received in 'of
ficial nusrtors, this is not the case, -The .
Iroops In question belong to the reserve
forces and are constantly, bring sent ui
from regimental depots to fill the caps
In ths troops on ths lighting line.
Withdrawal of
'Troops Considered
WASHINGTON. "Oct. 19. President
Wilson considering the advisability of
withdrawing federal troops from the Colo- '
radc roal fields ss the result of the dead- ,
locu with the opera tors, who .refuse to
Join the president's proposal for settle
ment of the strike, slresdy accepted by
the miners.- Governor Amnions, according
to Information here Is planning reorrsn
txstlon of tha Colotado national guard to
make the prescnee of federal troops un
necessary. . , . i
.'The president - told callers today no
negotiations whatever were going on with
the operators and that changes they hsd
suggested In tbe mediation plan rendered
It valueless." lis Indicated bo could not
accept tho changes.
. . - .
COLUMBUS, Kan., Oct lS.-Willlam J.
Bryan, secretaiy of state, opened a ttio
days' tour In behalf of the democrats of .
Ksnsas here this morning. He planned
to deliver fifteen speeches before leaving
the slate ut Wjehlta, Kan., tomorrow
pight. Tonight the secretary will cross
over to Joplln and address democrats of
the Fifteenth Missouri cong i essionwl dlj-trlct.
To Want Advertisers
There have been many .
changes lu telephone numbers 1
recently and, yours may be one.
It your old telephone number ,
appears in your advertisement,
pleabe have It corrected at
once, so that' you may get' the
, full .value .'of the advertising
' apace.
You would Otherwise lose
the large return on your ad
which Bee want advertisers al
ways receive
Please attend to this today
deplume Tyler 1000 -
Everybody reads lie want ad.
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