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ft rrrrlsa of
As a Special Boost for Amer
ican Products We Begin Monday WiniSL. IIU m Vf 111 fi-iun Exposition of American Goods
American manufacturers are doing wonders toward making "Made in America" the greatest label in
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me worm iney re deserving ui uie suppuri ui every iuyai imencuii euizen 111 meir euoris luwaru jlf.yy.y
tnolrinrr "M n r? r in Amnrldn" 4-Vir fTrnotocf 1 o Vnl "f o r1r in A morion" rrrknrla frt A nrrira na 1 c - a fine clnrron Tf'c? finoof l.-i r rl ,
patriotism to boost for home industry and never more so than right now when as our President has said "the time has
come for great things, the big days of destiny of . the United States, great hearts, great natures will respond."
Tomorrow begins Made in America Week at Haydcns. Uome for not only the displays but special
economy features will make every moment interesting and profitable. Boost for American made goods,
ask for them, buy them.
"Made in
F5 LACES and
A' Brand special showing ami
Mile of American-made Laces
from America's two big pio
duccrs Ql'AKF.H LACK CO.,
ion CM. 111.
Lares tout are in all respects
superior to foreign made poods
at equal prices. Hoe those
Hiwlul lot Monday:
ilon City l.are Kln.e and In
sertions, at yard, llr and 5
Medium width Zlon City Laics,
special, yard. 7r, lOr ft
Quaker Lim- lrn Mount Iikm,
at yard, JWc, 15c, 2.V, to 4
Wldn Qna.Ver . l riouncliiK,
at yard. ;ir, 4c and . . 75
American .Marin Kmlimldrrlea
from Loob-Hehoenfeld, Caqi
den, N. J. 4 specials Monday
at, yard &Uc, 5c, 7 He, IQt
let Us Show You
"Made in America'
Curtains Draperies
Truth to tell the majority of th
linen we nhow are American made
and a better assortment, more beau
tiful Roods or better values cannot
be found in any store.
See These Monday Specials.
New Drapery Madras with
colored figures on pink, blue
or yellow grounds; very pop
ular, 3G inches wide, at the
yard. 30c
Nottingham Curtains, '5 yard 3
long, ecru or white, with dain
ty borders, pair 98c
New Curtnln Kcilnix, 38 inches wldn,
with colored borders, ard..()
Lace Curtain, worth to $8.00. Calde
Nets, Chene), Novelties and
Bcrlms. One to 4 pairs of a pattern;
to close, at, pair $2.05
lO-Incli Curtain Ncrlins, hemstitched
or lace edjsed, at yard . . . .22'4
Many Other Splendid Specials.
Silk and Wool Dress Fabrics
A remarkable showing of the very best products of America's best
mills. Fabrics that in Quality and beauty stand second to none. In
addition to the general showing we are offering many specials that gives opportunity for
keenest economies.
All Silk Crepe de Chines 42 and' 44 inches
wide, from the looms of Cheney, Bros., and
A. I). Jullard Co.; black, white and ull col
ors; $1.7") to $2.50 values, on pale, at the
yard $1.25 and $1.85
Faille Francaise and Satin de Luxe From
the celebrated Phoenix Mills; 36 inches
wide; $1.75 and $2.00 qualities, all colors, at
the yard i .$1.48 and $1.25
Beautiful Silk Poplins 3G and 40 inches
wide; products of the Susquehana hiilk
Mills; every wanted color, $1.00 and $1.50
values, at the yard G8c, and $1.18
$1.25 All Silk Dress Satins and Messalines
From the looms of J. II. & C. K. Eagle Co.;
elegant qualities, 27 and 36 inches wide;
our sale price 88(5
33-Inch Black Satin Messalines, Chiffon, Taf
fetas and Peau de Soies Made by the Post
Sc Scldon Cor)., leaders in black silks;
regular $1.00 qualities, at, yard 78c
23 to 34-Inch Dress Corduroys In black,
navy, taupe, goblin, Havana, Hunter's
preen, Burgundy, Damson, etc. Specials, at the
yard 48 88
Plain and Fancy Silks Worth to $1.25 a
yard, 28 and 30 inches wide, in all newest
colorings and choice weaves r' over 3,000
yards for selection, yard 38c and 68c
Botany Mills Famous Broadclotha-50 to 54
inches wide, up to $3.50 a yard values; satin
finish, chiffon weight; in all newest color
ings, at yard., $1.48 arid $1.98
Lorane Mills All Wool Serges 46 and 54
inches wide, medium weight' and soft finish;
$1.00 and $1.50 a yard values, Monday, at
the yard , 68c and $1.18
W. F. Reed & Sons Fabrics Famous for
I.atisdowns, plain and novelty suitings" and crepe
cloths; all new colors; special, yd., SI. 25. $1.50
AmoHkeag Mf, Co. All Wool Serge Always reliable,
thoroughly sponged and shrunk; 3 special lots:'
G9c quality Serges, at 38
75c quality Serges, at 48
$1.25 quality Serges, at 98
Arlington Mills Panama anil. Serges FInei soft qual
ities, very desirable for draping; two special lots,
at 98' and 81.25
New Fall Dress Fabrics 36 to 54 Inches wide; to 2
a yard values; many different weaves; all colors,
special, yard 38. 48. 68 & 98
Iearing Mlllken Celebrated Coatings Plaid Chin
chillas, Halmacaans, etc.; 150 pieces, to $3.00 yard
values, at yard $1.50 d $1.98
M3dt in America" Week
Sale of Blankets
We Will Continue Our
For Another Week.
Very low prices to move them fast.
Single Blankets, gray or tan,
each . . . 17
Single Blankets, gray or tan,
each 2Qr
K5c Blankets, pair ' 5U
fl,00 Blankets, pair 74
pair e
pair. ....... .05
$1.25 Blankets.
$1.50 Blankets.
$2.00 Blankets, pair.
$2.50 Blanket!
$3.00 Bl - -ia. pair. . ,
$3.50 Blankets, pair...
$4.50 Blankets, pair .
$5.00 Blankets, pa'. .
$6.00 Blankets, pair...
$6.50 Blankets, pair...
$7.50 Blankets, pair..
$8.50 Blankets, pair...
$10.00 Blankets, pair.
$12.50 Blankets, pair.,
$15.00 Blankets, pair $10.00
All Comfortables. Cotton, Wool or
Eiderdown, the cut prices same as
All Auto Robes, 834 off.
Baby Cribs. 48 to $3.00 each.
Mail Orders promptly filled and
selections made with care.
Among the Nationally Advertised Made in America" Lines Shown Here You'll Find:
Men's Stetson Shoes. Hart, Schaffner & Marx Clothes. Knabe Pianos. Art Loom Draperies. Klosfit Petticoats.
Men's Stetson Hats. Queen Quality Shoes for Women. Everett Pianos. Quaker Kitchen Cabinets. Sterling Underwear.
"Made in America
and Notions
New Linen Collars, each. 25
New Linen Cuffs, pair. . .125
New Lace Collars at ,U5
and -50C
Big special lot of new Neck
wear, to close at 15
Hose Supporters, ladies' ruisaes'
or children's, on sale at,
pair 10
Pearl Buttons, doz., 24.
31 and 5
BaBting Machine Thread. 200
yard, 6 spools for 25
6 packages of Pins for. .J
Nursery Pins, 3 cards.". ..5
Hump Hooks and Eyes, 6 cards
for ...-5
60c Hair Brushes at. . . . .25
50c Clothes Brushes at.. 25
25c Dress Shields, pair. . . lO
$1.00 Hand Bags at 49
50d Ribbons at, yard. . . -29
Scores of other Items at
equally attractive ' pricings.
"Made in America
Specials in Our
Popular Domestic Room
Sheeting. Muslins. Outing Flannels, Wool Flannels. Wash Goods and Cotton Dress
Goods, all made in America, at very low prices.
2U' Sheeting, 9-4 bleached,, in this
sale 23
10c Fruit of the Loom.. yard wide, 7
10c Hope Mublin, yard wide.... 5
124c Arooekeag - Outing Flannel
Teaieldown JO
7'ic Amoskeag Apron Checks... . 5
12 '4 c Percales, dark or light, 3$ Incites
wide 10
12 Ho, Percales, dark or light, 38 in i lies
wide, long remnants. 7-
Wash Goods, Dress Goods and other
winter fabrics, In mill ends and full
Pieces.' at. yard. 3 WS ' 5. 7W
v 8H. 10 and 124. i
10c Percales, dark or light, 36 Inches
wide 5
Hheels cheaper than you can buy yard
73xliO t 9o
7Sxf0 at i . . . -4ao
MxHO t a7io
KlxMO t bS
HlxftO at T8o
ftlxtttt at tl.OO
IMIInw hllpa, aitrh 7Viio to So
Bp-la! on Aninrirnn Bert freal. at So,
78o, 8So. 91.00, Bl.BS, $1.50, B3.O0, 89.60,
93.00 and 93-fiO
A! mo a Jfcrce aMRortmant of lace lied
' 1 ca of 10a lluok Tow hi , at. each..,4o
1 caa of Vi Wo ilalh Towaia. at, each. .TVio
MaU OrAara ruiaa.
The China
White China for
Painting at Halt
Your choice of our entire stock
of fine white China Plates,
Trays, Titchers, Salt and lVp
pcrs,VSteins, Tobacco Jars, Tea
Pots, Riiirar ami Creamers, etc.
Just Half off Regular Low
Prices All This Week.
Crockery Dept. Fourth Floor. '
There's been a big advance on
these goods, but we bought early
and own our merchandise at
mucli below present quotations;
that's the reason we can offer
you Monday, Linoleums worth to
S3c a square yard, 12 feet wide,
31 patterns for selection,, new
goods from bolts, no remnants,
all guaranteed per
fect, Monday, at,
square yard
Anticipate your Linoleum wants. Buy
Monday, it will pay you.
1 t'lllllilll
American Women Should Boost
Many of our American makers are style creators.
Originating destinctive., becoming designs. Just
as beautiful and much less expensive than imported
goods. Monday we're offering buyers:
TRIMMED HATS, made to sell CO flfl
at $5.00, choice . V&.VV
Illustration above is but one of many becoming
designs in this lot. It is made of silk velvet with
an ostrich band laid flat on brim, ribbon round
crown and bow on side.
Scores of other nobby hats in the lot trimmed with
Ostrich bands, Plumes, Pheasant, Peacock and Vul
ture stickups, Ribbons, Flowers, etc. Every hat
in the lot a good value at $5.00. Your choice of
all Monday, at $2.00
In Women's Garments American Makers Are
Style Creators fvan"ff often surpassing in beauty and original- ipiEa
. ity of design the world famous European artists. e"
showing for "Made-in-America ''week a wonderful flssni-fmont nf hnrwiTna'
We aro showing for "Made-in-America
Handsome Tailored Suits
Made to sell at $25.00 up to
$30.00, at ...$19.50
In broadcloths, wool poplins,
full serges, gabardines, etc.,
all choice new styles, in every
wanted colotf . Over 200 beau
ties for selection.
175 Tailored SuitsMade to
sell at $18.50 and $20. . .$10
Serges, cheviots and vwide
wale fabrics in plain colors,
also shadow weaves and a
broad assortment of novelties.
Newest long coat models, in
sizes from 14 to 44; a charming
lot of bargains.
Elegant New Tailored Suits:
exclusive designs; suits that
will appeal strongly to those
who seek distinction in their
dress; matchless values at
$39.75, $45, $59 to $175
Beautiful New Waists, $5.00
and $6.00 values. . .$2-95
300 of thorn in cbiffon,
messaline, crepe de chines,
lace and net, some velvet
Mandarin waists; also long
basque styles; greatest lot
of values shown in years.
week a wonderful assortment of bargains
A Remarkable Broad Showing
of Classy New; Coats; the most
beautiful and best values we
have ever had thej pleasure to
show at
$19.50, $29.75 and $35.
Included are the new wide
belt and round yoke model so
rapidly becoming popular.
New Balmacaans, Sport Coat
and Cape Coat Styles, broad
assortment of plain and fancy
fabrics j made to sell at $15 up
to $17.50, at, choice. .$9.95
New Dresses up to $30 values,
at $19.75
Including the new "Man
darin Dress" in velvet and
messaline combination; black
and colors; also broadcloth
wiitli messaline or velvet; also
many exclusive designs in
basque and straight line
effects. .
Over 200 Pretty Dresses, to
$39.75 val., choice. $12.50.
Silks, lace and nets de
signs for evening and after
noon wear; broken lots from
our regular stock.
7? 1
9 . W:
81V Articles, including Bootees,
. Ruben Shirts, Long and Short
Slips, Shoes, Silk and Poplin
Bonnets, etc., etc 18
SOe Article, including Silk and
Wool Bootees, Wool Ruben
Shirts, Kimonos, Silk and Vel
vet Bonnets, Shoes, Dresses,
Leggings, Drawers, Flannel
Skirts, etc., etc., at....37
Dinner Napkins, dew bleached,
.full tilze, pure (lax, 5.00
ST.. $1.50
Tattern Table Cloths, pure
linen, full size, valued to
$4.50.' ey j-i-k
each . . 'OVj
Silver Bleached Pattern Table
Cloths, pure flax, J1 QQ
3.00 values, each O 1 e70
Hemstitched Pattern Table
Cloths, asnorted designs, val
ues to $1.25,
Fancy Gueat Toweling, plain
or figured, pure flax, values
yard 50 C
Circular Scalloped ' Table
Cloths, pure linn, Q
$4.00 values, each.
Grocery Sale Prices
Our Aim Has Always Been The People
Quality Goods and a Saving of 25
to 50 on the Cost of Living
1G lbs. Ik-st Granulated Sugar for $1.00
10 Iba. Heat White or Yellow Corn-
4 Ua. Faiiry Loulalana Kica, 1 0f
quality, for aSe
The Heat roniatlo Macaroni, Ver
micelli or hiKht)iU, iiiaAio In
OuiaJi. pic 7V4
Larirti I lot ilea Pure Tomato Cat-
aup, maue at Florence, per but-
Advo Jll, the jell of
inatle In Omaha. iW. ,
1:. c. Corn i"lttka. lii.,
i . . .THo
44 lb, aacka bt. HigH-rade Pl.i
mund If Hour, nothing like It tut, l'r or cakea, ntade Jrotn No.
1 at-lvcted wheat, per aack.... US
iO bara Beat 'Cm AH, White Ituaalan.
Inox. Iimoil C or Ijtundry
Vueen White laundry Koap....Uo
Iraaie Kiel a( Wat.rla Wear
walra irailri Aala Are
Orape-Nuta, I'kK
LrfKiae-W Ilea f kinotia Cooklpa. rra-
ulur lui, U'o. luf aooitM, Mun.
lay llc, ion, Ne
peolal OeUea Baatoa Cotfae,
pe la. i....aoo
The Beat Creamery Batter, ear
tea or balk, made la Ornate, per
la 3ie
The Urnl Country Creamery Hut-
tr. lb see
Good llry Table nutter, lb. .See
vil I Cream S Clieeae, n.r
lb ige
I'till Creajn, Young America or
New York White Cbeeae, lb toe
The Ueat Strictly Freud Guarn.
teed t.gHB. nothing finer, UoigSo
tta norui or omaxa.
1 lba. I'otatoea to the peck.. Mo
'iJemuitl iu iba. the law re
qulrea It.
New Cabhaae. per lb H,e
liubbara buuaali, each . . . lOo-iaa o
bunchea VVeab Hadiahea. . . , So
2 bunchea Freeh Sballota. . . . , Do
I heaUa Ffeah ilulhouae) Lettuce
for , Bo
FVeah, per irk lOe
lieeta, Carrota or Turnipa, lb.. So
IlulabagaM, lb to
i! klttJka Freah Celery So
Ureen Tomatoea, for plcklea. bas
ket for .tee
We have purctiaaed for title ape.
rial occantiin two rarloaila of the
favorite Varieties for eating and
cooking. F.very box extra fancy
und aelerted fruit. We look for
an advance In applea any time and
adviee our ruatontara to buy now.
Following are nuini of the vnrle
tiea: Jonathan. Urlmea Golden,
Wealthy, llvtover. hpitaenbereer,
' Arc unquestionably made good enough
and beautiful enough to grace any American
home. "
Bigelows Smiths Sloans are "Made
in America" brands that are today world re
nowned. "We show immense lines of all the
new Pall Patterns. . , '
As Monday Specials
$16.50 Tapestry Brussel Rugs, 9x12 size.
seamless, at $11.08
$25.00 Axminstor Rugs, floral and orieutal
patterns, in 9x1 2 size, on sale $19.08
$27.50 Seamless Wilton Rugs, 9x12 su'ze; 43
patterns for selection, choice $20.98
$16.50 Seamless Velvet Rugs, 9x12 size; big
line of pretty patterns 12.98
$1.50 Heavy Velvet Rugs, 27x54 size, choice,
nt $1.15
. '-- i...jlfWWWMfil
Laurel Combination Coal
and Gas Ranges
No burners to removal no alter
ation to muke when coal or gas
la burned at the-cams time or
separately. .
Laurel Combination Range $30.00
13.23 New Style Cast
Aluminum Cake Orltldle, wlih
new and ininrovdl Itubberold
handle lo ' prevent ' burn
ing handii, barred bottom to
prevent warping. Ilakea cakes
without greaMinfr. Special for
one day, .Monday t CQ
only, at $ L eOi
Other Ranges Stoves and
Base Burners
Renown'' Black Nickel Flnlnh
Cast Ranges. .948.00 and $50.00
"Renown" Plain . Flniali Cast
Rangea. up from $31.60
"Garland" 4-hole Cast Ranges
at 37.60
Stoel Ranges, up from $lt.S5
"Range Eternal" malleable
Ranges $33.00 and $63.00
Cook fctoves $18X0 and $18.50
Oak Heating Stores, up from 94.09
Base Burners, "Garland." "Re
nown." "Caarlna." "Univeraal" .
and others, up from ...... $30.00
"Made in America" Sale
Brass Beds
Full also., three-quarters, and
einglo size Beds that Bell from
$18.00 to $30.00; only on to
three beds of a pattern; on.
Hale one day only in two lots,
$12.50 and$15
Genuina Layer Felt
Mattress ... .
Vernis Martin and White Beds.
noor samples, all sizes. In
thl sale, from 82.0O
S3.50 ad 85 up to $7.50
' each.
All Oak Chiffoniers... 85.00
and S7.50
All oak Dressers 87.50
ani S10.00
Bed Davenports, on sale
M $25.00
Remarkable "Made la America" Sale Bargains in Wall Paper and Painls
Beginning Monday, lasting all the week, you can buy beautiful papers at less than half.
10.000 molls of Sedroom Pattens,
to Kc roll values, on Bale, at
roll Se
10,000 Bolls of Farlor ana Blalag
i.'um pKpera, up to 2tto a roll
values, on Bale, per roll ee
Johasoaa' Old Bag-Usa Tloor Was,
aramesuo vauaeaia, regular z&c a .
roll values, on sale, at roll. ,10o
All Boom Moulding at fast . .
ULT rmiox.
special, 1-lb. cans at . ...40o.
B-lb. Fkr. WaU Tlat. u colors, on
Bale, yt per pk
Beadr Wx.4 Paints. 42 colprf', on
eale. at per Kallon tl 49
Ploor and Xatertoa Tarnish.
guality. per gallon tlj9
a-ia. eaas, at.. boo
Ore it among the landmark of the world
'.j,i'1 th liun of Waterloo on its mound
VA feet high. Ten mile from the city, of
Brussels It marks the plain where his
tory's greatest battle wan founght. where
over fa.OU) men wire killed, wounded and
r.usaing.' It is haraly necessary to aay
that It was fought oa June IS. and
tbivt is culniliiata the campaign follow
ing Naia'leon's escape fioia Klda and
stopped his mUhty effort to conquer all
The ducliees of Richmond gave a ball
In Rrusaels on June 1!; at midnight Wel
lington, having alieidy heard that the
outposts had teen envaged, went to the
ball. Here he found the prince of Oraiyo.
the man who soemed fated to cause like-
lee loss of life through his blunders.
Even now he ought to have been at
I.lnohe, where the duke promptly sent
him. after Inquiring for news.
far fr m being surprised at the erea
ing'a attack, as sum writers assert, the
duke had dUpatched his orders before he
went to the ball, for at I a. m, strange
sounds broke the night's silence and great
masses of troops were on the jiove,
bugles were blowing everywhere and peo
ple opened their windows to see the vari
ous regiment tramp paat. - Jk. Highland
Land was playing bagpipes to the swing
of the "Black Watch" as they went cut
to battle through the Namur gat. Curi
ously enough, many of the officers were
still wearing, their silk stockings and
dancing pumps, for the heat was so in
tense that men went mad and died on the
march; but for the rest, they pushed on
and were soon under fire. The battle Is
eclipsed by the - thought of the awful
aftermath; the plain so filled with the
dying and the dead that for three days'
parties brought In the wounded, who In
many cases were saved by having had
their bleeding stanched by the frost. ,
In the hurry bodies were flung down
a well. For thirty years the corn crops
Were of a deeper color where they grt
over the blood of the slain threat