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    1IIK OMAHA kSUNDAX ',i:K: jCTOBLU 18, 1'Jlv.
About 30,089 Pairs o
Another sale that shows the power of a giant organization to
benefiting the people and lowering the cost of maintaining the
home. Kvery home in Omaha will feel the advantage we secured
in the tremendous deal that made this mammoth money-saving salo
possible, for the quantity of blankets and comforters in this sale is
about equal to the number of homes in this city.
A greater part of the selling space in our basement will b.'
devoted to this great display Monday so that everybody will hae
room to look around and buy and be happy in picking the bigger:
blanket bargains that have been offered in this city for years, it
is a sale for everyone's attendance.
f llailids and 7,000 Coiiferters
imm pi'P'i'Fi iii.i ,n nnm I'j-ii;" mill V 1 '"." 1 1 '.' , 1' J ', I'M V " ' ' .'.t
"We boucht tlvo entire surplus stock of some of the largest
and most reliable blanket mills in the United States at reductions
that will enable us to save you an average of 40c on the dollar.
These mills specialized in the manufacture of blankets for the
United States Army, large hotel corporations, steamship lines. nd
private and public institutions. In our entire business history wi
have never offered such remarkable bargains in blankets and com
forters. This sale Is a real windfall for everybody as all people buy
blanKets at this time of the year and usually the expense is considerable
for such rood blankets as these. Hotel and rooming: house keepers will re
plenish their supply here Monday. It is a sale that wlll be well worth
traveling many miles to attend. ' '
The Blanket Sale That the People Have Awaited Begins Mere Monday
"T f
iTTfi 1 1 -A -aT fXT jfOJM- YA
i ,vr i' 1 14.. i 1 1 11 rr r v.'.. u a a ' l
' r J saw
Size 72x94 Inches Worth $7 OO
These are the ollre, drab or khaki color that ts
ased by the United States Government. Have
woven in center in black 8." Are strictly all
wool. Size 72x84 Inches and weigh 6 pounds.
Positively the most durable blankets made; worth
$7.00 each. Monday, at. ,
120 neavy Cotton Bkuiketa at
1J9 Pair Blanket of this qual
ity and size are equal to any
priced up to $2.50. Very soft
napped and twilled; sixes up to
72x80 Inches. Woolnaps and
other best grades. Spe- M Q
cial Monday, pair 1U9
UM FoH 11-4 Sise Cotton Blankets
t, pair, Ui' Ho ft nppd blan
ket for winter nhreU. (ioixl.
hwavy blanket, wort h re- Qfijt
ular f 1.63 a pair. Monday
Gennlns Fnlted States Army Blan-
kela Slxe dx90 Inrhen. Oovern
ment Hlnnketa; trlotly all-wool:
welsrh 3V4 pound. Karh haa
woven In renter 'Ti. B. nhnwlng
rnem genuine, ring ror
ramping; and oul
uae. s. 00 value at.
Fine ill-Wool Filled BlankcU
Made of fine, toft wool on a cot
ton chain; will wear well and not
chrlnk. White, pray and tan, a I no
piaiaa ana rnecK; tor
full-.lie bed. 3 63 val
lie. Monday, tha pali
lit r. Fll1IWTMf
ne for q Of
"t?Sa. W0
na inn. Kino
Fine All Wool Filled
Theae blankets are full 11-4 and
12-4 sizes. Preferred by many to
all-wool, as they dont shrink. In
white, gray, tan, plaids and cheeks.
Splendid wearing qualities. Splen
did $4.00 blankets. Mon- (10
day. pair $.30
Finest All Wool
None better made. Reasonably
cheap at $12.B0 pair. Extra large
sizes. Tretty plaids and checks,
white and colors. Many have wide
taffeta silk ribbon binding to match
borders. Monday,
All Wool and Wool
Filled Blankets
These are extra heavy blankets,
made of fine wool. Many are extra
large sizes; finished on both ends
to be used one on a bed. In white,
tan, gray and colored plaids. A
$2.50 quality, Monday,
Made especially for a large institu
tion and stamped "U. S. I. D." Other
single blankets, heavy weight, many
half wool. Extra heavy weight and
large sizes. Contract prfee to man
ufacture, $3.00 each. 'fl ,Q
Monday, each )10
Strictly, Ail Wool
Made of the very finest selected
California wool. North Star. St
Mary's and other leading brands.
For large, double beds. In plaids,
checks, white, gray and fawn col
ors. Regularly $7.50.
Monday, pair.
Woolnap Cotton
Largest cotton blankets made and
have the new soft finish that looks
and feels like wool. Weight 3 and
4 pounds to pair. Colors; also
plaids and checks. A splendid val
ue. Monday, while 500
pairs last, pair
Baby Crib Blankets
Very soft fleeced crib or . cradle
blaakets; pretty pink and blue
fast, colored borders. The size
of these blankets Is 30x40 Inches.
They are excellent values Qi
at' 19c. Special Monday.... i v.
Fcalher Ded Pillows
All, clean, dustless,. feather filled
bed pillows, covered with good
quality of fancy art denim. Size
17x24, weight 44 lbs. to the pair.
' Worth 60c each. bZo
Monday at, each LOVt
85c Cotton Blankets
49c Pair
Blankets made of fine staple cot
ton; good winter weight for
sheets. Correct size for three
quarter beds. Always sell at 85c
per pair and often more. AQa
Special Monday, per pair.
$1.25 Comforts
Large size comforts. Good grade
of cotton filling. Silkoline cov
ered, stitched or tied. Medium or
heavy winter weights. Comforts
that are well worth . . l?.j
$1.25. Monday, at DJt
$3.50 Bed Comforts
8oft, downy, cotton filled comforts,
. ; extra fine quality of silkoline
' covering; size 80x90; medium
and extra weights; sell regular
ly at $3.50. Offered QB
for Monday at, each.... V-a.UO
Sale of Dress and Coal Velvets
We have just received deUy4jblpment of these scarce goods Just
at the time when the call tor velvets Is most insistent. The prices ar
under regular and the color assortment superb.
42-lneli Beasttfal All 6lik Irrt Awortei Cldffon Dasfces In blacK
Chlffo Telvet In all the neweet . and colors. 36-lneh and ' 42-tnch.
street shades. Regular" 9 (JiT 1 Kegular price $7.60 per rj
price $5; Monday, yd . , . . .40. J yard. Monday J1W
large line . of patterns. Very
!1 r..e. 111 lts9 "ne.of patter
API Iff 11511 rUFQ fashionable for coats and
i vaa B4 Inches wide C (a CC.OC
Worth $2.50 to $10.00. Monday, special at.
tlJOO Boulevard Dress VehreWY-
vrr aoft and clinging. last coi
ors, over 20 different
shades. Monday, yard.,
tlJOO DIacV Telonr Chiffon 42
Inches wide. For dresses, suits
and coats. Special Mon- f A Pt
day. yard Jtf.wV
$10 Black Silk Lyons Velvet 22
Inches wide. Monday, j yQ
$1J0 Faon Velvets All colors and
black. Monday, Qj
I Fashionable Dress S.Iks
That are right In tyl and quality.
40-larh Crei ( hlae, cualume
4U-lnrh Beacalla. r.rlia.
Worth a.5. yard
4A-Ib, Rumaa aad Bar era
Sllka. Worth 13.60. yard..
4-lara S. W. I'.pltaa and C'ree
i'an. worm,
itid C'reae
Barn a In Square
10. noo yards of Fine Htlka of aJl
descriptlpn. at fully one-third, and
In many Instances one.half, less
than rag-alai price. Monday, per
49c. 79c ami 98c
Laces andTFiflirainnlngs
The Largeflt Stocks of Everything
. That Is New. and Comet.
Oriental ani Shadow Laeei la Tretty Xew rattents In cream, white and
black; 3 to 8 Inches wide. Just the thing for the Tango flare 9f
collar. Worth up to S9o a yard. Monday, t)C
Also Oriental and Shadow Laces, IS Inches wide. Included.
Oriental, .hadew and Frlneess llovnelags, 18 to 27 Inches wide
Shadow Allorer, id white and cream. 40 inches wide
Itlack Silk I-aee, 12 to 18 inches wide.. ,t,
l aaey BUek AUever Nets, In plain and fancy stripes
Wash Blonde, white, cream and black. 72 Inches wide
At. t I . . II. it .
A'l rw u airernv, v nrin so -'; Yard
5ew Laoe t loincings in rrincess
and Uerre, Oriental. Shadow, and
black Chantilly. 18 to 27 Inches
arkjMBS avBaaMslBMaaeal
I "i
. flCf. ay 4.-
2 Carloads of Linoleum and Floor Oilcloth
The Surplus Stocks and
Canceled Orders of a Great
Eastern Mill Dough tat Abaut
Ilere is a sale that strikes right into the greatest majority of homes in Omaha and
vicinity, for in most homes it is necessary, when the fall season comes, to re-cover some cf
the floors with new linoleums and oilcloths. (
Be sure to bring the measurements of your room
when you come to thia sale Monday so as to be
sure to buy exactly the quantities that you need.
The prices are so remarkably low that we expect tremendous crowds Monday, and we
have made preparations to take care of everybody by enlarging the 6pace in which the:
goods will be displayed. There will be parity 0f extra salespeople to wait on yri
promptly. "Wc quote four of the principal lots in this sale, pointing out Very plainly to yoa
that the values are really extraordinary.
wide. Also Allover Kmnrowerea
Nets. 36 Inches wide. Worth np
to $2 98 per yard. Mon-
A line Selection el Pretty Kew
Laces French -and German Vale,
linen Torchon and Clnny edges
and Insertions. Also cotton
Clnny laces from 1 to 6 Cm
Inches wide. Choice, yd t
X Beaatlfal Assortment of f ani
-Inch Xrepe and Totle Edges In
blues, pink, green, black and
white. Suitable for dainty collars
and vestees. Regular 25a )m
value, for, yard 1j"jv
' Dainty I-aeei for Corset Covers and
lamlsoles 12 to 17 Inches wld.
Many beautiful designs. f .u
Worth up to 60c yd., at..... 1UC
S?Vr in By.
-j k?uaac link i
uiaise. wnne. nan
seda. Worth $1.00. Spe
cial Monday, yard
and re-
Gallnna an J Pa.. J f-i j . .
gold and stiver lce. crystal
bands, jet and spangled bands,
right colored beaded bands and
galloons. Special Mon- f aa
day, at. yard M.UiJ
Coney Far Trimming rn bands and
edges. Black, brown and white
Coney. White pointed Coney and
fitch Coney Special rn
Monday, yard ,3UC
PplendU Talnes la Far Trimming
Leopard and tiger Coney, mar
mot. Imitation ermine. Jeanette,
Imitation civet, black and brown
Coney $ inches wide. Qi
Monday, yard t3C
Thn T5?fOn?T7 Sewing
Hfiat 11 UMI! Ill I
Tbe De si From Every Viewpoint
Vv . ar axclualT acrnta In Omaha far this hlahast
grad. of Kewlns Machine. If th.r. ta on. Item la a
woman's liom. that ouaht to be aelact.d with arvat
I rare, ii aureiy la (n. .wina macniaa, lor in moil
humea a tewing machln. I. uaed alftio.t .rjr day.
Tha FKKK runs lighter than any other sewlna; ma
chma. It w. taster than any other itwini inachin.
and maa.s an abaolntety perfect tltch. Think of
what that means ta you In an artU-la that you hove
to um so oflrn and ttr o many year, ktefor. decid
ing on bnrtnir any other make or machina.b. I u re (.
e. tha KKKE. It will aoy you t. do TU will t
mora satietlnd with your urrliaax
Sowlaaj Star a, Dret Mala ylr Mar PwiptUt Rooaa.
Genuine Inlaid Linoleum
Six Feet Wide. Worth to $i 30 Sq. Yd
Heavy quality, with the colors running through to
!?:...7ite and 98c
Twelve -Foot-Wide Linoleum
Values Uo to 85c Per Square Yard
Big assortment of tile patterns, wood effects, blue
and white and conventional patterns. Full rolls.
Never before have we offered 12-foot-wlde linole-
SauaTeVJr!.?" 38c and 48c
H(j Lots of Linoleum Remnants
Worth Up to 70c Per Squar Yard.
Many patterns alike, which will enable you to pick
out quantities sufficient to cover any ordinary size
room. A big lot of these remnants to 9V
go on sale Monday. Per square yard dC
Floor Oilcloihs
3 Feet. 4 1-2 Feet and 6 Feet Wid
Worth Up to 40c Per quan, Yar
The entire purchase of these Floor Oilcloth
go on sale Monday In two 1nA a II
big lots. Per square yard lVfC OflU ZdC A
is will 5
Bedding and TabieLinens
25 pieces Full Bleached All Linen Table
Damasks-Scotch make, 70 inches wide. All hi
ueat patterns. 98c value. Special 75 C
Monday, yard ,
100 pieces All Linen Crash Bleached and
natural color, extra heavy weight. Regular
priee 15e. A big value Monday, 1 1 C
$2.25 Specials at $1.69
For Monday we will place on sale a limit id
quantity of fringed, scalloped ' and plain
hemmed Spreads. One of the greatest values
in SprcadH ver placed on sale. Sl,()9
Two Bifl Towel Specials
We Hemstitched Ilack Towels Iery thread pure
linen, fancy blue embroidered ends, also Initials.
The German make. Special for Mon- )tf
day. each WC
49e aad Wc Gaeit Towels Pure linen, hemstitched
and scalloped ends. Pretty patterns. One of the
greatest values ever place on sale, 25C
Cloths at Special Prices
C00 Cloths, S yards long. In the Cerman make. Every
thread linen.- All In the newest (0
designs, each VaiwO
. ale Quaker Lace Curtains
Qoaker laee Curtains 48
Inches wide. Special for
raf: 98c
Qoaker Lace Curtains 64
inches wide. Plain and
figured. Special r A
for Monday, pr..le3U
Quaker Lae Curtains In
the new flat edges and
Mission Patterns. Spe
cial for Mon- ?f tQ
day, pair 91 VO
Quaker Lace Curtains
Dozens of new effects In
the rich Egyptian color.
Splendid assort- no
ment. pair QLitJo
Quaker Lace Curtains In very fine weaves, plain and
fancy center with buttonhole or flat edges. Special
$3.50, $3.98 and $4.50 Pair
Quaker Craft Lace and Bangalow Kets Spe- C8
cial showing Monday, yard..' JOC
QMy!Var 3ttd 65C
i' 'mm
rVTT CPrntl A ,ot of Pi ' Quaker
Jl LVIftli wii
l ro on ala Monday
In lirapery Section, ti g
a lor.,- at the lot ZititZ
lasts, at, yard
Worth $6.00 a Pa r. lust 300 Pairs
These are for large beds and are made 8f fine
selected long fiber wool, both warp and filling.
Come in plaids, checks, tan, white and gray, with
pink or blue borders. Made by the North Star
Woolen Mills, and are worth fully $6.00 & pair.
Monday, while 500 pairs last, pair, $.1.9 H.
Two Bifl Lots of Comforters
Fine Sateen Covered Comforts
Full size and extra large; pure
white carded cotton filling; hand
tufted or fancy scroll stitched;
medium and heavy weight. Light.
dark and medium , colors. $4.50
values. Monday,
Full Size Comforts With best qual
ity of Al silkoline covering; floral
and Persian patterns. For large
double beds. Pure white cotton
filling. Never sold" for less than
$2.50 anywhere. While twenty
five bales last, Monday, fft CA
the price will be $laDv
Auio Robes and
Steamer Rugs
Large size plush robes, plain and
fancy, with or without rubber in
terlining. All-Wool Steamer
Rugs, plaids and checks, re
versible and plain backs. 9 Q2
$6.50 value. Monday )d.M
Aulo Robes and
Steamer Rugs
Chase riunh Auto Robes, rubber
interlining and rubber backs.
All-Wool Steamer and Auto
Robes; large size; reversible or
plain backs. Worth to flJC Aft
$8.00. Special Monday. . ?.VU
Dress Goods, Coatings, Suitings
More Values That Emphasize the Fact That Drandeis
Offerings Are UnequaledMAIN FLOOR.
JOO yards of Special Dress Goods
representing the best popular
price dress goods In the country.
Beautiful French and costume
Serges, fancy Twills, fine Whip
cords, Checks and Roman stripes,
Victoria Suitings, Epingle and
lightweight Broadcloth. At spe
cial prices Monday
49c, 79g and 98c
Sa-eol Dres Patterns
Each containing ample material for
any style suit or dress, at
$185, $2.95 and S3.95
Broadcloth and Soft Clinging Suit
ings are In vogue this fall. For
Monday we are offering several
hundred yards of splendid fab
rics at prices much lower than
actual values. Gabardines, Satin
Ottomans, French Serges, Ger
man and French Poplins and Sa
bastopols, in the newest shades,
all specially prcled at
$1, $1.39, $1.50, $1.95
SO pieces of Sponged and Shrank
Chiffon Weight Broadcloth In a
beautiful range of colorings, and
black. 54 inches wide. Worth
$2.50 at. yard $LS
French Challis
Three cases just received, light and
medium grounds, neat figures and
elaborate designs, two, three and
four color tone effects. Regular
prices 39c to 75c. Monday
25c and 39c
Dress Goods Special
la the Basement.
1,500 yards All-wool Serge, 36
inches wide. In all the wanted
shades and black.
Regular price 50a
Monday, yard ,
t uuvvw
Here Are Best $5 Triple
Natural Wavy Switches
Beautiful 22-inch Switches in
All Shades, only $4.95
Manicuring. Shampooing
and Hair Dressing
Children's Hair nobbing, etc. Appointments made
over telephone. Call'up 1614 Douglas and ask for the
Hair Goods Department.
Four Bifl Special Lois o! Wall Paper
Parlor, Dinirg Boom and Hall
Papers Neat, two-tone paper3
with 9-inch and 18-inch borders
to match. Worth up f? tp
to 12c. Monday, roll... "I v.
Bed Room and Kitchen Papers
with Borders to Match All
our regular 5c and 7e 4.0
qualities, Monday, roll..T'
. Notion Department Main Floor
noon tRTXC
M Saaltarr A a.
nu, Maaday, ca.
S Saaltarr Belta A.
Monday, each.. I Uw
Kattllaa C.M.aa,
Monday, ball....
laalda B.lrtaa I to I
Inchea wiua. 10
Monday, yd
Men's Nck
;.-h. C "
MM-rar Spaola Basting
t.ool fc ' C
Our Entire Line of Gold Pa
pers For livjng rooms, dining
rooms and -reception halLi.
Worth up to 30c. -f Oi n
Monday, roll A"J
Oatmeal Papers All color
and patterns. Worth up to tiOo.
Your choice of the lot, Otfe
Monday, roll M
, flS' .V't'.UV.r ,
Sol Orwlaai
alik, Monday. OU
oool W ' 0
tMa Silk. Mon- Ql,
day, spool U ' W