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    riIIK F.KIv OMAHA. FHIDAi" OCT(r.i:it !. - 1 1.
Housekeeping Hftnnfl,
THKIE Blc room. housekeeping. 1111
8. Uth.
PraUkf4 HtuM-liMplit Itoeeas.
MODKRN room, with kitchenette; 23.7S.
D 71 .
Hotels mm Afert meats.
CA7.1FORNIA jaotel. 14th and California.
Weekly rates 12 and up, Douglaa ?0K.
OtJDKN HOTKIi-Boomi 33 per week.
Council Bluffs.
IIDOE HOTF.I Modem. Reasonable.
lloaeea llti(ti.
Field Club Home
Fine 7-room and sleeping porch, han
ood finish, finely decorated; special li
ucement for rig'- tenant.
Peters Trust Co.
1ZS Farnam.
Pong. w.
t!.(5.r. cottage. AV Patrick Ave.
J10.i 4r. house. S275 N. 25th Ave.
i.iX 4-r. houae. at 210S Hmy.
li'O.UO 7-r .modern house, at Meredith
Ave. .
33500-S-r. modem house. 1809 Lothrop,
3.)0 -r. modern house, large ground.
42.,S Harnev. , .
3.10.00 9-r. modern house, 527 Park Ave.
4M7 Om. Na. Pk, BM. Douglas lg4.
Dundee homes for rent
$407 rooms, 6134 Davenport St.: modern.
Hrt7-room bungalow, 5115 CapltoJ Ave;
modern: hot water host.
90S City National Bank Bid.
Phone Douglas 756.
7-R.. mod. cottage. 3014 N. 22d, P. 1246.
(VR cottage, first-class condition; Urge
y a rd; near car line; 112. H. 71ti.
tTrOOM modern, oak finish. 601 Park
Ave., 240. .
J-ROOM, modern, good neighborhood. 2W2
Kim St.. 224. it mm
BKAUTIFUL 8-roont, modern house on
29th and California. Harney 6612.
f-R. houae, mod., oak finish, hot water
heat; near onm. I lunclee. HRrney 2168.
West Farnam
New brick and stucco home. Just being
finished: three fine bedrooms and Bleep
ing porch 2d floor: large living room and
dining room; beautifully finished In ma
hogany; 1A floor white enamel; 345 on
Peters Trust Co.
122 Farnam St. Tel. Doug. 2S9J.
UOLiKhM 8-room house, 205 8. 33th Ave.,
vacant November 5. Can be seen after
t a. m. any day. Inquire T. J. O'Brien,
Phones Harney lt'eM or Douglas 1216.
FOR RENT November 1, 315 W. Knli Ave..
7-room modern flat. See Charles Q.
McDonald or J. J. Tome, 616 Bramlels
Bldg. Phone Douglaa 346ti.
6-R. modern house, 1727 ,S. 10th. D. 741fi.
LARGE list of houses at special prices f.jr
tho winter. Do not miss this oppor
tunity. F. D. Wend, isth und Farnam Hts.
1312 6. 2Sth St., 8-r., all mod., good loca
tion. HASTINGS HKYDKN. 11114 Harney Pt.
niiuirn in an puria oi uie cuy.
uuat-B Crelgn snn, ft Co Bff Bldg
Fidelity Storage Co.
Storage, moving, packing and shipping.
14th tt. Jackson Sta. Phone Douglaa 2.
Bit. A -vi neut, nil modern, i-room house.
aleo 4-ro-jm flat. 'ii0 No. 23d.
Globe Van&Storage
Etorea, moves, packs, ships; S-horse van
and 2 men. 11.25 per hr. ; storage 32 per
mo. Batlafactory guar. D. 4338 tt Ty. 330.
J. C. Reed
aixp. Co., moving
packing 4s storage,
liaPT Farnam. D. 4JS4;
Van and stor
age Co. Reduced
r. I.. e..v n t
Large vii, t men, $l 25 per far.; dray 3
men, 21 per hr. 1713 Webster. Doug, its
We have a complete list of all houses,
apartments and flats that are for rent.
This list can be seen free of charge at
Omaha Van 4t storage Co.. uti a. l.ui bu
-ROOM. cot. mod. ex hu, newlv papered
and painted. 3J0. 3013 Leaivenwoitti.
Harney 435L
7-ROOM, all mod. house near llansconi
Park, with garage; garage mow rented;
electric lights. Tel. Douglas 6424.
fc-KOOM cottage, mud, ex. heat. W. UfrW.
a-ROOM strictly modern house In Al coli
ditton, location 2S12 Pacific St. Call at
1060 8. 28th St, or Phone Harney 23411.
I-R. mod. cottage, 719 a. 7th St., $25. 7-r.
mod. house, U614 Leavenworth St., $.16.
Both fine locations. Phone Webster 2i!H).
Stores sst uftlces.
Space under the Kmpress Theater, itith
and DoukIbb Sis., 61x132 ft., with balcony.
Can be leased on very favorable terms.
Full Information at our office.
902 City National Pank Rldg.
Phone Douglas 761.
IND FLOOR office rooTna or suitable for
light mfg. Wright 4b Lasbury, U 8.
FOR RENT Meat market, all equipped.
Write or call K. L, Shackiey, Avoca.
GOOD Lara, room for or 10 norsea
1S17 Webster Si. cah Douglas 43.
TWO ucfurniuIieU rooms lor lioune Keep
ing, walking aiatance. Address U. 44,
. . .1A1E
FOR SALE S20-a ere homestead, well
Improved; south of Y"ma, com.; corn
and hay goe place, l'rlce $1,2aI. Ad
dress P. o. Box 17. Yuma. Colo.
T50 ACRES of land, one-third In the
great city of New Orleans, balance In
adjoining counties, area now be
ing drained. Will sell all, or part, at $100
per acre. Meyer Lineman, 214 tfaroime
St., New Orleans. La. o
Fine, Improved grain and stock farm,
adjoining town, Holt county. Possession
at once.
FOR SALE Fine residence with twenty
acres of land four blocks from depot;
cement walks; 2-story, S-room houae with
baeement; also barn.
40-arre farm. 4 miles from town, well
Improved. These places can be bought
reasonable and liberal terms.
JAMES WALTON. Fort Calhoun, Neb o
t Wlaeraala.
Upper Wisconsin
Beat uauy aud gaowa! zruu aiais la U
uulon; aetuera waited, laauia tor aale at
low wliea, on easy terms. Ask for book,
let 14 on Wisconsin Central Land QranL
Suite acres wanted. Write about our
gruxing lands. If Intareetad In fruit land a
ask for booklet on Apple Orchards la
Wisconsin. Aaaresa Lana LHHi.,
Line R Minneapolis. Mlna.
BARGAIN 320-acre Improved farm. 20
mile from MLnnsapolls; on good gravel
road; lays level; about 124) acres under
cultivation, balance used for pasture;
some fine meadow land; can practically
all be put under cultivation; buildings
consist of i-room house, barn, granary,
corn cribs, machine shed, windmill, etcj
good apple orchard. Price, $J0 per acre;
one-half rash, reasonable terms on bal
ance. Adjoining farm held at double tins
price. Schwab Bros., 1021 Blymouth Bldg.,
Minneapolis, Mino.
Calkins & Co.
1"1 City Nafl Rank nidg. Douglas 1703,
JJO.ijOO A brick Improved business corner,
hilldlng on property new. Income
(2.100 a year, all on lease. Rentals
Increasing each year. This will net
you about 3 per cent.
$ IfrTO Another brick improved corner
building about month old. In
come l.2X a yetr. This Is a mighty
ood buy and will pay Investigation.
FINK 20-scre farm. 4.i miles from Minne
apolis; good soil; two sets buildings;
will take up to 115.000 other goud property
In exchange, balance some cash and mort
gage; price l an acre; finest stock tarm
in that vicinity.
10? riymouth Rlilg. Mlnnesrollp Minn.
FOR HAI.E or F..CHANlE-40 acrt-a
deeded land In north part of Golden
county, for prices and description write
the owner, C. H. Fields. Bingham. Neb.
CITY and farm loans, '5, 5S,6 per cent.
J.JI. Dumont & Co.. WW Farnam, Omaha,
WAXTKIV-City loans. Peters Trust Co.
OMAHA homes. Knst Nebraska farms.
1018 Omaha atl Douglas 271S.
GARVIN l31iOS i-n. ' "i up-
WTI Farm loans Kloke Inv. Co. Omaha.
WANTED City loans and warrants. W
Farnam Smith & Co.. UX Farinm.
CITY property. I-arge loans a specialty.
W. H. Thomas. 21 State Hank Rldg.
$100 to $10,009 made promptly. F. P. Wead,
Wend Rldg., ISth and Farnam Rts.
MONKY on hand for city and farm loana.
H. W. Binder. City Natl. Rnnk Bldg.
fii'-ITY LOANS. Hemis-Carllvrg Co.,
" 0 ;:ift-S12 P.randels Theater Rldg.
SER us first If you want a farm loan,
l.'nlted mates Trust Co., Omaha. Neb.
KERR Title Ouiu-ante and Abstract Co.,
a modern abstiact office. 300 S. 17th St.
Phone I 'ouglas ft47.
RKED Abstract Co., cldst abstract office
in Nebraska. 206 Brandeis Theater.
This "tract of land I located about one
mile from South Omaha limits; lays prac
tically level and surrounded by nice
homes. No Improvements. Nothing ad
joining this property can be bought for
less than 1400 pos acre. For quick sale we
are authorised to sell for $200 per acre.
0 'Neil's B. p:. & Ins. Agencv,
1505 Farnam St.
Tel. Tyler 1024.
South Omnha Office South 1H2.
4 viussavnm
I H i lftlll1aCfaSrilll
2802 Binney Street
Modern Bungalow
Full-alse cemented cellar.
Oak finish, book-vases artlatlc fixtures,
indoor shades.
Street Improvements In and paid.
Iarge lot--south front.
$300 Cash
Harry Wolf
Ware Block, lMh and Farnam. Doug S068.
A 5-Room, New, All
Modern Bungalow
This house la located on paved street,
close to two car lines and two blocks
from good school.
It Is One of the Best Bargains
in Omaha Today
Arrange to ua at once about this.
j Bankers Bcalty Investment
i Company,
Ground Floor Bee Bldg.
Phono Douglas 2HJ6.
New. modern bungalow, oak finish;
beam ceilings, wall decorated; fine loca
tion, paved street, close to car. located
at 28o4 Fowler Ave. Terms: $0') down, bal
ance same aa rent. Owner, Webster 4!iJ7.
$1,000 BUYS a 7-room houtie, large lot?
3D10 Ho. fth St.
A strictly high-claas 8:room, almost new
brl. k residence with good garage, one
block from Hansoom park. Cannot be
beat In city for quality or price. If in
terested call owner, Ilarncv 223.
37th Street
South of Farnam
One of the best lot bargains ever offered
in this exclusive district. Tne price Is
only $3,200, leas than $0 per front foot.
Not another lot within two blocks that
can be bought for lets than $75. See ua
at one.
Armstrong-Walsh Co.
Tyler IMo. State Bank Bldg.
Finely located lot close to
car, best part Dundee, all spe
cials paid in full; will sell
cheap for cash. Call owner, D.
also Omaha red book, vest pocket sua
free at our office; two stamps by mil.
Charles E. W llhamson Co.. Real Estata
Insurance, care of Property. Omaha. o
High Class Lots Cheap
Webster and 2Sth Sts., paving, all Im
provements; Ames Ave. and 38th St., all
Improvements. W.right & Lasbury. D. U2.
Draler Wonder if Exporter! Will
Follow Local Price, on Wheat.
Wet W eather la Cora Belt llaa Ten.
deary to NiMMit That 'emmod
tiT to ome Kuril na the
Local Market.
OMAHA. Oct. 13, l!ll.
The question of handlers of cash wheat
yesterday was: "Will exporters follow
the gain in ttieprle of this grain"
The trade in cash wheat yesterday wa
the smallest In several weeks, with the
transactions Ma gulf porta onlv, and
these were at lower prices. Wheat via
the gulf mild al 1c above December on
Tuesday, but eMerlny rslee were made
at V under that month. This ahowa that
,u.".r ar, kpl'lnR a close watch on the
vislhle ipply, which Is now quite large,
as well aa on the amount of wheat and
flour afloat on the ocean, destined to
Importing countries, as well aa on the
movement out of the hands of northwest
ern and southwestern farmers.
The price of whet showed gains of 1H
twine, yesterday. The market was a local
aftair mainly, with onlv here and there
an outside order on either the buying or
aelling aide. One of the larger grain houses
at Uverpool, In a cabin to a I nlled States
concern, sas that Liverpool has suffi
cient wheat for Immediate wants, but It
has nothing for the future, and that prices
are expected to do better for a long pull.
There were gains of aa much as Id in
stmt wheat in e big English market
and Paris was up lc for wheat yesterday.
Those In the wheat trade, not only at
Chicago, but In the smaller markets of
the country, and who are considered good
Judges of conditional, are now the larger
holders of cash wheat In the belief that
the war will be a long drawn nut affair
and that prices must sell higher. On the
buying side nf wheat were much stronger
concerns than on the selling side.
One of the best pt sted men In the
northwestern markets and who was on
the Roanl of Trade yesterday, says that
the movement of whent out of farmers'
hands In western Canada has been much
smaller than generally credited, arid that
there Is more wheat bark on the farms
and In country houses than the bulli
care to aay.
Wet weather In the corn belt was the
principal help to that market yesterday,
but the gains were only 'tc. Those
who are now arrayed on the bull aide are
the same speculators who have been
friendly to corn at various rerlods during
the last six months.
Wheat was He to Vc higher.
Corn was c to l'o lower.
Oats were Vic lower.
Clearances were: Wheat and flour,
equal to 430,000 bu.; corn, 2.000 bu.i oats,
46O.OU0 bu.
Liverpool Closing: Not quoted.
I'rlmary wheat reoelpts were l.'OP.OfiO ml.
and shipments Till, 000 bu., against receipts
of 1, 206,000 bu. and shlpmentc KU.OOO bu.
last year.
Primary corn receipts were 327,000 bu.
and shipments 190,000 bu., against receipts
of 405.000 bu. and shipments of 261,000 bu.
last year.
I'rlmary oats receipts were 1,000,000 bu.
and shipments f2,000 bu., against receipts
of 706,000 bu. and shipments of 691,000 bu.
last year.
Wheat. Corn. Oets. Rj'e.
Chicago 12 141
Minneapolis 4
Duluth 2.13
Omaha 29 20 27 i
Kansas City 1M I 14
Pt. Louis 42 17 W
Winnipeg 2R .. ..
These cash sales were reported today:
Wheat No. 2 hard winter; 1 car. $1.02W:
8 cars. $1.02 No. 3 hard winter: cars,
Il.TOVi; 1 car, $1,011. No. 4 hard winter: 1
car. We; 1 car, Wc; 8 cars tburntl, 9oc. No.
3 mixed: 1 car, Il.uifc; 1 car, $1.01. No. 8
spring: I car (damaged), 97Vie. No. 4
apring: 5 cars, 90o; 2 cars. tec. No. 2 mixed
duru"n: I car, SHo, No. 2 mixed. 1 tar,
$1.02. Rejected hard winter: 1 car, c. No
grade nurd winter: 1 car 4ttc Corn-iNo.
1 yellow: car. 66V; No. 2 yellow:
cars. tiS'ie; No. 3 yellow: 1 car. 66Ho; No.
1 mixed: U car. 6V- No. 3 mixed: 1 car
(near white), 9s; 1 car tnear white), t.c,
2 cars, SMto; 1 rar, 5c. No. & mixed: 1
car. SWc No. 6 mixed: 1 car DBVio; 1 oar
54c Sample: 1 car white- "vi CI
(yellow). UiUo; 1 car. Wc. r0-.
j.l.,.-. 11 ... i if Kit. 4 white: 1 car,
42c7' cars. 42V. No. "lixti 1 car,
43Hc. Rye-No. 2; 1 car. 83c; No. 4. 1 car.
"omnha Cash Prices-Wheat : No .i hard.
Sl.OlWin.OSVfc: No. 3 hard, $1.WH'1-Mn
No. 4 hard. D3c4$1.00'a: No. 8 spring. $1.00
1.03; No. 8 spring, mctisi-wi. ' "'""i
Mc4$1.00: Nof 2 durum. No.
durum. 93Mf94Hc Cx.rn: No 1 white. 71
ftlHc- No. 2 white, 7071V. No. 1
hue, iVWV." . ' ""ZU'iMLi.
Irtur 4fjrihi
mixed. aawftHfcoi'So. t mixed. Vi6He;
No. 3 mixed, (vWfioV"; No. 4 'md,
fi6r(Iic; No. 5 mixed. Kjttc; No.
mixed. 63Vifir.Vte. Outs: No 2 wh Je,
43k.fi44c; standard, 43Viit 43Mic : No. white,
424 43c: No. 4 white, 42K4(42c. Barley:
Malting. K7c; No. 1 feed. 4r063c. Rye:
No. 2, 2Vi'n82c;, No. 3. 82a82Vto.
Features of the Trading; aad Closing;
Prices on Board of Trade.
CHICAGO. Oct. lfi.-Selllng pressure
from a number of leading firms acted as
more than an offset In wheat today Tor
assertions that export business waa In
progress on a hug scale. There was an
unsettled close at ' to c net decline.
Corn finished VflA to c down, oats
nft to VaH "'"J provisions ranging
from the same as last night to a loss
"orders to sd flooded Into the wheat
market as soon as prices at the opening
ahowed a tendency io advance. Much
of the unloading came from speculators
who bought on yeHterday'a upturn and
who had lieeome skctical In regard to
KohkIp thut export transactions were be
ing concealed to a much greuter ex
tent than waa generally supposed. The
ensuing fall of prices was followed by
two strong swell due to seaboard esti
mates that European buying today at
lnnleg. Duluth, Chicago and In the
southwest amounted to l.oOO.uhO bushels
to 2,0000,000 bushels. The effect, how
ever, failed to last, as the figures for
the most part could not be confirmed.
December delivery of wheat showed
decided relative strength compared with
Beautiful, Well Built
In New Addition
Easy Payments
This hr.use has 4 rooms. Is all modern.
Principal rooms In oak; furnaoe heat. Is
half block from car line.
Walka, trees and lawn all In. Streets
on eMtablluhed grade.
Interior decorations and lighting fix
tures to suit purchaser.
See this at once.
Bankers Bealty Investment
Ground Floor Boe Bldg.
Phone Douglaa p
$50 Cash $50
$30 Monthly $30
This is a beautiful little horn In a de
sirable neighborhood. Owner Is com
pelled to change location and must sell
at once.
Phone Douglaa 2594.
H. H. Harper
1012-14 City National Bank Bide.
Cotton Seed Cake Cold Pressed Cake,
From Texas Mills direct 10 you. Write
er wire ua for prices on High Oiad.
Meal or Cracked Cake, 43 to 4S per rent
protein. Cold Pressed Caka
S white. Imvmc: No. 4 white .
No. 1 yellow. ;7c: No. 2 yellow, 6'Vtf
cWc: No. 8 yellow. WiV4c; N". I vol;
No. 1
the May option Cah houses were good
buyers of the nearer month. hl.-li at
one time aent to fiS diei-ount under
May as against six cents at the close
l.tst night.
Prospects for better weather tende,! to
ease off the cvrn market. Co-.intiv
offerings remained small, but l" ma
jority of trsders were etpeotlng a ma
tetlnl enlargement of the crop move
ment soon. Oats developed ,it good deal
of resistance to bear attacka, as eastern
shipping demand continued good. The
market nevertheless gave evidence of
some sympathy with the weakne-s of
other grain.
Parkers buvlnr rallied lard after en
enrly break suffered by pr.iiln ow
ing to a decline In the price of hoes.
Pork and rila larked support, howrvc,
and seemed unable to rebound.
Chicago future prices:
I Open. I IliBh ' low. i Close Vest y j
Chicago Cash I'rlces Wheat: No. 2
red. tl.HMM-U: No. 2 hard, 21.lttii1.1l.
CVrn: No 2 yellow, 72mi7So; No. 3 yel
low. 7!V4T7:Vc. Oats: No. 2 white, 44Vtf
4(.c; standard. 4f.Wtp7'e. Rye: No. 2.
9in0Hc. Barley; K.iT72e Timothy: $1 to
1f..2R. Clover: fll.(It14 Oft. Pork: f 17.50.
Ird: 210 36 Ribs: fi07t4ill.50.
Rl'TTER Vnchanned.
EGOS Receipts. 4,132 cases; market un
changed. POTATOES 1 Usher; receipts. cars
Michigan and Wisconsin. 4tXCrf?c; Minne
sota and Dakota. 4.Vta.3c.
POULTRY I'nchanged.
RCTTER No. 1. 1-lb. cartons, 30c; No.
1, fiO-lb. tubs. 2c.
C1IKESK Imporled Swiss, 3Hc; Atner-
can Swiss. 2c: block wlss. 2.v; twins,
lO.'tc; daisies, 174c; triplets, lio. l oung ,
Amerlrss, ISc; blue label brick. 17 Jim
burger. 2-lb.. 2V: 1-lh. 2i)c : Ne York
white, lc; Imported' French Roquefort
FISIT Trotit, 17c; large crapples, 10
15c; salmon. Ktfrt.Sc: halibut, tyv. channel
catfish, 15c; pike. 17c.- pickerel. lOo.
i!,,iri TRvkmiUn. l4Uc: spring chick
ens, lie; hens, Wrllc; cocks. c; ducks
10c; gieee, 8c; turaeys. hit, o.i.....-. .. .
dos.. 0c: ducks, full feathereo Wi
full feathered, c; squaos, no. i.
J- w-f
BEKr l'LTS- noiwiu pi - -
cuts are aa foiiowa: no. i m--.
IIIIIUI, 1711 -Vf. -. - -
pistes. Dic; No. I piaies. stiu, -
PlMarket"quotatlong ronalslicd by QUInskl
rrult oompanjr: , tn.
K H V ITS- Peaches: Salways. fl-tW;
clings HOC box. Pers: California Clar
gleus, $2.26 box: New York. 12.00 barrel;
extra fancy Anion. 22 60 box; Michigan.
90e hamper; Michigan. 10 hamtier lota S.c
hamper. Plums: Italian prunes, fl.10 box.
drapes: Tokay. $1.2fi crate; Michigan,
lc basket; UK) basket lots. ISc basket;
New York, 22c bssket; 1"0 basket lots, 21c
baaket; California emperors. J3.S0 barrel.
Apples: Fancy Washington "Y" brand
Grimes, fl M box; fancy t?Dlorndo Jon
athans, 21.2. lox; extra fancy Washing
ton Hoovers. 21 40 box; New York Oreen
Ings, 23.00 barrel; New York Baldwins.,
"A' grade (ship November 1), 12. W) barrel.
Oranges: F.xtra fancy Valencins, Wis,
J12s 12'-.s. 150s, 176s, 260s, 23.76 laix; Red
Ball Valenclus, all sixes, 3.f0 box.
Lemons: Fancy Oolden Bowl, i0s, axis,
K.&0 box: Hllver-Cord, 420s, 300s, 80s, f.fiO
box. Bananas: $1.75 to $3.60 bunch.
Grapefruit: All sizes, 23.78 box.
VKOICTABI.KS Cauliriower, Denver,
12Hc lb; rabhago, l'ic lb.; onlonH, lellow,
2Vtic lb.; peppers, 60c basket; onions, red,
2c lb; fancy tomatoes, 76o basket; cucum
bers, hothouse, 2 dot. box, 21.60 box; new
beets, carrots, turnips, 40c basket, celery.
Michigan, SGc doc; head lettuce, 60c$41.D0
doe.; celery, Denver Jumbo, 75c dm.; leaf
lettuce, 40c do.; onions (shallots), 40c
dux.; radiahes, Hoc dox. j Italian garlic, Me
lb.; horseradish, 21. K cajie; asparagus,
home-grown, market price about 30o
d'JZ. ; potatoes, 70o bu.; Virginia sweet
potatoes, 3.00 barrel.
MLSCELLANKOKS Popcorn (shelled),
4c lb. Nuts: Sugar walnuts, 11.26 box;
No. 1 California walnuts, lSHo lb.; pecans,
Uio lb.; filberts, lfic lb.; pecans (Jumbo),
Wo lb.; filberts (long naples), l8c lb.; al
monds, 20c b.; limes. 21.75 box. Cracker
Jack, f36o case; crackerjack, half case,
21.76 case; checkers. case; checkers,
half case, 2175 case. Honey: fl.50 case.
Dromedary dates, $3.00 case. Figs, 12o
ox.; 86c case. Persimmons, 22 00 crate
Cider, 23.00 keg; half-barrel, 26.00. Cocoa
nuu, 75o dox. ; 24 00 sack.
Kansas Cltr 5raln aid Precision's.
KANSAS CITY. Oct. lS.-BlTrrBlt-Creamery.
2o; flr.f,, Mc; ,econds, 25c
packing stock, 20c. '
K"r,iFlrMU' "c: onds, 18c.
'Ol'LTRY-Hen. 15.- k....ii...
WIIKAT-No. 2 hard, 2l.O2tyal.03; No.
?.r,'d' l-tW'L0S: December, 11.04'.
1.04c; May. 1.10Ara l.loc.
,JJRN':.No- 2 ,nl'l. 6W0Vtc; No. 2
mlxAeJ,H4l24c.Wh,,'; 1
Omaha liar Market.
Choice uiiland, W.W! Kt.W; No. 1. mM-
ALFALFA Ten cars on tho market;
nothing choice; In fact, nearly all of It
11 ? No' 3 "d no Kradn: choice. 312-J,Oe-,Jk1i?W1-60:
No- 2- W'U.; No!
0, X7,0079.00.
Mlftnraitolle (irala Market.
21 .47,: May, II.IDS; No. 1 hard
21.12": No. 1 northern. ll.O&V&l.ll'; No!
2 northern. 31.0C7'ul 077,.
Flour steady.
Barley f.-'frififi.
Bran, 2 0)0.
Corn, No. 3 yellow, WftfS.
Oats, No. 3 white, 43UiU.
Flux. 1314,(133.
nt. I.nala (irala Market.
ST. IltIS. Oct. 15,-WIIKAT-No 2
red. 21tf!ltK4; No. 2 hard, 31.08: ie.
cember, 311S May. 21.16',.
CORN No. 2. 73c: No. 2 white. 78Uc
Decemler. fiftc; Mav. udr.
OATS No. 2, 4.'''a-4lc; No. 2 white, 47Vc.
Llrtrnsol Ornln) Market, '
market steady; No. I Manitoba 3a 3'd
No. 2 red winter, new, km aid.
COHK Knot market quiet; Amrri'-an
mixed, new, 7s CVid.
Fraporatrd Apples and Dried Fralla
APPLKS Nominal.
DRILD FRUITS Prunes unsettled. Ap
ricots and peaches dull. Raisins quiet.
Coffee Market.
market was very quiet again today. Tlie
renaorshlp established by tlie Braslllan
government on cable meswagas Is reported
to be interfering with cost and freight
bsuslness, while recent large arrivals
here have replenished local stocks and
confirmed the disposition of local buyers
to operate from hand to mouth. A further
advance of Vtd In the rate of Klo exchange
was considered a feature from the stand
point of Braslllan finances, but today's
siclal cable from Santos reported a de
cline of 100 rels for 4a. The local apot
market was unchanged at for Dlo 7s
and 10ao for Bantoa 4a.
New Tarlc Meaey Market.
PAPKR 4rT per cent.
sixty-day bills at 34 JM): for csbiea. R26
t;-4 1eiO; for demand. 24 1724.3760.
"ILVF.RBsr. 61He.
INIK)N. Oct ly-elLVER-Bar, S3Hd
per ounoe.
Bask Clearluge.
' OMAHA. Oct. 15. Bank clearings for
Omaha todav a ere K.WA.MU and for the
corresponding day last year, 13,623,243.34.
Wheat I I'll
Dec.. I 1 124 1 1S' IU I I 12V 1 1?W
Mey.l 1 1SS 1 IS'1. 1 TV 1 K 1 IS1
Corn ft:'!
Iec..t rv -V V HV
Way.; (' 70 1 ! 70
Oais I I I I
Dee.! 4- 4V 47V 4"V 4
May.l M'V MV W MV MS
r Jn-.j 1 70 I IS S7'J II 70 ! IS 80 ID VJt,
UIo'r. 10 1" 1TV 10 1 1TH W 1
Jan..) 10 THI M 110 0710 10
R1oci.. n J ii oo I i oo n re
Jan..) I I 7H' WH!.g
l vihm iuc: Tia 1 rins. uvio.
22Vc; No. 2 loins, 17c; No. t loins. 140.
I -1.....1,. 15,.! N'n. i chucks. lUci Nu,
i ir i .i.m.ts. liUe: No. 2
s cnucas, eu. , - -
Cattle Very Slow and Around Ten
Cents Lower.
rat thccai Artltr Kellers and steady
Fat lambs Ktort, bat bont
eady and Feeders Steady
tn trnnt.
Teceiptu wore. i attle. Hogs Sheep.
Official Moudav 11 11 2.M7 S4.V.
official TiH'M .y 'nit 41l .Hi. ml
Official Wednesday .. !.i;t t.;t 3.',0T4
F'stunated Thursday . 2.n 40 I7.C
Pour rtavs this week. ..11.4443 14. 7? I.Tt
Hame d,s liuit week..'.r; vo.iixt 1J.J1l
Htnie 3 weeks aao ;i (1 lx.40 14;.M2
Hame 3 aeeks ao 33.f!? A,t 137A4
tm 4 weeka ago 32.;n I1.7 7.C
nme days Inst yi ur.. .24.123 21.370 144. "
The following table snow t;ie receipts of
tattle, lings and sheep at the South uiuaha
live stock market for tne year to date, aa
complied with lst jean
1MI. m In. Tvc.
Cattle 7:i,7V TVIlSa .'I.4i
Hogs l,4S.ltSA 3.T4,ai7 X.W
Kh-ei 2.41.071 3 47V.972 2.0I
he following table shown tne prices (or
hogs at the South Omaha live stock mar
ket far the last few days, with compari
son a
ISM il"i t . II ! I . 1 i I
Kept. 24.I I loSl a lAi h 0 7 l I
Heit. r. la Mi a Mi I m! I I 15
eept. yi.l 1 15UI ' f C&i 4 141 I 221 QUI 4 4:
Sept. S I I nu I 331 I 0 19 K 2 '. l"l
7 (f7v 1 2S1 3 42, 12, e 11 1MIM
1 .
T S'i I 211 f 43 I R aS T K7 4
1 Iflt
2 1M
3 2il
3 16
I 44 4 26 17 f
6 ! f l I
g 61' 24 3 2 7 23
T 7tvi f 20
T SO-V 7 !i
7 37' 1, 7 Wi
7 4t 7 m:
4 Ml 6 231 I SIi I M 4A
1 4 821 8 4i 1 47 4 XI
f Til 4S 47 1 61 4 14
771 I 27 7 67 15
3 77 B 471 7 41 4 30
II Ml! 341 8 3T 4 li
7 44VI
7 !l
3 0l 3 SO! 4 i.11 3 331 7 671
i 8 V 4 III 3 41 7 70
8 04 ! 3 M 44 .17, 8 37 7 40 A W
7 92 1 80, I 8 4II 7 481 5 6.4
T 4T-;
7 2M:
7 24m
Receipts and disposition of live stock at
the I'nlnn slock yards. South timaha, for
twenty-four hours ending at 3 o'clock
Cattle, lions. Sheen. It ses
4'.. M. Bt. I" 1
IK 62
5 . . .
13 7
P 10
2 1
7 100
MlKsoiirl l acirio .... 1
1 nion Pacific 23
C.. N. W east.... 4
C. 4k N. W., west.... 18
C, (St. P.. M. O... 3
C. B. Q., east.... 1
C, B. A Q , west.... 87
C. R. I. P., east.. 2
C, R I. A P.. west.. ..
Illinois Central
Chicago U. W
Total receipts ...120
Cattle. Hogs, tiheep
... 620 721 1.7M
Morris & Co
K&lft tn
Cudahy Packing Co....
Armour A Co
J W. Murphy
Lincoln Packing Co
Henton, Vanaant L..
Hill & Hon
F H. lels
J. It. Root Co
U I Husx
HosoiiHtock Bros
McCreary A Kellogg...
Werthelmer A Degun...
II. F. Hamilton
Hulltvan Hros
Mo. Kan. Calf Co...
Baker, Jones Smith.
Tanner Broa
John Harvey
Other buyers
70 .
Totals 4.03 4.313 20.7D3
CATTLi: Receipts were fair lor I
Thursday. US cars being reported In the
yards. Tho uuailtv was very poor, con
sisting largely oi trash. There were really
not enough good or desirable rattle In
slBht to attract buyers or put any life Into
the trsde. As a toeult the market on all
k.uds of cattle was very slow and dull
from stsrt to finish with prlcea around
10c lower thnn yesterday. This means
that practically all kinds of cattle are a
little lower than last week. Even csnners
were weak today today ao that the gen
urn 1 market on all kinds of cows and
heifers might be quoted at 16'26c lower
than last week. As noted yealerday fair
to pretty decent kinds of cornl'ed steers
arc being neglected In favor of grassers,
such cattle being iiuoted 31 per hundred
lower at Chicago. The soft weather that
has prevailed all week has been very
muoli against the trade In stockers and
feeders, and they have stcsdlly eased oft
under the Influence of a moderate country
(quotations on Cattle: Hood to choice
roriifed beevts, .iyig 10.60; fair to good
cor n fed beeves, IS tjO'y ,0, common to lair
rornted beeves, $7,7fK(i.W); good to choice
range steers, 7.4vWH ; fair to good range
steers, 6.7r'(7.40; common to fair rang
steers, 3iOOrtf76; good to choice grass
heifers. 111 i"47.iO; good to choice gruns
cows, $ii.OOai.75; fair to good grades, 16.60
tftl.OO; common to fair grades,
prlmo feeders, tS2!"til.40, good to choice
stockers and feeders, 27.fcuwn.Sf,; fair to
good stockers and feeders, fi.04U'i 40; com
mon to fair stockers and feeders, 28 t-it
6.60; stock heifers, 26.60441.75; stock cowa,
24 6vti4.00; stock calves, 24.(0414.00; veal
calves. 38.00cU10.2ii bulls, strgs, etc., 25.26
iwepresentatlve sales:
1. . .
I 10
At. Pt.
4 71 , 1
4 71 3
I li 1
I ra 4
io i
114 1
6 71
71 1
71 1...
.. :
.. m
. .u.
.. 4in
.. 7iu
.. 14
.. m
en s
mi I u
M 18
. 44t
11 W
4 14
6 26
4 46
4 46
m i o
I 7S 14
I 26 14
4 44
4 76
T. A. l'aple K D.
Av. IT. No.
. Kit 4 W i feeders
A v.
2 C4IWS.
16 feeders.. Hr.3 4 Co
L. N. Worley Neb,
3 cows H44) 6 76 3 steers.
4 cows S4 4 76 ZH steers.
30 steers.. ,.132 7 26
J. C. Hhaw-Wyo.
R cows 9."2 16 5 cows..
7 26
7 26
0 6 66
12 steers.. ..1214 7 50
H W. Aldrich-Wyo.
1 cows 13 4 37 11 cows l'""0
15 feiders.. 4 )
( I L. Tarker-P. D.
t bulls 1300 6 00 cows 10W
2 feeder.. tl . 14 feeders. .1071
N. E. Hillings Wyo.
4 feeders.. ! 4 66 4 cows 60
2 feeders. .llu 67 Scows 8X3
2 feeders.. 313 7 00 I feeders.. 224
6 70
6 00
7 16
6 26
6 76
1 00
('. F. White, houth Dakota.
It steers 1174 4 0 27 feeders... lOM 7 13
C. P. Noble, Wyoming,
47 steers 1111 7 50 4 steers..
I Steers. .. 1174 7 60 44 steers..
16 Steers.... 11.15 4 0 44 cows...
7 60
7 20
6 30
14 cows V4 6 76
J. H. Curtis. Wyoming.
I steers 1174 7 60 4 steers 1X2 0
J. R. Ctialond. Nebraska.
10 feeders... 1225 2 7 6 17 feeders.. .1122 7 40
Nicholson Brothers. Nebraska.
231 steers 1772 7 76 1 steer 1430 100
R F. Johnson, Nebraaka.
114) feeders.. 271 6 66 30 feeders... 1010
cows 1023 6 20 14 feeders... 750
4 feedeis... 700 3 00 t-ctock civs 35
4 stock clvslMO 4 00 4 stock hfs IM
23 feeders... lOM 7 10 li st k cws.. I'M
33 cows 1401 (20 41 cows 10VO
I 26
7 Of
6 26
6 SO
4 0U
T 4V
4 26
13 cows
4 0 13 ateers loci
7 0u 14 feeders... 7'
ID steers...
14 feeders.
11 oows. ...
2 calves. .
4 cows. .,
40 oows....
, 'A3
4 74 1 calf.
6X I cows
110 10 2o
744 4 tV'
7 00 ( Stock h'e. 463
4 46
6 30
4 6)
4 40
40 cows IWl 30
16 feeders.. 11U 4 tiO
24 feeders.. 11H 4 60
2 heifers... 4ii i
13 feeders.. 1024
20 feeders. .1141
U feeders.. 743
J. 11
44 cows VlT
6 30
w mie. reoraka.
6 46
421 6Sft 1,310
.d 1,1111 1.IK2
US l.M'l iM
?o stk cws . 841 6 v atk.cws . V. B no
steers .. in: 4i 86 r:' i , hfrs r4' 40
6 feeders. ,1"?2 Iftl 1 feeders. . 770 8
6 feeders.. 7"2 i 27. 14 feeders. ,11' 7 io
7 feeders. .IP'1 7 .Urom.i 14 8 :
12 steers.. ..H.13 7 20 21 steers. ...1175 7 lii i
Iiotl.v-Huppl'cs were larger than on!
Wmlnesilsy, hut with prospects of a good
killlrg outlet the market opened about i, best grades selling at slightly
stronser prices. Trade remained on a
sli adv hais until toward the close, when. I
with most of the huyeis pieltv well f llleil !
up one packer. ho had Mid out all morn
ing, started bidding figures that were
uuoted at ionic lower than the general!
trade. I
Of lourse. there ra practically no!
roinpetltlon at thin time and as the most
of the hogs stiil iiinn,,t were rough :
heavies It looked as though they would
sell at the buyers' flKUie Most of the 1
sellers, however, hung on for a return tn I
etirlv prices and before these la.t hogs
sold values braced a lilt e on the beet
end of them, and the lute sales were
quoted aa about a nickel lower thnn ves- :
terday's tvereice. ahlie the roost of them '
were pretty nearly steady wnh Wednes
day's low close Humming up the general
trade, most of the sales are about stendv,
hut the Voner closo puts the average n
trifle under estnrday. Today's prices set
n new low mark for the year.
Sales were pretty well soaitere,! eyj.r
rarge of l7o.vtl7.MV but the bulk of them
landed at f7.24u7.3n. uallty on the whole
was probably shout the same ns yester
day, but the nfferlnss Ineluiled a larger
percentaite of both tlie pretty gimd lights
and butchers, and the common heavies, so
that there is more of a sprinkling of sales
both shove and below the hulk. Home
very good butchers went to a packer at
27. Mi, top for the d.iy. ShlpiMirs and spec
ulators found themselves pretty well filled
up this morning, and as there were few
fresh orders the shipper buy waa light In I
comparison to the previous ilu of the!
week. This natural!- b-rt packers In a
better poult Ion to duicrimlnate against the
rough heavy grades.
Receipts were estimated at seventv-twn
cars, or 4.M head, bringing the totsl for
the four days up to 14,1137 head. This Is
more thsn 6, MO smaller thsn last week
and nearly lighter than for the same
days of Inst year.
Representative sales:
Ho. At. h. r No. At Sh r
11 .TO .. lis (4 res. 7
; m ije. 7 oo n. i . . T
ii im 150 1 it ft mi l-.o 1 :
lr hu T II M M Ml m
II JKl iji) T li 41 tt .. 7
u ..IK W Tit 4 '.144 o T '
M Im 1 II V X 10 t
14 100 lnA 7 It U :M .. 7 26
7 Mi l 7 II 41 17 e li.
IMt m 1 16 14 170 N II
41 i 44 f U T4 .. T H
; 1,1 jnii 7 '.n ii in .. T
IS... .... STS SO 7 80 41 lit SO T W
1 lt 10 T M 10 SSI 44 1 9
n ill ii I hi 2 ; to 7 ;e
M t4 Nl 18 M KM 10 7
) !4 .. 7 je it SN1 Kl T 10
H .437 IM t 71 TM 100 1 SO
1 114 4ll 7 14 44 W IS 18
4 M 30 1 tO T4 U IW 7 ai
to 291 K M II Vt .. 1 Vl
41 IM .. 7 10 10 aw . . IS
44 '..Ml .. 7 JO III Ill ltt 1 '
b4 Ill 110 1 M il Ill .. 7
4 11 IN T3g fl 3 Vi 7
II r4 N IM 4U 114 40 T
u n .. J io so tn ins t i
41 ii K 7 K) 51 'J4 4t 111
M Ill 140 T UV4j 41 II 7 41
IT MS 0 7 lis, M 14 40 7 46
14 Ml S"0 7 SJ Tl J T 4
77 Ill 400 7 3A tl IM l 1H
U Ill log 7 26
riilhivr lie iieeh receipts of 27,000
heau today included quite a number tif
gonil fat lamlis. more than for several
daya hack, but very lew good sheep. The
tat ewes and wethers moved readily nt
prlcea lully steady, whi.e the majority
oi the lamb offerings was slow sun', wltn
the puckers trying to buy at a reduction
In prices and sellera asking some Im
prvvt anient over yesterday, Alter consider
able dickering the huik oi the lambs
changed ham In shortly before noon,
showinK little If any change trotn
Wednesday's market, about steady with
Mi ixlav and the cltiae ol laat week. To
day's receipts were moderate, if anything,
and this weeks supply of killers tor the
week ro far show a decrease from the
snme time last week and aao fropi the
corresponding dnys of lust year. The
schedule of prices on the Iocs I n arket
continues relatively high compared with
most outside points, with fat sheep still
bringing figures on a par with the Chi
cago market.
There was more activity in the fenoer
trade than In the rase of klllera and if
anything prices showed a continuation of
strength the same ns on the previous
days nf the week. Knrly some good feed
ing lamba moved St 27 .Oo. The leeder sup
ply of all classes was little If any differ
ent from yesterday, there not being quite
enough to meet all Inqulrlee. There still
la an active demand for- feeding wethers
and yearlings, but very little of this kind
oh stuff shows tip from day to day. There
whs n good i learance In feeders again to
day, Indicating a healthy tone to the
whole trade at current prices.
Quotations on range sheep and lambs:
Lambs, good to choice, 37.4i"fl7.7o; lambs,
fair to good. 27.10417. 40; lambs, feeders.
2'iA"ti7.15; yearlings, good to choh-e, 37i.3S
4I41.10J yearlings, fair to good, 25.60. H6;
yearlings, feeders, 26.4tVut.lin; wethers,
good to choice, 26.25Ti5.ti0; wethers, fair to
good. 26. 10116.26: wethers, feeders, 34.30i
4 86; ewes, good to choice, 24.60Jr4.NT:. ewes,
fair to good,,; ewes, feeders, 2160
(i 4 26.
Representative sales:
No. Av.
140 Idaho breeding ewes 7
4 30
7 40
3 60
5 Ho
4 3'i
6 15
41 30
11 30
6 76
6 A)
41 DO
6 90
6 30
2 35
5 36
4 DO
4 DO
4 00
4 00
3 Ml
2 DO
41 W
6 DO
6 30
6 W
4 :o
C '
7 X
7 25
6 nr,
A &
6 i'i'i
tl '
7 r)
7 50
3 H,
3 6
3 S-i
2 S7
4 76
4 75
4 7 "
4 ."
4 31
4 DO
4 DO
6 '4)
1.0417 Idaho lambs '
104 cull ewes !
tit;2 Idaho feeder lambs 54
106 Idaho fieder liimlis 64
24l) Nnhruskn, feeder lambs 43
219 Wyoming feeder lambs 60
154 Wyoming feeder lambs 60
1()7 Wyoming feeder lamba 41
174 Wyoming feeder lambs 61
216 Wyoming feeder lambs 60
2I4 Wyoming feeder lumbs f
474 Wyoming feeder lamba 50
t5 Wyoming feeder lamba 61
171 Wyoming yearlings 2
47 Wyoming yearlings Ki
219 Wyoming feeder lambs. ... 67
llVi Wyoming feeder lambs 6"
2id Wyoming feeder lambs 4i
31 Wyoming feeder lambs 44
1 Wyoming feeder ewes W
36 Wyoming feeder ewes W
113 Wyoming feeder lambs 13
22H Wyoming feeder lamba 60
124 Wyoming feeder lambs 60
112 Wyoming feeder lainhs 7.1
217 Wyoming feeder lambs 5ti
232 Wyoming feeder lambs 57
IM) Wyoming feeder lambs Bl
134 Wyoming feeder lunibs 64
72)4 Colorado lambs 4
344 Colorado feeder lambs "4
347 Vtah lamba tin
348 I'tah feeder lambs 6i
4!) i'tah feeder Iambs W
60 I'tah feeder lumbs 67
22 I'tah feeder lambs 61
130 Wyoming lambs 74
l,40fi Wyoming lambs 4
213 Wyoming feder ewes I"0
3D Wyoming feeder ewes Iff,
I AM Wvomlng feeder etves 1"2
N2 Wyoming feeder owes 1H
IKS Wvomlng ewes l'-'6
lid Wyoming ewes
KJ Wyoming ewes
'.tV! Wvomlng ewes
Wyoming ewes
74 Wyoming ewes
?2S Wvomlng feeder lambs..
2i0 Wyoming feeder lainhs..
1S2 Wyoming feeder lambs..
471 Wvomlng feeder lambs..
KK N'ebraeka lambs
104 Nehrsska ewes
21 Nebraska wethers
. on
. 61
. 60
. 40
... 70
7 00
4 7;
6 2i
flllt'1.41 2.2 VK CTI1IR M.aftKUT
(attle. Ktradr lloas Weak -Sheep
CIPCAOO. Oct. 15. Hogs receipts,
13 0IJ0: weak; moetlv 5 to Me lower; bulk
37.3oy7.kO; 1'Kht. rtVihfft.OO; mixed, f715'w
V.'5; henvy f 7 tn4)k u6; tough? 31 "4t
07.15 pics", 2t tV'(i7.60.
CATTLE recelrts, 4 4X70; steady: beve,
ffi V(II0 DO. sWcrs. 24 Hii4m 10; itorker.
and feeiers. H.3KI14.10; oows and
heifers. 23.4('lf!M0; rakves, 27.uOlH1..'.
rill KKP rcculpts. 46,i); weak; ah ,
4.7M'Vi.o(; yearlings, 2660cb;.4O; lauiu,
Kaaaae lr Live Blork Market.
ceipts, 4.5U0 head: market steady: prime.
f.l steers, f9.4.'i('11.2fi: dressed beef stoers.
27.754CJ .60; western steers, 24 CtrtJ 0); etiM'k
ers and feeders. 25.76UH.00; bulls, o.CKJ(4l t0,
cslves. 24 6010 60.
HOO-Receipts. 7.000 head; market,
higher; bulk. 37.10W7.46; heavy. 27.1i?l7 50;
packers and butchers. 37.2147.56; light,
37 cOia7 '4); pigs. 24 Stuff" 00.
PI4EEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 11,000
head' market weak; lambs, H i7 tO;
yearlings. 46 36jr4.4J0; wethers, 26.0.66;
eaea. 24 26t0i
, .
t. Josenk Live gieek Market.
ceipts. 2oo head; steers. 27 0O3 H 25; cowt
end heifers, 4.tVV.0W; caivea. 26 9u 10.50
1I04JS Receipts, 4.2UO head, market
steady; top. 37.60; bulk of sales. 27 lty7.40
KHEEP AND LAM BH Receipts. 1,640
rad: market steady: lambs. 27.0(1.00.
Bee Want Ada IToduce Results.
miss dunlap Re-elected
Apain to Head Equal Suffrage Or
ganization of State of Iowa.
Report Received hy I ndersrroand
Ires that ( nndlilnle It a ml lion
of Democr tic party la for
the Movement.
DKS MOINLfi. la.. Oct. U-gperlal
Telegram.) Miss rior: Dunlap Was re
elected president by the loan equal suff
rnge convention held at Hie hotel iavery.
Mrs. J. R. M.-llose of Itnonn was elected
vice president and Mr, .lames T'ewltt
of Ohkalosss was elected recording seo
rt.r.r. One wemnn reported at the conven
tion today that Mrs. John T. Hamilton,
whose husband Is democratic candidate
for governor, confided to her that Mr.
Hamilton sees that suffrage Is coming
and he expects to support it.
Denver Will Hold
Today Its Initial
Recall Election
DENVER. Colo., CK-t. 13. A recall
election, the first Io be held In Denver,
will tnke place tomorrow to determine
whether Alexander Nlsbet, commis
sioner of safety, will be removed from
office. Charges ot "grafting and nnn
enfoicement of gambling and vice regu
lations" are made by those upon whose
petition the recall movement was In
stitute.:. Commissioner Nesblt seeks re-election
and there are nine other candidates.
The movement for the recall of Coni
mlSKlontr Nlsbet grew out of the abduc
tion of alleged robbery of Rev. Otis L.
Hputgenn of Pes Moines, who wss taken
from a local hotel by a party of men
who htvnded his room on tha night of
April 5, placed In an automobile and
spirited out of the city and warned not
to return. Tho occurrence followed a
lecturfi by Ppurgeon on the preceding
night ,n which ha attacked the morality
of the Catholic clergy.
Two trlala of thirteen men. charged
with the kidnaping of the lecturer re
sulted In hung juries. Felix O'Nell,
chief of police, and a Nlsbet appointee,
waa chnrged with failure to perform his
duties In permitting ?purgeon to be
abducted. Whea Nlsbet Ignored a de
ivtund that O'Nell be discharged, the
prtltion for the recall of tha commlM
sinner was circulated and. after several
weeks had been spent In legal prelimin
aries, tho election was called.
Cruiser Yarmouth
Sinks One Steamer,
Captures Another
LONDON. Oct. 13. The admiralty an
nounces that that British cruiser Tar-
mouth has sunk the German Hamburg-
American line steamer Markomannla In
the vlcinltv of Sumatra and has captured
and Is taking Into a harbor the Greek
steamer Pontpnrta.
Both the Markomannla and the Pont-,
ports have been reported previously aa
arompanylng the German cruiser Em-
den. The Yarmouth has slsty German
prisoners of war on board.
The Markomannla has a gross tonnage
of 4.605 and was engsged In the African
Walter Eckersall, former CTilrsgo uni
versity star, may ba tha umpire ot the
Crelghton-Ilaskell gams here Saturday.
Haskell and Crelghton had not been able,,
at a late hour Thursday, to select an tim-
pile I IT I'Bi hi ..n J
waa sent an Invitation to officiate.
Wrenn, bImi of Chicago, Is being eonald
ered for the ,1ob. In case no man can be
secured todsy the management of the two
teams will probably select the umpire at
a conference here Saturday when the In
dians rrlve.
Roth tlie other officials for the game
have ben chosen, Waugti of Nebraska ss
referee and Raccty of Nebraska as head
Gua Williams, slugging outfielder on tha
fit. Louis Browns, line returned to Omaha
to spend the winter. Gus makes his home
In Omaha and once plsyed on the Omaha'
C1U1I. 1 ne lllg uuuienier in 111 luru Uer
the success of the Browns In the city
eerVs In ft. Iyiuls, ss the Browns
trimmed the Cardinals very properly, and'
(ius brought back home came of tha
heavy end of the gate. Williams Is strong
for Prsnch Rickey as a manager and de
clares Rickey will have the Browns up
ai the top next year.
BOSTON, Oct. 16.-George T. tflalllngs,
manager of the world's champions Braves
today refused an offer of 215,000 for six
week In vaudeville. He will leave to.
morrow for his plantation In Had
dock, (la.
Drown Deals "Wesleyaa,
PROVIDKNCE. R. I.. Oct. 15-Brown
defeated Wesleyan todav, 16 to , In a
foot bull game arranged as a feature of
the celebration of Brown's 150th anni
versary. The visitors were unable tq make
headway against tho strong Brown Una
Nt. Ials Live Meek Market,
PT. I,Ori8, Oct. 15 CATTLE Receipts.
4.300 head; market steady; native beef
steers, fi.rskti 10 36; cows and hellers, 26 00
I46, stockers and fenders, S 000)7 64
southern steera, rt.ii3.00; cowa and heif
ers 24 4X4(4.60; native calves, 2,.00fl 10.60.
IKHiti Receipts, 3, Hi) head; market,
higher: pigs and lights. 2i7.fi7.30; mixed
end butchers. 27.KKU7.M; good heavy, 37 4)
47. DO. '
bHEEP AN DLA MBS-Receipts. 2,!r)0
heud; market lower: native muttons. H 00
4J6.40; lambs. 27.4AauH.tW.
along t'llr Live Slock Market.
BIOl'X CITY. la.. Oct. 15.-OATTLR-Recelpta,
"O head; market steady; native
steel s. i ts.'n'jd.oO, butchers, 36 1"v(ji 7a:
cows and heifers, 24.3u.ii: stm-kars and.
feeders. 35'4M; calves, 2u.0vtfv.6v; bulls,
ataxs. etc, $4 7f(j,36
HijOt Receipts. 3.300 head; market 2
'4)c lower; heavy, 37.20fC7.4o; mixed. 37. W
(Kl 20: light. 27.i'7.10: bulk, 27.1iKf 7 SO.
8HEUP AND LAMU-ReceTpts, S04
head; no quotations
Copper Dlvldrad licenced.
NEW YORK. Oct. 15. The directors of
the Amalgamated Copper company today
deelared a dividend nf 60 cents a share, av
reduction of 2 1 from the preceding quarter,
Mrlal Market.
T. LOrtS, Oet. 16 METALS Lead,
dull; nominal; 23.35. Kpolur, dull; Bout
ins 1. 24 7m.