Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 15, 1914, Page 5, Image 5

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Factory Branch
Council Bluffs
To supply the increasing demand for lh 1915 model?, we
have opened a direct factory branch at Council muffs. Cars will
hp carried on our floor ready for delivery, and a complete stock
of repair part? for all Jackson cars.
Behind tho Jackson models for 1915 stands a Ion line of
predecessors that have Hhvays been known for strength and stur
diness. durability and dependability, mechanical excellence and
exceptional comfort. These cars have become famous for their
long years of service in the hands of owners.
Jackson Olympic "46" ll,S7.".
Power plant stroke, four
cylinder 45 H. V. Motor. Auto
Mte rrankinR and lighting- system.
Fuel supply Gasoline tank at the
rear. Vacuum feed. Control left
side drive, control levers In cen
ter. Either front door may be
used. SuKpension full elliptic
nprlnffs front end rear. Krame
dropped to brln car close to
KTOund. but still allow full spring
affirm. Hear axle floating tvpo.
Wheel base 117 Inches. Tires
34x4, non skid in rear. Kuuip
ment omplete.
.Inrksun "4S" Six ll.K.'.fl. Power
Hunt I. on stroke, six-ovllnder
l H. I, motor. Helen olectrto
i-ranklim-, HfrhtinK and iRtiltlon
system. Fuel Supi1 Uasollna
tana under cowl, grnvltv feed to
cHiliuretor Supply tank In rear.
Control left side drive, control
levers In cvnter. Klther front
door inny be owed. Suspension
full elliptic sprliiKK front and rear.
Frame droinied brlna car oloe
tovround and still Rive full spring
aofion. Hear nxle lull floating, i
ball bear Inn throughout. Two
universal joints with "torsion rod.
Wheel base 12,) inches. Tires
34x4 H. non-skid In rear. Kqulp
ment complete.
Jackson Automobile Co.
Council Bluffs. Iowa.
T. J. Boland, Branch Mgr.
What is the World's
Finest Whiskey?
"-"".EDAR BROOK, to be mire!"
- m That's a question quickly an
swered by those who know
good whiskey. And the result ia
that CEDAR BROOK is the largest
selling brand of high grade Kentucky
whiskey in the world. If you . want
tote certain, say, "CEDAR BROOK,
to be sure" at
' All leading Clabt, Ban, Restaur
ante. Hotels, and alto at all
leading Dealer
. 1 mi"K.un 1
For Sale Everywhere
I CK t-Ol
v mr r i v
i - ft
Sit, stand, stoop-or run-
You will forget you have Springtex on.
The spring-needle knit fab
ric is elastic and form-fitting.
Try a Union. Suit.
$1 up, at your dealer.
M. E. Smith & Co.
werp, capital of Belgium, which has fallen into the hands of the kaiser's forces. Only
180 miles now seperate the kaiser's Zeppelin fleet from the English capital. 2. The
sxtreme French left, which seems to have heen slightly crooked by the German attack.
3. The region where the fierce frontal attacks continue, in the neighborhood of Roye.
. , "j--u;jr U.TT; C wee't X
ViSfijHSSsW . -r? ' V
TbURh the dsy is rold snd dump, John
n. Willis Is relehrstlnr his siH rnty-l'o'ii I ii
hirthdsy by seltlnK out '0 feel of hrdg (
lenoe In IdlrnIM sdilltlon. llo lives ,it
North Twi nt v-serond Flvert tie en- ;
Joys Rood benlt'i nnd nv he sets most ,
of Ma enoypetit oi't of woikln with hi i
ho snd leii.i.le Andrew llosewiitcr sur-
eyed the fnot of pioiu.. now l1 1 wild, j
for Mr. Wlllln folly yens SKO. Thirty
yesrs o tie In hi it out In the Idlewibl I
sddltlon. There were no bouses i-.isl of i
l.lm to the river at thut lime, 'ind nothing
south to Cumin id reel. !
Thmisnutls of clollers of eir,i rvpense
bns been rnuseil by the rei-ent inlns, :ie
eordlim to t 'lly I 'omui;nsloner .1. I Ky
der of the otreet rlenniliR deimi tment
lis ssyfi t h t seveml n w n bllllons snd
plscrs where much fn sh sr:ulhm hns been
done hsve been biidly washed by (he
downpours, with the result I Nit mill hns
been esrrld down over much of the eltv
psvement nnd now munt be removed nt
great epeiuifl to the i 1 1 . lie cspeeuilly
mentloned the Monlelsir ndditlon, nrnr
Thirtieth snd 'inning strcM nnd the
frsdlnn ntoinid the Wnlivit Mill reservoir.
llelors the Rotsry rlub st ths llenihsi
Bt noon, Superintendent R. t. Orsff spol
of eondltlnns in the st-Vinls. ss to f.rll
lie. work n-. otnplished snd Improvrment
Hei-niiKft of the lm resse of 1,!W0 pupils
tins veer, the board bns neKotlnled with
s Seattle firm for two portable one-room
Si-bool houses, to 1e trsnsported in th
v arious p;rts of the'rlty ss needful. These
fvhools hsve been sdoiiied In msny of
the lsrer cities nnd sre In use In vsrioiis
purls of Alnskn, Mr. Orsff ststed 'Wbtln
this will lessen ths ronKetlon temporarily
whnt is really neeiled Is mote permanent
MHIdlnKS. At preient many rooms ron
tnln t'totn fifty to sevent y-elsht pupils,
when the maximum number shouM be but.
Ihlrl -five.
I r llnrna, nrnlaa find port's
the quickest and surest cure Is Ituoklcn'.t
Aru'cii Sslve. Kvery household should,
have a bo on band nil the time. All
drocrnlsts. Advertisement.
nn't !. nne.
PitflviiuJ full sme has been s rsrltV
ii'i i.inr,' than one Iwlrler this )ir,
i noil" nvre so Ihnn with Joe F.ngel, of th
Wsshlnton.s. In no less than twenty
' nine bat lies he Iris shared ths box en-i
I with nil t! wsy from one to four tnsn.
After Getting: Coin They Advise Him
to Bet on Boston.
Confidence Men Do Not Realise
What a Valuable Tip They
Are Glvlafj to the, Man
from KlmhalU
If three confidence men had followed
the hunch they gave their victim In order
to ret rid of him, after Ketting IM, they
would not only be considerably richer in
a money way, but. would not now be ob
jects of a police hunt.
HaUmer Soreiwon, pan owner of a
farm near Kimball, Neb., came to Omaha
the latter part of last week to do the
sights. Three suave sellers of blue sky
came here for the same reason, and one
of the first sights they saw was Haljmer.
Haljraer was first seen giving the ring-a-knlfe
game an awful play. He was win
ning knives by the bushel so fast that
he did not notice tho cost and quality. So
he was weeded out by the three smart
ones and shown around the King's High
way for a while.
Then he learned that all three were tele
graph operators and they had a "sure
thing" on the world's series. They could
tap the Western Union wires on the other
side of the Douglas street bridge and atop
the base ball reporta for fve minutes, and
during the interval telephone friends on
this aide and let them place bets on the
sure thing. Five minutes aterward the
result would be relayed to Omaha.
They needed $50 for expenses Installing
a phone, etc. and Haljmer gave it. to
them. He was to wait a telephone call
at the Taxton Monday afternoon and
when he got the dope, rush over to the
Krug theater where a large crowd of fans
was gathered and bet heavily on the
team that had already won. He was to
offer temDtlnr odds in order to get bets.
After getting the M the confidence men !
disappeared. For a Joke they telephoned
to him from Council Bluffs and Inst meted j
him to bet on Boston. Pwanson thought
he had a sure thing and he plunged. He i
offered big odds.
Boston won. Swanson won; 4,"A After
the game he went to the appointed place J
to divide the winnings. i
An odd thing transpired. The three tele,
graph operators were not there to gel
their share. Haljmer was worried and he
told a friend that be had aome- money
belonging to three benefactors, but could
not find them.
"Keep it," advised the friend. "Go home
to Kimball. You've walked in the "valley
of the shadow," you poor fish, but you
don't know it.'-'
So Haljmer went home satisfied with
his $4M.
And the- three "telegraph operators" are
satisfied with their $50.
Tha friend who told Sorenson to go
home told the'tale to the police.
The National OH and Taint company
that for years has occupied some small
buildings on Jones street west of the
Tenth street viaduct, has purchased the
On Time Yeast company buildings In the
north part of the city on the Celt I,lne
and will move as soon as the plant can
be remodelled. The Missouri Pacific Is
giving the company trackage In order
that cars may be laid In at the doors.
In its new plant the National will have
about three times the space It had In the
old. New machinery will be added and a
full line of mixed paints will be manufactured.
Ike Bonner, TR-yenr-old veteran of the
civil war, who Uvea st 347 Ames avenue,
was arrested on a charg" of malicious
destruction of property. He hurled a
pitchfork through a $15 window.
In police court he said he was carrying
the fork to the McMlchnel feed store st
Twenty-fourth and Iilrd streets, when
he tripped, and In falling threw the fork
His son-ln-lnw paid for the window and
tho old man was released from custody
Mr. Bonner has a bullet In his knee, a
souvenir of Gettysburg. -
These beautiful suits
tioned below in our E
St. windows tailored in the
finest imported & domestic fabrics
at $18, $20, $22.50, !
Berg Clothing Co.
V$ti ia nora Hoe t!u aa? hra .tier foul.
vi iwuca oeer comb toed
Anbeuser-Buich Company of Nebraska
Rosenfeld Liquor Company
Council Bluffs, Iowa
Family Trade Supplied by C. H.
Hansen, Dea'er Phone Doig. 2506
A special meeting of the Social Culture
Hub of the .Omaha H'gh School of Com
merce was called Tuesday afternoon for
the purpose of nominating officers. About
100 girls attended this meeting and the
following nominations were made:
President Maud Cochran, Margaret
RoebJIng, Lath Keith, Irene Bostwlck
and Ruby Norgard.
Vice president Edna Tuveson, Marian
Anderson and Rtglna Tauehen.
Secretary Ruth Nelty, Mlldcd Uest,
Ruth Ellington and Bessie Stock.
Treasurer Merlam Elliot, Clara Olsen
and Nell DudReon.
Door Keeper Ransaret Cowie, Elsie
Cramer, Hannah Kooper, Jessie Maxfleld
and Ida Ralsman.
Advising Teacher Miss Haight,
Hoskln, Miss Drummond and Miss
Before the election Is held these names
will be submitted to Mr. Rusmlsel to 1
approved or checked off by him. The
past record of the nominee Is looked up
tnd only those who have received a pass
ing grade in all subjects are permitted to
run for office. ,
ma-krs U wheels af baaii
Ko round amoothiv and pro
tect llieui aaas4 blowouts.
9ula I960.
Ioslttve1r Masters Croup.
Foley's Honey and Tar Compound cut
the thick choking mucus, and clears away
the phlegm. The gasping, strangling
fight for breath gives wsy to quiet breath
ing and peaceful slaep. Harold 'Berg,
Mass, Mich., writes:. "We gtva Foley's
Money and Tar to our children for croup
and it always acts quickly." No wonder a
nun in Texas wslked 15 miles to the store
to get a bottle of Foley's Honey and
Tr Compound. Every user Is a friend.
AH dealers everywhere Advertisement.
Bee Waut
Aiis Are
th Beat
Sack Suit
(By the House of Kappenheimer)
THIS straight-front, four -button
Sack Suit deserves attention as one
of the strikingly popular Models of
our Young Men's line this season.
Full soft roll, back form -fitting,
narrow shoulders and sleeves, patch
Thousands of well-dressed young
men throughout the United States
and Canada have learned to rely on
our fashion advice. We recommend
that they see our WAYNE, BEAU
FORT and BRITISH soft-roll Sacks
as showing some of the finest work
of our advanced tailor shops.
The young men today are alert
buyers. They never miss a point.
They have a keen eye for value;.
We have expended energy and
capital to build and equip the finest
young men's shops in the world.
And it is a significant fact that
all over this country Kuppenheimer
dealers are getting more and more
of this trade.
We want you to know ut better aaJ
we want to know you. We are f oing to
talk to you right along in this newspaper.
, Kuppenheimer 'Clothes are sold by a
representative store ia nearly every
Metropolitan center of the United States
and Canada. If you care to give us
your name on a post-card we will be glad
to send you our Book of Fashions.
Maker of Clothes for Man and Yauag Mas)
To be found only at
Berg Clothing Co.
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