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Kit. E. M. Fairfield, President of So
ciety, Gives Up Her Pew at
All Saints.
)lri, Simnrr ns that fhe. rrr
Waa m Rraolnr Attendant j
Thrrf, hat Onlr nt j
Mm. B. M. Falrftrld. president ct th j
Kqual Franchise sorlrty. In ont who ha
KlVfti up all aorlnl duties and plvrs every
rent of her p T-onal Income for suffrnKC
-At the IxirlnnlnK of the summer Mrs.
Fairfield rrsUned her pew at All Saints'
chnrrh herauao there were no aermona
during: the summer and she wished to
vpply the nioney t6) to suffrajte work.
It (t her Intention to resume her pew
In the fall"" ''
During the aumrner the antl-suf frage
aoMety Issued a pamphlet on " Femin
ism,'1 to whl h Itev. T. J. M'aokay'a name
taa l(tned. Vpon rendlnir the pamphlet
Nn. Fairfield felt that ho rould not at
tend a i.hurch, wliere the rector felt that
suffrsKlsts were the kind of women that
he had expressed them to le. Rhe wrote
a letter to that effect to nkv. Mr. Markrvy
and tendered her resignation -frnrri the
t-hurrh, at the same t)me expressing em
phatically that 'it: was not on arroont of
his change irr Jewa on suffrage, that she.
waa Iravlntr. hut because of the senti
ments expressed In the pamphlet.
Mrs. Fairfield Is a daughter of tha late
J. M. Voc4wortli, wh4 waa one of tha
founders of All Paints' church,
Mrs. Joseph Polcar hss also given up
her pew In All Saint' rhurrh.
It la understood that severs! of the
suffrage workers have taken their minis
ters; to task for expressing antl-auf frago
Mrs.. If. CHumnry said that she did
not' leave the rhurrh, because sha never
waa a regular attendant there, simply
going on spoeinl occasions.
Grade of Grain May j IOWA BANKERS SEND $50,000
Be Raised When it
is Given Cleaning
KANSAS CITV, Oct 14 -That It la
legitimate to raise the grade of grain by
rle.inslng It after It has heen romtlgrmd
to an elevator on on Inferior grading was
(he derision given the Uraln I calrs Na
tional association In convention here to
day by I r. J. W. T. Duval, crop tech
nologlnt of the 1'nlted States f'epartment
of AgrlruUure.
I'r. I'uvel said there can be no ground
fur charging fraud again" those dealers
who huy dirty grain, which, for that
reason had hern Klven u grade below yiat
It would otherwise receive, and who, by
properlv (leaning It make It eligible for a
higher grade.
This practice has been followed ex
tensively by dealers and has teen sub
ject to much ritli lMin.
A. C. Jones, a hanker of Kansas City,
advocated national legislation to obtain
uniformity In the Issuance of -Mils of
lading and shippers' grain receipts. He
recommended the acceptance, of this form
of paper ai bank collaternl only when It
waa celnrly shown that (he goods hud
been received by tha railroad.
One-Quarter of State's Allotment to
Gold Pool Has Been Sent.
Cbde Curry. Son of Mr. and Mrs.' David
V. Curry,' led isst evening at 'thA rio'trte,
ofvhls parent In Hhls city, after an ni
nes Hiuu, months. He
waa 22 j'eari of agi-r t'le graduated from
Harvard high school with th. rlaas of
1510, leaving soon after for Lincoln, where
he was employed for a long time at the
Mndell boUl.
Mrs, Mary Kray.
nnAPSIIAW. Nub, Ort. It. (Special.)
Mrs. Mary Gray, wife of Eugene Gray,
living east of Arborvllle. In Arborvllle
township, died at their farm home this
morning at o'clock, after a few houra'
lllnaa. - Tha deceased waa one of the
early settlers of York county. She leaves
a husband and J.hre children, one daugh
ter and two ions, all grown, to mourn'
her death.
- ' Mrs. C. E.Umlfh.
BEATRICE, Neb., Oct. ll-Bpeclal.)-Mri.
C. E. Smith, a pioneer realdent of
Beatrice, died at her home Tuesday of
heart failure, aged S3 years. Bhe la aur
vived by four children, her husband hav
ing passed away In thia city in 1889.
r . Mrs. Jo Latimer.
BJJfjNANDOAH. la., Oft. 14.-Rnclal.)
Mrs." Joseph Latimer died at her horn
In tha country near her yesterday. Sha
had been sick with pneumonia for soma
time. Mr. Latimer was about (6 year
old."' , , ..
.SHENANDOAH. la.. Oct.- 14. (Special.)
Arrangement are bring tnade for an
automobile tour nf.l'age county by the
various candidates next Tuesday, Octo
ber 20. Congreedinnn 'Towner and Dan
Turner of Corning will be In the party.
Senator Cummins. Fetiutpr Kenyon and
Governor Clarke will be invited to Join
the pai t . They will makn short stops at
Hhambaugh, Itradyvllle, College Springs,
nianehard, Northboro. Coln tttif dinner),
Shenandoah, Kaaex, Nyman. ; Bnthesda.
Hepburn and return to Clarlndu for a
meeting that night,
Des Moines Newspaperman Oredered
In Par Dollar for Printing
Morr That Informant ,
Bald Waa True.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DF.S MOINK8, la., Oct. J4.-4 special
T-regrnm-) Dei Molifes bankers today
i"hlimcdf.0.on a in gold to" Nef..York f.r
tln'IIOo.fion.nOit gold fuad to b raised to
take rare of the country's credit.
The amount, represented it, per cent of
the allotment ' which Ies Moines bank
ers have agreed to furbish. The money
will b 'prated bn deposit with the. gold
fnpd committee of the New York Clear
ing House, association.
Teritct for Dollar. '
X Jury "In dlntrlet court today gave a
verdict; of, one dollar for Councilman
Myerly in his suit for damages against
C YV. Johnston, and a local newspaper
for publication ' of, statements against
Myerly in a recent political campaign.
It was adm'tted by Johnston that the
statements were false, but. he pleaded
th.U he had excellent authority for hla
assertions. ' . ...
I i '
town Nw JVoira, '
DKXIPON-TImj Denlon . Telephone
company has . begun putting Its wires
under ground.
DKNIHON-The membership of 'the
Methodlat church gave a reception to the
new pastor, llov. Mr. Woyd. and his wife
In th church parlors on Mondsy evening.
Culls from the Wire
Tow Hoot HinUm.
CAIRO, 111., Oct. 14. The toW boat Jo
seph B. Wllliama caught fire today at the
dock. Tugs pulled the boat Into the mid
dle of tha Ohio river, where the blazing
hulk sank. The boat, which waa said
to be the' aeoond largest tow boat on
Inland watera. cost 1100,000.
Drontb Harts Tobacco.
SPRINGFIELD, Mass, Oct 14. Grow
ers of tobacco In the Connecticut river
valley report damage from drouth. The
dry spell has delayed curing.
The total current receipts of the Amer
ican board of commissioners for foreign
missions for the year ending August 31
amounted to JI.0M.f1H. according to the
report of Treasurer Frank H. Wiggins of
Uoston. submitted at the K4ith annual
meeting ft the organisation, at Detroit,
The convicts at the Illinois penltentlnry
nt Jollet. who at a recent chapel meeting
acquiesced In a statement that statewide
prohibition in Illinois would reduce crime
seventy per cent, will not be allowed to
present a petition to that effect to the
legislature. Warden Allen explained that
the convicts being disfranchised, cannot
legally petition the legislature on any
Mrs. Annet Adams, the first woman to
be appointed a I'nlted States district at
torney, yesterdny took the oath bf office
in tha Sai Francisco federal oonrts,
Jones' Philippine)
Bill Passes House
WAFHIN'-.TON. O-t. 14 -The Jones
rhlllpilne bill, which declares the pur
pose of the I.'nltd States to recogntxe
the Independence of the Inlands "as soon
as a stable' government ran' be estab
lished there," wasaed the houte late to
day by a yote of 211 to 69. It will not be
considered In the senate at this session.
MMlBTOIail i IB lilliBfsTaWlBff1'
' DeeeWant
Boosters. .
Ads Are tha Bert Buslners
RED OAK,' la., Oct. lt.-6pclal Tele
grsjii.) The flr.H round- of the. Waterloo
cup match wa run at the coursing mee
here today, forty greyhounds from sev
eral state contesting; for . place In t e
c.lasnio event. The wijather was of the
worst cold And a drizzling rail fell most
of the time. The attendance was ll-ht .
aa the roadj were Impassable. The second
round will be run tomorrow and the mee'
will continue over Saturday. ,
In addition to the Waterloo cup match
there will bo i. puppy stake, the trophy
being offered by Samuel Payne of Uci1
Oak. '. . ,
.. There are', about 126 greyhounds here!
for t e meet.
Appetite , Follows
Good Digestion
Nearly everyone Indulges ,thelr ap
petite and tjje , digestive- organa are
abused, resulting ln.a coogcstlon of
poisonous wajte, that. clog tho bowels
and causes: much . misery .and dis
tress. , -; i .. - ' ; ; .-.
Tho most effective remedy to cor
rect this condition Is the combination
o( simple laxative herbs with pepsin
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sin. This Is - a natural, pleasant
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gestion, constipation, sick headache,
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pensable family remedy. For a free
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Washington St., Montlcello. 111.
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Makes Sapap; Vona Jail.
FAIRBTJRT. Neb.. VDct. , lt-Spec,!al.)
A clever eacapj wak made from. . the
county Jail at thin point last night when
J. C. ffmlth. a negrb, gained hla free
dom. Sheriff llughrk.aaya that BmltM at
tempted a jail break (aome time ao.ajid
to make sura that fle did not get away he
had him locked In ! steel cell. He un
locked the call, also, he big lock on the
main jail door, as well as the Tale lock
on tha outside. wjUmut damaging any
or tnem, and made good his eaoape. lie
had an accomplice, a It was beyond ls
rower to reach tha outside lock!
Bmlth robbed the Bmltlv econd-tund
store and stole ten watches; and several
runs last July, lis Is on parol from tha
district court of Lancaster county on tha
charge ' of Intent to kill. . ' .
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Washington Affairs
Secretary Bryan signed peace commls
(ion treaties with Oomaio Oorduva, minis
ter from Ecuador, and A. tkhlleuann
minister of Ureece.
A movement to build a memorial to
Mrs. Woodrow Wilson, in the form of
model biock of sanitary houses In the I
slum district of Washington, has been J
started by Mrs. Archibald Hopkins, who '
Interested Mrs. Wilson in slum work, I
!rs. Ernest I'lcknell. wife of the director j
of the, American Ked Irons, and other I
women. The plan is to raise money fur '
tha .block by subscriptions from the '
women of the country and to call it the !
Kllen Wilson Memorial block. I
Fall campaign plans were discussed I
again at a meeting ui Presldi nt Wilson 1
and his cabinet, rteceetary Hryan and I
other meinlx-r of the cabinet reported
that the outlook from a democratic stand
point la bright. The prenidenl has com.
pleted his letter to Majority leader 1 ll
deraood of the house, praising the demo
ns t in congress tor their rv Old, and it
vlll be made public tomorrow or Thurs
day. Becretsry Bryan cabled to the belliger
ent natlonsif Kurope the tollowlng pruee'
resolution adopted last wk by the gov
erning toard nt the t'an-Amerlt'an union,!
which comprises the I'm tea Mates ami
the other twenty American republics: "In
view of tha awful. strife now devastating
continental Europe, the governing board
of the Pan-American union hereby r
aolvea to convey to the governments of
the belligerent countries an earnest ex
pression of Ha hope for peace as a tribute
to the sentlnientfi of fraternity which bav.
inspired the meeting of the Psn-Anierkan
F.fforts of southern members of con
gress to procure lt-K,t!atlv relief for the
cotton stales arouse) ounsideruble doubt
aa to the time of adjournment. Itepre
sentul'v. I'nderwood. the house leader,
said the attitude of legislators from the
cotton states practcal.- had made linpoa
elbie ,aljourr.meul by Saturday night
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