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Cold Vcathcr Is Here
-But You Heed Hot
Will pay for your new
fall or winter clothing
s $3
$12.50 and Up
$8.50 and Up
Pay $1.00
a Week
$8.50 and Up
Pay 51 L-X Pay 91
WoekVr a Week
tl2.60 and Up
$12.50 and Up
BiriHft cf All tins Qi
Out of Town People Write
For Catalogue
World' Livctt
Credit Clothier
1417 Douglas St
D.w 41 Art II
--Ja. i . , II
w - 'I
Iff ipff
Order to Officiate at Cerefnony at
Dundee'! New School.
grhenl Hoard of Oenahs), SJmMfc
Omaha, PlnresxV, Benson end
f'nnnrtl Mlsiffe lavlted
tftenit rile Affair.
Th cornerstone of Tundee new school
honaa id lo be laid at 2:) Saturday after
noon with appropriate ceremnnlee. The
grand lodge, Ancient, Tree and A"ccpted
Masons of Nebr;ika. aaatxted by CiipKnt
lodge No. J of Omaha. I to lay the atone.
The. lodge will art a escort to the
grand lodge on the occasion, and all tha
Maaona of Omaha. Couth Omaha, Benann
and other nearby towna have been Invited
to turn out and help to make It Interest
In and Impreaalva.
The officers of tha rrand lodge who will
be prramt are: Thomaa M. Iavla ' oi
Peaver Cltjr, grand maater: Samuel B.
Whitney of Lincoln, deputy grsnd maater;
Andrew M. Vlele of Norfolk, rrand senior
warden; Frederic I Temple of Lexington,
grand Junior warden: Kranrla B. White of
Omnhn, grand secretary; Charles r. Wll
aon of Oolhenbur.., rrand ohaplnln; Ar
thur A. Brook of Hastings, grand orator;
Robert L. French of Kearney, rrand cua
tndlan; Amhroae C. Epperson of Clay Cen
ter, rrand marshal: John L. Tooley of A n
selmo, rand senior dearnn; Joarph It.
Fradenburg of Omaha, grand Junior dea
con; Alexander K. Porter of Lincoln,
rrand tvler.
Orand Custodian French of Kearney
will rnmotn Omaha Friday to complete
arrangements for the ceremonies.
Maaona to t.athcr.
The Maaona will gather at the Masonic
temple at Sixteenth street and Capitol
avenue at 1 o'clock and rn to Dundee In
pedal rnr to !e provided.
Tha ceremonies at the school house will
bo vary Impreaalva. Besides the work of
tha Maaona there will he a brief address
by Daniel L. Johnston, singing by the
puplla of tJie Dundee at-hool, under the
direction ef Mra. Alice C. Ieterson, the
principal, and other rxerclara by the chil
dren. Sixteen young girls, robed In pure
white, will lay garlanda of flowers on
the corner-atone and the puplla of the
school will form In line and march paat
the atone, each of them depoaltlnc In It
a allp of paper bvarlnr his or her r.anie.
The pupils will alng "America." "The
Ktar Spangled Banner" and "Kail Co
lumbia." chool Boards lavltea.
Superintendent Graff. Principal Rend of
the high school and the members of the
Omaha Board of Education, the school
boards of Pouth Omaha, Benson and Flor
ence and the Board of Village Trustees
of Dundee have beeq formally Invited to
witness the laying of the corner-atone,
and a special Invitation has been Issued
to all the people of the Dundee school
Hill Line Provides
Club Car for the
Women Passengers
For the benefit of Its women passengers
the Burlington has put on a car that la
something new In railroading-.
In the paat the railroads and the of
ficials admit they have not given tha
women much attention In the way of
affording conveniences for travel. For
the men they have had club cars, with
lounging rooms, where they have been
made to feel perfectly at home.. On the
other hand, the female passengers have
been forced to ride In the day coaches, or
else pay extra for riding In the sleepers
during the day.
Now there la an Innovation on the Bur
lington, and on the Nebraska main line
It II running on Its through trains club
cars fof the women. These cars are pro
vided with lounging rooms, the appoint
ments being the equal of the rlub cars
for the man. The Burlington Is the first
road In the country to put these cars la
A local chapter of the national Jewish
fraternity, Menorah, was organized Sun
day afternoon at the home of Mine- Sophie
Wetnateln. Tha purpose of this society
Is to study Jewish life and to advance the
Intellectual and ethical spirit of the Jew
ish students of this city. Mixny prospec
tive members were present and the fol
lowing officers ware ulrrted: President,
Jacques Rleur; vice president. Miss Sophie
Wetnateln; recording secretary- treasurer.
Miss Lena Upeey; corresponding
secretary. Albert M. Pfeffer; reporter,
Pol Ravlts. Miss Nora l'red was chosen
chairman of the program committee.
The organiser of this society Is Jacques
Rleur, formerly of Nsw York university,
but now a student at the I'nlvrrxlty of
Omaha. All Jewish colleges and junior
and senior high school students have been
Invited to attend the next meeting, which
will be held at the home of Miss Ooldte
Melcher, ft South Thirty-third .street,
Tuesday, October 27. at p. ra.
At a meeting of the Knights of Colum
bus held Tuesday evening the following
offioers were elected: O. O. Hlnchev,
grand knight. W. C. Fraser, deputy grand
knight; F. P. Murphy, chancellor; A. E.
Henry, financial secretary; C. B. Dugdale.
treasurer; F. B. Malliews, advocate; p. F.
Kennedy, warden, and Q. W, Flttgersld.
The Visiting Nurse association will i
hold Its annual meeting Wednesday. Octo
ber 21, at the city hall headquarters.
Election of officers will take Diana m I
reports of the various committees will be
,' Thus Early Brearblal feaiki
, They hang oa all winter If not checked,
and pav the ay tot serious throat and
lung- diseases, (jet a botle of Foley's
Huney and Tar Compound, and take it
freely. Stop eougUa and oold. heals raw
Inflamed throat, loosens and phlegm and
Is mildly laxative. Chas. T. Miller Ed
Enquirer. Caaneltoa. Ind.. bad bronchial
trouble, got vry hoarse, coughed con
stanUy from a Uekllng throat II used
;on!y roUya Honey and Tar Compound
.Was entirely relieved. Wants others to
,snow or roieys Itoney and Tar.
.dealers everywhere. Advertisement
I Bt readsrs a re too liitell;rvnt to over
'look the opportunities in tn "rvant ,f
Igoluinns They rs wrtU anile rtauiug "
Complain Horses
Children Hungry
Kind heart! neighbors telenhoned for
the humsne officer when they saw thre
klnny nngs N-Ing worked by Charles
Barrett, a teamster living near Twenty
second sjid I'aul. They were Indignant.
They failed to notice five emaclatml
children, poorly cloth- d and hungry. They
failed to notl-e that the children lived
In a roul ehed wltli the horses, and that
their mother unrkrd out to supply them
with what little food they could get. The
neighbors who noticed the horses did
not trouble themselves to learn anything
about the condition of the people who
owned them.
Humane Officer Hans Nellsen, Investi
gating the complaint, found the family
In a more pitiful condition than were
tha animals. Five children, all under 14,
were hungry and barefooted. The shed
In which they lived wss cold and food
was scanty.
The Barrett family came here several
weeka ago from Ft. Joseph, Mo. The
father ts unable to earn very much money
becauee of Ida seedy animals, yet the
horses are all he has to rely on.
Nellsen took the animals out to a
pasture and brought the matter to the
attention of the proper charitable author
ities. Suff s to Bring in
, Big Guns to Close
Their Campaign
Snffrsglata are mustering the "big runs"
before the close of the csmpa'gn. Cath
erine Waugh McCullocli of Chicago, to
whom much of the success of tha Illi
nois campslgn Is due, will arrive Thurs
day and will work throughout the state.
No arrangements have been made for an
Omaha speech by Mrs. McTulloch as yet.
Dr. Anna Howsrd Shaw, president of
the National Cuffrage association, will
apeaJc at the Rrandots theater Friday
evening, October 30, and William Jennings
Bryan, secretary of state, will speak at
the Auditorium Saturday evening, Octo
ber 81.
Farm Lands Ideal -for
FallWheat Crop
K. J. Plci-son, flrat vice president In
charge of operation, st. Ixiiila; A.
D'Rernardl, general superintendent, Kan
sas City, and J. F. Ituss, superintendent.
Falls City, all of the Missouri raclflc,
came In from the south this morning and
here met Alexander Holilnson, assistant
to President Rush. Together the party
went out on special to make the fall In
spection of the Nebraska and Kansas
Superintendent D'Bernardl, speaking of
the crop conditions In southern Nebraska
and through Kansas said:
"Taking everything Into considers Hon,
the year has been one of the best for tfce
farmers of the two states. They raised
a bumper small rraln crop and the corn
is going to be fully up to the ten-year
average. The hltth prices will net the
farmers more return than In past years
and they have no reason to complain.
'The long continued spell of wet
weather ta putting the ground In perfect
condition for fall wheat and the acreage
sown, I think. Is the .largest In years,
Kverywhere through my territory the
seeding has been finished and farmers
are waiting for dry weather that they
may begin picking corn.
About 400 tickets for the Wks' clam
bake at Krug Park, October 2X have
already been sold, and nearly half of
them have been disposed of In Lincoln,
Plattsmnuth, Fremont, Falrbury and
Council Illufs.
It is necessary. In order to place the
order for sea food In the eastern coast
markets, to know how many ticket are
sold, as the dealers must have one
week's notice properly to fill the order.
It Is stipulated In the order that the soft
shell clams the oysters and the hard shell
crabs must arrive allva. The quohoga
must be shucked and the blue fish must
be killed and d reused within forty-eight
hours previous to shipment. In order that
the freshest and best quality of the same
may be served at the bake. Fifteen bar
rels of rock weed are included in the
ordor The bake when prepared Is cov
ered with this ro.-k weed, which en
hances the sea flavor of the food.
John Flpple will prepare the bake and
will arrive In Omaha on Sunday morning
next from Columbus, O. On October I he
pulled off the tenth annual bake for the
Adumbua Klks. and It was attended by
I, WW people.
Best Known C'onak Remedy.
Dr. King's Nt-w Discovery. Best for
roughs, colds, hoarseness and all lung
troubles. First dose helps. COc and 81.
All druggists. --Advertisement.
A flying squadron of auffraglata.
headed by Miss Klsle Vandergrtft and
Miss Jane Thomson, Is Invading the
Fifth ward, knocking at every door and
leaving suffrage literature. The euffrsg
Ixta were entertained at luncheon at th
home of Mrs. Thomaa P. Reynolds, 8838
Fherniao avenue.
Aa the campaign neara the closing, suf
frage headquarters In the Brandeia Thea
ter building are besieged with requests
from organisations for suffrage speakers,
according to Mr. George Doane, who is
in charge.
Thursday Only
To every woman buying a pair of our three dollar
fclioes any style or leather we will give a very ser
viceable pair of bathroom slippers, same a.s shown above
with you aud remember this offer is made for
EE. n. NEEDHAM, Prop.
One of the Field Worker Captured
by Dan Cupid.
"enver .ewapaper ! Horn hards '.
Thl, ( lr with Mrwitra 1lr4. j
ding ta Take Plaee After
Mule Dan Cupid has Imsded the tsnUa
of the suffrage sreaker" In Omaha. He;
'hot his dsrt at Mlas Klole . undergrlft, .
th energetic little speaker, who with j
Mias Jane Thomson Is accomplishing the .
Inat big work of the campaign, the ward
end precinct chiivs. Miss Vnndergrlft '
will stay In the field until the night of
election and. after the result la known, j
leaves for Denver, to be married the fol- J
lowing dsy to Mr. Ralph Benedict, well j
known newspaper man In that cltr.
The courtship has been carried on by I
long distance telephone anil telegraph !
ever since Miss Vsndergrtft'a arrival In .
Omaha, as many as five calls and four
meeages being registered st suffrage ;
headquarters and Mrs. H. C. Ptimney'a !
residence, where Miss Vnndergrlft Is a '
juest, In one dev. j
Ml!s VanderKrlft is undi- contract to I
Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt, one of the 1
leading spirits In stifrage, until next No-
vember. but since she Is so near to her
home In Denver, she was granted her !
vacation for the month of November, i
I'pon learning this, Mr. Benedict Insisted
on a November wedding, which was ar
ranged after Mrs. Catt hsd extended '
Miss Vandergrlffs vacation until Jan- !
uary 1. -
After the honeymoon. Mlsa Vandergrtft i
will resume her duties In other campaign '
states until her oontrsct empires. I
Miss Vandergrlft Is a graduate of the
University of Colorado, through which
she worked her wsy. Khe has heen en
tirely self-supporting, besides contribut
ing to the support of her mother and
sinter since she wss U years of age.
Mr. Benedict is a graduate of 'Harvard
and has traveled extensively abroad.
Suffragist? Why, of course!
Henry Thlessen, a coal paser employed !
by the water district of Florence, has t
brought suit against the district for 825.- i
000 damages for Injuries alleged received I
as the result of negligence by the mm
agers of the plant.'
Experienced Women
Advise Mother's Friend
Because it is so perfectly safe to1 use
and has been of such great help to a
' pcimi mouiers, inese women,
experienced In this most happy period,
ad viae the use of "Mother's Friend.?
Applleu externally to the abdominal
muscles Its purpose la to relieve th
undue tension upon th cords and liga
ments resulting from muncular expansion.
Beneath tha surface Is a network of fin
nerve threads and the gentle, snojhlng
embrocation. "Mother's Frtend.'l la
designed to so lubricate tha muscular
fibres as to avoid the unnecessary and
rontlnuous nagging upon this myrlid of
nerves. It la a reflex action.
Applied to the breasts It afford th
proper massage to prevent caking.
Thousands of women have reasdn to
believe In this splendid help undei the
trying ordeal of motherhood. Their
letters are eloquent evidence of Its treat
value to women. In us for many year
8t has come to be a standard remedy for
the purpose. JT
There Is scarcely a well-stocked drag
tor anywhere but what you can easily
obtain a bottle of "Mother's Friend" and
In nearly every town and village Is a
grandma who herself used It In earlier
years. Expectant mothers ar urged to
try this splendid assistant to comfort.
Mother's Friend Is prepared by Brad
field Regulator Co., 410 Imar Bldg.,
Atlanta, Ou. i'caJ tot our MU book.
Quit Sneezing!
A little London's Catarrhal Jelly placed In I
lis nostrils will bring relief. Your druggist I
guarantee It. Money esck If It fails. A J5c I
or tuo 01
Original and Qanuln '
Dont delsy. Cse It st once. Its cooling,
oothlne. heallnr effect are wonder :ul.
Beit thing you can ut lor chroolo nsssl
catarrh. colda lahrad, sneeiirir.1ry catarrh, ;
sore noe, nne Mew, etc. io.uuo.ouo tiihes
have besa aold. Writ ns for generous free
rampl. Svt) dmrsists sell this splendid
rstnedy. Avoid daugcrous substltutss.
KONOONMrO. COMInneaBlle,Mlsm. 1
Thk Stewart Food Company
- Guarantees
l asajF"
l!I Constipation
In any man, woman, child or baby who drinks it each
morning before breakiast It contain th puis, lax
ative, corrertlve, salt of fruit ths natural remedy
for bllloune,cocitlpatlon.tndtget!on. galUtons.
muddy complexion, tkshradsch. piles, etc Itcutcs
by building up the ttomsch. liver, bowt-lt. kidney.
V hen you learn Its rare power to do this and
stake people strong, healthy, and well you will
wat ne mors time oe money on sickening phytic,
ourtlul pi 111, or debilitating mineral waters. 1
a 8 per ar. lor ul by Saeraul k Met ssi B. 1
tTCWAKT rOOO CO, 8M eearny teas, CHCAt
I I' I J SSl -
Is a slogan which is rapidly being adopted all over this land. It's a big boost for our
manufacturers, which will mean much in this country's development. We have the
brains, the facilities, the money, right here in our own fair land, to produce everything
we eat, wear or use. It's to draw special attention to the really superior merits of many
lines of American-made goods that we start, next Monday "Made-in-America Week."
r. i
in tne
Domestic Room
Domet Flannel, 7!ic grade, 5
10c Outing Flannel, yd., 7
ISc Double Fold Plaids. 12
10c Dress Ginghams, fall color
in;, yard (We
12Hc Percale. ... . ..71,
Slx90 Bheeta. $1.00 grade 8 1
81x80 Sheets, 59c grade 38
Pillow Slips, each, at lc 1!,
12HC, 10c, 8He and..7Hk
Bed Spreads, $2 value, SI. 10
Genuine Hope Muslin. .
Apron Check Ginghams. .3
Magnificent Bargains in Fur Garments for Thursday
Fur Coats, made to ell at $73.00 to $85.00, fine
"""i"" marmuuj ana ronyn, also Nearseals, with
Civet Cat. Beaver or plain collars, M-r nn
In this sale, choice pO7UU
French Sable Coney Coats, $30.00 to $36.00 values,
36 to 45 Inches long, Skinner satin A r aa
lined. In this sale at, choice 4lOsUU
Civet Cat Fur Sets, $35.00 values, handsome new
style collar and large pillow muffs, with mesca
line linings, very special $10 QO
959.0O Brown Marten Srte), two-skin style collar,
two large heads and tails, large pillow muff,
a beauty, wonderful value aaa nA
t 3o9.00
French Coney Fur fWs, new shawl collar styles,
wlth large pUlow muffs, Skinner satin lined, vai-
tr$sr000 $9.90 and $ 1 3 .90
Genuine Marmot Vnr Keta, made to sell at $20.00,
fancy pellerlne collars and large pillow muffs,
medallion and tassel trimmed. Skin- An Ef
ner satin lined, on sale at $la&.oU
Blsvrk Wolf Fur Regs, with extra large pellerlne
collar and very large muff, full Skinner satin
lined. $20.00 and $26.00 values, 1 Q 7C
on sale at vlO.O
Red Fox Sets, a big assortment of very choice val-
zii::T::$7.95 $19.50
Unprecedented Value Giving
i "
6!assy Triiniiied ISats
Five Hundred and Twelve Beautiffil New Hats to choose
from, divided for this sale into three big lots at prices before
unheard of for such values at this season.
Lot i
Over 100 beautiful
hats, to $12.00 values,
beautiful ' nw . materi
als, some dirVt copies
of New York patterns,
Eoine adaptations from
our own workrooms;
all colors; Immense
variety, at, choice
Lot 2
Over 200 pretty hats,
trimmed with ostricu
bands, sttckups of
pheasants. peacock,
vulture, etc., wonder
fully becoming styles;
large end small, in
black and colors, to
$8.00 valut
You'll Have to See These Values to Fully Appreciate Them.
Thursday Specials in
Fur Trimmings are most pop-ulor-this
season. We carry a
complete assortment of all the
new novelties in fur trim
mings at from 15c, 25c, 35c
yard up to $1.00
Naydcn's Grocery Department the
It's Qualify Goods
It lbs. best Granulated Sugar. .$1.00
4-lb. sark beat high grade llamond
H flour, nothing finer for torea,
pi.a or rakes, sack ajl.SS
lbs. best Kolled White Breakfast
Oatmeal , 85e
It lbs. best While or Yellow Corn
meal 9e
I burs Ivory Hop le
10 bars Beat 'Em All. White Ruseian,
Lenox or Laundry Queen White
laundry r)oa 8S
The beet Dumedtlc Macaroni, Vermi
celli or Spaghetti, pkg Te
rut Oil bardlnea S&e
Corn flakes, rkg e
;raue-Nuls. pkg 10.
4 lbs. Fancy Japan Rice. 10 quality,
for aie
lbs. beet No. 1 band picked Navy
Reana t&e
Bi Stxla or Oyster Cracksrs, lb TVe
Large boitlea Worcester Hauce. Ptire
Tomato Catsup, flcklea essoried
It Pays TRY
Made Goods for Americans
rr",1 'j:1. ''jj'rL.i
Linen Section Specials
Bed Spreads, imported Marseilles,
scalloped, 15.00 values, tfQ Ef
each P)sOU
Bed Spreads, pique striped Uce bor
dered with inserting, 1 C QQ
$10.00 values, each.. , . p070
Bed Spreads, full size, crochet Mar
seilles designs, $2.00 ti A Q
values, each pl itO
Bed Spreads, an assorted lot, heavy
weight, good quality, J 4 OE
values to $1.7-5, each. . ) 1 e0
I PI llWo
TsmaaaWirii inn cisirmwi u aiaiswnwn
An Immense Lot of Sample
fioats, Sets and
Sample Pieces
iu all the most' popular furs, including
real Ermine, Fitch, Beaver, Mink, Hud-
crvti Stool c?An..ns.1 mm-- 4 i : 1.
Vyl J"" -.., in., radii ri ilU IHU ttlitVC,
iVv at prices actually less than the same
5X- garments could be bought at wholesale
Russian Pony Coats, 40 to 45 inches long,
plain or fancy collars, of German Fitch or
plucked Chinchilla, plain or fancy lining,
hade to sell at $45.00 to $59.00. this sale nt
price, choice
Over 100 preity
trimmed' hats. In os
trich, pheasant, vul
ture, peacorV, rffgrette,
gold and silver flow
ers, etc., In black and
' colors. Made to sell at
$4.00 and $5.00; your
Feather Sets, Tor Trimmings and Neckwear
Feather Boa and Muff
Sets; in black and natural
fine assortment of reg
ular values up t $15.00
on sale at one price Thnrs
day $7.00
and a Savior of 25 to SO Per Cent in
kinds, or Mustard, bottle Bi.e
1-lb. can Assorrerl Soups S'-je
tiolden Santos t'offee. lb SOO
Rest Tea hrtins. lb. 11 We
iiersher's Breakfast Cocoa, lb. ...Oe
Txrr trr kzitteb veam wow
Ths nicwt delicious run grown for
preserves. This is Extia Fancy
New Torlf KrulL Wednesday, per
bushel basket 11.18
Largs market basket 40e
The Batter, Oheeae a&4 Bgr Market
foe Ike reople of Omaha.
The best Country Butter, carton or
bulk lb at.
The best No. 1 Country Creamery
Butter, lb as.
The best No. 1 Dairy Table Butter,
lb OBo
Full Cream. Yeung Ajnerlca. Wiscon
sin Cream or New York White
''heese. lb. tOe
lb. roll Good Butterine See
Our Blanket Sale
All This Week
The same prices as Monday and
Tuesday, and In addition we
will sell about S00 Auto Rugs,
Steamer Rugs and Traveling
$5.00 Rugs $3.50
$7.60 Rugs S4.05
$10.00 Rugs S7.50
$12.50 Rugs S0.50
$15.00 Rugs 810.00
Comforters, same ruts as blan
kets. Bathrobe Eiderdown, by the
yard 35t
Amoskcag Outing Flannel,
12 He value 10t
Tiger Coney Fnr Set, with 52-lnch pellerlne col
lars and large pillow mutt, large head and tail
trimming, satin lined; a snap $7 95
Fitch Sets, a splendid assortment of those very
popular sets, special values at, . tj a j- ff
up from p40.UU
Tailored Suits, lng Coats and Presses from our
special New . York purchase go on sale Thursday
for the first time.
Tailored Suit, made to sell to .$15 00, Coats,
Crowns and Drewses, values up to (jOC ft
$46, at 3.O.UU
400 Sample Tailored Suit, $18.00 to $25.00 val
ues, come In the newest styles. Including the
Russian tunic coat styles, plain or pleated skirts,
choicest values shown In years $J2 50
More of Tho Splendid New Dresses to 8eU at
$g.90 New, long, plaited cr plain tunic effects,
basque and new straight line styles. In meesallnes,
poplins, serges and other silk and Q qa
wool fabrics, to $16.60 values, choice P7.aU
From 0 a. m. to 12 m. Thnrsday
60c Bungalow Aprons.Jn light or dark colors, 30
$1.00 Sateen Petticoats at. ....... , 49c
$1.50 House Dresses, some slightly Imperfect, 49
76e Flennelette Mouse Dresses 35
New Neckwear A splendidly
complete line of the new linen
collar and cuff sets on sale
Thursday at, set , .50c
Many otherv specials in new
Fall Neckwear.
Talk of Omaha
the cost of Living
Fancy Table Butterine, equal to
creamery, lb. tBfl
The best strictly fresh No. 1 Er.
nnthina- flier, rlosen 33e
15 Ilia, rotatoes to the peck for..tOe
Iieinand 14 ll.e.. the law requires It.
New I'jtbbage. per lb lUg
llubburd 8' each lOo-lgUe
s bundles Kresli Kadlahes Sc
2 bunches Kresh Shalots &e
J heuii t-Yesli Hothouse lettuce.. 6e
Fresh Spinach, per peck )0e
Beets. Carrots or Turnips, lb 9e
ftuia!saa. lb So
i BtaUs Hfceah Celery 6e
Green Toms-toes, for pickles, basket,
tor ise
bio arrxs cfzcxax.
Fancy Jonathan. iSrlmes Oolden or
Hellflower Applea. per box.. $1.3g
Tokay Orapea, bosket ' gSe