Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 03, 1914, Page 15, Image 15

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rem ukxt.
Amrtatali aad Flat.
scarce monet prices,
steam mkatkii, high m' ai.jtt.
PF.SinABLB, hudiomt, modern -r.
1 flats. wH located near butlnm, with
man unusual features: anon waiaina
distance. Janitor service. In luetics to
yourself examine their quality.
made, on this grade, rrices mac xaia
Cheeper than cottages. References re
quired T. J. HOOK. 1101 N. Wh St. -c.
Tha choicest 6-room eteam-heatsd apart
menta In tha city with additional maids'
room. If you with excluslvenees and
conveniences In a new apartment build
ing sea these. References required. C.
B. Moser, 4931 Underwood Ave. Tel.
Harney $7S7.
The New Traverton
FORTABLE. Small apartments, with private bath,
furnished for housekeeping. New build
In, new furniture nnd rugs; In fact,
everything complete.
"Why Board
look this over)' the only apartment In
the city hullt. furnished and maintained
on the plan that has become so popular
In the western coast cttle.
Traver Bros.,
7ft Omaha Nat. Rank Bldg, Douglas 1163.
eated Apartments
Southeast comer ttth and Douglas Pts.;
large 4-ronm apartment, with evervtn
to make It comfortable and desirable.
Peters Trust Co.
K22 Farnam St.
Doug. 8S8.
Rental Service Free
Why worry where to find a house o
apartment when we have listed every
vacant house and apartment In the city.
'Phone us for further Information.
Douglas 288 Fidelity Btorane Van Co.
Gordon Van Co
lit N. Uin bt- PhMiie it or H. toll
Park Ave. and Jackson St. The choicest
6-room steam-heated apartments in the
city, with additions! maids' rooms. If
you wish exclusiveness and conveniences
In a new apartment building, ere these.
References required. C. H. Moser, 41U1
Underwood Ave. Tel. Harney S7d7J
S34 S. 24TH ST.
Beautiful 2-room aiHtrtments, modern In
every detail, newly decorated, hardwood
finish, tiled floora In the bath room; Ice
boxes and gas rangea furnished; 122.50
summer, 28 winter. Call at our office
and we will show you through.
907 8. 85TH ST.
rv , a anap(m.ntl nlrelv
Vm-A-ainrn flniMh T V 1110(10 T fl
equipment, attractive rents.
832 S. 24TH ST.
Five-room apartments, strictly modern
and up-to-date In equipment, beautifully
decorated. 130 summer, W winter. We
can show you through at any time.
SIS Omaha National Bank Bldg.
r- . . w . , . 1 t I AOL 1M
708 S. ISth St.. 8 good rooms, all modern,
heat furnished, 40.
PKTKRajrRiTSTjroMPANY. n. kw.
ELEGANT sroom flat, with P'n
porch, all modern: beautifully decorat
ed; splendid location. 3115 Davenport bt
First floorfc only rero. a
810-12 Brandels Theater Bldg.
610 So. 27TH 6-room modern flat, 130.
1001 No. 29th 8t-7-room modern flat. 120.
8013 Leavenworth -r., mod. ex. heat. 120.
810-811 Brandels Theater Bldg
2fiL Capitol Ave., S-r., irod. flat. 125.
660 So. 38th Ave.. 9-r. mod. brick flat,
well arranged for light housekeeping, 130.
93S No. 24th, -r. mod. flat, 116.50
FIRST floor. 4-r.. mod., 835 8. 84th.
g-ROOM modern fla 1112 Se. Hth.
112.60 ROOMS, gas, private bath, 27th
and Decatur, f-none we p.
aK -t i u vr IPiRTURNTS.
234 and Harney Sta.. 8 room apartment,
cat! m- ' or u- w
OODEN ANNEX looms, WHO kltcOen-
ties "ouuri Rlttffa
LA VERNA, IR12 Capitol Ave., modern
a part meats, also furnished room, steam
neat, private pm.
FIRST floor, 4-r-, moc, iU6 Bo. 4th.
m I t . :i I - VIi" 1.' t'Onf'1 Ur I'll
West Farnam district, &Sth and Jonea
Sts ; 6 and 7 rooma Positively the best
and only exclusive apartment house in.
Omaha. Low rentals, compared with oth-
ers. See It first. -
Board, and Hoonsa.
BEAUTIFUL front room, with board.
Large, light, airy, facing east. Pleas
ant surroundings In best close-In dis
trict. Have one or two njoe desirable
mailer rooms. Excellent table. Terms
very reasonable. Call Hnrney 6827.
ROOM AND BOARD In private family;
convenient to car. 2029 California.
YOUNG gentleman, room and board, $6
per week; walking distance. Doug. 6123.
Kara I steed Hoosaa.
VERY pleasant room, private family. 823
Park Ave.
DESIRABLE front room, with hot water
heat, for gentlemen. Call at SOU Sher
man Ave.
MODERN room, homelike, fine location.
Harney 2i.i. Wi in. tn pi.
AK.-SAK-BEN VISITORS h'roni room,
strictly modern. 808 N. 21st Bt. R. M7.
t NICE rooms; strictly modern.
Charles. Web. 4366
S 2STH ST. 866 Beautiful front room;
hot water heat. 83.&J. Harney 7434.'
FRONT rm.. newly tur., mod. with board.
Single or ensuite. 2419 Poppleton. T. 2417J.
MODERN, well lighted, reasonable.
N. 20th.
SOUTH front room ia private family, for
gentleman, $2 week, board optional.
Webster 80$,
FUR. rooms, 2218 Douglas St. Red 5907.
PRIVATE family, moc- 83. Tel. So. 2236.
MOD., quiet rooms, walking dis., $1.50
week and up. THE KNAPP, U18 Cuss.
FURNISHED room fot rent, near Creigh
ton university. Phone Douglas 72S1,
Mod., privste home, references. H.513.
FRONT room, newly furn.. $4. D. 6467.
PLEASANTLY furnlahed room in private
' family; $12 mo. Phone Hnrney 4Uil,
NURSES Mod. room for one or two;
close to car , $12 or $18. 1412 Wtrt. W. 8n61.
WALK1NO dla; mod. room, In private
family; references required. 1116 Calif or-
nla. D. 6"07.
CAPITOL, 2413 Nicely furnished; all mod
ern: reasonable rent.
826 8. 2WTH ST.. furnished room; prl
vate family. H. 4U08.
SPENCER, 1911 Furnished room; private
tamtly; pleasant surroundings, w. 4:164.
Howsraeeplas ataoaae.
THREH ale rooms, housekeeping.
8. 11th.
DAVENPORT. 2018 Two or three nicely
furnished housekeeping rooms.
1726 8. 18TH ST. Housekeeping and sleep
ing, by dsy, week or month. Phone
Tyler 1021 W.
Hotels wo Aaartsaeata.
CALIFORNIA Hotel. lta and California.
Weekly rates $2 and up. Douglas 7oa3.
OODEN HOTEL, rooms $3 per week,
Council Bluffs.
VOlMiH HOTfci'-Modern. Reasonable,
Hnm aaa Coltasjee
NEARLY new (-room house, newly doc.
orated Inside and painted eulsld i4
Emmet. Web. lvb.
6-ROOM. half basement. 819. H. 14 f
WH. i:AI.IMIHMA. Lti : a room
new floors and woodwork; newly pa
pered and painted; new furnace: Just ene
block from eian and Cuming car. Inquire
8 Hamilton or Tel. Harney fc-TO.
91$ N. 41ST 4-roooi. modern, nearly new;
good neighborhood; cheap, iiarney 1138.
ttoasea anl toltaaea.
Excellent Home
30g Popplcton' Ave., In' the pretty Field
club district; completely modern, In lino
183 Farnam Sk Doug. $&
6-RuOM house, 2th and Caldwell; gas.
water; It2.
823 URAiNU AVENUE. 318; rooms;
modern except heat; high, sightly loca
tion; good neighborhood. Telephone Har
ney (Vvm.
o16 JONES All modern, 7 rooms, now $-U
Call Mrs. Nelson. Harney-13.
liBAl'TIFl'L elght-roitn hinis
crn; $40 217 California St. II.
4M.V 2l N. 2Mh St. 7 nna. all mod . $40.
l.oi castellar. $ rms., mod ex. heat, $20.
8. 29th Bt., rrn. mod. ex. heat $18
24184 s. ISth, S rms. mod. ex. heat, til MV
2415 Erskine fit.. 6 rms. mod. ex. ht.. II.
3H17 Emmet St.. 7 rms. mod. ex. ht.. $17.60.
" Dodge Ft. Douglas 416.
FIVE-ROOM cottage; modern: almost
new. Franklin St. Webster 3763.
DI'NPEK. H. 2Si.
DOUBLE) house of 20 rooms or single; 10
rooms and bath; newly decorated In
first-class shape; suitable for rooming
house; 714-1S N. ISth St. Apply st 404 N
lMn. rten uonen
6-R cottage. 112. 42? Isard. W. T65,
6-R cottage, 111 1711 Hickory. W. 1918,
w-s vksisio, V i ill IIH nur, s. il
8-R HOUSE. 2"it25Psrker. 120. H. 320.
6-ROOM house and garage on 4th St. all
modern, f.7.50 per month. Call Doug.
6-KOOM house, mod. except heat, 123.
s.M n. zisi oi. narney i"ti.
8-ROOM modern cottage, 71 So. STth St.,
fine location. Webster 2W0.
5-ROOM house, all modern. 115 per month.
4721 California St. D. S069.
802 SOUTH 2nTH, corner Kurnam; 10
rooms, steam heat; close In. Shepard.
Webster i812.
7 rooms nnd hall, strictly modern, hard
wood finish In flrnt story, three bed
rooms upstairs, one bedroom and bath
on first floor, 130. This house fronts on
a paved street and boulevard; 2Vfc blocks
from car line.
J. H. DUMONT tc CO.,
1S Farnam. Phone Douglas 830,
-r., square, l block Earns m line, 840.
8-r., close In brick, 1918 Webster, 40.
8-r., heated, over drug store, 8. W. 24th
and California, 137.50.
1018 Omaha Nat'l. Doug. 2715.
5-ROOM cottage, modern except heat;
good home. Call W. VK tK Emmet St.
Free Rental List
Complete inlonimiun about every va
cant huuae and apartment in. tne city.
This service la free. TeL Douglas Sfea.
Fidelity Storage tt Van Co.
175.00 9-r., 414 8. 3Stli, modern, fine lo
cation. I4..50 7-r. apt., 618 8. 16th, steam heat,
Janitor service.
$4;&0-w. apt., 613 S. 16th, steam heat.
Janitor service.
MJ.&o 4-r. apt.. In The Harold, 27th and
$40.00 7-r. apt., 708 S. 16th, steam heat.
Janitor service.
$40.00 7-r., 61i Davenport, Dundee, mod.
$4.0i 7-r., W Hurt, modern, garage.
$v'.0i 7-r., 26W Ames, modern.
$30.00-6-r., 4 8. 24th, modern.
$j6.oo-8-r., 22l Capitol Ave., modern ex
cept heat.
$l.0tf 5-i, 2614 Sherman Ave., modern
except heat.
Phone D. 758. 9"2 City Nat. Bk. Bldg.
1M So. Mil St.. 10-rma.. nil mod.. $T0.
4418 Underwood Ave., 7-rs., all mod., $40.
115 tio. Central Blvd., 7 rms., all mod., $35.
3f10 Jones St., 8 rms., all mod., $30. '
2H2tj Indiana Ave., 7 rms., part mod., 20.
1012 Pacific St., 4 rms., part mod.. $15.
265S Suhler St., 5 rms., part mod., $16.
So. 29th St, 6 rms., mod. ex. ht..'
817 So. 25th St., 8 rms., part mod., $9.
423 Bee Bldg. Doug. 633.
$2Q. New, flve-room cottage modern ex
cept heat; finished in oak; near
car line.
$22.50-Flve-room cottage; almost new;
exceptionally large, rooms; strictly
modeYn; near car line and school.
$30.00 Seven rooms; parlor extending
across the entire front of houses;
osk finish; colonnade openings;
four bedrooms and bath; fine
neighborhood; near car.
$23.00 Seven-room modern house; walk
ing distance; near 26th and Doug
la Sts.
17th and Douglas Sts. DougUa 60lJ.
8-R. mod., $16. 1702 S. 17th. W. 1919.
Jf T) 1 Itfxp. Co., moving
I . KPPfl packing & storaga
y' AVV-V-V-i 1207 Farnam. D. SIM:
STEAM heat, all modern, (-room house;
also 4-room flat. 820 No. 83d
8-ROOM strictly modem houata In Ai con
dition, location 2813 Pacific St. Call at
1060 So. 28th St. or phone Harney 234$.
2ND FLOOR office rooms or suitable for
light mlg. Wright & Laabury, 60S S.
16th St. Doug. 152.
6-R. mod. house, 1727 S. 10th. D. 7416.
I-ROOM house, all modern, tree water.
',04 N. 80th. Tel. D. 1630.
Van and Stor
age Co. Reduced
ratea for AO (1m vs.
Largs van. 2 men, $185 per nr.: dray, 9
men, $1 per hr. 1713 Webster. Doug. 1434
, W have a complete Hat of all houses,
apartments and flats that are for rent.
This list can b seen (res of charge at
Omaha Van A Storage Co.. 806 8. 16th SL
Fidelity Storage Co.
Blcrage, moving, packing arid shipping.
16th A Jackson Sta. Phone Douglas las.
Hnniiaa "' all parta of the city
OUStS creigh Sons A Co.. B
He Bldg.
t ROOM. ONLY $15.
Modern ex. heat Fine location. 1920
Emmet St. Be this, and Inquire up
stairs o
k tares aad Offleea.
385 6q. Ft., 130.00.
The Bee Building Co.
Office Room 103.
$364 So. 29th St., str-rm., 24x40. $:t0.
1406 Leavenworth St., str.-rm., 22x100, $20.
423 Bee Bldg. Doug. 633.
GOOD barn, room for S or 10 horsea
1917 Webster St call Do' las 41
TWO uufurnUbed rooms for housekeep
ing, walking diatancs. Address H. 4H
WANTED Desk room la established of
fice for mail address and headquarters
of Chicago agency, slate rent Address
Y ft. Bee.
LIST your houses and farms for sals
with us.
10$ Farnam St. O
I TT , . , . ZT
FINE J0-acrs farm, 44 mUes from Min
neapolis, -good soil, two sals buildings;
will take up to $18,04) other good property
la exchange. balance soma cash and
mortgage: plica y an acre; finest stock
farm in that vicinity. Schwab Bros., kO.t
PI y mo u th aidg- Mlnneapoi.s. Minn.
Pianos for other musical instru ts. V. 2017.
TO EXCHANGE for good business, 2UQ
. .- . I J - . -C . . . I 1
acres i.uiuiauu wnu mK m yi m-t . t.
A. Crockett, Springfield, S. V.
.KKAL KSTATF von exchaxur
HNB 4o-acre farm, fHe miles from Min
neapolis; & acres under cultivation, bal
ance orchard and timber; seven-room
brick house, stone bsemrnt. bam. wind
mill, chicken house, hav shed, granary,
etc. Price Will take tip to $:,u. In
exchange, balance some rash and mort
gage. Schwab Bros . 1028 Plymouth Bldg ,
Minneapolis, Minn.
CITT and farm loans, $, 1, 4 l-sr cent
JH. buaienl Co ltSOg Faniam. umaua.
WANTED City loana. Peters Trust CaT
OMAHA homes. East Nebraska farmaT
1414 Omaha Nat l. Douglas $71$.
1'RIVATK MUNKY-To loan Immediately
In amount $l,0t to $3,000 on city prop
erty. K. D. Weed, ll remain 8t D. 171.
WANTED City loana sod warrant
W. Farnam Smith A Co., 1210 Farnam.
CITT property. Large loans a specialty
W. H. T hemes, 21? state Ban kBl dg.
lion to 11 00 made promptly. F. D. W
weed Bldg., lth and Farnam Sta
MONEY on hand for city and farm loana,'
H. W. Binder. City Nat'l Bank Bldg.
rr CITT IX) AN 8. Bemta-Carlberg Co.,
"MO-itH Brandeis Theater Bldg.
BEE us first If you want a farm loax.
United States Trust Co., Omaha. Nab.
ABHTRACT9 Or Tlttl?..
KERR Title Ouarantee and Abstract Co
a modern abstract office, tut b. JTth BU
Phone Ioiiglas 6487.
REED Ahstrsct Co.. oldest abstract ef
f lea In Nebraska. 208 Brandels Theater.
$300 MORTGAGE, three years, 8 peToenX
on 4i acres Nebraska iulid, fine se
curity. Turklngton, 617 Ilea.
acres now open to entry In the famous
Valler valley. An 'excellent opportunity
for the homeseeker seeking good farm
land for general diversified farming. The
rich soli, exhilarating climate and
abundance of water tor Irrigation assures
maximum crop returna Great for grain,
alfalfa, timothy, and for stock farming.
Ideal spot for a home. Write today for
booklet and particulars. Valler Farm
Sales Company, Valler, Mont. Box No. 17.
Farms Farms Farms
All within one hour's automobile r1l
of Omaha; bargains. Let us show you the
goods; all sixes, all prices, all terms. Call
In forenoons It convenient. No trades
considered. )
N. E. Cor. 23d and N. Sts. South Omaha.
Fine, level 240-acra, second bottom grata
and stock farm, not wet or subject to
overflow, 8 miles north of Blair, county
sest town of 3,5oO, best of school and
tiood buildings and fences. 6-room house,
nearly new; barn for 12 bead horses, wltn
mow; large double crib, new granary,
chicken house, sheds, etc
A low price and very liberal terms On
this for quick sale. Will show farm and
give parlioulars to Interested parties.
K. N. CHRISTI ANSON. Springfield. Neb.
$750 CASH $1,1.50 MARCH 1
79 ACRES UPLAND Well Improved
Douglas Co. farm, gently rolling, best of
soil, choice location, extra good goods
for the money. Price. $m per acre; 8"f0
cash, $1.2T'0 more March 1, balance five
years at b per cent. ACT AT ONCE.
N. E. Cor. Zld and M Sts.. South Omaha.
BARGAIN $80 per acre, a well Improved
hall section in lora i-uumj, una tuin
land, 7-room house, barn for ten head of
.. . V, rnrtirplh. Werla . . InM.
I 1101 Bt3. " 1 .- -----
I mill, good water, fenced and cross-fenced,
j 40 acres splendid meadow; all can be cul
tivates inv iwnwi'ii to
1U1-12 City Nat. .Bank Bldg., Omaha. 0
Upper Wisconsin
Beat uatiy and general crop state in the
union; settlers wanted, lands for sale at
low prWes, on easy terms. Ask for book
let $4 on Wisconsin Central Land Grant,
State acres wanted. Write' about our
grstlng lands. If lntereeted In fruit lends,
ask for booklet on Apple Orchards la
Wisconsin. Address Land Dept. 8Joa
Line Ry.. Minneapolis. Minn.
IF INTERESTED In land In sonlheril
Iowa and southern Minnesota write the
F. L. Jones Land company, W Inters t la-,
for their list of S50 farms
Omaha Acreage
Seven acres, one block from car
line a.U near boulevard system and
park; 6-room house. In good condi
tion; electric light, furnace heat,
bath; good barn and other outbuild
ings; three acres In vineyard and
other fruit, balance in alfalfa. Might
take part payment In Omaha Income.
1111 City National Bank Bldg.
Get a Suburban
Near Car Line
Ruv now and nl an for next spring. Our
acres In the new Benson Garden's Addi
tion will surely suit you. This addition is
on paved road and only 6 blocks to car.
Price 8775. 116 cash. $16 a month.
HASTINGS & HEYDEJN. 1614 Harney Bt.
4 Acres
Rich, Level
Garden Land
Out Benson way. One of the most de
sirable places we know of for gardening
and raising celery. Closa to a number of
desirable suburban homes. Prlca $1,700.
Easy terms.
HASTINGS as HEYDEN. 1614 Harnty St.
Acreage Acreage
Some especially good bargains in ST 10,
20 and 4v-acre Improved tracts, especially
In 2o and 40-acre tracts. Cull In forenoons
If convenient.
N. E. Cor. 23d and N. Sts. South Omaha.
A Whole Acre
$10 CASH $10 a Month
Fsclng CMfton Drive, 1 block from pave
ment. Just the place to raise poultry while
holding your position 'In tha city. Price
HASTINGS ft HEYDEN. 1614 Harney St
4-roora bouse (for $800 cash.
A cheap little home worth the
money. ,'
Phone Douglas 259G.
H. H. Harper
1013-14 City National Bank
Five rooms, strictly modern. ' unique
decorations, fireplace, large lot; two
blwks from 24th street car. Terms, $l.Cu0
down, balance monthly.
44 Braodeis Bldg. Doug.
Kountze Place Bun
galow, Corner Lot
Located at the northeast corner of IMh
nd Evans St.. facing south on Kvsns.
having five good-eixed rooms, consisting
of large living room, dining room,
kitchen, bath and two bedrooms, one of
w hich ms v be used for den or llhrarV .
Large living room la 12x22 ft., hsving a
very artistic flroplnca and bookcases,
also beam ceiling. Beautiful plastered
pedestal opening with columns between
living room and dining roon lining
room 12x1 ft., with beam telling and
paneled walls This bungs low Is decorat-vl
throughjut In excellent taste. Excep
tional attractive plumhing fixtures:
plumbing and heating guaranteed. Very
attractive combination lighting fixtures.
Full basement arranged for laundry, ex
ceptionally large attic, floored through
out, where three full rooms could be
flnnhed If desired. Full set of window
enaaes and screens. Is renrv to occupy
without further expenditure. "
It will necessitate a personal Inspec
tlon to appreciate the beautiful Interior
arrangement and artistic exterior design.
Can arrange reasonable terms.
Hiatt-Fairfield Co.
2;w Omaha National Hank Bhlg.
i-nnne Douglas s.
living room, dining room, kitchen, pan
try, den on first floor, two bedrooms and
bath on second floor, living room, fin
ished In oak; strictly modern in every
detail; furnace, cement basement, south
front, corner lot, paved street, close to
school. Price, $2,800, payment down, bal
ance monthly located at 2tU0 Blondo
St. Keys at 2fi3i Blondo St.
810-12 Brandels Theater Bldg.
$300 Cash
and balance monthly buys at 8420 Parker
St., a very desirable 6-room, completely
modern house, that was built for a home.
Is on a largo south front lot. One block
from car and close to a school. Possession
can be had this month.
See 824 Maple St.. for A cheap house.
This can be bought for M cash and f 10
per month. Has t rooms, city water gus
and toilet. Price Is reduced to make a
quick sale. See today.
Creigh, Sons' & Co.,
Douglas 300.
606 Bee Bldg.
Choice Building Lots
Bellevue Boulevard (South Thirteenth St.)
$5.00. Down $5.00 Month
$150 to $350.
A few of these good lots left. They have
been selling fust. All street Improve
ments being Installed. Make a aubstantlal
payment on a lot and we will furnish
you .money for a modern bungalow or
Phone Douglas 4238.
Shuler & Cary
224 State Bank Bldg.
Cathedral District
13,200, 7-room, modern home; hot
water heat; full cemented basement,
with laundry; lot 60x128, south
front; fine shade trees and lawn;
shrubbery and fruit trees; reception
ball, parlor, dining room and kitchen
an first floor; three bedrooms and
bath on second floor. Will make
reasonable terms.
West Farnam
Modern ho toe, 9 rooms, furnace
heat, full cemented basement, hard
wood floors. Will take small amount
cash, balance same as rent.
1111-12 City National . Bank Bldg.,
Omaha, Neb.
West Farnam
Lowest priced lota ever offered In this
district. Directly north of Farnam
Street's best homea On S6lh, between
Dodge and Davenport.
Two esst fronts. $67$ each.
7 west fronts, $"60 to $WK.
, Call and reserve lot; sale later.
O'Keefe Real Estate Co.,
1016 Omaha Nat'l. Doug. 211s.
Evenings, II. 338. or It. 6184.
Free to 500 Only
Homebullders' New Plan Book of up-to-date
dweling houses and newest style
bungalows, just off the press. Finest ever
published in Omaha. Price 60c after 500
are sone
"Home Builders"
202 S. 17th BU. o
Pay the balance monthly on a strictly
modern. B-room cottage, only one block
from the street car. Worth $2,800; owner
will take $2,800.
Douglas 1781. Ware Hlock.
4826 California St.
A fine new ft-rorrm, thoroughly modern
house, just completed.- Has fine living
room with fireplace, etc.. sun parlor, din
ing room, fine kitchen, ample cupboards,
4 bod rooms and sleeping porch. Good
attic and complete basement. Hardwood
floors throughout. This house Is built
right. Ready to move In. Terms If
E. W. Stol ten berg
Douglas 1510. 4M Rosrd of Trade Hldg.
CHEAPEST good lot in Dundee. South
front, no grading, street paved, excellent
View, t all owner, miiuk IMS,
EXCELLENT Dundee home; flro place,
......... ..ullin,.., . I . 1
U.iw. ucmiwn ...i.iiip.1-. v 1 1 tj iiiiu, id
k . t- - .. .. , . . A II I
nam ri'oiu, i . . iu,c iu i 1,110. amfnv
dlata possession. Call fn- further Informa
tion. ,W, H. Thomas Jk Son., Doug. 1048.
TV . annual f 1 A.' 1 1 1 nt A r-n.. -e . k. -
Omaha Auditorium Company will be held
en next Monday. October 6. at the Audi
torium between 12 o'clock noon and $ p.
m. All stockholders are requested to at.
tend and vote their stock for thirty-one
directors for the ensuing year.
OWt J- L OILLAN. Secretary.
Due 1919.
This la gilt adge first martgaga
secured by big Nebraska farm.
raJued at $8.00600
ttasponaible parry willing ( an-
aorae II ra-uuiraa.
Holder must have ready savea
AnktstrODf Welsh. CV
lata Bank
Grain Market Action Pleases the
Elevator Men.
Wheat Leads wMw Prop of Tm
and Half Cents, W hile Corn la
One t rot and Wats Half
t est Lower.
OMAHA. Oct. 1 1I4.
Action of the wheat Minlket yesterday
brought forth smile riom the big ele
vatcvr people who have sold wheat for
Early In the scwlon wheat prices
showed a gain of one cent, hut following
the svvere llquidutlon prices crashed
downward The Increasing discounts on
cash wheat. No. 2 red snd hard grades
selling So under December prlcw, ac
cumulating supplies at all nolntx and Isck
of buying power were all dlKturblng !
factors. No wheat was reported in sold
here for export, while the cash sales to
nitlln were only I..iMO bushels.
Corn futures were also strong early and
suffered a reaction litter. Weather con
ditions over the corn belt were all that
could bo desired for finishing the crop
and fall pastures ure fine.
Oats followed much the ssme program
as other grains. The market was affected
by the severe break In wheat and there
was heavy selling by a prominent local '
professional. y " loc' j
rn.Ll.ln. a... .... U....1.I..
: ' "7. . """ -
li V 1 "r",n "nrPly lower. ,
rackers were credited w ith picking up I
fiiriv. j decrease ot about bD.OOO
tierces or laid, as compared with a month
ago, Is shown in the monthly statement of
provision stocks. Meat stocks are about
.ft'.iiw pounds less than on September 1.
Wheat was L.,o lower.
Corn was 1c lower.
Oats were to lower.
Clearances were: Whoat and flour,
nuii! to cvi.000 bu.; corn. L00O bu.; oats.
47.(K 1.11.
Primary wheat receipts were $.630,000 bu.
and shipments l,2S4.tno hit,, against re
ceipts of l sro.tioo int. and shipments of
aM.OOO bu. last year.
Primary corn recelots were M7.000 bu.
snd shipments '!i.OiO hu., sgalnst receipts
of fi.17,tmo bu. nnd shipments of M6.0W bu.
last year.
Primary oats receipts wore $.851,000 htl.
and shipments 1.OM.000 hu against re
ceipts of SM.onO bu. and shipments of TM,
OOn hn. IsKt year.
Omaha Cash JTIces-Wheat r No. S hard,
SmSWtac: No. $ hard, Nm(iWe; No. 4
hard, 2'tt4c: No. 8 spring. MHfttfc;
No. $ soring. Km97Hc; No. spring.
BW-c; No. t durum, 8W0c; No. 8 durum,
(UOftsJo, Corn: No. 1 white, 7?wrJHe; No. t
white. 71d7lc; No. 8 white. Tlvft71V:
No. 4 white. 7lamc: No. 6 white. 7liS
Tlc: No. 6 white. Tffllc: No. 1 yellow,
7070i4c; No. 1 yellow. 6"Jy7(V: No. $
yellow. 4r70o: No. 4 vellow, Sfl'4rHc;
No. 6 yellow, taV,?''c; No. 6 yellow, lis.
ClWic; No. 1 mixed, Wfffi!Hc; No. i
mixed. SsSUffc"! No. 4 mixed. 7HHWr:
No. 8 mixed. nWitiVv, No. mixed, 670
7Sc Osts: No. 8 white. 42f-v42Hc; stand
ard, 4im'42c; No. 8 white. 41'mc; No.
4 white, 4U141V. Barley; Malting. sOIWoj
No. 1 feed. MifteOo. Rye:' No. $, 81H,s2c;
No. 8, TBWtflOc.
These sales were reported today: Wheat
No. 8 hard winter: 2 cars, Mc; t cars,
6Vto. No. 3 hard winter: 8 rsrs, fto; 10
cars, Wic; 8 cars, 9fc; 1 car, MVtc No. 4
hard winter: 1 cur, 94c; I car. BCV- No.
3 mixed: 1 ar, tftc. No. 4 mlved: 1 car.
Mc. No. 8 durum: 2 cars. vOr. No. 4
durum: 1 car. NSc; V car (smutty, Wc.
Rejected: 1 oar. SNc. No grade: 1 car. 80c.
Barley No. 1 feed: 4 cars, Oflc. No. 1
miscellsneous: 4 cars, 80c. Rve No. t:
2 cars. Mc No. 8: S care. 81Wo. Oats
Standard: t cars, 42c. No. 8 white: 17
cars, 41Hc. No. 4 white: 1 car, 414e:
cars, 41c. No grade: 1 car, 40Vc. Corn
No. $ whlta, 1 ear at Tic: No. 8 whlta. $
ears at 71Sc; No. 4 white, I car at 71c;
No. 1 yellow, 1 car at 70Vic, 8 cara at 70c.
No. $ yellow, 8 cars at 70c; No. $ yellow,
4 ears at 70c; No. 6 yellow, 1 car at Snvo;
No. 6 yellow, 1 car at SS'ie. 1 car st Mei
No. 1 mixed. 1 car at 00c; No, 3 mixed 1
car at S9c, 8 care at GSo, 1 car at 69c;
sample, 1 car at Ofic.
Wheat. Corn. Oats. Barley. Rye.
Chicago 200 109 342
Minneapolis ..r.n
Duluth 848
Omaha Ml
Kan, City 24
St. Ixiuls .... 78
Winnipeg ....736
Feat area ot Tradlagr and Closing
Prleea oa Board of Trade.
CHICAOO. Oct. t Notwithstanding
breadstuff exports for the week from At
lantic, porta were the greatest on record,
the price of wheat today continued to fall.
Lack of speculative buying oouoted heav
ily itgalnst values. The market closed
nervous. 7ff1Vc under last night. Corn
i finished Sc. to NfM4o down, oata He up
I and provisions off 12'4h2&c.
Nearly 10,Oi0.000 bushels of wheat. It Was
announced today, left for Europe this
week, a total almo-t 4.000.010 bushels larger
than for the corresponding time a year
ago. This fact was mainly responsible for
lifting the market temporarily c above
yesterday's close, but degression, which
had prevailed earlier, set In attain near
the end of the day and there was virtually
no buylne except from shorts. ,
Corn followed the action of wheat. Clear,
cool wenther tended to favor the bcar side.
and so also did slowness or can nena"i.
Assertions that l.OOO.OUD bushels of oats
had bean sold here for export bald tne
oats market strong In tha face of tha
weakness of other grain.
Provisions sagged under realising by
packers It seemed to be a case where
better prions tor noes gave an auvan
tageous chance to unload.
Grain prices furnished by I.ogen At
Bryan, office. 318 South Sixteenth street.
Article! Open. I H I gh.l Low. Close-t Tes'y.
Whnatl I I I I
Dec.. II n 10Ti! 1 '4 10p 1084
May. IV lZH1. V 1 111 1 U'4jl 1 M'4
Corn. 1 ( I I
Deo..Rrffm WT4.1 M'4 "Wil W
Msr VkWm(8l8i5l STs!VsOH
Oats. I I I I I
Dao..4Mi(?m 474 ' 4m47ff-
Msy.l4Vw'l 00'
Pork. I I
Oct-.'IH 50-401 1 00
4Sl Wrt
1H 60 18 fcV90 18 70
1 00 MS C."! 1$ 20
Jan.. 19 I 1 SO
Lard. I ! I I I
Oct.. I 1 8 60 42V4I 42H! I W
Statement of the ownership, manage
ment, circulation, etc., of the Omaha
Dallv Be and Omaha Eve'ilnK Ree.
published dally at Omaha. Neb., required
by the act or August 24. 1912
Editor. Victor Rosewater. Omsha. Neb.
Managing Editor. T. W. AlcCullough.
Omaha, Neb.
Rusiness msnagers, C. C. Rosewater
and N. V. Fell. Omaha, Neb.
Publisher. The Bee Publishing com
pany, Omaha, Neb.
Tha Ree Publishing company.
Victor Rosewater, Omaha, Neb ; Charles
C. Rosewater, Omaha Neb.: Estate of
Leah Rosewater, Omaha, .Nt h ; Victor
RosewaUr, trustee. Omaha Neb.; N. P.
Fell. Omaha. Neb.; Stella H. Fell.
Omaha, Neb.; Blanche R. Newman,
Omaka. Neb.; H. A. Haskell. Omaha.
Net).; P. L. Haller. Omaha. Neb.; Joseph
Rosewater, Cleveland. O ; Ida Roaun
waaser. Cleveland, O j Paul Roseuwsa
ser, Cleveland. O.; llerman B. Rosen
wssser. Cleveland, O. ; Alice R. Corn,
Cleveland. O; S. Meyer Estate New
York City; Antoinette Uerber. Omaha,
Neb.; Alice Meyer, Omaha. Neb.: A. L
Meyer, trustee. Omaha, Neb.; Eugene
L. Oelsmer. Cleveland, O.
Known bondholdera. mnrtgsgees and
other security holders, holding 1 rer cent
or more of total amount of bonds, mort
gxees or other securities.
Average number of copies of each lssu
of this publlcstlon sold or distributed
through the malls or otherwise, to paid
subscribers, during, the six months pro
ceding the date of this statement:
"PuM Dallv R 82 84
' Paid Evening Ree Is.!3
Unpaid Daily Ilea, Including em-
I pinyes. cbaritalile Institutions, re
turns, ate
I'nosld E enlng Bee. Including em
ployes, charitable institutions, re
turns, etc
Totsl 64.920
N. P. FEIL, Business Msnager.
Sworn So and subscribed before m
this 1st dav of Octot-er, L114.
tSeal) M. P. NOKD. Notary Public.
' tMy commission expires July X, U18
9 ;';
9 7H!
S 4TV rv
77'! $77'.
) 874
9 6
Ribs. I
10 So j pi 1 10 U
t i Si. I 10 70
1(1 VI fl
10 J0V It 28
Chicago Cssh Prices Wheat : No. 1 red,
tl.OOVU'l H; No. 2 hard, II .0j, Ifl 04V
Corn; No 2 yellow, 73V'7.,,c; No. .3 el
low, 72tl72V,c. c.its: No. 8 white, 44T
4e; stsndnrd. 4ftfif-4'V. Rve: No. 2,
av. Barley, MulOo. Seeds: Timothy,
$"..J.r "dfvO1; clover, nominal. Provisions:
Pork I7 7S; lsrd. I1 4f; HI'S 811.20.
an'TTr.H-Creatwrv. 4ifl .c.
KtXiS-Msrket hlglier: rwelpts f.044
cases: at nisrk, cases Included. lNf)?1i(.c;
ordinsrv f'rts. l!"4r-"Hc; firsts 2lfl2?c
IIITATUKS- Unsettlod. rorelpts. .
rsrs. Mli ItlKiin snd Wisconsin, 4'Ki4;V;
Michigan snd VIconsln wh'te. 4Kr62o:
Mlnneeota and Dakotns. 4Mi6V.
POULTRY- Market r aliva, highor,
springs, 14c; rowis. mc.
Mew lrk liesersl Market.
Steat'y; inoi.v-.v, 4 37c: centilriiKsl 6,"2c; ;
7 Wo; mould A. 7toe; cubes. 7c, X XX X. I
powdered. 1st; owdere., ; (Ins i
ranulitnl. 6.7V-: dlsmond A. 6.7ic. ton.!
f,.eriorerti' A. Aiv No 1. ",
'HI TTr. rX 1 nBCH4"n. rrceilMl., e.n-n
tubs; creamery, extras. Hc; speclitl
marks, S0iffV : firsts. iT'iKsV. seconds.
4'y'i,ie; ladles, current make, firsts.
;rU22.c; packing stock, current make.
No. 2. 19' i, !..
K,)UH Mnrkct Irregular; state, run
svlvanla snd near-by hennery whites,
AsiCo: gathered whites. 32Wtr.
rilKKSK Market stemly : state, whole
colored siocisis
nvuKc: state, whole milk, fresh white
ami colored, lancy, HMIl&V; skims,
1 .Ul.TRY-!rescd . wek: wrt.
rnnnni". ir...rn.
turkevs. 2IW2c. l ive firm
rh,kens, broilers. HiflSc
turkeys, not uuoted.
fowls, PHI 20c j
Minneapolis Oraln Market.
MINNKArtH.IS. Oct $. WHEAT -Market
VftW" lower In the early trading.
FMU'R Docllned 10c a barrel.
RYE Wufc-V- . '
BRAN $t '
t'OR N No. 8 yellow, frttiti.c.
ATS-No. 3 white. 42(ti4.V.
Kansas CUT iraln and Provisions.
hard, Wc: No. red, OTUiViSe; IH
cember, KH'itWc; May, $1.0;..
CORN No. $ nils:ed, 72,y; No. 2 whlta,
TMiTftV;" Dacemlwr, M'c; May, 87HV
OATS No. Z White, 44W4oo; ino. I
mixed. 4iriCHc.
Osnaka Hay Market.
OMAHA. Oct. l.-HAY-Pralrle: Choloa
upland, nona here; would bring $12: No.
1 til .Wi U m! fv'.v I t S04T11.C0: No. t
ITOOUeflC Choh-e midland: $11 01W11.8S;
No. 1, 81" onwtt.nti; ino. s, okwiiw; no, s.
r oOtiJOO Choice lowland. 800; No. 1.
$ OoniS.jO; No. t. r.0OQ.00; No. $, $8.00
S. I.aala Aral Market.
ST. 'LOUlf. Oc,t. 1-WHKAT-No.
red, $1.01tl.03Hc; No. 8 hard. U.oltfl.O;
December. $1 lc: May, tl.0V.
CORN-No. 8. 7ic; No. 2 white. 7Sc;
December, SC' Mr V.ffl8V' .
OAT-No. 2. 444JH4HC, No, J whlta,
Liverpool urain siaraiai.
weak; No. 1 Manitoba, s $d; No. $ red.
winter, new, as 4d: futures, weak; Octo
ber. Is l'd; December, 8s 4d.
CORN 4tpot, nominal; futures, easy;
October, ba ViiA.
Cattle and Unas Are ileady 9he
CHICAGO. Oct. X. CATTLBJ Racelpts.
I, 000 head; market slow; boeves. $ B0if$
II. 00; steers. $.UVif.00; stockers and feed
ers. $&.8oarr rows and heifers, $S,tr0;
calves, r
Hi Kl 8 Receipts, 11.000 head; msrket
steady to a shade ehlgher; bulk ef sales,
$7.80i 8.50; light, $S 80SW; mixed, fi.l
880; heavy. $7 50U.M; rough, $7.CAt7.5;
pigs, $4 7RS$.MI.
SHEEP AND LAMUS Reealpts, tK.000
head; market strong; sheep, H.T&re.SO;
yearlings, $5.60r.2&; lambs, $.00(trr.8O.
St. LouU Llye Stork Market.
mfn i nma f n. , rrr tr D.n.lnl.
1.100 head; market steady; native beer
steers. $7,ft0iftl0.l)fi; cows and heifers, $4.04
stockers and reeders. go.tnHiT.ftii;
southorn steers, $K tXVfiS.00; rows and half
era. I4.004IS.AO; native calves. tti.OOttsll.oo.
jffKlS Recelpta, S.700 head; market
lower; plga and lights. $7.50413.00; mixed
nnd butchers. H.ST.flH fir,: heavy. $8 Sf.JM H.
SHEEP AND I.AMBS Rexalpts. 1.804
head: market, steady; native muttons,
$4.00106.00; . lambs. $7.0a7 .
New York Cottoa Market.
NEW YORK, Oct. $. Two government
reports supplied the features of tha cotton
exchange today. Tha census ginning fig
tires appeared, showing $,.W.sit8 bales
Binned to Septomber 84, or tft.BM bales
more than a year sgo, and within 300,004
bales or the big ion crop.
In view of conditions, these figures ap
peared surprisingly lurge to the trad
here. The crop report at noon made the
condition 73.8, against 78 last month, and
a ten-year average ot 68.8. On tha big
acreesge planted It suggested a yield of
15.800,0110 bales, excluding linters, which
closely approximates the record crop of
1911-12. No official onnounrements war
Issued during the dsy, but an early report
by tha syndicate committee Is expected,
which members aro still hopeful will solve
the problem of the Liverpool straddle sc.
In lair demand; sales, 4.800 bales.
Co tree Market.
NEW YORK. Oct. t-Ths board of
managers of the coffee axchsnge, at s
special meeting, passed resolutions to ths
effect that the voluntary oommltte on
llouldatlon he Instructed to suspend then
sessions until further suthorlsed by the
board. As this was believed to be tha re
sult of varv poor demand and conse
quently declining prices, sentiment was
bearlshly Influenced and local spot quota,
tlons declined tc. with Rio "s quoted at
r and Santos 4a at an average of 10sc.
Offers from Brssll were bsrely steady and
two steamers, carrying o.000 begs, cleared
from Ilrsilllsn ports for New Vork.
Drr floods Mavkat.
NEW YORK. Oct. 2.-DRY 00008
Cotton goods Irregular; yams active;
wool buying from Australia, active. Silks
quiet. Trade in silk materials was gen
erally declining.
New York Money Market.
I PAI'KR-7 per cenL
' 4TERl.1N EXCHANGE Stead v; for
cables. $4 Wf: for demand. $4.8iu0.
SILVER liar, i2Vic.
f attea Glaalaa Heport.
WASHINGTON. Oct. $. Cotton ginned
prior to September 25 amounted to 3 3M..
titll bales, tha renstis bureau announced
todsv. Round bales Included were 3,?J-;
sea island. 1$1.W6 laies.
Metal Market.
ST. TjOIMft Oct. 2-METAL T.ed.
nominal at 3.Utl; speltsr, nominal at
Bank Clearings.
OMAHA. Oct. 1 Bank clearing for
Omaha today wera $3.'8.13 84 and for the
corresponding day last year, $3.$3B,238.8ii.
Must Keep Isles or
Lose Hold on Pacific
WA'lirNflTON, Oct. 2. -Warning that
Philippine independence meant surrender
of American strategic command of ths
Pacific, "tha fighting ground of the
future," and that a conflict between ths
United Stites and tha Orient, "commer
cial or otherwise," was Inevitable, was
given the house today by Kepublcan
leader Mann, la a vigorous speech op
posing tha pending administration Philip
pine bill. Representative Mann declared
that If the Philippines became Independ
ent they would, tn time, either be ac
quired by Japan or some other nation
ultimately to be used sgalnst tha United
States. .
Nov .
Cattle Heceiptj Very Lig-ht, Prices
Without Noteworthy Change.
Fat fthee and All Kind of Feeders
Ktrndy Fal l.amKs Tea la FIN
HOUTII OMAHA. Oct. 2, 114.
Receipts were- r-fla Un jOtean.
.Official Monday ."m.Ws 8.DM ' 48.4 ,
iiilclul Tuesdsy lO.tL'il
Officlnl VeilnelHy.... i.2.S
rt.rH Thurf.lsv Tr.7
Kstlmate Friday aio
r ,v "lays this w eek. .36.8S1
Ssmr duyg w Cck. . .31.579
Cnmf dsvs 2 wki i.o -n -M
214X7 1M.1S.1
14.2M M.i ,
14X1 111,)c?n,,
,H7S 121.212.,.
24.777 162, is
Same dnys 8 wks sgoi. 22771
Ssme dsya 4 iclts ago.
bsme days last jear...&i..0fi
ie 'oiiewmg table shows tha receiptee
i sttle ihogs snd snrep ut the South Omaha '
ilva stAck msrket for the year to date, a
lompaicd with last year!
I14 111 Inc. ree. t
' atfle (Ui nat n? ivm r. mi
"- l.fl.4;.7,:,O24.0; 220,919
t"1f'P ,iil.rt t.lM.SV 4AS
Tha following table shows the prices for
jogs t tne South Omaha live stock mar
set tyr the last few days, with compart
sons. I 'ate, i ittu il'M ut iitl..pi4.'IMW.ilWt.
sw iff 1 ilT J ' 1 l "I $71 7 s$ 4 7$
Sept. 1$ e j 7, , n, , B)' t 7 2
tej.. . 14 8 80S 8 4.A 7HI $ 7 $ M ,
ept. lo I M 7 Ml 'I $ Tsl 8 S4 $ OSI t M
SlPI" 'M ! ' ; 48 4 Hi
s si'
ii t s 7 Sw S 21
4 H "
4 81
4 sJ.:
4 81 .
ept. g. v $011 8 lOlS 81
Sept. IS.) $ m 7 w, g u 7l
Sept. Mi i 8 4o 8 83' 4 44
II 8 921
8 92
I 8 tol 8 83' 4
8 M'.I I 4ii
8 40 I 8 OKI s ) t (,
$ n
nepr. ill x
8 47
teut. 22
Ml 8 4.1
! 10
ePl. n.- s k am a 4S It blti I 4
4 7J .2
b. V W 'l 1 M I 441 8 14 4 7$ I
t'P ' $ 4 4 I 4 IS 4 77 , !
M27 47.7M
4.M9 r.47,
4.000 S.ftcJ!
L" 1 r IT "'l H '' ' s 461 S7 ,
a'Kl- 2 W 4 2HI 8 4 8 18
Sept. WIS ism . t (tt 4 14 $ 12 08 4 47
S? ' , 4 IS 4 T n! 4 , ,
-l ' k. l 8 a 8 421 t 12 4 41 1 7 88 4 W
V I S?k " Sll Ml 7 TCI 4 00
O;-!.. I f 7 ', 3 I 441 4 8M e 7 (, 4 at
Sunday. " Z
(A1!Lt.KR,-"u ot cattls, as usual"1
on a Friday, were moderate, only head
big reported In. This brings tha total'
for ths f lv days this weak up to M.M1 ,;
head, being the largest of any weenl
thus far tms year and larger man tor .
over 1,000 head.
There were not enough beef cattls her
to really make a test of tha market, but
the feeling was generally stady with yea-
terday. 1 his means that tha market an
beef cattle Is around 162io lower than
a week ago. tha amount of tha decline "
depending upon the kind and character -
of the cattle.
Cows and heifers were la light supply
today and steady, but for ths week they
are around $uo lower, being at tha ex--'
treme low point of the year. The de-'
nl,n1...,m. no,t dr bos fair, but 1
still the trade has not been any too ac
tive. A feature of Uis market Is ths good
demand tor rannera
Stockers and feeders hav steadily j
tended downward this week oa account 1
of tha lllierai supply and the nvoSerats '
country dumand.. It would appear that--the
scarcity of money has kept many ,
buyers from taking on cattle, and In that
way tha demand baa been diminished. , In i,
this way prices have gradually tended!
downward through a laek of sufficient
buying demand. 1 -
Quotations on Cgtfje; Good to choice
cornfed beeves. $ 80 10.60; fair to good"
cornfed beevas, $s.neiS 80; commo to fair ''
oornfed beeves, $7.7M4.tK; good to choloa ,
range steers $, 404j. ft; fair to good range ,
steers, M.7dtr7.40; common to fslr range
steers, $4 004i4 78; good to choice grass ;'
heifers. i WW.W; good to choloa grass J
cows, $.2r4l7; fair to good grades, $3.50 e
ft.26; common to fair grades, 44.t4M.sO;
I7lm. tr4"- -26.40; good? to choice. ,
7.i4.26: fair to good. fc.&o7.40; 00m- V
mon to fair, (.00itrl0: stock heifers, $6.78 '
97 06; stock news, 44.7$4-8.2&: stock oalvea, T
r7.0tKa.8.5o; veal calves, $4.00t14.$: bulls,
stags. stO.. $6 8W7.O0.
HOOH-Recelpu dropped off a little to
day, only about slxty-sevea cars, or 4.404
head, showing op. Total for tha weak to
data Is $8,481 head, being 4.0U9 head heavier "
than a week sgo, but about 2,800 short of .
last vear.
Trade opened out rather dull this morn:'
lng snd early packer bids wera Just about I1
a nickel lower. There were no good '
lights hero today; but shippers and spec-,4
ulators bought good mixed stuff freely.' r
st prices that wera quoted as anywhers 1
from steady to a nickel lower, best butch-
crs again selling as high aa pL'it. With
other points reported as opening dull and.,
weak, tha feeling was nut overly strong.'.'
here, snd while sellers priced their hogs' I
early at stroimer figures, quits a number. I
were cashed during tha earlier part of thex.'
forenoon at tha packers1 first bids, that' !
Is, a nickel lower. Later on, when tha
heavy shipping purchases began to show
up, competition breams keener and values
braced up slightly, so that quite a num.,
bar of hogs sold at lust about steady fig
ures. c
Uulk of the sales wss mads at 't7M&
T tO, the moat popular figure being 87. S. .
There were a few scattering shipper sales i
on un above the even money mark, with
tops again reaching Values are no 1
ths lowest they have been slnoe the earlr
part of August; when ths temporary
tightness ot money seat the average
low as $7.48.
sHaEP Buyers went right- after any
thing In ths killing line and paid prioas
1047 Uo higher for the bulk of ths lamb
offerings and steady to strong, and posv
slbly a dime better, oh awes, there .blngr
of coursa few, if any, yearlings or
crs on tha market, it was about a nor
mal run for a Friday, as some 8,600 bead
were reported tn. against 4,874 a week"
ago and 8,818 on ths same day last year. .
Ouallty today waa much ilka that oa
Thursday, being fairly good generally,'
but there being nothing on the strictly
prima order. Ths offerings wera pot ss .
good as at ths closa of last week, and
on this account both fat sheep and lambs.,
are quotable steorv to HW 16c bettor than ,
last Friday, notwithstanding the fact that;
ths receipts on tha local market have
been liberal during the week. For the1
first five days of tha week tha receipts
foot up 1M.1H1 bead, compared with 143.IMJ4 1
for the same time last week and 15J.1S8 a 7
year ago. In fact, the supply this week
has been ths largest of any week so far '.
this season. ; A bullish factor la ths
trade has been the fact that the receipts '
at the five other western markets ahow ;
a shortage ss compared with last Week ;
and a year ago.
The fat lambs this morning sold largely
at I7.16fr7.40, with the bulk going around.'
$7,3047.40. Fat ewes moved at $4,600'
iM mainly. 1'
Quotations on range sheep and lambs: .
!.ambs, good to choirs. $7. 807 .SO; lambs.
fair to good. $7.0oy7.30; lambs, feeders, 1
$'. 0fvn7.1S; yearlings, good to choies. $5 73'
fi00; yearlings, fair to good. S5.40S.7fc;
yearlings, feeders. saefaJtSOi aethers,
good to choice. $S. 20&5.60; wethers, fair r
to good. Vi.0(Vfli.20; wethers, feeders, $4 34
$4 8S; ewes, good to cheiea, $4 ffH4; ewes,
fair to good, $44004.60; swas. feeders. $0.40 ,
t4.30. j'
Kansas ty Live Stack Market. 1
KANSAS CITY. Oct. 2. -CATTLE Re- -cripls.
lJU) bead: market strong; prime 7
Ted steers. $10 4"t 10 ); dreased beef ;
steers. IX 009.78; western steers. $4,704 -V.86:
stockers and feeders, 8i.Otf 90; bulls. J
$6.0 fjli W. calves. $ 10.60.
HOGS Receipts. 4.700 head; maraet, '
steady: bulk, 37.fc04tli.30: heavv, $76S.(a: 1
packers and butchers, $7.8C0i.3C; light. 47 M '
t)H 16; plxs. $7 S6S17.7S.
SHEEP AN DLA6IBR Receipts. S.ttW .
head: market hltrher; lambs, $7 0n7vi;,
yearlings wsthera $4.00ia4.; .
ewes. $i.25(04.W.
St. Jorjb Live Stock Market.
eelpta. 800 head; market steady; steers,. '
87 OVp 10.60: cows and heifers, $4.26o.60,
cslves. $7.W8lU.60.
HOGS Receipts. J.60O head: ' market 1
steady;- lop. I. 26; bulk of . sales, $s.W ,
"sHEEP AND LAMBS-Recelots. tOOO '
head: market firm; lambs, $7.004$7.40. .(
1 ' ' . . r
American Telephone & ;
Telegraph Co.
A dividend of Two Dollar par share
will be paid on Thursday, October 16.
1914, to stockholders of record at the
cIojs of business on Wednesday, Septem
ber 30. 1814.
Q. D. MILNE. Treasurer