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AHrlanK an Flats.
) JWR nooMs,
UJ-lV 8. 27th, have dtsappeartiiK beds,
tnakinx prartkalty t rooms. Each apiirt
mmt ihas an Individual on.h. opening
from living room. The.e aiartmetu are
within walking distance; half nlmk to
Farnam car. Summer, $40; winter, $46.
R.-adv about October I.
HASTINGS HKYDKX, 1614 Harner St.
8006-7 Harney, new; will have aim parlor,
disappearing- bed, making practically 5
roomt, elegant location. Hi block to Far
nam car; very choice; sum. $37.50, winter
$42. W.
VROOM modern, water, curtains and odme
In dining room, free. $22.50. 219 No. Jistn
Ave. Thnne H 6767.
Elegant 6-room apartment,
2501 Sherman Ave.
207 So. 36th Ave., new. close In, built-in
buffet, panel walla In dining; room.
hlock to r arnam car: mn. ., winter in.
HASTWJOK HEYl'EN. 1614 Harney St.
LA VF.RNA, 1812 Capitol Ave., modern
apartments, also furnished rooms, steam
heal, private bath.
ELEGANT 4-room apartment with sleep
ing porch, all modern, beautifully dec
orated, splendid location, 3115 Davenport
St. First floor only
810-312 Bran. Then. Hlilg.
TtlL Tll-VTTllI AC
113 So. 26th Ave., vacant Oct. 1; has gun
parlor; close in, warning; aisiance; veiy
choice, $no summer, $65 winter.
HASTINGS ft HKYUEN, 1614 Harney St.
Board and Rooms.
FRONT mi. newly fur., mod. with board.
Single or ensulte. 2419 Poppleton. T. 2417J.
FRONT room, modern, close In, for man
and wife, with board, $6 per week. II. 6107.
-R. HOUSE, 2625 Parker. $30. H. $at.
Faralabee Hiiomi.
FRONT rm newly fur., mod. with board.
Single or ensulte. 2419 Poppleton. T. 24I7J.
FRONT room, suitable for 2, mod.. $6
week; board optional. 2317 Douglas
1018 8. 31st St. Fine rooms Id brick, mod-
ern house; handy to car. References
WELL furnished room, all modern home
within walking distance. Good refer
ences required. 2116 California St. D. 6U07.
MODERN, well lighted, reasonable.
N. 20th.
SUNNY room, neatly furnished. $3.60. tMi
Douglas St.
FI R. rooma, private family, i So. 29th
St.. or call II. 40f.
STRICTLY mod. furnished room, private
family, 110 mo.; board optional. Call
Webster 3089.
SOUTH front room In private family, for
gentleman, $2 week, board optional.
Webster 903.
LOVELY room In an all mod. house, near
good car line; prefer gentlemen. Call
W. 8186.
MOD., clean, single room. $2,60. 434 H, 24th.
PRIVATE family, mod., 3. Tel. So. 22.38.
BO. 28th. 1010 Furnished, heated front
room, mod., $12. Gentlemen H. 4273.
MOD., iiulet rooms, walking dls., $1.60
week and up. THE KNAPP, 1918 Cass.
S. K. exposure, in private family; mod.
room for two, $4. 24 So. 19th 8t. R. 8674.
FURNISHED room for rent, near Crelgb
ton university. Phone Douglas 7281.
WICLiL furnished modern room, hot water
heat 2412 Capitol Ave. Douglas 6875.
Mod., private home, references. H. 6138.
WELL FURNISHED modern room, hot
water heat, 2412 Capitol Ave. Douglas
6876, J '
FRONT room, newly furn., $4. D. 6467.
Fur, rms. modern. 18 & Cass. Apt. 9.
PRIVATE home, beautiful. ail mod.,
walking die., board opt., $3. H. 2942.
NURSES Mod. room for one or two,
close to car, $12 or $1. 1412 Wirt. W. 8061.
Unfaralahed Huoraa.
-ri2? No. -inth St.; - rooms, $15,00.
- Famished Housekeeping; Rooms.
LARGE, mod., complete, $3.50. 2309
Housekeeping Rooms.
t APTS., furnished for light housekeep
ing; steam heated; mod. 4758 N. 24th.
THREE nice rooms, housekeeping. 1113
8. 11th.
DAVENPORT, 2018 Two or three nicely
furnished housekeeping rooma.
flatels aaS Aymrtaseate.
CALIFORNIA Hotel. 16th and California,
Weekly rates $2 and up. Douglas 7081
DODGE HOTEL Modern. Reasonable.
- Hoaaea aad Cottaaee.
261$ -JONES All modern, 7 'rooms, now
$20, Call Mrs. Nelson. Harney 136.
t-ROUM cottage and barn; walking dis
tance; $14 per month. Harney 4173.
NEARLY new 6-room house, newly dec
orated inside and painted outside. 24o6
Emmet. Web. 1069.
FLATS for rent, nice location, also 6
room houae, mod. ex. heat, with elec
tric lights. Call Doug. ROOT.
6-ROOM,' modern, paved street, one-half
block to car. $J0. 4608 N. 28th Ave.
I-ROOM house and garage on 4th St. all
modern, $27.60 per month. Call Doug.
STRICTLY modern 4-room bungalow, fine
location, excellent condition; vacant Oct.
1. Call H. 6.19.
A 7-ROOM. all modern house at 4216
Douglas St., $33 a month. Tel. H. 4021.
-ROOM house, mod. except heat, $23.
933 S. 21st Ht. Harney 2706.
9-R. house, unfurn., mod., hardwod fin.,
water, heat; also ti-r. house, mod., furn.,
all near cars, Dundee. Phone Harney 2558.
i-ROOM, modern. 1110 Georgia Ave. H. 14387
6-ROOM houae, all roodnrn. $15 per month.
4721 California St. D. W69.
I-R cottage. $12. 1711 Hickory. W. 1919.
FIVE-ROOM cottage, modern, almost
new. 4709 Franklin St.. Webster 2761.
I-R. mod., $16. 1702 8. 17th. W. 1919.
I-ROOM house, modern. 2910 South 2th
St., $21. Water paid. Tel. Red 2950.
(-ROOM modern cottage, 719 So. 37th St.
fine location. $'JS. Webster 2690.
HFJAUTIFUL eight-room house, modern,
$40. 217 California St. Harney 66 1 3.
$16-6 ROOMS. BATH. 1703 MANDER
$16 N. 41ST 6-room, modern, nearly new;
good neignuornooa; cneap. iiarney
WEST FARNAM rooma, 2 baths; very
modern. 323 No. 88th Ave. Doug. 2947.
W-ROOM mod. house, uplcndid surround
ings. 1015 William. Call Red
6-R. cottage. $12. 462t Isard. W. 6766.
OOOD t-r. house, all mod. except heat, on
ear line. 4tt No. 24th St. Web. 6687.
STEAM heat, all modern, )-rooin house;
also -fin flat. ISO No 2M
I-ROOM strictly modern house in Al con
dltton, location 211 Pacific St. Call at
104U Bo. tSth St. or phone Harney 1346.
FIRST floor. 4-r., moc., K6 Bo. 4th.
Free Rental List
Complete Information about every a
eant house and apartment in the city.
This service la free. Tel. Douglas lH.
Fidelity fctorac-e as Van Co.
COTTAGE. 4 rooms and basement. 111 per
month, 21 S. Z8th Ave. Call D. L.
Thomas, 418 Bee Bldg. Tel. Doug. 2364.
6-R, mod. house, 17.7 S. ltth. D. 7416.
HOUSE suitable for two small families.
Inquire 2646 Capitol Ave. Phone D. 4o.
t-ROOM house, all modern, free water.
'04 N. 801 h. Tel. D. 163a.
J. C Reed p&n50! Stong'
e VA,UiM Faroam. D. 61 'Ai
Large van, 1 men, $1 86 pes far.; dray I
men. II per hr. 1718 Webster. Doug. IMS.
We have a complete list of all houses,
apartments and flats that are for rent.
This list can be seen free of charge at
Omaha Van c Storage Co.. h S. ltiih fot.
Jloaaea aad (ottaaes.
Fidelity Storage Co.
Storage, moving, racking and shipping.
16th t Jackson Bta. Phone Douglas 288.
II mi una in " part of the city.
iAuupts crenh Hons r Bee Bldg.
lores aad Offices.
385 Sq. Ft., 130.00.
The Bee Building Co.
Office Room 103.
SNt FLOOR office rooms or suitable for
light mfg. Wright & Lasbury, 60$ 8.
lRth St. Doug. 152.
ON ACCOUNT of factory falling I am
going out of the automobile business;
lease and fixtures for sale; rent very
reasonable. See Loaier place, 2649 Farnam
St. Eric Nelson.
GOOD barn, room for or 10 horses.
1917 Webster St Call Do'lglas 44
TWO upfurnished rooms for housekeep
ing, walking distance. Address B. 464,
WANTED Desk room In established of
flce for mail address and headquarters
of Chicago agency:, state rent. Address
Y 208, Bee.
acres now opn to entry In the famous
Valler valley. An excellent opportunity
for the homeseeker seeking good farm
land for general diversified farming. Ths
rich soil, exhilarating climate and
abundance of water for irrigation assures
maximum crop returns. Great for grain,
alfalfa, timothy, and for stock farming.
Ideal spot for a home. Write today for
booklet and particulars. Valler Farm
Sale Company, Valler, Mont Box No. 17.
120 A"ND 160 ACRES-12 miles of Omaha
postoffice, fnlr Improvements; $150 acre.
JOHN N. FREN'.KR. Hi So. 16th St
Fine, level 840-acre, second bottom grain
and stock farm, not wet or subject to
overflow, $ miles north of Blair, county
Beat town of 8,600, best of school and
Good buildings and fences. -room house,
nearly new; barn for 12 head horses, with
mow; large double crib, new granary,
chicken house, sheds, etc.
A low price and very liberal terms on
this for quick sale. Will show farm and
give particulars to Interested parties.
E. N. PHR1STIANSON. Springfield. Neb.
PLATTE county farm, 200 acres, near
Columbus; 800-acre stock and hay ranch.
4118 Farnam.
Upper Wisconsin
Best uairy and general crop state in the
union; settler wanted; lands for sale at
low prices, on easy terms. Ask for book
let 84 on Wisconsin Central Land Grant
State acres wanted. Writ about our
gracing lands. If interested In fruit lands,
ask for booklet on Apple Orchards in
Wisconsin. Address Land Dept., 8oo
Line Ry., Minneapolis. Minn.
M laeellaaeoaa,
IF INTERESTED in land In souther
Iowa and southern Minnesota write the
F. L. Jonea Land company. Winterset. la,
for their Ust of 169 farms
FINE 620-acre farm, 46 miles from Min
neapolis, good soil, two sets buildings;
will lake up to $16,0u0 other good property
In exchange, balance some cash and
mortgage; price $80 an acre; finest stock
farm in that vicinity. Schwab Bros., 1028
Plymouth Bldg., Minneapolis. Minn.
THREE hundred sixty-acre Improved
farm, 20 miles from Minneapolis; 8-room
house, barn, windmill and other buildings;
part under cultivation, balance paature and
hay land; no waste land; one of the best
stock farms in that vicinity; price, $60 per
acre; will take up to $10,000 good property
in exchange, balance some cash and mort
1028 Plymouth Bldg.. Minneapolis. Minn.
FINE 40-acre farm, five miles from Min
neapolis; 36 acres under cultivation, bal
ance orchard and Timber; seven-room
brick houae, atone basement, bam, wind
mill, chicken house, hay shed, granary,
etc. Price K600. Will take up to $2,600 In
exchange, balance some cash and mort
gage. Schwab Bros., 1028 Plymouth Bldg.,
Minneapolis, Minn.
CITY and farm loans, 6, 6V, I per cent.
J.H. Dumont A Co.. 1603 Farnam, Oiaaha
WANTED City loans. Peters Trust Co.
OMAHA homes. East Nebraska forma.
1011 Omaha Nat' I. Douglas 3711.
WANTED City loans and warrants.
W. Farnam Smith A Co., 1330 Farnam.
CITY property. Large loans a specialty.
W. H. Thomas. 228 State Bank Bldg.
$100 to $10,000 made promptly. F. D. Wead,
Weed Bldg., 18th and Farnam Bta.
MONEY on hand for city and farm loans.'
H. W. Binder. City Nat'l Bank Bldg.
6 of CITY LOANS. Bemia-Carlberg Co.,
O 810-813 Brandela Theater Bldg.
BEE us first If you want a farm loan.
United States Trust Co., Omaha. Neb.
KERR Title Guarantee and Abstract Co.,
modern abstract office. U6 to. 17th Su
Phone Douglas 6487.
RKED Abstract Co., oldest abstract of
fice In Nebraska, 204 Brandets Theater.
Homes Built and
Easy Payment Plan
Will furnish the money and build you
a home to order and draw plans to suit
your taste. Will build on your lot or any
lot you select. Telephone for particulars.
Telephone Webster ,3879 o
FOR 8 ALE By owner, in Hernia Park
district, 7-room rrodern house, nearly
new, on car line, paved street, paving all
paid, fi.r t2.Uti. juO down, balance like
rent. Call Person 666-J.
Modern cement block house, I rooms,
toilet and bath; furnace, electric light,
city water; full cemented cellar, one
part for laundry; one-third of acre
ground; all fenced; modern chicken house;
shade; 42 fruit trees, a rapes and small
fruit: vegetables and flower garden; right
by Rlverview park; 4 blocks to So. 13ih
and Bo. Omaha car and Edw. Roaewatvr
school; good neighborhood. Price only
$3.0u0; $1.0u0 cash will get it. Biggest saap,
on account of moving south, tsee owner
at premises. 4111 So. 9th Street, or phone
Douglas 6647.
$500 Cash
Buys a large, almost new house at the
southeast corner of 80th and Davenport
Sts. House faces the boulevard and has
reception hall, living room, dining room
and den flniatied In oak. Three bedrooms,
bath and aleeplnc porch on second floor.
Would take a 6-room cottage as part pay
ment. Fur price see owner.
Record Breaking- Acreage in Winter
Wheat Prospect for Next Year.
laflaear t'pea 4h fit lacwase.
aaentlal -All (iralaa from a
Frartloa One feat
OMAHA, Sept. 28, 1914.
That there will be a record-breaking
acreage aown to winter wheat thla seaeon
seems a certainty. Whether or not the
effirte of the farmers will reeult In the
expected bumper crop next summer can
not be foretold, and thla will not be a
factor this year. I'p to date the trade
has not been inclined to pav much at
tention to the Increased acreage, and It
Is not llkelv that thla will be much of a
factor while conditions continue to be
abnormal. It Is true the war Influences
at the present moment have become stale,
but thin la due to a large extent to the
fact that neither the allies nor Germans
have scored any decisive victory to date.
The lack of outside Interest at present
rsn be laid to the general public's dis
appointment in the action of war news
on the market. It will take some big
event In Europe or an enormous export
demand to bring back outside Interest.
The corn trade has fallen Into a rut
from which It appears unable to extricate
Itself. Many bullish theories are advanced
and the market apparently la in a healthy
position, but there Is lack of speculative
Interest and the heavy tone In wheat Is
naturally depressing. Weather conditions
over the belt recently have been fine for
curing and ripening the crop, but the
country has very little corn for sale.
Heavy sales of oats were made for ex
port last week and the fact that foreign
countries are now taking liberal lots ot
feed barley Indicates the urgent need of
feeding grains there. There was more
conux'tltlon from Canada. In the mean
time speculative Interest In oats has died
Wheat was He to lc higher.
Corn was He higher to He lower. '
Oats were 14c higher. "" "
Clearances of wheat and flour were
equal to 106,900 bushels; corn, 6,900 bush
els; oats, 841.000 bushels.
At Liverpool wheat closed lifflHc lower;
Corn, dull.
Primary wheat receipts wera 8.620.000
bushels and shipments, $.448,000 bushels,
against receipts of 1,473,000 bushels and
shipments of 1,205.000 bushels last year.
Primary corn receipts were 480,000 bush
els nad shipments &6.000 bushels, against
receipts of 1.270,000 bushels and ship
ments of 515.000 bushels last year.
Primary oats receipts wera 1.886,009 bush
els and shipments 6ti6,CN bushels, against
receipts of 1,280,000 bushels, and shipments
of 11.430,000 bushels last year.
These sales were reported today:
Wheat: No. 8 hard winter, 1 car, Hc; 1
car, 93Me; 6 cars, 99c. No. 8 hard winter,
1 car, 99c; 2 2-3 cars, 98Hc: 13-6 cars, 98c.
No. 4 hard winter, 1 car, 97c; 8 cars, 96c;
3 cars, 96c. No. S mixed, 1 car, 98c, No. 4
mixed, 1 car, 93c. No. 3 durum, 1 car,
91 He; 3-6 car, 91c. No. 4 durum, 1 car,
89c. Rejected. 1 car, 94c. No grade, 1
car, 93Hc; 1 car, 90Hc; 1-1 car, 90c. Bar
ley. No. 4 malting, 1 car, 63c, Rye: No.
2. 1 car, N6Hc; No. 8, 2 cars, 860. Oats:
No. 2 white, 1 car, 44"4c Standard, 1 car,
44Hc; 1 car, 44c. No. 3 white, 17 cars,
43c. No. 4 white, 4 cars, 43lc; 3-6 car,
43c. No. 3 mixed, 2 cars, 43Sc. No grade.
3 cars, 42c; 1 car, 42Hc. Corn; No. 1
white, 1 car, 76c. No. 2 white, 4 cars,
76Hc No. 8 white, 1 car, 76c. No. 1
yellow, 1 car, 73Hc No. 3 yellow, T cars,
73Hc. No. 3 yellow, 1 car, 73Hc; 1 car,
73Hc No. S yellow, 1 car, 72Hc. No. I
yellow, 1 car, 72Hc. No. 1 mixed, 1 car,
71ic. No. 2 mixed, 2-6 cars, 71Hc No.
8 mixed, 8 cars, 71Hc No. 4 mixed. 1
car, 71c. No. 6 mixed, 3 cars, 71c, No.
mixed, 1 car. 71Hc; 1 car, 71c,
Omaha Cash Prices Wheat: No. 1 hard,
SsHcfrl.M; Not 3 hard, 97Hc1.03; No. 4
hard, 94c1.01H: No. 2 spring, 99cQ'1.04H;
No. 8 spring, 98cel.3H; No. 4 spring, 95c
j$1.02; No. 3 durum, 91HO2Hc; No. 3
durum, ,90H91Hc Corn: No. 1 white,
754tj76c: No. 3 white, 76t4r76Ho; No. 3
white. 74eI5c: No. 4 white. 74a74Vc:
No. 6 white, 7474Hc; No. 6 white, 73,
c; wo. t yenow, Tiri3He; No. 1 yel
low. 734f73Hc; No. 3 yellow, 72(H73V4c
No. 4 yellow, 72H73c; No. 6 yellow, 72H
4f72Hc; No. yellow, 724p72Hc: No.
mixed, 71H?Hc: No. 3 mixed. 7171He;
No. 3 mixed. 7W71Ho; No. 4 mixed, 70
71c; xno. e mixea, ivwwiio: no. s mixed,
7071c. Oats: No. 2 whits. 44!M4Hc; Stand
ard, 43, (fcc; No. 3 white, 43H& 4.144c;
No. 4 white, 4343i,4e. Rarley: MaJUng,
62&c; No. 1 feed. 5r60c. Rye: No.
8b&86Hc; No. 9, S4Hfnc.
Wheat. Corn. Oats.
Chicago 811 66 160
Minneapolis 949
Duluth 831
Omaha 78 8$
Eight room, new 2-story house, 26th and
California Sts., snap, $4,200.
Eight-room, new modern, 36th and Cen
ter, only $4,200.
Seven-room, new modern, 36th and Lea
venworth Sts.. $4,200.
Enquire 41$ Karbach Blk. Phons D. 3C07.
$31.00 DOWN AND
$31.00 PER MONTH
I have for sale a new, substantially con
structed 6-room house, located one block
from car line, 3 blocks from school; full
cement basement, furnace heat, principal
rooms finished in oak, balance of house in
pine; very conveniently arranged through
out. Pretty location. For full Informa
tion, call
Telephone Webster 2233.
Due 1919.
Thin Is gilt edge first mortgage
secured' by big Nebraska farms
ralund at $9,000.00
Responsible party willing to en
dorse lr required.
Holder must have ready cash ,
& . nf 1 1
ArmitroDf- waun to
State Bank
AU(tlon Th f 11 1 1., n' i n . . I 1 - I
gage will be sold st auction at Omaha
'r,,ro.?ft, raa Company's building.
806 fcouth Seventeenth street, Omaha, Neb
, u ciuck p.i m., Wednes
day. October 14. 19M ....,
same hour each day until all has been
' ,nl? canvas trunks marked
w SF 8".,.s tn?V S"Sb"rt Wckson.
J , ... ..iuc;ci, M3Se V Ol -
ysr. Zinc trunks, William Handley. Peter
""iwnw -ns, x-imer traouock R
W. Jacobson, Arthur Stranty. Steamer
trunks, W. B. Prather, Theater, KKK
Landrum Nelson, J. W. Rodemacker, Herl
bert H. DlcUson, Hubert Walsner. Box'
Co. D. 1st Reg., N. N. Q ; 8 boxes. Doug
las. Arts., Mra N. E. Cottrell. Suit rases.
Mike Files, Jeasa Bilvrs, Wilbur Murphy
A. M McCullnm J u u ''
John Hart. Clifford Baldwin. J. J. Gibson.'
nullum ivaisun. iren irumouii, liarvey
Kroll, J. Klrby. James O'Brien. Tele
1 TiT. A I Kl l( "nil rim f.Asru r
r -- - w uvnuvr.
Charles McCormlck, T. B. Gates, R. F,
riiuiq, vanse, i.ari maungen, 1. A.
Moore. 8ample cases, E, A. Moors, Ster
ling Tailoring Co., Harding Flint Co.
llui All t t iriu..ll,
conalMltntf of trunks. boxes, chests'
uunaies, umnneia, valises, guns, watches,
overcoats, umbrellas and musical Instru
ments, not marked.
General Baggage Agent
Be Want Ads Are ths Best Business
Kansas City V 23
St. Louis itii 10
Winnipeg 1,98
lea tares of the Tradlaa ana Closing
Prices aa Hoard of Trade.
CHICAGO. Sept. 28. Rumore of an ulti
matum from Russia to Turkey had con
siderable to do today with causing an
advance In the pi Ice of wheat. Closing
quotations were steady, VflS polnta
above Miturday night. Corn suffered a
net decline of NtVc to Stfc, but oata
finished with a gain of Ho. In provisions
the outcome varied from unchanged tlg
ures to a raise of 4.
According to unconfirmed reports Rus
sia's demand was that Turkey must eltnrr
disarm or light, as the entram-e ot Turkey
into the KuroiH-ttn war might Involve
Italy and all the Balkan states. Many
wheat snectilatora made haste to cover,
fearing an excited and higher market In
case Turkey proved defiant. Some ex
Port buying together with prospects of a
sharp falling off In primary receipla gave
additional help to the bulls. Advices
from both the southwest and northwest
Indicated that a majority of farmers were
holding out for higlier prices.
Fine weather for maturing corn made
the market for that cereal relatively
A good deal of buying was done, how
ever. In sympathy with the strength of
wheat. Oats hardened owing to gossip of
big export sales. On the other hand,
there was signs of freer offerings from
the country, especially Iowa. Packers
buying helped to lift provisions. An ad
vance In the hog market was also a dis
tinct aid.
j Grain prices furnished by Imogen &
uryan, office, 31s south Sixteenth street.
Article! Qien) Hlgh.l 1aw. Close. Set'y.
Wheatl I I I I
Sept.! 1 0SHI 1 07H1 1 H1 1 1
Dec. 1 08H 1 H 1 08SI 1 01S 1 08
May. 1 15H 1 16' 1 15 V 1 ICS 1 IBS
Sept. 7H 7H 75,1 7RSI 76',
Dec.. WHtf", 7S ",i14fSI 70
May. 72S4J ' 72H 72H 72HJ2HBS
Sept. 47 474 4T 46', 4M
Dec. 49WH1 49S! 49 49ViCS 49mi
May. D2Sifli2 62 63 62H S 62SnI'H
Sept. 17 26 17 !ft 17 25 17 23 17 25
.Ian.. 18 80 18 87H 1 & 19 97H 19 97 H
Sept. 9 66 H', Iff, 9 66 . 9 66
Oct.. 9t 9CA 9 65 965 965.
Ian.. 10 10 10 16 10 06 10 12-16 10 t
Sept. 11 60 11 KG 11 60 11 95 11 59 ,
Get.. 10 86 It 10 10 8.'. 1110 19 89
Jan.. in 6o-C2 10 67H 10 30 10 57H 10 60
Chicago .Cash Prices Wheat: No. 8
red, 81.0SHffl.07H: No. 3 hard, $1.06fll.07Vi:
No. t northern, $1.07(3l.t.
Corn: No. 2, yellow, 7677c; No. 3
yellow, 73i473Hc. Oats: No. 8 white,
47Hl47Sc; standard, 48V(H8He. Rye:' No.
1 93fJ94o. Barley: 6872c. Timothy: $8.76
tJ6.00. Clover, nominal. Pork: $17.25.
lrd: 89.67H- Ribs: 811.u6ftl2.05.
BUTTER lower: creamery. 244f29c.
EGGS Lower; receipts. 8.304 cases; at
mark, cases Included, 18i800Hc: ordinary
firsts, lHHc; firsts, 20Hc
POTATOES Lower; receipts. lt cars;
Michigan and Wisconsin red. S0ti46c;
white, 40ihY6c; Ohlos, 6066c.
POULTRY Lower; springs. 124c;
fowls, 12Hc.
notations of the Day on Vartoas
NEW YORK. Sept. 28. FLOUR Quiet
and rower to effect sales.
WHEAT-Spot, firm; No. 3 red, $1.09;
No. 2 hard. $1.08; No. 1 northern Du
luth. H.1014H No. 1 northern Manitoba,
$1.13V4. nominal c. I. f. Buffalo; futures
were without transactions; September.
$1.15H; December, $1.18H; May, $1.25.
HOPS Steady; state, common to choice,
1914, 42(loj 1913, Soft 40c; Pacific coast,
1914. l'mitflc; 1913, 1701 19c
HI DEM Steady; Bogota, SHHc; Cen
tral America, ZiHc
WOOI-Steady; domestic fleece, XX
Ohio. 31 4) 32c.
CORN Spot, firm; No. 2 yellow. 86c to
arrive; Argentina, strictly prime, 80i;,
nominal, delivered.
OATS Spot, steady; standard white, 64
4Ha; No. 8, 63&64c; ordinary clipped
white 56HHc.
I DAY Easy ; prime, $1.06: No. 1. $1,000
l.OJH; No, 3. 80irtl6c; No. 3. 80&Re.
LEATHER Firm; hemlock firsts. Hit
S2c; seconds. fc31c.
PROVISIONS-Pork, easy; mess, $22.00
fi2.75; family. $28.0or27.OO; short. $32.00f(
26.60. Beef, quiet; mess. $23.0X(i-24.O0; fam.
Uy, $30.0082.00. 'Lard, firm; middle west,
$9.85'n.96; refined, steady; continent,
$10.60 South America, $11.35; compound.
$8.O0f''i8 37H
TALLOW-Qulet; city, 6Hc; country,
tWc; special, 674c
BUTTER-Steady; receipts, 4.661 tubs;
cieamery extras, SOiaaOHc; firsts, 27H
t'Hc; seconds. 2."H'h'27c: Droceas nln.
2ii(J)26Hc: ladles, current make, firsts-, 22H
v4m., Dnuiiui, unwise; pacaing StocK,
current make. No. 2, 2092OHc
CHEESE Steady; receipts, 2.164 boxes;
state, whole milk, fresh white and col
ored specials, 15,iffl6c; state, whole milk,
fresh white and colored fancy, 16HaH5Hc;
skims, 4M14c.
EGGS Irregular: receipts, 8.221 cases;
fresh gathered, extra fine, 2S(ti30o; extra
firsts, 26427c; firsts, 2i'uX,c; seconds, 24
23c; state, Pennsylvania and nearby hen
nery whites, 3640c; state, Pennsylvania
and nearby hennery gathered whites. 28
ffftnc; hennery browns, 3V832c; gathered
browns end mixed colored, 26-328C.
POULTRY Dressed, dull and weak;
western chickens, froxen, 14t20c; fowls,
14W?0c; turkeys, 21ij'26c.
lOULTRY Live. weaker; western
chickens, broilers. 13H14c; fowls. 16
16Hc; turkeys, 15il6c.
Minneapolis Grala Market.
September. $L06',i: December, $1.08! No.
1 hard, $1.10S; No. 3 northern, $1.03V9
Wheat advanced Ha?Hc in the early
FLOUR Unchanged.
BRAN 321.09.
CORN No. 3 yellow. 713C2c.
OATS No. 8 white, 46(a46ic.
Kaasas City Grala aag Provlsloas.
hard. 99HcP$l.0O; No. 3 red. (Xk361.00;
December, $l.(K."ol.02H; May, $1.0BH-
CORN-No. i, mixed, 77Hc; No. 2 white,
79c; DecMYiber, 66Hc: May. 70S'ft'704o.
OATS No. 3 white, 4.7f4Ho; No. t
mixen, 4i"fuizc.
BUTTER Creamery, 28c; firsts, 24c;
seconds, 34c; packing, 20c.
EGrS Firsts. 21c; seconds. 17Hc.
POULTRY Hens. 14c; broilers, 16c.
Omaha liar Market.
OMAHA. Sept. J8-HAY-Prallrle. choice
upland, $12; No. 1. $11 60; No. 2, $9.11: No.
2, r.'3; choice midland. $11.60; No. 2, V.Wd
ff.00; choice midland. $11.60-, No. 2, $11.00;
No. X 89.00W11.00; No. 3, $7.OOraO0; choice
lowland. $10.00; No. 1, $9.Ali'l0.00; No. 3,
r7.O0fc9.00; No. S. $f..00''d7.00. Straw: Choice
wheat. $4.6o5.0ft; choice oats or rye, $5 a
5.60. Alfalfa: Choice. $12.00; No. 1, $11 (.
11.60; No. 2, 88.00ft 10.00 ; No. 3, $6.yu.00.
St. I.aals Grata Market.
ST LOUl.H. Sept. 28,-WHEATNo. 3
red. 1.03V('1: No. 3 hard, 11 WW1.08:
Brptemher, $1.04H: December, $1.07S.
CORN No. 8 red. TH . No. 2 white, 82c;
September, 77Hc: Decipher, C8Sc
OATS-No. 2. 4ftg4iHc; No. 3 white, 47ic
Klgln Ratter Market.
ELGIN. 111., Sept. 28.-BHTTER 28Hrt
asked with Chicago Inspection; 29c Lrd
with Elgin inspection. No salea
Caffee Market.
coffee market was Irregular and unsettled
again today. War risks on shipments from
Braxll have been advanced to 7H per cent
owing to the reported activities of (ierman
cruisers and while cost and freight offers
were a shads lower, business is piactlcally
tt a standstill In that department. Local
aiiot situation, hoaever. waa steady with
7s quoted at (So and Santos 4s at 10Ht
11 He, with holders encouraged by the un
certainty nf the Import situation and a
moderate demand from the Interior. It
was reported that there had been some
liquidation of Dacamber through ths vol
untary committee here under ths rules at
6c. or fully la a pound Under the pHoe of
July 30.
1 1
Drr Goods Market.
NEW YORK Sept. 28 XjTTON Mar
ket steady; sales of goods for war- and
hospital purposes abroad reported. Yams
steady. Raw silk shipments materially
lower than a year ago. Foreign dress
goods advanced. 4
Mot Kinds of Cattle Show More or
Lf8 Decline.
Fat Sheep aad Lambs Ten (rata
Lower Feeder heea Steady
ta KtroasT aad Feeder
luaka Steady.
SOUTH OMAHA. Sent. 28, 1914.
Recetpts ere: Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
F.stlmatn Momlav S.Hil 4o.(
Same day last week.. 9.t 1.SK8 4.S
Samo days 2 wka ago. .17M7 4.44 41.419
Same days 3 aka ago..ll.72o 1.019
t-nme days 4 wka ago.. 1.4"i X4.M(i
SHine day last year....l3.;3 2 814 4I..HW
Tna following table shows the receipts ot
rattle, hogs and sheep at the Mouth omaha
'live stock msrket for the year to date, as
compared with last year:
1!14. 1913 Inc. Dec.
Cattle KW.4I6 6w'.9;7 W
Hoga 1.783.970 g.tktt.ffTO ilt,'V
Sheep 2.115,itS 3.C.il4 Wii
The following table shows the prices for
hogs at the South Omaha live atock mar
ket for the last tew days, with compari
sons. Date. I 1914. 191S !1911 11911. iim0.llsW.M9
Sept. 18.1 $ 41HI 1 8 S5 ( l 8 Z7 1 6 71
Bept. 18. 7 $7( $ 881 6 8 9 15 T 931
HJt. 14 I 9 80Si I 4J 7i 1 9M 8
b-Pt. 15r 8 6 7 K) I 7S 8t 8
06 6 90
eepu J. 8 o't 7 m 9 43 6 31
V 8S1 8 06 81
1111 in 90
Bept. 1J g 4i I 961 H 31
Sept. 18.1 6 V M On M in
8 81
9 141 81
tuiit. 19. 1 8 43j 7 isi; I II, 7l 8 92 Do
Seitt. ,Vl llki 1 .VII ft S4I M 73! I 17!
Sept. 211 8 60, I I 41
Sept. 23.1 3 40 i 8 OHl
KJI 8 471 8 131 t 87
68 8 43) 8 10 81
I Ml I i I2 73
I 9 441 8 18i 16
ept. ia.l 8 v 8 UNI 8 46,
cent. 24. 8 UHl 8 i 8 41
Sept. 261 8 2VHI 8 071 8 491
6 461 i 8 161 6 77
!t. 26.1 8 liHwi g ii g i ft g, I 461 I 6 67
Sept. 27 8 2t g 8 2 8 46 8 1R
Sept. 38. j 3 15H1 8 6 6 14 8 82 9 08 8 67
Reccllits and dlalioMltlon nf liv ml
the I'nion stock yards, South Omaha, for
iweniy-rour nours ending at 8 o clock p.
in. yesterday:
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep, H'ses.
C. M. A St. P 11 V.
Wabash 1
Missouri Pacific .... 1
Vnion Pacific 103
C. & N. W., west...a..4
C. St. P.. M. A O. .,
C, II. A Q., east.... 9
C. B. A 4J., west.... 207
C, H. 1. A P., east. 1
C, 11. I. A P.. west. ..
Illinois Central 1
Chicago O. W
Total receipts ..672
2 100
15 26 2
3 !! !!
10 29 1
1 - -38
li4 4
attle. Hogs. Sheep.
Morris A Co 92
Swift A Co 890
Cudahy Packing Co 963
Armour A Co 683
J. W. Murphy
Lincoln Packing Co.... 22
W. B. Vansant Co 10H
Benton, Vansant A L. . 365
Huston A Co 84
J. . Root A Co 302
J. 11. Bulla 2l'3
I, F. Husx 162
Rosenstock Bros f
McCreary A Kellogg... 497
Wertheliner A Degen... 7:rt
H. F. Hamilton 6i
Sullivan Bros 64
Rothschild 46
Mo. A Kan. Calf Co.... 38
Christie 194
Hlggina 13
Huffman 6
Roth U
Meyers ' 14
Kline 43
Haker. Jones A Smith.. 40
Tanner Bros 74
John Harvey 162
D. A V 87
Doud A Kllfer 8
Hill A Son 211
F. II. Lewis 11
Other buyers 1.071
Totals 8.059 3,619 25,968
CATTLE Receipts were large at all
market points this morning, the run
here being considerably heavier than
last week, but only a trifle heavier than
two weeks ago or a year ago.
Under the Influence of large receipts
prices at practically all market points
were reported lower on ths opening- At
this point ths best beef steers held
about steady, but ths less desirable
kinds were slow to lOu lower, and. in ex
treme cases possibly as much aa 16o
'"cows and heifers suffered In about ths
same piopoartlon aa beef steers, prices
ranging all ths way from steady to as
much as 10c, and in spots 16c, lower.
Choice fleshy feeders were in poor de
mand this rmirnlng and aa t,ha supply of
that particular kind was not large the
market did not show much change on
that sort. Oa the other hand, the gen
eral run of common to pretty good Block
ers and feeders sold loo and in some
cases 16o lower.
Quotations on cattle: Good to choirs
beef steers. $9.60 10.2S; fair to good corn
fed beeves, $s.7ln'J.6); common to fair
corn fed beeves, $7.75tt.76; good to choice
tange steers. $7.606.76; fair to good range
steers, $; common to lair range
steers, $6.0i6.80; good to cholro grass
heifers. $rt.6O'7.60; good to choice grass
cows, $6.io4i4i.7&; fair to good grades. $0.60
tt'8.36; common to fair grades, $4 0wtf6.50;
good to choice Blockers and feeders, $7.60
tm.25; fair to good stockers and feeders,
$0.60rg7.W; common to fair stockers and
feeders, t.004l H; stock heifers, 36.764
7.00; stock cows, $4.76'oC26; stock calves,
$7.O098.5O; veal calves, $8O04fl0.M; bulls,
stag, etc., $6.36437.00.
Representative sales:
No. At. Pr. No. At. fr.
11 SJ4 4 10
8 heifers... 721 6 40 7 casves... 668 t 00
46 feeders... 906 40 13 stockers 646 80
21 heifers... 693 6 00 ' 13 heifers... $36 60
21 stockers 709 76 '
J. N. Burr Nebraska.
49 steers.. ..1U4 7 60 18 steers... .1001 f 70
A. i. BJomdohl Nebraska.
21 steers.. ..1194 7 36 , , M . .
Oscar Turnqulst Nebraska.
24 steers.... 854 6 85
94 feeders... 937 7 60 6 feeders.. .924 1 60
36 steers.. ..U8 7 9i
13 steers.. .1380 8 40
HOUS Supplies were estimated st
foity-etx cars, or 8.O1O head. This Is 1.80
larger than a week ago, but is 1.3 head
short of the corresponding day last year.
The market this morning; showsd a
continuation of ths listless feeling that
prevailed during ths greater part of last
week. Other polnta reported fair ad
vances and under this influence the local
trade opened about a nlckls higher,
when the more urgent orders had been
filled, however, there was still several
loads in first hands, and a there was
little competition at this time prices
weakened, and the trade closed extremely
slowj with all of the early advance lost
Shipping hogs were conspicuous by their
absence, and the few bunches bought by
hlpjers and speculators consisted of the
fair to good mixed kinds, which sold at
prices that might be quoted as strong,
but certainly were not much higher.
The general trade Is close to !e higher.
Bulk of the supply moved at $8.108 20.
with a few loads of pretty fair mixed
hogs as high st 8.2:., and one bunch of
sorted stuff at $8.3o. Regarding quality
the offerings resembled Saturday, In that
while there was nothing very good hers,
the extremely common stuff was also
Quotations on range sheep and Iambs:
Lambs, good to c hoice, $7. 3HJ7.60; lambs,
fair to good. $7.10.90; lambs, feeders.
8t;.10&7.10: yearlings, good to choice, $6.76
4l.00; yearlings, fair to good, $6.6Wf6.75;
yearlings, feeders, $5.4ojt.9u; wethers,
good to choice, $i.2Oii&-60. wethers, fair
to good, $f.ini6.20; wethers, feeders. $4 80
4J4.86, ewes, good to clinics, $4.75tf6.00;
ewes, fair to good, $4.604 76; ewes, feed
ers, $3 60ft 4 30.
Representative sairs
At. Sh. Pr.
At Mb. rr.
. IM 00 8 I
..171 IM I li
. 774 SO It
- m it
. ui ... inu
..M7 so t na
,.ir its I 94
..Ul ... I 00
..t7 190 t
..104 ... IS
..1M ... I 10
.. ... $ S
..JW U 8 IS
..til to I IS
. .4 4e 6 IS
..111 H IH
..111 V. 1 ... 1 1
. . 120 1 us im t lo
. .Ui IKS 8 U
. S04 10 8 11
1 .,
... t M
... 1
so 1 9o
M I k)
... I H
H 18
... 8 M
SHEEP There was not much of a
market on fat sheen or lambs until after
i-VfM V' !
"' HI11H lirillK Ili'MW i" Hi inn ,iii:t
otherwise The receipt were amun'l
1. 1 m 1 1. .1 ....... ,m r.l m itl. ill Nirt &-lr 1
ago and 4l. a year ago. and about M I
per rent con'lHted or reilers. nlio the
fenersl utinllty of the fnt stuff was
airly Food, there wa nothing thst could
be called strictly prime Trade wss
dreggy from the outset, with the sellers
trying hard to get efuny prices, but In
the end they were forced to accept a
dime decline on ewes and lambs, the
supply nf yearlings and wethers being
Very meager. The clearance was lale.
There were worlds of feeder lambs at
the disposal of traders this morning, but
as the demand for all kinds of feeders
ss still sa good as last week, the bulk
of the feeder laml'S waa weighed at
prices showing no materlsl difference
fivm the close of last week. Another
scarcity of aged feeders created an act
ive market on them, prices in this divis
ion being slesdy to strong with the
range of feeder ewea at $3 .sirl.30 chiefly
Two cars of feeder yearlings sold early
at 966A.
Representative sales:
No. AV Pr
m Wvomlng ewes 99 4 60
49 Wyoming feeder yesrllngs 79 6 66
1 Wyoming feeder yearlings . 80 5 Su
2;i Wyoming feeder yexrllngs . 78 1 6S
186 Wyoming feeder ewes 8 4
72 Wyoming feeder ewes 89 4 39
S Wyoming feeder lambs .... 64 6 54
Cattle steady ta Lower Hogs
CHICAGO. Sept. 28. CATTLE Receipts,
22.000 head: market, steady to 15c lower;
beevea. J6.764ill.06; steers, $6.?0i9.10; stock
ers and feeders, $."i an' ?0; cows and heif
ers, $.1.601rH.rtn; calves. 87.50TTU.2.V
HOUS Receipts, 19.0.m head; market,
strong, mostly lnr higher; bulk of salea,
$8.lttj866; light. $4 56419.15; mixed. $1101
9.15; heavy, $730t(8.8J; rough. $7.804f7.9S;
pigs, $4 7Mf8 60.
SHEICP AND LAMIW-Recelpls, 66.000
head: market, steady to 15s lower; sheep,
$4 7:trt.7.; yearlings, $6.60U6.3P; lambs, $'i 25
Kansas City l.lve Stork Market.
ceipts, 28,000 head: market, lower; prime
fed steers, $10.0il!,U.Oi; dressed heef steers,
$8Hl9.7ri; western steers. 9S.7Mr9.3S; stock
ers and feeders. 96.0Ori8.10; bulls, $6.26tf6.78;
calves, $6.6irn 10.60.
HOGS Receipts. $.309 head; market,
higher: bulk, $K.oof6.50; heavy, $8.6o9.3u;
barkers and butchers. $8.15960; light,
$8.0OchS.60; pigs. $7.2W8..
SHEEP AND LA MRS Receipts. 23.000
head: market, lower; lambs,;
yearlings, $6.6O(jj6.0O; wethers, $6.00m6.60;
swes, $4.60716.26,
t. Loals Lire "took Market.
ST. LOUIS. Sept. 18. BATTLE Re
ceipts, 10,800 head; native beef steers, $7.60
toll. 86; cows and heifers, $6.004i4l.65; stock
ers and feeders, $0.00437.50; southerns, $6.00
tjs.00: cows snd heifers, $4.09u6.60; native
calves, $6.nrff 11 00.
HOGS Receipts, 10,700 head; msrket.
higher; nigs snd lights, $7.7v95; mixed
and butchers, $8.70ti'8.5; good heavy, $8.60
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 1,800
hesd; market, higher: native muttons,
$4.0036.00; lambs, $7.0Mf7.H.
Hloaa City Live- Stock Market.
SIOUX ClTT, Bept. 28. -CATTLE Re
ceipts, 3,R0n head: market steady: native
steers. $U.0trl3.60; butchers. $4. 967? .00;
cows and heifers, tila1 .on; canners,
$1.761114.75; stockers and foedera $'i.riy.
7.60; calves, $5.6048.00; bulls, stags etc.,
$6 fXKir6.00.
HtMW-Receipts, 2.000 heed; no tons;
heavy tS.10qm.30; mixed. $8.O8.10; light,
$8.00(ii6 06; bulk, $8.008.10. '
SHEEP AND LAMBS-Rscelpts. 1.0J0
head; no prices.
St. Joseph I.tve Stock Market.
ST. JOSEPH. Hept 38.-CATTLF-Re-celpts,
8,0)8) head; msrkst slow, lower;
steers. 87.0OIS1O 20; cows and heifers, $4,000)
9.26; calves, $6. 00 10. 50.
HOGS-Recelpts. l.TOO head; market
slow; top, $8.60; bulk, Is.lOfca.Mi.
SHEEP AND LAMBS-Rccelpts. 7,000
head; market slow; lambs, $6.60477.36.
Evaporated Apples and Dried Fralts
A PPLEX Market, weak; fancy, 0ttl0Vc;
Vi r, I r. M(.ll . . r.-l uA all.
DRIED FRUITS-Prunes, easy; Callfor-
nias, Wflivi Oregona, 10U12c. Apricots,
dull; choice, 12ft 12c; extra choh-e, KkilT
12Vic; fancy, nWc Peaches, dull; choice,
64iHc; extra choice, Klttf7c; fancy, 7V
6c. Raisins, quiet; loose Muscatels, 6Vi
67kc; choice fancy sesded, 7M4fc; seed
less, 6HVtc; London layers, $1.85.
Bank CleartasTe,
OMAHA, Hept. 28. Bank clearings for
Omaha today were 82,8 36,891.10. and for
the corresponding day last year, $2,859,.
634.25. . . .
Trtetal Market.
ST. IX5UI8, Sept. 28. M ETALS Iead,
dull, nominal, $3.60 Sofclter. dull, nominal,
(From a Special Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb., Bept. 28. (Special.)
Boms of the warring countries of Europe
would like to secure 30,000 heavy artillery
harnesses and have taken up the proposi
tion with firm of harness mskers In this
country with the Idea of letting out ths
Job. Rumor has It this afternoon that
Harpham Brothers of this city, one of the
leading firms of harness makers In ths
country, has been given a pa rt 0? ths
C. F, Harpham of ths firm said over ths
phone that ths matter was still up In ths
air. At first he denied any knowledge
of ths matter, but finally admitted that
there was something; to It, but only thst
they had received a letter asking If they
would fill a part of the contract as it was
too big a lob for one firm to handle snd
would have to be divided up.
Falrbary !tto Kotss.
FAIRBURT. Nab., Sept 28.-(peclsl.)-Lyle
Purcell, who has been pitching for
the Wefctern league team In St. Joseph,
Mo., this summer, relumed today nnd wll
pitch for ths Fsirbury Grays In ths gams
witiv the Lincoln Western league team
Tuesday afternoon. Purcell spent part of
ths summer pitching for thu Hastings
James E. Odey has returned to this city
from a trip to Excelsior Springs. Mo.,
where he spent a couple of months re
cuperating his heslth and undergoing sn
operation for appendicitis,
Jefferson county farmers are busi'y en
gaged In sowing their fsll wheat Msr.y
farmers are devoting their entire farms
to wheat land.
Extensive arrangements are being made
for tha annual Jefferson cnuntv lu.
stock show and agricultural exhibit to
be held here. October 14, 15, 16 and 17.
Miss Kate Schmidt, a former Fulruiiry
girl, was married recently to Oral R.
Tount In Arkansas City, Kan.
Beatrice Fire Loss Mae Taoaaaaa.
BEATRICE, Neb.. Bept 28.-Spacial.-The
total property loss as a result nf h
firs which destroysd Ayers' cafe and
bakery hers Saturday night Is plsced at
$9.0Ot. Ayers Bros, place their loss at $3,500.
with $2,000 insurants and tha LsPoldevln
block. In which their store was located.
Is placed al $5,500. fully covered by In
surance. Ayers Bros, stats that they will
returns their bakery business at oacs.
Rearkre Saperlor from Ceraaaay.'
SUPERIOR. Neb., Bept. 28.-(8pecial
Telegram.) Mrs. Lee Vautraln arrived
last night having been a month traveling
here from Hetdelham, Oermany. Ebe
says ths Dutch boat was stopped three
times by English warships on ths way
ever. German crops ars ths best seen
in years and ths country has enough to
feed the people for close to two years.
Deputy Auditor Think Republican
Ticket Will Win in November.
Rrtarna from Canada After Harlsg
Made I.nnsr Trip Over Meridian
Head, flalreston ta
Win el peg.
tFrom g Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN. Sept. SA (Special.) "It
looks like republican victory all along
the line to me," said Deputy Stats Audi
tor Walter I Minor this .morning, who
had come In from several days' sampalgn
lug with the republican candidates who
have been making the northwestern part
of the stste In automohllea snd ars now
coming down ths line of the Northwest
ern railroad speaking at the towns along
the line.
"The apathy which prevailed so much
during the primary campaign to a great
extent seems to hsvs disappeared," con
tinued Mr. Minor, who Is a candidate for
stste auditor. "The people are seem
ingly Interested In the outcome of the
election and appear to be friendly toward
the republican ticket."
Orertaa naak lacorporatea.
Tha Farmers' State bank of Overton in
Dawson county hss been Incorporated
with a capital of $3,000. Tha bank, was
formerly a national hank and carried the
same capital stock. It was known as the
First National bank. Officers of the new
bsnk are: J. F. Orlm, president: Oeorge
B. Brown, vice president, aad I. W. Wal-
lacem, cashier.
Rail Commission llearlasrs.
Several hearings will k ,t hrnn w-
State Railway commission this week. On
i nesany ins rehearing- asked for by the
Union Pad ft o on tha order mat k v,i
commission for additional train service
on the Fpeuldlng branch from Columbus
lo the Oreeler
Wedneadsy the Portland Cemsnt Case
rrom cuperior. Involving rates on remsnt
from that town, will he on rhnnrf..
there will two hearings, the 'first In
volving a transrer switch at Nelson- be.
tween Ihs Rock Island and fturi !,
and the other en an application of ths
ivearney water and Electric Power com
pany for an additional Issue nf l.tKAna in
second mortgage bonds.
wrd oa Way Back.".
Colonel A. L. Westgaard of New Tork,
accompanied by Mrs. Westgaard and
their son, James, arrived la Lincoln to
day on their return trip by automobile
from the west. They started oat to
cover the new meridian road from Gal
veston. Tex., to Winnipeg, Canada, and
were with the party whlcll ' Governor
Morehesd escorted through the. state dur
ing ths past summer. After reaching;
Winnipeg, they went to Tellowstoa. park,
then back through, .Wyoming to Denver
and over the Omaha-Llncoln-Denver road
east to Duluth and then to Chicago. They
will then go back to St Louts and then
to Florida. Colonel Westgaard has driven
ths sams automobile on all his trips and
ssys he has covered about 47.000 miles
lo dais.
1 ,
Deaas to Make Tear.
A party of democratic state candidates
will make an auto trip belntilnf Wednes.
day, starting at Davy and Making
Wahoo, Columbus, Csdsr Rapids. Spald
ing, then back through Central City. Val
paraiso and David City to Lincoln. The
principal speakers will be , Will . M.
Maupln, randldsts for railway commhv
sloner and P. M. Whitehead, candidate
for state superintendent.
' Wll Seek KeeogratHoal
Members of ths chlropractlo professlen
will not yield because the supreme court
has decided against them, according- to
reports coming to Lincoln today. They
propose to maks another attempt to
gain recognition through the legislature
and It is understood that a meeting will
soon be called for the purpose of dis
cussing a line of work to be carried out
which will embrace the drawing of a
bill to be presented to the next legis
lature legalising- the practice of that pro
fession. A bill of a similar nature was
Introduced at tha last session, but failed
to secure enough votes to make It a
law, but the friendly conslderatloa It re
ceived leads the members of the organi
sation to believe that it may meet with
a better reception nest time.
Haral Credit Affairs.
f"?htrL'rT f NW Tork- l'd"nt
ef the American Rural Credit associ
ation, accompanied by Frank O. Odell of
Omaha. secretary of the , Nebraska
? .T lB MB,u't- with ths
ir.Hv r CmmlMlon th' ftemoon
X ,,;urin I"""' to do busl
ness In this state.
(From a Staff Correspondent.) '
LINCOLN. Bept. 38.-(Speclal.)-Ehorts
of the Central Fruit Growers' association
to have the jobbers of the state co-operate
with them In an effort to secure Ne
braska apples for Nebraska people have
not been wholly successful, according; to
Secretary J. R. Duncan of ths Stste
Board of Horticulture. Wholesalers prs
fer to handle the fruit In boxes, paying
from $1.26 to $1.66 a box to Coloradoans
and v growers of the northwest for the
apples grown there Instead of paying Ne
braska growers $3 to $3.25 per barrel for
the apples grown here.
This will make a difference of from 75
cents to $1.70 per barrel in favor of the
Nebraska apples, which are well known
to be of a superior flavor. The reason
given by Mr. Duncan why the Nebraska
apples sre not boxed Is that the right
kind of help cannot at this time bo se
cured In Nebraska for packing in boxes,
consequently only a portion ot the apples
can be boxed.
As a general thing the retailers prefer
ths Nebraska apples and by dealing direct
with them the association wUl be able to
place the crop of 1914 without much
trouble.. . ,
In an effort better to control the situa
tion the original organisation la being re
constructed and under the name of the
Central Fruit Growers' association Is tak
ing In more territory. This territory will
embrace alt ths apple lands along ths
Missouri .river on both sides, reaching;
back about fifty miles or so from the
north line of Nebraska south to about
Kansas City. '
Deficit la Johasoa Fair.
TECUMSE1I. Neb.. Sept. 28. (Special.)
Tha annual Johnson county fair and Missouri-Kansas-Nebraska
races, held hero
last week, did not pay out financially
by a few dollars. A good fair waa pro
vided and splendid programs ot good
races were pulled off, but the enterprise
lacked support frbm the people, notwith
standing the weather was good. The men
who provide amusements for the people
here are at a loss to understand just
what they want.
r !