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Jeff Not Only Lost His Smoke, but Hurt His Head
Drawn for The Bee by "Bud" Fisher
IHAT'i THe"" "THA7'&-O0&MJ ( "TN-T- & TOO &So)
Matter, ujCtn i UMeft Dit IT 1 UjKrVT HAPPENED I
QOUR NANDJ NAP Peru, f V-' f ?
fer ' " : x' ; 'j
Walloping of Dei Moines Goei On
to Tune of Two to Nothing.
Banrhed lilts by Roaruea In Ipcnnd
Iaaln Ulv HHim Lead that
Booster An Unable to .
From then on li wa. a proration of
outs, with the visitors playing a grand
defensive game. Score:
Preen, If 4
Hahn. rf S
Jones, lb ,. ,. 4
H'inter. rf.
Haley, c ..
Andreas, 20... .
KwolSt, lib
Hart.oid, if....
Thomas. D
Duffy, p 0
Shaw 1
.. 4
.. 4
.. 4
.. I
.. 4
R. II. O. A. E.
13 0 0
0 t 0. 0 0
0 0 14 0 0
0 0 10 0
0 0 110
0 i o I o
0 0 3 1
0 10 0 0
0 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0
1 i 27 14 1
Standing of Teams
DE3 MOINE8. Sept. 24-Speclal' Tele
gram.) Omttha continued to wallop the
Dcs Moines Bootitcrs In the farewell scrlo
of th acaaon by winning the third
straight today, I to 0. It was a pitchers
battle between Crnbb and Thumai, with
the bunched hlta of t ho Omahaa the de
ciding factor.
Thomaa for lit Molne gave way to
Duffy In the eighth after Shsd had gone
In as a pinch awattor. Dos Molnea made
a desperate effort' to head off defeat in
the elehth, when Hahn went to third and
Jones to sooond on a wild throw by
Payne. But one man waa already out
and two others followed In quick succes
sion. Krnearer Mart II.
Omaha won the game In the second.
Krucger opened with a single with one
down. Tbouuu struck out, 8 hllrbnor
droppad Taxas leaguer Into left Bed
baugn, who hitting haa been very light
during the series, poked a double deep
Into Hahn's territory and the two scored.
In the first . Inning Hnlm lived on a
scratch hit. went to second when Thoma
son muffed Jones' lly and r.-at' caught
at, third when' he attempted to make that
bag on Hunter's foul fly to Krmg-r In
Pes Moines could do nothing In the sec
ond and third, although Thnm-is, the
Booster hurW-r. dropped a single to left.
The first, and third frames wcra lso
blank for Omaha. Haley scratched an
Infield hit in the fourth.
Tlvht la Flflu. .
Thomas ond Crabb refnutd to let a man
oee first In the firth round. Hartford's
pretty stop of Krucger's fierce grounder
In ths sixth stopped two possible runs.
Bell and Thomasnn were on through a
and a walk, respectively. They pulled a
double steal. Two were njrrady aotn.
Hartford's peg for Jones was just InMlme.
Tntnla Si
Hatted for Thomas In eighth.
AH. R.
Payne, ah....... 4 0
Krug. tb 4 0
Pell. If J
Tnnmnann. cf 3 0
KrugiT, rf .1
Thomas, ' r 4 0
Stlilrlbnor. lb 4 1
Vnlatigh. c 2 0
Crabb, p.... 0
Totals J-.32
'Pes Moines 0 0 0 0
Drnuhn 0 10 0
Two-base hit: Peahaugh. Stolen bases:
Rreen, Ilnll. Thomason. Struck out: By
Thomas. : by Oabb. 0. Jilt: ,
Thomas. 6 in eight Innings; off Puffy, 1
In one Inning; off Crabb, S. Base on
balls: Off Thomas. 2; t-Ct Crabb, 1 Left
on bases: Pes Moines. 8; Omaha, 6.
Time: 1:30. Umpire. Flf nd Culln. DKFRAT TUB WICIIBB
H. O. A. E.
0 JO 1
1 a t o
110 0
110 1
10 10
l t t o
1 10 o o
2 10 0
0 0 4 0
1 2T t 2
0 0 0 0 0-0
0 0 0 0 0-2
Uoara Tako Fourth Whe taltUaa Is
. Hit llara.
! WICHITA, Brpt. 24 Denver ' won tha
fourth game of the series when Sullivan
I was hit hard and tak.n out at tne end of
In... .Mjhin Ai.hliA nilllert In the atnth
and put over two scorea. but the visitor
bud too big a lead. Scorcii .
AH. R. H. O. A. 'K.
Tvdeinan. if 4 0 1 0 0 0
...4 V 1
...4 ' 1 0
...2 1 1
...4 0 1
...4 0 2
... 0 0
...S O 0
...2 0 0
...O . 0 0
...1 ' 0 0
Flayed. Won. L.ost. ret.
101 M .t!i
M .077
14 72 .W4
'it AM
7 S3 .474
78 87 .473
m M .410
(1 89 .SSI
8lou Cltf li
Bt. Joseph
Das Moines...
Lincoln .......
Orhs. If.
.'' t!mirlc ih
! Fltzmmiiions. ss...
Hills, cf
Itapp. Sb
Itenry, lb
iJones, r
iHulllvnn. p
HugKtna, p
n 13, i
Hatted for Sullivan In eighth.
AU. R. H.
Matthew!. 2b. i 4 0 0
Kilinatnn, cf .....4 0 0
MiCarty, v.., 5 1 '2
I Putclmr, If 4 0 2
Coffey, ss 4 0 0
O. A.
5 I
Your Ideal in
Fall Clothes
You will more nearly
attain it we believe
iri Kensingtons than
in any other clothes
made. ' -
There are
reasons. Every
garment is
hand made to
our order and
has our unlim
ited guarantee. It fits and
stays fit. It has the very
latest style features. It
will give you the' maxi
mum amount of service
You will appreciate these facts
if you just try on u Kensington
suit or fall overcoat. ,
$29.00 TO $40.00
Full Dress Suits
"We save you much money on
Kensington full tires suits. They
are absolutely right in Btyle
and fit. Nothing better or better
looking at any price. .
$32.50 and $42.50
r - u m. ry
i I mm
Wieh.ta ....1
W.L.retl W.UPI.
Dost on I bt .Klrhlla 92 4J .S2
New York. .71 H B3 Boston M &4 ,d14
St. Douls....7 06 ,m Washington. 7S C7 .V
Doyle. 1; by Klein, 1. Wild pitch: Btener.
Attendance: 1,400. Time: 2:10. Umpires:
Mcfhfferty and Qaston.
Kawe Win Hoth Ends of Doable-
Header from Links.
TOPEKA. Bept. 24. Topeka won both
ends of a double-header here from Lin
coln. Friday's game was advanced to to
day and neither team plays tomorrow.
Score, first game:
AB. R. H. O.
Cochran, Sb 4 0 0 1
Daflambota. If
Korsytho, rf
I Rapps, cf
Chicago ....7 OS .324! Detroit 7B M JJ4 Koerner, lb
Phlla CO 74 .43! Chicago ....07 7 .4W
Hrooklyn .. 74 .479 St. Louis. ...S 7 .47
PitUburgh . Tl .41431 New Tork...64 77 .4M
Cincinnati .S7 .401! Cleveland ..45 M .311
Yesterday's Hesalts. -
Denver. 4: Wichita. 2.
Lincoln, 1-1; Topeka, 2-4. Second called
In seventh.
Omaha, 2; Pea Moines. 0.
t. Joseph, l-; Bloux City. -T.
Philadelphia, ; Chicago, 4.
Poaton. 6; Bt. Louis. 1.
New York-Detroit, postponed, rain.
Washington, t-; Clovelsnd, 2-0.
Cincinnati, 0-2; Moaton, 1-1 Called end
eighth, darkness,
Pittsburgh. 2; Brooklyn. 2.
fct. Louis. 4: New York. L
Chicago, 0-2; Philadelphia, S-. ,
Barbour, 2b
Cassldy, rf
Faya, lb
Zamloch, p
Denver '
..0 1
4 10 27 17
1 anion, ss
Lattlmore. 2b...
Tonneman, c
Wledman, p
McQafflcan, ss
Lloyd. 2b
Williams, lb...
Uchrelber. cf...
Collins, rf......
Altman. If
Orlet, 8b
Blackburn, o...
Rcogglna, p.....
AB. R. H.
7 27 14
Tie with Reds in Second After
Taking: First Game.
Tlmeljr Hitting; and Rndolph'a. Pitch.
Ins Give Bostons the Opening;
Contest of Doable-Header.
Washington Moves Into Third Place
by Taking Two Games.
He Rellerea En gel with Bases Fall
and One Oat In Klghth of First
Krar and Blank tlevei
land in Second.
S 34
Cochran, Sb
Laflambois, If..
0 0 0 0 2 10-4
Left on bases: Denver, t: Wichita, 4.
Sacrifice hits: Cassldy, Henry. Two-
v... i.---T- a. ,.1 ! uiii. ui... tPorsythe. rf
O.f Sullivan, 10 in eight Innings; off Hug- T'-.v
gins, none in one inning. Double plays: . fTil?'
Hery tuasslsted); FlUslmmons to ?fti'lon' Vk
O'Rourke to Henry. Struck out: By Ife"'"! z
Kamloch. S; by Hulllvan, 2. Mases on i
pail: jaiiihh n, nil c7uiii.Mii, ,
off Hugglna, I. Passed ball: Jones. Wild
itch: Zamloch. Time: l.oo. . umpires:
tockdaie and Van Pyckle.
XI tfwmr mm
IOl'X RtLLI, IET TIIK1 W"B Llovd, 2b
Wllllama, id..
rally In the alghth, after St. Joseph had, Dehor, e.
established a seven-run lead, fell short , Dessau, p.
nd tha visitors won, I to 7,
Coonev. 2b J 1 0
Davidson, cf.,
Kanee. lb ...
Clarkee, if....
Ralrd. 3b
Callahan, rf..
Smith, .....
Crisp, e
Kelly, p
Burrell. Sb......
For. If
Britten. tt
Patterson, lb..
Williams, rf....
Watson, cf ....
tuoiorr, ss
Orifftth. e
Agnew, c. .....
Rterser, p
Purrell, p
Wlllejr. p
Dennett, rf
Batted for Scogglna In ninth.
Topeka 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 2
Lincoln 0 0 o o l fl o i
Two-baa hit: Rapps. Sacrifice hit:
Forsythe. Double play: Lattlmor to
Tallion to Koerner. Wtolen baeea: MoGaf
flgan (2). Base on balla: Off Weidman.
2: off Hcogglna, 1. Btruck out: By Wled
man, 4; by Bcoggln. 6. Wild pitch: Bcog.
gina. Balk: HcoRglns. Umpire: Myers.
Score, second game:
Tonneman. c.
Dashner, p..
Total......... H
AB. R.
... T 0
Indiana Pall Orereome
Ran Lead of Joales.
SIOT.TX CITY. la., Sept. J4.-A terrific
Schrelber, cf.,.
Collins, rf
Altman, If
Orelt. 3b
Score, first , Blackburn
O. A.
8 3
8 0
... 2
.. a
V 8
.. 2
.. 2
.. 2
.. 2
.. 2
.. 1
. O. A. E.
10 0
2 1 0
2 0 0
8 0 0
10 0
1 1 1
1 2 0
8 1 0
0 0 0
a i 1 "I
. O. A. E.
2 0 0
1 1 1
r, l o
4 0 o
2 0 0
10 0
0 1 o
2 1.0
0 8 1
0 0 0
li 1 1
1 1 0 -4
0 0 0 01
SS 11 27
0 f UaaI
0 Two-base hit: Schrelber. Double play:
0 ' Laflambole to Tonneman to t ochran
1 1 Stolen bwea: Forsythe Tallion McGaffi.
Oigan. Bases on balls: Off Dashner, ,6. off
0! Dessau, i. Struck out: By Dashner, 8;
Olbv Dessau. S. Wild pltchea: Desaau .2.
-iwi. k mtrhed ball? By Dessau, 1. im-
V " f r
plre: Myer.
AB. M.
,. I 0
Beatrice Festival
is Well Attended
Total .
Sioux City.
8t. Joseph
24 14
mtATtllfH Neb.. Sept. 24.-(8peclal)-
0 r.n f-.tival opened here Wednesday
. . .... f two day, and th affair was
' largely attended by realdenU of th nelgh-
0 boring town and farmer in u-w.
0 hn th afternoon an automobtl parad
0 . 4..- i which nearly fifty deco
rated car participated. First prla ws
to a. a. Rain and econd to
John Pagel. Th prise wr 810. 86
In tha boy1 wrestling match on the
street Uoyd Thorns won from Will Brd
ley, Ray Wtaverllng defeated Walter
Skaldany In two tralght fall.
Venetian night wa oervd on the
Blue river laat evening by th
club In it third annual pa-
Wlld pitches: Steraer, Purcelt. Hit 'by I Keant of beautifully decorated boat, and
S!TmI!2 LZ' ?,rh. iV- "l?"- 1 It I estimated that a crowd of 10,000 wit-
....... -.w. y,..,,,VB. UHlDn
ami McCfferty. Score, second game: "
.84 1 7
80081 0 0-0
000O0010 0-1
Two-has hits: 8. Burrell. Balrd. Orlf-
flth. Smith. Crisp. Haeririce fly: Cooney.
Stolen bases: Ortfdth. Fox. Double
plays: Balrd Is Kan. Burrell to Urltton
to Patterson. Hits: Off Sterser, 1 In one-
inird inning: on purcell, 7 In four and
two-thirds Innings; off Wilier, 2 In three
Innings. Bases on balls: Oft Steraer, 2:
off Purcel!. 8: off Kelly, 8. Struck out:
by Kery. i; by puroell, l; by Wllley, 1.
BOSTON, Sept. 24,-Today' double-
header jresulted In Boaton huttlng out
Cincinnati, 5 to 0, In the first game and a
2 to 2 tie In the second, darkness causing
a suspension of the last contest at the
close of the eighth inning.
A New York lost to St. Loul this aft
ernoon, the home team Increased lta lead
In the pennant race to seven games.
Timely hitting and Rudolph' good pitch
ing gave the local the opening game.
Both teams scored on errors in the first
Inning of the second contest. A aeries of
single gave Boaton the lead in the third
Inning. The tying run came when Oroh
singled, took second on a throw Into the
plate which put out Daniels and scored
on Nlehoff hit. 'Score, first game:
R. H E
Cincinnati ....0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0 6 2
Boston ...0 1003010 -fi 10 1
Batteries: Cincinnati, Benton, Flttery
and Oonzales, Olockson; Rudolph and
Score, second game: R.H.E.
Cincinnati 1 000000 1-2 71
Boston 1 0 1 0 0 0 ,0 0-2 8
Batteries: Schneider and Gonxalcz;
Boston, Crutcher and Gowdy.
Cnbs and Phils Dlride.
PHILADELPHIA. Sept. 84.-Chlcago got
an even break here today, the visitors
winning the first game. to 3, and Phila
delphia the second. to 2- Rlxey lasted
les than three Innings in the opening
contest, but despite Maltlaon'a good worn
the home team could not muke much
headway against Humphries' pitching.
Lobert had a finger of his left hand dis
located by m drive off Uresnahait s bat.
In the second game Philadelphia secured
the victory by knocking Pierce off the
rubber in two innings. Mayer was very
effective after the opening session. Leach
made two thrilling one-hand catches
and Magee one bare-hand catch of a
drive off Zimmerman's bat during the
afternoon, each of these players prob
ably preventing a home run. Score, first
gam: R.H.E.
Chicago 0S1 100010-blOO
Philadelphia.. 00010100 0 3 8 0
Batterlee: Humphries and Bresnahan;
Rlxey, MattUon and KlUifer.
Second game: R.H.E.
Chicago 20000000 0-2 7 1
Philadelphia.. 04001010 7 1
Batteries: Pierce, Zabel and Archer;
Mayer and Burn.
Giant Lose Fifth Straight.
NEW YORK, Sept. 24. New York lout
Its fifth straight game today when It fell
before St. Louis in a close contest, the
score being 4 to S. Dolan hitting ami BALTIMORE, Sept it. Chicago batted
fielding were featurea of the visitors . . . ,. .
work. He put St. Loul ahead in the "eY "d easily won the last game of
seventh when he tripled and scored on the aerie with Baltimore here today. 8
Magee sacrifice fly. After New York t0 j Baltimore used four pitcher. The
SrUV 'dotbie'ln the ninth ame wa. .topped by riin at the begin-
for St. Loul.' winning run. He handled nlng of the eighth inning. Score:
eight fly ball, a catch on Burns In the) RHE
seventh i being especially J""""- I Chicago ' 2 0 0 1 2 0 2-8 14 4
Jack Miller was ordered out of the game Bultlmor 0 0 0 j t 0 3-6 6 2
in in sevens innin .or ivi..u - 1 Batteries: Hendrlx and Wilson; Qulnn.
CLEVELAND. O., Sept. 24.-Defeatlng
Clevoland twice, 5 to 2 and 8 to 0, Wash
ington moved Into third place today.
Pitcher Shaw was entitled to both vic
tories, as he relieved Engel with the base,
filled and only one out in the eighth in
ning of the first game and blanked the
Nap. In .the second, allowing only four
hits, all of which were secured in the
last four innings. Score, first game:
Cleveland 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 02 7 0
Washington ..0 0004 000 16 7 0
Batteries: Cleveland, W. Mltcholl, Bow
man and O'Neill: Washington, Ayres,
Harper, Engel, Shaw and Henry,
Score, second game: R.H.E.
Cleveland ....0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 4 4
Washington ..2 0000210 06 9 3
Batteries: Cleveland, Hagerman, Ted
row, Bowman, Benn and Bossier; Wash
ington, Shaw and Ainsmlth.
Macks Trim thlcaaro.
CHICAGO, Sept. 24. Philadelphia
started their last series of the season
against Chicago here today by defeating
the locals, 6 to-4. After two men were
out in the second inning the visitors
scored four runs on four singles,, an er
ror and a base on ball... They scored the
run which won the game In the fifth on
a double by Oldrlng and two Infield outs.
The locals started several rallies during
the game and when they began hitting
the opposing pitcher, Manager Mack
switched pitchers. Chicago played In
hard luck, two of Its men being called
out on account of being hit by batted
balls, when their rally was at Its height.
Berry' fielding Wa. a feature. Score:
Philadelphia .0 40010010-6 12 0
Chicago 0 1 000 1 0 2 0-4 14 4
Batteries: Plank, Wyckoff, Bressler and
8c hang; Faber, Clcotte and Pehalk.
Red Sox Burap Browns.
ST. LOUIS, Sept 24. Boston, by a com
bination of hlta and errors, won the open
ing game of the series from St. Louis to
day, 0 to 1. Score: - R.H.E.
Boston 1 0 1 1 2 0 0 0 05 12 1
St. Louis 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 01 II) 6
Batteries: Boston, Foster and Thomas;
St. Louis, Hamilton, Baumurardnrr, James
and Agnew.
and Win Last One in
Series with Balfeds
Weidenfeld Proposes New Way fo
Legislature to Give Money.
guaaeatlon Amounts to Different
System of Bookkeeping;, Greatly
Simplifying- Intricacies of
Present Method.
AB. R. H. O. A.
Cooney, 2b 6162
Davidson, cf 8 0 13 1
Kane, lb 6 2 2 ,1 1
Clark. If 8 0 12 1
Palrd. 3b 6 18 4 2
Callahan, rf.. 6 2 3 0 0
Smith, ss...... 6 13 6 0
Murphy, c... 8 12 3 6
Kiell. p 3 0 0 0 1
Doyl. p I 0 ' 0 0 3
Crisp , 10 10 0
Clark 0 0 0 0 0
Klein, p. 0800
Tolala 40 7 27 14
nesred th parade. Followln r th
wlnnr: Artltlc-Mr. .nd Mr James
Terhune first". Mls.e Ina Iwls and
Si Ruth Wheeloek and Scott Halletl cona.
I Hugo Ahlqutst third. Mechantcal-J. 8.
Oi -ui. .nd M. L. Powers flrt; A. J.
! I! Oreen second; Harry Skow third. Comic
0 :Charle Bartlk first; Earl Mudg Co.
Ratted for Doyl In the eighth.
Ran for crlen In the ith.
Bennett, cf
Fox. If
Brltton. 2b
Patterson, lb
Alliums, rf.....
Furreil. Sb
Stotorf. ss.......
Griffith, a
Thomas, t .,
sterser, p
Totala .
Sioux Citv
St. Joseph
R. H. O. A.
3 3 0 0
0 0,10
0 4 1 6
2 1 10
1 J I I
1 4 4 1
0 3(0
1 0 .0 4
0 0 0
8 17 27 li
0 100011-7
13 0 11111 0-8
Two-baee hlta: Clark. William Ben
nett. Balrd. Callahan. Three-base hit:
Patterson. Sacrifice hit: Fox William.
Clark. Sflen bases: Burrell. ftoloff.
Palrd. Double plsvs: Wllllama to Moloff;
Thome tn Btoloff to Patte'aon. Innlnss
pitched: Bv Esell. six: by Thomas sevsn
end one-third: bv Doy. two- v Steraer.
on and two-thirds. Hitsi Off Thomaa
14: Off Sterser, 2; off Eseli. 12; off Doyl.
4: off Kle'n. 1. Base on halls: Off
Thntn.i 1: nff DovU L Struck out: By
Thomaa, 4; by Stsrser, 1; by EseU. 1;. by
Usierssr at Ball Tnrney.
PRUNING. Neb.. .Sept. 34 -(Special)
Brunlng bale oall tournament openeo
yesterday. Governor Morehead Was
oroeent. Bruning lost to Narka, 3 to 0.
Bru'nlng 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
Narka 0 0 0 8 0 0 0 0 1-3
ittt-rt?s: Bruning. Irvln and Lurham;
at Narkn, I'. Smith and Kueker Hits: Off
lrvln. 7; off Smith. 2. Struck out: By
Irvln. T; by Smith. 16. '
0 Ths second game wua between Fair bury
o'snd Deshlcr and went eleven Innihga with
0! the Sfore tied at four flees and had to
0; be railed on account of darkness. Score:
Si Falrbury 0 0 0 2 0 0 2 0 004
.Peshler '...0 3 0OO1O40O0-4
"1 Hits:. Off Sholl. 2; off Blodseett, 7; off
Barnes, 7. ftruck out: Py ShoH. 1- i-y
Blodgett, 12: by Barnes, IT. Time: 2:TO.
Umpire: Laiidreth.
rlslon. Score: v K.M.&,
St. Louis 2 MOeiOI-Jlll
New York....l 00100010-3 11 0
Batteries: Perdue and Wlngo; Demaree,
Mathewaon and Meyers.
Dodgers Win Nine In Row.
BROOKLYN. N. Y., .Sept. 24 -Brooklyn
won Its ninth straight game today, beat
ing PlttFburgh, 3 to 2. Cutahaw's triple
In th ninth followed by Get' single de
cided th issue. It was th tenth straight
defeat for Pittsburgh. Manager Clarke of
Pittsburgh was put out of the game in
th eighth and Egan wa banished in the
same Inning. Ragan and Kantlehner
pitched well, but war removed to make
way for pinch hitters. Score: R.H.E.
Pittsburgh 10000010 0-2 7 2
Brooklyn 10100000 13 8 2
Batteries: Kantlehner, McQuillan and
Schang; Ragan, Altchlaon and McCarty.
State Commission
Asks Lower Rates,
to Outside Points
W'ASHINGTO!, Sept. 24. Urging that
present rates on carload shipment of
wheat and com from Nebraska and other
middle western "point to St Joseph and
Kansas City, Mo., and Atchison and
Topeka, Kan., are axcesstv and unlaw
ful th Nebraska Stat Railroad commis
sion today requested the Interstate Com
merce commission to establish rate that
would b equitable and non-dlscrimlna-tory.
Conley, Wilhelm, Smith and Jacklltsch.
BUFFALO, Sept. 24. A wild throw
ended a fourteen-lnntng game between In
dianapolis and Buffalo In favor of the
home team today by a score of I to 0.
Hal Chase doubled and made third by
beating out an Infield hit. He was trapped
between third and home while trying to
score on another short grounder, but in
the attempt to run Mm down Catcher
Rarlden made a wild throw and the win
ning run was scored. The second game
went but three Innings when it was called
on account of darkness, neither side scor
ing. Score: R.ILE
Buffalo .... 00 00000000 000 1-1 11 1
Indianapolis 0000000000000 0-0 6 2
Batteries: Ford, Schuls and Blair; Fal
kenberg and Rarlden.
BROOKLYN. Sept 14. Brooklyn won
the final game here from Kansus City
today, 2 to 2. outbatting the visitors. The
deciding run came in the fifth inning
when Delehsnty came home on a single
by Evans. Score. R.H.E.
Kansas City.. 00010010 0-20
Brooklyn .... ooiliovv u 1
Batteries: Hennlng and Easterly; Cba
pelle, Latltte and Watson.
First lerlnnsg at Ames.
AMES, la.. Sept 24 (Special.) Today
th Cyclone coaches split up the varsity
squad and commenced scrimmaging to
gel battle views of the three dosep candi
dates who seek the coveted few jobs on
th first varsity eleven. The overture of
the season will be played a week from
next Saturday with Cos college of the
state conference on State field and
Coaches William, and Hubbard have but
one week to get together a foot ball ma
chine for the practice contest which may
prove to be a regular game of Missouri
Valley conference dimensions, since Coe
will pull In her with a veteran Iowa con
ference championship eleven.
(From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN, Sept 24. (Speolal.)-Georg
Weidenfeld of the board of commissioner,
of Btate Institution. 1. working out a,
system of accounutlng with respect to th
several Institution over which the board
has charge, which It is hoped may bo
the basis fcr future expenditure.
Briefly, the plan places all expenditure
that can possibly be made for any of tha
instlutlon. under four main heads: Main
tenance, permanent improvements to
building, and grounds, new buildings,
furniture and equipment These In turn
are subdivided Into lesser heads that will
.how with greater accuracy and yet some
what generalized the spedflo natuer ot
every expenditure.
Before, however, th abov plan can bo
made a effective, Georg Wldenfld hold
that the present method of making ap
propriations will necessarily hav to be.
At present each institution I allowed
a specific sum for many varied purpose.
Antl-Saffragje Meetlnar.
Declaring that .tat where women did
not vote had law which protected th
female wage earner better then th states
which had equal suffrage. Mis Lucy
Price of Cleveland, . O., speaking in op
position to woman suffrage, addressed a
large audience last night which filled tha
large convention hall at the Llndell hotel.
Mrs. J. W. Crurapacker of Omaha waa
the first speaker, both women being In
troduced by Colonel John G. Maher.
Mis. rrice .aid generally the claim
waa made that if woman voted it would
mean prohibition, but .he denied that tha
cause had been helped in state whera
woman voted. She .aid that nine state
were prohibition, but every on of them
were made so by the vote, of men. Thera
are ten .uffrag states and not one of
them except Kansas has prohibition and
that was made dry by the men long be
fore the right was given to women to
Tha Omaha Electric Light and Power
company has appealed to th supreme
court from a 32,000 Judgment secured In
the Douglas county district court by Allle
8. Perry, who allege, that he wa per
manently Injured while working for tha
company In Omaha. Ha set out that he
waa climbing a pole to fix some wire
and that In putting one leg around the
pole to assUt in climbing he cam in
contact with a live wire, which shocked
him so that he lost hi hold and fell to
the ground, sustaining Injurie from which
he fear, he may never recover. He sued
for 83,000.
Light Company Appeal.
The Nebraska Telephone company ha
been granted permission to charge 324 a
yeur on Incoming message on it line at
Atkinson, In place of the present charga
of 830 per year.
A hearing will be had by th railway
commission on dunnage rates, that 1
return rate, on material used in .hipping
which la not a part of th artlcl .old.
Thehearlng will ba had October B.
Rail Board Matters.
Tha Union Pacific Railway company de
sires to cancel the rule established, which
provide for the gathering at some cen.
tral point of butter and egg and also
poultry, and combining them from that
point to th destination under carload
rate.. Protests are being received and
th matter will b heard October 8.
GOTHENBURG. Neb.. Sept. 24 fftpe
ctal . Telegram.) Th dismembered body
ot a Finnish miner wa. found in the west
Sign, of breakdown In heal"h. El. "trie llur- "ng U a violation of Am.r
Bltter give ur relief and lasting ben-!" Ptriot.m to profit from th. vice.
HASTINGS. Neb., Sept. 24-(Speclal
Telegram.) Th Women' Christian Tem
perance union convention today aent a railroad yards her this morning. Paper.
telegram to Majority Leader Underwood Indicate that hi nam wa. John Matll
and Congressman Barton protesting slnen. aged S years, from Plskaanak
against th "war" tax on Intoxicating j Rokcn Storfurtendomet, Finland. H
fit from lta us. 60 cent and 81 00.
druggist. Advertisement.
Th Be Want Ad Are tfc Bast Business
of th people. Mr. Mamie Claflln, prest
dent of University Plac. Mr. Anna
Bunting, vice president of Lincoln, and
Mrs. Lela Dyar, secretary, of Boone.
vr r slctd.
landed at St. Michaels in March, 1913. and
carried a passport Indicating hi inten
tion to return to Finland at the end of
five yeara Fragment of the body wer
strung out 200 yards along th track. Cor
oner Olson took charg of th remain
tkla morning.
GOTHENBURG. NeO., Sept. 24. (Spe
cial.) Th first game of th series of
foot ball game to be played by th team
of western Nebraska for this year'
championship will ba played at Gothen
burg on Saturday between Lexington and
Gothenburg High chool teams. Much
interest is shown in th gam this year,
a all of the schools hav strong teams.
Gothenburg play Lexington, Cosad,
Broken Bow, Central City, Kearney Nor
mal, Kearney Military academy and the
big gam of th season will be on Thanks
giving between North Piatt and Goth
enburg at Gothenburg.
Isgar Beet Bklpmejit Start.
M'COOK. Neb., Spt 24.-SDclal.)-.
Shlpmen. f sugar beet from th Mc
Cook Culbertson sugar beet district hav
commenced. The crip this yeeg Is not
only satisfactory as to tonnage per acre,
but I of fin saccharine content. Ship
ments ar being made to tha Great Wa.
era Sugar Beet company factory at
brush. Colo., and to tbe American Sugar
Beet company at Grand Island.
Ba Want Ad Produc Result.