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An Unequalle
m .a, a
off-; New
These suits are underpriced from $7 to $10. IN OTHER WORDS THEY ARE $20
TO $27.50 VALUES. Every suit a new fall style, In the season's most popular colors of
black, blue, green, brown and wisteria. Both plain and novelty style. -
We purchased these garments from one of the best makers in the United States,
after the order was cancelled by one of the finest 'stores of the south, for" whom they
were originally intended. OUR BUYER, BY BEING ON THE GROUND, purchased
them at a great reduction.
A wide range of fabrics, including men wear serge, heavy serge, poplin, gabardine
broadcloth and novelty weaves. Sizes 16, 18, 34, 38, 38, 40, 41, '42, 43, 44, 45 and 46- '
$12.75 $15.75
Because of the remarkably low prices we are compelled to make a' small charce for
alterations. . r .
' form afia
asoxrrEB'a if.
timjb riLio
SEND the following NIGHT LETTER subject to -
( the terms on back hereof which are hereby agreed to
... i ' '
' ' Lynn, Mass., Aug. 31, 1914.
-.Thompson, Belden& Co., 4 .
. Omaha , Neb ., , 4
' V-ue0?? PrPsiton accepted. As you decide to offer
: tnisline of Sorosis Shoes for sale at three eighty
c ,fiye, per pair -fdr quiok clearance, we will, ship you
at. cnoo, the.- balance of the forty-case lot made for
our- export customers at Prague and Trieste.
...... E. A. LITTLE &' CO.
We - have been fortunate in securing two
large shipments of .
hiade for 'their export trade.
toots, Shoes, Oxfords, Slippers
Values $5.00 and $6.00
To these wo have added many lots from our own regular stock the
whole consulting one of the most important Shoo Sales of the year.
The makers of the well known
Sorosis Shoe have decided to co
operate with us for this sale;
REMEMBER, . VALUES .$5 and $6
PRICE IS - - - .
Value the annie . at .
(iipse reductions- as
. when you pay ny?u" "
. lar prices.
I ca
7 ea 1
ca V
.... 1
m a . i ii . ..- tmtmmm
Cruiser Emden. Makes Two Attack!
on Town in Britiih India.
Three Natives Killed, Tw nil Task
Llaer. art an Fire and several
Balldlna Arf lilt r
ta avlla.
J The patwri puhllgti an offlrlal dliipatoh
I tat!n mat the Oermsn crulier Kmrten,
wiii pasdlnc Madras, ftred a few ahells.
but that the damage 'to the city win
allKht. . . .
Madraa la a port of BrltlMh IndL
T tovernroent and headquarter! i opening between Verdun and Toul. be
(Continued from Paa-e Ona.)
of tb Franco-EngUflh battering: ram.
Kven the famous guards,' as in the
battle of the Marne,. are unable to
atand the prennure ana are giving a
little more ground every day.
The dlvernton attempted In liorralne
hnvlnn proven Ineffectual, the Germane
are now tnaklnK a flerre drive In the
Woevre dlatrlct, rrortheaat of Verdun.
The object, no doubt, la to rut off the
rmjr operating around Nancy, but th
German already h4 tried to make an
of the Madraa army. -It la the third aea
port of India, ranklnf after Itombnv and
Calcutta. Among the principal building
i nrv ine cainearai, tne Scotch church,
government hounf. senate house. Mem
orial hall andChepak 'palace, formerly
the residence of thaCawab of Arcot. but
now containing the revenue office. ,
The German cruiser . Emflen waa re
cently reported as having destroyed ' alx
British merchant vessele'-ln the Bay of
Uearrlhea Attack oai Madras.
LONDON. Sept. 24.-A Madras dispatch
to .Reuters Telegraph company, i dated
Wednesday, '.describes the attack ;of the
German cruiser Emden on that port. It
says: ; .
"The German cruiser 'Emden appeared
off Madras Tuesday evening and shelled
the city. To ol tanVers'were et on
ffre and are still burning.' The telegraph
office and some, houses on our. harbor
were also hit, but the damage generally
Is alight. 1
"On our guns replying,' the crulsei
ceased firing, extinguishing its lights and
disappeared. . .'' . ,
"The whole engagement lasted fifteen
minutes. There was little or no exlclte
ment and only three Indians were killed."
(Continued from ' Page One.)
Bargains in practically new articles
in 'the "For 'Sale" column; read it
Austria a domestic supply of gasoline, but
the ban on the exportation of coal to
Austria reported from Roumanla may be
followed, it Is Jiold -here, by a similar
measure with regard to gasoline. This
would virtually deprive Austria and Its
ally of this vory necessary product for
their automobile transport and . aerial
With all the necessary motor transport,"
together with absolute command of Its
few railroads, which are no longer threat
ened by invaders, English observers ex
pect Russia to continue to move with that
raoldlty which has amaxed military ex
perts. It has been predicted that on ac
count of Its lack of railroad facilities
Russia would take six months to get as
many men Into the field aa its has al
ready 'stationed along the line of this
great wedge in two months' time,
ftervla aad Moatenearr.
Combined Montenegrin and Servian
forces are said today to be In occupation
of the entire southeast section of Bosnia
and Hersogovlna,
No official confirmation has been re
ceived from Russian sources of the report
that a Russian cruiser has destroyed
Oerman cruiser and two torpedo boats In
the Baltic, . ,.:
: The British public this morning is ex
pressing elation In the feat of British air
men having dropped ' bombs : on Zep
pelin airship sheds near Cologrie, and con
fidence Is growing that Great Britaln(te
better protected than hitherto believed
from an aerial assault by Germany.
' In Belgium, defenders and invaders
hold their relative positions ; without
change, but many reports are being' trans
mitted to England that the Germans are
feverishly entrenching along their line of
communications. .
, Praenarsl la Iaveated.
LONDON. Sept. 24. "All possibility of
the Auatro-Uerman forvea near Prsemyal
effecting a junction with the other arnfies
further west nas now uoen exciuaea, as
the Russians have reaohed the river Wis-
lok," says a dispatch from Petrograd to
the Morning post. .The messages con
tinues: "To the south of Prsemysl the, Russians
operations are now being directed with
a view to the capture of KhyruV, a Junc
tion station twenty miles north of Prse
mysl, uhlch will completely cut off the
Austrian' last UallcUn fortress from
railroad communication In any direction
and" give the Russians command of all
routes toward Cracow and the llniea pass
ing Into Hungary.
"The position now held Indicates the
rolling up of the Austrian forces right up
to Craoow. It is believed here now that
the Investment of Prsemysl pas been
completed and that within a . week, at
least, will bring ncWs of the final crush
ing of the Austro-Uorman . forces.
Aastrtaas Hark Healawav.
The Russian troops occupying Senla'wa,
eighteen miles north-northwest of Jaros
lau, aays the Petrograd correspondent of
the Reuters Telegtam company found
that the town had been sacked by the
Austrlans. A large number of Austrian
solders were captured.
Jtasalaaa R-Kat East Praesla.
The Paris. Matin prints a dispatch from
Petrograd stating that the Germans who
drove . General Rennenkamp back Into
Uusata are, report! to havfe suffered a
great defeat at Pubir. .
The Russians have reoccupled Boldau In
Eaaa Prussia on the Polish (runtler. It is
stated that the Germans aro evacuating
Fast lYusala to reinforce the ltie from
Thorn In West Prussia.' en the border of
Poland, to Kaliss. a tuwn In Russian Po
land. , ' -
Parte" Take by atarat.
PETHiKl KAl. Kept.. tVIa Parts
An official .communication tsaued by the
general staff today says:
"On September 21 the Russian troops
took by storm the fortifications of Jsres
lau. on. the: right bank of the river Han.
They took twenty-two cannon. The en
emy offered hard resistance and blew up
IhSibrtdge over the Kan. ,T days pre
viously the Russians had. occupied Star
omlaate, .Prseworsk and Lancut (to the
north and west of Jeroelau).
"The Russian cavalry Is pursuing the
retreating Austrian rear guard and in
flicting . heavy kisses, although the A us
trlana destroyed many brldgoa. . ,
"Every day the number of prisoners apd
seised cannon Increase. The demoralisa
tion of the enemy- la shown by the pil
laging" and panicky retreat. Prisoners
unanimously assert that a majority of
their officers are killed or missing and
the soldiers feel the loss .eenly, . '
"Russian soldiers have covered tbsro
selves with glory fighting side by side
with the vtlersna." ,
sieging Troyon at the same time.
The mar euver constitutes a grave men
ace to the aHI", who are resisting despe
rately and nave thus far repulsed attacks ,
with heavy losses.
tattle End Heon
; That the Oermans are losr.jg heavily
on their right hi alio attested by the
constant arrival here1 of prisoners and
wounded. This morning many automo
biles were seen with wounded, both Get
man and allies, passing through the
streets, but some of, those were conval
escents returning from the seashore and
rejoining their corps.
The steady progress of the allies' left
fortifies the confidence here. J This
morning's press- is unanimous that the
battle of Alane cannot last much longer,
for the steady retirement of the German
right must entail a weakening of the
center elbow that the Germans threw
out- along the river Olse to prevent being
Flghtlne- at Woevre.
IX)NDON. f Sept. 24. interest In the
fighting today centers In Woevre, says
the Bordeaux correspondent of the Times,
where the enemy Is making a serious
effort to pierce the line of' forts Unking
Verdun and toul.
"To the northeast of Verdun." the cor
respondent continues, , "east of the Meuac
heights and in the dlrectloh of Moully
and Damplerre, . their furious attempts
have failed. In the south' of Woevre
they hold line positions running through
Ralchecourt, Selchoprey and Uronvllle.
The general situation remains un
changed. "On the left and center, the allies have
the best of reasons' for confidence in the
result of the battle. Let there be no
mistake, the enemy Is going to give
serious trouble along the Una where,
with striking ' recuperative power, U
managed to gather their routed hosts,
fleeing from the battle of the Marne.
Kind Fortified Positions.
"A week has elapsed since It first be
came clear that, althouch. forced to
abandon successive positions prepared
for defense, the enemy had found to Xhm
north of the Alsnc, north-northwest of
Rhelms, formidable fortified positions on
which they might hope . to maintain
tnemseives for many days while their j
own troops were recovering from the !
retreat and while the fire of victory i
among the allies was burning out. I
'The positions, enormously- strong by 1
nature and dominating, the valleys and :
the towns, have been turned Into regular !
fortresses. The line of trenches, built '
with science and, the. solidity of perma-
rtent works, are covered by flanking I
trenches bristling with mitrailleuses and '
reinforced by main of barbed wire and '
block houses, whose quick flrers and
mitrailleuse sweep the whole front. To 1
the rear of these works the heavy artii-.i
lory is placed in position, and from Its ;
fire such places as Bolssona and Rhelms
have suffered great damage. , , , f
frown Prince la Danger. j
: "Most of the work on this line was !
finished wkile the battle of the Marne t
was atlll In progress. The allies did (hetr 1
best to' prevent Its completion and there '
has been some desperate fighting along j
the Atsne. Gallant rushes have beenJ
made toward the trenches and fierce hand 1
to hand struggles have taken place on ;
the ton of the Crnsinna nlan .v.- .u. i
of which rises) like a cliff against the
"Attack and counter attack succeeded
one another while the endangered crown
prince's army has. been picking a way
out of a difficult country. Into a still
more awkward position. On our right
the enemy's army has been seeking for
an opening or a weak link In the chain
of forts between Toul and Verdun.
"The allies for their part have been
Progressing slowly on the enemy's right,
pushing up a way In ,the center, between
Rhelms and Argonne.
Troops R naked to the Front.
"Still the actual battle of the Aisne haa
not yet begun. There haa already been
enough fighting to constitute half a dosen
Dames, out only the preliminary aLa
of the big struggle have been reached.
The railways on both sides are massing-
troops along the front, the Germans com-
mg front Lorraine, .the British from the
wnoie empire and the French from the
south and west.
"Meanwhile the. siege operations con
tinue. The deceptive lull which preceded
the battle of Mao Yang has fallen on
the field. The situation remains
changed In spite of the furious cannoned-
mg ana the desperate fighting, but with
each fresh engagement the situation be
comes more clear, the plan of the staff
more oennite and the da of Its realisa
tion more Imminent."
Sale of Broadcloth and
Velyet Suits
Values to SSO.OO, Only
77I II
L2 ii
Sizes are mostly 16.' S 6, 38. .Included are
some of the finest $50.00 suite that will be
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from the finest velvets and broadcloths..
Every suit has been passed on .by our style
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lar ."House of Menagh" quality If the sui(s
were priced at their regular worth. But now,
Friday and Saturday, you can have your
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'.' $3.00 Silk Jersey Underskirts. - nt
only . . p 1 eOi
$3.'98 Sale of
Fancy Waists
Crepe de Chine waists. Crepe Taffeta waists,
Lace waists. A' dozen different styles; worth
to $6.00, are on sale Friday and fj o n f
Saturday at only pOea70 .
".The Store for Gentlewomen'
Opens Every Day of the Year at 9 O'clock Located at
Notice of Removal
Owing to large increase in our business we are
obliged to; taie larger quarters. On and after Sept.
8th we wiU be pleased to meet all our old and as many
new customers as possible at our new office at
209 So. 18th Street
.. Come in and let us explain to" you how it will be
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fall and winter fuel ' :' ' " '
Come in and see us at our new office.
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Omaha Distributers for Petroleum Carbon Coke
iip8. ANGKL.BS, Sept. H-The. funeral
ear bearliii- the body of Thomas Johnston
(Irler, eral nianacer of the Howeetakr
mine at I-ead. 8. p.. who died here Tues
day after ap attack ef heart trouble,
left here last nlht for Lead, where the
funeral will probably be held. Monday.
sirs, imtr accompanied the body.
Fresh Fish--For Friday-Frosh Fish
otb stock or rmnsx roif ra cotpi.stti. wx bajtbu aroTauva but
Baby aTsllbut, per pound , lttie
BUver Balaaoa. red meat, per pound la We
Also fresh Cod, freeh HtuKlnck, fresh Kel, Cat Fish, Black Bass, Lake Trout,
Perch, Pike and fancy White Fish.
Doug-las 2793. . . lei Xaraey Btorset.
Bargains in practically
new articles in "For
Sale column; read it
-" ' f I ' AMUEMEXTI.
Bee Went Ads "Are the rresr-Buiiness
When an article is not -price
marked, the seller
can have a fluctuating
Erice, charging whatever
e thinks the buyer will .
"stand." We price mark ail
our caskets and furni&huaga in
plain figures, the only aafc
guard against the "get what
you can ' policy.
2 4 Hi and PoJgi
fkjM Dutig. 390t
. - Parmer HOW
REFLEX - 25c ISc
Wei. Reflex 35c 25c
These prices Include install
ing mantle and lamp adjust-
ments. i
Gas Co.
Dooglas '
Aflyaneed TaodeTtlle. Week ' Bee, to
l Itsrlla MowarS Oa ,
Ioctoa. LMctvr 'o-.
Miru r la Rase, Laa
jiar.n. . ' i m wa.
th.. tiiHx... i), Trawl Waekly.
Prlceai Mat. tiarr, J! saau (a?apt
SalaHar an4 Sua)). ,M; Nlfbla.. sK Zc.
Ulc tat He.
Xaaue Carrara
' Aana Bald's
XyJJ-m rs, is-aa-au-Taa.,
WarJa'a Craairit Grotatqua Dasear
Social Maids BS5SS-
hniiiaat, ToDrul Marrltarnt of tka klsbaai Urada.
rrti wt hania t:a tf- Yat. Tamta at 10 .t
Baoaar and aak: : tlprlnl OtrU" sad Prla
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R&&HQFIS B:0 Trlees, OsJ.,
BBHWalfcl gttc, KaX, eoe; Oreh, T5e-St
Beinart-Arosemaa Yiddish Co la
Sept. 87 rte Bays -The Ba Wolf."
fiiceai Daily Mavs l&o-6ci vf s go
laaium peeaway
100 Knilaa an Hour Every Hour
September 26-17
World's Greatest Motorcycle
Riders In Seven Races Dally 1, 3,
6, 10, 15 and 25 Miles.
Races start at 3 P, 11,
Positively the Greatest Aggre
gation of Speed Demons Ever As
sembled In the I'nited States.
American Federation of Motor
ists' Rules Govern Each Event.
IxM-Uht Ktrtet Car at Sixteenth
to Kig Kntrancp.
AduiUMnn Children under 12,
S.V; Adults, 50c.