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    2 S
New Alley and Ruity Arms Keep
Totals Down Below Average.
Varleue Orailmlni Already Buey
to tar Senaon la IS'ut
Tiro Wnkh
Bowline Schedule.
Fairmont Creamery l-eaguc Monday,
Better Butter agalnt Fairmont Farma.
Dcllcla agatnxt Mquld Gold, I Madcm i
against Turltii Broilers, f
Gate city Drel Shoo i
Co.. against HorrtHm ."horn, A Hays i
against American Express,
Thursday, t-ew!n H'.ii'ett agnlnt Fnlr.
mont Creamery. Ragati's Falataff agalnet
Rumnhr'a old Taverns.
Omaha league Frldav. Storr. against
Old Style larger, Hurgesa-Nash agaln.t
Jetter s Old Age. Mickey U I boons against
Standard Oil 1eaKue Tueaday. Polsrln
Auto Oil sgalnat Crown Gasoline, Mica
Axle (treaac against lerfcctlon HI.
Clan Gordon Leagu Thursdsy, Bonnie
Doonn against Kllpls. Thistles agulnst
Bobhle Burns, St. Andrews agalnn Tamo
O' Shantera.
Magic City a -ague-Monday, Jotter's
Old Age against Willow Springs. Farm
era' Exchange sralnst While Sox.
Wednesday, Boyal Order of Moose
against Cur'o Mineral Springs. All Stars
against Welch Oroccrv Co.
Scores were aomewhat low In the regu
lar league matches laat week. lAik of
practice, combined with new acta of alley,
ceused the poor showing. A few, how
ever, have Overcome these condition and
are rolling la mldaeason form.
Tha Omaha, Fairmont Creamery, Gate
City, Lithographers and Standard OH
leagues are now In full swing and during
the coming week they will be Joined by
the Clan Gordon and Magic City league.
Tha Booster league will open Its sea
aon Tueaday, September 29. On account
of tha work on the Association alley not
being completed the opening was post
poned one week. Last year champion,
the Clara Belle, will have In In their
lineup Eldaon, captain: Neale. Cummlnga,
Jarosh, O. Johnson and Cain.
Other Booster I.engue Teams.
El Paxoa Conrad, captain; Fanion, Ter
rell. Doherty, C. Rice and loam.
Flloo Powell, captain ; .Toman, Yousem,
Hammeratrom and Ced Potter.
Beacon Press Mokry. captain; Martin,
Balxer, Goff. F. Jarosh, Greene and Oa
tronlo. Rateklns Ratekln, captain; Melum,
Howell and Zimmerman.
Corey-McKenslea Pleronnett. captain;
Bland, A. Bowers, B. Bowers, J. Weckes,
R. Srlple and C. 7.rp.
City Offloials Grotte. captain; Butler.
Hoffman, Prlmeau and Hartley.
. They will meet on the Association alleys.
flf.w Organisations.
Tha Clan Gordon will be a six and three
man team organisation. Their season
open Thursday night on the Metropolitan
alley. Their lineup consists of the Bon
nie Doons, Kilties, St. Andrews, Thistles,
Bobb'e Burns and Tarn o' Shantera. The
Magic City league will hold it opening
Monday night on the Brunswick alley.
In (South Omaha. Thla aeason'a lineup
conalsts of the Jetter'a Old Age, Willow
Springs. Farmer' Exchange, White Sox,
Curo Mineral Springs, Welch Grocery Co.,
Royal Order of. Moose and. the All-Stars.
This leave the Commercial, Metropoli
tan, .Benson. Knight of Columbus and
Sunderland Bros, leagues yet to be heard
Bowling; Notes.
The opening of the Booster league,
scheduled for, Tuesday,' September 22. has
been postponed One week.
Take a squint at the Luxus Una up.
They ought to make tt interesting for
any of the other lineups.
Some of tha Gate City leaguer took
a drop n their second week's play. White
and Btlne will be glad to furniah alibis.
The lewla Buffet team will he a con
tender for the Gate City flag. They have
bunched up a strong combination of
1-ook for lower averages. The new
alleys are already causing a drop In
scores The spare bowler will be the big
gun this season. ,
Fitly Flgenschup seems to have grasped
the bowling situation better than any
thus far this season. He ha been going
it ( Ml clip right along.
The work onhe Association alleys will
not be completed until Saturday night.
By delaying the schedule one week all
teams will be placed on an equal basis
by rolling their games on new alleys.
The Sunderland Hroa. leaguer have not
awakened from its slumbers thus' far
this season This was one of the beat
leagues In the olty last year and should
be in. the fluid again.
A few seem to have tha Idea that the
Commercial league will nut reorganise for
l ms season. The l ommnrclal league Is
VI ready organised with, eight team and
will open after Ak-Sar-Bun.
Pat Angleabura- la again publishing
the "Bowler' Schedule," a hamiy veet
pocket book containing a complete
schedule of the A and H class leagues
and other Intoi-mattca abuut the leagues.
. The Booster league teams will be strong
again this aeaeon. b Ik'ht well matched
lineups were handed In to the secretary
Isst '.week. Red Katekin ami Harry
Kidson will again Im the king pins o the
league. l-at year s rules win be used
The work on Pchoeneman's new alleys
la progressing rapidly. The Interior
work is practically complete and two
carload of equipments are now In town.
The cement baae la now being lall and
when this Is dry, the alley can be placed
in a snort ume.
The prettlekt
Omaha bowlwi
ittlekt picture in the eye
picture In the eye of
awlws is the nene at the As-
aoctalion alleys, where men are busily en
gaged crosUtning the alleys and fixing
up tr.e Interior In general. It was thought
list this famous place would be thrown
Into the discard this aeaeon nut the man
rgement soon put these loeaa In the bak-
ioun. one of the big improvements Is
placing Tad Huntington In charge "Dad'
Is an eJd time kwler and a thnrottch
ruent of the game. He has a conn'letu
understanding of bowlers ,-nd of iie
reeds arid lias been foremost In bul!Tlnij
up tlx- Hume here. -
Omaha rollers will be gtad to- hear of
the arrival of i'a Klnnamen In thla city.
He haa taken up his residence here and
will ally himaelf with a local bowling
organization. He hag been one of the
atauncheat supporters of the game and
was practically Its life in St. Josenh, his
former home: He was Instrumental In
organising the Midwest Bowling associa
tion and was the promoter of several Sue
ceaafu) tournamenta held by thla body.
He la also an artlat at the game Itself
and will be a great strength to any team
signing hint, ilia first act In the game
here was to arrange a money match with
I 'ad Huntington, which will be rolled
Monday night at the Association alleys.
Pitcher Beta Two Marks.
Two records were set In the double
header between Ptttafleld and New Britain
In the Kaatera league here laat weea.
Barrankamp of Puiefteld pitched both
games and scored a shutout la eafh, the
tMihea helnc 4 to and i to . Both
games were over in the first game
taking :b and tha aeeond 106. .
TssesaTtr 'Win Flag, '
The Northwestern league has closed
Its season after a summer of mixed suc
cess and disappointment. Vancouver
look the flag, with Seattle a eloee second.
These two cluba have foug'it for the lead
all summer, heattle occupying the post
Uon in July for mora than tbrea weeks.
Bee Want Ads. Produoa Results. .
Bee Want Ada Are tha Beat Business
(Continued from I'njre One )
Stewart. guard; Marqiisrrtt, full: rrhliyl
ridge, half, and Shanks, half.
Situation at Minnesota.
Report from Minnesota Indicate thai
Coach William will have a hard time
rounding out a team of the tiasa which
formerly represented the Gophers. Gra
duation, scholastic troubles and parental
objection have robbed the school of some
Of lat year's atara and around four
rt-THna CAptaln Rosenthal, tackle; Dun-
nlgan, gunrd; Solon, end, and Blcrmnn
-nH wminm m,.t niM hi. team Kolnn
. - . . - .. , ..
may he transferred to full.ack. Of the.
T rerves.tne folios, ing are sale to re HKeiy
randiilates: Wallace Hamilton, half:
f'arl Haedge. half: Utile, tackle; Stlckney,
tack; Kllrrhe, lineman; Wyatt, end;
Claude Ehrenberg. tackle; Bcholter, hack;
Kelahan, back; Rafferty, line; Anderson,
back; J. H. Munfly. end; Farrell, back;
Deldrlch, line; J!unby, line; Moss, end;
'Meyer, line; Motidry, line; Young, line;
fjulst, end; Fpralka, line, and Connolly,
Only three veterans have been left on
the Iowa squad, Barron, tackle; Gross,
quarter, and Parsons, quarter and half.
Of the new men expected to turn out,
Wayne Gorrell is the only lineman, and
early reports from Iowa were that 200
pound men were extremely scarce. The
best of the candidate so far appear to
be Karl l'enlo. Gorrell. Ernest Wills.!
William Oonntlly and Herman Garrett
kon. It Is said.
Rcixirts from Northwestern and Ohio
State indicate the gridiron leader are
still In doubt as to the men likely to
show up.
Both Nqaads Working;.
Added Interest will be drawn this year
to the careers of Michigan and Notre
Iame because the former plays Harvard
at Cambridge October SI and the Utter
moels Vale October 17. Both squads al
ready have begun work. Exponents of
modem foot ball as played In this part of
the country, both are expected to how
the development of the forward pass,
which last year made their game par
ticularly that of Notre Dame note
worthy. 1
With the problems of fUHn the hole
left by the clever Craig and tho devel
opment of a line facing; hlro," Coach Tot
already haa begun work on tha Michi
gan squad. Ten men classed as regular
are expected to have reported by the
opening of the achool year. Including
Captain Raynsford. tackle or center;
Krneat Hughltt, quarter; Charles Barton,
center; John I-yons, end; Efton James,
end; J. Bland Catlett, half; Martin Gait,
half; W. II. Pochran, guard; Frank Mo
Hale, guard; Thomas H. Buahnell, half.
Leading candidates among tha reserve
Include Frank Millard, tackle; Harry
Mead, back; Walter Niemann, center;
Karl Staata, end; C. O. Skinner, tackle;
Robert Watson, lineman; Carl Graven,
end; John Maulbetach, full; Maurice
Dunne, end; Kugcne S. Cohn, back; Don
aid Flnkbelner, lineman; Frank D. Quail,
lineman; Iceland H, Benton, lineman; I
C. Relmann, lineman; Clyde- B. Baatian,
back. U I gplawn, who made a good
showing on tha Freshman team last year.
Is expected to rival Hughltt and Cstlett
for tha kicking honors.
Chief among the problems which con
front Coach Jesse, Harper Is that of find
ing a quarterback, to take the place of
Dorala. Dorals's work with the forward
pass was one of the features of Notre
Uame's play last fall. Elohenlmub, the
famous fullback of the gold and blue, win
return, and others expected back are Fln
negan, Dugan, rilska and Bergman.
Among the most promising of the reserves
Is Cofaul, a halfback of the smashing
type who I likely to prove a star, ac
cording to those who have seen hi work
this season.
Coach Mackllrt expects another good
year with the Michigan Aggies, claimants
of the western championship. Captain
Julian lead a act of fast veterans which
will form the nuclelus ot the eleven.
Nine veteran are expected to report at
Western Reserve to Coach Walter Pow
ell. They are Captain Ray Englehart.
full; Tubby Roe. center; James Bowman,
tackle: Ray Portman, guard: Jack Price,
end; Maynard Sheldon, tackle; Herman
echuele. quarterback; Ixml Landy, half-
bark. Reserves Include Frank Balrd, end;
Will HUes. end; Leonard Hole, lineman;
Persky. lineman; Curry, end; Oetiaplo,
halfback; Pentland, halfback; Cralgan.
lineman; Enimerman, lineman; Novarlo,
lineman; Oatman, halfback; Young, half
back. Knglehart. Price and Portman are
expected to do the kicking.
At Case, Coach Wesley expects back
Captain Pan Parshall. quarterback; Will
Allan, end; John Perkins, guard; George
Horasly. tackle: Jack Jenkins, halfback;
Huffy Powell, fullback; Harrison Fisher,
halfback. Tha reserves are Diver, line;
Mltchel, line; Black, line; Welt, line;
Hense, end; Poe, line; Newell, line; Frew,
quarterback; Jones, end; Post, end; Er
ben. Ine; Graves, end. Parshall prob
ably will do the kicking.
A big squad Is promised Coach George
IJttle of the University of Cincinnati.
The veterans he look for are Captain
Leonard Baehr, full; Lewlle Bryant, ren
ter; Paul Scallon, uard; Ellis Gregg,
tackle; J. Morris, ta:kle; B. Morrla,
guard; Gobert Olebel, end; James Monti
gomery, half; Edgar Baker, half; Roy
Talmer .end; Anton Schneider, guard; R.
Vangchelm, half; 11. Portor, tackle;
Joseph Olns..nier. guard; H. Goosman.
half. Promlaln reserves are: B. Rich
ardson, Cliff Gregg. Dan Price, H. Green
berg. A. Boss and A. Butterfleld, linemen.
and J. Stark, Ben Kchuoldcr, Ralph Mc
Hugh, A. J. Langhammer, Joe Hall, Will
lam Peaae and eUorge Hodapp, back a
In the Mtrsourt Valley, veterans ap
parently will be scarce. At Nebraska,
Coach Stlehm expect back Captain Vic
tor Halll an, tackle; Warren Howard,
fullback: Dick Rutherford, halt; Roy
Cameron, center and tackle, and Earl
Abbott, guard. Howard will be depended
on for the kicking. The reserves from
whom Stlehm hopes to draft the lest of
a good eleven are: Earl Hawkins, half:
Ejwln Hugg. end; Russell A mack, end
or half; Berllu Chamberlain, end or half;
Harold Corey, tackle; llu h Otaupollk,
galrd; William Norrls, guard, and Cun
lond Wilson, tackle.
Coach John J. Griffith at Drake, ex
pects but four of last year's team back,
Captain Volney Gtltxm, tackle; Donald,
quarterback; Blackburn, full, and Hewitt,
center. A large squad of sophomores
and scrubs includes: Moe, guard; Han
son, guard; Sheerer .half; McCoy, end;
Wamock. tackle; Smith, end; White, full;
Jernl on, quarter; Esoh. tackle; Scott,
end; Lambertaon, center; Brown, end;
KrulL' half, and Davidson, half.
Sevan ot last year's team will report
to Coaches Brewer and Schult of Mis
souri. Lad by Captain James A. Clay,
they are: Jaoob Bpeelman. end; Frank
HernAon, and; Paul Shepard. half; Kara
chel Lake, half. WUUara Punrkel. full;
Clinton Collins, quarter. Chepard and
toby Graces, are new comers, or ex
1 YrWr e.UrAOR tht the
M'yIIv 1 GBR.a,m hang
TWO ftoMrVvr
rtfeta tACAro
pected to do the punting and drop kick
ing. Second string-men, who look good
are: Lee Groves, guard; Richard Rut
ledge, quarter, and John Sktllman, tackle.
At Ames, Coach Hubbard will have
eight veterans. Captain Lew Reeve,
tackle; Homer Mgttlson. tackle; Earl
Holmes, guard; Harold McKlnley, guard;
Edward John, center; Nile Klnnock. quar
ter; Edward Vhl, full, and Ray Wilson,
half. Sophomores and srrubbs are;
Roacoe Packer, end; D. Jones, end;
Drury Moss, quarter, Mose Harrison,
full; E. McDonnell, half; D. McDonald,
quarter; John Evans, quarter; Jim Tal
cott, half; Moverman, tackle.; W. Evans,
Kuard; Von Mauer, full, and Edward M.
Axthelm, guard. Four good kickers are
on the Ames squad Kinnick, Mattlson,
Mo as and Packer.
Grinnell Foot Ball
Outlook is Dubious
GRINNELL, la.. Sept 19.-(Speclal.)-Foot
ball practice has begun In earnest
at Grlnntll with only four members of
lost year's team out In suits. Munneko
and Andrews are the only line men who
have returned with the Intention of play
ing this year. Norrls, who played end
last year, will be kept out by old Injuries.
Captain Witters, quarter, and Little, half,
are the only survivors from last year's
The prospects, however, are fair for a
fast and heady backfleld. Sutherland, the
1913 fullback. Intends to enroll, and will
probably be worked at half. Barrett,
who did good work on laat year's fresh
men team. 1 the logical candidate for
the other half, and with Little at full
and Witters at quarter a very strong
backfleld should be developed. Severelde,
the star shortstop, and captain-elect of
the base ball team, is being tried at quar
ter and If he shows up well Witters may
be shifted to end. Smalley, McLaughlin.
and Macy ot last year's freshmen team j
are canaiaates tor oacKneia positions.
The outlook for the line Is far lees
promising. Although there Is consider
able material, the lark of experienced
men la liable to prove a great handicap.
Munneke and Andrews are trying Tor
their old positions at guard and center.
George Nelaon, a member of lost year's
squad, should find a permanent berth
either at renter or guard. Gould, Mat
thew, Schwab and Dewey are promising
candidates from laat year's freshman
squad. Krneat Martin and Cross, two
upper class men, with good high school
records, are out In suits for the first
time on the Grinnell field. Prelim, Mc
Cleary, Turner, J. and P. McGregor, are
among the other candidates for line posi
tion a.
Atlaatle RaeM,
ATLANTIC, la.. Sept- l.-Spclal Tel
egram. Today ended the Cas County
fair. Summaries:
Trotting, 2:22 class, purs MOO:
Deory, s g. iChrlsman) I 1 1 I
C'onroy Blake, b. m. (Anderson)...! t 2
Pensacot. b. g. (Long) I I I I
Cedrlc Max (Black) 4 S 4
Time. 2 V.
Pacing, t rlaaa. puree S3S0:
Stamina B.. b. m. (Clem Burfleld). . .1 1 1
Harrv. rh. . (Heather) X t !
Dan W. (Coiwelll .1 t t
iianner Pete (Eggers) t 4 4
Time. 2 J4.
Bee Want Ad Are tha Best Business
Look Who's Here!
Drawn for The Bee by "Bud" Fisher.
Chifeds Defeat Terrapins in Thriller,
Seven to Six.
With Score Seven to Three, Balti
more Hammers In Three. Bans,
bat Next Three Men t.o
Oat la Order.
BALTIMORE, Md., Sept. 19-Chlcago
won an exciting game from Baltimore to
day, 7 to I With the score 7 to 3 In
Baltimore's half of the ninth Inning the
locals scored 'three runs on two singles
and a double, but the next three men
went out In order, leaving a runner on
second. Baltimore made five two-base
hits and Chicago made three. Score:
Chicago 2 0 0 0 1 0 4 0 07 10 0
Baltimore 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 3614 2
Hatter lea: Henrrix and Block: Kalley.
Smith, Conley and Jacklltsch, Kerr.
Buffalo Keeps on Winning.
BCFFAIX), Sept. 19,-Buffalo kept up
It winning streak today by defeating
Indianapolis, 4 to 3, with Russell Ford In
the box. The 'Schlalyltes scored the first
tally In the opening Inning. Indianapolis
tied them in the third and gained a two
run lead In tha next round. In the eighth
Buffalo brought home three men on two
singles a pas and a double to left
rield. Score: R.H K
Buffalo 1 0000 0 0 3 4 7 2
Indianapolis 0 0120000 03 9 0
Batteries: Ford and Blair, I.vlgne;
Moselcy and Rarlden.
Bakers Brat "Infeda.
PITTSBCRGH. Sept. W.-Plttsburgh
batted the offerings of the St. Louis
pitchers hard today and won by a 10
to S score. Knetxer was unhlUable until
the ninth. Score: R H E
St. Ixuls O0OOO01O23 0 2
Pittsburgh 0 39000(3 10 1J 1
Hatteriea: Wataon. Groom. Keunner
, and Simon; Knetier and Berry .
Williams in Charge
of Ames Foot Ball
AMES, la., Sept. 19. (Special.)-A de
cided tendency toward th forward pass,
and the presence ot Director Clyde Will-
lams on the State field In direct and active
charge of one of the two varsity squads
which the coaches started to work with,
these are the chief Items of news that
developed with the beginning of train
ing and practice for Ames foot ball this
Director William and Coach Hubbard
took the field Monday afternoon the min
ute the Missouri Valley conference whistle
blew for the opening of the foot ball
year, and they had about forty men In
war clothes. Williams' being on the field
gave Cyclone foot ball stock a great
The entire 1913 varsity lineup reported
to the coaches Monday afternoon save
the ends, who were Cowan and Tlernan,
and Quarterback Brennan. Judging from
the number, general clams, conformation
and seal of ths near half hundred appe
who are out for the varsity. It appear
to the observer on the sidelines that about
two-thirds of the old varsity would not
wager a dim on absolute certainties with
respect to Indefinite continuation on th
varsity. Th old men of the line seem
to have the most secure vocations.
j Standing of Teams
... 132
... 165
... 151
... 153
... 157
... 154
... 153
... 154
. Won. lost. Pet.
96 56 . 632
90 66 .677
M t"7 .566
79 74 .516
74 83 .471
72 82 . 4'
H3 91 .m
68 96 .377
W.L Pet.
Sioux City.
St. Joseph .
Des Moines
Lincoln ....
Wichita ....
Phtla 9 48 .6501 Boston
..78 55 .5M ,
Bomon a 54 . 6001 Nw York... 76 69 .163
Detroit 75 64 .540 Chicago 72 66 .522
Washlngtn..71 64 .626 St. Louis.... 71 66 .518
Chicago ....61 78 . 467 Phlla 67 71 .614
St. Louis. ..62 75 .453 Pittsburgh ..62 73 .459
New York. .62 76 .4491 Brooklyn
Cleveland ..44 94 .319 Cincinnati
.62 74 .456
.56 80 .412
Yesterday's Results.
St. Joseph, 8-2; Denver, 9-3.
Des Moines, 2; Lincoln, 3.
Sioux City. 4; Topeka, 0.
Omaha, 1-3; Wichita, 0-10. Called end of
seventh by agreement.
New York. 4; Chicago, 1.
Washington, 4-3: St, Louis, 1-S.
Philadelphia, 3: Detroit. 4.
Boston, 1; Cleveland. 6.
Pittsburgh, 3; Boston, 9.
Cincinnati, 0-6; Brooklyn, 6-8.
Chicago. 4; New York, I.
St. Louis. 0-6; Philadelphia, 7-7.
tisrnn Today.
Western League St. Joseph at Denver,
Des Moines at Uncoln. Sioux City at
Topeka, Omaha at Wichita. (Double
headers at all points.)
American League Washington at Chi
cago, New York at St. Louia, Boston ut
Detroit, Philadelphia at ("Cleveland.
National league No games schedirle..
Federal League Buffalo at Inclanapolla.
American Association Louisville at
Columbus, Milwaukee at Kansas City,
Minneapolis at St. Paul, Cleveland at In
dianapolis. N
Regular Gymnasium
Classes Will Start at
the."Y" Tomorrow
. The Young Men's Christian association
claiees will begin Monday, with the larg
est enrollment In the Organisation's his
tory. Beside J. Trultt Maxwell, to di
rect the exercises, there will be Ralph
A. Leake of Baltimore, Roy A. tswan
of Omaha, Dennis Ryan, as boxing In
structor, and Clarence Peeley. who will
care for those lnterestd In wrestling.
The policy of the association this year
will be, to promote more than ever be
fore, competitive sports, such as basket
ball, swimming, track and field athletics.
It Is the aim of the association to send
a basket ball team to the Central Ath
letic union championships in Chicago next
spring, and to enter a team in the Kan
sas City Athletic club truck meet, also to
make a tour of the state with the swim
ming team.
There will be the usual number of
basket ball leagues and hand ball tourna
ments within the association. Notably
tl.s Commercial Church and Hero leaguea.
fab! to Take Trio.
Cub players threaten trouble If Presi
dent Charles Thomas refusea to sanction
the proposed barnstorming trip to Cuba
next month. When members of the team
learned in Pittsburgh that the Cub head
bod announced that he would not permit
the trip, they aaid that they would make
tbe visit to Havana regardless.
Light Foot Ball Schedule at Local
School for This Year.
Effort Will Bo Made to Get Every
Male Student at 'the School to
Try Skill at Handling;
the, Ptgakln.
One of the llghtet schedules In the
history of the school has been arranged
by Manager Weinberg of the University
of Omaha foot ball team. The schedule
as now arranged calls for six games,
two of which will be played In Omaha
and the remaining out of town. No
game will be played with Crelghton col
lege or Wesleyan university thla season,
although Manager Weinberg had an op
portunity to schedule both of these con
tests. The reason given by Coach Dow
for not playing these team 1 that they
vianted games too early In the season.
As these teams are materially stronger
than the University of Omaha the result
haa often been such as to greatly weaken
the University of Omaha squad for the
rest of the season. Both Crelghton and
Wesleyan start their practice a great deal
earlier In the season and are In much
better condition In the opening games
than the Crimson and Red.
Tentative Schedule.
The tentative schedule Is as follows:
October 3 Tsbor at Tabor, la.
October 10 Central college at Central
October 24-Tarkto college at Omaha.
October 31 York college at York.
November 13 Cottier university at
November 26 Hastings college et Hast
ings. Manager Weinberg Is trying to schedule
a game for November 6. making a total
ot seven games.
HURON, ft D., Sept 19-The twenty.
fifth annual South Dakota state fair
closed Friday night.
The results of Friday's races follow:
Teeplng Tom. 2:14 pace, purse $1,000,
first; Dad Mix, Miles. Brookings, second;
Amby W.. Westerndorf, Kimball, third.
Best time 2 11.
Two-year old pace, purse V10, Tom Ten
ard, first; The Due Guard, Kingman,
Selby. s'ocond; Godlie Direct, third. Time
ilias Parkwood. a 2-year-old to beat
3:16Vl. but after pacing the first half In
1:08 lost a boot and finished in 2:2K Miss
Parkwood is owned by K. J. Mid bo of
Five furlong running, purse 3100. Way
mark, Kedle. Lake Andes, first; Dixie
Gem, Chapman Oelweln, Iowa, second.
Time 1:06'.;.
Purse of 3300 for 2:25 trot. Mwrgaret
Helm. Miller. Geneseo, 111., first: Fannie
Simpson. Betts. Shell rock, la., and IJla
G.. Edman, Meridian, Minn., divided sec
ond and third money. Best time 2:214.
Gentlemen's road race for silver cup
offered by the fair board. Joseph W. Mo
KJnney, owned by Lawler. Lake Pres
ton, first; Frank Wright, owned by By
ron, Selby, 8. D., second. Best time t:34!4.
Georgian is Again at Head of the
American League Batters.
Bender Lending American Lesgs
Pitchers, with James and R-
olph f Boston Topping
he Nationals.
CHICAGO, Sept. 19 -Ty Cobb, the a ug
glng Georgian of the Detroit club, batted
himself to the front during the last week,
according to figure published here today.
He Is now leading his neareat rival In
the American league by 27 points and at
the rate he Is going there Is little likeli
hood of his beiruf headed. The averages
as published here show eleven hitters in
the 300 class. They are Cobb, Detroit.
.3T6; E. Collins. Philadelphia. .34S; Jack
son, Cleveland. .347: Hoblltrel. Boston,
M7; Speaker, Boston, .J28; Cree. New
York, .327; Crawford, Detroit. .321; Baker,
Philadelphia, .319; Mclnnes, Philadelphia,
-316; C. Walker, St. Louis, .307; M. Mitch
ell, WsshinKton, .305.
Philadelphia and Detroit continue to
lead the league In club batting, with fig
ures of .270 and .255. The home run
honors remain with Baker, Philadelphia,
who has nine. Malsel of New York leads
In base stealing, with 62, while E. Collins
of Philadelphia Is pressing him, with 65.
The Brooklyn club of the National
league Is still honored with the leading
hitter. This Is Tex Irwin, who heads a
list of thirteen hitters In the .300 clae,
with an average of .34S. Other teams In
this select group are Dalton, Brooklyn,
.328: Daubcrt. Brooklyn, .314; Becker,
Philadelphia, .321; Wheat, Brooklyn, 8.
Magee, Philadelphia, and Connolly, Bos
ton, tied with .311; C. Miller. St. Louie.
.30S; Stengel, Brooklyn, .305; Plielan, Chi
cago, and Wlngo, St. Ixmis, tied with .304;
Grant. New Tork. .302. and G. Burn. New
York. .300. Club hitting honors go to
Brooklyn, with .270, with New York next,
with .264. Vic Paler, Chicago, lead a the
home run king, with 17. while the honors
for base stealing go to G. Burns of New
York, who has 52.
Bender Leads Pitchers.
American league pitchers who lead their
league are Bonder, Philadelphia, with
15 and 3; Leonard. Boston. 19 and 5;
Plank, Philadelphia, 15 and .
The Boston club of the National league
has the leading pitcher. He le James,
with 24 and 6. Rudolph, his teammate, is
next, with 22 and 8. while Doak of !?t.
Louis Is third, with 18 and 7.
Manager Bill Htnchman of Columbus
remains at the head of the batters In tha
American association, with .3fii Benn'.e
Kauff is the daredevil of the Federal
league In both batting and base stealing
He leads the batters, with .369. Kauff
bae stealing mark la 61.
The leading batters in the Western
league are Lejeune. Sioux City, .375;
Butcher, Denver, .841; Kane. Sioux City.
.338; Coffey, Denver, .337; Koerner, To
peka, .3":.; Edlngton, Denver, .334; R. Wil
liams. St. Joseph, .3CS: Baird. Sioux City,
and Patterson. St. Joseph, tied, with .32J,
and Thompson. Omaha. .351. Denver leads
In team hitting with .297. W. Fisher. Den
ver, has tied W. Jones of Denver for the
home run honors, each making 19. Nichol
son continues to lead the base etealcre.
with 54. The leading pitchers are Gaspar.
Sioux City, with 23 won and lost; Gas
kell, Denver. 24 and 9; Etcner, St. Jo
seph, with 26 and 11.
Pigskin Warriors
at High School Ar "
Tuning Up for Game
Pigskin warriors of Omaha High school
have been laboring hard on the foot ball
field at the school grounds for a little
over a week and the results are a rgeat
deal better than could ' be expected, or
were expected when the squad first came
out. Owing to the graduation of most all
)of Inst year's stars, the chances of
Omaha to drag down the championship
ngnln looked very slim and the coach
and playrs were feeling blue over It. But
now after a week of hard and steady
work everyone has changed his mind and
all are working the harder because of
the Increased enthusiasm.
The first game of the season will be
held on Crelghton field with Crelghton
High on next Saturday. Crelghton Is
reported to have a great team this year,
with an average weight of 160 pounds,
and they are talking about "doing
things" to the high school, but the
cadets, of course, don't agree with them
In the least.
The men that the coach is placing most
of his hope on for the first game are
all good In weight and speed s:l as a
unit they show more team work for the
first week of practice than last year's
team did for the first month. Team"
work ha been the echool's weak poi'J
for a number of years and it seems that
the Jinx is at laat broken.
Leroy Kelley, a colored lad from Kel
lom achool this September, Is rounding
Into fine form.
Berry, the new captain, la In the ranks
working hard.
Lutts and Johnson, two new men, are
showing up In great style In the back
field. Collegiate Double
Title to Crimson
PH1LADEI-PHIA. P.i., Sept 19-Har-vurd
won the Intercollegiate doubles
championship for the second successive
year today, when R. Norrls Williams,
II. national champion and former
college title holder, and Richard Hart,
'defeated George M. Chorch, the new in
tercollegiate champion, and A. M. Gidder
f Princeton, in the final match of the
1914 tournament at the Merlon Cricket
club, Haverford.
Williams and Harte won easily, tak
ing the first two sets by the same score,
6-2, and only having to work a bit
to win the third set, 7-6.
Concentrating their Attack on Kidder,
the Crimson pair gave a fine exhibition
of tennis and were never In danger from
first to last.
Championship doubles, final match:
R. N. Williams. II, and Richard Harte.
Harvard, defeated George M. Church and
A. M. Kidder. Princeton, 6-2, 4-S, T-5.
Fielder Jones Seeks Southpaw.
Fielder Jcnes. manager of the St. Louis
feds, ia ssld to be afu-r Wllber Cooper,
the star southpaw of ths Pirates. Jones'
pitching staff needs strengthening very
badly and the new leader fur the 8lou
frvla thinks Cooper will be tlieanan to aid
his club in the climb for a htgiVr berth.
Cards Purchase Syracuse Twlrler.
Pitcher Louis North, star hurjer for
the Syracuse club In the New York State
league, has been purchased by the St.
Louts Cardinals. North has twirled great
ball this season, winning a majority of
his games and was sought by several
major league dubs.