Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 20, 1914, WANT AD SECTION, Page 5-C, Image 31

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CONSIMITION-Kot those who have it.
Po jrou want to net well? If you do,
rtdrees O 42.1 !lr.
If'linilirpv'ured ,n f'w ''ay without
JiujJiuic,.,,,, Call or write Pr. Wrav,
ft Bee Bldg.. Omaha. Established U94 -
St Pi' MMV1TV Til I i i V n i. .
Ixians made on farm or business prop
erty In any section. Bay off that old
1'er rent or 8 per cent mortgage v'ver
I7.ono.0u0 wiittrn M date Sat. sued am.
toiners everywhere. For particulars ad
dress Natmcrco. Limited. 451 Winch Bldo ,
Vancouver, Canada o
NKEU MONEY ?" us Wulck service
Half usual rate RELIABLE CREP1T
CO . 308 Paxton Flock. Oouglai 1U1.
roiimy ami svr plies
AGENTS, investigate; li per rent prollt;
seaaon now on; get busy. Chicken Life
Paver Co.. :1'?1 t'umlm PU
Mixed grain. I 1 w rTrtrTd.
ETBHLOTYI'K matrices maklhe best
and cheapirt linlnft for poultry houses
They are lTxZl Inches, stronger and more
durable than tarred felt a id practically
fireproof. 75c a hundred at Tha Bee
THE Salvation Arniv industrial home tv !
Helta your old clothing, furniture, niana
tines. We count We distribute. Phone
Pouglaa 113.'. and our wagon will call. Call
and lnspei.1 our new home, 1110-UU-llu
Podge st
YOUNG women coming to Omaha -as'
strangers are invited to visit the Young
women's Christian Association bullrilng at
17th St. and St. Mary's Ave., where they
will be directed to suitable boarding place
or otherwise assisted. Look for our tra
elers' aid at the Union Station.
OFFICE furniture bought and sold. J.
C. Reed, 1207 Farnam. Dour S14S.
EByY iid-hand clothea. 14.1 X. I4th. j
WANTED-Heataiirunt .r,H ...... ..
combined in town not less than 1 qui
population and prefer county seat. Ad
dresg P. o. Rox 4, Prush. Colo
WANT Pining room get consisting; of
buffet, china closet, etc. Call D. tsMD.
TWO unfurnished rooma or hourekeep
lng, walking distance. Address B. 4.S4,
IN MODERN house, two large unfur
nished rooma for two ladies. West
Farnam district. Would like breakfast.
Addreea 1V2U, Bee.'
tiliiP live aiock to bouth Omaha, tiave
mileage and shrinkage. Your consign
ments receive prompt and careful atten
tion. I.Itb Stock ComnilaetsM Merckssli,
MARTIN BROS. Sc CO.. Exchange Bldtf.
E(R HKT A nice UU-acra farm loinintf
Lexington on the east, &l acres under'
cultivation, SO alfalfa, balance paaiure and!
meadow; all necessary improvements
cash only, Mrs. J. II. Herau, Lexington
A, B, C of Omaha
ALu VvA'IClltS, olamoiids anu jew
u.ury, opcclal prices, te.jLi. ui.u Oct.
Liuy now, 1 a we. v aateru
. atcn and Jtweiry Co., houin 317, Kar
bach bloca.
BliE builulng company. Tyler lots),
offices tor rent .n modern
hulidiim. electric light and v.uici
tree. Best location In tne Cliy. tee ua
now. -
C ORBETT. the man that cleans every
thing. Hats cleaneu and blocked,
oel your tall clothes cleaned now.
Low prices, neat worn, proi.ipi service.
Uenvery inc. iuon Harney i. uoug. .a
EW and aecunct-nand electric fans
and motors. Lietiron Klectrie tt'or.
;;iv s ttn i ou.'.m SI.'.;
Ulii..k o. , ....
uoug. tieiiovatcs leathers anu
matircsnea oi all k.iuis, iuaa
feather niaiiebsca and down oovra.
IANO tunlntr. It- BcanUon, yeara at
Hayden's. rtecomniei.ueu by best
muaiciaii. v. 4:132. 4ftll N. tsth Ave.
ACL'L'M cleaners for sale. Vacuum
cleaning done in the home. Sanitary
Service Co., M Bee Bids. .
WE rent, repair, aell nedlis and part
for all acwing machine. NE
erg." 15th and Harney. Douglas VAi.
12J7-3S City Nat. Bank Bldg. Tyler 1S10.
Addlnsr Machines.
Dalton Adding Machtnea, 411 S. 15. P. Wi.
Adder Men Co. (Wales) W. O. W. D. ROM.
Auto and Magneto ltepalrlns
Magneto repair work a specialty. D. S41S.
Dowd Auction Co., llCT W. O. W. Red SIM.
Clarence VV. Wlglngton. 220 S. 13th. D. 4287.
OMAHA film ex., 14th and Doug. Motion
.pwture machine and film bargains.
12 Chairs. 10c shave, neck shave. 1K17 Fa.'.
BATHS, 15c; SHAVE, 10c. 320 N. lt"h. ""
Blue Printing;.
HORNBY CO. Blue Jrlntln, under new
ownership. 302 Omaha Nat. Bk. D. 8157.
Brass Fonndrlea.
Paxton-Mltchell Co., 27th and Martha Sta.
Building and Kepulriaa.
K. FRANTA, 611 Paxton BiK. Doug. tKl.
California Lands.
W. T. Smith Co.. 1111 City Nat. Bk. D. yi9.
Card silttna.
Office door let'g. Mynster, Pax. Bk. D. 2157
t hlroprartors.
J. C. Lawrence, D. C.232i Howard. D. 8461,
L. Gcddis. P. C. 228 Bee Bldg. poug. 4293. ,
W E Purvianre. P.O. 409 Pax. Blk. D 4942.
L. C. HAYEfirD- C. iM Pee "Bldg. R. t'6i.
hlua Palntlntf.
Ruth Letchtord, decorating, firing. R 4042.
Civil Kuifinerrs.
M. J. LACY, 618 BKE BLDQ. P. 4715.
Coal Dealers
j-k Kft Johnson's special, aleo victor
net, $j.0n. Phone P. 17u2
Cream Separators.
The Snarples Separator Co.. 12th it Farm
Usndng Academies.
Turpln'a Panclng Academy, 28th & Farn.
i MER3' Xcailemy, crassicT Pouglf.7 1.
Mackie'c Academy, now open. 1M Har.
Dr. Bradbury. No pain. VAA Farnam.
Dr. Toiid's alveolar dentistry. 4u3 Brandels.
Bailey, t he Pe n tl st. 70u CI t y Na t'l B a n k .
TaffPenUl Rooms, 1517 Pouglas P. 818"
PyorrhlarpTi Fnkes 724 City Nat. Bank .
JAMES ALLAN. 311 Neville Blk. Evl
dence secured In ull cases. Tyler 1136
Terry Pressniak'g college, ith Jb Farnam.
MRS M'N6TT. tailoring and dremaking.
320 S. 2.1th St. C V I Harney R7i.
Mrs Lattlmer, 1911 Farnani. for fall ros
tumes, laKst utylej, perfect fit P. 2 2). ;
MISS STURPV. -41H t'ai-g Phone Red 7320.
PRUOS at cut prices; freight paid en 110
orders; catalogues free. Sherman V
McConnell Prug Co.. Omaha. Neb.
Klertrle iapplles.
LEBKON Elec. Wkt., ill S. Utb, D. U7.
livery thins; for Women.
Ideal Button ard r. eating Co, tn?
Woman's Kxchnnge" 1 Fax.R k
Kverrthtnir for Vnmra,
ACCORPIAN. knlte. sunburst
II atln;; covered buttons, nil si;
Miles; hemstitching, plcot e.lKlng
r'.e.mni; c ... 2( Pouglas Block
P !!:.
4 onrrrtr rnilnrrrn,
GagncMn-Wells Co. 420 Mate l-k. P. 22t'.'.
V E X FrlNSTICR, 1410 N. ?th St. W. MS.-,
L. HENPFRSON. 1519 Farnam.
yeniber Florist Telegraph lel
L s 8 xv o no n a
A. nNAHVEr,:ir
1415 Knrnam St
Harney. Poug. I'M!.
PATH'S flortets, UM Karnain St
Hair Pressing;.
llarrer Method. R.
6. Baird nidg. T Y.ll.
I. Mo "fork Remedies.
OMAHA Rrmedy Co., COT
9 nth. Red 4'
Loan Of flora.
.v.1 II.a.x s loan rfflce,
NrVer. M'l So. l?th.
licensed pawn
Lliihtlnw I'lxM.rcs nnit Wlrliin.
Elect-lc fixtures and supplies, contract
ing at.d repair work done reasonable.
U 1 C I IJ X G. P i ) C ' J L . V M.
Mfrs. ami Imiovr shade Cleaners.
OLP Shanes n.nde like new. Midwest
Bhade Factor. 4010 Hamilton. llar. 4M1
M.-.ssagc. Miss Walton. R. 224. Nev.lle Rlk.
Miss Jacobs, Mass.7 I 'atti. ""Elec7 Trti" P.TIi
MASSA'IK IS 2 Fjrnam St.
Apt. &
floor. P. 861.
Miss Klfher mass., elect
, tlATSAtiK. U3 a. irTiT"
treut't. Red D!16.
St- Mrs Steele.
. Mrs Snyder, elec. trt.
1S s" sth. p" 4.m
f SsX I Swedish iuoament.
Hh.V.1UIM)ts Pnugla. 61
iCI a1ia l-EE. massage. Potulaa S751
, Massage. Miss Gibson, R. 221, Neville Rlk.
M lMj3ojuldjjtiaM, 224 NeCU R! jJ0to S.
I K. Mack. m;isage and manicuring. P TTi'lT
Mrsnenarer anil Iraiister.
WHITB LINK, 3W Si. 11th. Pouglas 3S13.
SWITCHES from combings. J I V) Psyche
free. Mra. H. M. Eck. 3.4 S. ISth. D. .7.
MorliiR, Storage nnii ( leaninw.
W. C. FERRIN. 15th and CaplUl. Ty.
12 0.
Eyea examined, glasaeg fitted, pay as vou
can. Dr. McCarthy, 1111 W. O. W. Bldg.
Osteopathia l"h slclnns.
Dr. Rerucha, 303-4 McCague nidg. D. 8630.
H. A. Sturgea. f.W Prandels Theater Bldg.
L O Harnell, Paxton Blk. Tel. Red Tin?
l'ntrnt Development.
AMERICAN Machine Co.,
111 S. 11th St
Plomea Henovnled
PI-t'MFS flowers made over, cleaned &
dyed. lertha Kruger, 4-11 Paxton. P. 8331.
WATER3-BARNHART Ptg. Co., quality
prlntint,-. Ttl. Doug. SIBO. :4S.l:!th St.
I1VGLASPrlntln Co. Tel. Poug. Mi.
RIES-HALL Ptg. Co.. 1620 Capitol
It ouch lOxtermliiator.
B B. B. Roach Powder at your druggist.
!ufe and Time Lock Experts.
Opened, repaired, comb.
cnaiiaeu. t. E. Daven
port, 1408 Dodge. D. ml.
shoo ItrpalrlnK.
Electrlo Shoe Rep. Co.,
1907 Pt. Mary's Av.
fclifiia mid lihotvvsrdi,
14ln and DoUe. D. ia7S.
JO'il 1 elltngia.
CARTER Sheet Metal Works, 110 S. 10th.
alurv untl ul flee Fixtures.
PESK.S, safes, scales, showchsea, shelv
ing, eli. V e buy. Bell. Oniiiia Fixture
Slid c'upply Co.. 414-lti-ls S. U.h. I). A24.
i'ovtel Smupllca.
OMAHA Towel Supply, 207 S. 11th. P.
liunsh nud anltcasea.
LAN PER YOU, 108 N. 16th St.
Vrlcrlnnrlnits. "
PU. Q. R. YOUNG, 4C02 Center. H. 5062.
At Ian and Llqaora.
ALEX JETES. 101-3 S. Kth St. Wines,
hq'-iors, cigars. Plate dinner 11 to 3, 10c.
GLOBE Liquor HouseT422 No. lith, lq'ur
co.l beer, toe. Write for price list. D. 4Jc.2.
Ue'xry polixjck LTg"u77H"TiouBa
Lth and Capitol Ave. Ten-cent lunch.
BUY your family liquors at Klein's
Liquor House, U2 N. 16th. Douglas liOa.
A l-'i.N'E Stevens, ..-20 rifle, iiuve no use
fur it, none better maue. i w.l. swap
for anything I can use. 8. C. Ii3, Lis.
A MM.aLL hot water iron heater, smtunle.
tor gal age. cnlcaen house or small
house ii perfect condition, for a single
agon. riegu.ate hoi wutar system unu
Pol iQinpllCUHU. S. C. rNVI, Hee.
ACCOUNTS Party wanls to leave city,
has equity of about (2.10) worth of ac
counts, oemg paid monthly; accounts all
on good notes, wanted trade for city
property, not heavily mortgaged. Address
S. C. 1420. Be.
AUToMoBiLtS For uluer automobile
bargains eve lbs "AutuinoblK- ' clu.sifl
istion. AUTO Want lo swap fur a late dais
fully equipped touring car, income
brick business property, well rented in
t-outh Omaha, on principal business 6t..
tith sad tk Q streets. S C. t144, Bee.
BOOKS-For fcale or exchange, one set of
7 of Anoells engineers nooks, A-l condi
tion, for typewriter or cash, or what
hate you. Address Y 1W. liee.
BOY'3 bicycle to wau for other nersonal
property, or brick, cement blocks or
old lumtier Tell what you have to offer1
first letter. S
C. 1H76. Bee.
COUCH A farge"
real leather"
good condition, ' cost
145: Will tne
high grade lawn mower and garden huso.
Audress h. C. 112. B?e.
CLOTHES In exchange for dental work
Tailors only. Address 147. Bee..
CANPY MAKERS' "complete" new out.
fit. such as furnace, copper kettles
izi-.g rollers, gum machine, kiss
meiine, cough and cough crop br,i-s
fo.Teis, caramel and other cutters, all iVf
the latest pattern, not Junk, otiier re
quirements for the business. .-5. c lo7J i
bee. ' 1
CAHVENTER work, painting and repair-j
Ing; low cah price, or w 11 take any-!
thing I can use. Address K. C. 1419. Bee. I
CONTRACTOR'S OUTFlfTwill tradlor I
sell contractor's outfit of siiuvels, I
spades, picks and lanterns; good as new' I
Aodiiss Is. C. 1421, Us e.
me repair Ue that old house audi
paint ii. wui taae in exchange any
thing I can use. Fix It up, then you ran
fell 't Address 8. C. 1412. Bee.
FIXTURES A sl.-door wajl and a
counter showcase and other plunder to
exchange S. C. Inl5, Bee.
1 HAVE one ranch of 2 0uo acres, well
Improved, 4 mITe of running water,
plenty of timber, plenty of hay and larm
land; clear. Price 111 an acre; only 1
miles from town. 1 huve another of
CO sens, well Improved; 1.0W acres hav
land: plenty of water and pasture. Price
110 an acre. I still have another of 1.00
acres; 3 miles of river irontnge; clear.
THa man will take Omuha Income prop
eit.'. Price 115 per acre. All ranches
tha: I have listed ran be traded for with
or without stock. Parties will take good
eastern farms or ln tint property.
230 Omaha National Bank. o
PUP Scotch Collie pup; will swap for
something of equal value or sell for U
Address 8. C. 1418. Bee.
MAXWELL, runabout,
or trade. Address h.
first class, for sale
C. 142y. Bee.
I I.I rxchnniir carpenter work as pay
ment for plastering of new house, about
4' ;ir.l. of work Ad.lrs S C. 1417. IVc
Fl'RMTC UK for u tT-rooin hotel
i iiini vi..nii, ...n I n m inn
the building What .lave ou to oftei ?
J Address s C :?s. care He
Ilil'iM school i add suit. In good
! tion;
I lire sl7.e. Address !. C. 1122,
, -
; lit KSK'looil horse (or a small delivery
! auto, i.-,Hblc for stna'l pnrknges: he
0"ick: dor. t rare what it Is as long as It
Is In running condition t4 C.
I KOP A K A ne w
, 2'xl, le.uher
folding kodak,
case for aamo
ant. portrait attachments Will swap fori
hnril coal burner or range with not mater
attachment, or good b.cyc'r. Address 3
O Mil
K(P. k -Kaatman, 2Sx4V,
anything of equal value.
U Tee
will swap for
Address 8. C
typewriter or what
diess. S C. HIS. lee
have you?
VII C I..,t,i,r b-iIK lal ....vai. A f..l
dia.', .-.'eel shell by I'-'eet hopper. Ad -
des S C 1411. care of Ree.
win. e. r i ka i i t i r. . i . imiv vine
good hecond-iiand rfflce furn tuie. must
be cheap for cash. Aild:cJ 6. C
PHOTtKIUAl'll h gh grade outfit com-
Plete Was forced nut of business, us
the city condemned the lot for a street,
Constating of 1 Ni. 7 Series : Volglit -
lander 11x14 lens, costing some 30"; also
1 5-7 porlruit 'ens. 1 14-17 camera and
stand, and I v-10, 1 enlarging outfit. 9-ln.
rondetuer. 1 nlr brush outllt. all
V ..... ,
pr ntliig frnnies. losing chairs, ilools,
etc.. all In first tlass cjnditlon; every
thing reulred for a flrst-cUu.s stu.ll...
Vvr an 'ito If n roiI condtlion.
PlNO Have dandy piano will exchange
for equity In small collage. Address S.
C 1411. Ree.
PIANO Party owning Cable
plaer pIhiio. having moved from the
city, will sacrifice same with music. Ad
i ress S. C. HI 4, Ilee.
PI A N ( ) Arcounfof death will sacHflce
my $-l'A Keed & Con piano; Circassian
walnut case. $12R. Cash only at this price.
Address S. C 1413, Hee.
I PIANO 1 liuvw a $370 equity In a new
I J7"l Haby Grand Chlckering piano w hich
il will swap for a diamond or llio cush.
Address 8. C. 1H14. Ilee.
! riAN'VParly owning mahogany Cable
i player piano, huving moved from the
I city, will sacrifice same with music. Ad
dress S. C. 1414, Hee.
SI'iNS. sbowiHidH, Clark Hon. D. l'!7S
SHETLAND ponv and outfit for trade or
aale. Phone 2Vfi, Council Bluffs, la
SH'OF.SHOP Suburban location, fully
equipped for neighborhood trade. Cheap
rent. On account of other business 1 will
sell or trade reasonable. Or might lease
to responsible, purty. Address, S. C. 14-0,
PCALE Have a Toledo l ib. candy scale. new. will exchange for anything
that can be used In a restaurnnt. or roll
top desk. Address 8 C. 12. Bee.
STOCK Will exchange stock In a corpo
ration that will pay good dividends, for
a Fold car. Address S. C. 1424. Bee.
STOCK-For JMiO. with 7 per cent stock
In Omaha corporation of good financial
ptnndlng; will exchange for vacant prop
erty In Dundee or good resident ial neigh
borhood Will pay difference. Address .S.
C. 1013.
'SWAP EQUITY In vacant lot In Kountie
j place, worth $o00, for a-passenger auto
mobile Must be In good condition. Call
Wet.. 23!.
an upstairs room without any coBt. Ad
dress S. C. 1410, Bee.
SLOT MACHINE A money-making
aluminum name plate slot machine,
costing some 1200. Drop a penny In the
slot, turn the crank to get your full
name on an aluminum ribbon plate, big
profits placed out on commission. Legal
ized, not a gambling machine. 8. C. 1072,
TYPEWRITER to swap for cheap single
harness In pood repair, lie quick. Time
Is limited. 8. C. 101, Be.
UNDERWOOD typewriter, nearly new,
cheap for caah. cr first payment for a
diamond, or what have you? Address
r PV23 Bee
WATCH 1 have a good 17-Jewel sliver
I rase watch to trudo for a revolver. Ad
j dress S. C. U2.'i, Beo.
WATCH 21-Jewel Swiss movement Jeweis
Fet In rubies. What have you to trade?
Perfect timekeeper. Will nllow test. Ad-
i dress S C. 1415. Bee.
WHAT have vou to swap for W aerea of
land? H. C. Compton, 622 Paxton Blk.
Douglaa 3W3.
WANT to swap for a single harness and
a light single wagon. I have quite an
assortment of personal property to swap.
Ulv particulars in first letter. S. C. 1075,
care Be
Sealed proposals for furnishing the
i.K. anA maiArinl necessary for the
construction of the main sewes) In thelflHc;
city of Columbus, Nebraska, will be re
ceived by the city clerk of said city up to
S a'clock P. M. of the 2th day of Septem
ber, 1914, at which hour the bids will be
publicly opened and announced by the
Mayor and Council of said city.
The work will consist of 26ti lineal feet,
more or less, of a double rectangular
reinforced concrete sewer. S feet 8 Inches
by 4 feet each, through the right-of-way
and under the tracks of the Union Pa
cific Railroad Company, upon which bid
ders are required to bid separately from
the reet of the work, and 3,410 lineal feet.
more or US!", renuoice.. w.. .
7 feet 6 Inches by 4 feet, and 3M lineal amJ th(J ilmrklt ,.,,)9P(1 utisetiled. IV to 2o
feet, more or less, of two-ring brick , a)()VO 11H llUnt Corn bulged IV to l'
sewer, 64 Inches In diameter, and rao,)pv net und oats V to .lrv In pro
llneal feet, more or less, of 10-Inch Inlet visions the outcome was unvltaagdd to
sewer pipe, and 16 manholes, mole or leas. 1 Juc higher.
and 16 catch basing, more or less, all I Foreigners taking wheat and flour
complete. The Engineer's estimate on I faster than HUppilca could he readily ob
sald work and material, on file In thetB-'nfd from (armors and mills was the
office of the Cltv clerk. Is I34..V).0. Allwa.v 'he trade situation was described by
.i- h morii. nn l.ianii. i one UKUally weil advised authority.
J..-..n h tv,e eiiv elerlc .n.l -eenmJ
panled by a certified check on some
nanK of me cuy. n.r .-.n.,..,.,
ally payable to the Treasurer of the city
of Columbus, Nebraska, or order, as a
guarantee of good faith, to he collected
and held bv the city as liquidated dam-
1 aires
In case the bid Is accepted and the
bidder neelects or refuses to enter Into a
contract and bond In accordance there-
with Plana and eoeclf leallnna together
with general stipulations and Instrur
t ons to bidders to be made a part of the
contract or contracts with successful
bidders, mav be seer, and examined at the
office of the said c ty clerk.
tuiumnim, ..rnnini, nepieniwr 11. i:14.
P. 8 Copies of specifications can be
had from the special Engineer. L. Y.
Oottschalk. for the sum of 17. 00.
Inveit Your Money With Us
In our new profit-sharing plan.
In amounts of 1100 or mora and
lis assured at least
6ee or write ua about It
i . .,, . 1.,,trA.- -tlx.- l(( , j
Minneapolis f;rnlu Marbrt.
MINNEAPOLIS, t-'ept. l:i i. i EAT -Fe;teinler,
IIiaV; I" ftnl-er, f!.l .'4c No
1 hap!, l H'; No 2 lu rti.crn. i 'uu.
WHEAT Advanced from 2'4c to 24.
soon aiur the opening.
h' I A l R Unchanged.
CORN No. 3 yellow. 7fft7c.
OATS No. 3 white, 45V:a4a,
B A R L E Y fc,7i 09c
RYE-'.'ile-7c. . V
Foreigners Big Buyers of Wheat and
Corn in All Tositions.
Wheal p Three- to Four lrnl
Corn ne. Half to Three and Oats
One. Half One and One.
- I'onrth Higher.
OMAHA, Sept. 11. 1 ; 1 4 .
Foreigners wer, big buyers of whent.
corn and oats in 1l pialtioiis This as
the St l.ellll, it fel,,r I.. II, ...I..,,.
markets ,,d raiie,l of '. tSci
lor wheat, W',.- for com an.l r
; oats The flour market was strong The
fxboard n porto, ,hI, ,.i whr.u .,.,t-l
ng to ..(Vi.ui buehela and the transac
tions here erc bushels, also to
exporters. Knnsas Cltv o.1 mi i 1
1 1 'Inime.l
a good tleman.l ttr hint li n l.e..i
i """
Hour nii.l liberal sales of outs. Coin'
IT.?""' "'"f '.. huaheln. of whirl.
-.-.-v wire tor
exporters, and
" " wore Htui.'KIl bushels
I tiler..
,.' ' anowa conclusively that while
H TP R TO ni'i'ii at i in 1 i. n i - i . i.
; buying of the xarlou. , ore
"t less rmition Is now being shown so
'that u ruimwav market will not be seen
I l,r"' of t be largest grain ban. llei s at Mnw
' '""apolis saa miller, mere are sold abend
I i1,rri,"'!n to 1'isure a heuy grind to
' ',, . " ' v ' "hat larmera are holding f..r
ni country ixiinis. The nii...
. - ... . .......
, .... N ' rV 'HV 11 "lai ket
I shows tha in liri ,r . . V if.
and 8outiri)akota are sl?"tng prii?u'cnilv
; no whrt; that North 1 ikota h.i.s I'erti
I ," "iiipprr. nut
that fMri.i..rM i.t
Stlltl llHIi. Wllh.lruw,,. IK. .
deal of wheat Is In transit, but Hint II Is
getting cleaned up rapidly and thnt some
or the oil grades have advanced f.c to
.0 during the last few da) a. Southwest
ern point s. say that not over one-fourth
of the csti wheat Is now being S..I.1 by
the country that was offering Inst week
( orn suffered slightly during the e.trlv
hours of the day because of the eelllng
pressuie and some of tils wns believed
to have h. en short selling. Later there
was a rally of lc with shorts In the lead
aa buyers and which was the result of
a belter civil trade, the total being Jw.Om)
bu.. of which 240 bu were reported as
for export. Weather was fine nii.l season
able, but fnrmers selling vet y little The
Argentine weather was wet and unfavor
able for conditioning or hardening corn.
The range of oats prices was narrow.
There was an ear'y brenk of lc, but this
was recovered later and the closing was
firm at fractional gains. There wa fur
ther good sales for export. Cash prices
ear y were unchanged to a Utile lower,
but they closed slendv.
Provisions closed steady yesterday, one
of the leai lng puckers leing the strength
ening Inf.uence. A fair cash trade was re
ported In bird, but cash meats were slow,
ti n buHlncbS having been curtailed largely
by iidvers conditions In the south.
Wheat was i'uII to 4c hlghrr.
Corn wns Mi3e higher.
tints were 'GM'ne higher.
Clearances were: Wheat and flour
equal to 43S,"X) bushels; corn, none; oats,
2no,(kX bushels.
I.tve'imol closed: December wheat
closed Id higher; October wheat closed
4d higher; corn, Hfold higher.
Primary wheat receipts were J.TOO.ivyi
huahels and shipments l.W.OtM bushels,
against receipts of l.S77.fn) bushels and
shit tnrnts of l.l.H.OiO bushel last year.
Primary corn receipts were 874.001 bush
els anil shipments x'Ki.'KWl bushels, againct
receipts of R''.,0ii bushels and shipments
of sin.iioo bushels last year.
Primary oats receipts were 1.O7S.0O0
busli"l and shipments i bushels,
agalnxt receipts of Mll.Ono bushels and
shipments of 128.000 bushels last year.
Wheat Corn.' hits. H ye. Barley.
Chicago ...
Minneapolis ....
Kansas City
St. Louis
. 74
. ao
Wheat: These
were reported
day: No. 2 hard winter
6 cars, SI. Hi.1.
3 hard winter
cars, )l. 0T: 3
1 car. $1.06; 1 car, 1.0..'i
cars, 11.04; 2 cars, 11.04.
No. 4 hard winter: 1
car, Jl.tJi'ii
1 ear,
II. HIV No grade hard winter: 1 car. 9V
No. 3 mixed: 1 car, $1.04. No. 2 durum:
1 car, !c; 1 car, 7Hc. Rye: No. 2: 1 car.
V7c. No. S: 1 car, S.v. Oats: Standard: 1
car. 4f.e. No. 3 white: 19 cars. 4f.c. No
4 white: 4 cars, 4f,Ve. No grade: 1 car,
4.'.c; 1 car. 44r; 1 car. 44c. Corn: No. 1
white: 1 car, SOc. No. li white: 1 car. c.
No. 1 yellow: 1 oar, 74Hc. No. 2 yellow:
3 cars. 74V. No. 3 yellow: 1 car, 74c. No
I mixed: 1 car, 7nv,c; 1 car, 73'4c No. 2
mixed: 2 cars. 7?c. No. 3 mixed: 1 car
(7 per cent straw). 754c; i car. 73'c. No
f mixed: 1 car, 73c. No. 6 mixed: 1 car
73c Sample: 1 rar. 734c; 1 car. 73c.
Omalm '"ash Prices Wheat: No. 2
hard. H.DWl.f; No. 3 hard. I1.03iyni07;
No. 4 hard. 8cifWI.Hi; No. 2 spring. Il.ix.fif
U9; No. 3 sprliiK, $1 .04il.0K: No. 4 spring.
lUcfyJl.Ofi: No. 2 durum. IW.iKc; No. 3
durum, 9Stfi97o. Corn: No. 1 white, 7!V'(
sec; No. 2 white. 79V579V: No. S while,
79'4 ii7!"i,e: No. 4 white. 7W79'4c: No. 6
white, 7fU4(i79r: No. 6 white. 78ii'(7k4:c:
No. 1 yellow, 74',f(74M.e: So. 2 yellow, 74
l74'ie; No. 3 yellow, 7fi'i'414jc; No. 4 yel
low, 73Vj74o; No. 5 yellow, 7314f(73c: No.
fi vellow 7.Tf73-.c: No. 1 mixed. 73li734c;
No. 2 mixed. 73,i'(i73SkC: No. 3 mixed. 73
No. 4 mixed, 731173 V; No. s
mixed. -,J.!i7ic: No. 6 mixed. 72' (T'ftr.e ;
sample mixed. 7i73V- Oats: No. 2
white, 4'V.4''V; standard, 4.rSJ4tio: No. 3
white, ViVh-iTjV'; No. 4 white, l.'.'jc.
Parley: Mnltlng, 4(ii72c; No. 1 feed u.'n
62c. Rye: No. '!. WaS7c; No. 3, 84rnSfia
Features of the Trading; and Closing
Prices on Hoard of Trade.
CHICAOO, Sept. 19 Broadening Euro
pean demand carried wheat prices up to
day with a rush. The extreme advance
,. . si I...I r...l all ,.f Ih- 0 u 1 . n . ...,l,l
Offerings of wheat here were very llm
1 lted until the market had reached nearly
I the top prices of the sesnlon. A reaction but soon the ui.ward sweei. was
' on UK11i'
I pi, mulshed arrivals here and liberal
I lake shipments helped make corn prices
! harden. Brsides export sales In the last
lew days were confirmed. Penmark,
I Swed
nd Holland were reported to tie
bidding for snipmenls Irom the l nlted
' r tales. HeaDoiir.l aemaul for cats eon
tinned strong. Offers by cubic to Balti
more wire Mild to be the highest of iho
year. .
1,. .. I 1 .... . 1 . . . .. . -m .Ua I. -
1 w ,'.,;, ,a eonnections was a feature
n provihinB. Mr.t .,,1... were slow.
I Article
Otn High. Low. I Close. I Yea'y.
j Wheat
i Sept.
1 11M
1 114!
1 14l
1 21
1 104
1 10)
1 134 1
1 4
1 114
1 iss
Pec. 1 14'4-S
1 IS
1 20 20-14
Com. !
Bept.l 7H4
Oati. ,
Sept. I 474
794 1
74 .'
48 j
Pec. rV'4'uV
634 '4Vi-4!Vr-4
Po' k
I 17 S",
I 2'i 9J
j 9 62
1 9r'
17 W
2u )
I 17 H
91 W
17 tt
20 87
17 Nfi
V 7
9 50
9 62
10 07
9 f,2
10 17
I til I
'10 1V17
9 l!2
9 ti5
10 22
O t
lu 2:
11 45 I 11 45 11 4.'. II 4T. 11 40
II on 11 O. I 11 K 11 oft (ill 92-97
III K2 I 10 M 1 11 80 10 83-851 10 76
W H EAT No. 2 red. II .l24'al.IS4i No. 2
hard 11 II Vol It'
COItN'-No. 3 yellow. 794ffH0c; No. 3 yel
low. 7'V
(HIS-N'o. I while. 4S4i4:4r; standard.
4H'"! 4c.
HYF Nn. ?. '.-V : barley. f34i,78r; tlm
othv '' 7".; rlover noninul.
PORK- $.: laid. I'.t'.'.; ribs, IQ00y
11 "
BUTTER- I'm ba-.iged.
'i ;i IS -ilei o pi s !'( nn; unchanged
POT AT' "US- 1 1 wei ; re li ts 45 cars,
Jersey sou'''-. ; Michigan. 7o'76c: .Minne
oii unu Pakol-1, 7;'7d,1 Wisconsin,
pi il I.TRY - Alive, unchanged
Liverpool t.raln Market.
LIVERKlOL, Sept. 19 WHEAT Spot,
market steady; No 1 Manitoba, 9s 84d,
No. X. im 7d; No. t red winter, new, as 7d.
futures firm; October, .'s td, IVoemlr,
!s 7d
Cults .-'p t, tunrKet nonilniil; futures
steady, September, t 4d, iK-trher, l'Vl.
MHi 1,1'M II 11. MttlKF.T.
BUTTl'l! -No 1, 1 it
1, 10-I.. tubs 3.1c.
cnrtoiis, lie; No.
CIIE17SK Imported Swiss, 4oe; Ameri
can Swls. :vc, bio. k Swiss. 21c; twins.
I.'yr, daisies lo; trljlet. IX'tc; Young
Americas. v, blue Is oil bibk. lc. lim
burger. -lb.. 2V; l-.h, 2oc. New York
white. le. Imported French Roquefort.
F1SII -Trout, 17c; larwe irnpples. I'V.S
1.h-; siilim.n. I'u.h' ; halibut, 9'ic, 1 bantii'l
catfish. In.-; pine. 17c, pickerel, b'c
POULTRY-lb.. ileis. If.'v; spring chick
ens, lie; bene. I.'ie. cocks. Jy, ducks, IOC;
geese, Sc, turkeys, L"c, pigeons, per dot ,
9io. ducks, 'nil leal' ere.;, ice. geese, full
feathered, Sc, squabs, No 1. $1 N.r
BEEF CUTS W holesale pil. es of beef
cuts tie as folluws No I libs. 21c, No.
2 ribs, l.Vfce- No S ribs. l'J'vC No 1 loins,
12 V: No. 2 loins. 17c, No. 3 loins. 14c.
No. I chucks. 12c, No. 2 chucks. fr, No.
3 chucks. I"c. No 1 rounds, U''c, No. I
rounds, I.Htic; No. S roundH. 12V. No. I
plates, V. No. i plates, V;, No. i
plates, o.
Market qiiotaliotis furnished by Glllnskl
rult ciunpHiiy:
FRUITS oranges. Extra fancy Vnlen
olss, 9i, 1 1 2a, 12IW. l.'iV. 17fis and 270s. 1.1 7&
per box. Red Hall Valencies, all sires, $1 i
per box. Lemons: Fancy Golden Bowl,
;Vs and Sii"s, 17 ( i-r Im.x; SlUer Cord.
420a. 300a and Wn. i' .0 per Imx Api'les
Hellflowsrs. four tiers. l per box. four
tiers, five box lots. $14.'. per box. four
tiers, ten-box lots. $1 4" pi r box. fancy
Washington "Y" brand ()r'me, 1 70 per
box, fancv Colorado Jonathans, $1 per
box Cantaloupes. Colorado Hurweila,
i.V per crate. Watermelons, lc per lb
Plums: Itnlmn prunes. II 10 per lb ; five
crate lots. II Oi. icr lb; loirate lots or
more. $l.t per lb. Peaches: Elhortas, tl.'.c
er box. li-box lots. K2V per box. f
box lots, 1IO1' per box I'ears California
Clargleus, 12 otm rer box. lie-bo lots,
II.K'i per box; ten box lots or more. 1 111
er box; extra fancv Hnrtletts. I :.' per
box; ten box lots. 12 40 per box; twenty
five box lots 12 :..". per box. Grapes: To
kavs. 1 2i per crate; Michigan grapes, per
bs-ket. I9e; m bsket lots, IV. Bananas
per bunch. 11.71. uJ
VEUKTAHL1--4 Cauliflower: Penver,
12.c per II" Cabbage: 2c per lb. onions:
Yellow. 2V per lb.: red. 2c per lb Pep
pers: 7.0c per basket Tomatoes: Fancy.
Wo per basket. Cucumbers: Hothouse
(two doi In basket!. 7Sc per basket New
beets, carrots anil turnips: 2tn- dm t el
erv: Michigan. 3fc clou.; Penver Jumbo.
I00 tier dor. lettuce: Head. ;A-11."'
per dog.; leaf. 'c prr dot. Hhallots: 40c
wr dog. Radishes; tte per dog. Garlic;
Italian. 30c per lb Horseradish: $1 PC
cnmi. Asparagus: Home-grown. :' per
rtox. Potatoes: New. s.V per bu. Sweet
potatoes: Virginia. III.."! per bbl.; Jersey,
14 M per bbl.
NUTS Salted peanuts. $1 f per rase.
No. 1 California walnuts. 1KV ler lb.;
pecans. 12'-,c per lb.; filbert, l.'.c per H ;
almonds. 20c Per Ih
MISCELLANEOUS-Shelled popcorn, 4c
per lb ; sugar walnut dates, II 2r. per bas
ket; limes, II. 7T. per basket; crnckorpack.
3.M per case; per half ease, $l.,r.; chei k
ers. 13 no per case; per half case, Jl.ih.
HONEY -3.7.". per case.
Corn anil Wheal llejilon Bnlletln.
United States Department of Agricul
ture weather bureau, for the twenty-four
hours ending at h a. m., 7Sth meridian
time, Saturday, September 19. VJ14;
High In.w,
f B II.
ABhland f'
Auburn M W
Broken Bow.... S7 57
t'olumbUB s f't
Culbertson 92 il
Fnlrbury 87 67
Fairmont SI f'l
(Hand Island... H4 I
Hartlnglon .... Hi M
Hastings M W
Holdrege I7 M
Lincoln 67
North Platte.. 90 00
Oakdale 2 51
( imahn s"
Tekamah 8N t!
Valentluo 80 0
Alia, la M et
Carroll, la 84 M
Clarinda. la.... H7 m
Sibley, la K4 43
sinux citv. la., m w
-.. .
Minimum temneratuie for twelve-hour
period ending at 8 a. m.
No. In
utatlon. Plhtrlct
Iioulsvllle. Ky... 22
Indlu'polis. I nil.. 13
Chicago, III 14
St. I-ouls, Mo.... 23
Pes .Moines, la.. 24
Minneapolis S-
k-nn C1IV. Mo.. 34
. High. Low.
. , - Mh 17
"' .. .. - A
No appreciable precipitation '"
In the corn and wheat region within the
ast twenty-four hours. Temperature
changes were slight and ""lf,"r'H2I
Local Forecaster. Weulher Bureau.
,v York lirnrrnl Marltet.
NEW YORK. Sept. Vi.-SUO A It-Raw,
easv: nvlnsses, o i""K ' 'r, . . nn n .......
5 finlir. 77r; refined, quirt.
I'.l'TTER Wenk; iei-e:pis. .
crenmery extras, 3l'y.r.'2c; nrsis. nn
lie: state rlaliy. liin-at, ,'e, r..nvo. ""-
first 2711.23'trr; seconds, 22n22Hc: packing
stieli current ninkr No. 2, 204l21c-
CHEESE Unchanged.
F.OOS-Irregular; receipts. 11.800 cases;
tMle. Pennsylvania 11ml iiearny nennry.
browns. 3l'nH2c; gathered browns anu
mixed colors 2.11 .tor.
POULTRY liive wean; v. r. " "'
ens. broilers, l'.'iti.c: iowis. n. '. "..
kevs lii'u'lhe; uressiMi, wmr..
chickens, fror.en. l.Vq22c; fowls. 144U'-'0ci
turkeys. 23(fi20c. ,
Kansas (llr t.raln nn.- fr.. l-lon..-
Creamery, c; flrata. 2-ic; seconus. .v.
packing. !04c.
KOOH-Klrsls. 22c; seconds, 19c.
TOUl,TttY-Hens. Huc: bro'lers, 18e.
n.usiTVn ? bard l1.fi4W1.08: No. I
red. H OW: Pe'-ember. II May, tUMfc,
CORN No. 2 mixeo, iuru.. -
white. 81c; December. 89N- : May.
rATS No z wnue. ioh ie-ie-, -
mixed. 48Vtc4r.
Kansas City Mw lock Market.
ceipts 3"" head: market vtendy; prime fed
Steers, ll"'-lr(t 1". 10: IlICF.-'l I'eei einers,
ft (iO'T9.7; Wesxern sieer. riiB'liw, ihim-k-
ers and feeders, $6.0O'(..25i calves,
11. Ul
Hi l IS- Receipts 300 head: market steady;
bulk 11.51.. 8.90; heavy, IS.iKV1i9.0ii; packers
...i "l.i.iel.ers UMVilO'lO: llcht. 18 fH9 00:
pigs. 17 '
Silr.i'il iveir.' ,J"I
head; market steady: lamla, fl "Mtfcfifl;
yearlings. i.iW(Hi..; we.ners, iu;
ew es. I7 0(V(i5.6O; stoclnrs and feelers,
4 hleago Lire fttnek Market.
CHICAOO, Sept. 19 -CATTLE Receipts
500 head; market weak; beeves, 96 Wti 11.00;
steers, 86.1;. u'J 2f; atockers ami feeders,
5 5vnN.3': rows and helfcrs.JS 7o4j1.30;
calves. IX V(N2 !f..
H'siS-Recelpts 6.00il) head; market firm;
bulk, H.,'io'.j. 10; llkht. 1 S.V'u9 in); mlxml,
Jx 3f.ti.60; heavy, IX LVfiO 3", rough, IS.1&U
g.30: pigs. If. 2r.1itt ro.
SHEEP ANU LAM US Receipts 7,000
head; market slow; sheep. I.". 3"iiO 10;
yearlings. $'1.30T.15; lambs, 87.2i(u.lsO.
I. Joseph Live. 8tnrk Market.
ceipts. 40u head: market steady; steers.
I7.(vj 10,50; rows and heifers, 14.2.9 35;
calves. i iVVa 11.00.
HoOS- Receipts, 1.900 head; market
Stead v: bulk, 8 .WqS Ml
SHEEP ANU LAMBS-P.ecelpts. 600
head; market steady; lambs. IS.OtXigO.
Coffee Market.
the coffee market Interest centered chiefly
In spots whlrh still showed a declining
tendency. Package col fees were reduced
from -u 1c a pound, mukitig the second
ileellne within a week. Rio offers were
a little firnmr, however, Indicating less
pressure. Rio 7 were quoted
ut C" and Santos 4a ut 114c.
Hank f learlnas.
OMAHA. Sej.t 19 Bunk clearings for
today were I2.H .1 f.'. .12 ii- d I2.t'.r,441 w; for
tbo roiTespoudliig d ty last ear. Bank
clearings lor the week in. linn Septemiier
19 are 1897.0.l.tl2 and tU.U-S .0K) tor the
rot reajfcjnding week last yar.
Kerr 1 nrk Mon-,. Market.
rAPER 7 per cent
ST EH LI Ni 1 E. HAVOE Firm; for
Cables. 14 98: for demand, H 'jiUu.
eiLVElWBar, US'-
Some Cattle Steady and Othen Ar
Sharply Lower for Week.
Kal heep Forty Vlltr Cfnta Vp
anil Pat lambs Thirty to Forty
lllaher Feeders Tea to
Fifteen teats lllaher.
SOUTH OMAHA. Sept. 19. 1914.
receipts were:
Official Monday
Official Tuesday . ,
1 T11, i e.lnes.lay.
official Thursday ..
Official Friday ....
Estlmata Saturday.
Cattle. Iloks Sheep
. 7.1HJ
2 i
i 4...;
Six days this Week..3.1,H4 16.649 1o6.(K
Same das last week..22hl 1S.9M ll2.(.Ht;
Same days 2 wks ago. ,2S.;w 31.!'2 I24.4!
Same dajs J wks. ago. .22.171 43. 297. 111.274
same days I w ks. ago. .18.210 4t'.f-2 xvsSJ
Sam days lust year. .27.913 30.S29 le.t4."
The following table shows the rceclpt of
rattle, hogs ami sheep at the Houtn Omaha
live slock market for the year to date, as
compared with last year:
1"I4 1913 inc. Pe.
Cattle ftf.7 711 627.777 ... 40.000
Hogs 1.7..9.64U 1. 972.374 ... 212.72.1
Sheep l.Sl.ll.KB 1, 674 SI.ft.2 ...
The following table shows the prices fori
hogs at the South Omaha live stoc mar-1
.n ivr tne last 1 w uays. witn cumpau
M.ns: Pale. 1 1914 11913 fZ IIM 1 . f19l0. 'P"l. 1 19".
S pt.
Sc I S f.n,i
I x '.f
1 t.2 s 94 7 77 6 !3 ,
7 07 a 79 7 S2 4j 1
7 12. sf. I 7 S" 6 4(
1 ft l)3 7 h7 6 M
7 17 j 7 N . E7
1. s ;, 7 K
1. 1 8 4, 7 C7 I 32
3.) S 4', 7 wi, S 27
a 72i.
64 8 24
:n 11 23
T 1 021 I t. 1
7 fto
6 92! 9 17
7 87
II nr.
ft 66",
8 ',
II 9 9 06j
7 911 8 til
7 92 t M
ft US'
6 '.I.-1 8 91
ft 39
6 1)7
9 02 1 7 M; 09
S M ft Oi
ft 7 7ft
I 41' 7 Ml;
ft :i
ft s 7 01
ft :A! 6 91
9 13 7 8X 1
7 Ml M
9 r, 7 83, 71
9 15 7 93,
8 7i 7 9 8
8 80, 8 01. 1 6 9u
V k!l 8 Otti 8 M
13 I
1 f
7 87,
ft 3S 8 861
s 4,v 76
I 6 781
8 43 ti M
8 211 ;
8 101 81.
ft 17i 71
ft 30sj,
8 W
7 K9
8 c: 7 ti
8 42'kl 7 9;.
8 :.l
8 l"i
. Ml,
I f,
Is. 1 8 : K 01!
19 8 43 7 96
6 8
8 92
8 W
Receipts and disposition of live stock at
Iho I '.uon stock ..aids. South Omaha, for
twenty-tour hours ending at S o'clock p.
m., yesterday:
Cattle. 1 logs. Sheep. 1 1
r s.
C.. M. A Pt P.
Union Pacific
C. N. W , west..
C St. P., M. O..
C., B. A Q., east ...
C, It. q, west..
C., R. I. A P., eaat
C . R. I. (v P., weal
Chicago Ot. West..
II 1
Total receipts.
Vf,.,i. . HogsSheep.
" V V
Swill A Co
Cinlahy Packing Co
i.rinour : Co
Schwartg Jk Co.
other buyers...
ri-."r, 1.&8J
ia I i i.e. j here were no cati.e of any
Importance In the yards this morning.
J he receipts for the. week are the largest
lliat they hao been since October of last
year. In aplta of the heavy run the mar
ket was In splendid condition at the be
ginning or the week, the demand being
aoo,i and the trade as a whole In a very
healthy condition. Later on In the week,
as eastern markets began breaking and
as receipts here continued heavy the
market eased off and some kinds of cat
tle closed sharply lower.
The best beet steers, both cornfeda and
good to choice lungers, have been steady
all the week, cornteds selling up to 810.20.
and rangers' at 19 00. The medium grades
of beeves. In (act. those ranging all the
way from common to good, have eased
off during the Inst day or two until they
are 2.va4io lower than last week.
Cows and heifers were steady and even
stronger during the early part of the
week, fanners were In good demand and
remained fully steady until tho close.
Other grade of row stuff eased orf and
are now lii2oo lower than the close of
last week.
Stockers and feeders sold at a lively
rule at the beginning of the week, but
the receipts of that kind of cattle proved
too large. While tl 8 choicest fleshy feed
ers did not show very much change, the
medium to common kinds broke rapidly
the latter half of the week and are .Mf
M)r lower than one week ago. Soma kinds
of rattle may have shown more lima even
than that. At a late hour there were
still a good many cattle left In the hands
of speculators, with the possibility that
some of them might be carried over until
next work.
Quotations on cattle: flood to choice
cornfed beeves. 19 b'a 10 25, fair to good
comfed beeves, If 7MVi9 50; common to fair
comred beeves. 7.75ti.75; good to choice
range Kteera, 7.40fci.i5; fair to good range
steers, Id. Ml 7. 40; common to fair range
st.-ers, to. oo-i ii Mil ; good to rholco grass
heifers, tii.hKir7.li0; good to choice grass
rows. ii 2fu 75; fall to good grades. f '
tji.25; common to fair grades, H.WVftfi.M);
good to choice Blockers and feeders,
7fsi8 25: fair to good stockers and feed
ers. 4VI.iMs74si.fU): stock heifers, 5.&0"(iii 75;
stock cows, 4.7IiiJii.2f; stock calves, 80 00f
8.00; veil I calves, i8.AXifl0.25; bulls, stags,
etc.. It, 27.4l 7.O.I.
Representative sales:
Hi x IS Receipts were very light at all
tho large markets thla morning, and with
a strong shipping demand at thla point,
prli'rs made a sharp advance. Karly
shipper purrhases were possibly no more
than MiI0c higher, but the supply of good
shipping grades was limited and with com-IM-tlllon
keen some sales made later In
the forenoon were aa much as 15c higher,
and the general market on shipping kinds
was quoted aa Kkul.Sc up. With shippers
and sieculators picking up everything
thev could use. packers were forced to pay
better money to rill their oroers anu me
killer trade, after opening fully a nickel
up, soon settled down on a 5l0c higher
basis Owing to the sharp advance on
shipping grades, and the fact that a large
share of the total rerelpts went to shipper
buyers the average of all the sales shows
a gain of close to inc. Movement was
lively during the earlier hours but on the
extreme close, with competition lees keen,
By High
I Don't Be Caught 1
ii ii
You know what happens. 'When winter nlpa and you must have coal,
up goes the pticea. Why not protect yourself aa thousands ute dolmr
by buying now from our mines at mine prices. You cut out the mid
dlemen. You save 150 to tlOO on the year's supply. You protect your
self against sudden and unreasonable advances.
The Clinkerless, Free Burning Kind
Every ipound of Tecumseh coal la guaranteed to prove out 13.400 B. T.
L"s Willi only 9 ash andl 9 moisture. Our mines located near Vln
cennes. Ind. Take advantage of vonr location and save the exponas of
long costly freight hauls from Eastern mlnea.
The coal rlub plan has been worked successfully by manv of our cus
tomera They buy a carload and split It between them. The saving- i
worth It.
I1-, -men
trade became dull, and what looked Ilka
an early finish to the market was turned
Into a slow, draggy affair.
Hulk of the killer sales was made at
lWu , wlih a sprinkling of shippers on
up to Is 00, and a couple of leads of good
hogs on the light and butcher order
reached t 7S. top for the day and equaling:
the week's best price paid Thursday.
This week has been one of sharp d.
dines and advances, hut todays prices
are Just a slisdo under those paid at the
close of last week, on days when tflilin
ping orders were light packers hsd thing
their own way and pounded prices about
11 s they pleased hut the advent of a fair
shipping request usually served to turn
the trend of values upward. These con
ditions ore not merely local but have been
noticeable nl all market points. Owing to
the very light supplies at this market
shippers have had a more direct Influ
ence on the trade but this has been more
or less of a factor all along the line.
Shipping grades are fully steady with a
week ago, and aa the demand seems to
be In belter shape, they ran be quoted a
atrvtig. Tidav s top is a nickel belter
than last Miturday'R but this Improve
ment Is at leapt partly duo to the better
quality of the offerings.
Receipts tndav amounted to thirty-seven
cars or 2.3M head, putting the total for
the week at 16,1149 head. This Is more than
2.i smaller than a week ago, and is
lighter than the same week last year by
over 14 (Ml head. Supplies have been con
sistently light throughout the week, the
: .
: .
m. .
. 57.1
. iiui
. :i
No. At. Sh. IT.
72. lf'O t 40
74 2r0 l"' S 41
4)!! 2M !
411 ?H f.l t 46
I .. .US 4" 47.
ns 12 41
si am 4i t:.
b.i s;t . . !
n;i 1:0 n
71 W in S HI
7' . . 741 40 l
ti. ;u n o
7 J (I 40 "
: iM ... t 71
11 s:.
I .T.
I w
8 40
sii hki1-Todn v saw no fresh rc.eipia
of sheep or lnmbs In the shee;. barn,
I which la generally the rase on n Satur
day. A shortage In the receipts for the
week has been an outstanding feature
'of the trade this week, as the offerings
i total UP no more than some 1U..KM head,
1 being K'..MIU head short of Inst week. 1S,40
short of two weeks urn, and as many as
j 93 810 short of the corresponding week
1 last year. The receipts for September
I to date do not come up to those for the
same month a year ago. but the receipts
.- . - 11,1. .-..Br ir abnormally
III) AIIRUri . I l, tin .. -
large as compared with the same time a
in manv ways the market on all kinds
of fat sniff has been very similar to last
week In that the supply was not equal
to the demand and prices made substan
tial udvanccs on most days. During the
first four days of the week the packers
were keen competitors, resulting In prices
advancing 5""imic on fat laniba and KVil.i'ks
on mutton, principally ewes, as there has
been a scarcity of yearlings and welhera
all the week. On Friday, under the In
fluence of liberal receipt a and depressing
news from outside points, llr were?
compelled to accept a lfv25c decline on
the bulk of the lambs, which reduced
n. 1.,. 1, rnvniieiit for the week to a bnsIS
U, . ...... .....I... it,... iha of last week.
- : Fat ewes, due to light supply, remained
114 I fully steady on Friday, so they the still
(4Otflrtii0 nener town m ' ' " -"
...1 schedule of prices on both shegp
and lambs is still aoout on i.
the high time In August, but as compared
with September of last year lambs and
yearlings are 76485c higher and mutton
I around X,i40o up. Present Indications
'point to only moderate f'll'l' "'
, n.-t nt next week, but It might be
well to remember that current prices are
still dangerously high lor this time ot
thBothafeedef lambs and sheep are gen
erally I01HC dearer than a week ago. At
the close of Inst week the bulk of the
feeder lnmbs went lo the country at o."0
j'7.20, whereas feeder lambs are now
going to the country slowly, chiefly at
tii tkV.i 7 30. Feeder ewes continue scarce
and are quotable at H.75-64 .25. Few feeder
wethers or yearlings have shown up.
Some two or three cars of feeder year
lings sold yesterday at $5.76.
Quotations on range sheep and Inmns.
Lambs good to choir, I8.26sS8.45; lambs,
fair to good. 17.40f.25: lambs, f"".
8.1 tvj7.30: yearllnga. good o choice IW.lS
(00.40; yearlings, fair to good, IS..5ffC.15,
yearlings, feeders, r-50n.oo; wethera,
good to choice, $5.Rifm 8ft; wethers, fair to
good 5.3t"Ii5.M: wethers, feeders
4 KB: ewos, good to choice, 5 5tlo.C5; ewea,
fair tii good, li.OOtooir.; ewes, feeders,
.....MuntBllva sales;
nCf.CBV.I.n.... .
6 75
8 15
8 15
7 00
7 00
5 10
6 40
1528 Wyoming feeder yearlings. 80
7S4 Idaho lamns
1201 Idaho lambs
2f.2 Idaho feedor lambs .
247 Idaho feeder lambs..
143 Idaho ewes
171 Idaho eweg
.. 71
.. W
.. 62
.. 94
Cattle How
ling trtnT Shep
CHICAOO. Sept. 19.-CATTLK-Recelpts
m head: market, slow; leves, KSW
1100; steers, lH.35tfiH.25; t"'l"' nd
era 85 508.; cows and hellers, W.70U
J.35: calves. 88.7rfii2.25. .rw.t
HOOS-Recelpta. 5 000 head; ""rket.
strong; hulk. 88.50fi9.10; light. .W-i0-:
mlxe". s.3.Vu'J.M; heavy, S.15U9.30; rough.
g.hVfiX 30; plge, 15.294(9 00.
' ill-EE!' AND LA M BS Receipts 8,000
head: market, weak; "h'7 f'l
yearlings. t6.OQHi6.90; lambs. $,.OOi;4..40.
Bt. I.onU Live "lock Market.
ST I-OUIH, Sept. 19. CATTLE Re
ceipts 7') head: market steady, native
beef steent, 17. MWi 10.75: cows and heifers,
ii0ntfi65' stoi kera and feeders, IS.OVu'.&u;
southern steers, S.038.0u; rows and
heifers 4.0o4.W: native calves, t).0Kftll.CO.
HOOS Receipts 6."00 head; market
steady, pigs and lights, t7-7:4ii.S0; mixed
and butchers. .00ej3.3n; good heavy.
head; market steady; native muttons,
f4.U0raS.UI; lambs, ti.Uxu8.75.
glonx Cltr l.lve toek Market.
SIOUX CITY. la.. Sept. 19. CATTLE
Ileceipts, 20u head; no prices.
HOQS Receipts, l,7rti head; market. lo
higher; heavy, fa 374'6'8.56; mixed. fS.3.V
8 374: light, fS.WjS.aS; bulk of sulea.
fit. 3;4l 8 .40.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipt!, none.
lrr tiooda Market.
NEW YORK. Sept. 19 Cotton yarni
firmer today. Linens, steady Burlaps.
Irregular. Underwear and hoslgry In
good demand.
Coal Prices
In Carload Lot, F. O. B. Mines
Pomestlc Egg....
2 00 per ton
ill tt-incn iHiuiesiic
8-Inch Poineatle Lump
Crushed Mine Run, any size
Screenings per ion
2.00 per too
1 10 per ton
1.00 per loll.
1.30 par ton
iimp k
rates to Omaha only 12.40 per ton
Martin-Howe Coal Co.
miners aad Upvarg.
W. X. Bows. Pres. Job rreemaa. T. res.
David Ingle, Tloe rrea.
Jf. H. Coulter, 8tea.-Treas.
110 MoCornuck Building-, CUtoaro.
IiOatf Distance lhoae, Karrisoa 1191.
Automatlo JTboae 4a-434K