Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 20, 1914, NEWS SECTION, Image 13

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John N. Willys Says Conditions in
Country Are Excellent.
I tin the DtnlnrH of Ilia fompnnr
m Crltertoa llf Finds Month of
September to Be Fur Ahead
of I.aat Year.
American automobile mnnufactiirrrs
are facinK the brightest prospects slnre
the Inception of the industry, in the opin
ion of John N. Willys, president of thr
Willys-Overland company and second
largest manufacturer of automobiles in
the world. Sine his return from the war
rone, t,r. Wlllya has made a careful sur
vey of business conditions in the United
States and declares himself exceedingly
well pleased with the outlook.
Mr. Willys says: "Automobile build
ers on this side of the Atlantic have noth
ing to fear because of the terrible condi
tions abroad. For a while, the lack of
transportation facilities and abnormally
high insurance ratea hampered foreign
business, but since the aeaa have become
practically free and insurance is more
reasonable, export shipments are being
resumed on a large acale. With the
exception of the warring countries, the
business of the entire civilized world is
America's for the taking.
"In drawing my conclusions I must, of
necessity, use the business of my own
company as a criterion, to some extent.
Upon 'returning to this country after
an absence of two months. I find that
never in the history of the Willy a-Over-land
company has business been better.
For the months of September and Ooto
ler our contract tschedules call for ap
proximately, 75 per cent more cara than
the schedules of a year sko. But a
careful Investigation of conditions indi
cates that If, we build every car
for by the schedules we will still fall
far short of the demand.
"Our factory nlpn are working full
force full time and full pay. Yet wo
have on hand fully 1.000 more unfilled
orders than we had at this time last
year. We have orders for more than
$5 000,000 worth of cars for Immediate
shipment. And this Is In spite of the
fact that our shipments are averaging
more than fifty more cars per day than
during the corresponding period of 1913.
Firestone Men to
Meet in National
( Convention Soon
The third week In October will bring
with it another of the annual sales con
ventions of the Firestone Tire and Rub
ber company. Over 2f.O men will be called
In from the firing line, which extends
from coast to coaBt and into many for
eign countries. It Is expected that a
number of the foreign representatives
will be at the conventions.
Since the company completed their
large, new factory in 1310 there has not
been a time when additions were not
under construction. The visiting repre
sentatives will be pleased to find that the
same is true this year. 95,009 square feet
additional floor space having been added
since last October. It will be gratifying
to them to know that the expansion is
due largely to their valiant work In the
TM convention, last October, was a
grand success, which Is proven by the 78
per cent increase In output this year, but
it is expected that this season's confer
ence will be the greatest event of the
kind ever held In the history of the or
ganization.. As a result the motoring, pub
lic can expect better service than ever
before from the Firestone company dur
ing the coming year.
find tln following in order: Pctisylvanla.
New York. 4I. Illinois. S4; Indlnna.
TVxns, :ii; California. Si. Ov.r ;W
i!alrr teueMs from Camilla and 1?."
torin api'lii-nttons have been recoHcd
Scrap Across the
Pond Bothers Not
Packard Officers
With reference to the rffect of war
on business, the following letter to denl
ers has been sent out by Alvan Macaulny,
vice president and general manager of
the Tackard Motor Car company:
"Our car orders are considerably ahead
of what I thought possible, ami they
continue to hold up In a surprising way,
despite the fact that we have bee-i pass
ing through a dull period of the summer,
when most of our patrons are nwy from
home. If we didn't know that tho wur
conditions wie serious, we would con
fidently exiTct a record-breaking full
business. rlwi a we are gome to hc
It anyway, since more than a month lias
elapsed since the war stalled and our
business has not suffered.
"There is business In considerable cjunn
tity to be had. We are getting it right
along: getting more of It than we thounht
It was possible to secure. Business men
seem willing to deny themselves almost
anything, rather than go without their
cars. Perhaps that's the explanation of
tho situation. If so. dealers should avail
themselves of the fact."
"The Kissel Kar, 4s. 'six.' U the only
one of the leading medium weight 'sixes'
first Introduced last year that has not
been Increased In price for the 1!M" sea
son," says Frank J. Kdwards.
"Yet the latest series of this car has
many more expensive features, ln 'iidlng
a womlerfiil new 4."ln Jlssel-bu'lt mo
tor, a new and original body design, a new
type of spring guaranteed against center
breakage, a new vacuum fuel feel sys
tem, a new autonmtlo cpark advatne In
stslliitlnn and a lot of other refinement s."
A new addition to Automobile row bns
sprung up In the establishment of a
rubber supply house at Parnate)
street to be known as tho Akron Hubber
and Supply company. The members of
thl new firm are H. II. HeplnKle, form
erly of Akron, O., and Montreal, Canada,
and F. I. Ptone, formerly of Oklahoma
City, Okl. They are to conduct a gen
eral .lobbing and distributing business
and are the exclusive agents and dis
tributers for the famous Marathon tires
lit Nebraska and Iowa. They will also
handle the n. F. dondrleh company's
mechanical goods and druggists sun
dries. Tiny will carry a full line of sup
plies nnd their motto will be "Kverythlng
In lliibber." Tl ey will base a force of
ten traveling salesmen on the road work
ing out of t'ni.iba.
Heginnlng Punilay. October i tne Omaha
Philosophical society will resume its ngu
Inr Sunday meetings. For the following
thirteen assemblies, starting with the first
Sunday next month, when Thnmnn II.
Tibbies will speak, the fea .urn b et ires
will be respectively by I,. J. (Julnby. II.
W. Morrow, Mrs IV ti. Craighead, W. F.
Paster, J. V. Woodroiigh, J, inn O.
Yelser, F. O. odell. Pr. U A.
Pr. F. W. Mllleiier, J. J, lVlnts, .1. II
Shafer and lr. C. H. Atxen.
Kach opening address is to last forty
minutes and others arc limited to ten
Lincoln Highway
Feeders Posted
Henry It. .loy personally seized a paint
brush last Saturday and helped put Lin
coln Highway feeder road signs on tele
graph poles ad the wiy from Iwtrolt to
Accompanied by Knrle Welhorn, bis
secretary, the Packard president unipcd the extraordinary task on the day
of bis return from his stiminrr home at
Watch Hill. P. I., In celebration of the
first anniversary of the famous highway.
Tho twr. reached their destination Hun
day In complete disguise, so covered were
they with paint and dust They obtained
food at dairy lunches and country
Among Hie events to be staged by the
Pittsburgh Motorcycle club at Scbcnley
Park on frVitoniler iM Is a twenty-flve-mll
motorcycle ree for the champion
ship of western Pennsylvania.
Mr. Mclntytc, of the Mclntvre Auto
company, reports that a carload of
Oakland sixes will be received the. Slrst
of this week and will be on display at
the company's show rooms nil week.He
reports good sales for both the Briscoe
and Saxon cars, for which the company
has the agency. Models of both thesa
ears are on the floor of their show room.
. f
II I liernn 1 1 nc In Wisconsin
"Send me Immediately 100 posters, show
ing tbo different models." wrote a Wis
consin automobile dealer to the Strido
baker corporation. "I want to post them
In the saloons and country stores, so sll
the people will be looking at them- all
winter.'' ,
411-Wlnter Antomobllea '
Though the Stndebsker line Includes no
closed models, dealers are being fur
nished with coupe bodies, which can be
mounted on almost any chassis, thus pro
viding an opportunity for a year-rpund
outfit for any owner desiring it.
Henderson Finds
Trade Conditions
Good in the West
' Vice President Henderson of the Regal
Motor Car company Is very optimistic
concerning trade conditions. After several
weeks of investigation, during which time
he covered the east and middle west, he
bad this to say:
"General trade conditions are good, par
ticularly In the central west, where tne
record-breaking cropa are bringing1 high
prices! Even In the east. In spite of war
extras and savings bank restrictions, the
trade is better than usual at tms season
of the vear.
"It Is surprising to note the gTowing In
terest and demand for two and three
niasRenirer cars. We attribute this partly
to the general demand for economy and
to the fact that more and more can are
being used for business purposes."
Big Year Expected
by Saxon Company
Among the leading automobile manu
facturers who find that the European
war Is having no deterrent effect on the
motor car buslnesa In this country is M.
W. Ford, president of the Saxon Motor
"We are still behind on orders despite
the fact that our factory Is working to
capacity all the time." says Mr. Ford.
"In the month of August, which Is gen
erally considered a dull month, we
shipped 00 cars. During the first half of
September we shipped 600, and our out
put for the month will be l,00u cars. For
October our schedule calls for 1,000 cars
or more.
"The main difficulty we are facing Is
to get the cars out fast enough. There
can be only one answer, and that is that
prosperity reigns In nearly all lines of
business and Industry. We have been
blessed with great crops, which means
that the farmers have money. It also
means real prosperity for the, rank and
file everywhere."
With the month of September well under
way. the demand for sales rights for the
new cars which Dodge Bros, are bringing
out in October has Increased with every
mail at the big Detroit plant of the com
pany. "In the first nine day of September
we received 838 separate requests for sales
rights from dealers." says George C.
Hubbs. assistant general sa les manager of
Dodge Uros. "This brings the total num
ber received' up to 7.602. representing a
pood proportion of the entire number of
dealers in America."
Careful tabulation kept of the dealers'
i t quests show that Ohio leads w ith 6f4
letters: Michigan next, with ii4 misblves,
lectrically Li
Model 81)
The unexpected!
An Overland electrically started,
electrically lighted, stream-line body,
powerful, large five-passenger touring
carpriced at only $o50.
This is the first car of its size, ca,
pacity, power and electrical equipment
to sell below $1000 1
Certainly never before has such big
and exceptional value, at such an un
usually low price, been offered.
Though the price is lower than ever, .
the quality is maintained throughout.
All materials, metals and workmanship
are of the very best.
We could not purchase nor produce
with more precaution and precision.
This new car is as fine and as finished
internally as it is externally.
This newest Overland has the genu
ine fashionable stream-line body design.
Its snappy, superb and stylish lines are
the work of our master designers.
The body color is Brewster green,
always so rich and attractive. It is
neatly trimmed with fine hair-line strip
ing of pure ivory white.
The electric starting and electric
lighting equipment is one of the most
reliable and best established , on the
There is also a high" tension mag
neto which is independent of the start
ing and lighting system and requires no
dry cells.
This car rides just like it looks
beautifully. The new, long, improved
underslung rear springs $ive maximum
riding comfort. No jolting or jarring
on tne road just absolute ease and
smoothness at all times.
Tires are 33 inch x 4 inch all
around. Never before has a car at
this price come equipped with such
large tires.
It seats five adults comfortably,
without crowding. It is a big, spacious
five-passenger touring car.
. It has the famous Overland 30 h. p.
motor of remarkable strength, speed,
durability and economy, developing
more power than you will ever require.
With left-hand drive, center con
trol, 33' x 4" tires, demountable rims
(with one extra) electric head, side, dash
and tail lights, electric horn, top, top
cover, robe rajlj speedometer and ven
tilating, rain-vision type windshield, this
car at this price is destined to be known
as the greatest motor car achievement
of the season.
Orders are now being taken for
immediate delivery.
Overland-Omaha Co., Di stributors, parnamSt,
Following are a few of the
many high grade features
features that are usual
ly found on cars costing
considerably more money.
30 H. P. motor
Stream-line body
Ample room for fire passenger
Electrically started
Electrically lighted
Electric horn
High-tension magneto y
All electric switches on instrument
board of cowl dash
Ventilating, rain-vision type
High-grade upholstery
Thermo-syphon cooling
Fire bearing crankshaft
Rear axle ; floating type
Rear springs ; extra long,
underslung, 3-4 elliptic
106 inch wheelbase
33 Inch x 4 inch tires
Demountable rims
One extra rim
Left-hand drive
Center Control
Body color: Brewster green
with ivory white striping
Complete equipment, including
speedometer, robe rail, tools, etc.
The Willys-Overland Company $ Toledo, Ohio
y fu ..: - - v- - -nt c!!2gft
Two-passenger Roadster,
Delivery Wagon with closed body,
if v.
$795 VJ5r Delivery Wanon with ooen bodv.
$895 2C The larger four-cylinder Overland Touring Car, $1075
35 II. P. four-passenger Coupe, $1600
Allprkuf. . TU4; Okit
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