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oot Print It New rta'-'n TT.
Llg-hting- ruturss, rtiirfts-tiranl"n t"o.
fidelity Btortf na Co. Dong". 888.
City PToprty For results, list tlist
r.ouse with Osborne Rralty CV. P. 1474. j
BsauUful All Modern lomn Tor Sal I
r. the easy payment r'n Hanker';
Ialty Investmrnt Co. rhrne I ton 29-'. I
V, 9. Steam Bakery Is to five away
Shetland ponleg to boys an! srls unlT
16 years of 8Ke. See advertisement on
another rSe.
Mil. Btratton Oeti Divorce Mr.
Carrie Kathburn ftratton has secured a
divorce from Harry T. Stratum, with
restoration of her maliien name.
Back Funeral Sunday Funeral nerv
ier for Fred Fuck, who klllec'. htmsel'
Tuesday night at his home, 4C0 Faiific
alley, will r held Sunday at C'roshy's
t ha pel.
Ministers ICeet Monday The Minis
terial union of Omaha will meet Monday
morning; at 10:30 in the Young Men a
Christian association. Hev. (ieorpe tj.
Peters will address the union.
"Today's Complete Movie Program!''
may be found on the first pace of the
classified seotton today, and arpears In
The nee EXCLTPI VELT. Find out what
the various moving plctur theaters offer.
Mohr Puneral Sunday Funeral serv
ices for Allrt Mohr, 3424 North Fiftieth
street, will be held at H. K. Hurket s
chapel. Twenty-ninth and Leavenworth
streets, Sunday at 2 p. m. Burial will be
at Forest Lawn.
nynr.Baalum Clasaea Open Gymnasium
classes have begun at the Young Men'a
Christian association. Although, the en
rollment Is already large, a campaign for
new members will bo opened after the
Ak-Sar-Ben festival.
Mother Seeks Missing- Son The
mother of Herbert W. Connor of Chari
ton, la,, has asked the local police to
locate her son, who has been missing
from home for two weeks and whom she
believes Is In Omaha.
Raising a Sewer City Commissioner
Thomas McOovern of the department of
publlo Improvements la repairing the
Jones street sewer, which blew up about
eight years ago. The sewer will be
raised two feet. The cost of the repairs
will approximate 12.nno.
Window Attracts Attention Bergs la
Showing a fall bride and all her attend
ants In one of the windows of the store
Hibernians Make Preparations to,p
Hold Big Convention.
same i v.'nitik: T hall 'ti Twenty-'
1 M stri-rts '
O 'Sts and s'iMs for nt.vit, prosperous I
W'r ladles No t r . . i : t I t fit a great
rr for fie big
rnrrlly In heep tterelpte la ow
Praia re of Market, anal Price
of Mnttnn ald to Be
Mated for Roost.
The committee having In charge the
arrangement for the convention of the
Ancient Order of Hibernians has com
pleted Its tssk The following 1 the pro-
iMittinK the build ti In
fcsti n i.
The lll nu Workers of the First I hris
ftin iliurrh will rieet with Mrs sham
I ho tonio'Ton afeMioon at her home, ;.v
f North Nineteenth street
onttv at tMe M.-- I lill Keartirv oninn s llelief rorps will
I linn hall. Tw eni -font t '. snd s'twts, hold a meeting next SstunWy afternoon
r t iiturdav even'tiK. epti ni!er 1' ; at o cloc k st the '-ome of Mrs t' t)
I! Khik. Karl chase and Ueorg.- Urallev, I'"""', d'i Jackson treet
of the Ancient i 'rdcr of I Work YN women of the First Methodist
men Temple house committee are busy church
iS'.lre to show John I'istm Co
I ( snm Vo !"!' I.'ot-il ..'cl.'or
Ameri. a. will rive a i-ir
the rro,-er' et re of J A tli.iss, Twen
tv ' vrth nnd I" stieet. irdny
It's money In your packet to look
thioui:!) our children s il.-pai tmrnt before
yoi tut Mi .os and nrls for f.ill.
John Fljnn Co.
I. I YoM was stricken Mh an att ick
of tal'stonm wurM.iv afternoon at
TM'iit -fifth an' N Mni't' 1 1 - was taken
to the South Oniii'i i po'l'-r station and
Inter I the South Omaha hospital lie Is
M.ite, but the police could not leirn h i ' the afterno
a Mi r-s
I t tie oiith On-ih; High school font ball
team rtlli play a amne with the ltellevue
I olli-ge team on the liellevue fled in
j le.h-viie this afternoon at 3 .to o clock
All who wish to accompany thr team will
jib part on the ;i o'clock Ht llevue tar
i The ticrman American Oemocrat'c el ih
ii l hold Its monthly meeting at the hall
at North twenty loutiii siren, .ouin
l Ml "I. r
rats are onilally !n
The err iteM line ,,f
the best Oj'fort tint
om want, t he c!ot i
yoi, nnt ivi
li s new . Let us . h
& Co
-.-sneaking dem
d to Sttend.
I, n' i lot hlng and
to w the ,-attern
..II uant, the sliape
i had to offrr
i oii John Klynn
will hol.t a home naklng s Ce at . taid to he a catto inan from out In theiomiha. on Si pte--hcr 20 at .1 o lock in
htiMness Ma the "Puslness
Kratn: i
All the members and delegates meet at
the Ancient Order of I'ntted Wnrienn :
temple at Twenty-fifth and M streets at j
a. ni.. "rim there mar-h to Ag
nes" i hurc' I ci.ded by the fife and 'rem i
corps. ATter mass a short business ses-1
slon will be held lifter which tt ad
journ for dinner. After dinner the dele
gates will be given a trip through too cilv i
In automobiles. After this the regi.lar
order of business of the convention will ;
be taken up The convention being ad- j
Journed the cc! fates and their 'Hem's
wll go to the l'"xi banco dining hall whre'
a banipiet a'11 be served. After the inr I
o,iiet the following pnncram w'll bo
rendered w ith lu. . J. McCnum ns
toastniaster: Invocntlon. Ttev. James'
Aherne; address. Wv. M. A Ptlne, j
i iiiii!inoiiin, .ei..; selection, The't en
turlon quartet; nddress. Mrs. Mary llaf
ferty, state presntent Ladtes's auxiliary;
flute solo, 1. J. Hurley; addresa, J. J
Citrtln; address. V. C. Heafv. oountv
president; slttgtng of "tlod Save Ireland,"!
by the audience. I
Motion Doe to Illse,
Comes now tho report that the market
w 111 show a tremendous reduction in the i
sheep receipts of this month and probably
tins year. This will bring up the price of
mutton, which until now. was regarded
as thn one meat that did not go hkyward
evcrytinu. the packers got blue. Cattle
have been scarce for some time, accord
ing to packers, hogs likewise. But sheep
came right along until now when It said
that the Increase of settlers on the sheep
rangea and the cutting down of the flocks
by the sheepmen who feared the. effects
of free wool and free mutton, has caused
a slump.
nffraae Meeting.
In the hope of stirring the voters of
S-juth Omaha Into something like Inter
est In the woinari suffrage cause, the 1m
cal suffragettes have enlisted the elo
quence of John U Kennedy of Omaha.
Friday, Sept. 18, 1914 Burgcss-Nash Company-
STORE NEWS FOR SATURDAY Burgess-Nash Company Sixtcnth and Harney Sts
News: There's None More Vital for Saturday
and Mrs. Desha BrecltenriHe nf K-et,
at Fifteenth ana uougias streets. intrtucky for next Sundav afternoon at s'
o clock. The meetlnar will be beM in h
bride Is dressed In her wedding gown
and the attendants are all clothed In
their ceremonial clothes. The window is
attracting- considerable attention.
Smith Party is Horns Dr. Charles IC.
Bmlth, Omaha dentist, has reached home
with his family from the British Isles,
which they were touring when the war
started. Their plans to visit the conti
nent were spoiled by the conflict. They
landed in America about two weeka ago
tnd have been visiting in the east.
Arias Brought Kara for Trial Mer
cedes Arias, a Mexican chargod with
lending an obscene letter through the
malls to Mrs. S. Beronlaze, was arrested
!n Denver and has been brought to
Omaha by Deputy Clark. The man was
turned over to United States Marshal
Warner and will be held for Investigation.
Pstsrson Hearing" Publlo Hearing on
the charges filed against Police Officer
O. P. Peterson for assaulting Oeorge
Cathro, a health Inspector in the employ
of the city, will be held in public at a
time to be fixed by the city commission
Tuesday. Cathro charges Peterson with
malicious and unprovoked assault. Peter
son saya Cathro abused him for arresting
his small son.
Creighton Students
mize a Political
Club; Nonpartisan
The Creighton Political club organized
Creighton law college Thursday evening,
for tha year In a lively session at the
It If estimated that nearly BOO students
attended the enthusiastic gathering, fol
lowing a red hot canvass of the student
body. Officers for the year were elected,
and It was decided that the club would
be strictly nonpartisan In its altitude.
The club la recruited from all depart
ments of the university alike, and the
offices are equally distributed. To the
law students ss those who are most
closely connected with politics, was given
the presidency. J. J. McDermott of Shelton
Neb., a Junior In that department, was
elected over L. D. Kavenagh of South
A vice president was chosen from each
department to promote the interests of
the club Is his school. Hugh Gillespie of
Omaha, a Junior at the law; John
Tamlsea, Junior medic of Omaha; Walter
Coakley of Flandreau. S. D., senior arts
student, and Robert Gallagher, dental
student, were chosen from their various
Otto Brisskey of Wlsner, pharmacy
student, was chosen financial secretary;
Edward Murphy of Minnesota, medical
Junior, secretary, and Matthew Kane,
dent, treasurer of the organization.
Thomas Ensor, Mark Ryan and Gerald
Lyons, acted as Judges of the election.
high school auditorium. Mrs. Precken
ridge Is the granddaughter of Henry
Clay, one of "old Kalntuck's" proudest '
Committee to Meet.
Notlco has been served that the Douglas
county republican central committee will I 1
meet featurday afternoon at the Rome ho-
,rl l" iccv a cnairman, secretary and
treasurer to manage the campaign of the
republican county candidates.
Wheeler llrlgga' Manager. !
Although official word has not been
given out It Is understood that Chief of j
Police John Brigga has selected City Clerk I
Perry Wheeler to manago hla campaign j
for sheriff of Douglas county. Cltv Clerk i
divisions In tho ranks of local republicans,
rank and file of Rmnh nmok. a
- - -... i.e. n iiu 1 1 in
choice Is approved by all factions and
divisions in the ranks of local reubllcans.
Wheeler has not formally announced his
acceptance of the position, but it is
thought that he will do so. The Repub
lican club will support the republican'
ticket and acUva work will begin in a!
short time.
Maarlo City Gossip,
Suits that Suit They are here. John I
riynn & Co. j
Office space for rent In Bee office 2118
N street. Terms reasonable. Well known
location. Tel. South 27.
rn." IX,'rn',y Post will meet at the homa
or J. T. Robertson, 2119 F street, next
Saturday evening. All members are re
quested to be present.
The local order of Kagles will give a
dance next Saturday evening at their hall
on Twenty-third and N Ktreeia ti,
Loyal Order of Moosa will give a dance !
The call for the republican county com
mittee to meet Saturday afternoon to or
ganize for th campaign has been fol
lowed up by notice to the members over
the signatures of the officers who pre
sided over the late meeting of party nom
inees reinforcing the candidates' recom
mendation as to whom the committee
should select for its officers.
Members of the committee think they
ought to have something to say as repre
sentatives of the party and are not all
inclined to carry out the slate, and a
fr'endly contest is in prospect for the
chairmanship between John N. Baldwin.
Jr., who showed up so well in his run for
polite Judge at the primary, and Amos
Thomas, who heads the list of "recom
mendations." Kor secretary, Edward 1
mon Is acceptable to all, and for treas
urer, W. K. Rhodes.
A Customer
Said to us the other
day, "I have tried
stores for boys' shoos,
but they do not fit nor
wear as well as yours."
We are not surprised.
Steel Shod Shoes have
always outworn two
pairs of ordinary boys'
shoes. As to the fit
ting, we have made a
study of children's feet
for over 30 years. We
know how to fit them.
Boys' 1 to 54, 92.84).
Little gents' 0 to 13 4
at, $2.25.
1419 Farnam St.
1 1
NKW YORK. Sept. IV With a total of
1.062 passengers on board the big liner
I.Ufltanla reached New Yoik from Liv
erpool tonight.
Americana returning from the war
zone made up the maturity of the Lusl
tanla's passengers, but there was a lib
eral sprinkling of eminent foreigners In
its cabins. One of these was Sir James
M. Harrle, author and playwright, and
anotner was A. K. W. Mason, also a
PiitUli author of prominence.
Widely known Americans include Will
iam Hale of Chicago. Harry Ruwe fclul
lev, organist and composer, and .Mrs.
George Var.dcrUlt and daushter.
"Just Say"
It Means
- Original and Cinulnt
7h Food-drink (or All Agis. j
More healthful than Tea or Coffee, i
Agrees with the weakest digestion, .
Delicious, invigorating and nutritious.
Rich milk, malted grain, powder form. 1
A quick lunch prepared in a minute.
Tale no substitute. Ask for HORLICK'S.
j 535" Other arc imitations.
Dainty New Neck
Fixings for Milady
A HKAl TIKI I. lino
i. x
of I1PW
neckwonr, sIiowIhk all tho
new features worth whilp. Anions
them are the now;' t'ape with
cuffs to match; liasuo vest op of
net and rlilffon, new roll collars
in organdy, pique Rtid net.
Neckwear at .10c.
IncludinR Quaker linen sets, or
Kandy vestet-s. roll collars, lt.
Venice flat collars, etc.. In large
Milk Itlhbnn. 1c.
All pure silk, plain and moire
taffeta, six Inches wide, all best
colors and Mack.
Handkerchief!, 1 V.
For women, pure linen and linen
lawn, hand embroidered cornet
initial, colored and lace edges;
pretty assortment.
Bnrgtss-fTaah Co Mala rioor.
Girl's Dresses at
95 c
NKATLY matlo of pretty
clipck or stripe mater
ials, made with self color
trimrniims for acres to 14.
Girls' Dresses, $1.50
Plaid, cheeks antl stripes in
Ktissia and pleated styles,
neatly trimmed with con
trasting colored materials,
acres (i to 14.
Ur Dreswes. frt.D.y
Wool serge, plaid Bkirts with
belts, navy blue, brown and green;
ages i to 14.
Mr!1 Coats, $.V1M, $fl.5 and $1.1.
Fine all wool materials, plain
and belted styles, military or coat
collar; aes fi to 14 years.
Burfress-lf ash Co. Second rioor.
f j ' M
In the Home
Which We Jre Featuring Saturday Are Notable k'rampff of the
Most Approval ami Exclusive Styles for Fall.
NKVKK hefore lias our showing of women's fine tailored suits at $ll.". 0
unite equaled the one this .season.
The demand for styles of pronounced individuality lias hcen the prinn
factor in this feature and our showing enihraees till of the stvles. colors am
ahries in accordance with the i.Mular at.d exclusive demand.
Tailored Suits at $25.00 Individuality the Keynote
The assemblage embraces evcryth ing that is most correct to the minutest
'etail. Models that are copies of much higher priced garments some
hem imported ticsicns which have neen .inericani.ei, creating sivies
which more readily appeal t. Omaha women.
Charming Tailored Suits Featured at $19,50
There Is nearly a ecore of fetching models from which to wake selection.
They're made with the new Kedingote style coat snd yoke klrt, from such splendid
materials as poplins, gabardines and chexiots. Navy blue, brown snd green are the colors,
with plenty of black.
Top Coats for Present Wear at $10.00
An exceptionally good line for selection and Just the coat you want for cool evenings.
Made of silks, satins, serges. Imported tuixtti res, worsteds, brocaden, etc., in every desir
able shade for this season. All lined throughout with guaranteed silks.
Bnrrcss-Hssh Co. Second rioor.
Women's Imported Silk Lisle Hose
AVE YOI ONE? it lfl always
notice. It officiates at the home
dances or for entertainment with
out taking tho hostess or a guest
from participation in the enjoy
ment. We hsv a comprehensive nsnrt-
inrnt of the newest ilntice nii'l wm
reinlils, lis Well SS the claHt
popular stmi'l-hys. "in.
heiir them. Victor Vlctrolns
Buresss-Hssh Co. Third rioor,
n in
In nnd
$15 to
Saturday at Just Half Price, 25c
T'S the bigirest hosiery
A Limited Quantity of Women's Long
KIDLOVES7for"Saturday at $L25
E bought them from a New
York importer early In the
season long oetore tne sutbiiiw
in price and we want to impress
on you that we will probably never
bo able to duplicate mem
OCThe offering memoes xta,
1 ucape and chamois
Bnriress-Nash Co. Main
12 and
ifi-imtton length: size
ranging from 6 to 6 V4
In white, black and a few shades.
They are the usual $2.50 and $3
qualltleB. but nome of them show
slight Imperfections, not enough
to affect the wearing quality.
snap we know of, including:
Women's black silk lisle hose, full fashioned, full
regular made foot, high spliced heel and d-uhle sole,
double hem tops, pair, 25c.
Women's I lack gauze lisle hose with neatly embroid
ered insteps, double gaiter tops, high spliced heel antl toe,
double sole, pair, 25c.
Women's very nheer gatize lisle hose, black only, high spitted heel
and double solo and toe, also double gartcnvelt top, the pair. ftc.
Burresi-Nssb Co. -Multi Floor,
Three Distinct
rill ' '
fl'ii! I!
With I
Colonial Initiil,
39c a Box
LINEN finish, 2 4 sheets paper
and 21 envelopes, colonial
Initial lu gold, box :c
Correspondence cards to match,
llnx I'ii per, toe.
Elnen finish box paper. 2 4 sheets
paper and 24 envelopes 10c
h'ountaln Pens, HOC.
Standard makes. Including self
rilling safety taps, and regular
filled pens.
U) ijeks-Wssb Co. Miln Floor.
Corset Models at $1.00
FOR Saturday we feature
in the candy section a
special pure cream carmel in
assorted flavors at 2oc the
Another special value. Pure
fresh dipped cream choco
lates, assorted fillings, Sat
urday, pound 29c
Fresh Chocolates, 29c
Burtrsts-Nash Co. Main Floor.
EM I'M or low bust line,
lso medium or long hkirt,
free hip antl light boning or
heavy with elastic over fleshy
part .-f limb for the stout fig
ure. Six good hose supporters,
very special at $1.00.
Brassieres, ftlc.
Splendid selection in broken lots,
in back closing, allover embroidery,
Burftss-Msib Co. fUoon4 Floor.
and "Geraldine
TAILORED BLOUSES, Like Illustration,
of Washable Mcssaline, Saturday. $1.95
AM) they are not only charming lit
tle creations that will appeal to
you at f i rut glance, but they aru reelly
worth a third more than the price for
Thuy are made exactly like
illustration, blouse stylo and
splendidly tailored from
washahle mcssaline silk of
superior quality.
They have tho new style sleeve, rolling col
lar and tailored cuffs, finished with silk but
Navy, while or black.
urftss-ITsib Co. Bcond Flu...
Yl-T .,7U
"Madame Sans Gene
Farrar'' COMBS for the New Coiffure
THE demand which the radically new coif
fure makes for special combs as well as
the ever potent requirements, of fashion and
beauty are met In these newest hair orna
ments. The practical designs cause them to support
the hair In a way to give that comfortable se
cure, feeling which In bo rare and theu it con
forms to the shape of the head and any shap
ed hat may be worn with thern A Dlwlnj
line of beautiful designs at. . . .t.0 to
1'earl Necklaces at 05c.
15 inches long; cream, oriental and white
evenly matched beads in uniform sizes. The
clasps are warranted 10-karat gold.
Burg-sss-lfsib Co. Malm rioor.
Here Are the Biggest Values in
Boys" Suits Offered in Town, $3.98
AM) when you see them you 11 agree
with us that we have not overes
timated. The suits are made Norfolk
style in cheviots, eassimeres, serges ami
corduroys in all the season's desirable
patterns. Some have two pairs of trous
ers. Exceptional values at $3.98.
Other suits for boys from 2Vz to 17
years of age at ' $2.50 to $16.50
Made of high grade inadras cloth, cut full
ind well tailored, no strings to bother, adjust
able with special arrangement In front insuring
a perfect fitting blouse.
Ralmaeaan or Rah-Hah hats In gray and
brown mixtures, blue serges and corduroys.
Burg.s-Maih Co. Mala Floor.
Ilorax chips, a i
large pkg. . 10c
Toilet paper,
crepe finish. 4
rolls for . .2Sc
Iteef, wine and
iron. 1 pint 4Jt:
Absorbent cot
ton, 1 lb. . .2 ic
Sal llepatica,
2iic size for lc
Canthrox for
shampoo, DOc.
slzo for . .SJOc
Ivory s"ii, .V size, O cakes
for 1 l)c
ed milk,
size ...
soap, 3
$3.50 $2.74
Household am
monia, 1 pt. Dc
20 - Mule-Team
borax, 1 Hi. Oc
Syrup of Klgs,
50c size . .Sic
I'cls Naphtha soap,
10 cakes
Field voilet tal
cum powder,
at Itfc
Castile soap, a
large bar .40c
Whisk brooms,
15c quality . 7c
Kedlltz pow
ders, 10 In box,
for 18c
Swamp Root,
Mic stze . ..'
Sani-KliiHh, 25c
can for ... 18c Co. Main Floor.
There's a Wealth of Style and Comfort in These
'LOUVRE" DRESS SHOES for Women at $5.00
BUTTON pattern, from the best patent colt am! demi-ealf leathers, with full cloth tops
and backs, very flexible soles anil leather Louis heels; they are hand finished in every
detail, perlect fitting and very dressy. A superior shoe in style ami quality, priced at $5.C0
Women's Dress Shoes at $3.50
A wonderful line of shoes for both dress and street wear, In all the newest styles made
from patent, deml-calf and vici kid leathers with those real flexible sewed noles that are
so comfortable with every move of the foot and they have leather I.ouls, Spanish or
Cuban heels. These shoes have the snap and style of much higher priced footwear. Our
price, per pair $:J.f!0
;. ;v 1
MiRhex' and Child's School Shoes.
Button shoes for school wear, made
from selected gun metal stock with
flexible, sewed rock oak soles, broad
and medium toe lasts, perfect fitting
and very comfortable; the best miss
es' shoes made.
Misses' sizes 1 1 'i to 3, for, per
pair, H2.33 to 2.7.V
Children's Mes, 8 a to 11, at, pair,
82.00 to
Hoys' and Vouths' School Shoes.
Ilutton and lace styles, gun metal
and box calf leathers, solid oak leath
er sewed aoles, broad toe lasts that
fit perfectly and give comfort every
minute. These are the best shoes
made at the price.
Youths' sizes, 0 to 13 H, jwr pair,
92.2. to $i.OO.
Hoys' S le., l lo AH per pair,
92..10 t 93.50.
Ta lorcd Suits. Like Illustration,
on Sale Saturday, Worth $ 1 5, for $9.98
Till- suits are made of fine
all wool serges, trimmed
with braid to match. Direc
toire style coat, with new
plain fitted skirt. The col
ors are mown, naw and
black. Positive
$l.rj values, at . . .
Wo men's Medium
Weight Coats, Sat
urday, Choice $6.95
There's a big range of good styles
for selection, made of light and
dark materials and all wool mix
tures, plaidH, checks, etc., all sizs
for women and mnses. We con
sider them remarkable values at
tho price H.0"i
Pretty Cloth Dresses
Very Special at $7.50
Made of fine men'a wear STge,
with silk girdle and medid collar.
Skirt tunic style; black, navy,
brown, gray. Very special at$".")0
Girls Fall Dresses
75c Values at 49c
New fall Russian styles In checks
and stripes forages C to 14 years.
Girls' $5.98 Coats, $3.98
Made of fine gabardine in
blue, brown and green, for
ages r to 14 years.
50c Union Suits, 39c
Women'a high neck, long sleeve
medium weight white cotton.
Women's Hose, 10c
Heavy black cotton, full seatn
Ioks, 15c quality, subject to
6llght Imperfections.
Child's Union Suits, 23c
j Cream color, medium weight,
I drop seats.
Men's $1.50 and $2 Pants
in the Basement at 98c
The pants are made of cheviots, cassimeres
and worsteds in medium and dark patterns,
alFo some blue serge, extra well made and
win stand hard wear. They are
excellent pants for every day
wear. Positive $1.50 and $2.00
values, at
Men's Hose at 7 He
High spliced heel and
toe and double sole,
slight Imperfections of
regular 12 4c quality,
Saturday, pair . . 7 ? c
Hoys' BOe Shirts, 20c
I Dark blue and striped
rhambray, sizes 1214
I to 14, collar hand and
j laundered cuffs, 50c
! values, at 20c
We Develop film Free when
an order for printing is left. Our
work i.J guaranteed. Our servire
is prompt.
Roman Stripe Girdles
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