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von RKXT
Heasea Cottages.
W have a complete list of all houses,
apartments and flits that are for rent
Thin Hat ran be eeeh free of charge at
Omaha Van Storage Co.. V 8 16th Bu
Free Rental List
Complete Information about every va
cant house' and apartment la the city.
This service la free. Tel. Douglas 44,7.
fidelity Storage Van Co.
$12 $12 $12 $12 $12 $12 $12
Gait ranee, electric lights, sink, toilet,
cement basement. Fine condition. Water
raid Vo children, 3038 So. Hth. Red 4K2.
DESIRABLE 8- room house, modern. cloe
In, pood condition. Reasonable rent to
the rl ght party. Harney 1K.
ROOM house.
an modern, free watur.
'.04 N. 90th. Tel
P. 1530.
ixp. Co., moving
packing A storage.
120T Farnam. D. 6146;
Maggard's ?"CH:5
re van, z men, i per hr.; drmy, 3
. $1 per hr. 1713 Webster. Ioug. 1496
DESIRABLE 6-r. mod. except heat. Rent
118. 2228 8. J6th. Harney 5754.
NONE to compare, alt modern 7-room
house, also 4-room flat. 220 N. 23d.
Fidelity Storage Co
atcrage, moving, packing and ahipplng.
16th A Jackson Bts.
Phone Doug. lfiis.
6-ROOM modern house for rent or fQr
saie. ms orana Ave. or can w. 147.
$20 5-r., part. niod. cottage;
no children; a nice place.
FINE strictly modern -room bungalow,
best of condition, . excellent location.
Phone H. 539.
See Our Rental Libt.
Banker's Realty Investment Co
Oround floor Bee Bldg. Tel. Doug. 20-20.
RfcNT-Four-room cottage, 26 R.
Ave. D. L. Thomas, 412 Bee, Bldg
irt Hod Offices,
$12 00 to 118.00.
Free llaxda Lights
and Water.
Office, Room 103.
GOOD barn, room for 8 or 10 horses,
1917 Webster Bt. Call Do'iglas 43.
FOR SALE Best large body high-grade,
medium-priced l.uid in Nehmska; very
little money required. C. Bradley, Wol
lch. Nsl. o
FOR SALE ReasonH hie, 2K acres, Hayes
county. Nebraska, rnone So. 4N3, owner.
Montana. . .
acres now open to entry In the famous
Valler valley. An excellent opportunity
for the homeseekcr seeking good farm
land for general diversified farming. The
rich soli. exhilarating climate and
abundance of water for irrigation assures
maximum crop returns. Li real for grain,
alfalfa, timothy, and for stock farming.
Ideal spot for a home. Write today tor
1 booklet and particulars. Valler Farm
Sales company, Valler. Mont., Box No 17.
: Upper' .Wisconsin
o..y Mild general crop suit in ilia
union; satuera wanted; lanus for sale at
low prices, on easy terms. Ask for book
let 34 on Wlatounln Central Land Grant,
htate acres wanted. Writ About our
grazing lands. If Interested In fruit lands,
ask for booklet on Apple Orchards In
Wisconsin. Addrss Land Dept., Boo
Line Rj., Minneapolis. Minn.
iv tXTRHEaTUJ in land In southern
Iowa and souiUern Minnesota write Uis
F. L. Jones Land company, W Internet, la,
for their list of 3S0 farms
FOR RUN T Between 2U0 and 30o acres of
land, with Improvements, near Weston.
C. JV.A-V Weston, la. i
FINE 40-acre farm 6 miles from Minne
apolis, 3a acres under cultivation, bal
ance orchard and timber; 7-room brick
house, stone basement earn, windmill,
chicken house, hay shed, granary, etc
Price $6,500. Will take up to $2,500 In ex
change, balance some cash and mortgage.
1028 Plymouth Bldg., Minneapolis. Minn.
Pianos for oloer musical Inatru'ts.lAJWiJ.
' HAVE over fifty buyers with from $6u
to all cash for modern 6, 6 or 7-room
homes from $2,000 to $4,000. Call us at
once. Osborne Realtor Co., 701-3 Omaha
icatl. Bank Bldg. Doug. 1474.
HAVE customer with 11.000 first payment
on Dundee 6 or 4-room modern home,
$3,600 to $4,600. Address P. ?48, Bee.V
CITY and iarra loans, 6, 6V4. 6 per cent
J.H. Dumont Co., laud Farnam. Omaha
WANTED City leans. Petera Trust Co.
OMAHA homes. East Nebraska farms.
1016 Omaha Nafl. Douglas 37US.
BEE us first If you want a farm loan.
United States Trust Co., Omaha. Neb.
WANTED City loans and warrants.
W. Farnam Smith & Co.. 1320 Farnam.
CITY property. Large loaaa a specialty.
W. H. Thomas. 228 State Bank Bldg.
$100 to $10,000 made promptly. F. D. Vad,
Wead Bldg.,i lHth and Farnam Bts.
MONET on hand for city and farm loans.
H. W. Binder. City Nafl Bank Bldg.
CCA CITY LOANS. Bemis-Carlberg Co.,
" 310-S12 uranaeis
Theater Bldg.
KERB. Title Guarantee and Abatraet Co.,
modern abstract office. 30u B. 17th St
Phone Douglas 647.
REED Abstract Co., oldest abstract of
fice m Nebraska- 206 Brandels Theater.
Soma people are advertising and sell
ing one-half and one-acre "Garden
Tracts'' at $1,000 per acre, and buyers at
these prices will probably make money.
However, If you waat one of the most
beautiful garden tracts, here Is an op
portunity to get one: ' Practically ad
joining the city of Omah on theiwest
high and sightly, this tract will make
an Meal place for a suburban home.
This tract Is as close to Omaha and
worth as much per acre as those above
mentioned, but the owner roust raise
some money the only reason for selling
at a price of $4u6 per acre.
As an Investment It would be both safe
and profitable. Don't hesitate to ask me
about this, the owner is anxious to sell.
C. M. Rylander .
kri Omaha National Bank Bldg.
Outlook ior War Being at Close
Brings Prices Down 5 to 7 Cents.
Yellow Cereal Saffere Decline, Sell,
lac Prices Ran Bin lrniTf
ty-even In Se.veaty-Flve
aad Half Cent.
Due to the possibility of the war In
Europe 'being near an end, grain prices
took a big slump Monday, wheat on the
Omaha, market going below 11 par bushel,
the first time in mora than - a month,
the low being 964 cents and the high
$1.0"H. Chicago kept In lino with th
Omaha market, there the slump being
around S to 7 cents from the closing last
Omaha receipts were: Wheat, 62; corn,
23, and oats, lis carloads. While the bulk
of the' wheat receipts sold close to $L
considerable went at around 98 rents.
There was some depression In corn, but
the decline was less marked than In
wheat. The Omaha market price ranged
from 72 to & cants.
In Chicago last Saturday cash wheat
went to $M1. but Monday It was down to
$1.08. The December option there last
Saturday went to $1.14. but 11.10'i today
was high and $1.08 low. On May, Satur
day $1.2i was high. Monday the high
notch was at $1.18 and the low at $1.14,
English Port Seeking Ways
Means to Handle More,
OMAHA, Sept. 14, 1914.
According to advloea from Liverpool,
the storage room In thnt market Is full
of wheat and cash handler are now de
vising nays and means whereby the on
coming grain, which la nearly due thftre,
niBy be taken rare of. It has been aaJd
all along that the English markets were
short of breadstuffs. hut the eelxure of
many cargoes of wheat and flour by
Great Britain a,nd the changing! of the
course of other enrgoca to IJverpool has
caused a complete change in the situa
tion. It Is now said that England has
enough wheat and flour to last it for
several months.
From cable advices received from the
continent France also has liberal stocks
of wheat, but l still buying flour In the
United States In goodly quantities. While
the. demand Is likely to fall off from the
countries which hnve been In the market
for rraln for some time there nre other
buyers now entering the markets of the
United States, as well as Canada.
Western receipts of wheat during lset
week wero enormous. The big receipts
show thert is a heavy movement from
old sales sales that were made some
weeks ago when prices' were much lower,
but the wheat Is being delivered and the
farmers are taking a loss.
The corn market has not only held Its
own In the matter of price, but It has
advanced. The Increased demand for the
cash article on eastern account and the
failing off In the sales In the Interior
have been the principal strengthening
factors. The old bull crowd la again to
be seen In corn on the buying aide and
their following have also taken hold In a
free manner.
Enormous nuantities of oats are being
taken from week to week for export end
while the large volume Is not quoted
from day to day the business Is being
accomplished and It the dnsire of sellers
especially to keep the matter from the
The feature In the provisions I market
last week was continued liquidation by
longs who bought freely around the belt
prices reached a week or two ago. The
buying power in products showed a fall
ing off and the weakneaa seemed to draw
out Increased offerings, as there were
many In the trade who were anxious to
dispose of their lines even at. losses.
Wheat was 6H"7c lower.
Corn was nalc lower.
Oats were l$lc lower.
Clearances of wheat and flour . were
equal to 1.449,000 bu.; corn, 3,000 bu,; oats,
Mf.,000 bu.
- At Liverpool wheat closed l($lHo lower;
cem. Vic lower.- - l
Primary wheat receipts were 4,367,000
bu. and shipments 3.096.000 bu.. against
receipts of .184.000 bu. and shipments of
1,453,000 bu. last year.
Primary corn receipts were 647.000 bu.
and shipments 4M.0U0 bu., against re
ceipts of 1. 070,000 bu. and shipments of
517.000 bo. last year.
Primary oats receipts were 1,803,000 bu.
and shipments 1,670,000 bu., against re
ceipts of 1.4.rKt.0O0 bu. and shipments of
6&9.OU0 bu. ihsi ever.
Wheat. t-Torn. uan.
Minneapolis ..
Omaha ,
Kansas City..
St. Louts
These sales
were reported today
Wheat: No. 2 hard winter, i cars, w, t
,... (r7tw. No. 3 hard 'winter. 2 cars,
il.OOH: 1 car, 9SHc; 1 car, 97c; 3 cars 6Vj0.
No 4 hard winter, 1 car, 92Hc. No. 3
miifrt i car. 9;ic. No. 4 spring, -1 car,
lion No. 2 durum. 2 cars. 93c. No. $
durum. 1 ear. 8c. No. 4 durum. 1 ear.
P2V4c Rejected, 1 car tsmutty), Ha
rioto- No. 2 white. 1 car. 45c. Standard,
s cbfh. 44ic. No. 3 white. 6 cars, 444c; 19
r... UM.C.: 4 cars. 44'ic. No. 4 white.' 1
rr 44Xc: 10 cars. 44c. No grade, 3 cars,
43Hc- 1 car. 43c; 1 car. 424c Corn: No. 1
white, 1 car, 75He. No. 3 white, 1 car.
STXLf No. 1 vellow. 8-5 car. 73c. No. I
yellow. 1 car. 73c: 1 car, 72ko. No. 3 yel
low. cars. 721c. No. 1 mixed, 1 car, 72c
No. I mixed. 1 car. 72c. No. 3 mlxeJ. 3
cars. 72c. No. 4 mixed. 2-6 car (near
n.hit.1 73c. Samnle. 1 car. 72c.
Omaha cash prices:' Wheat:. No. 3 hard,
Living room, dining room, kitchen, den
and pantry on first floor, ' living rooms
finished In oak; two bedrooms and bath
on second floor; cement basement; fur
nace: strictly modem In every detail
Price only $2,800: $200 cash, balance
monthly. located 2636 Blondo St, on paved
street Keys are 22S Blondo St.
' 310-312 Brandels Theater Bldg.
J207 NORTH 36th Ave., b rooms, hull and
hath: -modern except heat: lot 40x103.
barxaln at $1,800, easy terms. Nebraska
Havings A Loan Ass n. 1605 Farnam St,
Telephone Douglas 133.
R. H. LANDER YOU, real estate. Insur
ance; moved to 201 Neville, D. StSOO-
United States Government
' There will be sold at public auction to
the highest bidder at different railroad
points In the Choctaw and Chlckasaw
Nations In eastern Oklahoma,' from No
vember 16, 1914. to December 2, 114, the
surface ot approximately 375.0uu acres ot
Indian segregated ooal and asphalt lands
at not less than certain minimum price.
One person can purv'haae not exceeding
100 acres of agricultural or M0 acres of
graiing land. Bids may be submitted In
person or by mail or by authorised agents.
Residence on land not required. ienna
37 per cent cash, 26 per cent within one
year and the balance within two years,
w 1th 5 per rent interest from date of sale
Where bouses or other improvements art
located on the lands the same will be
sold, with the land, at appraised value.
Improvements to be paid for In full at
time of sale. The coal and asphalt un
derlying these lands will not be sold with
the surface, except where authorized
Where the coal and asphalt are to be
sold with the surface desoripilve circular
will so siaie. For maps and full in
formation communicate with Superinten
dent for Tike Five Clvlllxed Trlhfcs. Musko
gee. Oklahoma. CATO SELLSTCoinmla
muner ot Indian Aifaire.
7cff l.('1l: No 3 hard. 6ca$1 fV No. 4
herd, h,i ; No t spring. av-1l ft.'1; No
.1 soring. r.-it OU. No. 4 spring. fcVtf
II on No. i durum. f.'S4jc; No 3 durum.
fc-'fiMc; no grade. SM'.'-'V. Torn- No. I
white. 75Vu No. S white. 7.M76Wc:
No. 8 white. 7."iv:vri-: No 4 white, ,ia
Kr; No. 5 White. 74S4T7.V: No white,
74tf74c; No. 1 yellow. 7S.f73o; No I
veilow. t.'MjTio; No. a yellow. 72rj2c ;
No. 4 yellow. ;':V,W;fSc; No. 6 yellow. 7.'Tf
?"c: No. yellow. 71VtT72c; No 1 mixed,
71Vf72c; No. i mixed. 71tr72c; No J
mixed. nStiTV; No. 4 mixed, .lfMSo:
No. n mixed, 718714;o: No. mixed, To, if
71V,P. Oats: No. t white, 44iU-45c; stand
ard. 44iJH'4'4c; No. 3 white. 44ir44V: No.
4 white, 44tmc. Barley: Malting. 70fl7V;
No. 1 feed. firtre. Hye; No. 3. 8MJh.iV;
No. 3. 87VlI$8e.
Feat a res of the Trading and Cloalaa
Prices on Board f Trade,
CHtOAtrO, Sept. 14 Grain prices
crashed downward todav in a whirl of
selling due to the belief that the war
might soon come to an end. The close
was wild, with wheat 6V1 to 8'e lower
than Saturday nlghL corn off 2'-jc to i'c
and outs showing a setback oi .Vc to
4c net. In provisions the outcome vailed
from 24o decline to an equal advance.
Excited liquidating sales by holders of
wheat began at the very outset of trad
ing, and before the session was over had
assumed tremendous proportion.
Export business on the decline gave the
wheal market a slight temporary rebound
at one time, but the foreign demand
seemed so meager In proportion to the
lowering of values that the effect waa
ultimately to Intensify the widespread de
sire to get rid of wheat In a hurry. Im
mense reorlnts from the spring crop In
the northwest added to tho woes of tho
Corn fell with wheat, hut the descent
was retarded by the fact that the visible
supply failed to Increase as much as bad
been looked for. Besides, country offer
ings proved relatively iinall.
Oats were under as severo selling as
wheat a good share of the time. A hlg
nurchnsInK on the part of shippers, how
ever. heled somewhat to ateadv prices.
Provision dealers who wero more con
spicuous last week on the selling side
turned out active buyers today. The ef
fect, though, was largely offset owing to
the weakness of prices for hogs and grain.
Chicago Cash Prices Wheat: No.
red. $1.114: No. 1 hard. Sl.nMjil.07H; No.
northern, 81.11. t orn: no. z vruuw n
ttrwiac; No. S yellow, r.g"c. Oats:
No. 3 white, 4Va47He; standard. 47W
4KHc Rye: No. 2. 0ii02c. Barley: t)
1fHc.. Timothy. $4 OOfltvOO. Clover: Nom
inal. Pork: $18.00. Lard: $9.12. Ribs:
$U.37fill.8T. . .
Futures ranged aw iqiiqws:
Artlcle Open. i High. lw. Close i Sat y.
sept l wi
1 06
1 02H
i o:
1 02
1 05
1 06
1 12Vt
1 20
Pec. 11 10Vj09 1XH16
1 04H
1 181
1 11
i nv
Corn I I
Sept. 77H
Dec. 72ri-2;
May. 74Vtf6
70S 0"Vh H 72'i'n7:t
Oats I I
44 1
I 16 I
Sent. 4
44 1
46 H
17 CO
30 30
Dec.. 53HWi
May. &3HB'
ork I
Beptl 17 25 1 17 25
Jan.. I 20 25 I 20 65
rl ( ... I
17 25
20 15
Lard I
9 07Vi
9 05
9 (TM 8 90
Oct. I
9 271
9 75
9 90
10 00
9 12H
9 16
9 15
9 7b
9 S2H
9 8!1H
- - I,
11 fiO
11 35
10 62H
11 !
11 37H
10 75
11 50
11 25
11 60 I 11 75
11 2S 11 36
10 67H 10 67HI 10 67H
BUTTER Steady ; receipts
10,807 tubs;
creamery, Z4Wt'4uc- .,. . .
EOiiS Steaoy ; receipts, b,i.u"-,.
mark, cases Included, Kr-ic; ordinary
firsts, 2122e; firsts. 22.43c.
POTATOES Unsettled; receipts. 80 cars;
i..r..i- svwtinr.: Michigan and Wisconsin,
7Crtc: Minnesota Ohlos 7n4jOc.
POULTRY Alive higher; springs, 16c;
fowls, 16(0 16Hc
Quotations of the Dr on Various
NEW YORK, Sept. 14. FLOUR-Lower
to sell : prices nominal.
WHEAT Spot weak; No. 2 red, IUW;
No. I hard. $1.07t; No. 1 northern Duluth,
$1 09H" No. 1 northern Manitoba. $1.13H
nominal c. 1. '' t, Buffalo. Futures weak
under what was considered a more peace
ful outlook in Europe. September, $1.11;
December. $1.14. ...
HOPS Steadv; state, common lo choice
1913, 30rf40c: 1912. 1416c; Pacific coast
1913, 1KUt21c: 1912. 14t?16o.
HIDES Steady; Bogota, 289c; Central
American, 27a
WOOL Steady; domestic fleece, Ohio,
tXRN Spot steady; No. 2 yellow, 8t c.
I. f. to arrive; Argentine, strictly prime,
85c; nominal delivered. !
OATS Spot easier; standard white. 5.
K3Hc; No. 8, 62VS53c; fancy clipped, white,
HAY Quiet; prime, $116: No. 1. $100'
1.02H: No. 2. 95c: No, 8, 8W90c.
LEATHER Firm; hemlock firsts, 31
I".. wnnilH SlVdOlc
PROVISIONS Pork easy; mess, $24.0O
24.50; family. $26. OOTq 28.00; short clears.
$23 0OQ26.00. Beef unsettled; mess, $23.00
24 00; family. I30.00((f32.00. Lard steady;
middlewest. $9.5O-u9.60; refined easy; con
tinent, $10.70: South America, $11. 35; com
pound, 8M18Hc. Tallow quiet; city, Site;
country. eSic; special. 6'c.
BUTTER Steady; firsts, afcH&lHc; sec
onds, 26(S28c; 'process extras. 2i2SHc;
labels, current make firsts. 23H324c; seo
onds, 22H'6r23': packing stock, current
make. No. 2. 216lVlc. , . .
CHEESE Weak; receipts, 620 boxes;
state, whole milk fresh, white and colored
specials, loc: same, average fancy, iZu
13V4c: skims, 4fq4c.
EOGS Receipts, 11,097 cases; fresh gath
ered. 30832c: extra firsts. . 20r29c: firsts,
2&fi27c; seconds. 24i'2rc: state, Pennsyl
vania and nearby hennery whites. 3&H0c;
samet gathered whites. 30f&37c; same, hen
nery browns. 33c; same, gathered browns
and mixed colors, 27iafl2c. .
LIVE POULTRY-Unscttled: western
chickens, broilers. 16H17V4c; fowls. 18o;
turkevs 15'o"18c. Pressed firm; western
chickens, froxen. 17-a'22c; fowls. 14ViJ20c;
turkeys. 19e26c;
Mlaaeapolls Urala Marked.
MINNEAPOLIS. Sept. 1-WHEAT-September.
$l-06,: December, $1 .06': , No.
1 hard $1 0D: No. 3 northern, i&6l.01H.
WHEAT September was off 4c soon
after the opening. ' ,
FLOUR-Decllned 16c a bsrrel; fancy
patents, $6.10; first clears, $4.90; second
clears, $3 20. ,
BA RLEY "tfJflOc. v
RYE 8oiWc. ,
BRAN 123.00. '
t:ORN-No. 3 yellow. 72 ,3c.
OATS No. 3 white, 41tpt:c.
' Omaha Hay Market
PRAIRIE HAY Choice upland. $12;
NO 1. $11.00&11.60: No. 2, $; No.
3 "$7.0rrrt00; choice midland. $11.60; No.
l' $10.50fll.OO; No. 3. $9.00 10.50; No. 3.
$7.0O'n.0i; choice lowland. $1000; No. 1.
$9.O&10 00; No. 2. r.OOytt CO; No. 3,- $5.00?
7-. J ....
STRAW Choice wheat quoianie ai,
$4.00j4.oO; choice oat -or rye, $5 00475.50.
ALFALFA Choice, quotable at $13.60;
No. 1. $12.00,'al3.oo: No. 2. $10001311.00; No.
3. no demand, $8.00510.00.
Kaaeaa ( Itr Oral a. aad Provlaloaa.
Creamery. 29c; firsts. 26Vic; seconds, 24c;
parking, !0c.
EGOS Firsts. 22c; seconds. ISc.
POULTRY Hens, 13c; broilers, 16o.
W H EA T No. 3 hard. fcV$1.011; No. 2
red, $1.0mafl01: December, XU Jc ; May,
$1 04
CORN No. 2 mixed. 74H?r75c; No. 3
white. 77JP77H; December, 67Hc; May,
OATS No. 2 white, 46c; No- X mixed, 43c.
St. I.onls Urala Market.
ST. LOUIS. Sept. 14 -WHEAT No. i
red. $1.0231 04i; No. 3 hard. II 1.04;
September, $1.00; December, $1.01.
CORN No. 2. 78Hc; No. $ white, 79H4?
See; September, 74Se; Decembef, SSc.
OATS No. 2, 47gH8c; No. 3 white.
iBHc. ,
Liverpool Grata Slarket.
quiet; No. 1 Manitoba. 9s lOd: No. 2, 8s M
futures weak; October, 8s 5d; December!
8s 7Hd.
CORN Spot nominal; futures weak; Oc
tobcr, 6s 9 'lid. ,
Laadaa Meaey Market.
liONDON. Sept. ll.-SILVER Bar,
24V d per bunce.
C1SCOUNT RATE-3Uir3H per cent,
Cattle Receipt Large and All Kinds
Weak to Lower.
Fat arep Flfleiea tn a Qaarter
Higher Fat Umki Tea tn ,
Twenty Hlnher aad Feed,
era a Miade Higher.
WM'TH OMAHA. Sept. 14. ISI4
Receipts acre: t attle. Hogs Sheep.
i. si una tn Momiav , .1 !..'
Same day lat aeek... 8.:t
Same dav $ we-ks aco U.WJ
Same t'ay 8 weeks aKO
Same day 4 aeeks ago s.l;i7
Ssme dav last year.... 716
j;.. '"t
7w :.,':
777 4.0!
J he Incoming table allows the receipts ot
cattle, hogs and sheep at the South Omaha
live stock market for the year to date, as
compared with last year:
V. 1I4. tlS. Inc. Pen.
cattle N,4o7 W.tnl sa.ift
Hogs 1.744.rt7 1.M4971 2rt.i;4
Sheep l.Sil.Mn 1.M9.73 IS1.S02
The following table shows the prices for
hogs at the South Omaha live sloes mar
ked fur the last fw days, with compari
sons: Pete. I Ii)i4. (113
tlIJ 11911. HIO.ilrXV.
Aug. Si. I 6 H9m I t iai 7 02; S W;
Sept. I. I PJ J Ri 7 0,1 6 791 7 821 6 4i
Sept. 2.1 $ M 7 7 3?( 7 12 W 7 SO) 6
Sept. 3.) S S4 7 R 27 !W 7 7i 6 W
Sept 4.1 7:Hi 7 641 3 U, 7 17
I 7 m i ill
3 62
7 731 Mi 7 11 9 02 I 6 kl
7 SO) 8 27 6 fill 9 IT 7 s;
9 66 ) . 361 6 94 9 Orii
8 Mi, t J7 6 9K(8 91
8 tt.'ti 8 09! 8 391 6 971 9 02
7 3 6 1
i ?ept.
7 92 64
7 St; 6 69
7 88 1 6 Hg
7 Mj 6 M
7 W! 71
8 tSl 8 Oi;; 8 351 9 134
8 MS! 7 7Si 8 W 7 01
8 41 ', 7 8": 8 3T 6 91 1 27
7 871 8 3 6 861 9 17
7 91
14 8 S0,1 1 8 431 6 7h 9 761 7 9 86
Itecetpts and disposition of llvw stock
at the Union Stock yards, South Omaha,
for twenty-four hours ending at 3 o'clock
p. m. yesterday:
Cu t tic. Hogs, Sheep. II r's
vt a bush .':
Missouri Paciflo
Union I'aclflc ,.
C. at N.-W., west....
C, S. P., M. & O....
C , B. & (J , east
C., B. W . west
('., It 1. at P.. east..
C, R. 1. i P., west.
Illinois Central
I .. .. )..
Sn 6 61 3
li7 :i I
3 2
r.j 2
2 . . . .
Total receipts.
15 101.
Cattle. Hoga. Sheep.
Morris Co
2, n5
3. M3
Swift and Company
Cudahy Packing Co
Armous & CD
J. W. Murphy
Lincoln Packing Co
South omuha Pack. Co.
I'udahy. Country
W. B. Vansail Co
Benton, Vansant A. L..
Hill i Son
F. B. I'Wis
Huston & Co
J. H. Root & Co,.'
J. 11. Bullu
L. P. Husx
iHoBcnstocit Bros
192 ,
8, 43.1
McCreary & Kellogg....
Wertlielmer ft Dcgcn...
II. F. Hanulton
Mo. & Kaunas Cult Co..
HlgKlns ".
1 1 ut f man
Baker, Jones & Smith...
Tanner Bros
John Harvey
J ). & F .
Other buyers
8.718 1.220 27,601
CATTLE Receipts were large at nil
h arkct points this morning, this point
being an exception to the rule. As a
matter of course, the arrivals at western
markets at least consisted very largely
of range cattle, there being very lew
corn-feds at this point, locally thero
was a largo run of row stuff, but the
quality was poor on an average. Under
the Influence of large Tecelpts the mar
ket everywhere showed more or less de
cline. As usual under such conditions
me common to ntfiaium came suuenu
the most severely, while the better grades,
being in lighter supply, sold to better ad
vantage. When the trade was once under way It
was In fair condition. Beef steers sold
till tho way from steady to as much as
10c lower. Uood ranger suid up to $8.40.
Cows and heifers were In very fair de
mand and prices on anything desirable
wore generally steady. I
Stockera and feeders ranged - all the
way from eteady on the best grades to
as much as 10c lower on the U fcs desirable
kinds. I
Quotations on cattle: Oood to choice
cornfed beeves, $9.6Oijl0.25; fair to good
cornfed beeves, $8.76U9.50; common to fair
.. .4 17 "(.', rU 7 . - ,A 1
range steers. $7.4048.60; fair to good range
steers, $6.7iV(f7.4o; couuuon to fair range
steers, $10)(i.76; good tu choice grass
tows, k i.ib; fair to good grades, $o.M
6c6.2fi; common to fair grades, $3.7b&n.f0;
yood to choice stockors and feeders. $7.60
lu'e'.oo; fair to good stockers and feeders.
S6.75&7.GO; common to fair stockers and
feeders, J8.UK.7t; stock cows and heifers,
$6.2b&6.7r; stock calves, $6.00t4.00; veal
calves, $8.0010 60; bulls, stags. He, $o.2y
l. DO.
Representative tales:
No. At. Pr. Ns. Av. Pr.
it loo a
1 bull 17o 6 16 5 cows 1014
6 00
8 f
17 calvea.... 48 6 66
6 calves.... 381 7 00
13 feeders... 841 7 20
20 stock h'rs 80.1 6 8b
J4 calves.... 439 8 76
10 calves.... 3U 8 00
8 Blockers.. 676 7 00
2 bulla 6 70
1 bull 1C10 6 70
1 heifer... 370 6 J
1 cow 1130 5 26
3 cow s 923 6 0)
2 feeders... 12A0 7 10
9 cows 774 4 6o
12 feeders... 1011 6 fco
1 steer 1680 7-VI
1 feeder. ...1160 8 10
40 feeders... 1183 $ 10
8 stk. half.. 628 6 (A
It feeders... 10K7 7 65
1 heifer 720 6 60
2 cows 965 6 60
1 bull 1210 6 86
1 cow M 6 60
1 cow 860 ft 20
1 bull 10 6 8f,
101 feeders.. 882 6 90
1 calf.. 170 10 00
2 bulls 11)0 6 80
18 feeders. ..1000 7 25
39 calves.. v. 381
7 feeders... 777
10 Mock h'rs 816
15 stock h'rs 696
1 calf 410
6 90
7 15
8 75
6 calve.... 366 8 00
2 heifers... MO 7 00
1 bull 1240 6 70
9 heifers... U6 6 40
1 cow 31:41 6 26
1 oow 1040 6 00
1 bull U80 6 70
2 bulla 10i0 6 65
88 calves.... 410 8 13
8 steers 1327 7 60
19 feeders... laoO 8 10
10 stk. c'lv's 362 8 2:
16 Stk. COWS 885 5 n
25 feedersl. .1111
1 cow
1 calf
1 cow
1 cow
1 bull ....
J9 cows
6 feeders.
.. 9U
.. 440
.. 6.1O
. . 9"o
.. 963
.. 8x2
4 75
7 75
6 60
5 60
6 00
6 fc
6 00
6 70
6 15
2 bulls I486
9 cows 9:n
1 stk. bull.. WO 6 7
1 stk. bull. .1130 6 75
6 stk. cows 921 4 90
28 feeders... 800 7 25
37 Steers 1073 7 60 3 steers
.1020 7 60
5 steers 1318 7 60
22 steers 1440 8 40
Jasper Jasperson, Nebraska.
10 feeders... 824 7 (4) 37 feeders... 605
1 cow 11) 4 76 1 stock calf 460
II. A. Hauptmu, Nebraska.
1 feeder.... 9,o 7 10 3 bulls 613
1 bull 1J0O 5 75 1 cow 1141)
1 bull Ut) TO 21 calves.... 419
John Deimer, Nebraska.
41 feeders.. .1118 7 3u 15 feeders... 1133
6 00
5 65
6 76
1 26
7 20
Hall Urehm, Nebraaka.
88 feeders.. .1364 S 30
HOGS Receipts dropped almost to the
Vhiilahlng point this morning, only seven
teen cars, or about l.luO head, being re
ceived. This Is without exceplion the
smallest Monday run of the year, being
smaller than last week by 0 bear!, ana
less than half a large as a year ago.
Prices broke at ail points again this
morning, and the local market was no
exception to the rule, the very light sup
ply inuvlng at prices that were folly a
dime, lower. Receipts were really too
light to make much of a market, and
when packers started bidding figures that
were around 10c lower. It did not take
salesmen long to make up their minds
to cash the few loads they had, so thst
while there was no lite to the trade, the
few loads here were cleaned up in good
season. The quality was naturally poor,
and as shippers and speculators f iil"d to
get In, everything sold at a very narrow
lange. Popular price was $8 30. with the
bulk being quoted at $ 2.Va.35, the latter
figure being tne highest paid.
When the present slump first started
something like two weeks ago, local
prices broke before those at other poluu
began to tumble, and for a few dss this
market was slightlv out of line with the
other river msrkets end Chicago. Since
then the decline has Income a general
thing and while the shipper buyers are
doing little at this toli't. racking lng.
comprising tho blj end of the receipts at
the present, are selling st prices thst
couipaie levy favorably with the figures
paid at other points
N,. At Hh. Tr. No r. h. P.
j in ! I :j : ;i, las .
! ie 10 t ri . J.
U.... t as a 7 t:- f
H "l t it. 2: l. 4 ao
i ;u i) 1,7 ;m io :
II. ....... Mk . . t M 47 ?4 I U
7t ri iki i f: i7 it,
M ;7 10 II M I tt w
!..... .Wl ... I 1 17 ... I Jb
44 10C ... 7 :j 14 M ...
SI 1 ,10 ... 1 it I JO ... )
f I"4 ... 7 .
SHKEP-lt was a tre.tly g,od market
on both Tat eheci" and lambs, due fur the
most part to a model ate run, w hich in
cluded few nsliv tood killeis ot any
kind and to the continuance of a healthy
Inquiry on the part of the packer buiers
The receipts were estimated at 26,600
head, which was about the same as on
the corresponding d a week ago, but
considerably short of two weeks ago and
a year ,. gunlity whs lacking, and
thia stimulated cimietltion among the
packers for the best oftcrinas that were
available, resulting ill a lively trade all
around at prices fully l'Vv higher on
the bulk of the fat lamba and lf.'iiU.o bet
ter on yearlings and ewes, the supply of
thorn being light and there being few If
any wethers to speak of on sale. Fat
lambs made a new hluh mark In several
weeks, as a two-load bunch commanded
$t,10, this being the highest price sluce
ft 20 was pnld on AufiiHt 2i. The largest
share of the lamb sales ranged anywhere
from $7.70 to $t.fln, and In most cases qual
ity and weight determined the price. Such
ewes as were here sold around $A0H4i';i.W
largely, and yeat lings changed hands at
a spread of $6.0h6.3i, the former figure
being paid for sumo on the heavy order.
Some of the offerings were a little wet
again today, but this did not seem to
delsv trade much, as most everything
going to the packers cleared by 10:30
The packer buyers rot In on the reeiier
end of the receipts this morning, which)
was also the case at the close or ibsi
week, leaving a com para lively smiill sup-
plv of feeders available snd taking a large!
share of the offerings most desirable asl
feeders. Commission men hnd good orders
lo fill and country buyers were well rp-j
resented, . consequently the qeniann was
vigorous. Most nil kinds or feeders moved
as soon ns sorted on a basis steady to a
hn,ln Mulier than last Friday. 1 lie re
ceipts of feeders continue light compared
w-ltb what generally shows up at mis nine
of the year.
Quotations on range sheep and inmost
Lambs, good to choice, $7.751120; lamba.
fair tn good. $7.3iVil7.7&; lamba. feeders, $6 HO
1i7.2o: yearlings, good to choice. $6.i40;
yearlings, fair to good. $."i.7.iti6.10: yearlings,
feeders. so; weiners, goon in rn,,i,
$i.4.V&7i.70; wethers, fair to good, $i 3VoA 40;
unilmrv fepdrrs. 14 MWH ewes, goon m
choice, I.VOOfifi 30; ewes, fair to good, $4.7&iJ
6 m); ew es, feeders. $3.6071 4.25.
A v.
t Wvnmlna feeder wethers 6"
4 75
6 85
5 St
8 00
T 00
6 no
ft no
5 no
t on
3 75
4 65
5 on
6 no
6 on
4 40
8 on
8 00
8 00
5 00
7 15
7 15
7 16
7 20
7 20
102 Wyoming feeder yearlings... 68
17 Wyoming feeder yearlings... 71
123 native lambs 61
7 culls . "0
1ST. Idaho y Tga and weathers.... 92
215 Idaho ewes 114
lk0 Idaho ewes ,113
8 Idaho ewes HI
6 oi11 7
1.231 Idaho ewes 105
73 Wyoming ewes 91
222 Wyoming ewea 91
211 Wyoming ewes 92
IVS Wyoming ewes 91
196 Wyoming lambs .' 87
204 Wyoming lambs 68
248 Wyoming lambs..., 67
119 Wyoming lambs 68
25 Colorado feeder lambs m 69
261 Colorado feeder lambs 68
44 Wyoming feeder lambs M
!f Wyoming (feeder lambs 56
25 Wyoming feeder lambs. ....... 66
t attle Steady to Lower Hogs Weak
and Lower.
ceipts, 23.000 head; market steady to 10c
lower: beeves. $6.904111.00: steers. $6.S6fli
9.9i; stockers and feeders. $r.4(Kii.2fi cows
and heifers, $3.7.Vf9.;i0: calves, $8.OtKirl2.0O.
HOUS Receipts. 29.0(8) head; market
weak, 10c to 30e lower; bulk of sales, $8.30
J'8.80; light, 38.6oru4.30; mixed. $8.25iJ9.30;
beavvt 88.0ofl9.00; rough, $8.0iU8.20; pigs,
8HKKP AND LAMBS Receipts, 28.000
head; market strong, mostly 25e higher;
sheep. $5.40416 25; yearlings, $0.0ofl7.00;
lamba. $7.1H6.7$.
Kansas City Live Stock Market.
KANSAS CITY. Sept. 14 Receipts, 28.
(VK) head; market lower: prime fed steers,
f9.76iU10.7S; dresBOd beef aeers, $8.0(t9.B0;
western steers, $6,604(9. On; stockers and
feeders, fifciX)'8.S6; bulls. $5,251)11.76; calves,
$6.7iOii 10.60.
HOUS Receipts, 5,000 head; market
lower; bulk of sales, $8,40rS,75; heavy. $8.60
f(i865; packers and butchers, $8,56tpS.80;
light. $8 35ij?8.80; pigs. $7.2.y8.00.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 9,000
head; market hlnher: lambs, $7.50478.20;
yearlings, $5.754j.6.&0;' wethers, $T.40ni5.90;
ewes, $5.16125.60.
St. Lonla Live Stock Market.
ST. IXri8. Sept 14 CATTLE Re
ceipts, 11,400 bead; market lower; native
beef steers, $7.604i 10.60; cows and heifers.
$5.UXh9 60; stockers and feeders, $5.06 50;
southern steers, $6.00jt8.00; cows and heif
ers, $4.00Giti.60; native calves, $6.004ill.0o.
HOHS Receipts, 14,800 bead; market
steady; pigs and lights, $7.0O4J?.3Q; mixed
snd butchers, $9,0044) 30; good heavy, $9.15
43 9.23.
SHEEP AND IAMBSReceipts, 1.900
head; market higher; native muttons, $4.o0; lambs, $(.00u8.16.
Sioux City Live Stork Market.
ceipts, 4.000 head; native steers. $7.0Ogi7.e0;
cows and heifers, $5.00titi.6; ranners, $3.78
4i 4. 50; stockers and feeders, $6.26fii7.46;
calves, $7.25j10.25; bulls, stags, etc., $6.70
HOGS Receipts, 1.500 head; market 10c
lower; heavy, $8.3fiiH.40; mixed. $8.3008.35;
light. $8,2548.30; bulk of sales, $8 36.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 6,500
head; market strong; fed muttons, 5.75ti
6.25; ewes, $1,6046.00; Ismbs, $6,7547.76.
St. Live Stock Market.
ceipts. 1,400 head; market steady; steers,
17.0010.26; cows and heifers, $4,25441.25;
calves. $6.0n4ilO.tO.
HOHS-Receipts. 3,000 head; market dull
and lower.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts 8.500
head; market strong; iambs, $7.00a.00.
f offee Market.
Rather a steadier tone was reported III
the cost and freight market for Brazilian
coffee htere today. Considerable coffee
is said to have been purchased from
Braxtl during the last few days and
Santos 4s were reported sold In the cost
and freight-market todav at an advance
of 'nr to 8V- The local spot market
showed no , Improvement, however, as
nrlces have been held far above parity
with Braxil, and With buyers now holding
off In the hope of a readjustment, prices
were more or less nominal at 6u fur Rin
7s and llo for Santos 4. There sre now
afloat for the United Statea 446.NM ba"
of coffee, against 426,000 lust year, and
warehouse reliveries have shown a con
siderable falling off during the last week.
Evaporated Apples aad Dried K raits
APPLKS-yulet: fancy, 104llc; choice,
SVil'IOc; prime, S'-ic
DRIED FKU ITS Prunes, firm; Cali
fornia. 3'iwllVe; Oregons, 104il2c. Apri
cots, dull; choice, U'wliV; extra choice,
12V"12'-.-c: fancy, 13Wc. Peaches unlet;
choice, 6i4iSe; extra choice. KVaSc;
fancy, Raisins. Inactive; loose
muscatels. tV4!7c; eolce to fancy seeded,.
7Mic; seedless, 6H45',c; I-ondon layers,
Kuaar Market.
NEW YORK. Sept. 13. SUOA It Ra w
firm; molasses. 6.62c; centrifugal, 37c,
Refined, steady; cut loaf, 8.16c; crushed,
8(xc; mould A, 7.70c; cubes, 7.50c; pow
dered, XXXX, 7. Vic; powdered. 7.36c; fine
granulated, 7 25c, diamond "A," 7.c; con
fectioners' "A." 7.15c; No. 1. 7.05c.
Klala flatter Market.
KUSIN. Ill . Sept. 14. BUTTER Fifty
tul sold at SO1,!-.
Rank Clearings.
OMAHA. Sent 14 -Bank cUarlnes for
today were $3,097,793.82 with $3. 117.990.03
fur the corxeeppudlng. day lout year
Retreat of Invaders Looked Upon
at the End of Campaign in
North of France.
Anglo-French Armies Have "nr.
reeslrd In Inlerraptlna applies
for Tfitan and t'oafiae lilm
In Narrow Channel.
f'Copyrlght, 1911, Itcss Publishing Co 1
LONDON. Sept. 14.-Sprclal Cablegram
to New York World and Omaha Bee.)
The Chronicle's Bordeaux correspondent
" Following the great victory of the bat
tle of I .a Marne. the irresistible advance
of the Anglo-French army eontlnues. and
the Hermans are In full retreat. They
till are being pushed back on the lefi
and center, while the allies have crossed
the Marne between Epernay and Vltry le
tn the right, also, the enemy eon
tlnues bis retreating movement and Is
ab.indoninir the district around Nancy.
The allies have reocciipled Lunevllle. The I
Hermans are retreating much more rap
Idly than they advanced and are leaving
behind guns, ainniunltP'n, supplies and
I.rrmsn oinmnnlcxtloaa 4'nt.
"This evening 1 now icarn that the Hue
of communications used by the Oer;nana
Is cut, and they cannot make use of the
line to the enst of Argonne, owing to the
rapid advance of the allies on the center
and right. They must, therefore, try the
lino through the Meusn and Luxemburg.
" 'The loss of the line of communication
will probably apply to tho German army
In a day or two's time,' said a well In
formed personage to me, adding when It
does apply the Herman retreat will have
become a disaster greater than Telptig.
Joffre's Strategy Wlai,
"Every official report gei to show how
sound la tleneral Joffre's plan of leading
tha Invaders further and further away
from tholr base. From the wounded, as
well as from the relatives of noldlera, I
have time after time heard remarks which
how that Just when the French troops
were on tha point of scoring a success
and charging (he enemy, they were be
wildered at receiving order to retire a
number of kilometers under cover of ar
tillery. The reason for all this now Is
evident It Ik said the battle of the
Marne will end In a complete victory for
the allies and Oeneral Joffra will prof).
ably become a national hero.
Predicament of Invaders.
"Germans are still retreating on their
new line of communications. It they go
east' of the thickly wooded Argonnes,
they probably will be stopped at Verdon;
It they go west of Argonness and east of
the Belgians, who are now operating In
force south of Antwerp to clear southern
Belgium of the Invaders, the Herman
army In France will be obliged to com
municate with lis base through Nsmur
and Liege and . the Meuse and across
Luxemburg. There w ill then be- danger
of Inextricable disorder, for the Herman
army from Belgium and the Herman
army from the Olsa valley will be obliged
to pass through the neck of a bottle In
north France while being attacked from
all sides. Their rapid retreat shows the
Germans were unable to bring up reserves
In sufficient numbers.
"All this la borne out by yesterday's
communique referring to Hie general re
treat between tna oue ana tne Marne ana
Gasoline Tank Car .
Explodes When it is.
Thrown Off Track
BLAIR. Neb., 8ep. 14.-(SpeClal Tele
gram.) As ' freight train No. 18, going
north on the Omaha road at t o'clock
Baturday afternoon, was near the Wallace
crossing, about'a mile south ot De Soto, a,
car of gasoline waa thrown from the
track, supposedly by the breaking pf a
wheel flange. The tank of gas exploded,
starting a fire that burned several cars
of merchandise. '
Ten other cars besides the gas car are
piled up In the wreck and the track Is
torn up for 300 or 400 feet. Tha train was
a double-header, tn charge ot Conductor
Bolenbaugh. The southbound passenger,
leaving Blair st 5:30, wag sent by way of
Arlington to Omaha. v
A terrific rain and wind storm cams
from the southeast this evening, and,
crossing the Missouri valley near De Soto,
truck Blair with a downpour of rain.
The creeks at De Soto were running bank
full and the wagon roads were badly
washed out on the hills.
Everybody reads Bee Want Ads.
Cora and Wheat Rrglsa Bulletin.
United States Department 'of Agricul
ture, weather bureau, for the twenty-four
hours ending at 8 a. m., 76th meridian
time, Monday, September 14, 1914:
Temp. Rain-
High. Low. tall.
....'. 82 63
2 80
Pt. cloudy
i louay .
Pt. cloudy
Pt. cloudy
Pt. cloudy
Pt. cloudy
Pt. cloudy
Pt. cloudy
Pt. cloudy
Pt. cloudy
Pt. cloudy
Broken Bow
Culbertson ....
Grand Island..
Hartlngton ...
North Platte.
Valentine ....
Alia, la
Sioux City, la,
Minimum temperature for twelve-hour
period ending at a. m.
No. In
Station. ' District
-Temp. Raln-
Hlgh. Low. fall
Col urn bin, O....
Ixnilsvllle. Ky..
India'polis, lnd.
Chicago. Ill
ft. Louis. Mo...
Kan. C.ty. Mo.
Omaha. Neb..,.
18 64 48 . .00
22 M) 54 .00
13 76 68
24 72 . 68 1.10
23 82 66 .20
34 86 42 50
17 70 48 l.W
The weather continues cool In the corn
and wheat region. Rains were general
In the western districts, and falls of one
Inch or more occurred In Nebraska, Iowa,
Kansas, Minnesota snd Wisconsm
j Local Forecaster, Weather Bureau.
Cotton Market.
NEW YORK. Sept. 14. Cotton goods
and yarn markets firmer today. Dress
goods active. Raw silk dull. Knit goods
for quick delivery In better demand.
. Metal Market.
,. i ni u Rant 14 M ETAIj Lead.
lower; $3.70.siwlter. lower. $5 40tfi 50.
Jacksaa Loyal to Maps.
According to advice from Washington,
".n.r heins 'doaued' sll over the circuit!
hv federal league scouts, who offered i
him almost twice as murn as n is sel
ling, and salary for a year ana a nan in
Uun.e. Joe Jackson has put the quietus
on tne indeptndents' efforts to flatly re
fusing to desert the Cleveland team.
Decree Abolishing PriTilegei
Foreigners Means Blow at
Roman Church.
Pontiff Forsees a flrasqar aad
Revnlntlnnary Change Mast-. Pe
arlve Office of Force la
Ad m Inlet rat loa.
(Copyright, 1914. Prehs Publishing Co.)
LONDON, Sept. 14. (Special Cablegram
to New York World and Omaha Bee.
Tho Chronicle's correspondent at Roane
sends the following dispatch:
"The Ottoman docree abolishing tha
privileges of the capitulations for foreign
subjects in Turkey causes the greatest
concern at tho- Vatican, since It sweeps
awy the famous French protectorate
over Christian affairs In the liberty of
public, worship and the rights of semi
religious Institutions, such as schools and
hospitals, which Christianity, in virtue of
the cnnltulatlons, has enjoyed through
out Ihe Ottoman empire since the age of
the crusaders. Hitherto no ecclesiastical
law could be dealt with except through
Ihe French consular agents or tht) French
ambassador to the sublime, port.
"The holy see Is entering a lively pro
test, because It fotfiseeg thnt so brusque
and revolutionary a change must deprlva
It of all force In administrative matters,
while the resultant disendowment mean'
financial ruin." v.
Nine Survivors of :,
Karluk Marooned on
Island Aboard Bear
WASHINGTON, Sept. 1.-B1ght whtt.
men and an Eskimo family, survivors of
the wrecked Canadian exploring ship
Karluck, are gate aboard the revenua.
cutter itcar, after being maroonoa . on
froxen Wrangell Island since last Jan
uary. A relayed wireless dispatch from)
tha Bear received ; here tonight said It
was due at Nome, Alaska, today.
The Karluk waa a part of an Arctic! ;
expedition sent out by the Canadian gr
ernment under Vllhjalmur Stefaason.j
There were twenty-threa white men i
aboard. Captain Robert Bartlett and
eleven others reached Wrangell Island,
but eight never have been heard from, i
Bartlett,- with- three companions, war!
ashore near Point BarroW when the)
Karluk was carried out to sea by tha lce,
They made their way to Collinsoa'g Point j
carrying word ot tha vessel's plight to tha,
outside world. ,
The Boar wag sent north from Nome tn
July, ss soon as It could 'make Ita way
through the ice, to pick up the marooned
explorers. It was thought that the party
had plenty of food and would not suffer
greatly while, awaiting . rescue. I'ntil
early In July It was believed that all of,
the Karluk'a crew had found safety on
Wrangell Isle nil. Then It waa learned
that two parties of four had pot Joined
the others. The missing were: Henry
Beiu-hat, Paris, anthropologist; AUlster
Forbes MacKay, Edinburgh, surgeon; L.
Murray Foxfleld, Hants, England, ocean
ographer; Alexander Anderson, - second
officer; Charles Bartlett and 8eamen John
Brody, Archibald King . and Thomas
Morris. '
Refusal of Request ,
By Germany and Its
Ally Angers the Pope
ROME (via Paris), Sept 14.-A dispatch
from Turin quotes the St am pa as saying
that Cardinal Bourne, archbishop .of
Westminster, is conveying from the poea
to King George a letter which Is filled
with sympathy for tha British nation,
which Is described as tha "guardian of
peace and master ot Justice." .
The Ktampa adds that tha pope asked!
the Austrian and Prussian ambassador,
to give safe conduct for the return o'C
Cardinal Mercler, primate of Belgium, taj
Belgium. This was refused, whereupon;
the pontiff answered that he would re-j
member the unpleasant refusal.
A telegram from tha Austrian frontier
gays that among tha killed In the Ausil
trlan army were many ot Italian birth, j
word rrom -iinnoisi ssya mat idosj
United States cruiser North Carolina !
coaling there. I '
Prince Louis Napoleon, whose swordlf
was refused by -Franca, .Is awaiting Inet
tractions to Join the Russian army. .
War Keeps Russian
Naval Attache from'1'
Seeing Dying Mother!
SEATTLE, Wash., Sept. K-3aptaln tk,
S. Vassllleff, naval attach) of the Rum
Ian embassy at Washington, arrived from)
Yokohama today, after a vain attempt t
see his dying mother lo Russia. BelnsI
advised that his mother was fatally 111
with cancer at her home near retrograde
Captain Vassllleff obtained leave ot ab-
sence and departed from Washington Juljf
,', hoping to reach his mother's bedslda
before the end.
He arrived In Petrograd August 1 and
reported to the war office There he waa
Informed that the mobilisation of the
army had brgUti, and he' was ordered to
return to his - post immediately,, via)
Siberia. . j
He has not heard from his mother and
believes she la dead. .
When he arrives In Washington this
week he ' will , have traveled . entirely
around the world without accomplishing
anything. i
WASHINGTON. Sept. ll.-1'nsettled
weather with showers in the great central
valleys and the lake roglon, extending
by Tues lay Into the eastern and southern
states, was forecast by the weather bu
reau tcnl;;ht for the first part of tha
reining week.
"Temperatures will average near tha
seasonal average In the southern states,"
ssid the bulletin and "below normal else
where with frosts probably along tha
northern border and In the northwestern
states and the Rocky mountains and
plateau regions.".
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