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    THK HKK: OMAHA. SATl liDAV, NKl'TLMUKIi 12, 1:I4.
A. B. Hart Tells Why Austria At
tacked the Little Kingdom.
Far f Powfr ! the Balkans 4aat
I1 Take. Ar Bosnia maA
IUrif(nTlnt Started
From Our Near Neighbors
nl1 In., m hfro on a visit. Thy V-
.lnn. ciirMnn of eshltston ms "Mrd vli'nity twrniy-fhc yearn
n nnslnrss lsltor hcrf last Turs.lay morn- I
Mr. h'.lwar.l Million pf Kavso. Wyo..
I visiting relatives In this wot Ion this
Vctrr 1 Mlenknmp. living north of town,
r'rr-mmit psKsnuer Saturday niorn
illK. '
Mr. ami Mir. Martin Raxmiitmrn and
family worr Kirmont visitors on lnr.l
The ur-old conflict between ths P!av f.""v rr Kirmont vVslto.a
ana ine uermin nas cnierea upon a row
phase, and no man oan guess when the
conflict will come to an end.
Seldom in history haa tha specter of
Mr. and Mr Prter Wulf of VontenHI
visited ovei Sundav with Ml. and Mrs.
Chrla Wulf.
Mr. and M's. S. M. Adams lilted Tue-
war to suddenly revealed Itself to ths Vnllv """ ',lrs' ' "eyr.oids
world. The hostile declaration of Austria, ... . J. ' .. . . .
. , , . , . . . h- A. nrynolds was a business pas-
dated July 23. was so totally unexpected ; penxer to Hlnlr on Friday, returning In
hy Ihe Servians that their renowned gen-j'"" afternoon.
eral, Potnlk. the victorious ' loaJer of; Mr- Anna lloherts and Chris ffhmldt
Servian armies in the wars of Uli and ?L ,iV.V V-TLr"" v"",(,r "
1913, was actually In Vienna at that mo
ment, and waa arrested while hurrying to
his own country though subsequently re
leased. To that document, expressed In the
most arrogant and contemptuous lan
guage, with an Insulting demand for a re
ply within twenty-four hours by the clock,
the Servian government, gasping with as
tonishment, returned an answer which Is
proof that Servla was not thinking of giv
ing mortal offense to her powerful neigh
bor. There waa not time even for an
understanding with the Slav patron Rus
sia. Servla was neither prepared for war
nor desired war; and haa gone as far as
any people could go in the effort to
placate a furious enemy, and at the same
time to prewrve national self-respe?t. The
Austrian demand that officers shall come
Into Servia and hold court-martial In their
own fashion on Servian citizens would de
prive Pervla of the right to call Itself a
Canse of It All.
vicinity for Thursday.
County Superintendent Rhoades and
wife were visiting friends In this vicinity
the first of the week.
t. D. Pallev and son. Jasper, were pas
sengers to Lincoln Tuesday, where they
attended the state fair.
Miss Jewell Allen of Atlanta, ft., ar
rived Tuesday evening and will visit rela
tives east of town for a few weeks.
Mr. John rVhdopfnr returned home Wed
nesday afternoon from Lincoln, where
he haa been attending the state fair.
Zellen Andrews, who has been visiting
his grandparents In Lincoln for the last
two months, returned home Tuesday.
Stanley Wolhurn of Hamburg. Ta . re
turned home Thursday morning after a
short visit with relativea oust of town.
Mr and Mrs. l 8. Williams and
daughter. Mildred, went to Hamburg, la.,
to visit friends and relatives for a few
Mr. and Mrs. Nels Anderson, living
southeast of here, motored to Omaha
Wednesday morning, returning Thursilav
Mrs. Charles Harrison returned home
Saturday arternoon after a month's visit
with lelattvca In Sterling, Kort Morgan
and Denver, Colo.
v- .. . .. -I " -c !'t"ii imp wrn vtornin in
.i.rr uKt a ifw i i..s Angeles. Lai., for the last two years,
returned home the first of the week and
expects to stay for some time.
Frank Reynolds, Jr.. returned home from
Kort Morgan, Colo.. Tuesday morning
after a week's visit with relatives there.
Hp also visited Denver and Colorado
Mr. and Mrs. John T. anker and family
returned home the first of the week from
an extended visit thro'igh the east, go
In ns far ns Maine, their old home.
Mr. tieorge Haas, a farmer living
southeast of here, had a partial stroke
of paralysis In hla lower limbs a short
time ago and up to present Is unable to
Mrs. William Anderson was a caller
here Tuesday.
Mrs. Lena Martens entertained for hor
birthday Monday.
The. buildings for the county fair are
nearly completed.
Mrs. B. Hendri. ks entertained for her
birthday Thursday.
Ml s Ellen Kl!ett of Waterloo called
on frleirds here Wednesday.
Arthur Ileeraon rivl htm fnmilv intn
aljve and smiling, his government. m'.nM : the i'nrakening house Wednesday,
not be finding some other reason for Mrs. Keulnh Roach and little daughter
crushing the rising power not only of ifit-rl at t!i. Rrunner home Saturday.
Servla. but of the Sorb raep as a whole. Henry Mo- kclmnn returned Saturday
,, . v. ... , . ,, ,. . . . fiom Greeley, where he vlulted Boveral
it war breaks t. nn.l If it extends ciHj'K
ail Kurope, It wM not Le becauB Fm,iz , AdDi, otto and force of carpenters
i erdinand wo.s killel hy u Serb, but be- ! have lust completed the big barn of Will
.aub the Austrian!) fear Hint em- ,,im Orewcock.
I Mrs. Hans Peett was taken to an
! Omaha hospital Saturday, where she will
Snoorns the Crime. I take treatment.
Anybody who knows the Balkan con- Cedric Bldwin ceme In from Dunning
i , runoay. w Here ne has neen the last two
days' time for consideration throughout
Europe, and especially for rousing the
Russian bear from his summer torpidity.
The ostensible cause of It all Is simple
enough and grim enough. It Is the assas
sination June 28 of the Archduke Frans
Ferdinand, heir to the Imperial throne of
Austria-Hungary. The murderer was a
discontented Bosnian of the Serb face.
The Austrian government believed, or
asserted, that he was the tool of a Ser
vian conspiracy In which the Servian
government wss a partner. Hence it de
manded practically the confession of the
Servian nation that It was responsible
for that murder, and then the punish
ment of those whom the Austrlana
might decide to be guilty.
Falling a complete and groveling con
sent by the Servians, the Immense Aus
trian army is hurled at this Pttle coun
try. It Is a fair question whether the
Auetrlana believe their own charges, and
whether, If Frans Ferdinand wer; -today
t're will be killed by a Sorb empire.
A t ' vm mnal V, 1 1 .'r. 1 I, o . Clfl oi'md tit '
, ... ....... . -iltinir 1,1 hrrttV.n. llnhmri mnA
tairamilv. '
Strvia, In the eyes of the Austrian,
r.ot iitsa..-slnatlon, but si'.occfs. Of all the m,s. R. F. Calvert returned Sunday
exasperating things that happened to Aus- from Hooper, where she visited her
t: n from the outbreak 0 In Octo- ''"u? .htrr- M. Clarence Bendle, and fam-
, r. 11 i.iv ici tvj -cc;nD.
i f 7, j: i- 10 iiie jmriiii 1:1 in m? i. aiivuoB
, . . atto-.riA,l or.l .nnvAll,,,!, TV,r. ' l,n'
jit;,, inu.,i i:xtia,ierH li lua uie lt-,"', .u...
Mr. Clarence Ashton of Omaha has
been employed by th Nebraska Tele
phone company to take the place as man
ager of the local telephone exchange, lie
arrived with Ills family this cek.
Kov and Kav Acton, Ihtng near the
sand pits at Meadow. wre drowned In
one of the lakes made by the sand dredge.
Only a small child saw them go down
and no help was near. Thev were In a
leaky boat and the boat filled with water
and sank with Ihem.
5chool opened Monday.
P. C. West went to Omsha Wednesday
on business.
Mla Violet St. John Is teaching In the
I'nlon schools.
Mis. Raymond Po'lard Is visiting rela
tives In Missouri.
Mrs. William Van Ruren visited In
T'v.lon lift Friday.
Miss Alice Frost of Fremont has re
turned t- her home.
Miss Fav Fulton has accepted a posi
tion in the telephone office.
Mr and Mrs pnedeker entertained the
"Llvelv Ri.nch" Friday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. W"t and daughter mo
tored to Fremnnt lant Baturduj .
Mrs. Klrkpatrlek spent Wednesday In
Murdoch attending the street fair.
Mrs. Clara Mead of . Omaha has been
A.i.itinff the Talmera for a few days.
C. Sheldon and family are spending
the week in Lincoln at the state fair.
Fred Hrdgoe and daughter. Sylvia, were
on a shopping tour in Lincoln Thursday.
The Progressive club ve a watermelon
social Fridav night at Mrs. KlrkpntrU k's. ,
J. I. I,ong. editor, and A F. Sturm .
candidate for wnator. visited the f.ttr nl
M"rdx'k. '
Mrs William Van Ruren entertained her I
Sabbath achool class at lunchoon on last ,
The Rooster club entertained their girl j
friends at a lawn social Friday night at
Maple Grove. !
Four memberfi of the Trotter family ;
have moved to Peru to take tip work Ht
the stnte normal. '
M. Ci. Klme, candidate for repreaenta- :
live, and J. O. Wunderlelcht, candidate ,
for sheriff, were at Murdock. .
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Norrls have returned
from a two weeks' visit at nnraH. ,
Kh.. where they went by auto.
Wreplna Water.
S. R. Oirardct has returned from a trip
to Montana.
Rains during the week have amounted
to a precipitations of 177 inches.
Mr. and Mrs. R. R Countryman have
returned from a summer's visit In New
York state.
Miss Ida Morse has returned from a
five week's visit with her sister at Rapid,
City, 8. D.
Sir. and Mrs. Pyron Raker have Re
turned from Dayton, O.. where they spent
the summer.
Oeorge Ha lines haa frone to Notro
Dame, Ind , to continue his courae In
the university.
H. R. Reed and L. V. Whltaker will
open a new motion picture theater in
town In the near future.
Miss Harriot Waddell of Mlllshoro. Pa.,
Is visiting her sister. Mrs. S. Mathews,
whose health is very poor.
F. P. Puck has bought the pump and
windmill business of A. K. Jameson and
haa moved his fam ly here.
Valentine Wollen and wife of Sturgls.
S. M., are visiting Mr. Wollen'a parents
south of town and other relatles.
Mrs. Alice Mehamma of Chicago l
visiting her sister. Mra. S. V. Oerard, who
lives on a farm southwest of town.
Mr. and Sirs. P. Crabtree of Douglas.
Neb., were recent visitors at the home
of their daughter, Mrs. Cora Marshall.
The talent for the 19H-1M5 lecture course
haa been announced. It will consist of
five numbers, commencing October 27.
Fall Clothes Are Ready;
top in Here Any Day
and ask us to show you the Fall Kuppenheimer,
"Schloss", Stein-Bloch or Society Brand Suits.
The stylo will lo a revelation to you the cut of the lnpel the front the eut'f length of
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can find elsewhere.
R. O. Fry. Missouri Pacific agent. Is
', , , . , ' , ,. , . , taking a vacation trip to Wichita, Kan.
The kenstngton ladies held a picnic at I p tTi.i , iile ...
the school prove Saturday. A good .-rwd J 'nl relief man at the at-
.-ei-- I
new members signed up.
a. nf n air n UI1.1 1.'l-lllll,tl!G
.., . .... . ,,, cl...u. ...J e;l.. . l.H.Jf
y I Sunday by William Bi huldt and family
The f'erb race l!H3 been looked upon 'and Frits Puis and fasnl'v of Rennlng
as rather mild, not easy to aro-Jne, o.i- '. cn. also Mr. and Mrs. William Schuldt.
tent v.ith si.iull tolngs. ISer.-la In lS.j '
, , , . . , ., , Miss Alma Hansen and father went to
ws completely thrashed by the Rul- j Brllnliiitoii Wednesday, where Mr. Han
f,.'.rlan In five uas. Mira.le I eycr.d , ren will visit hla daughter, Mra. Koch,
belle', thev stood in the sec ind war day '. " '"' davs. while Miss Hansen will
, fo day, and regiment for regiment,
a-jainst the Bulgarians.
From every point of view this wos
" hateful to Austria. It meant that tlio
door on the south was shut tiht and
, guarded by an able bulldog. Much more,
It meant what the Tlusso-Japunese war of
Fremont fiiiulay.
Mr. and Mm. Jo! Ulel k were Omaha
1905 maant to the empire of on- ! Msltois f-aturday.
couraged all the men of the SImv rare' Mr. and Mrs. Huckman were Omaha
, wherever they are. They are scattered I xl',or8 "'""''"V-
through every European country east of j 0 -r "trldav ,tr"'
, SwIUerland and Ituly. The ItiiPFians are I AIf eii w,nm8 anA nar(.nc.e Pamp
Slavs; so aro the Poles of Russia, Prim- I went to Rennlngton Sunday.
sia and Austria; tho Wends of Prussia, j Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Brewster went to
the Bohemians, Moravians, Slovaks. Rn- Lincoln to the fair on Wednesday.
thenlans. Slovenes, Servians and Croa- Mrs. Wagner of Rlair spent the first
tlans of Auatria-Hunaarv. The neoole I"""1 "t the week with Mrs. Vestal.
of the Klav race within the honmlarl... . Mra. McMaisters of Omaha visited with
of Austria-Hungary are about 24.000,0:0, i
Including 4.000.000 Ruthehlans and 2,000,000
Bosnians, which Is one-half the popula-
James Johnson and family have moved
to Wayne. Neb., where Mr. Johnson has
accepted a position with the Standard
Oil company.
School opened Monday with a total at
tendance of 347. The high achool of
ninety-nine pupils Is the largest In the
history of the school.
Mrs. W. A. Pa vis entertained one day
this week In honor of her niece. Miss
Ellen Da via of Venango, Neb. Flxteen
' ' j young ladles were present.
Irrlnarton. j A mbek Labor day parade was held here
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Pe'.n were Florence Mjnday afternoon. Tht paraders had a
isitoi-f .-'i.nrfay. j hi ass band and carried banners with hu-
.Mr. ard .I!m. Nels Rajmiissen went to I mi i"'S Inscriptions on them.
The funeral of the IS-months-nld son
of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Router living west
of town was held Thursday afternoon
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visit her hrotlicr at Tllden.
tlon of the empire, and five times as
many as all the Slavs In Horvla.
Where the Wonder Lies.
Mrs. Powell a few flays this week.
Mrs. Sutton of Ulair vli'ted Sirs Spring
Monday and Tueuday.
Sidney Meachem and Mrs. A. Meachem
of Omaha vis't&l at tlio LpIii home Pun
day. M lanes Amy and Vloln Hazard visited
After all the wonder to not that Aus- j i Kc,u,uici .r.enas
trla is ready to strike, but that the na- J rnk ,llbb,,r and r.P,aon. ,rk Hib.
tlon has watted so long. Last year It ! hard, went to Uncoln Monday,' returning
was clear In various parts of Austria- I Wednesday.
Hungary that the calling out and main- ' Mlsn Minnie Phalan returned lit week i
at the Congregational church
Kenjamin Heflbaugh, an automobile
miinufacturer of Port Richmond. Sttteu
Island, N. Y., Is here making arrange
ments for his mother to more back to
New Tork with him.
The schools opened here this week with
a good attendance.
John M. Bueeh made a business trip to
Louisville Saturday.
George Trook was visiting relatives near
Auburn over Sunday.
J. T. Brendel of Murray was visiting
relatives here Tuesday.
Chris Nultman and family. Kdward
Schuti and wife, and Harry Klilera and
wife and Klla Meyers made un a party
that motored ta the state fisheries at
Fouth Bend Sunday.
tieorge Malcolm has gone to Colorado
for a visit with his parents.
W. )t. Ireland slid family of Berlin were
here fiundsy visiting mennw.
tni. Mevers. of Nebraska City, ws
iting relatives here this week.
WIIMam .steinhoff ami family have re
turned from, a visit to Wisconsin.
Francis Strauh has left for Atchison,
Kan., where he will attend school.
John McBride of Omaha was looking
ufter business mstters here Friday.
mi., nhviii. Htr.nK left Saturday lor
Omaha, where she will attend school. j
Mrs. Klla B. Iwlon was flown rrom
Weeping Water several days this week.
Miss Stella Opp has left for Columbus,
where she will teach In the schools thero.
Mrs Margaret Behrns was visiting rel-j
ntlves st Ininbar several days this week.
Mlxs Laura Wltrkie left last week for
Kochewter, Minn., where sho will attend j
ciIk.ioI. J
Civile OrBliam, who hns been railroading
'n )lilo and Pennsylvania, la here visiting j
Miss Kda Kruse. of Millard, hns been
lslt'riK at the home ol l)r. ivruae nerei
this week,'
Miss Julia Burkland. of Sutherland, Is
Kpendlng the week with Dr. and Mrs. F.
W. Kruse.
Adolph Zlmmerer and sister, Miss Mary,
were over from Nebraska City the first
of the week.
Charles Klntner and Marian Brown, of
Corydun, Ind., were visiting relatives eaM
of town this week.
Nicholas Trook, Olady CJraham, Liiolla
Opp nnd 5enevleve Mli kel are attending
school at Weeping Water.
Several Inches of rain has fallen here
this week, which puts the ground in fine
condition for fall wheat sowing.
n it h
vis- H 81 HI
iss ram
iiviiEgit m mm
git 2&m lssi
. . i t .u i ! from a. two weeks' visit ut Denver and
c v.. M lib. ivi r iiuriii uiiu went I , . , , , -- i
. , ...... .Colorado SprinLa. I
of Servla was a terrible burden for the . . , . . 1
. I A surprise partv was Riven tu honor
country. It cost more than JIUO.OOO.OOO ! of JtKm.. Johnson Saturday evening. Over j
extra In cash; It stopped great Indubtrles; I t'li'ty were present. !
It checked building; all those sacrifices
were made without getting a single
square mile of territory out of the
breakup of the Turkish power In- the Bal
kans. On the contrary the effect of the
war has been to loosen the hold of Aus
tria, on Bosnia and Herzegovina, which
have been tightly clasped ever since 1878.
Most of the 2.900.000 Bosnians are Slavs,
and It is intolerable in Austria that right
alongside them should be growing up
the thriving little Independent kingdom of
Kervlu. Albert Bushnell Hart, Professor
of Government in Harvard University, In
the New York Times.
, Ma that ta Rash for Lifeboat
r Boasts of Art When lie Finds
Record la Print.
r Tou have read of the men of the Vol-
turno who rushed the boats and were
' knocked down by the captain. "What be-
. comes of such men in after days? Do
they hide in shame from their fellows,
fearful that they may be recognized and
their Infamy proclaimed?
A public librarian once told ma of a
man who came to him for a book on not-
' . able shipwrecks. He searched the pages
eagerly, then pointed out a passage re-
ferrlng to a seaman who tried to take a
Z wonian'a place in a lifeboat, and had been
shot by the captain. "I'm that man," he
. declared, proud that his exploit should
appear In print, and offered to show the
shot wound tu support his claim! London
Over fifty young people attended the
Christian Kndeavor social at tho loln
home Friday evening.
Mrs. KIHb and daughter, Glsy, Mrs. !
Mahr of Omaha and Miss Kose Ander-i
son, were entertained at the Kd phulan .
home Saturday. j
Peter Chapman of Boulder. Colo., Is '
here visiting his parents. i
W. H. Burbank of Fllley spent Sunday i
at the home of Fred Bull. .
N. J. Christlanson left Wednesday for .
South Dakota on business.
J. C. Miller left Thursday for an ex
tended trip through the west.
Kev. Fagan will attend the Methodist
conference at Fremont next week.
T. J. Flegenbaum of Western visited
hla brother, Henry, here last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Marion Branson visited
relatives here thd fore part of the week.
The Springfield school opened Monday
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Bert Dill departed last Tu-eday for "hi
cago to take treatment for a canceruUJ
growth on his face. ;
P. I Rolfe and wife, who were local j
managero of the telephone exchange,
have moved to Iowa. j
The Sunday school convention for the j
western district of Sarpy county was held
at flatteford last Sunday.
Garfield Smith and family arrived from
M'SHimrl luat week and will make this
vicinity their future home. I
.Mr. and Mra. John Mlllrr arrived here .
from ('l)rry county Wednesday and are '
I visiting Frank Cumte's family.
Mrs. John Flanagan, who lists ben vis- I
Iting here several weeks, left Wednesday
for her home In Thermopolis, Wyo.
Mrs. Klmer Rice and Mr. John Eer;
were married at the home of 1 A. Bishop
In Orchsrd. Neb., lata Tuvsday evening.
Mr. and Mra. John Olade. from Ponta-
4 '
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season. Is the war in Europe to affect our business
hire? As answer we are glad to state that our Bed
ding sale the first week exceeded 1913 to 50 per cent
Saturday Offerings
Hotel Sheets, 81x99 inches ;.G9c
Rugby Sheets, 81x90 inches 70c
Century Sheets, 81x99 inches 80c
Cast Iron Sheets, 81x99 inches 98c
$2.00 Comforts 91.69
$2.75 Comforts $2.49
$3.03 Comforts ' 82.69
$6.00 Wool Blankets $5.00
$6.50 Wool Blankets $5.75
$7.50 Wool Blankets $6.75
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