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    aJSS? Zt?10?? NU,RSES STARTING ON THEIR ERRAND OF MFRCY A group of American Red Cross
f.: ho departed this week for Havre, France, to do crvice in the European war. The youn? women arc wearing
a fr3' 9rr hund"d d fifty of them, with thirty surgeons, sailed for the front. The entire number will
oe divided ino ten units, several of which wiU be dispatched to accompany the troops of each of the warring nations.. -
x -
;T t.
. (Continued from Fe On.)
th meantlmo liif AnRlvKrnoi forron
hlch had bcpn oprrtln to tlio mmtli
of- th Marne hnv nul ceanpd to pirne
th?lr ofTonKlvr. f'tartlng omr nf them
from th dlntrlrt muh of the fort of
Clry and thcra rom the region nmth f
Provlna and aoutli o Katrrnay thry
t.p.'nl out from th Stamp on tho loft,
th army of Grnrral Von Klurk an wrll
a th army of 0nial Von UuHuw fall
ln bark belora our troopa.
It la In th realon Inrludrd hrtwrrn the
flatu north vt Brxanne and Vltry-I.
Franrola that ttie mom dcapprato flght
!nj occurred. In tlila rrirlon thrre have
httn oporatlrn bel(ica the left wing of
General Von Beulow, tho army of Hanony
nd part of tba army commanded by
the prlnro of Wurtemburg.
The Germane have tried to break our
i . y mprnicii alii violent attHcka,
Our aucceaa on the plateau to the north
of . Peianne .enabled u In our turn to
take the ofrn(ve and in the coiiny. b(
. laat nlahf tbe nmnv at -irA fUt t.X ....
the front between the inarah of Ht. (Joqdt.
. ana rommenne diatrh t and fell back In
the region of went Vltry-Le-Frar.cole.
Ne tirenl t'kaage,
"On the drnaln river, an between the
Argonne foreat; andi the river Meuae,
.where the arm lea of the prince of Wur
temberg and the crown prince of Uer.
many were operating, fighting waa atlll
going on with alternate advance and re
tPfala. but without any great change In
the altuatlon.
. . ...... . . . . . .
iwua mi iri pnraae or tne cattle or
the Mars la turning out In favor or the
allied arnilea, alnce the German right
wing and center at preaent are In re
treat. On our right, the altUHtlon re
tnntna wlfhnut ni .l.u k t . i. -
Voairea and around Nancy, which the
German have tried to bombard with
eome long range guna.
"The general altuatlon hn thu been
rrmpletely tranaformod during the laat
two daya. both from strategic and tacti
cal polnta of view. Not only have our
troopa atopped th German niarvh.
which they thought waa a vlctorlona one.
but th enemy haa fallen back before ua
it nearly every point."
Cavalry Charge
, of British Ends in.
Grave Disaster
LONDON. Sept. ll.-The Rouen corre
pondent of. the Daily Mall ei-nda a plc
tureaque etory of a great cavalry charge
at Thuin, a town In Belgium, near
Pharlerol. and the aubaequent retreat to
I'omplegne. ' The atory follow:
'"On Monday morning, August U. after
chafing at the long delay, the Second
firltlah cavalry brigade let loose at the
enemy guna. The Ninth Lancer went
Into action singing and ahoutlng like
echoed boy.
'Tor a tlnxt all aeemcd well, few sad
dle were emptied, and the 1-ancera had
charged almot within reach of the
enemy' guna, when suddenly th Ger
man opened a murderoua fire from at
least twenty concealed machine guna at
a range of lfc) yards.
"The result waa shattering, and the
lancer caught the full force of the storm.
Vlcomt Vauvlneaux, a Trench cavalry
officer, who rode with the brigade aa In.
terpreter. waa killed remain in..
who waa the French matter of a a-hool J
in ivon. waa riding by the side of Vau
vlneux and had a narrow eacape, aa his
horse waa ahot under Iilin. Other offl
cera alao fell.
"While the bulk cf the brigade awerved
to th right, the others held on and rode
full tilt Into wlr entanglement burled
la th grasa thirty yarda In front of the
machine guna and wire made prisoners.
Three reglmtnta of the best cavalry In
the British army went Into the charge
and suffered aeverely. The Eighteenth
hussars and Focrth dragoons also Buf
fered, but not to th same extent as the
"A happy feature of the charge waa
th gallant condurt cf Captain Grenfelt.
who though twice wounded, railed for
volunteera and saved the guna. It la said
that he ha been recommended for th
Victoria cross.
After tnls terrible ordeal Uie British
brlgsde wes hairaased for fourteen daya
of retreat. tl. enemy giving them no rest,
neither day or nlxht. At J o'clock each
morning they were roused by artillery
fire, and every day they fought a retiring
y-'tioa.'. pursued relentlessly by the guns."
' . 19- V. W
-t -r ..
1 :
German Fleet Invades Gulf
of Bothnia and Sinks Ship
HE RUN. Hept. 11. -(Via Copenhagen
and Ixindon.l The Jorman fleet Ik nctlve
In the Ualtla. It la reported to have In
vaded even the Oulf of Hothlna. where
It captured and aunk a Kunelan merchant
rteamer, the t'leabora. Thla vemel waa
In Flnnlnli watera, In other word., behind
the barrier formed by the Aland lalanda.
which haa been connldereil ImpanHlble
for the eea forrre of Uermany.
Rescue of the Crew
of Oceanic Full of
the Greatest Peril
DOXDON. Bept. ll.-Csptaln Armour of
the Aberdren trawier Glenovll told the
following story of his rescue of the crew
of tho While Star liner Oceanic to the
Aberdeen correspondent of tho Central
Newa. ;
"It Wall twisty and very dark'! Tueaday
morning off the north coast of Scotland
hn our altentloit was arrestee!, on our'
nomeward Way by signals of dlstrer In
tne direction of the coast.
"After a - leng and hard tuesle -.we
brought ourselves alongside. Holies and
udders were ' lowered over the. aide of
the liner down which the crew scrambled
and tumbled to the deck of our boat.
"In a abort time practically every available-
Inch of our space waa occupied by
men from the big boat. We got too of
them and then steamed off we could
hold no more and emptied them on - a
larger steamer which waa atandlng off in
the distance, unable to get any--nearer
without Itself running on the rock of
thla dangeroua coaat. .
"After transferring our human freight
we returned quickly, but cautiously and
took oft the remainder, who were simi
larly transferred to the boat In the
"The rescue waa attended with great
risk on account of the heavy aea and
dnrknesa and the dangerous rock all
bout. The captain of th Oceanic was
th last to leave hi ship. He paid ua a
nun compliment and thanked ua
ANTWERP, Sept 11. -(Via London.)
It Is officially announced here today that
the town of Waereghem. In the Belgian
province of West Flanders, waa bom
barded by the Germans yesterday for
thirty mlnutea. There were no casualties
and only a few houses were destroyed by
the German fire.
Mrm. rarmaa Collapse.
MINKOI.A. N Y., Hept. ll.-alre. Flor
ence Carman. Indicted yeetnrday by
the grand tury on a charse of murder In
th first rierrce for the killing of Mrs
I.oulm PSnllev waa tortnv under the care'
of the N county tall ohvelelan. Mra.
I'arman. collapsed last night soon after
being ldekcd up.
German Army Officer Describes the
Sensation of Ordering a Man Shot
lAlNPOX, Sept. t-One of th most vi
vid accounts of an tplsode of war tomea
from the U.kal AnzeWer of August l'
It Is a letter I rum Paul Dakar lloecker,
a Berlin playwright, now serving aa rap
tain of the reserve, tlta play. "A Nation
In Armi." Is being given st the Berlin
opera house.
He describes a mission on which h
was dispatched to search for arm In
HclKlan vlllaiea In which shots had bn
fired by civilians on German troopa. His
Instructions wer to summon th villag
ers to deliver up their arms snd those
In whose possession arms were found af
ter they declared that they had none,
were to be Instantly shot.
Describing a visit to Jungbusrh. he says
that at one house wer found an old man,
a woman and a girl of IS.
'Then a terrible thing happened. A
sergeant and a private dragged a young
fellow out of the house. They had found
him hiding among the straw In the loft.
He had In his hand a Belclan rifle loaded
with five eartrldgea. From the opening
of the roof he may have aimed at man
a honest Chrtnan. The youth had to
put his hands up. Stammering and deadly
(ale. he slanda there..
" "Who la thl 'uth?' I ask the eld
man. Aa If struck by lightning they all
thre fell on "their knee' walling Th
..... r ... ' i - I V J x
: TtT '' ( w ' j
:..' . i. . I I . 7 ,
.1 !
1 t
A German' torpedo boat atopped the
rieaboia- and took off the crew and fifty
four paeeenrem Including thirty-five
Kngllithinen. It then opened fire oil the
ateamer, which aank In five mlnutea. The
paaarngcra and crew were brought to a
German fort, where eitlecna of hoaille
countriea are being Interned aa prisoner
of war.
Polish Miners Put
High Explosives
in German Coal
LONDON. Bcpt. 11. -neuter s Telegram
ccmpsny ha a dlapatch from Its corre
spondent at Petrograd. which aaya that
after the recent fighting with the Auatrlan
left wing, the entmy'e rear fled In auch
panic that regiments became Inextricably
mixed and. blocked tho road and- bridges.
Those furthest behind ' resorted to the
strength of (heir arms to to ere their way
through the men ahead of them. The
roads were littered with overturned cars
and the harness, of the transport, the
horses evidently having been used a
hiounts by the men In retreat
Many Russian honpltala, the correspond
ent continues, today harbor more Austrian
wounded than Ruaalan.
A correapondent of the Bourse Gasette.
the Ueiiter man rontlnuea, recounta that
at Bendxlnvln. Russian Poland, the Ger
man compelled some Polish miners to
load the coal trucka of their trains. The
miners did so, but concealed high ex
plosive In the fuel. The results were
appalling. Mt la aald that one military
train waa destroyed, and that an ammu
nition factory waa wrecked.
fossacka are credited with having
wrecked a German armored train carry
ing quirk firing guna. at a point north
west of Chenatokoff. A amall detachment
of Coasack fired at the train, while a
big- force remained In tlie rear. The Ger
mans backed the train up. and It was de
railed by the Cossacks behind It The
cars rolled down an embankment and the
Coaaaeka then attaoked the intmv with
their sword. Th German were an
nihilated, the correapondent of the Bourse
Gasette declares, and th Cossacks cap
tured the guna.
LONDON. Sept. ll.-A dispatch received
her from Kingston. Jamaica, ay that
th Hamburg-American line ateamar
Bethanla ha been towed Into the harbor
there aa a prise by a Hrltlah cruiser. It
haa on hoard 400 Germans, who hav been
taken prisoner. The Bethanla left Genoa
July It and Tenerlffe August J, for the
west coast of. South America. It Is a
Steamer of 4.M7 tons.
woman groaned. 'He 1 my son. For God s
sake you are not going to kill htmr and
th little girl aobbed aa If her heart would
break. Th prisoner tried to escap. but
mas put up against the wall by the men.
"I had to picture to myself by force
the Gorman patrols riding through the
night with the bullet of treachsroua
sniper whistling round their helmets and
think of the tall figures and bright eyea
of our good German fellows In order tt
master my nerves In face of thl sorrow
and fulfill my orders.
' H has to b shot. Thres men!
"Th three men commanded, who were
fathers of families, twp from Berlin and
one a farmer, did not turn a hair. Thla
Is a just business. We had got a ruffian
who merited no compassion. The veiley
rang out. Th trembling body collapse J
to th ground and did not move again.
Three tiny hole wer visible In th blue
blouse. The boy's eyea are closed Ilia
face haa not changed It expression.
Death by our rifle la painless.
" 'W ought to burn th old man's
house over his bead said on of my
" 'Quick msreh." I ordered.
"The three peasants are still kneeling
on the ground; .th corps lie up against
th wall."
THK HEfc: OMAHA. KAli.KDAY. NM 1 h.Vi.'uU. i i:U.
4 n , , j
i v 3 r "" f
. ; f f m
it j, ' v 1
' - If1 A' if -
Servians Crossing
River Into Hungary
NISII, Se.rvla (Via London V-Sept. 10
An official communication Issued here to
day declares that large numbers of Ser
vian troops crossed th river Rave, which
marks the boundary between Bervla and
Hungary from Belgrade to the Bosnian
frontier.- between September a and Sep
tember 6 and are advancing' satisfactorily
Into the cnemy'a territory. One detach
ment, while attempting to cross the Pave,
encountered strong resistance from a
much superior force and wss compelled
to retire. Part of this detachment was
captured, together with a small amount
of war material.
Near Belgrade another small detach
ment crossed the Rave Into the enemy's
Bervlan and Montenegrin armies, the' re
port continues, have taken Focha, In Bos
nls, and have thrown back the enemy to
the loft bank of the Drlna.
The attempt of the enemy to cross the
Drlna near Its confluence with the Save
fulled, the Austrian suffering; heavy
losses. I
Austrian Offer of v .
Money is. Refused
LONDON. Sept. It. The Auatrlan
government heei offered to remit , money
for the payment of the coupons of th
Hungarian loan of 1914. but as this would
Involve a trananrtlon with hostile govern
ment, the Ixindim flr'n of Rothschilds
hav declined to accept th offer.
LONDON. Bopt. 11. -Telegraphing from
Copenhagen the correspondent of Heu
ter's rays dispatches raoelved there from
Berlin, unnounc-e the weneral headquar
ters of llie'Uerman cr.wn prince hav
been established In a fortified poaltlon to
Hi westward uf Verdun- Part of th
crown prltice'a army has Attacked forts
south of Verdun, which sine yesterday
hav been bombarded by havy artillery
by the Gcrmana.
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