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r Boot Trm It Now Roaonn Prssa
ridallty Rtara- aa Co, Door 181.
tVlffhtlnf rtatar, BurgMta-Oranden Co.
City Property For roaults. 111 that
hour with Osborn Realty Co. Cull D.
Baatlfnl AU Kodar Komoa Tot Sal
cn the rasy payment plan. Banker"
Realty Investment Co. Phone Do us. 2?.
' OffBtl BaroUmsat X.ary Knroll
ment In the German lansuaire clasats In
the public achonla haa reached l.JIXl. with
an many aa KO enrolled in aome of the
Kobbed oa Birtet Car Frank J. Ben
son, 4239 Firntm atreet. haa reported to
the police that he waa robbed of $:i by a
pickpocket on a Farnam atreet car while
rldlna to hla office.
"Today's Coaxpl Mori, rrorram"
may be found on the first page of tha
Fifteen Hundred of Them Make Trip
to Lincoln to Attend Fair
Pleatjr nf ftnnd Feat area aa Dry
Hnjoyed VII Who Make
Trlpi Ksaaalttea
(From a Staff Correspondent.!
LINCOLN. Sept. 10 -(Ppeclal.)-Old . Sol
-as accommodating- enouah this morning
to stick his head out from behind the
clouds long enough to mike the people
classified aectlon today, and appears In 1 of Nebraska think Thursday was going
Tha Be EXCLUSIVELY. Find out what ! tobe a good day to attend the Nebraska
the various moving picture theaters offer. atate fnlr and they hiked to the trains
Flereoa (solar Ore System Vice
President Plerson of the Missouri Pacific
la up from St. Lou la and out on a. tour
of tho northern Ilnea of the syatem. Ha
flnda business very much Improved since
and came to the capital city In droves.
The old man disappeared from sight about
10 o'clock and from that time on for tha
Tfet of the day kept from alght
Up to today the attendance haa exceeded
a couple of montha ago and la looking l last year by about 4,000, biH the fair
for a continuance of heavy freight trai
fla. , "
errloea Basamsd at Tempi Israel
Regular Friday evening services will be
resumed at Temple Israel Friday even
ing. September 11, at 8 o'clock. Rabbt
Frederick Conn's theme will be "The
Homecoming." Temple Israel religious
school will open Sunday nornlng at 10
o'clock. The congregation will hold Ita
annual meeting Sunday afternoon at 2: JO.
Wymaa Appointed oa Commute
Henry F. Wyman haa been appointed by
the Omaha Commercial club to act aa a
member of the committee, consisting of
representatives from several organlsa
'tlons. which will Investigate the need of
$100,000 city Jail bonds. W. H. Oreen rep
resents the Real Estate exchange on the
committee. Representatives from other
organisations will be named.
lClia Seha.fsr Resigns Miss Clara
Srhaefer, head worker at the Social Set
tlement house on South Thirteenth street,
has severed her connection with local set
tlement work to take up a similar posi
tion In Dea Moines. Miss Schsefer will
leave October 1. Reports of the work
done at the summer camp wen received
at a meeting of the board of directors
held Wednesday afternoon.
(Rnspseted Holdup Kan Held Negroes
suspected of highway robbery are being
rounded up by the police. Bud Csjtes of
Zalmo, Mo., says ha was held up and
robbed of 135 at Thirteenth' and Mason
streets. fJohn Behllng of Maaon City, la.,
lost $15 In the same way at Fourteenth
and Webster streets. Descriptions of the
holdup men given by the two victims tally
exactly, even to the kind of revolver car
ried by one of the men. '
Calck.ns Cans Kslghborhood mow A.
flock of .chickens, a neighboring patch of
- slfalfa and garden, and the resultant in
termingling of the two, led to a neigh
borhood row, which ended in police court
with the trial of Mrs. L. Bennett. 1501
Oust atreet, owner of . the chickens, on
the charge of disturbing the peace. She
was fined $10 and costs, which was re
mitted on her promise to cease hostilities
and sue for peace with the complainant,
J. D. Short.
Freight Traffic Tax
in War Revenue Bill
- '
. WASHINGTON, Sept. i0.Dmeerata
of th ways and means commute today
completed th war revenue' tax bill' pro
viding for a tax of ( percent on all
freight transportation, an Increase of CO
cents on beer and 20 cents a gallon on all
domestic wines. This will net an esti
mated revenue of $107,000,000 a year. The
tax on freight was agreed to after a con
ference with , the president who had ex
pressed opposition to tt 1
The freight tax wilt be S per cent of the
transportation charges on all freight
packages whether carried by rail or ship
and will" Include express. It will not In
clude parcel post. The shipper will pay
the tax to th railroad which will pay
th tax to th era II road, which will retain
4 per cent of tho total amount collected '
for administration expenses and make re-
turns to th government on th basis of
the freight . bills. - There will be no
stamps. . Th jp-cent tax on beer is on a
barrel, which now pays $1, making' a total
tax of $LM. Domestic wines pay various
taxea. '.
management Is not looking for enough to
carry them through unlesa 'tmomorrow
should be a good day for the closing.
Ontahans oa Hai4,
This being Omaha and South Omaha
day a special train this morning of four
teen coaches brought In about 1S0O people,
headed by Green's band of Omaha, and
later In the day regular trains added to
the number. Douglas county people ex
pressed themselves as much disappointed
because the rains made the roada Impas
sable for automobile travel, which pro
vented thousands of people from making
the trip. '
The fair does not ceem to have lost
much by the failure of the big machin
ery people to make a showing this year.
The buildings and grounda usually used
by them have been completely taken up
by the smaller , manufacturers and an
especially good exhibit along farm ma
chinery lines la being made and Is draw
ing a large crowd.
Fish KaalMt Katertalaa.
Among tho Interesting exhibits this
year, as in other years, is the fish ex
hibit from the state fisheries. Superin
tendent. O'Brien of the hatcheries and
State Oame Warden Gust Rutenbeck.
with their deputies, have' prepared one
of . the best exhibits over shown at th
state fair and the crowd In attendance
around the building attest o the popular
ity of the exhibit. Fish In all tages or
growth from a minnow one Inch long to
a big catfleh three feet In length make
up the exhibit.
The University of Nebraska exnioit in
the old horticultural hall, which ha been
turned over to the university, is another
nlace of great Interest. All departments
of the university ar represented with ex
hibits of every kind and Pror. cnlra,
has one wing of the building fitted up as
-tnntinn Dlcture show, where ne is
showing activities of the university and
of the state on the, screen.
Boosting; for Grand Island.
On busy man around the star fair
grounds is L. C.'Lawson.president of the
Central Nebraska Fair association. This
Is a new agricultural association rormea
at Grand Island and has started out with
a new grandstand which cost it $10,000,
and In addition to the purses put UP for
speed the business men of the city havol
subscribed $2,000 In addition, rnrowm
Lawson haa been busy In an effort to get
exhibitors from 'the state fair to attend
th Grand Island fair, which will b held
on September 29 and 80 nd October 1
and 2. -
Mr. Lawson was successful In getting
owners of many of the premium winners
here to agree to make the Grand Island
Fix Up Race Track
Work began early this morning on th
race track to get It In shape for th races
this afternoon, the heavy rain of last
night having put it decidedly to the bad.
At o'clock it was decided that it was
sufficiently dry to attempt the races and
the events were pulled off in rapid suc
cession throughout the afternoon.
Reaehey Proves Star.
Lincoln Beachey made his usual thre
flights during the afternoon and electri
fied th people with loops, upside down
flying and many other stunts whloh h
seems capable of performing, Beachey
haa made a big hit with the crowd,
Politicians ia N ambers.
Methodists of
Northwest Meet
For" Conference
ALLIANCE. Nrb.. Sept. lo.-(Speclal
Telegram.) Th annual conference of the
Methodist Ohim h of Northwest Nebraska
opened here this morning In the First
Methodist Epls;opal church, Bishop Theo
dore S. Henderson of Chattanooga, Tenn.,
presiding. Rev. Olln S. Baker was elected
secretary; Rev. W. C' Harper, assist sec
retary. Rev. M. M. I -on a, treasurer, and
J. A. Johnson, statistical secretary. The
following committee were appointed:
AudltlngJ. A. Johnson, O. H. Albert
son. Blbl Society N. Q. Palmer, W. M. Mer
rill. Board of Sunday School O. B. Richard
son. O. H."Whn.
Methodist Rook Concern C. H. Bur
leigh, W. S. York.
Church Federation O. B. McCargan.
Conference Relation W. 8, Tork, O. H.
Baker, J. C. Dillon.
Postmaster Edward McQill.
Crowell Home D. J. Clark.
tOducatton M. C. Smith. O. K. Mc
Orsgar. Episcopal Fund B. L. Terrene, J. A.
Epworth Leagu W. H. Guest, H. E.
Evangelism C. V. Powell. F. P. Fisher.
Foreign Missions O. H. Albertson, T. A.
Freedmsn's Aid Edward McOlll.
Home Missions and Church Extension-.
B. Kuhlwr. W. H. Ouest.
Hospital O. E. Richardson, C. V. row
ell. Methodist Rerlew B. L. Torrance.
Resolutions W. B. York, Q. E. McCar
gar. Pabbath Observance H. E. Wells, O. H.
State of the Church J. A. Johnson, F.
O. Fisher.
Temperance B. D. Gideon, B. Kuhler.
At today's session reports of the con
ference members wer rad nd plana
proposed for extension of the work In this
district. Bishop Henderson giving th In
dividual members good advlo In their
turn aa their report was made. Rev. Dr.
Trimble of the commission on finance ex
plained the new financial system as
adopted uy- several churches In the United
States and wtilch will probably b en
dorsed by this conference.
There ar forty members of th confer
ence In attendance today with more ex
pcted tomorrow. Wednesday evnlng an
address of welcome In behalf of th city
was mad by Karl D. Maltory. Th con
ference examination wer held Wednes
day afternoon.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Sept. tt.-(Speclal.) StaU
Superintendent J. B. Delsell will not run
for congress In the First district on the
socialist .ticket, though he received th
nomination at th hand of four voters
of that party.
He has written the party leaders that
ha cannot agree to go to congress over
their rout aa he Is a republican ,and ex
pects to do all he can to elect Reavla, the
republican candidate, to th congres
sional Job. ..'.''
New' National Spirit
Arising in Russia
LONDON. Sept. 10. Newton Booth
Knox, a mining engineer of San Fran
cisco, who haa just reached London from
Russia, relates that. Emperor Nicholas
may be teen motoring through the street
of; Petrograd unattended and that ap
parently he had no more -fear of his peo
ple than has President Wllaon of th
clUtens of tho United States. .
"I noted , a wonderful change of feeling
In the Russian people since my last
visit," aaid. Mr. Knox. "X new national
spirit has sprung into being. Met th
first evidence of this In Siberia; where
political prisoners are being liberated.
Tolerance is being shown ' toward the
Jews and there are greater liberties for
all the people. I saw Emperor Nicholas
driving a motor car through th streets
of Petrograd Ilk a private person.
"All classes ar full of enthusiasm for
he war." J
LONDON, Sept. 10 M0:X a. m.V-A dls
patch to the Central News from Amster
dam. says.
, "Reports from Putten In the Nether
lands, near th Belgian border. Indicate
that skirmishes In which the artillery Is
engaged, haa occurred northeast of Ant
werp Many houaes near Putten were
demolished by the Belgians to provide
tn unobstructed field for the artillery,
' "The inefficiency of the forts at Ant
werp, through the fallurt of the Krupps
tj carry out thefr contracts has been
mad good and Antwerp is now con
sidered nearly Impregnable.
"It Is understood that only 20.00CaGer
nan troops ar between Antwerp and
iBrusMls, mainly from th Landsturm.
Prince Baudouln d Llgn died In Ant
werp yesterday aa a result of wounds re
ceived In fighting. He was only Is year
It Always Does the Work.
"I lik Chajnberlain'e Cough Remedy
better than any other," writes R. E.
. Itoberta. Homer City. Pa. "I have taken
It oft and on for ytara and it haa never
failed to glv th desired results." For
a! by all dealer. Advertisement.
Today was supposed to. he political day
at the fair and republicans and democrats
alike were supposed to trot out their fast
est horses and put them to their paces
on tha Btage In the big auditorium. How-
ver, the democrats failed to show up at
the appointed time after Stat Chairman
George of the republican atate committee
had mounted the platform and in a ring
ing speech told the populace gathered In
th big building what republicans pro
posed to do to the democrats this fall. R.
B. Howell, republican candidate for gov
ernor, spoke for about half an hour and
C. F. Reavts. candidate for congress, and
others occupied the platform for short
' McKay. JauMoa.
WEEPING WATER, Neb., Sept. 10.-
(Speclal.) Miss Ruth Jameson and Merle
B. McKay; were married at the home of
the bride's parents In this city yesterday
HASTINGS, NeK, Sept. 10.-tSpcll
Telegram.) Th Nebraska Osteopathic
society today voted to hoM Its annual
intetlng In I.lnroln next September. The
following of leers wer elected:
President, Richard Sullivan, Kearney;
secretary, William Archer, IJm-oln;
treasurer, Lulu Cramb, Falrbury. C. K.
8t rubble of Hastings, W. L. llurnard of
Tork and N. i Hoagland of Central City
were recommended ftr appointment on
the state examining board.
!es KetiHi from fatrnry.
FAIRBURT. Neb.. 8ept. 10.-1 SpeclaU
Oeneral Manager A. E. Sweet of the
Rock Island with headquarters at Topeka,
Kan., waa In th city conferring with re
vision Superintendent W. O. Shehan.
Mr. and Mrti. Grant C. Brown have re
turned to Falrbury from a month's so
journ with relatlvea In Great Falls,
Mont Mr. Brown has resumed his work
as car foreman for the Rock Island at
Cards ar out announcing th approach
ing marriage of Jay L. Hall of thla city
to Mlsa Anna Saylor of Western, Neb.
County Judge C C. Boyle married two
eouplea yesterday. Jams It. Iiorsey and
Miss Myrtle Smith of Hebron; and Ben
jamin Curry and Miss Jennl Davis of
thla city, wer th contracting parties.
He also Issued a license to Marlon
Wolf of Western and Miss Lulu Forney
of Daykln to wed.
Deputy Sheriff Pat Shea took Ben
Snow", a dipsomaniac, to a hospitsl In
Lincoln for treatment. Snow Is 42 year
of age and has a wife and nine children.
Jefferson county farmers are rejoicing
over the splendid rain that fell last night
This Is the first good rain to come for
over a month.
Calel et Appointment. .
WEEPING WATEIl. Neh., Sept 10.
(Speclal.i At a meeting of the board of
county commissioners at Flattsmouth
yesterdsy Attorney A. O. Cole of Platts
mouth was appointed jsounty attorney to
fill th vacancy made by the resignation
of O. H. Taylor. Mr. Cole Is also the re
publican nominee for county attorney,
having been named by the republican
central committee at a meeting last Tuesday.
Damaares for Rarned Uaraa?
,PLATT8MOUTH. Neb.) Sept 10.-(Spe-cial.)
In county court John F. Wehrbeln
was given a Judgment of $795 damages
against Fred Hirt and Orvlll Klnts, al
though the plaintiff, In hla petition, asked
for $1,000 damages, which he claims was
caused by the burning of his frame gar
age, new automobile, buggy and harness.
The defendants wer borrowing some
gasoline from the tank In hla auto when
some of the gasoline caught fir.
' News Note of Geneva.
GENEVA, Neb., Sept. 10.- Special. )
The "Fillmore county fair Is next week
and prospects are bright for a good one.
Among the attractions will be G. W.
Bee son and his aeroplane which he has
perfected. . ,
The city, schools opened last Monday
with a good enrollment and Superinten
dent Clin at th head.
Daughters of the American Revolution at
this place, has Just received word of her
appointment at state chairman of the In
ternational peace arbitration committee
of the national society of the Daughters
of the American Revolution.
Death Fnand AeeMental.
BEATR1CK. Neb., Sept. 10.-t8per.lal
Telegram.) The coroner' Jury which In
vestigated the clrrumatancea connected
with the death of Lloyd Itlgsby, who was
electrocuted In the City bskery her yes
terday brought tn a verdict today that he
was accidentally killed, the Jury recom
mended that tha city commlsaioners em
ploy a competent person to Inspect all
electric lights, switches and wires in
Beatrice and see that they ar properly
covered and protected.
Primary Kleetloa t'oat.
WEEFING WATER, Neb.. Sept. 10.
(Special.) The primary election coat to
tha taxpayers of Cast county was $1,1&
Vienna Reports the
Fall of Lemberg as
Partof Its Plan
AMSTKROSlf, Sept 10. According to
dispatches received her from Vienna,
tho people of th Austrian capital hav
now been informed that, th Russian in
vasion of East Gallcta waa all part of
tha strategical' campaign of th Auatrlan
department of war. It waa Intended, th
peoplo of Vienna hav been told, to In
due th Russlana to Invade Gallda.
Thla haa now been entirely successful
and It la now necessary to repeat Na
poleana disastrous strategy and follow
th Russians Into ths steppe and
morasses of Russia.
The dispatch from Vienna relate that
Lemberg was not taken by th Russlana
by fore of arms, but surrendered to
them after th Austrian troops had left
Th Galiclant ar said to remain confident.
Germans Answer
Belgian Complaints
WASHINGTON. Sept. lOTh German
embassy today received th following
wireless from Berlin:
"Herr Helfferlch, director of the
Deutsche bank, after touring In Belgium,'
states: 'News of destruction of Belgian
town Is exaggerated; Verviers and Ttrle
mont, . industrial centers, and Charlerol,
quit Intact; Louvaln and Dlnant only
partly destroyed.'
"After th surrender of Ghent a Ger
man officer was killed and another
wounded. Th Russian cavalry burned
from sheer lust ef destruction, although
there was no fighting In that district, the
splendid castle of Count Mlrbach, th
Prussian parliamentarian. w
Honor for. Mrs. Wlekersbant.
WEEPING WATER, Neb.. Sept. 10.-
Special.) Mrs.. M.J. Wlcxersham, regent
of the Jonathan- Cass chapter of the
Red Cross Given
$2,000 by Leagues
WASHINGTON, Sept W.-Th Ameri
can Red Cross society, today received
$1,200 from the American leagu base ball
clubs, tsw.62 from th National league
and $1,000 from Mr. Albert Hals tea. wlf
of the United State consul at Birming
ham, England. ' ' '
HASTINGS. Neb., Bpt. . (Special
Telegram.) The cas of John T. Culavln
of Omaha, who la seeking to have pro
bated a purported will signed ' In the
nam of John O'Connor and leaving to
Culavln the etlre O'Connor estate, waa
materially strengthened today when J.
A. Ashley of Hawsrden, la., testified
that O'Connor had shown him the will
and acknowledged 'It' as his own. Ashley
testified that while Northwestern agent
at Ha warden he drew a wll for O'Con
nor; that O'Connor revised tt and then
showed hlm the one he prepared and
signed and which Culavln is offering for
probate. H. J. Brown of Missouri Valley
testified that John T. Culavln showed him
the 'will ten or eleven year ago. A num
ber of experts called by the contestants
declared the signature waa not OTon
tior's. " t .
The hearing will be resumed tomorow.
Attorneys and claimants are her from
throughout th country.
What Wool Yaa Daf -
Ther are many time when on man
questions another's actions and motive.
Men act differently under different cir
cumstances. Th question Is. what would
you do rlgkj nowif you had a sever cold?
Could you do Jitter than to take Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy T It is highly
recommended by peopl who hav used It
for yara and know Its valu. Mra, O. E.
Sargent. Peru. Ind., saya, "Chamberlain
Cough Remedy la worth It weight in
gold and I take pleaaur In raroramend
lng it." For sal by all dalera-Adver-tlsement
True Toasted Com
- , ' Is as different from commonplace corn flakes, as
. "succulent green sweet corn is different from the
hard, flinty, yellow grain of the farmer '8 corn crib.
In pDite of the numerous "corn flakes" marketed, few persons really know the
rich sweetness of choice corn when skillfully cooked, flavored and toasted.
This true toasted corn distinctive in its rich, rare flavor is called
. asftie
A call for "corn flakes'.' often brings some one of tje many brands of ordinary
flakes. To avoid disappointment ask for, and insist upon Post Toasties
This food can be distinguished by the" original yellow package; by the rich, true
corn flavour imprisoned in the making; and by the size and tender crispness of the
golden brown flakes. . -
ToaMiea are ready to serve hot or cold,, with cream or good milk also fresh
fruit in season. ' A further delicate flavour may be released by heating a few min
oites in oven before serving. And it's a flavour worth knowing!
No advancQ in price of Post Toasties
the Superior Corn Flakes
ootihi Fisii
lis oetter
Thain Meat
or Vegetables
Dr. Lorand, the great
. Carlsbad authority, has
recently established by
investigation that
most kinds of fish con
tain more phosphorous
than most kinds of
meat, and all fish con
tains more phosphorus
than is found in vege
tables. Fish is a brain food; it
replaces the brain phos
phorus consumed in
mental labor.
Booth Fish for ,
Thinking People
Fish also is an essen
tial in the diet of every
growing child. It is, a
builder of bone and
v nerve tissue. '
Thousands of mothers
are providing their
growing boys and girls
with Booth fish. It is
placed on your table,
as it came from the
water, sound, delicious
and fresh.
Booth Fisheries
Freak fithSalt fish all kinds of 5a Food
Omaha 1303 Leavenworth Street
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