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The Latest Sorosis Creations
The advance styles were never more
beautiful changes in
Met by Them.
Food aad Furai for Mm aad
Commanders Guarantee Security to
Inhabitants if Terms Are
Harare Dtmtadri, bat Will Ha
raid for la Cola or After
Trratlaatloa of War.
i . , i i .
(Correpgndenr of Tha Associated J'res.)
BERLIN, Aug. 36.The commander of
tha German troopa ara issuing' a prorla
matlon to the Inhabitants of every hostile
town thay occupy, ai follow;
Cltlsena A body of the . German army
under my ennunand ha occupied your
city. Inasmuch as the war la crrler on
only between I he arinice, 1 guarantee In
due form the Hi n and private property of
all tha Inhabitant, unoer Ah following
1. Tha lahabltanta mint strictly avoid
every hoallla act. against the - German
L Food and forsge for our mm and
horses ara to be furnished by the Inhabi
tants. Kvery such delivery will b paid
lor at onre In coin, or a receipt will La
issued, to be redeemed after the termina
tion of tha war.
J. The Inhabitants are to house our sol
diers and horses In the best manner and
to keep their houses lighted at nlKht.
4. The Inhabitants ara to put tha roads
in a passable condition, to remove all
obstacles erected by the enemy, and to
give the best support to our troops In
order that they may be able to fulfill
their task, doubly difficult in a hostile
6. It lit forbidden to collect In crowds on
tha streets, to ring tha bells or to com
municate with tha enemy in any way
t. All weapons In possession of the In
habitant are to be handed over at tha
town hall within two hour.
7. The mayor, tha clergyman and four
Well reputed cltlsena ara to appear before
nv at one to art a hostages during tha
atay of 'the troops. Under these rondi-tlons-r
repeat It the Uvea and private
property of the Inhsbltant are perfectly
aecure. Tha strict discipline to which our
aoldlers are aoouatomed renders It pos
sible that no Inhabitant will be compelled
to neglect his buatneee affaire, or to desert
' his home and hearth. On the other hand,
1 shall adopt the most stringent measures
aa soon as the above 'conditions ara not
observed. In this respect I shall hold the
hostages In the first Instance responsible.
Besides this, every cltlsen will be shot
who la found with a weapon fn hla hands,
or committing any act whatever hostile
to our troop. Finally, the entire city is
responsthi, for the deeds of averv tndl
vidua! cltlsen and tha cltlsena will do wall
to keep mutual oversight over each other.
In order that they may avoid the un
pleasant consequences that must follow
upon any co-operation with tha enemy.
Aa a consequence of nonobservance of
auch proclamations a number of villages
on tha French frontier have been burned
ad tha inhabitants severely punished.
East Indian Troops
, ;; Take Part in War
LONDON. Sept. l-That the Indian
force of tha British army ara taking an
active part in tha operation In France la
Indicated by the casualty lists. Among
the names of tha wounded made publlo
ia thatpf Captain F. W. Hunt. Nineteenth
lancera, (Faneqs horse Indian army).
08TKNO. Sept.- According to tha
newspaper Blen Publlqua of Ghent, the
burgomaster of that city has received a
letter from the German commander ask
ing Mm to coma to Ordegen In order to
make arrangement for tha entry of the
German Into Ohent.
A spy named , Kspraldt who waa ar
retted at Ostend August 4, waa tried by
court-martial and convicted. He was ex
ecuted Saturday.
The Great War Manual
In it you will find over 1,300 indexed facts and places
and personalities connected with the stupendous conflict
now shaking Europe and the world.
will send you a copy today, bound in strong cloth, full of
maps and pictures and data about the war. This great
War Manual has been prepared by the Editors of The
World's Work, which is a guarantee of its unquestioned
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After July it Will Be (2,003 Accord
ing to Committee Plan.
Distilled Mqaore t:cape la Pro
Itoaal of Coaa-reaamea Wis Art
Drvlalaa- Method of flats
More tosh.
WASHINGTON. Kept. S.-An Income tag
Increase of one-halt of 1 per cent and
a reduction of the minimum exemption
from SJ.noo to S2.000 and the maximum
exemption from 14,000 to t'l.OrtO wero ten
tatively agreed upon today by democratic
members of the ways and means commit
,'toe. who " are framing the emergency
revenue bill to raise Iloo.Ofo.ftoO. it la
estimated that the proposed Income tax
changes Would produce IM.OOO.WiO annually.
In deciding on the Income tax Increases,
the committee considered the fact that
revenue from this source would not be
available until next July, but the opinion
waa general that the Increased revenue
from other sources would meet and deficit
until that time., Vnder the proposed
changea tha Income tax would be 1 Va
per Cent, on Income of single persona In
excess' of 12,060,000 and the same on mar
ried persona In excess of $3,000. in ad
dition the one-half per cent Increase would
be added pro rata In accordance with the
Increased aur taxea on Incomes in ex
cesa of 10,003.
The committee agreed also that Ihe In
creased tax on beer and malt liquors
should be 50 cent a, barrel, bringing In
SJt.OtQ.OuO. On domestic wines an extra tax
of SO oenta a gallon will raise IIO,c00,00.
Distilled aplrlta will escape an extra tax,
but It waa derided to tax rectified spirits
I cents gallon, realising S.'.OOO.Ooo.
Opponents of an Increased tax on whis
kies won their fight after three ballots
had been taken. Proponals to'levy an ad
ditional tax of 25 cents and 15 rent a gal
lon were defeated. On a proposal to make
the tax 10 cents a gallon there was a tie
vote. Finally, it waa agreed t make the
tax apply only to rectified spirits at i
The committee la aald also to have
agred tentatively on a tax on railroad
freight In lieu of a tax on railroad tick
eta. Burp a tax would be collected by the
railroad and euelly administered. The
rata proposed, It waa reported, was t per
At the conclusion of an all-day confer
ence It waa agreed not to tax tobacco
products, automobiles, gaaollne, amuse
ment tickets, magaslnoa and many other
articles, and commodities which had been
proposed, the Increased Income tax avert
ing the necessity of levying against the'
No official announcement of the com
mittee action wsa made. Representative
Underwood, the chairman, stating that the
program waa subject to change. The.
committee will meet again Thursdsy.
BKRLIN. Sept. l.-(Vla Amsterdam and
London) The Vorwaeti learns that on
Brpember S. Dr. iAidwIg Frank of Mann
heim waa killed near Lunevllle.
lr. Frank, who waa born In 174. was
a social! democrat member of the
Reichstag and a leader of the socialist
NORTH BEND. Neb., Rept. S. (Spe
cial.) This city haa voted bonds of (37,000
for a m-hsctrlc light plant and sewerage
and bring it to The Bee
for your copy. Add
mUa .4 V -11
Ketnrning; Traveleis Brand False
Assertion 'Americans Ill-Treated
in the Fatherland.
eeral Ilaarfrrrt Man Statement
Rrqarillm Jndiiment Be Hos
pendeil Till aaara l.eadlna
o War Probed.
NEW mr.K. fpt. x.-sVrral hundred
passengers of the Holland-American liner
Rotterdam, which arrived from Rotter
dam toiay, signed a statement declaring
false the reports that Americans had been
llltrented In Germany. The statement
closed with the request that a copy be
forwarded to President Wilson and Secre
tary Bryan. The statement fol.'ows:
The nnflrrelgned Amerlijn ctllxrmi, 'ras
M ngrrs en U1.1 siramsnir, I'.ot.crds n. ell
Of whom T.ere in Germnny rtrr nj the
present hmilliUr. slsk the A;iai4,!
J'reaa thiougn Its vartus channels, lo
give publicity to the following siau-mem:
That the reports regarding ill v-eac-rr.ent
of Americans hy t.rrman. emsnHt
lr.g from Kngllsh and French sou.-ces. are
absolutely false.
Travel through Germs ny. aa far as the
extraordinary circumstances permitted,
waa. altogether safe a officials and all
classes of the people we-e, without ex
ception, verv friendly and helpful.
No well authenticated atrocities wet
perpetrated hy the Herman troops.
All of the (ierman official bulletins re
garding tha piogreaa of the war were in
every case subsequently confirmed, and
thus the reports coming from Kngllnh,
French and Helglan sources disproved.
In our Judgment the dlstortet report
which have reached America were sent
rut wtth the deliberate purpose of de
ceiving Americans and thua creating a
sentiment In favor of the powera now
arrayed again t Germany.
We aak all Americana to sua send judg
ment until they have an opportunity to
make an Impartial .Investigation of tha
causea which have led to the present con-
mni ana especially to study the dtplo
n atio correspondence. It la our con
viction that Germany haa not been the
aggressor, but that the war haa been
forced upon it by the envy and greed
of those nations that are Jealous of Its
arnwlng Industrial and commercial inde
pendence and for this reason are readv
and anxious to destroy It oi a people.
We hereby request the Associated Pre
to forward a copy of this raper to the
president of the United Btatea and the
secretary of state.
(Continued from Pago One.)
demoltahed them before they could be
The wounded are being, brought In by
tramway. Among those arriving yester
day were two Irish troopers, who, aep
arated from their regiment during tha
fight at Complegne, could give no other
account of their wanderings than that
the lavt they knew they "were fighting
at Copenhagen."
Tha general opinion of the morning press
la that the allies may loae the battle and
still make the' alege of Parla difficult for
the enemy, while if the Germans lose,
the situation of their entire army In
France would aa critical.
lias a Work on Defenses.
Several thousand reservists have been
engaged since the outbreak of the war In
putting tha outer defences of the , en
trenched camp In shape to resist a pos
sible siege by the Germans. The military
governor has now decided to hasten tha
work and yesterday 6.0W excavators were
mustered In at the Hotel de VIHe and
jltvjdod Into aguada and given blankets,
so that they ran sleep on the spot. They
have beeo sent to the outer trenches,
(extuana Kvacuale Teraioade.
A dispatch from Antwerp to the Havas
agency states that Tremonde, alxteen
mllea from Ghent, waa evacuated by the
Germans, who lighted several fires before
retiring. They also blew up a bridge
over the river F-scaut to the north, aeem
Ing to renounce for tho moment their ln
trualon Into tho country of the Waea dis
trict. Afterward they directed an attack.,
the dispatch says, against the southwest
front position of the Antwerp army and
were repulsed with great losses.
(ertaan First Army Attacked.
WASHINGTON. Sept. S -The French
embassy today received from Bordeaux,
under last nlghfa date, the following:
"The German right wing (first army)
on the Ourcq and Grand Morin has been
attacked with advantage to our troopa.
On the lino Meaux Vttry L Francois
the battle today became general.
"Tha Camplne (Belgian) and the Llm
bourg have been evacuated. Transports
of German troupa from tha west to east
are reported from several sources.
"The fact that at the time of the cap
ture of Ixmburg twelve Austrian divis
ions were annihilated ta confirmed."
Germans Bid High
for Danish Supplies
LONDON, tept. ..The Standard
states that the Germans ara making a
desperate attempt to deprive the United
Kingdom of provisions supplied by tha
Scandinavian countries. German agents,
it says, are now traveling through Nor
as y. Sweden and Denmark, offering
price 30 per rent higher than thoa car
ried by lJrlllh contract. To aid thl at
tack, the German government ha re
moved the Import duty on provisions.
Kngllsh merchants ara concerned lest
the Danish merchants Influenced by Gor
man high prices, should divert some of
their trade to Germany. Buch a practice
they state, is contrary to the eetablivhed
trad principle of giving preference to
a regular cuatomer In time of stress.
Germany Agency to
Send. News Here
LONDON, ?ept. S. A lilspatch from Rot
terdam to the Times says:
"Tha German are etablihlng at the
Hague a ao-called Independent pre
agency to spread Oerman news. It la be
lieved that this pre bureau will be part
of the machinery of a German pre cam
paign In America.
"The Brltlah and French already have
the benefit of a news service which la put
out in Dutch, French and Engltah by their
I WASHINGTON, fept. t-Anouncement
waa made her today that ihe wirvlri
j atatlon at Turkerlown, N. J., would ,rob
, ably be opened tomorrow to receive im-
age of the belligerent uropen Kwvr
Lieutenant Felix X. Gygax ha been placed
In charge of the station.
German Soldiers Furnished Hot
Soup Regularly on Long Trid
I.ONIMN. .!'! V (SpeclMl 'ahlegram
IXJNDON. ept. ". (.porat Cablegram
to New York World and Omaha H-e.)
The Dally Impress lia.i the follomlMg
Irom ore of Its i orrrsixindi-nt under
' deto of Osteni.': "There are li.rilcatlona
j tl at the number of (ti-rm-in troops which
Iilwi parsed .through Itclglum have been
underestimated very considerably by the
1 From a Dutch source It Is reported
that from Cologne, where he mslti Ger
man armies were concentrated a regular
stream of men up to 2.0"O passed Into
telglum ffrst via Viae and then via Iiege,
troop trains leaving every forty minutes
) J
All Germany Shouting His Praise in
View of Succession of
General Demand to Keep Dejglan
and Make France ! t oat of
War, Hays Pkyalrlan He- .
'ornln from Herlia.
(Copyright, 1314, Tress Punishing Co.)
LONDON. ,cpl. 8.-(flpeclal Cablegram
to New York World and Omaha Bee.)
"Wilhelm tha Greatest' ia now tho title
Given to Kaiser Wllholm, according to Dr.
I. W. Held of New fork, who arrived in
London today from Berlin, which place
he left last Friday. Dr. Held said it Is
now considered that the kaiser Is more
llluatrloue than any other Wllhelm, and
o tha word "great" no longer Is believed
to express the fullest extent of hla glorl
oua achievements.
"It wa a German officer who fit at told
me this," said the doctor. "But It now
has spread to all claisra."
There are not many Americana remain
ing In Berlin, according to the phyaiclan'
statement, and those remaining are not
keen about leaving. There Is no fear of
the Russian and all talk of Invasion of
Berlin by them Is considered In the naturo
of a Joke. ' ' '
Dr. Hold said the German announced
they Captured 125,O0 Russians In East
Prussia, thus calming the talk for the
present of any Invasion from that quarter.
Dr. Held had been studying In tha hos
pitals In Berlin the last eight months and
declared he met many German offlcral.
"All believe they will triumph except
on the .aea," Dr. Held said. "If a great
naval battle cornea they believe England
will be victorious, but will lose two-third
of Us fleet In winning.
VI have been told that 8,000,000 men are
now under arma In Germany. Their equip
ment Is marvelous. The soldiers even
carry tooth brushes. All flat-footed sol
dlers are weeded out of regiments which
wont Into Franre, for it waa desired to
have only soldiers who would do long
marches. a
"I saw many German soldiers trin In
Berlin on ttelr-way to Eat Prussia. They
made It ai 'gala. occaalon,' some of tham
donning French trouser and Belgian hats
and dancing about the station to the de
light of the populace. .
"Every hospital Is full of German
wounded, but. aa in the ansa of the En
glish, large numbers are only wounded, In
the legs and arms."
Dr. Held said already the German cltl
xens are appealing to officials to retain
Belgium at all costs, while it Is believed
In the event of a German success France
will be made to pgy all the cost of the
war, aided by England, while Indemnity
from Russia and Holland will be de
manded. Held said he waa told the Germans are
building two Zeppelins a week and now
have fully a hundred. From all accounts
a rigorous winter campaign ia counted on
to stem the Russian advance. The Ger
mans, Dr. Held said, were two daya late
In getting 800,000 men to assist the Au
trtana, wbtch caused the latter to loae
Americans Able to
Live Without Aid
. from War Nation
WASHINGTON. Sept. g.-lncmiry Into
the national assets of the United Rate
In area, population and the principal fao
tora of economic life. It waa announced
by the Department of Commerce today,
shows that this country Is not only prac
tically self-supporting, but possesses In
many lines a large surplus available for
protection against famine and temporary
advaralty, or for meeting exceptional de
mands from abroad.
Tha countfy'a production of corn
amounta to mora than 2,GOO,OnO.OO0 bushel,
two-third of the International aupply:
while thla year's wheat crop la eatlmated
at 911.000,000 bushel, about 20 per cent of
tha world's harvest. Fifteen per cent of
the world's cattle are on American farms,
the number being 59.000,000.
In clothing material the I'nited State
la also favored, raising annually more
than 14.0u0.OiJ0 bales of cotton, over one-
half of the world supply, of wool the
United States produces SlO.OuQ.OOO pounds
a year. One-half of the copper dug out
of the earth comes from American mines
and this country produce 40 per cent of
the total -output of coal. I
In the value of manufacture the United '
Ptate leada the nation, although the j
prouuci or in lactone i cnitriy con
sumed at home.
(Continued from Page One.)
Scauiiinaviai) peninsula to Archangel,
where the Russians embarked. The
movement . waa surrounded with the
greatest secrecy. According to one ver
sion the Russians were landed from the
transports direct at Belgian or French
porta. Another aald that they bad been
disembarked at Aberdeen, Scotland,
thence taken on special tralna acrosaj
England, and later conveyed by ship to!
Oetend. .. . t I
It was pointed out at this time that If j
this movement could be accompliahed
successfully once, there waa no reason
why it could not be repeated, and that
a Russian fore much in excess of
men might well be landed in France by
this northern route.
. K-. Want Ada Are th.Bvt Businca
Boosters. . . , ' . ,
with clockwork regularity.
"S'lentlflc organisation was seen In
rveiythlng, in training. feeding and
movement. At a station west of Alx-lj-
Tare-He, the writer saw the errlvnl of
x troop train. Soldiers of the preceding
train were waiting on the platform with
hot soup and rations for the new coiners
nil rrad. This Wis handed over, the
first troops went off, ami so on every
lotty minutes.
The enormous soup kitchens prepared
"oft gallons ench hour Just outside the sta
tion. The (Ierman armies are 'accom
panied by a traveling printing press for
military proclamations and requlslt'on
btr.da and also by official photographers.
(Continued from Tage One.)
AiiBtrlans retreated from Nlcolaleff,
abarrdoning their supply trains. The
Russians took many prisoners and
captured also forty guns and groat
quantities of ammunition.
Tho Austrian forts at Nlcolaleff,
which have been, captured by the
Russians, have enormous strategic
importance. The city is at the In
tersection of the railroad lines lead
ing Into the Carpathian country.
In all places held by the Russians,
the correspondent says, civil author
ity is being exercised quietly and ef
ficiently. LONDON, Sept. 8. U dispatch
from Rome to the Exchange Tele
graph company says:
"A telegram from Vienna states
that General Ruazky, who following
the capture of Lemberg, executed a
flank attack, northward against the
Austrians under General Auffen
berg, the Austrian war minister, Is
today engaged in a desperate at
tempt to annihilate Auffenberg's
"The battle has already continued
three days and ig likely to continue
several more."
Advance Stopped.
In the eastern war theater General
Ruszky's Stonewall Jacknon tactics have
been checked by the strong fortress of
Prxemysl, but this delay 'will not prevent
the general forward movement of the
Russian force along the border from
Tilsit to. Lemberg. The Russians con
sider It necessary, howeVer, to capture
Prxemysl, so that the Austrians may not
have a single stronghold left in Gallcla.
Remarkable report continue to corno
In regarding the speed of General Rusz
ky's campaign. The soldiers slept on an
average of three hours nightly and made
thirty-mile marches dally.
Itnnalnn Caatare Sappllef.
It l .evIcfBnt from reports received from
Petrofrad that .'the -Auttrlans expected to
aiake a long .resistance a lemberg, hav
ing accumulated stores sufficient to last
a year. All these stores have fallen into
the hands of the Russians, enabling them
to quicken their campaign without wait
ing, for. their own transport trains.
A special dispatch to the Star from
Petrograd announces that many German
aeroplanes are appearing on the' Russian
frontier, heralding the arrival of rein
forcements. PRESIDENT ASKS
(Continued from Page One.)
battle whom the counsel of statesmen
have not been able to save from the terri
ble sacrifice;
"And whereas. In all things It Is our
privilege and duty to aeek counsel and
uecor of Almighty God, humbling our- j
selves before Him, confessing our weak
t.ets and our lack of any wisdom equal
to these thing; .
"And, whereas. It is tha especial wish
and longing of people of the United
States, in prayer and counsel and all
friendliness to serve the cause of peace.
Purposes of Prayers. -
Therefor. I, Wooirow Wilson, presi
dent of tho United State of America, do
designate Sunday, the 4th day of Octo
ber next, a day of prayer and auppllca
tion and request all God-foarlng persons
to repair on that day to their places of
worship, there to unite their petitions to
Almighty God, that overruling the coun
sel of men, setting straight the things
they cannot govern or alter, taking pity
on the nations aow In the throes of con
flict. In Ills mercy and goodness, show
ing a way where men can see none, He
vouchsafe ' Hla children healing peace
again and restore once more that con
cord among men and nations, without
which th-jre can be neither happiness nor
true friendship, nor any wholesome frull
if toll or thought in the world; praying
alio to thla end that He forgive ua our
tin, our ignorance of His holy will, our
wilfulness and many error and lead us
in the paths of obedience to places of
vision and to thoughts and counsel that
pi'rge and make wise.
"In witness whereof I have hereunto
ret my hund and caused the eal of the
United Stutc to be affixed.
"Done at the city of Washington thl
eighth day of September in the year of
our Lord one thousand, nine hundred and
fourteen and of the Independence of the
United States of America the one hun
dred and thirty-ninth. '
"(ttigned.) WOODROW WILSON.
"Uy the Preident. '
"Secretary of State." j
' I
LINCOLN. Sept. g.-A track that wa
heavy from recent rains caused the pot
ponement today of all harness race at
the state fair, and limited the events to
three running races, chief interest in
which centered in the half-mile and re
peat. The time waa slow. Results:
Five furlong, purse tl'O: Pretty Dale
first. I,eomt aecond, Judy Goody third.
Time. IM.
Feven furlong, puree II V: Calvarona
first. Voltroma second, Pickens third.
Time, 1:12.
Half-mile and repeat, purse lljn: Queen
of Diamond won, Lady My me second,
Roasea third. Beat time, C.bZ.
Kverj body Read Bee Want Ada. '
Report of Belgian Investigation
i blames Kaiser's Men for Loot-
' in and Pillaging.
Mea, Women aad Children Com
pelled to March Mr fore t.erman
Troopa with White Flag
to Deceive French.
LONDON. ept "8 A news agency dls- I
hi ii irom Antnern re. rlvoH h, M.o
eayg that the report of the commlsFlon
i appointed by the Belgian government to
! investigate the ch
Itirs, find that atr.iclties were committed !
I by the Germans at Louvain, Vise. I
Aerschot, Onsmael and In the district of
Inoffensive pedestrians, cycllnts and
peasants, the report cays, were shot by
the Germans, who also robbed the public and burned and pillaged houses
and towns on the pretext that the inhab
itant fired at the German troops.
The commission found that P.clKinns
were deported to Germany to aid In
gathering the harvest and that In iiine
catea the Belgians were compelled to
fU'ht aciinj-t the Russians. It la also flc-
ciarca. mai men were enui up in cnurcnes
while the women were outraged.
Men, women and children, the report
concludes, were compelled to march In
front of the German troops, showing the
white flag. In order to Induce the French
troupa to approach.
LONDON, Sept. 8. News has been re- '
celved here that the king of the Tonga
Islands In "the Southern Pacific has de
clared his neutrality. The Tonga Islands
were in danger of starvation, as their
food supply from New Zealand waa cut
off until a ship was sent to the relief of
the natives. The ship gave the king his '
first news of the war and the monsreh I
promptly proclaimed his neutrality.
loira Wem Safe,
WASHINGTON. Sept. S. Among Amer
icans reported safe In Europe, according
to a d'spatrh to the State department, is
Miss Havery of Des Moinea, at Paris.
What a
to haro your valuables
beyond tho reach of lire
and theft. This you kno-w
to a certainty when you.
raluables 'are placed In
the' Fire aid Burglar
Proof Vault ot the Omaha
Safe Deposit Company,
Where there aro Safe De
posit Boxes for rent at
reasonable prices
$3.00 pm- yew.
Lincoln Sanitarium
Nawlv Kebui:i Doubled Capacity.
Blactrlo Elevator. Modern
In every way.
Sulpho Saline Springs
Uocatad on our premises and used in
Natural Mineral Water
(Jnanrpaaaed Id tha treatment of
Heart, Stomach Kidney and Livei
Moderate charge. Wrlta for rates
Dr. O, W. EVERETT. Mar.
lOS at St l.'OOI.N. NEB.
Hot weather sense
Kat toolhij foods in clean
sanitary places.
The Pare Food Sign.
Qiiickserv Cafeteria
Uaaemeat City Natl Bank Bldg
Or Boat on Luuchen.
-MO South loth 8C
1404 liouglus hU
1408 Karuain tU.
OmanaXjiEjlly Omaha
1502 S. 10th St.
Phona D. 7556
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Every Woman
Can Use i
and ought to use occasionally,'1
a proper remedy for the
headache, backache, languor,
nervousness and depress
ion to which sho may be
subject These troubles and
others are symptoms of debil
ity and poor circulation caused
by indigestion or constipation
Ue" ST
are at once safe, certain and
convenient They clear tho system
and purify the blood. They ex
ert a peneral tonic effect and
insure good health and strength,
so that all the Ijodily organs do
their natural work without causing
suffering. Every woman of the
thousands who have tried them,
knows that Deecham'a Pills act
To Certain
DlracOM with Enry Bex f Special Vila, t Wi
SU mrrwbar. Is sexet, 10c 23c
i ' ill
In Your Fall Business
Our new book for retailers,
contains 100 pages chock full of
TRIED and PROVEN suggestions
as to how to bring the buyers to
your store. It is virtually a treat
ise on building up a successful
business, and lists 'everything
needed by the merchant In the way
of advertising' supplies, for inter
ior, exterior and country use;
printed supplies of all kinds, ad
vertising novelties, etc. Write for
this book. It is free ta every es
tablished merchant.
12th and Far nam Streets, "
Omaha, Nebraska.
Teething Babies
Prices: tSe, Mo. 75o. $1.00. ILfiO
Two (Tight, spt. 13-13. gat. Matin
rrtcea Mat a5o-l. Eveniag aflo-at.BO.
"OkCAJta. 'turn CZaTTEB1
jC7JCT7 VlSlr 15-8S-60O.
aW--! ZJ Evgs, lft-85-eo-7So.
frunn Niy tisrnhardt, city l'omAj 4 Fenny a
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Thl . "Wron Irom tha glut," T
K.i ", ofl . CoiMO, blipu a DonTa.
Kilinaa Brolbr. Brut Woo. gka Trie 1
"IBt Orphrum Travai Weekly. '
Price. Uellne Gllry, lte; best net (
ept SuurtUy sad 6u4J. Itc KlJU H. 20,
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